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And of such simplenonproprietary and nonofficial substances as seem of sufficientimportance to warrant their inclusion mixtures -- for admission to n n r , proprietary pharmaceuticalmixtures must comply with the rules. And, to determine such compliance, they will be investigated by the council the council, however, endorses the principle that prescriptions should be written on thebasis of the therapeutic effects of the individual ingredients forthis reason, it includes in this book only those mixtures that presentessay real advantage there is also an appendix in which are includedthose proprietary articles which, so far as known to the council, comply with the rules, but which do not possess sufficient originalityto be admitted to the body of the book rules governing the admission of proprietary articles to the book new and nonofficial remediesdefinition of proprietary articles -- the term “proprietary article, ”in this place, shall mean any chemical, drug or similar preparationused in the treatment of diseases, if such article is protected againstfree competition, as to name, product, composition or process ofmanufacture, by secrecy, patent, copyright, or by any other means rule 1 -- composition -- no article will be accepted for inclusion inthe book new and nonofficial remedies, or retained therein, unless itscomposition be furnished to the council for publication for simplesubstances, the scientific name and the chemical formula, rational orstructural, if known, should be supplied for mixtures, the amount ofeach active medicinal ingredient in a given quantity of the articlemust be stated the general composition of the vehicle, its alcoholicpercentage, and the identity of the preservatives must be furnished rule 2 -- identification -- no article will be accepted or retainedunless suitable tests for determining its composition are furnished tothe council in the case of chemical compounds, these shall consist oftests for identity and purity in the case of mixtures, description ofmethods for determining the amount and active strength of the potentingredients shall be furnished, if practicable rule 3 -- direct advertising -- no article that is advertised to thepublic will be accepted or retained. But this rule shall not applyto. a disinfectants, germicides and antiseptics, provided theadvertising is limited to conservative recommendations for their use asprophylactic applications to superficial cuts and abrasions of the skinand to the mucous surfaces of the mouth, pharynx and nose but not tothose of the eye, and the gastro-intestinal and genito-urinary tractsand provided they are not advertised as curative agents see commentsto rule 3. And b nonmedicinal food preparations, except whenadvertised in an objectionable manner rule 4 -- indirect advertising -- no article will be accepted orretained if the label, package or circular accompanying the packagecontains the names of diseases in the treatment of which the article issaid to be indicated the therapeutic indications and properties may bestated, provided such statements do not suggest self-medication dosagemay be indicated this rule shall not apply to remedies with whichself-medication is altogether improbable, to vaccines and antitoxinsor to directions for administering or applying remedies when similarimmediate, heroic treatment is indicated rule 5 -- false claims as to origin -- no article will be accepted orretained concerning which the manufacturer or his agents make false ormisleading statements as to source, raw material from which made, ormethod of collection or preparation rule 6 -- unwarranted therapeutic claims -- no article will be acceptedor retained concerning which the manufacturer or his agents makeunwarranted, exaggerated or misleading statements as to the therapeuticvalue rule 7 -- poisonous substances -- the principal label on an articlecontaining “poisonous” or “potent” substances must state plainly theamount of each of such ingredients in a given quantity of the product rule 8 -- objectionable names -- proprietary names for medicinalarticles will be recognized only when the council shall deem the useof such exclusive names to be in the interest of public welfare nameswhich are misleading or which suggest diseases, pathologic conditionsor therapeutic indications will not be recognized the provisionagainst therapeutically suggestive names does not apply to serums, vaccines and antitoxins, or to foods in the case of pharmaceuticalpreparations or mixtures, the name must be so framed as to indicate themost potent ingredients rule 9 -- patented products and protected names -- if the article ispatented-- either process or product, or both-- the number of such patentor patents must be furnished to the council furthermore, if the nameof an article is registered, or the label copyrighted, the registration trademark number and a copy of the protected label should befurnished the council in case of registration in foreign countries, the name under which the article is registered should be supplied rule 10 -- unscientific and useless articles -- no article will beaccepted or retained which, because of its unscientific composition, is useless or inimical to the best interests of the public or of themedical profession explanatory comments on the rulesintroduction -- the council on pharmacy and chemistry was establishedin february, 1905, by the american medical association, primarilyfor the purpose of gathering and disseminating such information aswill protect the medical profession in the prescribing of proprietarymedicinal articles in pursuance of this object, the council examinesthe articles on the market as to their compliance with definite rulesdesigned to prevent fraud, undesirable secrecy and the abuses whicharise from advertising directly or indirectly to the laity sucharticles as appear to conform to the rules are accepted. And theiressential features are described in the annual publication of thecouncil, new and nonofficial remedies, if they come within the scopeof this book these descriptions are based in writing on investigationsmade by, or under, the direction of the council, but in writing also onevidence or information supplied by the manufacturer or his agents such interested statements are examined critically, and are admittedonly if they appear to be in conformity with the evidence it is, however, manifestly impossible for the council to investigate thecomposition of every complex pharmaceutical mixture, or to checkthoroughly every therapeutic claim.

ifyou answer this in the journal, kindly omit my name ”the recent history of bayer & co , is essaywhat essay papers buy as follows. Shortlyafter the united states entered the war, the alien property custodiantook over the property of bayer & co inc and its subsidiary, thesynthetic patents co in his report to congress the custodian said. “the stock of bayer & co inc and of synthetic patents co was sold by me at public auction, the successful bidder being the sterling products co , a west virginia corporation dealing in proprietary medicines this company had previously agreed to dispose of the dye plant and patents, in case it secured the property, to grasselli chemical co , one of the largest makers of heavy chemicals in the country the price paid was $5, 310, 000, plus back taxes and other obligations of thesis hundred thousands more ”after the sterling products company had acquired the pharmaceuticalend of the business, the winthrop chemical co was incorporated inthe state of new york this concern seemingly secured control of allthe bayer pharmaceutical specialties except “aspirin ” the bayerco , it was announced, had been merged with the sterling productsco , and “aspirin-bayer” added to the latter firm list of “patentmedicines”. Cascarets, danderine, pape diapepsin, california syrup offigs, neuralgine and dodson livertone the business is apparently apaying one financially as witness the following excerpt from a recentannouncement in a drug journal. “stockholders of the sterling products co , inc , of wheeling, manufacturers of neuralgine, cascarets, bayer aspirin, and other well known products, and the largest proprietary medicine organization in the world, at their annual meeting received a report of manager w e weiss, which showed that the company did a $10, 000, 000 business in 1920 the total profits were $2, 100, 000, while a total of $1, 080, 000 was paid out in dividends ”just what relationship exists between the winthrop chemical co , andthe sterling products co , we do not know as our correspondent pointsout, the “bayer cross” is used on the label of the winthrop products the advertising campaign of “aspirin, bayer” since it entered the“patent medicine” field has been typical of that field by half truthsand inferential falsehoods the public has been led to believe that theonly genuine aspirin on the market is that put out under the bayername the facts are, of course, that the aspirin of any reputable firmis just as good as the aspirin put out by the makers of livertone, danderine and cascarets there is one point, however, that is of vital importance to the medicalprofession. The decision recently rendered in the united statesdistrict court of southern new york makes it obligatory for druggists, when filling a physician prescription calling for “aspirin, ” todispense the bayer product when the public buys aspirin on its ownresponsibility-- without specifying any writingicular brand-- the druggistmay give the purchaser any make of acetylsalicylic acid he sees fit torepeat what was said in the journal comment on this decision. “unlessa physician wishes to cater to the concern owning the bayer rights andto aid in perpetuating what was a monopoly for seventeen years, heshould be careful to prescribe the drug under the term ‘acetylsalicylicacid, ’ the court now places the responsibility directly on the medicalprofession avoid ‘aspirin’-- write ‘acetylsalicylic acid ’-- from thejournal a m a , june 11, 1921 the allied medical associations of america another rocket in the pyrotechnics of quasimedical organizationsit was once said, in the days when diploma mills flourished, thatit seemed easier to start a “university” than it was to open a grogshop a study of quasimedical organizations convinces one that it iseasier to found a “medical society” than it is to establish a peanutstand most reputable practitioners of medicine who care to affiliatethemselves with medical organizations are members of the americanmedical association, its component societies, or similar scientificbodies it is not surprising then, that those who live and move inthe twilight zone of professionalism, from visionaries riding bizarremedical hobbies to those who have special interests to exploit, shouldcreate and make use of hybrid medical organizations such organizationsmultiply as rapidly as rabbits they flourish for a while, obtain moreor less newspaper and other publicity-- usually more, because of thesensational methods of those controlling them-- then, having served thepurpose of those who brought them into being, they lapse into innocuousdesuetude the official accouchement of the allied medical associations of americaoccurred, according to that organization report, may 18, 1918 onthe official stationery of the allied medical associations of americain use in may, 1919, we find the names of the “officers, ” “censors, ”etc these constitute, presumably, the more prominent members of thisorganization we give briefly, essay data regarding essay of these sothat a rational perspective may be obtained:l m ottofy, m d , st louis, mo -- dr ottofy seems to have beenthe chief organizer, if not, indeed, the founder he has been its“secretary-treasurer” since its inception. He is also “editor” ofits journal ottofy, according to our records, was born in 1865 atbudapest, hungary, and was graduated in 1888 by the homeopathic medicalcollege of missouri in polk medical directories for 1914 and 1917, ottofy has those extended notices which any physician can obtain whocares to pay for them according to these notices, ottofy is, or hasbeen, affiliated with the following “societies”. President of the international cancer research society ex-president of the st louis society of medical research second vice president of the missouri institute of homeopathy general secretary of the american association of progressive medicine chairman of the board of censors of the missouri institute of homeopathy member of the american institute of homeopathy member of the southern homeopathic association member of the american association of orificial surgeons member of the southern homeopathic medical society member of the kansas city society of medical research honorary member of the chicago society of medical research in december, 1911, numerous newspaper clippings show that dr ottofy was obtaining much publicity relative to his antivaccinationactivities at that time the papers reported that ottofy was suing thest louis board of education for $25, 000 damages, because the boardwould not admit to the schools of the city a child he had “internally”vaccinated in november, 1913, the st louis republic reported thatottofy had claimed to have discovered a serum for the cure of cancer, and quoted ottofy as claiming “a record of 72 per cent of cures” in“selected paper ” in february, 1914, the newspapers reported thatottofy was making a trip east “on the trail of radium for use in hispractice in the cure of cancer” and quoted him as stating, “i havelearned on good authority that there is radium in missouri, and justwhere i refuse to divulge at this time ” in january, 1915, the st louis republic reported that ottofy, at a meeting of the “st louissociety of medical research, ” had announced that he had perfected aserum treatment for cancer, which “is curing patients who have beenpronounced incurable by so-called ‘cancer experts ’” in january, 1916, the st louis star reported that ottofy had sought an injunctionagainst the board of education of st louis to restrain it from usingits funds for “the maintenance of a board of hygiene ” in july, 1916, st louis papers recorded that ottofy, who was then running forcoroner, had been cited to appear before the prosecuting attorney toexplain a charge of passing out, at a political meeting, a card allegedto have borne an indecent drawing of president wilson the prosecutingattorney was said to have instructed ottofy to bring the plates fromwhich the cards were printed to his office two days later the papersstated that ottofy had sent the cards and plates by messenger to theprosecuting attorney office n la doit johnson, m d , chicago -- dr johnson name appears as the“first vice-president” of the allied medical associations of america a few years ago, dr johnson name also appeared as the “dean of thefaculty” of the “american post graduate school ” this “school” wasa mail-order concern which, according to the “annual announcement, ”would grant diplomas and confer degrees as follows. “master ofsurgery, ” “bachelor of medicine, ” “bachelor of science, ” “master ofelectro-therapy, ” “doctor of osteopathy, ” “doctor of psychology, ”“master of massage, ” etc h m goehring, d o , m d , pittsburgh, pa -- the “secondvice-president, ” according to the letterheads of the “association”carries the letters d o , m d , after his name so far as our recordsshow, and they are most complete and based on official data, h m goehring is an osteopath, but not a doctor of medicine a e erling, m d , milwaukee, wis -- a e erling, according to thestationery, is “chairman” of “censors ” our records fail to show thaterling ever graduated in medicine the health dewritingment of milwaukee, however, says that erling, when interviewed, claimed to have “a diplomafrom the german medical college of chicago, but refused to show orpresent the same ” the american medical directory has this item. German medical college, chicago chartered dec 28, 1891, by johann malok fraudulent extinct a few years ago erling was in la crosse, wis. And in 1908 a circularletter bearing his name and picture was sent out from which thefollowing extracts are taken capitalization as in the original. “dear friend:-- permit me to call your attention to the fact that dr a e erling, the eminent specialist, after thesis years of travel, practice and medical research, has given up his extensive road practice and severed his connection with the several medical institutes which have heretofore occupied considerable of his attention dr erling success in the treatment of all chronic diseases is truly remarkable nervousness, all blood diseases, rheumatism, diseases peculiar to women, catarrh, deafness, chronic constipation appendicitis piles, stomach troubles, writingial paralysis, etc , give way as if by magic under his skillful method of treatment understand please, that dr erling does not accept a case for treatment unless he can promise a speedy and positively permanent cure ”the journal also has in its files advertisements vintage of 1915, from essay wisconsin country newspapers, which notify the afflicted that“drs erling and karass, the expert german specialists, ” could be seenin their offices in the “schlegel hotel, ” the “schlitz hotel, ” etc , asthe case might be whether one of these “german specialists” was dr arnold e erling, the journal does not know official medical recordsfail to show, at least, that there is any other erling in the state ofwisconsin w w fritz, m d , philadelphia -- another of the “censors ” thispresumably is w wallace fritz, m d , d d s , n d , d o , d c , whowas the “dean” of the “american college of neuropathy, ” and “professorof neuropathy” at the same institution according to newspaper reportspublished when the “dean” of the american college of neuropathy wascalled into court to testify regarding the “school, ” fritz admittedthat when he became dean of this “college, ” the “college” had threestudents and thirty “faculty members”!. fritz, it should be mentioned inpassing, is a member of the philadelphia county medical society and byvirtue of this membership he has qualified as a fellow of the americanmedical association!.

Edin med jour , 1875, xx , p 780 - woman founddead in bed suffocated by pus from abscess of tonsil which burstduring sleep found pus essay papers buy in air-passages down to smallest bronchi. Lungscongested. Right side of heart distended with dark fluid blood. Leftside contracted and nearly empty blood everywhere fluid essay lividityof face the woman had died quietly lying beside her husband, who wasnot awakened 8 sayre. New york med jour , 1874, xix , p 420 - girl, age7, swallowed a bead had continuous cough. Much pain under middleof sternum the bead moved upward and downward in respiration tracheotomy four days afterward she coughed the bead out, inspiredonce, and apparently died artificial respiration used. Alcoholinjected into rectum. Galvanization of phrenic nerves she finallycoughed up a piece of thick mucus and recovered 9 duffy. Trans med soc no car , 1874, p 126 - boy, age 8, swallowed a cow-pea it lodged in the trachea essay months afterward, laryngotomy performed the boy seemed to die at once artificialrespiration used after a while he expelled first essay mucus, then thepea recovered 10 tardieu. Op cit , p 290 - man, age 50, found dead on the floor at base of neck and front of chest were thesis punctated ecchymoses brain and lungs much congested. The latter showed subpleural spots tongue and lips bitten death was due to cerebral and pulmonarycongestion from an epileptic seizure 11 oesterlen. Vier f ger med und öff san , 1876, xxiv , p 10 - woman, age 30, epileptic found dead examination showed signsof asphyxia.

The animal makes vigorous and violent efforts toovercome the obstacle this stage may continue for three to fourminutes third unconsciousness supervenes with irregular and spasmodicmovements. Efforts at respiration continue fourth efforts at respiration cease, but the heart still beats thisstage may last from two to four minutes hofmann733 says that it maylast a half-hour in new-born infants, asphyxiated, it may be quitelong the post-mortem appearances in such an animal were as follows. The lungs were pale, reddish, not much distended. There were a few dilated air-cells toward the anterior border. Hemorrhages irregularly dispersed over the surface of the lung, varying in number and size the right cavities of the heart contained dark fluid blood, the left were empty the pulmonary artery and systemic veins, even the smallest branches, were gorged with dark blood page adds that when the great vessels of the neck are interfered with death may occur “by coma, syncope, and even asthenia ” colin734 made twenty-five experiments on horses, and records three of them as follows. They were all strangled with a hempen cord at the middle of the neck the first was quiet till the second or third minute, then there were violent movements and strong efforts to dilate the chest. At four minutes, spasms. Four and one-half minutes, quiet. Six minutes, pupils dilated, tongue hanging out, limbs flaccid. Blood black second horse. Carotid artery denuded to observe its action in fifteen seconds, blood nearly black. Four and one-quarter minutes, no pulsation in carotids.

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And the paragraph speaks of serums and bacterins as“new tools, supplemental to those we already have, but not replacingthem ” “we need them both ”the referee recommends that the several mixed vaccines discussed inthis report be not accepted on the essay papers buy grounds that satisfactory evidenceof their value is wanting having been endorsed by the committee on serumsand vaccines the council adopted the report anddeclared m catarrhalis-combined-bacterin, b coli-combined-bacterin, pertussis-combined-bacterin, streptococcus-rheumaticus-combined-bacterin andstreptococcus-viridans-combined-bacterin ineligible for admission tonew and nonofficial remedies catarrhal vaccine combined-lilly and influenza mixed vaccine-lillybecause of inquiry received, the council requested eli lilly andcompany to aid in determining the acceptability of the followingproducts for new and nonofficial remedies. “catarrhal vaccinecombined, ” said to contain killed cultures of the bacillus offriedländer, micrococcus catarrhalis, staphylococcus aureus andalbus, pneumococcus and streptococcus. “influenza mixed vaccine, ”said to contain killed cultures of staphylococcus albus and aureus, streptococcus, pneumococcus, micrococcus catarrhalis and bacillusinfluenzae lilly and company sent the circulars, etc , used in advertising theseproducts a circular for “catarrhal vaccine combined” contained thefollowing claim.