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2 that secretin given by the mouth is absorbed and producesincreased secretion of the pancreatic and intestinal juices and of thebile from an examination of the evidence available, including thatsubmitted essay paper help by the manufacturers, the council concluded. “1 no evidencehas been presented that the absence of secretin is a cause ofgastro-intestinal disease 2 there is no evidence that secretin inany form is physiologically active when administered by mouth ” thatthese conclusions were justified is shown again by the review givenby carlson of the literature, much of which was also reviewed in thecouncil previous report since the claims of the carnrick company were not supported by anysatisfactory evidence, no further investigation on the council writingwas necessary to warrant rejection of the product the council didnot undertake to determine, for instance, whether or not secretogenand similar products actually contain secretin. The determination ofthis point was immaterial here, in view of the conclusiveness of theevidence that secretin given by mouth has no physiologic action since firms other than the g w carnrick company are manufacturingalleged secretin preparations, and since recommendations for the useof secretin preparations in gastro-intestinal diseases have even creptinto textbooks, it seemed desirable to obtain further information oncertain points the council therefore requested prof a j carlsonof the university of chicago to check the results of previousinvestigators with regard to the action of secretin administered bymouth or directly into the intestine, and, in addition, to investigatethe secretin content of certain alleged secretin preparations carlson and his co-workers, like all previous investigators, found thatsecretin given by mouth, or introduced even in enormous doses directlyinto the intestine, is entirely inactive they also found that markeddestruction of secretin followed contact for one minute with humangastric juice and that secretin is rapidly oxidized and rendered inertin contact with the air further, they were unable to demonstrate the presence of secretinin samples of secretogen and another supposed secretin preparation duodenin bought on the open market in the case of secretogen therewas one exception. One bottle was found which contained a littlesecretin, but it was necessary to administer by intravenous injection, of course the entire contents of the bottle 100 tablets to obtain “asmall but unmistakable secretin reaction ”in these studies the methods employed were those by which secretin wasdiscovered it is only by the use of such methods that the presence orabsence of secretin can be determined apparently the manufacturers whoplace so-called secretin preparations on the market do not make use ofthese methods, by which alone even the composition of their productscan be determined carlson and his collaborators conclude:“there is as yet no reliable evidence that lack of secretin is aprimary or important factor in any disease even should this beestablished, secretin therapy, to be effective, must be intravenous secretin has not yet been prepared in sufficiently pure state to renderpossible intravenous injection in man without injurious effects andeven when this is attained, the very fleeting action of secretinwill in all probability render secretin therapy as futile in all thediseases in which it is theoretically indicated as epinephrin therapyis in addison disease ”in short, secretin is as ineffective taken by mouth as it would berubbed on the skin the referee recommends that the work of professor carlson beendorsed -- from the journal a m a , jan 15, 1916 has secretin a therapeutic value?. B a j carlson, ph d , j e lebensohn, m s , and s j pearlman, b s chicagob from the hull physiological laboratory of the university of chicago b this investigation was undertaken at the request of the council onpharmacy and chemistry the following report, having been submittedto the council, received its endorsement see preceding report of thecouncil on pharmacy and chemistry, “so-called secretin preparations” it is well established that acid chyme in the duodenum is the normalstimulus to the secretion of pancreatic juice 31 interaction ofthe acid with the duodenal mucosa liberates into the blood stream asubstance which, circulating through the pancreas, excites the latterto activity this exciting substance has been termed “secretin ” itcan be prepared artificially by macerating duodenojejunal mucosa in0 4 per cent hydrochloric acid, neutralizing the boiling mixture, andfiltering a few cubic centimeters of the filtrate injected into avein produce invariably a powerful secretion of pancreatic juice 32that a “chemical messenger” is at the basis of the duodenal acidreflex has been proved by even more crucial experiments-- transfusion wertheimer, 33 enriquez and hallion34, cross circulation fleig, 35 matuso36, and perfusion of the isolated pancreas huston37 31 pawlow. The work of the digestive glands, 1912 32 bayliss and starling. Jour physiol 28:325, 1902 33 wertheimer. Compt rend soc de biol 54:475, 1902 34 enriquez and hallion. Compt rend soc de biol 55:233, 363, 1903 35 fleig. Arch internat de physiol , 10:206, 1910 36 matuso.

Themain branch branches itself into thesis small ones with claspers, layinghold on what is next to them, as vines do. It bears thesis leaves, theygrow in no order at all, at least in no regular order. The leaves arelongish, though essaywhat broad, and pointed at the ends. Thesis of themhave two little leaves growing at the end of their foot-stalk. Essayhave but one, and essay none the leaves are of a pale green colour;the flowers are of a purple colour, or of a perfect blue, like toviolets, and they stand thesis of them together in knots. The berries aregreen at first, but when they are ripe they are very red. If you tastethem, you shall find them just as the crabs which we in sussex callbittersweet, viz sweet at first and bitter afterwards place they grow commonly almost throughout england, especially inmoist and shady places time the leaves shoot out about the latter end of march, if thetemperature of the air be ordinary. It flowers in july, and the seedsare ripe soon after, usually in the next month government and virtues it is under the planet mercury, anda notable herb of his also, if it be rightly gathered under hisinfluence it is excellently good to remove witchcraft both in menand beasts, as also all sudden diseases whatsoever being tied roundabout the neck, is one of the most admirable remedies for the vertigoor dizziness in the head.

“pendaison, ” p 223 - new-born infant question whetherits death was due to asphyxia from compression of neck by the motherwith her hand to hasten delivery he doubted the possibility of themother thus assisting her child but the direction of the sevenexcoriations on its face contradicted the mother statement thetraces of finger-nails were distinct the lungs and alimentary canalshowed that the child had lived opinion given, infanticide 29 ibid , p 219 - woman, advanced in years, habits dissipated;found strangled four excoriations on left side of larynx, one onright. Blood in subcutaneous tissue marks of nails and long scratcheson wrist injuries on face and left breast she had been strangled byone hand on her neck while the other was over her mouth and nose facelivid. Eyes congested.

Fingers clinched essay paper help. Limbs flaccid. No reaction from tickling feet. No respiration. Faint heart-beat and fine thready pulse sylvester artificial respiration method used at once and continued for four and one-half hours. Tongue held forward by forceps one hundred and fifteen minutes after body was first seen there was spontaneous movement of legs one hundred and forty-five minutes, conjunctivæ sensible one hundred and seventy-five minutes, retching two hundred and five minutes, free vomiting she recovered but remembered nothing of the hanging keen832 reports the results of experiments upon a criminal who was executed by hanging he was cut down about half an hour after the drop faradization and galvanization of pneumogastric and recurrent laryngeal nerves caused movements of left vocal cord, but not the right. There was no reflex motion in the larynx the left phrenic nerve made no response to stimulus the internal intercostal nerves caused the raising of the cartilage below them inspiratory, the external intercostals depressed the upper seven ribs expiratory, and raised the eighth the other four not examined the muscles of the face retained their contractility very few, comparatively, however, have been restored after hanging forpaper of recovery see medical times and gazette, london, 1871, vol i , p 669 paper 12, 13, 42, 44, 47, 49, 66 post-mortem appearances the post-mortem appearances are external and internal the external appearances are those due to the action of the ligatureon the neck and to other violence, if any has been done, and those dueto asphyxia or syncope the marks of the ligature if the suspension be very brief and theligature soft and supple, and the body instantly cut down after death, there may be no mark allison833 questions the value of the mark, contending that it is post mortem, and reports paper.

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It isgood for the inflammations and watering of the eyes, being mixed withfine flour, and laid unto them the juice dropped into the ears easesthe pains and singing noise in them it is profitably put into thoseointments and salves that are warm, and comfort the outward writings, asthe joints and sinews. For swellings also, and places out of joint thepowder thereof snuffed up into the nose provokes sneezing, and therebypurges the brain. And chewed in the mouth, draws forth much phlegm the oil made thereof, is very warm and comfortable to the joints thatare stiff, and the sinews that are hard, to molify and supple them marjoram is much used in all odoriferous water, powders, &c that arefor ornament or delight marigolds these being so plentiful in every garden, and so well known that theyneed no description time they flower all the summer long, and essaytimes in winter, ifit be mild government and virtues it is an herb of the sun, and under leo they strengthen the heart exceedingly, and are very expulsive, and alittle less effectual in the small-pox and measles than saffron thejuice of marigold leaves mixed with vinegar, and any hot swellingbathed with it, instantly gives ease, and assuages it the flowers, either green or dried, are much used in possets, broths, and drink, asa comforter of the heart and spirits, and to expel any malignant orpestilential quality which might annoy them a plaister made with thedry flowers in powder, hog-grease, turpentine, and rosin, applied tothe breast, strengthens and succours the heart infinitely in fevers, whether pestilential or not masterwort descript common masterwort has divers stalks of winged leavesdivided into sundry writings, three for the most writing standing togetherat a small foot-stalk on both sides of the greater, and three likewiseat the end of the stalk, essaywhat broad, and cut in on the edges intothree or more divisions, all of them dented about the brims, of a darkgreen colour, essaywhat resembling the leaves of angelica, but thatthese grow lower to the ground, and on lesser stalks. Among which riseup two or three short stalks about two feet high, and slender, withsuch like leaves at the joints which grow below, but with lesser andfewer divisions, bearing umbels of white flowers, and after them thin, flat blackish seeds, bigger than dill seeds the root is essaywhatgreater and growing rather side-ways than down deep in the ground, shooting forth sundry heads, which taste sharp, biting on the tongue, and is the hottest and sharpest writing of the plant, and the seed nextunto it being essaywhat blackish on the outside, and smelling well place it is usually kept in gardens with us in england time it flowers and seeds about the end of august government and virtues it is an herb of mars the root ofmasterwort is hotter than pepper, and very available in cold griefsand diseases both of the stomach and body, dissolving very powerfullyupwards and downwards it is also used in a decoction with wine againstall cold rheums, distillations upon the lungs, or shortness of breath, to be taken morning and evening it also provokes urine, and helpsto break the stone, and expel the gravel from the kidneys. Provokeswomen courses, and expels the dead birth it is singularly good forstrangling of the mother, and other such like feminine diseases it iseffectual also against the dropsy, cramps, and falling sickness. Forthe decoction in wine being gargled in the mouth, draws down much waterand phlegm, from the brain, purging and easing it of what oppresses it it is of a rare quality against all sorts of cold poison, to be takenas there is cause. It provokes sweat but lest the taste hereof, or ofthe seed which works to the like effect, though not so powerfullyshould be too offensive, the best way is to take the water distilledboth from the herb and root the juice hereof dropped, or tents dippedtherein, and applied either to green wounds or filthy rotten ulcers, and those that come by envenomed weapons, doth soon cleanse and healthem the same is also very good to help the gout coming of a coldcause sweet maudlin descript common maudlin hath essaywhat long and narrow leaves, snipped about the edges the stalks are two feet high, bearing at thetops thesis yellow flowers set round together and all of an equal height, in umbels or tufts like unto tansy. After which follow small whitishseed, almost as big as wormseed place and time it grows in gardens, and flowers in june and july government and virtues the virtues hereof being the same withcostmary or alecost, i shall not make any repetition thereof, lest mybook grow too big. But rather refer you to costmary for satisfaction the medlar descript the tree grows near the bigness of the quince tree, spreading branches reasonably large, with longer and narrower leavesthan either the apple or quince, and not dented about the edges atthe end of the sprigs stand the flowers, made of five white, great, broad-pointed leaves, nicked in the middle with essay white threadsalso.