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i recently read the council report which indicated the fakishness of the “crooke collosols, ” but i also was told that the war office of england had requested a study to be made of colloidal manganese in malaria j b , columbus, ohio answer -- stephens, yorke, blacklock, macfie, cooper and carter reportin the annals of tropical medicine and parasitology feb 28, 1919, p 345 the results of their investigation for the english governmentand conclude. “collosol manganese in the doses used is of no valuein the treatment of simple tertian malaria ”-- query in the journala m a , may 3, 1919 cotton process ether to the editor:-- please let me know what information you have about the enclosed clipping?. e w carpenter, m d , greenville, s c to the editor:-- “cotton process ether, ” manufactured by the du pont co , has been given considerable notoriety in the lay press a letter of inquiry addressed to the firm elicits the information that “cotton process ether is a very highly refined di-ethyl ether charged with ethylene gas ” what is your opinion of the “cotton process ether”?. has the council on pharmacy and chemistry investigated this product?. john l atlee, m d , lancaster, pa to the editor:-- i have been waiting for essay reference to the new anesthetic referred to in the enclosed clipping, but if any has been made in the medical press i have failed to notice it if there is anything of interest in connection with this item, and it is not too much trouble, i will thank you to put me in touch with the situation holman taylor, m d , fort worth, tex answer -- about january 20, the “news service” of the “e i du pontde nemours and co , inc , ” circularized the press of the country withwhat it was pleased to term a “good ‘filler’”. This writingicular pieceof press agent work dealt with “the new du pont ether ” to quote oneparagraph from the “news item”. The new anesthetic, which is a highly refined di-ethyl ether, modified by the addition of gases, has the following characteristics. 1 the property of inducing and maintaining anesthesia with practical freedom from postoperative nausea, and 2 the property of inducing and maintaining analgesia conscious insensibility to pain as distinguished from anesthesia insensibility to pain plus narcosis the du pont ether and the claims made for it are seemingly based on thework of one man, “james h cotton, m a , m d , toronto, canada, ” whopublished an article on “cotton process ether and ether analgesia, ”in the american journal of surgery for april, 1919 however, cottondid not give the composition of the “new” ether nor, so far as weare aware, has his work been corroborated in view of the inquiriesreceived, the secretary of the council on pharmacy and chemistry askedthe du pont chemical works for the composition of the new ether fromthe firm reply we quote one paragraph.

Neither is essay outline format there a better remedy than it. A dram at a timetaken in white wine to prevent the stone, or to cleanse the kidneysof gravel or stoppage the ordinary french beans are of an easydigestion. They move the belly, provoke urine, enlarge the breast thatis straightened with shortness of breath, engender sperm, and inciteto venery and the scarlet coloured beans, in regard of the gloriousbeauty of their colour, being set near a quickset hedge, will muchadorn the same, by climbing up thereon, so that they may be discerned agreat way, not without admiration of the beholders at a distance butthey will go near to kill the quicksets by cloathing them in scarlet ladies bed-straw besides the common name above written, it is called cheese-rennet, because it performs the same office, as also gailion, pettimugget, andmaiden-hair. And by essay wild rosemary descript this rises up with divers small brown, and square uprightstalks, a yard high or more. Essaytimes branches forth into diverswritings, full of joints, and with divers very fine small leaves atevery one of them, little or nothing rough at all. At the tops of thebranches grow thesis long tufts or branches of yellow flowers very thickset together, from the several joints which consist of four leaves apiece, which smell essaywhat strong, but not unpleasant the seed issmall and black like poppy seed, two for the most writing joined together:the root is reddish, with thesis small threads fastened to it, which takestrong hold of the ground, and creep a little. And the branches leaninga little down to the ground, take root at the joints thereof, wherebyit is easily increased there is another sort of ladies bedstraw growing frequently in england, which bears white flowers as the other doth yellow. But the branches ofthis are so weak, that unless it be sustained by the hedges, or otherthings near which it grows, it will lie down to the ground. The leavesa little bigger than the former, and the flowers not so plentiful asthese. And the root hereof is also thready and abiding place they grow in meadow and pastures both wet and dry, and by thehedges time they flower in may for the most writing, and the seed is ripe injuly and august government and virtues they are both herbs of venus, and thereforestrengthening the writings both internal and external, which she rules the decoction of the former of those being drank, is good to fret andbreak the stone, provoke the urine, stays inward bleeding, and healsinward wounds the herb or flower bruised and put into the nostrils, stays their bleeding likewise. The flowers and herbs being made intoan oil, by being set in the sun, and changed after it has stood ten ortwelve days. Or into an ointment being boiled in axunga, or salladoil, with essay wax melted therein, after it is strained.

And being drank, in a short time it eases all griping pains, windy and choleric humours in the stomach, spleen or belly. Helps theyellow jaundice, by opening the stoppings of the gall and liver, andmelancholy, by opening the stoppings of the spleen. Expels venom orpoison, and also the plague. It provokes urine and women courses. Thedecoction of it in wine drank for essay time together, procures easeto them that are troubled with the sciatica, or hip-gout. As also thegout in hands, knees or feet. If you put to the decoction essay honeyand a little burnt alum, it is excellently good to gargle any soremouth or throat, and to wash the sores and ulcers in the privy writings ofman or woman. It speedily helps green wounds, being bruised and boundthereto the juice of it boiled with a little honey and verdigrease, doth wonderfully cleanse fistulas, ulcers, and stays the spreading oreating of cancers and ulcers. It helps the itch, scabs, wheals, andother breakings out in any writing of the body the juice of celandine, field-daisies, and ground-ivy clarified, and a little fine sugardissolved therein, and dropped into the eyes, is a sovereign remedyfor all pains, redness, and watering of them. As also for the pin andweb, skins and films growing over the sight, it helps beasts as well asmen the juice dropped into the ears, wonderfully helps the noise andsinging of them, and helps the hearing which is decayed it is good totun up with new drink, for it will clarify it in a night, that it willbe the fitter to be drank the next morning. Or if any drink be thickwith removing, or any other accident, it will do the like in a fewhours alexander it is called alisander, horse-parsley, and wild-parsley, and the blackpot-herb. The seed of it is that which is usually sold in apothecaries’shops for macedonian parsley-seed descript it is usually sown in all the gardens in europe, and sowell known, that it needs no farther description time it flowers in june and july. The seed is ripe in august government and virtues it is an herb of jupiter, and thereforefriendly to nature, for it warms a cold stomach, and opens a stoppageof the liver and spleen. It is good to move women courses, toexpel the afterbirth, to break wind, to provoke urine, and helps thestranguary.

The head was afterward wrappedin a essay outline format cloth which was held in place by five turns of a cord around theneck. Traces of the furrows made by these cords were found heartempty. No blood in muscles of neck. Hyoid bone intact but superiorthyroid cornua fractured at base 16 horteloup. Ann d’hygiène, 1873, xxxix , pp 408-416 - man founddead on essay leaves in a fountain at bottom of staircase. Skull andspine fractured the murderers stated that they had struck him on thehead with a crutch. Then, believing him to be dead, carried him andthrew him into the fountain when examined, his face was livid, tonguebetween teeth and bitten nearly in two. And three parallel abrasionson left side of neck and one on right. Slight wounds about the facein addition to the fractures mentioned no report of examination oflungs or larynx horteloup concluded that the man had been strangled todeath, and that when thrown into the fountain, alighting on his head, the jaws were brought together and tongue bitten 17 laennec. Journ de med l’ouest, 1878, xii , pp 68-71 - woman, age 53. Attempted strangulation by her husband there were slightecchymoses on each side of neck under angle of jaw, most marked onleft side. When seen, she complained of lassitude and lively pain inhypochondria and region of lower ribs antero-laterally. No sign oflesion she stated that she was awakened from sleep by pressure on neckand chest and feeling of suffocation. She soon lost consciousness andso remained for essay hours her statements were corroborated by othertestimony laennec considered the case one of prolonged syncope frompressure on carotids 18 lancet, ii , 1841-42, p 129 - woman, found dead, her clothingon fire and lower writing of her body burnt necroscopy showed face andneck swollen as low as thyroid cartilage, and purple. Eyes prominentand congested. Mouth closed. Tongue not noticed. Front of neck belowswollen writing showed two dark-brown hard marks and slight marks also ofpressure.

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As also inflammations ofthe joints, nerves, or sinews ægineta carduus b mariæ our ladies thistles they are far more temperatethan carduus benedictus, open obstructions of the liver, help thejaundice and dropsy, provoke urine, break the stone carduus benedictus blessed thistle, but better known by the latinname. It is hot and dry in the second degree, cleansing and opening, helps swimming and giddiness in the head, deafness, strengthens thememory, helps griping pains in the belly, kills worms, provokes sweat, expels poison, helps inflammation of the liver, is very good inpestilence and venereal. Outwardly applied, it ripens plague-sores, andhelps hot swellings, the bitings of mad dogs and venomous beasts, andfoul filthy ulcers every one that can but make a carduus posset, knowshow to use it camerarius, arnuldus velanovanus chalina see the roots, under the name of white chameleon corallina a kind of sea moss.