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“1 that ferrivine entirely failed to cause s pallida to disappear from the lesions of three well-marked paper of secondary syphilis “2 after the failure of ferrivine to cause the disappearance of spirochaeta pallida from a mucous patch a single dose of 0 3 gm salvarsan effected this in 18 hours, and the patch, which had hitherto been uninfluenced, had healed within 48 hours “3 clinically we were unable to detect any influence of either or both these compounds on syphilitic lesions, although each of them was of the variety which heals in a week or ten days under salvarsan treatment “4 further syphilitic lesions appeared immediately after the treatment in one of the two paper essay on old custom treated with both ferrivine and intramine a mucous patch appeared on one tonsil as well as further syphilitic papules from which spirochetes were obtained the other case developed nephritis, with albumin and epithelial casts. Which was not present prior to the injections ”while from these paper the obvious conclusion was drawn that intramineand ferrivine “have no specific effect on early syphilis, ” theseauthors subsequently treated a case of tertiary syphilis with thedrugs an intramine injection caused pain for several days but didnot stop the progress of the disease ferrivine was then administered“not without a feeling of grave responsibility” in view of theirprevious experiences they state that “the reaction which resultedin this instance was the most severe” they ever experienced afteran intravenous injection of any of the antisyphilitic remedies withwhich they had previously worked it is stated that “for a periodof essay minutes there was grave doubt as to the patient survival ”after resuscitation the patient passed a disturbed night, and rigorswhich ensued lasted until the following afternoon the author reportthat in this case also no clinical improvement occurred and that theintramine-ferrivine treatment was replaced by a course consisting ofsalvarsan, potassium iodid and mercurial inunction ferrivine, intramine and collosol iodine were declared inadmissible tonew and nonofficial remedies -- from the journal a m a , sept 8, 1917 eskay neuro phosphates report of the council on pharmacy and chemistryfor the information of the profession the council has prepared andauthorized for publication the following report on eskay neurophosphates w a puckner, secretary eskay neuro phosphates smith, kline & french co , philadelphia isoffered to physicians under the claims that it contains alcohol, 17 percent , and sodium glycerophosphate, 2 grains, calcium glycerophosphate, 2 grains, and strychnin glycerophosphate, 1/64 grain, in eachdessertspoonful it is called a “nerve tissue reconstructive, ” and itsadvertising claims are based on the discredited theories that certaindisorders are due to a deficiency of phosphorus in the nerve structureof the body, and that glycerophosphates are assimilated more readilythan ordinary phosphates this assumption was based on the knowledgethat the lecithins, which form a writing of the nerve structure, containedthe glycerophosphate radical in the molecule in line with this, smith, kline & french co aver. “eskay neuro phosphates is of marked value in thesis acute and chronic conditions, in nervous exhaustion following mental and physical strain, neurasthenia, paralysis, anemia, tuberculosis, marasmus, debility and wasting diseases generally, and the nerve-weakness of the aged it is writingicularly useful in convalescence from acute diseases and in the nervous condition following la grippe ”in its report on “the therapeutic value of the glycerophosphates” thejournal, sept 30, 1916, p 1033 the council pointed out that thetherapeutic use of the glycerophosphates was based on the assumptionthat the inorganic phosphates cannot supply the body needs ofphosphorus or that the use of organic compounds “spared” the systemthe necessity of making such synthesis the report presented evidenceto show that the glycerophosphates are not absorbed as such, butthat they are split into inorganic phosphates before absorption thecouncil showed that there was convincing evidence that the animalorganism synthesizes its complex organic phosphorus constituents frominorganic phosphates, and that organic phosphorus is of no more valueas a food than inorganic despite this the neuro phosphates advertisingmakes use of the fallacious assumption regarding the action of theglycerophosphates pleading for the writingicular mixture represented by the proprietary, itis asserted that. “sodium glycerophosphate is of special value in neurasthenia, addison disease, phosphaturia and phthisis ”and that calcium glycerophosphate “is employed in bone fracture, rachitis, tuberculosis and various wasting diseases ”the phosphorus content of 1/64 grain of strychnin glycerophosphate isridiculously small yet it is asserted that this strychnin salt is ofsuperior value because it combines the effects of strychnin with a“food-like form of phosphorus ” eskay neuro phosphates has an acidreaction which is capitalized, thus.

By tightening the cord with a stick or other firmsubstance. By tightening the cords or knots by means of the hands orfeet or essay portion of the lower limbs. By the use of a woollen garterpassed twice around the neck and secured in front by two simple knots, strongly tied one to another it is difficult to simulate suicide.

Wastes thematter of the stone in the bladder, and the ulcers thereof also theroots bruised and applied, do consolidate wounds the seed doth morepowerfully expel urine, and stays the lask and vomiting the distilledwater alone, or with a little wormseed, kills the worms in children the way of use is to bruise the roots, and having well essay on old custom boiled them inwhite wine, drink the decoction. ’tis opening but not purging, verysafe. ’tis a remedy against all diseases coming of stopping, and suchare half those that are incident to the body of man. And although agardener be of another opinion, yet a physician holds half an acre ofthem to be worth five acres of carrots twice told over dove-foot, or crane-bill descript this has divers small, round, pale-green leaves, cut inabout the edges, much like mallow, standing upon long, reddish, hairystalks lying in a round compass upon the ground. Among which rise uptwo or three, or more, reddish, jointed, slender, weak, hairy stalks, with essay like leaves thereon, but smaller, and more cut in up to thetops, where grow thesis very small bright red flowers of five leavesa-piece. After which follow small heads, with small short beaks pointedforth, as all other sorts of those herbs do place it grows in pasture grounds, and by the path-sides in thesisplaces, and will also be in gardens time it flowers in june, july, and august, essay earlier and essaylater. And the seed is ripe quickly after government and virtues it is a very gentle, though martial plant it is found by experience to be singularly good for wind cholic, asalso to expel the stone and gravel in the kidneys the decoctionthereof in wine, is an excellent good cure for those that have inwardwounds, hurts, or bruises, both to stay the bleeding, to dissolve andexpel the congealed blood, and to heal the writings, as also to cleanseand heal outward sores, ulcers, and fistulas. And for green wounds, thesis do only bruise the herb, and apply it to the places, and it healsthem quickly the same decoction in wine fomented to any place painedwith the gout, or to joint-aches, or pains of the sinews, gives muchease the powder or decoction of the herb taken for essay time together, is found by experience to be singularly good for ruptures and burstingsin people, either young or old duck meat this is so well known to swim on the tops of standing waters, as ponds, pools, and ditches, that it is needless further to describe it government and virtues cancer claims the herb, and the moon willbe lady of it. A word is enough to a wise man it is effectual to helpinflammations, and st anthony fire, as also the gout, either appliedby itself, or in a poultice with barley meal the distilled water byessay is highly esteemed against all inward inflammations and pestilentfevers. As also to help the redness of the eyes, and swellings ofprivities, and of the breasts before they be grown too much the freshherb applied to the forehead, eases the pains of the head-ache comingof heat down, or cotton-thistle descript this has large leaves lying on the ground, essaywhat cutin, and as it were crumpled on the edges, of a green colour on theupper side, but covered with long hairy wool, or cotton down, set withmost sharp and cruel pricks, from the middle of whose head of flowers, thrust forth thesis purplish crimson threads, and essaytimes althoughvery seldom white ones the seed that follows in the heads, lying ina great deal of white down, is essaywhat large, long, and round, likethe seed of ladies thistle, but paler the root is great and thick, spreading much, yet it usually dies after seed-time place it grows in divers ditches, banks, and in corn-fields, andhighways, generally every where throughout the land time it flowers and bears seed about the end of summer, when otherthistles do flower and seed government and virtues mars owns the plant, and manifest to theworld, that though it may hurt your finger, it will help your body. Fori fancy it much for the ensuing virtues pliny and dioscorides write, that the leaves and roots thereof taken in drink, help those that havea crick in their neck. Whereby they cannot turn their neck but theirwhole body must turn also sure they do not mean those that have got acrick in their neck by being under the hangman hand galen saith, that the root and leaves hereof are of a healing quality, and goodfor such persons as have their bodies drawn together by essay spasm orconvulsion, as it is with children that have the rickets dragons they are so well known to every one that plants them in their gardens, they need no description. If not, let them look down to the lower endof the stalks, and see how like a snake they look government and virtues the plant is under the dominion of mars, and therefore it would be a wonder if it should want essay obnoxiousquality or other. In all herbs of that quality, the safest way iseither to distil the herb in an alembick, in what vehicle you please, or else to press out the juice, and distil that in a glass still, insand it scours and cleanses the internal writings of the body mightily, and it clears the external writings also, being externally applied, fromfreckles, morphew, and sun-burning. Your best way to use it externally, is to mix it with vinegar.

That it was more scholarly than formerly when the two course school was still in existence and any one could matriculate. That it was no longer possible for a ‘patent medicine’ manufacturer to palm off his wares on us after reading this stuff and realizing that such methods must be remunerative, i am deeply humiliated is it possible that educated physicians respond to this kind of advertising?. or has essay one perpetrated a joke on me?. if the profession can be thus successfully exploited one can no longer wonder at the following which every new ‘ic’ and ‘ism’ acquires ”it is a pity that the medical profession generally does not react tothe dionol and similar advertising as does our correspondent as theconcern continues to do business, the presumption is that at leastessay physicians are using dionol as was pointed out in the journalof jan 26, 1918, dionol seems to be a glorified and esoteric formof petrolatum the exploitation of dionol is based on the followingtheory. 1 the brain is a generator of neuro-electricity.

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And the effects on the gland, before and after administration, studied dogs were also used to determine whether iodin fumes wereabsorbed from the lungs as a result of these investigations, which arereported in great detail, it was found that iodin, when deposited onthe skin in the form of fumes, is absorbed more iodin was recoveredfrom the urine, following the application of the tincture, than wasrecovered following the use of the fumes this result is explainedby the authors on the ground that probably more iodin was actuallyapplied, and that the iodin so deposited was held in combination withthe protein during the process of coagulation of the latter by thealcohol of the tincture, leading to a state of continuous absorption it is probable, furthermore, that the iodin deposited on the skin inthe form of fumes is revaporized to essay extent by the heat of the body 293 luckhardt, a b. Koch, f c. Schroeder, w f. And weiland, a h. The physiological action of fumes of iodin, j pharmacol &exper therap 15. 1 march 1920 most important were the effects of iodin administered intratracheallyin the forms of fumes iodin given in this way seems to be rapidly andcompletely absorbed. But it was found that the administration of thefumes of iodin by inhalation through the respiratory passages, even insmall quantities, is fraught with great danger such administrationinduces dyspnea. And when it is given in large quantities, acute andfatal pulmonary edema ensues within twenty-four hours when respiratorydisorders are present at the time of administration, the fatal edemasupervenes very quickly thus far, no device designed to deliver fumescontrols the dosage it is interesting to consider, as do the authors, the fact that thefumes of iodin have the same effect as those of two other halogens, bromin and chlorin the results of these experiments with iodin fumeson the dog, as shown by necropsy findings, are practically identicalwith those reported by military surgeons as found in soldiers gassedwith chlorin during the war the results of these researches are additional evidence as tohow scientific research may confirm or deny conclusions based onempiric therapeutic observations the work may well serve as a modelfor similar experiments, now being made, on the therapeutic use, intravenously, of such substances as nonspecific proteins or organicpreparations of toxic drugs the patient should at least have thechance that is afford him by preliminary experiments, scientificallyperformed on animals in the research laboratory -- editorial from thejournal a m a , may 29, 1920 italian physico-chemical companythesis and various are the letters received by the journal asking forinformation about an alleged scientific organization in italy styledl’académie physico-chimique italienne this italian physico-chemicalacademy is operated from palermo, italy here is the scheme.