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Thus, for instance, essay examples for high school heinrich vonrantzau, who dewritinged this life 1598 as governor of schleswig-holstein, celebrates in 100 well-turned verses the significance of the planetsin relation to the physical and mental welfare of humanity we shallagain refer to this subject when considering astrology of the middleages the iatromathematic passages in the above-mentioned writingsof ptolemy, hermes, and galen furnished the foundation for all laterastrologico-medical theories for what the middle ages believedregarding the medical importance of the sidereal world, especially ofthe planets and the zodiac, was nothing but the immediate continuation, or elaboration, of the astrologic teachings of ptolemy and otherauthors of the first christian centuries in the first place, every portion of the human frame was placed underthe influence of a certain celestial body the five planets already known to the ancients, as well as sun andmoon, governed, according to hermes, the following writings of the body. The sun, the right eye the moon, the left eye saturn, hearing jupiter, the brain mars, the blood venus, taste and smell mercury, tongue and gullet however, the influence which sun, moon, and the planets exercisedupon the human body gradually became more intricate it was no longersatisfactory to enumerate relations between the bodies of heaven andthe human organs of such a general nature as given by the above tableof hermes all writings and functions of the body were to be broughtinto the closest relations with the planets thus, for instance, thecelebrated humanist, marsilius ficinus, the friend of the medici 1433to 1499, depicts most minutely in a book “on life, ” which was muchread in its time, the relations between the body and the planets thiswas also done by heinrich von rantzau, in his “tractus astrologicus, ”which in its time was very celebrated there we read regarding theseconditions as follows. Saturn governs the spleen, the bladder, the bones, the teeth, and, in writing, the circulating juices of the body. Causes the color of the skin of man to be dark yellowish. Impedes or promotes growth. Causes the eyes to be small, and prevents the growth of the beard jupiter governs the lungs, the ribs, cartilages, the liver, arteries, the pulse, and the development of human semen. Causes the white color of the skin, and gives a good figure mars governs the bile, kidneys, veins, and sexual organs, and of these especially the testicles. Makes hair red and the temper irascible, and inclined to outrages of various kinds venus governs the uterus, the breasts, the sexual organs, the spermatic tubes, the loins, and the buttocks. Endows man with physical beauty, furnishes him with long hair, round eyes, and a well-formed face. But it is inexcusable on the writing of this star that it presented mankind with gonorrhea mercury governs all mental processes memory, imagination, the brain with its nerves, the hands, feet, and legs, the bones and the bile.

quoth he, why do i hurt a poor silly man orwoman?. his angel answers him, it is because they have offended theirgod, look back to adam. Well, says mars, though they speak evil ofme, i will do good to them. Death cold, my herb shall heat them. Theyare full of ill humours else they would never have spoken ill of me;my herb shall cleanse them, and dry them. They are poor weak creatures, my herb shall strengthen them. They are dull witted, my herb shallfortify their apprehensions. And yet among astrologers all this doesnot deserve a good word. Oh the patience of mars!. felix qui potuit rerum cognoscere caucas, inque domus superum scandere cura facit o happy he that can the knowledge gain, to know the eternal god made nought in vain to this i add, i know the reason causeth such a dearth of knowledge. ’tis because men love the earth the other day mars told me he met with venus, and he asked her, whatwas the reason that she accused him for abusing women?. he never gavethem the pox in the dispute they fell out, and in anger writinged, andmars told me that his brother saturn told him, that an antivenereanmedicine was the best against the pox once a month he meets with themoon mars is quick enough of speech, and the moon not much behindhand, neither are most women the moon looks much after children, andchildren are much troubled with the worms. She desired a medicine ofhim, he bid her take his own herb, wormwood he had no sooner writingedwith the moon, but he met with venus, and she was as drunk as a hog;alas!. poor venus, quoth he.

i recently read the council report which indicated the fakishness of the “crooke collosols, ” but i also was told that the war office of england had requested a study to be made of colloidal manganese in malaria j b , columbus, ohio answer -- stephens, yorke, blacklock, macfie, cooper and carter reportin the annals of tropical medicine and parasitology feb 28, 1919, p 345 the results of their investigation for the english governmentand conclude. “collosol manganese in the doses used is of no valuein the treatment of simple tertian malaria ”-- query in the journala m a , may 3, 1919 cotton process ether to the editor:-- please let me know what information you have about the enclosed clipping?. e w carpenter, m d , greenville, s c to the editor:-- “cotton process ether, ” manufactured by the du pont co , has been given considerable notoriety in the lay press a letter of inquiry addressed to the firm elicits the information that “cotton process ether is a very highly refined di-ethyl ether charged with ethylene gas ” what is your opinion of the “cotton process ether”?. has the council on pharmacy and chemistry investigated this product?. john l atlee, m d , lancaster, pa to the editor:-- i have been waiting for essay reference to the new anesthetic referred to in the enclosed clipping, but if any has been made in the medical press i have failed to notice it if there is anything of interest in connection with this item, and it is not too much trouble, i will thank you to put me in touch with the situation holman taylor, m d , fort worth, tex answer -- about january 20, the “news service” of the “e i du pontde nemours and co , inc , ” circularized the press of the country withwhat it was pleased to term a “good ‘filler’”. This writingicular pieceof press agent work dealt with “the new du pont ether ” to quote oneparagraph from the “news item”. The new anesthetic, which is a highly refined di-ethyl ether, modified by the addition of gases, has the following characteristics. 1 the property of inducing and maintaining anesthesia with practical freedom from postoperative nausea, and 2 the property of inducing and maintaining analgesia conscious insensibility to pain as distinguished from anesthesia insensibility to pain plus narcosis the du pont ether and the claims made for it are seemingly based on thework of one man, “james h cotton, m a , m d , toronto, canada, ” whopublished an article on “cotton process ether and ether analgesia, ”in the american journal of surgery for april, 1919 however, cottondid not give the composition of the “new” ether nor, so far as weare aware, has his work been corroborated in view of the inquiriesreceived, the secretary of the council on pharmacy and chemistry askedthe du pont chemical works for the composition of the new ether fromthe firm reply we quote one paragraph. “ the procedures of manufacture, and the exact composition of our ether, we regard as confidential information which we are entitled to retain unless a condition were to arise in which we were unable alone to satisfy the demand for this type of ether ”it has been recognized-- and incorporated in the “principles of medicalethics”-- that the use of a therapeutic agent of unknown compositionis unscientific and contrary to the best interests of the medicalprofession and the public. But it is thesis times more serious for aphysician to employ a secret or semisecret substance as an anesthetic a physician using such a semisecret substance would have little defenseif the patient should die -- query in the journal a m a , feb 21, 1920 a note from the manufacturersin the query and minor notes dewritingment of the journal of february21, essay inquiries from physicians relative to “cotton process ether”were answered in referring to the composition of this product it wasstated that the secretary of the council on pharmacy and chemistry hadasked the manufacturers, the du pont chemical works, for information onthis point and one paragraph from the firm reply was quoted anotherparagraph from the same letter was omitted. And to this omission themanufacturers took exception, expressing the opinion that by it thejournal led its readers to infer that the concern had “refused tofurnish any information whatever” regarding the composition of theether the following paragraph, italicized as in the original letter, is the one in question.

After which come the little paper which hold the seed, which are flat, almost in the form of a heart place they are frequent in this nation, almost by every path-side time they flower all the summer long. Nay essay of them are sofruitful, that they flower twice a year government and virtues it is under the dominion of saturn, and ofa cold, dry, and binding nature, like to him it helps all fluxes ofblood, either caused by inward or outward wounds. As also flux of thebelly, and bloody flux, spitting blood, and bloody urine, stops theterms in women. Being bound to the wrists of the hands, and the solesof the feet, it helps the yellow jaundice the herb being made into apoultice, helps inflammations and st anthony fire the juice beingdropped into the ears, heals the pains, noise, and mutterings thereof a good ointment may be made of it for all wounds, especially wounds inthe head smallage this is also very well known, and therefore i shall not trouble thereader with any description thereof place it grows naturally in dry and marshy ground. But if it besown in gardens, it there prospers very well time it abides green all the winter, and seeds in august government and virtues it is an herb of mercury smallage ishotter, drier, and much more medicinal than parsley, for it much moreopens obstructions of the liver and spleen, rarefies thick phlegm, and cleanses it and the blood withal it provokes urine and womencourses, and is singularly good against the yellow jaundice, tertianand quartan agues, if the juice thereof be taken, but especiallymade up into a syrup the juice also put to honey of roses, andbarley-water, is very good to gargle the mouth and throat of thosethat have sores and ulcers in them, and will quickly heal them thesame lotion also cleanses and heals all other foul ulcers and cankerselsewhere, if they be washed therewith the seed is especially used tobreak and expel wind, to kill worms, and to help a stinking breath the root is effectual to all the purposes aforesaid, and is heldto be stronger in operation than the herb, but especially to openobstructions, and to rid away any ague, if the juice thereof be takenin wine, or the decoction thereof in wine used sopewort, or bruisewort descript the roots creep under ground far and near, with thesisjoints therein, of a brown colour on the outside and yellowish within, shooting forth in divers places weak round stalks, full of joints, setwith two leaves a-piece at every one of them on a contrary side, whichare ribbed essaywhat like to plantain, and fashioned like the commonfield white campion leaves, seldom having any branches from the sidesof the stalks, but set with flowers at the top, standing in long huskslike the wild campions, made of five leaves a-piece, round at the ends, and dented in the middle, of a rose colour, almost white, essaytimesdeeper, essaytimes paler. Of a reasonable scent place it grows wild in thesis low and wet grounds of this land, bybrooks and the sides of running waters time it flowers usually in july, and so continues all august, andwriting of september, before they be quite spent government and virtues venus owns it the country people in diversplaces do use to bruise the leaves of sopewort, and lay it to theirfingers, hands or legs, when they are cut, to heal them up again essaymake great boast thereof, that it is diuretical to provoke urine, andthereby to expel gravel and the stone in the reins or kidneys, and doalso account it singularly good to void hydropical waters. And they noless extol it to perform an absolute cure in the french pox, more thaneither sarsaparilla, guiacum, or china can do. Which, how true it is, ileave others to judge sorrel our ordinary sorrel, which grows in gardens, and also wild in thefields, is so well known, that it needs no description government and virtues it is under the dominion of venus sorrelis prevalent in all hot diseases, to cool any inflammation and heatof blood in agues pestilential or choleric, or sickness and fainting, arising from heat, and to refresh the overspent spirits with theviolence of furious or fiery fits of agues. To quench thirst, andprocure an appetite in fainting or decaying stomachs. For it resiststhe putrefaction of the blood, kills worms, and is a cordial to theheart, which the seed doth more effectually, being more drying andbinding, and thereby stays the hot fluxes of women courses, or ofhumours in the bloody flux, or flux of the stomach the root also in adecoction, or in powder, is effectual for all the said purposes bothroots and seeds, as well as the herb, are held powerful to resist thepoison of the scorpion the decoction of the roots is taken to helpthe jaundice, and to expel the gravel and the stone in the reins orkidneys the decoction of the flowers made with wine and drank, helpsthe black jaundice, as also the inward ulcers of the body and bowels asyrup made with the juice of sorrel and fumitory, is a sovereign helpto kill those sharp humours that cause the itch the juice thereof, with a little vinegar, serves well to be used outwardly for the samecause, and is also profitable for tetters, ringworms, &c it helps alsoto discuss the kernels in the throat. And the juice gargled in themouth, helps the sores therein the leaves wrapt in a colewort leaf androasted in the embers, and applied to a hard imposthume, botch, boil, or plague sore, doth both ripen and break it the distilled water ofthe herb is of much good use for all the purposes aforesaid wood sorrel descript this grows upon the ground, having a number of leavescoming from the root made of three leaves, like a trefoil, but broadat the ends, and cut in the middle, of a yellowish green colour, everyone standing on a long foot-stalk, which at their first coming up areclose folded together to the stalk, but opening themselves afterwards, and are of a fine sour relish, and yielding a juice which will turnred when it is clarified, and makes a most dainty clear syrup amongthese leaves rise up divers slender, weak foot-stalks, with every oneof them a flower at the top, consisting of five small pointed leaves, star-fashion, of a white colour, in most places, and in essay dashedover with a small show of blueish, on the back side only after theflowers are past, follow small round heads, with small yellowish seedin them the roots are nothing but small strings fastened to the end ofa small long piece.

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There is essay examples for high school a milder sort, calledpersicaria, which is of a cooler and milder quality, drying, excellently good for putrified ulcers, kills worms. I had almost forgotthat the former is an admirable remedy for the gout, being roastedbetween two tiles and applied to the grieved place, and yet i had itfrom dr butler too hysopus hysop helps coughs, shortness of breath, wheezing, distillations upon the lungs. It is of a cleansing quality. Kills wormsin the body, amends the whole colour of the body, helps the dropsy andspleen, sore throats, and noise in the ears see syrup of hysop hyosciamus, &c henbane the white henbane is held to be cold inthe third degree, the black or common henbane and the yellow, inthe fourth they stupify the senses, and therefore not to be takeninwardly, outwardly applied, they help inflammations, hot gouts:applied to the temples they provoke sleep hypericon st john wort it is as gallant a wound-herb as any is, either given inwardly, or outwardly applied to the wound.