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“the patents held by mckesson and robbins give this firm essay contest for adults the exclusive right of manufacturing tooth powders containing peroxids, perborates and percarbonates it is another illustration of the unfair monopolies that may be secured under our present patent laws ” granting a patent to a nostrumagain in 1913 u s patent no 1, 081, 069 was granted to a citizenof switzerland a country which does not grant patents on medicinalpreparations for a “composition which is intended to be usedinternally and which confers to the organisms immunity against thefollowing microbial infectious illnesses. Diphtheria, pneumonia, typhus, scarlet fever, influenza, septic infections, cerebral-spinalmeningitis, syphilis, pest, cholera and tuberculosis. It is alsoeffective in another kind of disease, viz , goiter ” italics not inoriginal the patent specification states that “the principal of thesesubstances is creatinin , ” but offers no evidence whatever thatthis well-known chemical body has the extensive and miraculous powersclaimed for it in publishing a notice of this patent the journal ofthe american medical association jan 3, 1914, p 54 explained.

Chovet tried to save the man by making anopening in the trachea before the execution and introducing a smalltube the man was alive forty-five minutes after the drop, but couldnot be resuscitated, although the surgeon bled him in a small proportion of paper of hanging, homicidal and judicial, death occurs by dislocation of the spine this is said to have beenfirst noticed by the celebrated louis, who states that the parisexecutioner was in the habit of giving a violent rotary movement tothe body of the convict as the trap was sprung, causing a dislocationof the odontoid process and compression of the cord and almost instantdeath taylor816 says that for dislocation the body must be essay contest for adults heavy andthe fall long and sudden devergie817 found this to occur in abouttwo per cent of paper it is said that the paris hangman placed theslip-knot under the chin in front, which is as dr haughton suggests death may occur from secondary causes after apparent recovery. Fromcongestion of brain and other lesions of the nervous system. These mayprove fatal at remote periods fracture of the odontoid process according to m de fosse is morecommon than dislocation, and the giving away of the intervertebralsubstance more likely than either of the others the phrenic andother respiratory nerves are likely to be paralyzed. The vertebral andcarotid arteries may be ruptured the medulla oblongata is also likelyto be fatally injured death may also occur from hemorrhage upon thecord, causing pressure besides the ropes used as ligatures in judicial hanging, almost everyconceivable article that could be made into the semblance of a cord hasbeen used by suicides. Usually, however, essay portion of the beddingor clothing when one resolves on suicide, all the precautions of themanagers of prisons and asylums fail to prevent the secondary effects in those who recover involve the respiratoryorgans dyspnœa, cough, bloody sputa, bronchial rles, and fever;or the nervous system aphonia, dysphagia, numbness, chilliness, spasms, pains in neck, face, or shoulder. Essaytimes paralysis ofbladder and rectum, and loss of memory the marks on the neck slowlydisappear 818 verse819 collated a number of paper in which thehanging was not completed and the subjects lived for varying periodsafterward wagner and möbius820 discuss the spasmodic seizures andamnesia, which often appear after the restoration from hanging symptoms in hanging obviously these will be in essay respects identical with those ofstrangulation in considering the latter, essay of the similaritiesand dissimilarities of symptoms and post-mortem appearances ofstrangulation and hanging were mentioned death may be immediate and without symptoms there is, of course, no preliminary or “waiting” stage, as instrangulation, except in those rare paper of suicide where the subjectinclines his body forward with his neck against the ligature, hisbody being near the floor or ground the absence of a drop makes thiscondition very similar to ordinary strangulation the body of a victimof homicide might be similarly placed for the purpose of deception, andalso that of a subject previously made unconscious. In these paper thesymptoms and appearances would resemble those of strangulation in other words it is necessary that there should be a drop or fall, or at least the weight of the body, to produce the characteristics ofhanging the jerk of the fall or sudden dependence of the body uponthe ligature causes a much greater constriction of the ligature on theneck, and in a different direction, than in strangulation.

And, after crushingthe bones with a hammer, threw the fragments into a deep gorge again, the body may be divided into numerous pieces, a hundred ormore, and disposed of in widely different localities, as in a pond, amanure-heap, a river, or a cesspool the chopped-up remains of infantshave been boiled in lye and afterward thrown into a privy or put in abarrel of vinegar a mother has also been known to cook with cabbagethe dismembered remains of her six-months’ child and serve it at a mealof which both she and her husband writingook numerous counterwritings of such paper happening in late years essay contest for adults couldbe cited where the object was to favor the disappearance of thecadaver, and in which the establishment of the identity turned onthe examination of essay small writing of the organism. The uterus, thespermatic cord, the lobe of the ear, the hair, or the teeth furnishinga positive demonstration that led to judiciary results putrefaction goes on very fast in a corpse that has been mutilated. Butit is slower in writings which, on being separated just after death, havebecome bloodless in consequence of the hemorrhage after submersionthe outward signs of putrefaction put a notable obstacle in theway of identification, and after drowning the body becomes rapidlyunrecognizable supposing it impossible to reconstitute the cadaver in all itsessential writings, it is always possible, by following the instructionsalready given for examining the skeleton, to infer from one orseveral writings of the cadaver the sex, age, height, and essaytimespathological peculiarities of the victim examination of the skeletonand teeth is of capital importance in an investigation of this class the indications furnished thereby having already been touched upon, and being about all that we are justified in saying, it is onlynecessary to repeat that thesis of the details relative to these specialindications are so confusing as to suggest caution in using thestatistical tables of even high authority, as the observations theyrest on are not of sufficient extent to deserve confidence a survey of the head, limbs, trunk, and genital writings will give themost useful indications the head, in fact, is the surest indexfor justice, and one that lends promptness in the discovery of theassassin typical illustrations of this occur in the goss-udderzookcase and in the recent example of the bomb-thrower, norcross in thecase of a woman murdered by her husband at antwerp in 1877 and cutinto one hundred and fifty-three pieces and her remains thrown intoa privy, the color of the hair, the lobule of a torn ear, and theuterus of a woman having had children furnished special signs thatled to identity and condemnation examination of the brain and itsmembranes, though furnishing no very notable characteristics in thematter of identification, may nevertheless be regarded as a naturalcorollary to that of the skull brain weight, which is greatestbetween thirty and forty years, 1, 200 to 1, 450 grams in man, 1, 100 to1, 500 in woman, diminishes toward the sixtieth year it is said thatthe diminution takes place a few years sooner in the opposite sex the estimated loss of weight in a person of eighty years is admittedto be from 90 to 150 grams another sign of age is the tendency todegeneration found in the pineal gland, the cortical substance, theoptic and striate thalami, and in the brain capillaries the state of the eyes, if not too decomposed, may still become a signof identity for instance, the color of the iris, an arcus senilis, a pterygium, a cataract or an operation for the same, an iridectomy, etc , are signs that occasion may utilize the trunk may show, as it has in several instances, incised woundsthat caused death before the mutilation besides, the organs thereincontained may by their weight, dimension, and tissue alterationindicate the progress of age and of degeneration modifications of thecirculatory and respiratory apparatus are obviously characteristic asage advances the only organ whose weight increases with the number ofyears, the heart, may become hypertrophied or dilated. Its coronaryarteries may undergo an alteration. The pericardium thickens, and infact arterial atheroma and degeneration generally may begin betweenthirty-five and forty years it should, however, be borne in mind thatthese signs of senility may come much later or even not at all in aman of eighty-four years tourdes found no notable tissue lesion. Inanother of one hundred and four lobstein found no trace of ossificationof the arteries of the trunk and upper extremities, and in thomasparr, aged one hundred and fifty-two years, harvey found absolutely nolesion of this kind although toward eighty years the heart increasesin weight in both sexes, the opposite has been observed in exceptionalpaper placing the average weight of this organ in the adult at 266grams for men, 220 for women, it will be found that progress in weightgives toward the eightieth year an increase of 90 grams for men and60 for women yet a case of cardiac atrophy is reported in a woman ofeighty whose heart weighed but 170 grams diminished weight of the lungs becomes accentuated with years especially is this the case after pseudo-melanosis and senileemphysema the state of the lungs of stone-cutters and miners andvarious thoracic and abdominal diseases may likewise become signs ofidentity a cirrhosed liver, an enlarged spleen, a senile kidney, andthe like, are sufficiently obvious in their bearings on this question like the trunk, the arms and legs, in paper of the class underconsideration, show but few traces of disfigurement other than thefact of their having been disjointed the manner in which the sectionswere made and the proceedings employed for the disarticulation wouldequally affirm an experienced hand or the reverse such facts have oflate years assisted in the discovery and condemnation both of a farmerand of a medical student, and also in the case of the cook alreadymentioned, who cut off her child arm after the manner of carving thewing of a fowl the existence of deformity, injury, and disease in thelimbs should, of course, claim attention, but their relativity in aninvestigation of the kind is too apparent to require further comment mutilation of the genital organs is not so common persons familiarwith border warfare have observed the savage custom of cutting offthe victim penis and placing it in his mouth in more civilizedcommunities the culprits are generally women in whom hatred andferocity prompt an act that marks the evident satisfaction sought bythe destructive instinct essaytimes, however, the genital organs havebeen cut from the cadaver of a woman, presumably for the purpose ofconcealing traces of rape that may have preceded the murder the signsfurnished by the female genital organs as to virginity, maternity, and the menopause are so easily demonstrated at the necropsy as tobecome positive proofs of identity the uterus loses both in sizeand weight with age this along with hard, atrophied, and germlessovaries attests the stoppage of menstruation the question of identitymay turn on the age at which menstruation ceases, as happened in anaction of ejectment in the case of doe on the demise of clark vs tatom the period known as change of life, when the uterus and ovarieslose their function, though placed at forty-five and fifty years, isquite uncertain in spite of averages, menstruation is occasionallycontinued to seventy and upward 585the signs furnished by the genital organs of the male are of lessimportance atrophy and diminished weight of the testicles and rarityor absence of the spermatozoids are indications of senility. Althoughspermatozoids have been observed at ninety-four years the structureof the spermatic cord at different periods of life from the lastof intra-uterine to the first of extra-uterine life, in puberty, and in old age, is accompanied by characteristic modifications ofdevelopment and regression, which are of interest on the question ofmedico-forensic diagnosis of identity, as shown by dr pellacani 586congenital deformity of the genital writings, as epispadias orhypospadias. Marks of circumcision, useful in india to identifymussulmans above eleven years. Traces of disease that may have leftextensive cicatrices, as phagadenic chancre, suppurating buboes, etc , may also furnish characteristics of evidential value entire cadaver dead but a short time in the case of a body that has been dead a short time only, recognitionfrom the features, even by the nearest relatives, is often a matterof the greatest difficulty the change produced in the color and formof the body, especially after drowning, is a formidable obstacle toidentification by likeness and general type of face pages could befilled with the mere mention of the multiplied instances of mistakenidentity of the living, thesis of whom have been punished because theyhad the misfortune to resemble essay one else how much more careful, then, should be the medical examination of the remains in the progressof decay, with the distortion and discoloration of the features, andthe consequent change or destruction of the peculiar expression ofthe countenance by which human features are usually distinguished andidentified among the innumerable instances of mistaken personal identity and paperof resemblance mentioned in history and fable, from the time of ulyssesdown to the days of rip van winkle dog schneider, it appears thatthis animal is credited with more sagacity than man in the matter ofrecognizing his master even after years of absence indeed, recognitionby animals may be considered a proof of identity thesis persons canrecall instances of the kind, though perhaps not so dramatic as the oneof the dog in the odyssey, who recognized his master after twenty yearsof absence and died immediately thereafter as a matter of fact, time and circumstances will so alter resemblanceas to account for essay of these most striking proofs of the fallibilityof human testimony that we see illustrated in chapters on mistakenidentity we easily forget the true image of persons and things, and time promptly modifies them the evidence of the senses may beso little trusted in this regard that father, mother, husband, andnurse may attest a false identity in the case of their own children a nurse has been known to testify to the identity of the severed headof a woman whom thirteen other persons were sure they recognized fromcharacteristic signs, when the supposed victim put in an appearance andthus attested her own existence the head of the unrecognized victim ofthis strange controversy is preserved in the museum of the strassburgfaculty in another case of historical notoriety in france, forty witnesses oneach side swore to the personality.

“protect yourself against influenza don’t let the germs get a foothold in your system kill them with ma-oze antiseptic powder use it as a gargle it is sure death to all kinds of disease germs ”in a preliminary statement sent out by hanson in the early writing of 1919it seems that the physicians drug syndicate was conceived “primarilyto supply physicians with a product to be used in leucorrhea andpersonal cleanliness of women ” this product, apparently, was thema-oze of influenza fame in minneapolis it was to be put out, however, under the name of “thymozene, ” which, “packed in 4 ounce unlabeledcarton for dispensing, ” would “show nearly 100 per cent profit to theorganization over the profit which you make if you dispense your owndrug ” thymozene, free stock-- and everythingin october, 1919, essay contest for adults the physicians drug syndicate was circularizingphysicians in iowa trying to get them to send in $6 for “1 dozenthymozene 4 oz ” for this $6 the doctors were to get, in additionto the marvelous thymozene, the following rights, privileges andemoluments:1 a free post-graduate course in intravenous therapy by dr charlesloffler 2 a gift of $100 worth of stock in the physicians drug syndicate 3 a copy of dr loffler lectures on blood 4 the privilege of purchasing future supplies of thymozene “atwholesale prices less discount of 33-1/3 per cent ”the letter making these offers mentioned incidentally. “besides our product thymozene we have been forced to add a uterine wafer to be used in connection with hot thymozene douches in leucorrhea these wafers are simply miracle workers ”in addition to this circular letter there was a membership blankleaflet detailing the marvels of “thymozene ” there was another leafletheaded in very large, black type “influenza” and recommending “ma-ozeantiseptic powder” or “thymozene” for this condition still anotherleaflet accompanying it lauded “intravenous compound loffler” andreprinted laudatory puffs of this preparation that were credited toh h witherstine, m d , rochester, minn , joseph b klinehans, m d , chicago, and the “loring park sanatorium” of minneapolis in addition to the intravenous compound loffler there is, ofcourse, certain “apparatus for the giving of the treatment” which theintravenous chemical co supplies the “compound” must be given justso, and the intravenous chemical co “reserves the right to refuse tosupply any physician with intravenous compound loffler who, eitherthrough lack of proper apparatus or proper care in preparation ofsolution, or for any reason, uses it in such a manner that will castdiscredit upon it ”the complete apparatus, including 2 ounces of intravenous compound loffler, sells for $24 what is intravenous compound?. apparently, nobody knows except charles l loffler, who asks physicians toinject-- and we regret to say essay are injecting-- this nostrum ofunknown composition into the veins of their patients to a physicianwho had raised the point of secrecy loffler wrote in writing. “i am sure that you will agree with me that it is far better to place this treatment in the hands of competent physicians, such as dr witherstine, and thesis more whose names i will gladly send you, and to protect the honest and competent doctor who investigates and takes up the work, than to publish the formula and give to the unscrupulous a chance to try to make the product and no doubt to claim to cure disease that is beyond hope the formula is not kept secret for profit but is so kept upon the advice of a number of good men who have the interest of the doctor at heart i am willing and anxious to place the product and the results in thousands of paper before the a m a on the one condition that the formula shall be kept secret for the benefit of the reputable physician ”in another letter written more recently to a physician who calledattention to the secrecy of the nostrum, loffler wrote. “the intravenous compound contains approximately 58 per cent oxygen, 12 per cent chlorine, 16 per cent potassium, 9 per cent sodium and 5 per cent boron i have no hesitancy in giving it, and it was due to an incompetent man in this office that this was not given fully in the booklet he made the changes without my consent and has caused me to answer thesis inquiries by physicians ”a seeming frankness is a trick as old as nostrum exploitation itself loffler “formula” is meaningless a quack who was putting out amixture of 1 writing baking soda and 2 writings common salt might with equalfrankness say that his marvelous combination contained approximately35 4 per cent sodium, 4 8 per cent carbon, 19 per cent oxygen, 40 4per cent chlorin, and 0 4 per cent hydrogen in order that the profession might know more about this product aspecimen was turned over to the a m a chemical laboratory foranalysis here is what the chemists report. Chemists’ report“one original 2 ounce bottle of ‘intravenous compound loffler forintravenous use’ was submitted to the association chemical laboratoryfor examination according to the label, the product is sold by the‘intravenous chemical co , chicago ’ the bottle contained a whitegranular substance, which appeared as if the ingredients had beenfused together the product responded to tests for sodium, potassium, chlorate, borate and nitrate as this same set of chemical radicals wasfound by puckner and hilpert j a m a , may 22, 1908, p 1706 to bepresent in ‘oxychlorin’ and ‘zyme-oid, ’ a quantitative comparison of‘intravenous compound loffler’ was made “the analysis indicated that all three products are essentially thesame. intravenous oxychlorin, zyme-oid, compound, per cent per cent per cent potassium k 12 26 13 50 13 79 sodium na 8 20 9 84 9 82 boric acid anhydride b₂o₃ 18 63 13 42 15 20 chlorate clo₃-  25 52 27 53 26 44 nitrate no₃-  21 70 24 22 23 75 water calculated 13 29 10 42 11 72“assuming that the chlorate in ‘intravenous compound loffler’ ispresent as potassium chlorate and the nitrate is present as sodiumnitrate, the figures obtained by the analysis correspond to a mixtureapproximately as follows. Potassium chlorate kclo₃ 38 6 per cent sodium nitrate nano₃ 32 6 per cent potassium borate k₂b₄o₇ 4 9 per cent sodium borate na₂b₄o₇ 4 0 per cent boric acid  21 1 per cent “from the results of the examination it is concluded that thispreparation is a mixture of alkali chlorate and nitrate and boricacid, probably produced by fusing together the constituents it ispractically the same mixture as oxychlorine and zyme-oid as analyzednearly fourteen years ago in the a m a chemical laboratory ”throughout the advertising of “intravenous compound loffler” thephysician is reminded of the financial returns that the product offers “ the financial return will prove as interesting to yourself as results are to the patients ” “and lastly but not less interesting, the financial returns are commensurate with results ” “ the instruction given me in the use of your intravenous compound and the opportunity presented adds four to five hundred dollars per month to my bank account ” “ will not only give you more positive results than have ever obtained in chronic and progressive diseases but a very remunerative business ” “intravenous compound loffler is supplied in granular form, 2 ounces to a bottle, at $2 per bottle an ounce will average fifteen treatments and treatments are at from $3 to $5 each, according to the ability of the patient to pay ”a physician whose name the intravenous chemical company had given asa user of intravenous compound loffler was written to by anotherphysician who was interested in the matter and he was asked frankly forhis opinion he replied in writing.

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But to proceed the flowers stop all fluxes of blood. Whether inman or woman, bleeding either at the nose or wound there is also asort of amaranthus that bears a white flower, which stops the whitesin women, and the running of the reins in men, and is a most gallantantivenereal, and a singular remedy for the french pox anemone called also wind flower, because they say the flowers never open butwhen the wind blows pliny is my author. If it be not so, blame him the seed also if it bears any at all flies away with the wind place and time they are sown usually in the gardens of the curious, and flower in the spring-time as for discription i shall pass it, being well known to all those that sow them government and virtues it is under the dominion of mars, beingsupposed to be a kind of crow-foot the leaves provoke the termsmightily, being boiled, and the decoction drank the body being bathedwith the decoction of them, cures the leprosy the leaves being stampedand the juice snuffed up in the nose, purges the head mightily. So doesthe root, being chewed in the mouth, for it procures much spitting, and brings away thesis watery and phlegmatic humours, and is thereforeexcellent for the lethargy and when all is done, let physicians pratewhat they please, all the pills in the dispensatory purge not the headlike to hot things held in the mouth being made into an ointment, and the eyelids anointed with it, it helps inflammations of the eyes, whereby it is palpable, that every stronger draws its weaker like thesame ointment is excellently good to cleanse malignant and corrodingulcers garden arrach called also orach, and arage. It is cultivated for domestic uses descript it is so commonly known to every housewife, it were labourlost to describe it time it flowers and seeds from june to the end of august government and virtues it is under the government of the moon. Inquality cold and moist like unto her it softens and loosens the bodyof man being eaten, and fortifies the expulsive faculty in him theherb, whether it be bruised and applied to the throat, or boiled, andin like manner applied, it matters not much, it is excellently goodfor swellings in the throat. The best way, i suppose, is to boil it, apply the herb outwardly. The decoction of it, besides, is an excellentremedy for the yellow jaundice arrach, wild and stinking called also vulvaria, from that writing of the body upon which theoperation is most. Also dog arrach, goat arrach, and stinkingmotherwort descript this has small and almost round leaves, yet a littlepointed and without dent or cut, of a dusky mealy colour, growing onthe slender stalks and branches that spread on the ground, with smallflowers set with the leaves, and small seeds succeeding like the rest, perishing yearly, and rising again with its own sowing it smells likerotten fish, or essaything worse place it grows usually upon dunghills time they flower in june and july, and their seed is ripe quicklyafter government and virtues stinking arrach is used as a remedy towomen pained, and almost strangled with the mother, by smelling toit. But inwardly taken there is no better remedy under the moon forthat disease i would be large in commendation of this herb, were ibut eloquent it is an herb under the dominion of venus, and under thesign scorpio. It is common almost upon every dunghill the works ofgod are freely given to man, his medicines are common and cheap, andeasily to be found i commend it for an universal medicine for thewomb, and such a medicine as will easily, safely, and speedily cure anydisease thereof, as the fits of the mother, dislocation, or falling outthereof.