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For example, suppose a woman be subject to essay conclusion sample miscarry, throughwind, thus do. 1 look abortion in the table of diseases, and you shall be directedby that, how thesis herbs prevent miscarriage 2 look wind in the same table, and you shall see how thesis of theseherbs expel wind these are the herbs medicinal for your grief 2 in all diseases strengthen the writing of the body afflicted 3 in mix’d diseases there lies essay difficulty, for essaytimes twowritings of the body are afflicted with contrary humours, as essaytimes theliver is afflicted with choler and water, as when a man hath both thedropsy and the yellow-jaundice. And this is usually mortal in the former, suppose the brain be too cool and moist, and the liverbe too hot and dry. Thus do;1 keep your head outwardly warm 2 accustom yourself to the smell of hot herbs 3 take a pill that heats the head at night going to bed 4 in the morning take a decoction that cools the liver, for thatquickly passes the stomach, and is at the liver immediately you must not think, courteous people, that i can spend time to give youexamples of all diseases. These are enough to let you see so much lightas you without art are able to receive.

So that about the end of may, usually the stalks and leaves are withered, dry, and gone untilseptember, then the leaves spring up again, and so abide all winter government and virtues venus challenges the herb under libra thejuice or the distilled water being drank, is very effectual for allinflammations and unnatural heats, to cool a fainting hot stomach, ahot liver, or the bowels. The herb, juice, or distilled water thereof, outwardly applied, heals pimples, st anthony fire, and other outwardheats the said juice or water helps to heal sore kidneys, torn orfretted by the stone, or exulcerated within. It also provokes urine, is available for the dropsy, and helps to break the stone being usedas a bath, or made into an ointment, it cools the painful piles orhæmorrhoidal veins it is no less effectual to give ease to the painsof the gout, the sciatica, and helps the kernels or knots in the neckor throat, called the king evil. Healing kibes and chilblains ifthey be bathed with the juice, or anointed with ointment made thereof, and essay of the skin of the leaf upon them. It is also used in greenwounds to stay the blood, and to heal them quickly knapweed descript the common sort hereof has thesis long and essaywhat darkgreen leaves, rising from the root, dented about the edges, andessaytimes a little rent or torn on both sides in two or three places, and essaywhat hairy withal. Amongst which arises a long round stalk, four or five feet high, divided into thesis branches, at the tops whereofstand great scaly green heads, and from the middle of them thrust fortha number of dark purplish red thrumbs or threads, which after they arewithered and past, there are found divers black seeds, lying in a greatdeal of down, essaywhat like unto thistle seed, but smaller. The rootis white, hard and woody, and divers fibres annexed thereunto, whichperishes not, but abides with leaves thereon all the winter, shootingout fresh every spring place it grows in most fields and meadows, and about their bordersand hedges, and in thesis waste grounds also every where time it usually flowers in june and july, and the seed is ripeshortly after government and virtues saturn challenges the herb for his own thisknapweed helps to stay fluxes, both of blood at the mouth or nose, or other outward writings, and those veins that are inwardly broken, orinward wounds, as also the fluxes of the belly. It stays distillationof thin and sharp humours from the head upon the stomach and lungs. Itis good for those that are bruised by any fall, blows or otherwise, and is profitable for those that are bursten, and have ruptures, bydrinking the decoction of the herb and roots in wine, and applyingthe same outwardly to the place it is singularly good in all runningsores, cancerous and fistulous, drying up of the moisture, and healingthem up so gently, without sharpness. It doth the like to running soresor scabs of the head or other writings it is of special use for thesoreness of the throat, swelling of the uvula and jaws, and excellentlygood to stay bleeding, and heal up all green wounds knotgrass it is generally known so well that it needs no description place it grows in every county of this land by the highway sides, and by foot-paths in fields. As also by the sides of old walls time it springs up late in the spring, and abides until the winter, when all the branches perish government and virtues saturn seems to me to own the herb, and yetessay hold the sun.

And the seed and leaves are good to increase essay conclusion sample milk in womenbreasts. The leaves, flowers, and seed, all or any of them, are good toexpel pensiveness and melancholy. It helps to clarify the blood, andmitigate heat in fevers the juice made into a syrup prevails much toall the purposes aforesaid, and is put, with other cooling, opening andcleansing herbs to open obstructions, and help the yellow jaundice, andmixed with fumitory, to cool, cleanse, and temper the blood thereby;it helps the itch, ringworms and tetters, or other spreading scabs orsores the flowers candied or made into a conserve, are helpful in theformer paper, but are chiefly used as a cordial, and are good for thosethat are weak in long sickness, and to comfort the heart and spiritsof those that are in a consumption, or troubled with often swoonings, or passions of the heart the distilled water is no less effectual toall the purposes aforesaid, and helps the redness and inflammations ofthe eyes, being washed therewith. The herb dried is never used, butthe green. Yet the ashes thereof boiled in mead, or honied water, isavailable against the inflammations and ulcers in the mouth or throat, to gargle it therewith. The roots of bugloss are effectual, being madeinto a licking electuary for the cough, and to condensate thick phlegm, and the rheumatic distillations upon the lungs blue-bottle it is called syanus, i suppose from the colour of it. Hurt-sickle, because it turns the edge of the sickles that reap the corn. Blue-blow, corn-flower, and blue-bottle descript i shall only describe that which is commonest, and inmy opinion most useful. Its leaves spread upon the ground, beingof a whitish green colour, essaywhat on the edges like those ofcorn-scabious, amongst which rises up a stalk divided into diversbranches, beset with long leaves of a greenish colour, either but verylittle indented, or not at all.

No fracture of vertebræ strong galvanism of the pneumogastrics after sixteen or seventeen minutes at intervals of four seconds caused marked respiratory efforts. Sixty-six minutes, galvanism renewed. Heart-beat and radial pulse recognized. Epiglottis swollen, requiring the tongue to be drawn forward. A few ounces of blood removed. Pupils contracted one hundred and four minutes, galvanism renewed. Subject swallowed a little brandy-and-water one hundred and thirteen minutes, slight muscular action. Cornea sensible one hundred and eighty-six minutes, feet warm, carotid pulsation signs of life now increased till six hours after drop, when pupils began to dilate again twelve to fifteen ounces of blood were taken and pupils again contracted and pulse beat strong and steady. Breathing easy, more regular. Eyes followed movements of persons around the room died nine hours later, fifteen hours after drop the experiments were repeatedly interrupted by the sheriff 830 taylor831 reports a case of recovery woman, age 44. Found hanging from a clothes-line, thrown over a door and fastened to a handle on the other side. Her knees on the floor.

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If the flash were very strong, the smoke very dense, and thedistance great, the person firing the piece could not be identified the question was raised in england in the case of reg v white atthe croydon autumn assizes, 1839 a gentleman was shot at while drivinghome on a dark night, being wounded in the leg when he saw the flashof the gun he saw that the piece was levelled toward him, and thelight of the flash enabled him to recognize at once the features ofthe accused in cross-examination he said he was quite sure he couldsee the prisoner and was not mistaken as to his identity. But theaccused was skilfully defended and he was acquitted a similar case wastried at the lewes lent assizes, 1862, reg v stapley the prisonershot at the prosecutor on a dark december evening, and the latterswore that he distinctly saw the prisoner by the flash of the gun andcould identify him by the light on his features his evidence wascorroborated and the man was convicted a case is also quoted, rex v haines, in which essay police officials were shot at by a highwaymanduring a dark night one of these stated that he could distinctly seefrom the flash of the pistol that the robber rode a dark-brown horseof remarkable shape, and that he had since identified the horse at astable in london he also was positive that the prisoner had on a roughbrown great-coat there seems to be enough evidence in this direction to show thatidentification under these circumstances is occasionally possible general medico-legal considerations the result of the wonderful advance in the practice of surgerymade during the past fifteen years has been in a large measure torevolutionize the treatment of gunshot wounds, and inasmuch as theresult of thesis homicidal attempts will depend in large measure uponwhat the surgeon can do for the victim of assault, it may not be amissto very briefly epitomize in this place essaything of what modernsurgeons believe with regard to the best treatment of bullet-wounds, expressed in a general way they have learned, among other things, that the harm which a bullet does is done by it during its flight, andthat after it has come to a stop it is, per se, an almost invariablyharmless foreign body this is practically always the case unless ithas carried in with it foreign material which may serve as a source ofseptic infection in time past there has always been a strong feeling, which had, however, nothing scientific to justify it, that every gunshot wound wasa poisoned one of late, since bacteriology has attained the proportionof a science, it has been held that bullets were necessarily sterilizedby the heat of the discharge of powder behind them very recentlydr b von beck, medical director of the 14th german army corps, hasmade experiments upon the amount of heat imwritinged to leaden and otherbullets after firing after making an allowance for specific heat andthe conductivity of the different metals used, he found that even whenthe projectiles encountered resistance from three to four times greaterthan that offered by the human body the results were as follows:temperature of leaden bullets of 45 calibre, when recovered, 69° c ;of 30 calibre, covered with steel, when recovered, 78° c. Of 30calibre, covered with copper, when recovered, 101° c he states thatthese experiments disprove the theory that certain lesions in woundscan be in any way attributed to the heat imwritinged by the bullet while these experiments prove that the bullets may be heated to theabove degrees when recovered, they by no means prove that they are soheated at the time when they inflicted the wound during the year 1892essay very interesting experiments were carried on by dr lagarde, ofthe army medical dewritingment new york medical journal, oct 22d, 1892, p 458 he experimented by deliberately infecting bullets andthen firing them into cotton, and animals as well, studying the effectboth on the bullets themselves and upon the animals essay of thesebullets were taken from the original packages, while others had beenintentionally rolled in dirt the experiments were carefully carriedout and appear reliable, and the conclusions given by the author, whichinterest us here, are as follows. 1 the vast majority of cartridges in original packages are sterileor free from septic germs because of the disinfection and absolutecleanliness observed in the process of their manufacture 2 the majority of gunshot wounds are aseptic because the vastmajority of the projectiles inflicting them are either sterile or freefrom septic germs 3 the heat developed by the act of firing is not sufficient todestroy all the organic matter of the projectile, the cherished notionsof three centuries or more to the contrary notwithstanding the results as set forth justify the assumption that a septic bulletcan infect a gunshot wound the average bullet-wound, however, is sterile so far as infection from the bullet is concerned, andin accordance with this view of its usual innocence there need beno longer the clamor for removal of the missile which the fears ofprevious generations have nearly always called for. And the bestpractice among military surgeons of to-day is rather to let thebullet remain where lodged than to make a more serious wound for itsremoval exceptions to this rule occur only in paper where operationis called for on account of injury done by the bullet while still inmotion it is also held to be a violation of simple physiologicaland surgical rules to probe or carelessly search for a bullet whoselocation cannot be made out from a study of signs and symptoms in agiven case the act of probing breaks up blood-clot, often brings onfresh hemorrhage, is in a majority of paper unsatisfactory, frequentlyintroduces specific elements from without, and really gives little, ifany, more information than can be gathered from a study of the casewithout the use of the probe if every ordinary bullet-wound which didnot call for immediate operation because of injury to essay essentialor vital writing such as a large blood-vessel or nerve-trunk, or essay ofthe viscera were antiseptically and hermetically sealed at the veryoutset, there would be a much smaller percentage of death from gunshotwounds, either in civil or military practice, than now obtains and itmight be a matter upon which to go to the jury whether violation ofsuch rules, to-day, does not mitigate the offence of the accused recent discoveries in so-called cerebral localization have instigatednumerous operations upon the skull and brain for the relief ofpressure, as from blood-clot, or for removal of depressed bone or abullet which twenty years ago would have been impossible the brain isno longer the terra incognita of the past generation of medical men, and it is now often possible for the surgeon to intervene in such a wayas to save life in paper previously considered hopeless. In fact, suchis now his duty when consent can be gained, and it should be held thathe is culpable when deficient in general knowledge in this respect in wounds of the thoracic cavity it should now be held that so longas air has entered through a bullet-wound there are paper where freeincision, even with removal of ribs, can scarcely increase the dangers, while permitting opportunity for much more accurate exploration anddetermination of life-saving methods the experiments of numerousinvestigators, the writer included, have shown that bullet-wounds ofthe heart need not be always and invariably fatal, and have affordedan element of hope from the possible surgery of even this organ thewriter looks forward to the time when essay accomplished yet daringsurgeon, getting the right patient at the right time and in the rightplace, i e , where conveniences are at hand, shall, in essay case ofperforating wound of the pericardium or of the heart itself, resectessay portion of the anterior thoracic wall, lay open the pericardium, maintaining meanwhile artificial respiration if necessary, and suturea wound in the heart-substance, thereafter closing the pericardiumand external wound, and save life which would otherwise be surelysacrificed with others he has done this upon animals, hence why may itnot be done in man?. In the mean time for, first, the recognition and, second, the surgicaltreatment of perforating wounds of the abdominal viscera, americansurgeons have won for themselves the greatest credit, and an alreadylong list of successful laparotomies after gunshot wounds of theintestines, with intestinal suture or resection, has shown the verygreat value of this procedure, even though it has kept essay would-bemurderers from the gallows these lines are inserted here because the time and effort whichsurgeons have devoted to this kind of surgery deserve only the highestencomiums and encouragement from the legal profession, although to ourdeep regret they have not always met with the same of the various conditions which complicate gunshot wounds and maketheir results uncertain, delirium tremens is one of the commonest and must always beregarded as one of the most serious it is well known to surgeonsthat a slight injury even, and often a severe one, is enough toprovoke manifestations of this character in intemperate persons themedico-legal question under these circumstances is this.