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Probably there is, for i do notbelieve god created any thing of no use asphodeli, albuci, muris of male asphodel hot and dry in the seconddegree, inwardly taken, they provoke vomit, urine, and the menses:outwardly used in ointments, they cause hair to grow, cleanse ulcers, and take away morphew and freckles from the face bardanæ, &c of bur, clot-bur, or burdock, temperately hot essay competitions 2015 and dry helps such as spit blood and matter. Bruised and mixed with salt andapplied to the place, helps the bitings of mad dogs it expels wind, eases pains of the teeth, strengthens the back, helps the runningof the reins, and the whites, being taken inwardly dioscorides, apuleius behen alb rub of valerian, white and red mesue, serapio, andother arabians, say they are hot and moist in the latter end of thefirst, or beginning of the second degree, and comfort the heart, stirup lust the grecians held them to be dry in the second degree, thatthey stop fluxes, and provoke urine bellidis of dasies see the leaves betæ, nigræ, albæ, rubræ of beets, black, white, and red. As forblack beets i have nothing to say, i doubt they are as rare as blackswans the red beet root boiled and preserved in vinegar, makes a fine, cool, pleasing, cleansing, digesting sauce see the leaves bistortæ, &c of bistort, or snakeweed, cold and dry in the thirddegree, binding. Half a dram at a time taken inwardly, resistspestilence and poison, helps ruptures and bruises, stays fluxes, vomiting, and immoderate flowing of the menses, helps inflammationsand soreness of the mouth, and fastens loose teeth, being bruised andboiled in white wine, and the mouth washed with it borraginis of borrage, hot and moist in the first degree, cheersthe heart, helps drooping spirits dioscorides brionæ, &c of briony both white and black. They are both hot anddry, essay say in the third degree, and essay say but in the first.

Neue arzneimittel und pharmazeutische spezialitäten, ed 4, 1913, p 271 table 3 -- data on phenetidyl-acetphenetidin hydrochlorid table splitby transcriber to fit small screen melting phosphorus manufacturer appearance moisture point compounds phenetidin* john t white 5 13 191 5 to 192 absent negative milliken co crystalline powder synthetic white 2 90 192 to 192 5 absent negative products co crystalline powder h a metz white 4 99 192 to 192 5 absent negative laboratories, crystalline inc powder farbwerke- slightly 5 09 190 to 191 absent negative hoechst co pink german crystal specimen -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- per per per cent cent cent melting platinum in indol base by base by point platinum manufacturer reaction ash weight titration of base salt john t milliken co positive 0 00 89 16 89 16 116 to 117 19 02 synthetic products co positive 0 13 87 49 87 26 116 to 117 19 3 h a metz laboratories, positive 0 00 89 14 88 55 117 19 34 inc farbwerke- hoechst co positive 0 16 89 65 89 64 116 to 117 19 00 german specimen -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- * the phenetidin test is not very sensitive the melting point of the free base is given by a number of writers at121 c although kennert232 stated it to essay competitions 2015 be 117 c and not 121 c , hisfindings seemingly went unheeded it will be noted that our work showsthe melting point to be in accord with that announced by kennert 232 kennert. Chem zentralbl 2:556, 1897 the federal trade commission has not issued any licenses for themanufacture of “holocain hydrochlorid ” the john t milliken companyhas withdrawn its application the h a metz laboratories successorto farbwerke hoechst company, new york are making the product in thiscountry cinchophen phenylcinchoninic acid, u s p. Atophancinchophen phenylcinchoninic acid was introduced in the united statesas a medicine under the proprietary name “atophan, ” by schering andglatz, new york city, who before the war were the american agents forthe german manufacturers “chemische fabric auf actien von e schering, berlin ” phenylcinchoninic acid 2 phenyl-quinolin-4 carboxylic acidwas first described by doebner and gieseke233 in 1887, who preparedit by warming together pyro-racemic acid, benzaldehyd and anilin inalcoholic solution. It has the structural formula. Cooh ╽  ╱╲ ╱╲     ╽ ╽ ╽╱   ╲  ╲╱ ╲╱ ╲ ╱ n233 doebner and gieseke.

Proc linnaean soc , new south wales 1:92, 1905 57 camus. Compt rend soc de biol 61:59, 1906 hallion andlequex. Compt rend soc de biol 61:33, 1906 58 derouaux. Arch internat de physiol 3:44, 1905 lambert andmyer. Compt rend soc de biol 54:1044, 1902 starling. Lancet, london 2:501, 1905 59 keeton and koch. Am jour physiol 37:481, 1915 60 camus and gley.

Also dog arrach, goat arrach, and stinkingmotherwort descript this has small and almost round leaves, yet a littlepointed and without dent or cut, of a dusky mealy colour, growing onthe slender stalks and branches that spread on the ground, with smallflowers set with the leaves, and small seeds succeeding like the rest, perishing yearly, and rising again with its own sowing it smells likerotten fish, or essaything worse place it grows usually upon dunghills time they flower in june and july, and their seed is ripe quicklyafter government and virtues stinking arrach is used as a remedy towomen pained, and almost strangled with the mother, by smelling toit. But inwardly taken there is no better remedy under the moon forthat disease i would be large in commendation of this herb, were ibut eloquent it is an herb under the dominion of venus, and under thesign scorpio. It is common almost upon every dunghill the works ofgod are freely given to man, his medicines are common and cheap, andeasily to be found i commend it for an universal medicine for thewomb, and such a medicine as will easily, safely, and speedily cure anydisease thereof, as the fits of the mother, dislocation, or falling outthereof. Cools the womb being over-heated and let me tell you this, and i will tell you the truth, heat of the womb is one of the greatestcauses of hard labour in child-birth it makes barren women fruitful it cleanseth the womb if it be foul, and strengthens it exceedingly;it provokes the terms if they be stopped, and stops them if they flowimmoderately. You can desire no good to your womb, but this herb willaffect it. Therefore if you love children, if you love health, if youlove ease, keep a syrup always by you, made of the juice of this herb, and sugar or honey, if it be to cleanse the womb, and let such as berich keep it for their poor neighbours. And bestow it as freely as ibestow my studies upon them, or else let them look to answer it anotherday, when the lord shall come to make inquisition for blood archangel to put a gloss upon their practice, the physicians call a herb whichcountry people vulgarly know by the name of dead nettle archangel;whether they favour more of superstition or folly, i leave to thejudicious reader there is more curiosity than courtesy to mycountrymen used by others in the explanation as well of the names, asdiscription of this so well known herb. Which that i may not also beguilty of, take this short discription. First, of the red archangel this is likewise called bee nettle descript this has divers square stalks, essaywhat hairy, at thejoints whereof grow two sad green leaves dented about the edges, opposite to one another to the lowermost, upon long foot stalks, butwithout any toward the tops, which are essaywhat round, yet pointed, anda little crumpled and hairy. Round about the upper joints, where theleaves grow thick, are sundry gaping flowers of a pale reddish colour;after which come the seeds three or four in a husk the root is smalland thready, perishing every year. The whole plant hath a strong smellbut not stinking white archangel hath divers square stalks, none standing straightupward, but bending downward, whereon stand two leaves at a joint, larger and more pointed than the other, dented about the edges, andgreener also, more like unto nettle leaves, but not stinking, yethairy at the joints, with the leaves, stand larger and more opengaping white flowers, husks round about the stalks, but not with such abush of leaves as flowers set in the top, as is on the other, whereinstand small roundish black seeds. The root is white, with thesis stringsat it, not growing downward but lying under the upper crust of theearth, and abides thesis years increasing. This has not so strong a scentas the former yellow archangel is like the white in the stalks and leaves.

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1 essay competitions 2015 the information in regardto composition does not state the amount of potent ingredient, norpermit the determination of its identity and uniformity. 2 therecommendation for its use in such infectious diseases as pneumoniaand epidemic influenza is unwarranted and its claimed therapeuticefficacy in other diseases is without satisfactory supporting evidence;and 3 the recommendations for its use which appear on the label andthe circular wrapped with the trade package constitute an indirectadvertisement to the public the council accepts the explanation of the manufacturer that he hasbeen unable to obtain a satisfactory classification of the plant fromwhich syrup leptinol is made it would be undesirable to excludefrom therapeutic use a valuable drug simply because its botanicalcharacter has not been determined or because an exhaustive chemicalexamination had so far not been made however, in the absence of suchinformation the manufacturer should give full information with regardto the preparation or standardization of his remedy and the therapeuticclaims made for it should be accompanied by indisputable, thoroughlycontrolled clinical evidence in the case of syrup leptinol, there isno satisfactory evidence available showing that the preparation hasany value in the treatment of epidemic influenza, pneumonia, whoopingcough, etc while it is probable that a balsamic syrup, such as syrupleptinol, has palliative properties in coughs, such action does not atall justify the claim that it is useful in the contagious diseases forwhich it is proposed the council cannot recognize a syrup presentingan unknown plant in uncertain proportions which is recommended in avariety of dangerous contagious diseases in which it ultimately may beharmful, even though in early stages of these diseases it may serve toallay essay of the milder symptoms concerning the composition of the plant from which syrup leptinol isprepared, the balsamea company states that it contains “alkaloids, acids, glucosides, volatile and fixed oils, gums and resins ” thisinformation is valueless, since no information is given concerning thecharacter, amounts or pharmacologic action of the ingredients further, it is unreliable as far as the presence of alkaloids is concerned sincethe a m a chemical laboratory has been unable to find any alkaloidsin the specimen of the crude drug furnished by the manufacturers in accordance with its regular procedure, the council submitted thepreceding statement to the manufacturer in reply the balsamea company stated that it is more than ever of thebelief that syrup leptinol is deserving of recognition by the council, basing this opinion on further clinical experience with it in thetreatment of influenza the manufacturer stated that the use of the words “leptinol” and “syrupleptinol” interchangeably was due to an oversight and promised to limitthe use of the word “leptinol” to an alcoholic extract of the plant concerning the method of preparation of this alcoholic extract and theamount used in the preparation of syrup leptinol the balsamea companyreplied as follows. “the alcoholic extract of the leptotaenia, which we have termed ‘leptinol’ is a preparation of definite and uniform strength, as determined by two methods. a the gravity test using the u s hydrometer scale for spirits, by which leptinol registers 52 degrees at 60 degrees f , and b by gentle evaporation of the alcohol content and the measuring of the active constituents, which measures twenty-five per cent by weight “the alcoholic extract ‘leptinol’ is glycerinated in a machine, using one writing of the alcoholic concentration to four writings of glycerin this is then added to eleven writings of a heavy syrup, containing 7-1/2 pounds of sugar to the gallon of syrup, and thoroughly mixed in an agitating machine leptinol is the sole active ingredient of syrup leptinol syrup leptinol is a preparation of uniform strength it is far more uniform in strength than most of the syrups of the u s p made from fluid extracts which are made from crude drugs which are not uniform in strength ”this claim cannot be allowed as meeting the conflict with rule 1 itis well known that plants vary in their composition at different timesof the year. Under different conditions of cultivation and growth;and under other conditions.