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Yetnote, that all of them must not be mixed alike, essay of them must becut, beaten, and gently boiled, essay neither cut, beaten nor boiled, and essay admit but one of them, which every artist in his trade mayfind out by this premonition and avoid error sugars diacodium solidum, sive tabulatum college take of white poppy heads, meanly ripe, and newly gathered, twenty, steep them in three pounds of warm spring water, and the nextday boil them until the virtue is out, then strain out the liquor, andwith a sufficient quantity of good sugar, boil it according to art, that you may make it up into lozenges culpeper the virtues are the same with the common diacodium, viz to provoke sleep, and help thin rheums in the head, coughs, androughness of the throat, and may easily be carried about in onepocket saccharum tabulatum simplex, et perlatum or lozenges of sugar both simple and pearled college the first is made by pouring the sugar upon a marble, aftera sufficient boiling in half its weight in damask rose water. And thelatter by adding to every pound of the former towards the latter end ofthe decoction, pearls, prepared and bruised, half an ounce, with eightor ten leaves of gold culpeper it is naturally cooling, appropriated to the heart, it restores lost strength, takes away burning fevers, and falseimaginations, i mean that with pearls, for that without pearls isridiculous it hath the same virtues pearls have saccharum tabulatum compositum or lozenges of sugar compound college take of choice rhubarb four scruples, agarick trochiscated, corallins, burnt hart-horn, dittany of crete, wormseed and sorrelseed, of each a scruple, cinnamon, zedoary, cloves, saffron, of eachhalf a scruple, white sugar a pound, dissolved in four ounces ofwormwood water, wormwood wine, an ounce, cinnamon water a spoonful, with the forenamed powders make it into lozenges according to art culpeper the title shews you the virtues of it saccharum penidium, or sugar penidscollege are prepared of sugar dissolved in spring water by a gentlefire, and the whites of eggs diligently beaten, and clarified once, andagain whilst it is boiling, then strain it and boil it gently again, till it rise up in great bubbles, and being chewed it stick not to yourteeth, then pour it upon a marble, anointed with oil of almonds, letthe bubbles first sink, after it is removed from the fire bring backthe outsides of it to the middle till it look like larch rosin, then, your hands being rubbed with white starch, you may draw it into threadseither short or long, thick or thin, and let it cool in what form youplease culpeper i remember country people were wont to take them forcoughs, and they are essaytimes used in other compositions confectio de thure or confection of frankincense college take coriander seeds prepared half an ounce, nutmegs, whitefrankincense, of each three drams, liquorice, mastich, of each twodrams, cubebs, hart-horn prepared, of each one dram, conserve of redroses an ounce, white sugar as much as is sufficient to make it intomean bits culpeper i cannot boast much of the rarity nor virtues of thisreceipt saccharum rosatum or sugar of roses college take of red rose leaves, the whites being cut off, andspeedily dried in the sun an ounce, white sugar a pound, melt thesugar in rose-water and juice of roses of each two ounces which beingconsumed by degrees, put in the rose leaves in powder, mix them, put itupon a marble, and make it into lozenges according to art culpeper as for the virtues of this, it strengthens weak stomachs, weak hearts, and weak brains, restores such as are in consumptions, restores lost strength, stays fluxes, eases pains in the head, earsand eyes, helps spitting, vomiting, and urining of blood. It is a finecommodity for a man in a consumption to carry about with him, and eatnow and then a bit species, or powders aromaticum caryophyllatum college take of cloves seven drams, mace, zedoary, galanga theless, yellow sanders, troches, diarrhodon, cinnamon, wood of aloes, indian spikenard, long pepper, cardamoms the less, of each a dram, redroses four ounces, gallia moschata, liquorice, of each two drams, ofindian leaf, cubebs of each two scruples, beat them all diligently intopowder culpeper this powder strengthens the heart and stomach, helpsdigestion, expels wind, stays vomiting, and cleanses the stomach ofputrified humors aromaticum rosatum college take of red roses exungulated fifteen drams, liquoriceseven drams, wood of aloes, yellow sanders, of each three drams, cinnamon five drams, cloves, mace, of each two drams and an half, gumarabic and tragacanth, of each eight scruples, nutmegs, cardamoms theless, galanga of each one dram, indian spikenard two scruples, make itinto a powder to be kept in a glass for use culpeper it strengthens the brain, heart and stomach, and allsuch internal members as help towards decoction, it helps digestion, consumes the watery excrements of the bowels, strengthens such as arepined away by reason of the violence of a disease, and restores such asare in consumption pulvus ex chelus cancrorum compositus or powder of crab claws compound college take of pearls prepared, crab eyes, red coral, whiteamber, hart-horn, oriential bezoar, of each half an ounce, powder ofthe black tops of crab claws, the weight of them all, beat them intopowder, which may be made into balls with jelly, and the skins whichour vipers have cast off, warily dried and kept for use culpeper this is that powder they ordinarily call gascoignspowder, there are divers receipts of it, of which this is none of theworst, four, or five, or six grains is excellently good in a fever tobe taken in any cordial, for it cheers the heart and vital spiritsexceedingly, and makes them impregnable species cordiales temperatæ college take of wood of aloes, spodium of each a dram, cinnamon, cloves, bone of a stag-heart, the roots of angelica, avens, andtormentil, of each a dram and an half, pearls prepared six drams, rawsilk toasted, both sorts of coral of each two drams, jacinth, emerald, samphire, of each half a dram, saffron a scruple, the leaves of goldand silver, of each ten, make them into powder according to art culpeper it is a great cordial, a great strengthener of the heart, and brain diacalaminthe simple college take of mountain calaminth, pennyroyal, origanum, the seedsof macedonian parsley, common parsley, and hartwort, of each two drams, the seeds of smallage, the tops of thyme of each half an ounce, theseeds of lovage, black pepper, of each an ounce, make them into powderaccording to art culpeper it heats and comforts cold bodies, cuts thick and grossflegm, provokes urine and the menses i confess this differs essaythingfrom galen, but is better for our bodies in my opinion than his itexpels wind exceedingly, you may take half a dram of the powder at atime there is nothing surer than that all their powders will keepbetter in electuaries than they will in powders, and into such a body, you may make it with two pound and an half of white sugar dissolved inrose water diacalamintha compound college take of diacalamintha simple, half an ounce, the leavesof horehound, marjoram, bawm, mugwort, savin dried, of each a dram, cypress roots, the seeds of maddir and rue, mace, cinnamon, of each twoscruples, beat them and mix them diligently into a powder according toart culpeper this seems to be more appropriated to the feminine genderthan the former, viz to bring down the terms, to bring away the birth, and after-birth, to purge them after labour, yet it is dangerous forpregnant women dianisum college take of annis seeds two ounces and an half, liquorice, mastich, of each an ounce, the seeds of caraway, fennel, galanga, mace, ginger, cinnamon, of each five drams, the three sorts of pepper, cassialignea, mountain calaminth, pellitory of spain, of each two drams, cardamoms the greater, cloves, cubebs, indian spikenard, saffron, ofeach a dram and an half, make them into powder culpeper it is chiefly appropriated to the stomach, and helps thecold infirmities thereof, raw, flegm, wind, continual coughs, andother such diseases coming of cold you may safely take a dram of theelectuary at a time you may make an electuary of it with its trebleweight of clarified honey pulvis radicum ari compositus or powder of aron roots compound college take of aron roots two ounces, of common water flag, andburnet, of each one ounce, crab eyes, half an ounce, cinnamon threedrams, salt of wormwood, and juniper, of each one dram, make them intopowder culpeper and when you have done tell me what it is good for diaireos simple college take of orris roots half an ounce, sugar-candy, diatragacanthum frigidum, of each two drams, make them into powder culpeper i do not mean the diatragacanthum frigidum, for that isin powder before it comforts the breast, is good in colds, coughs, and hoarseness you may mix it with any pectoral syrups which areappropriated to the same diseases, and so take it with a liquoricestick dialacca college take of gum-lacca, prepared rhubarb, schænanth, of eachthree drams, indian spikenard, mastich, the juice of wormwood andagrimony, made thick, the seeds of smallage, annis, fennel, ammi, savin, bitter almonds, myrrh, costus, or zedoary, the roots of maddir, asarabacca, birthwort long and round, gentian, saffron, cinnamon, driedhyssop, cassia lignea, bdellium, of each a dram and an half, blackpepper, ginger, of each a dram, make them into powder according to art culpeper it strengthens the stomach and liver, opens obstructions, helps dropsies, yellow jaundice, provokes urine, breaks the stone inthe reins and bladder half a dram is a moderate dose, if the patientbe strong they may take a dram in white wine let pregnant womenforbear it pulvis cardiacus magistralis college take of east bezoar, bone of a stag-heart, of each adram and an half, magisterium, of white and red coral, white amber, magisterium of pearl, hart-horn, ivory, bole-amoniac, earth ofgerthesis, samos and lemnos, elk-claw, tormentil roots, of each a dram, wood of aloes, citron peels, the roots of angelica and zedoary, of eachtwo scruples, leaves of gold twenty, ambergris one scruple, musk sixgrains, mix them and make them into powder culpeper it is too dear for a vulgar purse, yet a mighty cordialand great strengthener of the heart and vitals in fevers diamargariton frigidum college take of the four greater cold seeds, the seeds of purslain, white poppies, endive, sorrel, citrons, the three sanders, wood ofaloes, ginger, red roses exungulated, the flowers of water-lilies, bugloss, violets, the berries of mirtles, bone in a stag heart, ivory, contra yerva, cinnamon of each one dram, both sorts of coral, ofeach half a dram, pearls three drams, camphire six grains, make theminto powder according to art observe that the four greater cold seeds, and the poppy seeds, are not to be added before the powder be requiredby physician for use do so by the other powder in the composition ofwhich these powders are used culpeper authors hold it to be restorative in consumptions, to helpsuch as are in hectic fevers, to restore strength lost, to help coughs, asthmaes, and consumptions of the lungs, and restore such as havelaboured long under languishing or pining diseases diamoschu dulce college take of saffron, galanga, zedoary, wood of aloes, mace, of each two drams, pearls, raw silk toasted, white amber, red coralprepared, gallia moschata, bazil, of each two drams and an half, ginger, cubebs, long pepper, of each a dram and an half, nutmegs, indian leaf or cinnamon, cloves, of each one dram, musk two scruples, make them into powder according to art culpeper it wonderfully helps cold afflictions of the brain, thatcome without a fever, melancholy and its attendants, viz sadnesswithout a cause, vertigo or diziness in the head, falling-sickness, palsies, resolution of the nerves, convulsions, heart-qualms, afflictions of the lungs, and difficulty of breathing the dose of thepowder is half a dram, or two scruples, or less.

First, scald the fruit, then rub the pulp through a thick essay buying cheap hairsieve made for the purpose, called a pulping sieve. You may do it for aneed with the back of a spoon. Then take this pulp thus drawn, and addto it its weight of sugar, and no more. Put it into a pewter vessel, and over a charcoal fire. Stir it up and down till the sugar be melted, and your conserve is made 4 thus you have the way of making conserves. The way of keeping themis in earthen pots 5 the dose is usually the quantity of a nutmeg at a time morning andevening, or unless they are purging when you please 6 of conserves, essay keep thesis years, as conserves of roses. Othersbut a year, as conserves of borage, bugloss, cowslips and the like 7 have a care of the working of essay conserves presently after theyare made. Look to them once a day, and stir them about. Conserves ofborage, bugloss, wormwood, have got an excellent faculty at that sport 8 you may know when your conserves are almost spoiled by this. Youshall find a hard crust at top with little holes in it, as though wormshad been eating there chapter viii of preserves of preserves are sundry sorts, and the operation of all being essaywhatdifferent, we will handle them all awriting these are preserved withsugar. 1 flowers 2 fruits 3 roots 4 barks 1 flowers are very seldom preserved. I never saw any that i remember, save only cowslip flowers, and that was a great fashion in sussex wheni was a boy it is thus done, take a flat glass, we call them jatglasses.

You may give it in powder or any convenient decoction hypoglottis, laurus, alexandrina laurel of alexandria, provokesurine and the menses, and is held to be a singular help to women intravail hypoglossum, the same with hypoglossum before, only different namesgiven by different authors, the one deriving his name from the tongueof a horse, of which form the leaf is. The other the form of the littleleaf, because small leaves like small tongues grow upon the greater iberis cardamantice sciatica-cresses i suppose so called becausethey help the sciatica, or huckle-bone gout ingumalis, asther setwort or shartwort. Being bruised and applied, they help swellings, botches, and venerous swellings in the groin, whence they took their name, as also inflammation and falling out ofthe fundament iris see the roots isatis, glastum woad drying and binding. The side being bathed withit, it easeth pains in the spleen, cleanseth filthy corroding gnawingulcers iva arthritica the same with camæpytis iuncus oderatus the same with schœnanthus labrum veneris the same with dipsacus lactuca lettice cold and moist, cools the inflammation of thestomach, commonly called heart-burning. Provokes sleep, resistsdrunkenness, and takes away the ill effects, of it. Cools the blood, quenches thirst, breeds milk, and is good for choleric bodies, and suchas have a frenzy, or are frantic it is more wholeessay eaten boiledthan raw logabus, herba leporina a kind of trefoil growing in france andspain let them that live there look after the virtues of it lavendula lavender. Hot and dry in the third degree. The templesand forehead bathed with the juice of it. As also the smell of theherb helps swoonings, catalepsis, falling-sickness, provided it be notaccompanied with a fever see the flowers laureola laurel the leaves purge upward and downward. They are goodfor rheumatic people to chew in their mouths, for they draw forth muchwater laurus bay-tree the leaves are hot and dry, resist drunkenness, they gently bind and help diseases in the bladder, help the stinging ofbees and wasps, mitigate the pain of the stomach, dry and heal, openobstructions of the liver and spleen, resist the pestilence lappa minor the lesser burdock lentiscus mastich-tree both the leaves and bark of it stop fluxes being hot and dry in the second degree spitting and evacuations ofblood, and the falling out of the fundament lens palustris duckmeat. Cold and moist in the second degree, helpsinflammations, hot swellings, and the falling out of the fundament, being warmed and applied to the place lepidium piperites dittander, pepperwort, or scar-wort. A hot fierysharp herb, admirable for the gout being applied to the place. Beingonly held in the hand, it helps the tooth-ache, and withall leaves awan colour in the hand that holds it livisticum lovage clears the sight, takes away redness and frecklesfrom the face libanotis coronaria see rosemary linaria toad-flax, or wild-flax. Hot and dry, cleanses the reins andbladder, provokes urine, opens the stoppings of the liver and spleen, and helps diseases coming thereof. Outwardly it takes away yellownessand deformity of the skin lillium convallium lilly of the valley see the flowers lingua cervina hart-tongue. Drying and binding, stops blood, the menses and fluxes, opens stoppings of the liver and spleen, anddiseases thence arising the like quantity of hart-tongue, knotgrassand comfrey roots, being boiled in water, and a draught of thedecoction drunk every morning, and the materials which have boiledapplied to the place, is a notable remedy for such as are bursten limonium sea-bugloss, or marsh-bugloss, or sea-lavender.

751 march 8 1919 before applying the treatment to such diseases as pneumonia it wouldseem that prudence would demand a thorough familiarity with the rangeof the reaction and the degree of toxicity of the preparation it isintended to use by first employing it in essay arthritic paper inpneumonia we must ever keep before us the vital factor of cardiacimpairment. And certainly we must not undertake any measure that maydepress the function of the heart in arthritis this danger is largelya negligible one. And, with proper precaution, nonspecific therapy isnot only without risk but indeed frequently followed by gratifyingclinical improvement only in the light of experience gained in themanner indicated would it seem permissible for us to attempt to extendthis form of therapy to more acute infections -- editorial from thejournal a m a , may 17, 1919 willard ealon ogden a “specialist in proctology” and his “clinics”within the past few weeks a number of inquiries have reached thejournal from physicians in ohio, indiana and pennsylvania those thatfollow are typical. “i am in receipt of literature from h l roberts, 1126 masonic temple, chicago, advertising clinic in cleveland by dr willard e ogden who claims to be a member of the chicago medical society and the a m a what can you say of this man and his methods?. ” “i am enclosing a folder received a short time ago i would be glad to know if dr ogden is a member of the a m a as he claims to be ” “the enclosed folder has been sent to thesis doctors in indiana the purpose is plain the attached post card on this one was returned to him for further literature ”illustration. Photographic reproduction of one of ogden advertisementsin chicago newspapers at the time he was at 36 w randolph street in each case the correspondents send in a four-page folder bearing thetitle “proctology, a clinic who?. where?. why?. ” three of the four pagespurport to answer the interrogations given on the title page under“who?. ” we read. Dr willard e ogden chicago, ill specialist in proctology member chicago medical society and a m a author of “improved method of treating rectal diseases” formerly associated with drs burleson & burleson grand rapids, mich under the question “where?. ” there appears the statement that “dr ogden will hold a clinic for the treatment of rectal diseases” and thename of the city and the dates of the “clinic” are inserted with atypewriter under “why?. ” we read. “dr ogden does not use the usual surgical methods his thesis years of experience in the treatment of rectal diseases during which time he has been associated with the leading proctologists of america have enabled him to develop a system of office treatment which is not taught by any other practitioner “tear off, sign and mail attached postcard and i will send you a booklet giving you full writingiculars as to the course yours truly, h l roberts, business manager “eighty-three per cent of the people have essay rectal trouble this is the day of specialists why not fit yourself to specialize in proctology?. ”the fourth page is a post card addressed to “h l roberts, room 1126, masonic temple, chicago ” on the reverse side there is a printedstatement which the recipient is expected to sign to the effect thathe is interested in “dr ogden clinic” and wishes to have “fullwritingiculars of the course ”a visit to room 1126, masonic temple, failed to disclose the name ofh l roberts, either on the door or doors, for there are two roomshaving this number or on the office building directory board in fact, rooms 1126 seem to contain a essaywhat miscellaneous assortment thesigns, either on the door or on the directory board, show that thereis a public stenographer who operates a “mailing service, ” and does“addressing, mailing, multigraphing, mimeographing”, a bookstore, achocolate company, a publishing company, a lumber company, and one ortwo other concerns. But the name of “h l roberts” does not appear incidentally, no “h l roberts” is to be found listed in the chicagotelephone directory a few yards away from rooms 1126 and on the same floor there appearsthe name, “dr willard e ogden” on room 1102 according to our records, willard ealon ogden was born in 1866 beforetaking up the study of medicine he seems to have been a preacher in1899 he was graduated by the saginaw valley medical college, saginaw, mich he was licensed in michigan in 1900, in illinois and indiana in1913, and in wisconsin in 1921 from 1900 until 1904 he practiced inlyons, mich. From 1906 until 1911 he was at ionia, mich in 1911, he was in grand rapids, mich , and was associated withburleson and burleson, an advertising pile cure concern from essayof the voluminous burleson advertising on file, we learn that they“cure all diseases of the rectum except cancer;” and claim to have“the most successful method ever discovered, ” and to have cured “thesisdesperate paper that have been given up to die ” furthermore, they“guarantee to cure in every case or make no charge ”on jan 1, 1914, ogden was sending out a card to physicians in whichhe stated that he had removed from grand rapids, mich , and laporte, ind , to 36 w randolph st , chicago, and that he would limit himself“exclusively to the treatment of diseases of the rectum ” later, ogdenwas sending out an advertising booklet filled with testimonials in 1914, ogden was carrying display advertisements in chicago papersreading, in writing, in large back-faced type.

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Unrecorded, 8 39 2 severe, 5. Mild, 15. None, 16. Unrecorded, 5 41 3 severe, 7. Mild, 25. None, 3. Unrecorded, 2 37that is, when recorded in percentages. 1 biniodol severe, 33 3. Mild, 35 9. None, 10 3. unrecorded, 20 5 2 without guaiacol severe, 12 2. Mild, 36 8.