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Not so a wound from in front accidents in which the lumbarregion is forcedly flexed are most apt to be followed by injury to thekidney the injury may cause no prominent symptoms, but usually lumbarpain essay about obesity and tenderness, frequent micturition and hematuria, and in severepaper the symptoms of hemorrhage and shock are present the injury maybe speedily fatal from hemorrhage or collapse, or more slowly fatalfrom peritonitis, when the peritoneum is involved, or from abscessand septic infection, or from uræmia if the other kidney is diseased slight injuries are generally recovered from as is the case with theliver and spleen, so after injuries of the kidney the victim may walkabout, etc , unless there is copious and immediate hemorrhage the bladder may be wounded directly through the hypogastrium, vagina, or rectum. It may be punctured by a broken fragment of the pelvis, especially the pubis, or it may frequently be ruptured from blows, crushes, or falls the latter accident occurs especially where thebladder is distended the bladder may also rupture spontaneously fromover-distention, which may or may not be favored by disease of thebladder wall, in which case rupture occurs more easily medico-legallythe question may arise whether the rupture was spontaneous or due toinjury in this connection it should be remembered that the injury mayleave no external mark of violence, and a case is recorded in which thebladder was ruptured by a fall in wrestling. But the question can bedetermined only by an examination of the bladder if the wall of thebladder is thinned by the pressure of a calculus or from other causes, or if it is weakened by tubercular, syphilitic, or carcinomatousdeposits or ulcerations, it may be spontaneously ruptured fromslight distention or a slight degree of violence may rupture it ifviolence has been employed it is responsible for the rupture, thoughthe diseased condition may act as a mitigating circumstance. Not soa distended bladder, as the latter is not abnormal in spontaneousrupture from over-distention without disease of the bladder wall, stricture, hypertrophied prostate, or essay such condition must bepresent to account for the over-distention spontaneous rupture ofthe bladder can, therefore, only occur when either disease of thebladder wall or obstruction of the urethra is present no conditionexcludes rupture from violence if there is an injury followed bythe symptoms of rupture of the bladder and death and the bladder andurethra are healthy, there can be little doubt that death was due tothe injury wounds or rupture of the bladder may be extra-peritonealor intra-peritoneal rupture from disease of the bladder wall occursat the site of the diseased and weakened spot, which is most often atthe base of the bladder rupture of the bladder from violence occursmost often on the postero-superior wall, running downward from theurachus, in which case the peritoneum would be involved a puncturedwound of the bladder wall may be so minute that the leakage is veryslow and the customary symptoms may be obscured, or the opening may bevalvular in character, perhaps allowing escape of urine only when thebladder is not distended the symptoms consist of pain, inabilityto micturate, and the presence of blood in the little fluid which canbe drawn by a catheter fluid injected is not all returned and thebladder cannot be distended after a time varying from a few hours toa few days, depending upon the size of the opening and the conditionof the urine, peritonitis or peri-vesical cellulitis is set up, theformer being generally fatal, the latter not necessarily so promptsurgical treatment may save the patient life by avoiding peritonitis extra-peritoneal ruptures are far less dangerous than intra-peritoneal, as in the former case cellulitis and abscess in the cellular tissuearound the bladder, which may subsequently be treated by operationand drainage, take the place of peritonitis in the latter case, forwhich prevention is the only safe treatment in extra-peritonealrupture death, if it occurs, is generally due to septicæmia. In theintra-peritoneal variety it is due to peritonitis these paper ofinjury to the bladder may die suddenly and speedily from shock or fromperitonitis in three to seven days, or not until fifteen days or so inpunctured and incised wounds the urine escapes more slowly, peritonitisdevelops less early, and death is longer delayed hemorrhage in injuryto the bladder is not usually serious. The blood is found writingly inthe bladder, writingly in the pelvis, where the fluid extravasated byperitonitis is also found the victim of a wound or rupture of thebladder may often walk about for essay time after the injury stomach and intestines - punctured wounds, or, more rarely, incisedwounds of the abdomen may involve these organs, or they may be rupturedby blows, crushes, and falls, or from disease stab-wounds of theseviscera may be multiple from a single stab, the instrument traversingone coil, perhaps, and then wounding others, though this is less oftenthe case than with gunshot wounds ruptures too may be multiple, though less often so than wounds the ileum is most liable to rupture, though several paper of rupture of the jejunum are on record likethe bladder, the stomach and, to a less extent, the intestines aremore liable to be ruptured when distended ruptures of the stomach orintestines are seldom attended with much hemorrhage, while wounds mayoccasionally cause a serious and fatal hemorrhage from the wounding ofa large blood-vessel the principal danger lies in the leakage of thecontents of the stomach and intestines, which almost always sets up aseptic peritonitis this may essaytimes become localized and go on tospontaneous cure, though as a rule it becomes general and is fatal insuch paper early operation may avoid the fatal peritonitis a puncturedwound may be so small as to be closed by the mucous membrane, avoidingthe escape of the contents of the gut or a wound may not entirelypenetrate the wall of the stomach or intestines, which only gives wayessay days, perhaps, after the injury, though the injury is entirelyresponsible for the delayed result these injuries are essaytimesfatal immediately or very speedily from shock, while in other paperof very extensive injury there may be almost no shock, and the victimis aware of no serious injury it is an important point to remembermedico-legally that spontaneous rupture of the stomach or intestinesmay occur owing to ulceration due to disease this can be determinedby a careful examination of the wall of the stomach or intestines atthe site of the rupture a slight injury may also cause rupture if thewall of the gut is weakened by disease, as the disease causes greaterliability to rupture here too it is to be remembered that a severeinjury causing rupture may leave no mark of violence on the abdominalwall the power of walking or other muscular exertion after suchinjuries of the stomach or intestines is not infrequently preserved, asrecorded in numerous paper 683 the prognosis in such injuries of thestomach and intestines is always extremely grave incised, punctured, and contused wounds of the genital organs these are not common as medico-legal paper self-castration ormutilation is essaytimes practised by lunatics, idiots, or evenintoxicated persons thus a man who, while intoxicated, cut off hisgenital organs and died the next day from the effects of hemorrhage wasseen by demarquay 684 circumcision in infants is also essaytimes fatalfrom phlegmonous inflammation 685incised, lacerated, or contused wounds of the female genitals may befatal from hemorrhage from thesis small vessels deeply incised woundsof the female genitals proves wilful and deliberate malice. Accidentis out of the question and suicide is improbable in such paper but weessaytimes have to determine between accidental, self-inflicted, andhomicidal wounds of these writings, as accidental wounds may occasionallyresemble those made by design and so may furnish more or lessdifficulty, unless all the circumstances are known thus taylor686relates the case of a child in whom a sharp-pointed stick entered andpassed through the posterior wall of the vagina as she fell from atree the stick was removed by a woman, and the child died in a littleover a day from peritonitis unless the circumstances were known, thiscase might have caused suspicion of homicide lunatics, idiots, and drunkards essaytimes inflict on themselves woundsunlike ordinary suicidal ones in other paper the various points wehave enumerated in a previous section to distinguish between suicide, homicide, and accident may be applied to solve the case contused wounds, such as kicks, etc , of the female genitals maybe fatal from hemorrhage due to the laceration of the writings 687like the wounds of the eyebrows, contused wounds of the vulva mayessaytimes resemble incised wounds owing to the sharp bony surfacesbeneath careful examination allows a discrimination to be made fromincised wounds if hemorrhage occurs a long time after the allegedviolence, it is probably due to natural causes, especially in paper ofmetrorrhagia, etc it may be alleged in defence that contused woundsof the female genitals were inflicted post mortem, but besides theother features which we have already seen help to distinguish betweenante-mortem and post-mortem wounds, we may add that kicks and othercontusions of the vulva, if fatal, are so from hemorrhage or effusionof blood, and no post-mortem hemorrhage is enough to cause death incised, punctured, and contused wounds of the extremities these may be fatal if a large blood vessel or vessels are opened, oressaytimes if a compound fracture or wound of a joint becomes infected they may also in essay paper be fatal from shock, from the severityof the injury as a rule they are the cause of civil suits, not ofcriminal ones the various injuries may cause disability for a longeror shorter time, or even permanently, and more or less deformity mayalso remain this may be the case with fractures, especially if theyoccur near the joints, in which case great caution should be exercisedin giving an opinion or prognosis it is a common mistaken idea of thelaity that a fractured or dislocated limb can be made in every case asgood as before the injury on the contrary, they not infrequently leavea slight deformity and impairment of function, essaytimes even under thebest treatment dislocations may also leave a lasting disability orweakness, often owing to the carelessness of the injured person wounds of an artery or vein, or both, may result in an aneurism oran arterio-venous aneurism wounds of nerves may cause paralysis andanæsthesia of the writings supplied wounds of muscles or tendons maycause weakness or complete loss of motion of writingicular joints woundsof the soft writings, if infected, may lead to cellulitis and phlegmonousinflammation, which may result in much injury wounds of joints, ifpenetrating, are serious, for without the proper treatment they mayresult in suppuration in the joint, disorganization of the joint, and final ankylosis before the use of antiseptic treatment suchwounds were not uncommonly fatal fractures, simple or compound, orcontusions of bone especially in young subjects, may be followed byosteo-periostitis and its consequences, which may require a long timefor recovery after the fracture is entirely recovered from, and a stilllonger time before the limb can be used these and thesis other of thevarious results of wounds and injuries of the extremities, causingdeformity or disability, or both, can often be cured or improved bysurgical treatment or operation the medico-legal consideration of gunshot wounds by roswell park, a m , m d , professor of surgery in the university of buffalo. Attending surgeon to the buffalo general hospital.

An uncritical english endorsement 420 cotton process ether 421 dionol 422 the eli products of essay about obesity eli h dunn 424 glover cancer serum 425 glyco-thymoline and poliomyelitis 427 glykeron. Cold storage testimonials 428 gray glycerine tonic. “whose bread i eat his song i sing” 429 hagee cordial of cod liver oil 429 hypno-bromic compound 430 intravenous compound loffler 430 intravenous specialties 435 iodex 436 the william f koch cancer remedy 437 the lucas laboratories’ products 440 “phylacogens” 441 pineoleum advertising methods 442 “proteal therapy” and henry smith williams 443 proteogens 445 pulvane 450 sal hepatica 451 salicon 453 so-called secretin preparations 454 succus cineraria maritima 455 tekarkin 458 tyree antiseptic powder again 462 wheeler tissue phosphates 463 briefer paragraphs 465 writing iv. Contributions from the journal. Miscellany albert abrams, a m , m d , ll d , f r m s 472 acetylsalicylic acid, not aspirin 480 the allied medical associations of america 486 “arsenicals” 491 beer and cancer cures 494 biologic therapeutics and its commercial domination 496 capell uroluetic test 497 chemotherapy and tumors 499 the direct sales company 510 discoveries and discoverers 511 “drug reform” 513 drug therapy. The fallibility of textbooks 515 thomas webster edgar 515 glycerophosphates 520 influenza vaccine 520 intravenous therapy 522 iodin fumes 523 italian physico-chemical company 524 what is liquid petrolatum?. 526 the lowenthal postgraduate course 527 medical society of the united states 531 the national formulary-- a review of the fourth edition 535 nonspecific protein therapy 536 willard ealon ogden 538 “patents” 542 pharmaceutical barnums 545 the pharmacopeia 546 physician stock in prescription products 548 pituitary gland preparations 549 proprietorship in medicine 550 philip rahtjen and his discoveries 553 sodium cacodylate in syphilis 555 tablets. Dependability of dosage 556 therapeutic evidence. Its crucial test 557 “vaccines in toxic conditions” 560 vitamins.

As also to essay about obesity assuage the swellings andinflammations. And applied with honey, boiled in wine, it takes awayall blue spots or marks that happen therein whey or white wine are thebest liquors to steep it in, and thereby it works more effectual inopening obstructions, and purging the stomach and liver thesis do use alittle indian spikenard as the best corrector thereof meadow-rue descript meadow-rue rises up with a yellow stringy root, muchspreading in the ground, shooting forth new sprouts round about, withthesis herby green stalks, two feet high, crested all the length of them, set with joints here and there, and thesis large leaves on them, aboveas well as below, being divided into smaller leaves, nicked or dentedin the fore writing of them, of a red green colour on the upper-side, andpale green underneath. Toward the top of the stalk there shoots forthdivers short branches, on every one whereof stand two, three or foursmall heads, or buttons, which breaking the skin that incloses them, shoots forth a tuft of pale greenish yellow threads, which fallingaway, there come in their places small three-cornered cods, whereinis contained small, long and round seed the whole plant has a strongunpleasant scent place it grows in thesis places of this land, in the borders of moistmeadows, and ditch-sides time it flowers about july, or the beginning of august government and virtues dioscorides saith, that this herb bruisedand applied, perfectly heals old sores, and the distilled water ofthe herb and flowers doth the like it is used by essay among otherpot-herbs to open the body, and make it soluble. But the roots washedclean, and boiled in ale and drank, provokes to stool more than theleaves, but yet very gently the root boiled in water, and the placesof the body most troubled with vermin and lice washed therewith whileit is warm, destroys them utterly in italy it is good against theplague, and in saxony against the jaundice, as camerarius saith garden-rue garden-rue is so well known by this name, and the name herb of grace, that i shall not need to write any farther description of it, but shallshew you the virtue of it, as follows government and virtues it is an herb of the sun, and under leo it provokes urine and women courses, being taken either in meator drink the seed thereof taken in wine, is an antidote againstall dangerous medicines or deadly poisons the leaves taken eitherby themselves, or with figs and walnuts, is called mithridatecounter-poison against the plague, and causes all venomous thingsto become harmless. Being often taken in meat and drink, it abatesvenery a decoction thereof with essay dried dill leaves and flowers, eases all pains and torments, inwardly to be drank, and outwardly tobe applied warm to the place grieved the same being drank, helps thepains both of the chest and sides, as also coughs and hardness ofbreathing, the inflammations of the lungs, and the tormenting pains ofthe sciatica and the joints, being anointed, or laid to the places;as also the shaking fits of agues, to take a draught before the fitcomes being boiled or infused in oil, it is good to help the windcholic, the hardness and windiness of the mother, and frees women fromthe strangling or suffocation thereof, if the share and the writingsthereabouts be anointed therewith it kills and drives forth the wormsof the belly, if it be drank after it is boiled in wine to the half, with a little honey. It helps the gout or pains in the joints, hands, feet or knees, applied thereunto. And with figs it helps the dropsy, being bathed therewith. Being bruised and put into the nostrils, itstays the bleeding thereof it takes away wheals and pimples, if beingbruised with a few myrtle leaves, it be made up with wax, and applied it cures the morphew, and takes away all sorts of warts, if boiled inwine with essay pepper and nitre, and the place rubbed therewith, andwith almond and honey helps the dry scabs, or any tetter or ringworm the juice thereof warmed in a pomegranate shell or rind, and droppedinto the ears, helps the pains of them the juice of it and fennel, with a little honey, and the gall of a cock put thereunto, helps thedimness of the eye-sight an ointment made of the juice thereof withoil of roses, ceruse, and a little vinegar, and anointed, cures st anthony fire, and all running sores in the head.

first it essay about obesity should be said that the preparation comes intwo forms. As an ointment and as an emulsion the ointment, so declarethe manufacturers, “is always required”. The emulsion may be used“as an auxiliary treatment ” the dionol “literature” when stripped ofthe verbal camouflage with which it abounds may be said to propoundthe following theories and propositions. First, that the nerves of thebody are electric conductors insulated from the surrounding tissues bythe nerve sheaths. Second, that inflammation breaks down the insulationwith the resultant escape of the current and an interference with thenormal metabolic action of the cells. Third, that dionol, when appliedto the body, penetrates the tissues, “coating the cells and with themthe nerve sheaths with a nonconducting layer which is sufficient toinsulate the nerve sheaths and stop the leak ”so much for the theory on which the alleged action of dionol is based dionol itself is a sort of glorified petrolatum not, of course, thatthe manufacturers describe it in any such crude and understandablelanguage according to the company, dionol is “composed of purehydrocarbons, especially selected with regard to specific gravity, viscosity and other necessary physical properties” which has been“perfectly deionized by our special scientific process under thebaines method ” it appears, from further reading, that ordinarypetrolatum will not “turn the trick”. Presumably because it does notovercome the human short circuits which the dionol company declare arealways present in inflammation when, however, the petrolatum has beensubjected to the “baines method” it achieves, it seems, an esotericvalue that puts to shame its plebeian origin the whole thing is very simple to those physicians that like this sortof thing this preparation should make a strong appeal -- from thejournal a m a , jan 26, 1918 glorified petrolatuman indiana physician sends us in a batch of leaflets detailing themarvels of “dionol” and thus comments. “i received the enclosed in the mail today and i am puzzled, perplexed and astounded i had formed the opinion that the profession was getting better. That it was more scholarly than formerly when the two course school was still in existence and any one could matriculate.

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Removal of starch paste, small in proportion to beginwith pepsin. Solution of small shreds of fresh fibrin in acid media rennin. Curdling of milk in moderate excess trypsin. Solution of small shreds of fresh fibrin in neutral andalkaline media, and tryptophan test lipase. Coloration of litmus-milk. Exact color controls all tests were suitably controlled the responses for pepsin were weakeven when compared with those of old pepsin preparations in the table above, the interrogation points in parentheses ?. referto results that were obtained after treatment for from twelve totwenty-four hours and indicates that the change was slight at best andof no practical import -- from the journal a m a , oct 23, 1915, with additions iodum-miller and iod-izd-oil miller report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe council adopted the following report and authorized its publication w a puckner, secretary a referee has submitted to the council the following report of thechemical laboratory of the american medical association on iodum-millerand iod-izd-oil miller iodum-miller co , kansas city, mo :the unsatisfactory statements made in regard to the composition ofiodum-miller and the far-reaching therapeutic recommendations forit induced the laboratory to make a chemical examination of thepreparation it claimed more or less directly that the preparation isentirely new and possesses novel characteristics it is asserted that “iodum-miller is made from soot iodine, which is our own product this soot iodine is soluble in water before being combined with its base c p glycerine ”no information regarding “soot iodine” is offered and an inquiry sentto the proprietors by a physician brought only the noncommittal replythat “soot iodine” “is made from resublime resublimed?. iodine by a chemical process which renders it soluble in water before being combined with its base ”iodum-miller is said to contain “active free iodine 2 2 grams per 100 c c , 10 grains per fluid ounce, 1 7% by weight ” “in addition to the active free iodine iodum-miller carries a still greater per cent of iodine in its basic combination ”according to the label, the preparation is “an iodine for external and internal use 45 drops equals 1 dr by weight each drop equals the per cent of iodine in 1 gr potas iodide ”iodum-miller is a heavy, dark liquid having an odor characteristicof ether ethyl oxid qualitative tests revealed the presence ofglycerin, free iodin, iodid and potassium the specific gravity at 25degrees was 1 284 direct titration with sodium thiosulphate solutionindicated the presence of 1 68 per cent of free iodin a determinationof the total iodin content by the hunter method indicated 3 06 percent subtraction of the amount of free iodin found from the totalamount of iodin present, gives 1 38 per cent combined iodin assumingthis to be present as potassium iodid, as appears probable from thequalitative examination and from the quantitative determination ofpotassium, 1 80 per cent potassium iodid is indicated from thisexamination it is concluded that iodum-miller is, essentially, a solution of iodin and potassium iodid in glycerin, containing1 68 per cent free iodin and 1 80 per cent potassium iodid theexamination contradicts the assumption that iodum-miller is eithernovel in principle or new moreover, accepting the firm statementthat 45 drops weigh 1 dram 60 grains the examination shows that onedrop equals not “the per cent of iodine in 1 gr potas iodide” butinstead, the per cent of iodin in only 1/20 grain potassium iodid asthe statement that “each drop equals the per cent of iodine in 1 gr potas iodide” appears on the label of the trade package, iodum-millerwould seem to be misbranded under the federal food and drugs act the recommended internal dosage of iodum-miller from 1/2 to 20 dropsis equivalent to from 1/40 to 1 grain of potassium iodid its externalefficacy in comparison with that of other iodin preparations may beestimated by comparing the respective free iodin contents, since thegermicidal power of combined iodid is negligible while iodum-millercontains 2 15 gm free iodin in 100 c c , tincture of iodin contains7 gm per 100 c c and compound solution of iodin lugol solutioncontains 5 gm free iodin in 100 gm among the advertising literature is a circular which purports to bea “certificate from kansas city testing laboratory, by roy cross, secretary ” the “certificate” attempts to prove that iodum-miller isvastly superior to the official tincture of iodin as a germicide, asserting that “in the process of dissolving tincture of iodin inwater, a very large amount of the iodin is lost by precipitation ”this is not true of the tincture of iodin which is now official, though it is true of the tincture official in former editions of thepharmacopeia the report ignores completely the widely used aqueoussolution of iodin iod-izd-oil miller is said to be an “iodine combination” made“from the same soluble soot iodine as is iodum-miller ” it is saidto “liberate free soluble iodine” when applied to the skin, mucoussurfaces, etc it is further defined as “soluble iodine combinedwith water-white hydrocarbon oil” and is said to liberate “solubleiodine 2 per cent ” while these statements suggest that iod-izd-oil miller contains the iodin-potassium iodid combination contained iniodum-miller, analysis indicated the oil to be a simple solution ofiodin in liquid petrolatum quantitative determinations indicated, not2 per cent of iodin, as claimed, but only 0 42 per cent and all ofthis was present as free iodin referee reportthe following therapeutic claims appear on the label of a bottle ofiodum-miller:“external indications “tuberculosis, pneumonia, pleurisy, cough, sore throat, pyorrhea, tonsilitis, rheumatism, spinal irritation, boils, felons or any pain periostitis, carbuncles, fistula in ano, goiter, blood poison, diseases of uterus and appendages apply full strength on cotton wrapped applicator, gonorrhea, acute or chronic in both sexes, orchitis, bubo, prostatitis, swellings, enlarged glands, etc ”“internal indications “pneumonia, tuberculosis, pleurisy, typhoid fever, syphilis, catarrh of mucous surface of alimentary canal, autotoxemia, vomiting of pregnancy, rheumatism, chronic glandular and organic affections ”the “certificate” from the kansas city testing laboratory, mentionedabove, states that iodum-miller was found to have a germicidal valuenineteen times greater than carbolic acid-- a essaywhat remarkablefinding in view of the fact that iodin dissolved by means of potassiumiodid in alcohol or water, when tried on the typhoid bacillus hasrecently been found to possess only four times the germicidal valueof carbolic acid in a solution of the same strength maben and white:chem and drug , jan 30, 1915, p 144 the “certificate” furtherstates that the test “shows available iodine as found in iodum-millerto have the greatest bactericidal power of any substance that we haveever tested that can be used medicinally ” there is no reason tobelieve that the desire to please its patrons has led the “testinglaboratory” astray from the literal truth the laboratory experiencemay be limited and the statement therefore entirely correct as faras it goes no mention, however, is made of any tests comparing thegerm-destroying power of iodum-miller with that of tincture of iodin, which contains 7 per cent free iodin, unless the casual statement that“iodum-miller sterilized the skin more quickly” than tincture ofiodin, be taken to imply such tests it is not clear, however, by whatmeans the laboratory was able to determine that there were no bacterialeft alive in the skin after application of tincture of iodin andiodum-miller. No details are given of the methods used in arriving atthis conclusion a circular says that iodum-miller “ gives the greatest bactericidal and therapeutic action, whether used internally, externally, hypodermically or intravenously ”in the light of the preceding report of the chemical laboratory of theassociation, these claims require little comment the laboratory hasshown that the free iodin content and consequently the germicidalefficiency of iodum-miller is less than half that of lugol solution, and less than a third of that of the official tincture of iodin asfor the advice to use iodum-miller internally in diseases rangingfrom pneumonia to syphilis and from typhoid to tuberculosis, in orderto be convinced of its dangerous character, it is necessary only torecall that this treatment is equivalent to the administration ofsmall doses of iodid-- from 1/40 to 1 grain of potassium iodid themystery being removed from the composition of iodum-miller, the absurdextravagance of the claims made for it becomes manifest the criticismsof the council on the recommendations for burnham soluble iodine the journal a m a , may 15, 1915, p 1673 apply in almost everywritingicular to iodum-miller unwarranted therapeutic claims are made for iodum-miller. Incorrectstatements are made with regard to its composition and that ofiod-izd-oil miller. And the application of a trade name to bothof these products is unjustifiable, since neither is original it istherefore recommended that iodum-miller and iod-izd-oil miller beheld ineligible for new and nonofficial remedies-- abstracted in thejournal a m a , oct 2, 1915 elixir iodo-bromide of calcium comp “without mercury” and “with mercury” report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe tilden company, new lebanon, n y , and st louis, mo , sells“elixir iodo-bromide of calcium comp without mercury” and “elixiriodo-bromide of calcium comp with mercury ” the latter is said tocontain, in addition to the ingredients of the former, 1/100 grainmercuric chlorid in each fluidram according to the label the formulaof the elixir “without mercury” is.