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This contained tabletshaving the taste of licorice extract and an odor of hydrogen sulphid the tablets were found to liberate about 6 c c hydrogen sulphid toeach tablet among the claims made for the preparation are. “dissolved by the saliva, sulfuryl monal reaches the stomach where, under the influence of the gastric juice, it generates nascent sulphuretted hydrogen professor albert robin remarkable researches have proven that it is in the nascent state that drugs produce the greatest effect with the smallest dose being thus eliminated by the entire respiratory tract. The lungs, bronchi and the throat, the sulphurretted hydrogen passes from the interior to the exterior, that is to say, goes right through these organs which are, as a consequence, thoroughly cleansed, antisepticized and freed of the pathogenic micro-organisms then, again, writing of the sulphuretted hydrogen, liberated in the stomach, is eliminated by the mouth and acts as an antiseptic and disinfectant of the mucous membranes of the throat and mouth hence sulfuryl monal is a perfect protective agent against contagious diseases numerous clinical tests have demonstrated its real efficacy in diseases of the throat and of the respiratory tract.

Theyhelp the scrophula, essay about movies or disease in the throat called the kingevil, they break the stone, encrease seed, stir up lust, provoke theterms, &c esulæ, majoris, minoris of spurge the greater and lesser, theyare both taken inwardly too violent for common use. Outwardly inointments they cleanse the skin, take away sunburning filicis, &c fearn, of which are two grand distinctions, viz male and female both are hot and dry, and good for the rickets inchildren, and diseases of the spleen, but dangerous for pregnant women filipendulæ of dropwort the roots are hot and dry in the thirddegree, opening, cleansing, yet essaywhat binding. They provoke urine, ease pains in the bladder, and are a good preservative against thefalling-sickness fœniculi of fennel the root is hot and dry, essay say in the thirddegree, opening. It provokes urine, and menses, strengthens the liver, and is good against the dropsy fraxini of ash-tree i know no great virtues in physic of the roots galangæ, majoris, minoris galanga, commonly called galingal, thegreater and lesser. They are hot and dry in the third degree, andthe lesser are accounted the hotter, it strengthens the stomachexceedingly, and takes away the pains thereof coming of cold or wind;the smell of it strengthens the brain, it relieves faint hearts, takesaway windiness of the womb, heats the reins, and provokes amorousdiseases you may take half a dram at a time matthiolus gentiana of gentian. Essay call it felwort, and baldmoney it ishot, cleansing, and scouring, a notable counterpoison, it opensobstructions, helps the biting of venemous beasts, and mad dogs, helps digestion, and cleanseth the body of raw humours. The root isprofitable for ruptures, or such as are bursten glycyrrhizæ of liquorice. The best that is grows in england:it is hot and moist in temperature, helps the roughness of thewindpipe, hoarsness, diseases in the kidneys and bladder, and ulcers inthe bladder, it concocts raw humours in the stomach, helps difficultyof breathing, is profitable for all salt humours, the root dried andbeaten into powder, and the powder put into the eye, is a specialremedy for a pin and web gramminis of grass, such as in london they call couch grass, and squitch-grass. In sussex dog-grass it gallantly provokesurine, and easeth the kidneys oppressed with gravel, gripings of thebelly, and difficulty of urine let such as are troubled with thesediseases, drink a draught of white wine, wherein these roots beingbruised have been boiled, for their morning draught, bruisedand applied to the place, they speedily help green wounds galen, dioscorides hermodactyli of hermodactils they are hot and dry, purge flegm, especially from the joints, therefore are good for gouts, and otherdiseases in the joints their vices are corrected with long pepper, ginger, cinnamon, or mastich i would not have unskilful people toobusy with purges hyacinthi of jacinths the roots are dry in the first degree, andcold in the second, they stop looseness, bind the belly iridis, vulgaris, and florentine, &c orris, or flower-de-luce, boththat which grows with us, and that which comes from florence theyare hot and dry in the third degree, resist poison, help shortness ofthe breath, provoke the menses. The root being green and bruised, takes away blackness and blueness of a stroke, being applied thereto imperitoriæ, &c of master-wort the root is hot and dry in the thirddegree. Mitigates the rigour of agues, helps dropsies, provokes sweat, breaks carbuncles, and plague-sores, being applied to them. It is veryprofitable being given inwardly in bruises isotidis, glasti of woad i know no great physical virtue in theroot see the herb labri veneris, dipsaci fullers-thistle, teazle the root beingboiled in wine till it be thick quoth dioscorides helps by unctionthe clefts of the fundament, as also takes away warts and wens galensaith, they are dry in the second degree.

The council, constituted of scientific men, working without remuneration inthe interest of scientific medicine and the medical profession, expects-- and rightfully-- the cooperation and support of the members ofthat profession what is needed, therefore, is the active, sympatheticcooperation of physicians. The cooperation of pharmaceutical houseswill follow as a matter of course j a m a 74:1235 may 11920 the following is the recommendation of the reference committee towhich the report of the board of trustees was referred. “a perusalof the trustees’ report, ‘cooperation of the pharmaceutical houses’, is well worth the time of every member of the profession, and yourcommittee would emphasize the statement of the trustees. ‘thecouncil, constituted of scientific men, working without remunerationin the interest of scientific medicine and the medical professionexpects-- and rightfully-- the cooperation and support of the members ofthat profession what is needed, therefore, is the active sympatheticcooperation of physicians. The cooperation of pharmaceutical houseswill follow as a matter of course ’“your committee would go still further and move that a vote of thanksof the house be extended to those scientific men who have devoted somuch valuable time to the welfare of the association ” j a m a , 74:1322 may 8 1920.

Hexamethylenamin was present but, thelozenges being neutral no formaldehyde is generated in contact withwater or with the alkaline saliva thus hex-iodin is shown to be worthless for the purpose for which it isadvertised of the two important ingredients said to be present, iodinand hexamethylenamin, essay about movies only traces could be found of the former whilethe latter, as has been shown, is incapable of exerting any effect whenused as the manufacturers direct formitol tabletsthese tablets are prepared by the e l patch co , boston each tabletweighs 13-1/2 grs they have the odor of thymol or menthol and an acidtaste and reaction they are, according to the label. “for the throat and mouth soothing, astringent, antiseptic rapidly destroys germs of infection, preventing and relieving sore throat and mouth ”in a circular, it is stated, that one of the qualities of formitol. “ is the generation of formaldehyde when in contact with water or the saliva ” “besides generating formaldehyde, formitol, patch contains astringent, demulcent and soothing ingredients which render the combination unusually effective ”a bacteriologic report is given in this circular in which it is statedthat, in 2-1/2 minutes one formitol tablet rendered sterile a plateculture of a “characteristic throat micrococci ” the instructionsare to dissolve a tablet in the mouth, slowly, once an hour or ahalf-tablet every half hour the a m a chemical laboratory reported that formitol tabletscontained formaldehyde or paraformaldehyde, and ammonium compound, and essay hexamethylenamin it is probable that the formaldehyde orparaformaldehyde was produced by the decomposition of hexamethylenaminoriginally present in the tablets but decomposed by long contact withthe acid 128128 the e l patch company declares that “no hexamethylenaminehas ever been used in the manufacture of formitol tablets, ” and thatammonium chloride and paraformaldehyde are among the ingredients usedin the manufacture of these tablets the hexamethylenamine presentin the tablets, therefore, must have been produced by interaction ofthe paraformaldehyde and ammonium chloride this does not alter thelaboratory findings regarding the composition of the tablets, namely, that they “contain formaldehyde or paraformaldehyde, an ammoniumcompound and essay hexamethylenamine ”these tablets differ from hex-iodin in that they really contain activeformaldehyde and, therefore, possibly produce antiseptic effectin test-tube cultures the conditions in the mouth, however, arevery different from those in the test-tube, since in the mouth theformaldehyde would be immediately “bound” or absorbed the claimedabsence of irritation indicates sufficiently the absence of efficientquantities of formaldehyde under clinical conditions cin-u-form lozengescin-u-form lozenges, manufactured by mckesson and robbins, new yorkcity, are marketed in bottles of 24 for 25 cents they have a strongodor of cinnamon, weigh 15-1/2 grs each, and are acid in taste andreaction the label states that they contain. “cinnamon, eucalyptus, formaldehyde and menthol-- all powerful germicides against influenzal bacilli, but not injurious to the system in this palatable form ”a circular contains the same statement as to composition and claimsfurther that they. “ help to prevent the infection of spanish influenza, pneumonia, grip colds and to guard against sore throat, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, etc ”the a m a chemical laboratory reported that cin-u-formlozenges contained essay formaldehyde or paraformaldehyde and nohexamethylenamin it is obvious that the mouth and throat cannot be“disinfected” by these lozenges they would be totally ineffectiveagainst bacteria that enter through the nose. They cannot preventinfluenza, pneumonia, etc -- from the journal a m a , oct 4, 1919 lavoris report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrylavoris was considered by the council in 1913, and its proprietors-- thelavoris chemical company-- were advised that the preparation wasinadmissible to new and nonofficial remedies because of conflict withrules 1, 4, 6, 8 and 10 no report was published at that time as thepreparation is still widely advertised to physicians, the council hasagain examined lavoris and authorized publication of the followingreport w a puckner, secretary in recent years lavoris has been widely advertised as “the ideal oralantiseptic, ” writingicularly to the dental profession a printed cardsent out by the lavoris chemical company in 1913 read.

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“of course, if desired, the secretin may be injected intravenously ”122 carlson, lebensohn and pearlman, the journal, jan 15, 1916, p 178 beveridge patented secretin is not stablei the samples of secretin sent us by dr beveridge -- physiologicaltests were made on four quart bottles of the secretin kindly sent us bydr beveridge june 26, 1916 according to a letter from dr beveridgeof july 20, 1916, those samples of secretin were prepared june 20, thatis, only six days before received by us the material came in darkcolored bottles it was kept in the original bottles and placed inthe ice box immediately on receipt dr beveridge stated the secretin“should remain active until the month of november, 1916, at least ”tests were made on three out of the four bottles the fourth bottlewas not opened, as we desired to learn what change it might undergoin the way of protein precipitation and bacterial decomposition there is nothing in the beveridge method of preparation that insuresa sterile secretin unless it is passed through a berkefeld filter in all our crucial experiments the animals dogs were kept underlight ether anesthesia, a cannula inserted into the pancreatic duct, the blood pressure recorded from the carotid artery and the varioussecretin preparations injected intravenously when inactive secretinpreparations were encountered, control tests were always made withactive solutions of secretin to eliminate possible individualpeculiarities of the animal thus when the pancreas of a dog reacts tothe injection of preparation a, but not to preparation b, it isevident that absence of response to b is due to this preparation andnot to the animal or to the experimental conditions illustration. Fig 1 -- records of carotid blood pressure and secretionof pancreatic juice on intravenous injection of beveridge secretinin dogs x, injection of 10 c c secretin. B, record of flow ofpancreatic juice in drops tracing a, injection of 10 c c of onesample secretin ten days old furnished by dr beveridge tracingb, injection of 10 c c of second sample of secretin ten daysold furnished by dr beveridge tracing c, injection of 10 c c of secretin twenty hours old made by us according to the beveridgemethod showing that the secretin preparations sent us by dr beveridgecontained no secretin each of the three samples of secretin sent us by dr beveridge wastested in the above manner on five dogs the first tests were madejune 27, 28 and 29, respectively, that is, within nine days of thepreparation of these samples of secretin none of the samples wasactive fig 1, even when injected intravenously in quantities up to50 c c. 40-50 c c of beveridge secretin mixture may kill a dog bytoo great lowering of the blood pressure a good secretin preparationyields a copious secretion of pancreatic juice on intravenous injectionof a few cubic centimeters it is not difficult to prepare a secretin, by the original bayliss orstarling method or by the beveridge method, that retains essay activityfor a longer period than nine days hence we cannot account for theabsolute inactivity of these preparations except on the assumptionthat they did not contain any secretin to start with. That is, faultypreparation and absence of physiologic standardization the sample kept intact in its original container for six months becamegradually cloudy, a large mass of amorphous precipitate settledto the bottom and the odor showed bacterial decomposition it isreprehensible, to say the least, to state concerning such a mixture:“of course, if desired, it may be injected intravenously ” the factthat beveridge secretin may be rendered clear by filtering throughcarbon is not sufficient evidence that it is “pure secretin, ” free frombacteria and other injurious substances ii beveridge secretin mixture is rapidly rendered inactive by humangastric juice -- we prepared active secretin solutions by the beveridgemethod, using 0 2 per cent serum as the protein “stabilizer” ?. the addition of the serum does not appear to affect the activityof the fresh secretin preparation if beveridge secretin is ableto act on the pancreas when given by mouth, it is obvious that itmust run the gamut of gastric digestion, except in paper of completeachlorhydria it has been repeatedly demonstrated that all othersecretin preparations are rapidly destroyed by pepsin-hydrochloric aciddigestion is beveridge secretin an exception?. what is there in alittle serum, native albumin, or peptones to protect secretin againstgastric digestion?. The pure human gastric juice used in these tests was secured fromthe fistula case mr f v that has been under observation in ourlaboratory for years 123123 carlson. The control of hunger in health and disease, chicago, 1916 beveridge secretin and bayliss-starling secretin prepared sept 29, 1916 response of pancreas no of drops of secretin date of test quantity of ┌───────────┴───────────┐ secretin bayliss-starling beveridge injected, c c secretin secretin sept 29 10 75 78 oct 2 10 61 61 oct 6 10 28 17 oct 13 10 25 31 oct 27 10 5 6 nov 3 10 7 6 nov 17 10 4 5 nov 30 10 3 4 dec 4 10 2 2 dec 20 10 0 0 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- two cubic centimeters of fresh gastric juice added to 8-10 c c beveridge secretin, the mixture being kept at body temperature 38 c , renders the secretin completely inactive in from 5 to 8minutes fig 2 there is no exception to this rule, as we haverepeated the test on thesis different secretin preparations and usingdifferent samples of human gastric juice the secretin of beveridgeis just as vulnerable as the secretin of bayliss and starling topepsin-hydrochloric acid digestion on what kind of tests doesbeveridge base his claim that his secretin mixture acts on the pancreaswhen given by mouth?. Iii the relative rate of deterioration of the secretin solutionsprepared according to bayliss and starling and according tobeveridge -- six different preparations of the two kinds of secretinwere made, kept in dark stoppered bottles in the ice box, and tested byintravenous injection in dogs under ether anesthesia from time to timeuntil all influence on the pancreas had been lost one typical seriesof these tests is given by the way of illustration see table on page126 illustration. Fig 2 -- records of carotid blood pressure and flow ofpancreatic juice on intravenous injection of secretin prepared by usaccording to the beveridge method x, injection of 10 c c of thesecretin.