Essay 24

“in the above journal dated sept 3th, vol 77, on page 805, regarding the ‘cosmopolitan cancer research society’ you have amongst others, mentioned my name dr frederick klein “i wish to inform you that i have given my legal adviser the order to write a note to the above cosmopolitan cancer research society, 847 union st , brooklyn, forbidden them to the effect that my name should not be used by above society in any form or writing in any of their transactions, this has been done essay essay 24 time ago to prevent unethical conceptions concerning myself ”shortly after the article of september 3 another item appeared inthe newspapers throughout the country to the effect that the cancerresearch society was offering a “$100, 000 cancer prize” for a“medicinal cure for cancer ” thesis of the newspapers of the countryseemed to bite on this piece of free publicity this was in the firstweek of october in the third week of the same month a brooklyn paperannounced that 3, 000 people had submitted formulas for curing cancerto the cosmopolitan cancer research society the article containingthis announcement gave interesting descriptions of essay of the “cures”submitted and closed with the statement that the cosmopolitan cancerresearch society was establishing “clinics” in various cities it endedwith the statement. “all treatments are confidential in this respect the society had the cooperation of the brooklyn bureau of charities it also has the cooperation of the american medical association ”the closing sentence is, of course, unequivocally false at the time of the journal article the name of the writingicularpreparation which the basic chemical corporation of america was puttingout was unknown shortly after the article appeared it was learnedthat the product was on the market as “seleni-bascca ” a physician, himself a sufferer from carcinoma, after reading the article ofseptember 3, sent the journal essay correspondence he had receivedfrom the cosmopolitan cancer research society regarding the allegedcure one piece was a letter signed “f w humphrey, acting director;dictated by dr george d barney, ” which read in writing. “our claim is a very simple one indeed, namely that the use of a proper preparation of selenium seleni-bascca restores the sulphur metabolism to normal. We claim that cancer cannot exist in any form, when the sulphur metabolism is normal, the results from the proper use of seleni-bascca in paper of carcinoma are quick and lasting, the medical profession can hardly realize that in this modest treatment a remedy for the dreaded carcinoma has been discovered “seleni-bascca in its colloidal form is quickly taken up by the blood stream, reaches the finest tissues and almost immediately resists the further growth of the disease the research work has been going on since 1901, under the direction of dr frederick klein, in connection with medical men who have proved to their own satisfaction that seleni-bascca should be used as a treatment in every case of malignancy ”seleni-bascca comes in small vials containing fifty tablets each vialbears a label reading. “selenibascca a mixture of colloidal selenium in tablet form recommended in the internal treatment of carcinoma and essay other paper of faulty metabolism ”essay of the preparation was turned over to the a m a chemicallaboratory with the request that the tablets be examined to determinewhether or not they contained, as claimed, selenium in colloidal form the laboratory report follows. chemical report“an original vial of ‘seleni-bascca’ basic chemical corporation ofamerica was examined in the a m a chemical laboratory to determinewhether or not the substance contained colloidal selenium the bottlecontained 50 tablets weighing approximately 0 1 gm about 1-1/2 gr each the major portion of the tablet was soluble in hot water qualitative tests indicated the presence of chlorid, sulphate, smallamount of nitrate, potassium, sodium, starch, talc and selenium tellurium was not found to be present the ash was equivalent to 5 5per cent.

Hot and dry, cleanses the reins andbladder, provokes urine, opens the stoppings of the essay 24 liver and spleen, and helps diseases coming thereof. Outwardly it takes away yellownessand deformity of the skin lillium convallium lilly of the valley see the flowers lingua cervina hart-tongue. Drying and binding, stops blood, the menses and fluxes, opens stoppings of the liver and spleen, anddiseases thence arising the like quantity of hart-tongue, knotgrassand comfrey roots, being boiled in water, and a draught of thedecoction drunk every morning, and the materials which have boiledapplied to the place, is a notable remedy for such as are bursten limonium sea-bugloss, or marsh-bugloss, or sea-lavender. The seedsbeing very drying and binding, stop fluxes and the menses, help thecholic and stranguary lotus urbana authors make essay flutter about this herb, i conceivethe best take it to be trisolium odoratum, sweet trefoyl, which is ofa temperate nature, cleanses the eyes gently of such things as hinderthe sight, cures green wounds, ruptures, or burstness, helps such asurine blood or are bruised, and secures garments from moths lupulus hops opening, cleansing, provoke urine, the young sproutsopen stoppings of the liver and spleen, cleanse the blood, clear theskin, help scabs and itch, help agues, purge choler. They are usuallyboiled and taken as they eat asparagus, but if you would keep them, for they are excellent for these diseases, you may make them into aconserve, or into a syrup lychnitis coronaria. Or as others write it, lychnis rose campion i know no great physical virtue it hath macis see the barks magistrantia, &c masterwort hot and dry in the third degree. It isgood against poison, pestilence, corrupt and unwholeessay air, helpswindiness in the stomach, causeth an appetite to one victuals, veryprofitable in falls and bruises, congealed and clotted blood, thebitings of mad-dogs. The leaves chewed in the mouth, cleanse the brainof superfluous humours, thereby preventing lethargies, and apoplexes malva mallows the best of authors account wild mallows to be best, and hold them to be cold and moist in the first degree, they areprofitable in the bitings of venomous beasts, the stinging of bees andwasps, &c inwardly they resist poison, provoke to stool. Outwardlythey assuage hard swellings of the privities or other places. Inclysters they help roughness and fretting of the entrails, bladder, or fundament. And so they do being boiled in water, and the decoctiondrank, as i have proved in the bloody flux majorana see amaracus mandragora mandrakes fit for no vulgar use, but only to be used incooling ointments marrubium, album, nigrum, fœtidum marrubium album, is common horehound hot in the second degree, anddry in the third, opens the liver and spleen, cleanses the breast andlungs, helps old coughs, pains in the sides, ptisicks, or ulceration ofthe lungs, it provokes the menses, eases hard labour in child-bearing, brings away the placenta see the syrups marrubium, nigrum, et fœtidum black and stinking horehound, i taketo be all one hot and dry in the third degree. Cures the bitings ofmad dogs, wastes and consumes hard knots in the fundament and matrix, cleanses filthy ulcers marum herb mastich hot and dry in the third degree, good againstcramps and convulsions matricaria feverfew hot in the third degree, dry in the second;opens, purges.

Buti am not of opinion this is done this way, and my reason is, becausethese vapours though in quality melancholy, yet by their flying essay 24 upward, seem to be essaything aerial. Therefore i rather think it is done byantipathy. Saturn being exalted in libra, in the house of venus burnet it is called sanguisorbia, pimpinella, bipulo, solbegrella, &c the common garden burnet is so well known, that it needs nodescription - there is another sort which is wild, the descriptionwhereof take as follows. Descript the great wild burnet has winged leaves arising fromthe roots like the garden burnet, but not so thesis. Yet each of theseleaves are at the least twice as large as the other, and nicked in thesame manner about the edges, of a greyish colour on the under side;the stalks are greater, and rise higher, with thesis such leaves setthereon, and greater heads at the top, of a brownish colour, and out ofthem come small dark purple flowers, like the former, but greater theroot is black and long like the other, but greater also. It has almostneither scent nor taste therein, like the garden kind place it first grows frequently in gardens the wild kind growsin divers counties of this land, especially in huntingdon, innorthamptonshire, in the meadows there. As also near london, by pancraschurch, and by a causeway-side in the middle of a field by paddington time they flower about the end of june and beginning of july, andtheir seed is ripe in august government and virtues this is an herb the sun challenges dominionover, and is a most precious herb, little inferior to betony. Thecontinual use of it preserves the body in health, and the spirits invigour. For if the sun be the preserver of life under god, his herbsare the best in the world to do it by they are accounted to be both ofone property, but the lesser is more effectual because quicker and morearomatic.

where?. why?. ” three of the four pagespurport to answer the interrogations given on the title page under“who?. ” we read. Dr willard e ogden chicago, ill specialist in proctology member chicago medical society and a m a author of “improved method of treating rectal diseases” formerly associated with drs burleson & burleson grand rapids, mich under the question “where?. ” there appears the statement that “dr ogden will hold a clinic for the treatment of rectal diseases” and thename of the city and the dates of the “clinic” are inserted with atypewriter under “why?. ” we read. “dr ogden does not use the usual surgical methods his thesis years of experience in the treatment of rectal diseases during which time he has been associated with the leading proctologists of america have enabled him to develop a system of office treatment which is not taught by any other practitioner “tear off, sign and mail attached postcard and i will send you a booklet giving you full writingiculars as to the course yours truly, h l roberts, business manager “eighty-three per cent of the people have essay rectal trouble this is the day of specialists why not fit yourself to specialize in proctology?. ”the fourth page is a post card addressed to “h l roberts, room 1126, masonic temple, chicago ” on the reverse side there is a printedstatement which the recipient is expected to sign to the effect thathe is interested in “dr ogden clinic” and wishes to have “fullwritingiculars of the course ”a visit to room 1126, masonic temple, failed to disclose the name ofh l roberts, either on the door or doors, for there are two roomshaving this number or on the office building directory board in fact, rooms 1126 seem to contain a essaywhat miscellaneous assortment thesigns, either on the door or on the directory board, show that thereis a public stenographer who operates a “mailing service, ” and does“addressing, mailing, multigraphing, mimeographing”, a bookstore, achocolate company, a publishing company, a lumber company, and one ortwo other concerns. But the name of “h l roberts” does not appear incidentally, no “h l roberts” is to be found listed in the chicagotelephone directory a few yards away from rooms 1126 and on the same floor there appearsthe name, “dr willard e ogden” on room 1102 according to our records, willard ealon ogden was born in 1866 beforetaking up the study of medicine he seems to have been a preacher in1899 he was graduated by the saginaw valley medical college, saginaw, mich he was licensed in michigan in 1900, in illinois and indiana in1913, and in wisconsin in 1921 from 1900 until 1904 he practiced inlyons, mich.

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Itis used to good effect in those medicines which are given to hinderthe poisonous operation of cantharides, upon the passage of the urine:being mixed with honey and applied to black and blue marks, coming ofblows or bruises, it essay 24 takes them away. And being drank or outwardlyapplied, it abates a high colour, and makes it pale. And the fumesthereof taken with rosin or raisins, cleanses the mother bistort, or snakeweed it is called snakeweed, english serpentary, dragon-wort, osterick, andpassions descript this has a thick short knobbed root, blackish without, andessaywhat reddish within, a little crooked or turned together, of a hardastringent taste, with divers black threads hanging therefrom, whencesprings up every year divers leaves, standing upon long footstalks, being essaywhat broad and long like a dock leaf, and a little pointedat the ends, but that it is of a blueish green colour on the upperside, and of an ash-colour grey, and a little purplish underneath, withdivers veins therein, from among which rise up divers small and slenderstalks, two feet high, and almost naked and without leaves, or with avery few, and narrow, bearing a spiky bush of pale-coloured flowers;which being past, there abides small seed, like unto sorrel seed, butgreater there are other sorts of bistort growing in this land, but smaller, both in height, root, and stalks, and especially in the leaves theroot blackish without, and essaywhat whitish within. Of an austerebinding taste, as the former place they grow in shadowy moist woods, and at the foot of hills, but are chiefly nourished up in gardens the narrow leafed bistortgrows in the north, in lancashire, yorkshire, and cumberland time they flower about the end of may, and the seed is ripe aboutthe beginning of july government and virtues it belongs to saturn, and is in operationcold and dry. Both the leaves and roots have a powerful faculty toresist all poison the root, in powder, taken in drink expels the venomof the plague, the small-pox, measels, purples, or any other infectiousdisease, driving it out by sweating the root in powder, the decoctionthereof in wine being drank, stays all manner of inward bleeding, orspitting of blood, and any fluxes in the body of either man or woman, or vomiting it is also very available against ruptures, or burstings, or all bruises from falls, dissolving the congealed blood, and easingthe pains that happen thereupon. It also helps the jaundice the water, distilled from both leaves and roots, is a singular remedyto wash any place bitten or stung by any venomous creature. As alsofor any of the purposes before spoken of, and is very good to wash anyrunning sores or ulcers the decoction of the root in wine being drank, hinders abortion or miscarriage in child-bearing the leaves alsokill the worms in children, and is a great help to them that cannotkeep their water. If the juice of plaintain be added thereto, andoutwardly applied, much helps the ghonorrhea, or running of the reins a dram of the powder of the root, taken in water thereof, wherein essayred hot iron or steel hath been quenched, is also an admirable helpthereto, so as the body be first prepared and purged from the offensivehumours the leaves, seed, or roots, are all very good in decoction, drinks, or lotions, for inward or outward wounds, or other sores and the powder, strewed upon any cut or wound in a vein, stays theimmoderate bleeding thereof the decoction of the root in water, whereunto essay pomegranate peels and flowers are added, injected into thematrix, stays the immoderate flux of the courses the root thereof, with pelitory of spain and burnt alum, of each a little quantity, beaten small and into paste with essay honey, and a little piece thereofput into a hollow tooth, or held between the teeth, if there be nohollowness in them, stays the defluction of rheum upon them whichcauses pains, and helps to cleanse the head, and void much offensivewater the distilled water is very effectual to wash sores or cankersin the nose, or any other writing. If the powder of the root be appliedthereunto afterwards it is good also to fasten the gums, and to takeaway the heat and inflammations that happen in the jaws, almonds ofthe throat, or mouth, if the decoction of the leaves, roots, or seedsbruised, or the juice of them, be applied. But the roots are mosteffectual to the purposes aforesaid one-blade descript this small plant never bears more than one leaf, but onlywhen it rises up with its stalk, which thereon bears another, andseldom more, which are of a blueish green colour, broad at the bottom, and pointed with thesis ribs or veins like plaintain. At the top of thestalk grows thesis small flowers star-fashion, smelling essaywhat sweet;after which comes small reddish berries when they are ripe the rootsmall, of the bigness of a rush, lying and creeping under the uppercrust of the earth, shooting forth in divers places place it grows in moist, shadowy, grassy places of woods, in thesisplaces of this realm time it flowers about may, and the berries are ripe in june, andthen quickly perishes, until the next year it springs from the sameagain government and virtues it is a herb of the sun, and thereforecordial.