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Fluid, writingly digested milk in air-passages 16-41 biggs and jenkins. Same journal, 1890, lii , p 30 - reportof thesis paper of fatal suffocation from foreign bodies, etc boy, age15 collar-button in larynx boy, age 10 mass of butter in larynx boy, age 5 bronchial gland discharged into trachea at bifurcation boy, age 3 screw in larynx boy, age 5 rubber balloon with whistleattached. It was writingly inflated with each expiration girl, age 10 a“jack” in larynx man, age 45 had been drinking freely. Piece of meatin larynx man, age 40 piece of meat in larynx and pharynx man, age40 ditto insane patient piece of meat in trachea man piece of meatin larynx man, age 40 crackers and cheese in larynx child rubbernipple in larynx during administration of ether, patient vomited;vomitus entered larynx two children in bed asleep. One, 3 yearsold, overlay the face of the younger, age 5 months woman, age 25, epileptic fell on a child and smothered it two children found dead, covered with bedclothing man, age 21, epileptic found lying on hisface in bed girl, age 12, epileptic ditto woman, age 21 ditto girl, age 18 ditto woman, age 35, epileptic fell on the floor woman, age 28 ditto man, age 35, epileptic. Vomited while in spasm;vomitus entered larynx from dr janeway. Man, epileptic, fell on hisface in pile of manure, which entered larynx man, drunk, lying on hisface 42 roy indian med gaz , 1880, xv , p 71 - man, believed to bedrunk, had vomited in bed. Vomitus entered trachea and bronchi 43-47 mackenzie.

Flegm, the watery;melancholy, the earthly animal the third principal virtue remains, which is animal. Itsresidence is in the brain, and mercury is the general significator ofit ptolomy held the moon signified the animal virtue. And i am ofopinion, both mercury and the moon dispose it. And my reason is, 1, because both of them in nativities, either fortify, or impedite it 2, ill directions to either, or from either, afflict it, as good oneshelp it indeed the moon rules the bulk of it, as also the sensitivewriting of it. Mercury the rational writing. And that the reason, if ina nativity the moon be stronger than mercury, sense thesis timesover-powers reason. But if mercury be strong, and the moon weak, reason will be master ordinarily in despite of sense it is divided into intellective, and sensitive 1 intellective the intellectual resides in the brain, within thepia mater, is governed generally by mercury it is divided into imagination, judgment, and memory imagination is seated in the forewriting of the brain. It is hot anddry in quality, quick, active, always working. It receives vapoursfrom the heart, and coins them into thoughts. It never sleeps, butalways is working, both when the man is sleeping and waking. Only whenjudgment is awake it regulates the imagination, which runs at randomwhen judgment is asleep, and forms any thought according to the natureof the vapour sent up to it mercury is out of question the disposerof it a man may easily perceive his judgment asleep before himself thesistimes, and then he shall perceive his thoughts run at random judgment always sleeps when men do, imagination never sleeps. Memoryessaytimes sleeps when men sleep, and essaytimes it doth not. So thenwhen memory is awake, and the man asleep, then memory remembers whatapprehension coins, and that is a dream. The thoughts would have beenthe same, if memory had not been awake to remember it these thoughts are commonly i mean in sleep, when they are purelynatural, framed according to the nature of the humour, calledcomplexion, which is predominate in the body. And if the humour bepeccant it is always so so that it is one of the surest rules to know a man own complexion, by his dreams, i mean a man void of distractions, or deep studies.

It helps digestion and is a remedyfor a surfeit the juice or the water, being dropped into the eyesor ears, helps dimness of sight and deafness. The juice put into thehollow teeth, easeth their pains the root in powder, made up into aplaster with a little pitch, and laid on the biting of mad dogs, or anyother venomous creature, doth wonderfully help the juice or the watersdropped, or tent wet therein, and put into filthy dead ulcers, or thepowder of the root in want of either doth cleanse and cause them toheal quickly, by covering the naked bones with flesh. The distilledwater applied to places pained with the gout, or sciatica, doth give agreat deal of ease the wild angelica is not so effectual as the garden. Although it may besafely used to all the purposes aforesaid amaranthus besides its common name, by which it is best known by the florists ofour days, it is called flower gentle, flower velure floramor, andvelvet flower descript it being a garden flower, and well known to every onethat keeps it, i might forbear the description. Yet, notwithstanding, because essay desire it, i shall give it it runs up with a stalk acubit high, streaked, and essaywhat reddish towards the root, but verysmooth, divided towards the top with small branches, among which standlong broad leaves of a reddish green colour, slippery.

The british pharmacopeiadescribes the melting point easy essay at 133 to 135 c. The german pharmacopeia“about 135 c ;” the french pharmacopeia at 135 c. New and nonofficialremedies, 1917, 134 to 136 c the bayer company, in the patent trialat chicago a number of years ago, gave among the “four infallibletests” a melting point of “about 135 c ” several men have carefullydetermined the melting point in recent years emery and wright202 in1912 found that “aspirin, bayer” melted at 130 5 to 131 c in france, françois203 has determined the melting point of pure acetylsalicylicacid, which, according to his method, is 132 c when various samplesof acetylsalicylic acid were examined in this laboratory, it wasfound that the melting point of none was as high as that describedin new and nonofficial remedies or the british, french, or germanpharmacopeias when taken according to the general method of the u s pharmacopeia, vol 9, p 596 on critical observation, it may beseen that the melting point of acetylsalicylic acid is preceded andaccompanied by decomposition if the sample in the melting tube isheated from the original room temperature of the bath to 120 c , thetemperature of melting will be lower than if the bath is first heatedto 120 c and the melting-point tube then placed in the bath 204thus the melting point of acetylsalicylic acid, like so thesis organiccompounds which decompose and do not melt sharply, is unsatisfactoryand cannot be taken as an “infallible test” of purity, especially whendetermined by different operators who do not give their method indetail after making a large number of melting-point determinationsof acetylsalicylic acid, alone and in parallel with other operators, it was decided to use the method described in the u s pharmacopeiamodified by first heating the bath to 120 c before attaching themelting-point tube to the thermometer 201 for reference to older literature see beilstein, ii, 1496 889 202 “the melting temperature of aspirin and salicylic acid mixtures, ”proc assoc off agr chem , 1912. Bureau of chemistry, dewritingmentof agriculture, bull 162 203 “assay of aspirin, ” j pharm chem , 15 117, no 7, 213 204 similar observations were made by emery and wright, who state:“an accurate determination of the melting temperature in this way therate of heating was such as to give a rise in temperature of about 1°per minute is rendered difficult by the fact that ‘aspirin’ decomposeson heating, as evidenced in the depression of the melting temperatureof the pure substance of about 1° for every five minutes’ heating justbelow its melting temperature ”the melting point of purified acetylsalicylic acid was found to be131 5 to 132 5 c corr 205 with the exception of one specimen, which was obviously impure, the various specimens examined meltedbetween 128 and 133 c as may be seen in the accompanying table itwould appear that this range of melting points would be more acceptableand reliable than the melting points described in various standards 205 isolated crystals attached to the walls of the melting-pointtube, awriting from the bulk acetylsalicylic acid, melted at a lowertemperature presence or absence of free salicylic acidit is generally conceded that the presence of salicylic acid in amountsmore than traces is deleterious furthermore, the amount of salicylicacid is a good index of the purity of the acetylsalicylic acid, becausethe test is so delicate that, under favorable conditions, mere tracesmay be determined and, as a rule, the better the product, the less theamount of free salicylic acid the tests appearing in various pharmacopeias for salicylic acid asan impurity in acetylsalicylic acid do not give concordant results, different workers interpreting the results differently, nor are theydetailed in such a manner as to yield maximum delicacy after experimentation, it was decided to establish a “limit” test ofapproximately 0 1 per cent free salicylic acid, when carried outaccording to the following method. 0 1 gm of the substance was placed in a dry colorimeter tube and 1 c c of alcohol, 206 previously distilled over naoh, was added after the acetylsalicylic acid had dissolved, 48 c c of water and 1 c c of fresh 0 1 per cent ferric chloride fecl₃ 6h₂o solution were added at the same time a control was run by treating 1 c c of a “standard” salicylate solution the same as above 207 if within two minutes the color given by acetylsalicylic acid is not more intense than the color given by the “standard, ” the presence of not more than 0 1 per cent free salicylic acid is proved 208 206 an excess of alcohol destroys or lessens the color when only a very minute amount of salicylic acid is present 207 the control should be made each time as standing in the air changes its tinctorial power 208 the presence of pure acetylsalicylic acid does not seem to affect the iron fe salicylic acid coloration the small amount of acetic acid was added to the sodium salicylate control solution 1 to stimulate an acidity approximating the acidity of the acetylsalicylic acid, and 2 since acetylsalicylic acid gives by hydrolysis both acetic acid and salicylic acid, it was thought advisable to add acetic acid to the standard if there is any free acetic acid in a sample of acetylsalicylic acid containing salicylic acid which i believe is generally the case when salicylic acid is present then it would modify the color given by the same amount of salicylic acid alone for this reason it was thought to be more comparable to have the standard contain a slight amount of acetic acid the solutions used were prepared as follows. Redistilled alcohol was treated with a small amount of sodium hydroxide for twenty-four hours, then again distilled the color standard was made by dissolving 0 116 gm of dried sodium salicylate in water, adding 1 minim of glacial acetic acid, and making up to 1, 000 c c each c c represents 0 1 mg of salicylic acid 209 209 this standard is essaywhat similar to the one proposed by t w thoburn and paul j hanzlik, j biol chem , 23, 175 the ferric chloride solution was made by diluting 1 c c ferric chloride fecl₃ 6h₂o test solution u s p with 99 c c of water the diluted solution must be freshly prepared each day with one exception, all of the commercial specimens examined respondedsatisfactorily to the above test showing less than 1 writing salicylicacid in 1, 000 writings acetylsalicylic acid the individual results aregiven in the accompanying table melting point and salicylic acid determinations melting point free salicylic acid brand corrected colorimetrically acetylsalicylic acid, 130 0-131 0° colored, but showing p w r 1 less than 0 1 per cent acetylsalicylic acid, 130 0-131 0° no color millikin2 acetylsalicylic acid, 129 0-130 0° no color millikin2 5-grain capsules acetylsalicylic acid, 128 0-129 0° a colored, but showing less millikin, 1 than 0 1 per cent a 5-grain capsules3 125 5-126 5° b considerably more than 0 1 per cent b acetylsalicylic acid, 131 0-132 0° no color squibb2 acetylsalicylic acid 131 0-132 0° no color aspirin, 1 monsanto acetylsalicylic acid, 130 5-131 5° colored, but showing less m c w 1 than 0 1 per cent acetylsalicylic acid, 131 5-132 5° colored, but showing less m c w 1 than 0 1 per cent acetylsalicylic acid, 131 0-132 0° colored, but showing less m c w 1 than 0 1 per cent aspirin, bayer1 before patent 131 5-132 5° no color expired aspirin, bayer1 4 after patent 128 5-129 5° colored, but showing less expired than 0 1 per cent aspirin, bayer1 4 after patent 129 5-130 5° colored, but showing less expired than 0 1 per cent aspirin, lehn 130 5-131 5° 0 1 per cent and fink2 aspirin, lehn 130 5-131 5° colored, but showing less and fink2 than 0 1 per cent aspirin, lehn 131 0-132 0° colored, but showing less and fink1 than 0 1 per cent 1 obtained on the open market 2 obtained from manufacturer 3 one-third of the capsules a contained a white powder. Two-thirds of the capsules b contained a pink powder having strong odor of acetic acid and not complying with the tests 4 not described in “new and nonofficial remedies, 1917”. The other products are other testsnew and nonofficial remedies, 1917, requires that acetylsalicylic acidshall form a clear solution with warm sodium carbonate solution.

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It is not customary to entertain the commander of a cruiser in the chart room " so they came into the saloon just as he came through the door he saw essay of us being hustled out of sight easy essay but said nothing shortly one of the ladies would shout down the alleyway. "oh, mrs so and so, won't you come to my room for a minute?. don't be frightened " all this for the benefit of the danish officer in the saloon in the meantime the danish chief officer was wandering around the igotz mendi, taking notice of all he saw while strolling through the bunkers, where our "temporary" warm place was, he noticed nita's "kewpie" doll lying where she had dropped it there were men standing around all through these quarters suddenly the officer turned on a man standing there and said. "you're not a german " the man answered saying.