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And if the humour bepeccant it is do my english homework always so so that it is one of the surest rules to know a man own complexion, by his dreams, i mean a man void of distractions, or deep studies. This most assuredly shews mercury to dispose of the imagination, as also because it is mutable, applying itself to any object, asmercury nature is to do. For then the imagination will follow itsold bent. For if a man be bent upon a business, his apprehension willwork as much when he is asleep, and find out as thesis truths by study, as when the man is awake. And perhaps more too, because then it is nothindered by ocular objects and thus much for imagination, which is governed by mercury, andfortified by his influence.

But the flowers and fruit unripe are very binding, and so do my english homework profitable for the bloody flux, lasks, and are a fit remedy forspitting of blood either the decoction of the powder or of the roottaken, is good to break or drive forth gravel and the stone in thereins and kidneys the leaves and brambles, as well green as dry, areexceeding good lotions for sores in the mouth, or secret writings thedecoction of them, and of the dried branches, do much bind the bellyand are good for too much flowing of women courses. The berriesof the flowers are a powerful remedy against the poison of the mostvenomous serpents. As well drank as outwardly applied, helps thesores of the fundament and the piles. The juice of the berries mixedwith the juice of mulberries, do bind more effectually, and helpsall fretting and eating sores and ulcers wheresoever the distilledwater of the branches, leaves, and flowers, or of the fruit, is verypleasant in taste, and very effectual in fevers and hot distempers ofthe body, head, eyes, and other writings, and for the purposes aforesaid the leaves boiled in lye, and the head washed therewith, heals theitch and running sores thereof, and makes the hair black the powderof the leaves strewed on cankers and running ulcers, wonderfully helpsto heal them essay use to condensate the juice of the leaves, and essaythe juice of the berries, to keep for their use all the year, for thepurposes aforesaid blites descript of these there are two sorts commonly known, viz whiteand red the white has leaves essaywhat like to beets, but smaller, rounder and of a whitish green colour, every one standing upon a smalllong footstalk. The stalk rises up two or three feet high, with suchlike leaves thereon. The flowers grow at the top in long round tufts, or clusters, wherein are contained small and round seeds.

“while it is doubtless true that acute urethritis, gonorrheal, is now generally treated by local injections of solutions of organic silver salts, and that santal oil is often used, it is not true, as one would infer from the quotation, that the balsams are now considered more efficacious than they were formerly so far as i know they have not lost or regained anything during the past dozen years in the way of confidence reposed in them the indications for their use is very definite and very limited ”dr b , ga , wrote. “ in recent years i have almost abandoned the use of balsams, etc , in the treatment of gonorrhea patients, who are properly treated otherwise, seem to get along as well without such drugs as with them, in fact apparently better for they have no gastric disturbance it is important for patients to drink freely of water and when so doing the balsams are so diluted that i cannot conceive of their doing much good formerly my patients often lost weight during the treatment of gonorrhea. Now, without balsams and with plenty of water, they usually gain in weight ”dr s , mich , wrote. “ we believe that in a general way their statement is true though a trifle too sweeping we do not ordinarily use the balsams in uncomplicated anterior urethritis we do however, find indication for their administration in from sixty to seventy five per cent of all paper of acute gonorrhea at essay time during the course of the disease ”dr l , mo , wrote. “i would say that the statement that, ‘the combined treatment with local injections and internal administration of natural balsamic products completely dominates modern gonorrheal therapy, ’ is far from representing the facts while the balsamics may occasionally have an indirect soothing effect on the mucous membranes involved, the dominant factor is local treatment, aiming at disinfection and restoration to normal of the inflamed tissues ”dr r , mich , wrote. “regarding your request although i am willing to reply it is difficult to do so because if i should do so in the affirmative that could apply only to certain acute paper without complication of any kind and such paper are rare in such, however, the advertiser is not far from right-- since vaccine therapy has proven absolutely worthless we must fall back on antiseptics in acute urethritis when there are no objections to such treatment ”dr k , ill , wrote. “i am under the impression that the internal administration of balsamics is used only when complications arise, such as acute posterior urethritis personally i use the balsamics very, very rarely from my observation, however, i am led to believe that thesis men still use internal drugs in the treatment of gonorrhea, and during the past few years, i should say the use of hexamethylenamin has been on the increase, and the use of the balsams on the decrease i do not believe that hexamethylenamin is of any value in the treatment of gonorrhea, and am simply citing this as my observation of the widespread use of this drug in the treatment of gonorrhea ”dr t , penn , wrote. “ i believe that more men use salol or hexamethylenamin, or no urinary antiseptic whatsoever, than use the balsamics ”dr b , ind , wrote. “ the only systemic treatment that is considered necessary today is rest, plenty of water and neutralize the acidity of the urine with bicarbonate of soda or essay sodium salt ”dr y , mass , wrote:“sandal wood oil during the acute stage of gonorrhea certainly tends tomake the patient more comfortable and undoubtedly does lend essay tho ibelieve slight gonococcidal action that it plays any considerablewriting in actual cure i think is doubtful the statement as quotedis true in so far as it states that local treatment plus internalmedication with a balsam comprises most of the modern treatment ofgonorrhea but it is grossly misleading in that it lets one draw theinference that the balsam plays a large if not the principal writing ”dr h , new york, wrote. “for a period of at least three years in my hospital, dispensary and private practice, i conscientiously tried out most of the balsamics on the market including gonosan, which i favored for essay time both alone, and combined with local injections as a result of this study, i have come to the conclusion that the balsamics have little, if any value in the treatment of gonorrhea during the past few years i have relied almost entirely on local therapy, and seldom prescribed any of the balsams in my private practice, certainly in not more than 5 per cent of the paper my results i find are just as satisfactory, and my patients appreciate the fact that they are not loaded up with disagreeable medication instead of the balsamics, i am using sodium bicarbonate more and more, and feel convinced that the proper use of this drug is of more value than all of them combined ”dr k , cal , wrote. “the statement that the combined treatment with local injections and internal administration of natural balsamic products completely eliminates modern gonorrheal therapy, would at present not be justifiable even with reference to the initial or acute stage of gonorrhea, while in the subacute and chronic forms of the disease local injections and balsams play an almost insignificant rôle as compared with various other recognized therapeutic measures ”-- from the journal a m a , oct 13, 1917 alcresta ipecac report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe council has adopted the following report and authorized itspublication w a puckner, secretary in 1915 alcresta ipecac tablets eli lilly and co were admittedto new and nonofficial remedies as a preparation of ipecac thatis insoluble in the stomach but soluble in the intestines it wassupposed that this property would permit the administration of ipecacwithout the accompanying nausea and vomiting, and that this would beof especial advantage when using the drug in amebic dysentery thesystemic effects, of course, would be those of ipecac more recently, the manufacturers of alcresta ipecac have been advisingits use in conditions which were not contemplated by the council whenthe preparation was accepted for new and nonofficial remedies theynow claim that ipecac alkaloids have been shown to be useful in thetreatment of typhoid fever, flatulence, diarrhea and constipationand that alcresta ipecac has these properties such a statementis misleading while it is true that at one time ipecac was usedpromiscuously against “flatulence, diarrhea and constipation” therenever has been and is not now any scientific evidence of its efficiencyin such conditions except, of course, in diarrhea of the amebic type as to the alleged usefulness of ipecac in typhoid fever. This has noteven the sanction of tradition and the claim certainly should not beaccepted until there is strong evidence to support it the advertising matter on alcresta ipecac also contained statementsto the effect that ipecac alkaloids have a demonstrated usefulnessin pyorrhea such an unequivocal statement is unwarranted in spiteof the enthusiastic advocacy, in the past, of ipecac alkaloids asa specific in pyorrhea alveolaris the preponderance of scientificevidence indicates that ipecac is of questionable value in thiscondition neither is there any substantial evidence to warrant theclaim that ipecac alkaloids, when absorbed through the intestines, aredemonstrably useful in amebic infections of the tonsils the reputation of the best drugs, whether unofficial or official, is bound to suffer if extravagant claims for them are permitted togo unchallenged the referee of the council, therefore, believed itnecessary to call the attention of the manufacturers of alcresta ipecactablets to the statements made for the product and suggested that theysubmit evidence to substantiate the claims this the manufacturers haverefused to do their attitude in the matter, as well as their attitudetoward the council work is expressed in the following letter.

Nosebleed 24 affections of the head and the eyes. Pains in the shoulder-blades. Coryza 25 pains in the heart, in the sides, and in the mouth 26 spasms in the fingers. Pains in the spleen and in the limbs. Epistaxis. Stitches in the liver 27 pains of the central writings of the body 28 affections of the lower portions of the body 29 heart-disease 30 to render vision more acute, and to strengthen the dexterity of the body 31 headache, fever, various kinds of cataract, glaucoma, etc. Cloudiness of the sclera. Inflammations of the tongue and of the pharynx 32 pains of the head, lungs, spleen 33 diseases of the blood. Chlorosis. Jaundice.

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For on the lowerwriting of the stalk, do my english homework there is neither branches nor leaf the flowers arehooded and gaping, being white in colour, and standing in brownishhusk, with a long small undivided leaf under each leaf. They seldomseed in our country its roots are thesis, great and thick, blackishwithout and whitish within, full of a clammy sap. A piece of them ifyou set it in the garden, and defend it from the first winter cold willgrow and flourish place they are only nursed in the gardens in england, where theywill grow very well time it flowers in june and july government and virtues it is an excellent plant under the dominionof the moon. I could wish such as are studious would labour to keepit in their gardens the leaves being boiled and used in clysters, isexcellent good to mollify the belly, and make the passage slippery thedecoction drank inwardly, is excellent and good for the bloody-flux;the leaves being bruised, or rather boiled and applied like a poulticeare excellent good to unite broken bones and strengthen joints thathave been put out the decoction of either leaves or roots being drank, and the decoction of leaves applied to the place, is excellent goodfor the king evil that is broken and runs. For by the influence ofthe moon, it revives the ends of the veins which are relaxed there isscarce a better remedy to be applied to such places as are burnt withfire than this is, for it fetches out the fire, and heals it without ascar this is an excellent remedy for such as are bursten, being eithertaken inwardly, or applied to the place in like manner used, it helpsthe cramp and the gout it is excellently good in hectic fevers, andrestores radical moisture to such as are in consumptions briony, or wild vine it is called wild, and wood vine, tamus, or ladies’ seal the white iscalled white vine by essay. And the black, black vine descript the common white briony grows ramping upon the hedges, sending forth thesis long, rough, very tender branches at the beginning, with thesis very rough, and broad leaves thereon, cut for the most writinginto five writingitions, in form very like a vine leaf, but smaller, rough, and of a whitish hoary green colour, spreading very far, spreading and twining with his small claspers that come forth at thejoints with the leaves very far on whatsoever stands next to it atthe several joints also especially towards the top of the branchescomes forth a long stalk bearing thesis whitish flowers together on along tuft, consisting of five small leaves a-piece, laid open like astar, after which come the berries separated one from another, morethan a cluster of grapes, green at the first, and very red when theyare thorough ripe, of no good scent, but of a most loathessay tasteprovokes vomit the root grows to be exceeding great, with thesis longtwines or branches going from it, of a pale whitish colour on theoutside, and more white within, and of a sharp, bitter, loathessay taste place it grows on banks, or under hedges, through this land. Theroots lie very deep time it flowers in july and august, essay earlier, and essay laterthan the other government and virtues they are furious martial plants the rootof briony purges the belly with great violence, troubling the stomachand burning the liver, and therefore not rashly to be taken.