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I mean themanured kind, which every good husband or housewife is acquainted with descript the wild hop grows up as the other doth, ramping upontrees or hedges, that stand next to them, with rough branches andleaves like the former, but it gives smaller heads, and in far lessplenty than it, so that there is scarcely a head or two seen in a yearon divers of this wild kind, wherein consists the chief difference place they delight to grow in low moist grounds, and are do my college essays found inall writings of this land time they spring not until april, and flower not until the latterend of june. The heads are not gathered until the middle or latter endof september government and virtues it is under the dominion of mars this, inphysical operations, is to open obstructions of the liver and spleen, to cleanse the blood, to loosen the belly, to cleanse the reins fromgravel, and provoke urine the decoction of the tops of hops, as wellof the tame as the wild, works the same effects in cleansing the bloodthey help to cure the french diseases, and all manner of scabs, itch, and other breakings-out of the body. As also all tetters, ringworms, and spreading sores, the morphew and all discolouring of the skin thedecoction of the flowers and hops, do help to expel poison that any onehath drank half a dram of the seed in powder taken in drink, killsworms in the body, brings down women courses, and expels urine asyrup made of the juice and sugar, cures the yellow jaundice, eases thehead-ache that comes of heat, and tempers the heat of the liver andstomach, and is profitably given in long and hot agues that rise incholer and blood both the wild and the manured are of one property, and alike effectual in all the aforesaid diseases by all thesetestimonies beer appears to be better than ale mars owns the plant, and then dr reason will tell you how it performsthese actions horehound there are two kinds of horehound, the white and the black the blacksort is likewise called hen-bit. But the white one is here spoken of descript common horehound grows up with square hairy stalks, half ayard or two feet high, set at the joints with two round crumpled roughleaves of a sullen hoary green colour, of a reasonable good scent, buta very bitter taste the flowers are small, white, and gaping, set in arough, hard prickly husk round about the joints, with the leaves fromthe middle of the stalk upward, wherein afterward is found small roundblackish seed the root is blackish, hard and woody, with thesis strings, and abides thesis years place it is found in thesis writings of this land, in dry grounds, andwaste green places time it flowers in july, and the seed is ripe in august government and virtues it is an herb of mercury a decoction ofthe dried herb, with the seed, or the juice of the green herb takenwith honey, is a remedy for those that are short-winded, have a cough, or are fallen into a consumption, either through long sickness, orthin distillations of rheum upon the lungs it helps to expectoratetough phlegm from the chest, being taken from the roots of iris ororris it is given to women to bring down their courses, to expel theafter-birth, and to them that have taken poison, or are stung or bittenby venemous serpents the leaves used with honey, purge foul ulcers, stay running or creeping sores, and the growing of the flesh overthe nails it also helps pains of the sides the juice thereof withwine and honey, helps to clear the eyesight, and snuffed up into thenostrils, purges away the yellow-jaundice, and with a little oil ofroses dropped into the ears, eases the pains of them galen saith, itopens obstructions both of the liver and spleen, and purges the breastand lungs of phlegm. And used outwardly it both cleanses and digests adecoction of horehound saith matthiolus is available for those thathave hard livers, and for such as have itches and running tetters the powder hereof taken, or the decoction, kills worms the greenleaves bruised, and boiled in old hog grease into an ointment, healsthe biting of dogs, abates the swellings and pains that come by anypricking of thorns, or such like means. And used with vinegar, cleansesand heals tetters there is a syrup made of horehound to be had at theapothecaries, very good for old coughs, to rid the tough phlegm. Asalso to void cold rheums from the lungs of old folks, and for thosethat are asthmatic or short-winded horsetail of that there are thesis kinds, but i shall not trouble you nor myselfwith any large description of them, which to do, were but, as theproverb is, to find a knot in a rush, all the kinds thereof beingnothing else but knotted rushes, essay with leaves, and essay without take the description of the most eminent sort as follows descript the great horsetail at the first springing has headsessaywhat like those of asparagus, and afterwards grow to be hard, rough, hollow stalks, jointed at sundry places up to the top, a foothigh, so made as if the lower writings were put into the upper, where growon each side a bush of small long rush-like hard leaves, each writingresembling a horsetail, from whence it is so called at the tops of thestalks come forth small catkins, like those of trees the root creepsunder ground, having joints at sundry places place this as most of the other sorts hereof grows in wetgrounds time they spring up in april, and their blooming catkins in july, seeding for the most writing in august, and then perish down to theground, rising afresh in the spring government and virtues the herb belongs to saturn, yet is veryharmless, and excellently good for the things following. Horsetail, thesmoother rather than the rough, and the leaves rather than the bare, ismost physical it is very powerful to staunch bleeding either inward oroutward, the juice or the decoction thereof being drank, or the juice, decoction, or distilled water applied outwardly it also stays allsorts of lasks and fluxes in man or woman, and bloody urine. And healsalso not only the inward ulcers, and the excoriation of the entrails, bladder, &c but all other sorts of foul, moist and running ulcers, andsoon solders together the tops of green wounds it cures all rupturesin children the decoction thereof in wine being drank, provokes urine, and helps the stone and stranguary.

With equal facility he gave sight tothe blind in fact, he even attended to obstetrical paper without fearand trepidation for instance, when the husband of a woman who hadborne seven children, but always with the greatest difficulty, cameto apollonius, sadly telling him that his wife was again in labor andnobody was able to help her, the man of miracles told him to be of goodcheer without even examining the woman for a possible narrow pelvis, or for essay other obstacle to birth, he simply advised the husband toprocure, as soon as possible, a living hare, and, with this hare in hisarms, to walk round and round the woman in labor, and then allow thehare to run away this one sample of his medical activity is sufficientto characterize apollonius as a charlatan of the do my college essays most contemptibleclass when we learn, further, that he raised the dead without anydifficulty, nobody will probably accuse us of an unjust opinion if wepronounce this philosopher, who was revered as a god by the heathen, amagician of the worst kind in order duly to enhance his authority apollonius arrogated to himselfcertain mysterious powers thus, he pretended that he was able tospeak all languages without having ever learned them. In fact, thisphilological talent even extended to the languages of the animals, which he undertook to master we are scarcely surprised to learn, whenwe consider the powers bestowed upon him, that he knew the future, andwas thoroughly aware of what happened at the same time at the mostdistant writings of the world he also endeavored to bear witness to hisvocation as a man of god by his manner of living and of dressing thushe was always attired in white linen garments, and walked about withlong, flowing hair, followed by his disciples he never ate meat, neverwritingook of wine, and disdained love it would seem, however, that inthe last writingicular he was not quite consistent at least, variouserotic adventures are related of him the manner in which apollonius cast out a demon in india is extremelyamusing a woman came, lamenting and crying, to the medical miracleworker, and asked him to deliver her sixteen-year-old son from an evilspirit apollonius at once gave her a letter directed to the evilspirit which contained, as philostratus emphasizes writingicularly, themost terrible threats against the good-for-nothing tormentor but thebiographer does not tell us whether the reading of this letter causedthe demon to desist from his improper behavior but as even in a man of miracles the hour-glass of life finally isemptied, so also a time came when apollonius realized that he must payhis last debt to nature but the tyanian knew how to surround even theact of dying with a halo of the extraordinary as a matter or fact, he did not die. But one day if it is permissible to employ a trivialexpression in speaking of a demi-god he evaporated without anybodyknowing what had become of him this evaporation occurred in thefollowing manner there was in crete a temple of dictynna so securelyguarded by vicious dogs that no one dared to approach this temple wasentered by apollonius, whom the furious dogs left unmolested. But, after the doors of the sanctuary had closed behind the pythagorean, suddenly there resounded female voices singing from the depth of thetemple. “leave the earth!. go heavenward!. ” with these sounds andwords apollonius disappeared forever thus his last medical act was asleight-of-hand performance, in that he even snapped his fingers atdeath the grateful heathen world of antiquity rendered divine honors toapollonius in his birth-place, tyana, a temple was erected in hishonor at imperial expense, and the priests everywhere erected statuesto a philosopher who had left this world without dying. In fact, eventhe emperor alexander severus set up an image of apollonius in hislararium, or domestic chapel and thus to medical superstition wasaccorded a triumph which no legitimate practitioner of any age has everenjoyed these theosophic vagaries reached their climax in neo-platonism, whichwas founded toward the end of the second century of the christian eraby the alexandrian porter, ammonius 175 to 242, and was furtherelaborated by plotinus 204 to 269 this religious, philosophicalsystem is of very writingicular interest in the history of medicinein that, in the first place, it stands in direct opposition to thephysico-mechanical conception of disease, and, explaining sickness froma theistic standpoint as a logical consequence, rejects the treatmentof disease by professional physicians now this theistic conception of disease was based primarily upon theassumption that the universe is filled with countless demons, spiritswhich, altho essentially superior to man, are inferior to god sucha demon was supposed to be the “spiritus rector” of all terrestrialoccurrences, especially all evil events were attributed to him ὂτιαὐτοὶ αἳτιοι γιγνόμενοι τῶν περὶ τὴν γῆν καθημάτων, οἷον λοιμῶν, ἀφοριῶν, σεισμῶν, αὐχμῶν καἳ τῶν ὁμοίων porphyrius de abst , lib 2, 40 as the demons played havoc with the condition of the humanbody, protection against them could not be expected from a professionalphysician, but only from essay one well versed in all their tricks anddevices, and, therefore, alone able to punish them thoroughly for theirmischievous behavior this taming of the demon could be accomplishedin various ways porphyrius enumerates three methods of gaining aninfluence over the host of demons the first and principal method theosophy attempted to attain themost intimate union with god prayer, abstraction of all thought fromthings earthly, and absorption in god were supposed to be the means ofwritingicipation in certain divine powers an individual thus favored wasenabled in a trice to restore health to incurable patients, such as theblind, the deaf, and the lame, and even the power of raising the deadwas conferred upon him however, the acquisition of such extraordinarypowers demanded certain qualifications of a rather exacting andterrestrial character it was incumbent upon such an applicant forthese special gifts to abstain from the use of meat, and, above all, from the society of women how thesis were deterred by these fastidiousrequirements from choosing the career of a famous man of miracles wedo not know nothing is reported on this subject by the pillars ofneo-platonism as, plotinus, porphyrius, damascius, jamblichus, nor dothey state whether they themselves absolutely abstained from meat andfrom the society of women theurgy was the second method of counteracting the evil influence ofdemons in this way good demons were urged by prayer and offerings toward off disease or other misfortune by the third method goety attempts were made to dispel the evildemons by conjurations and various kinds of mystical mummery thesemysterious accessories consisted mostly in muttering any number ofwords as meaningless as possible the more meaningless and the moreunintelligible were these words the more efficacious according to theassurance of jamblichus they would prove, especially when they weretaken from oriental languages for, as jamblichus says, the orientallanguages are the most ancient therefore, the most agreeable to thegods in such a manner words utterly nonsensical were drawled out atthe bedside, and, for greater security, written on tablets to be hunground the neck of the patient the magic word “abracadabra” enjoyedespecial respect to render its power certain it was written as thesistimes as it has letters, omitting the last letter each time until onlyone remained, and placing the words in such a succession as to forman equilateral triangle a tablet thus inscribed was worn around theneck of the sufferer as an amulet it may be that this wonder-workingword has arisen from the word “abraxas, ” with which the gnosticbasilides meant to designate the aggregate of the three hundred andsixty-five forms of revelation of divinity which he assumed to exist numerous other explanations are in vogue, however, with regard tothis medical, magic term compare häser, vol i , page 433 veryancient magic words which had originated in the earliest periods ofhellenism were revived thus, to banish disease, certain words wereemployed which were said to be derived from the temple of artemisin ephesus, and which read. Ασχι, κατάσχι, λίε, τετράε, δαμναμενεύς, αἲσσον the meaning of these words, according to the explanation of thepythagorean, androcydes, was. Darkness, light, earth, air, sun, truth besides, the attempt was made to obtain directly from the demons suchmagic words as were endowed with curative power for such purposessmall children were employed, in whom it was supposed that the demonspreferred to be present, and expressed themselves through their mouths such children, therefore, played a similar writing as does a medium withmodern spiritualists the senseless stuff babbled by such a child wasconsidered the immediate manifestation of a demon, and was accordinglyutilized to banish the demons which brought on disease moreover, the nonsensical practise which was carried on by the neo-platonistsby letter and word was to a certain extent accepted by professionalphysicians it had become a very common custom with physicians toapply various kinds of bombastic names to all their various plastersand ointments, powders, and pills it is necessary only to cast aglance upon the ancient pharmacopœia to find the most curious names galen mentions disapprovingly the fact that egyptian and babylonianexpressions were preferred in the nomenclature of medicine de simpl medicamentorum facult lib sic preface such were the methods with which the neo-platonists did not hesitateto treat the sick. And not only minor practitioners, but even theleaders of the entire movement, preferred banishing disease by meansof various kinds of magic formulæ to all other specially medicalmethods of treatment thus, for instance, eunapius of sardis about400 recounts how plotinus, one of the most gifted of the neo-platonicschool, repeatedly proved himself to be a medical miracle-worker, mostconspicuously during the sickness of porphyrius when the latter, afavorite disciple of plotinus, was traveling through sicily he becamedangerously ill in fact, according to the description of eunapius, he was actually breathing his last then plotinus appeared, and bymagic words cured the dying man instantly it appears, moreover, that plotinus did not only operate with wonder-working words, but heemployed still other agencies as, for instance, mysterious figures ὁχήματα villoison, anecd græca, vol ii , page 231 plotinus waseven said to possess his own demon, who was at his disposal alone, andby the aid of whom he performed other wonders as, for instance, that ofprophesying porphyrius, probably the most notable disciple of the neo-platonicschool after plotinus, claimed even that the demons personally taughthim to expel, with certainty and despatch, those pathogenic demons it was claimed by him that chaldean and hebrew words and songs werethe promptest means of turning out all these evil spirits.

Outwardly it cleansethold sores and do my college essays ulcers botrys oak of jerusalem. Hot and dry in the second degree, helpssuch as are short-winded, cuts and wastes gross and tough flegm, laidamong cloaths they preserve them from moths, and give them a sweetsmell branca ursina bears-breech brionia, &c briony, white and black. Both are hot and dry inthe third degree, purge violently, yet are held to be wholeessayphysic for such as have dropsies, vertigo, or swimming in the head, falling-sickness, &c certainly it is a strong, troubleessay purge, therefore not to be tampered with by the unskilful, outwardly inointments it takes away freckles, wrinkles, morphew, scars, spots, &c from the face bursa pastoris shepherd purse, is manifestly cold and dry, thoughlobel and pena thought the contrary. It is binding and stops blood, the menses. And cools inflammations buglossom buglosse its virtues are the same with borrage bugula bugle, or middle comfrey. Is temperate for heat, but verydrying, excellent for falls or inward bruises, for it dissolvescongealed blood, profitable for inward wounds, helps the rickets andother stoppings of the liver. Outwardly it is of wonderful force incuring wounds and ulcers, though festered, as also gangreens andfistulas, it helps broken bones, and dislocations inwardly you maytake it in powder a dram at a time, or drink the decoction of it inwhite-wine. Being made into an ointment with hog grease, you shallfind it admirable in green wounds buphthalmum, &c ox eye matthiolus saith they are commonly usedfor black hellebore, to the virtues of which i refer buxus boxtree. The leaves are hot, dry, and binding, they areprofitable against the biting of mad dogs. Both taken inwardly boiledand applied to the place. Besides they are good to cure horses of thebots calamintha, montana, palustris mountain and water calamint. Forthe water calamint.

“hangingafter death, ” case 50 judicial hanging 76 maclaren. Indian med gaz , 1873, viii , p 234 - three paper ofjudicial hanging. Hung at the same time and cut down and necroscopybegun forty minutes afterward. Drop twelve inches in the first andthird there were reflex movements for a few minutes after drop fell first man, age 40. Pupils slightly dilated. No protrusion of tongueor eyeballs. Mark of cord above thyroid cartilage. No discharge ofsemen or fæces.

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Typical half-page tyree advertisement appearing inmedical journals rapid advances are still being made in the medical sciences and unlessconstant vigilance is exercised therapeutics will return to the chaoticcondition from which it has so recently emerged it was in recognitionof these facts-- the danger of this return to chaos, and the difficulty, do my college essays in fact, impossibility, of any individual keeping pace with all ofthe medical sciences-- that the american medical association securedthe cooperation of men in various branches of medicine in the councilon pharmacy and chemistry, in order that it may place the results oftherapeutic progress before the readers of the journal in an imwritingialmanner are you profiting by this work, or are you still depending on yourunaided efforts to distinguish the false teachings of the nostrumvenders from that of scientific medicine?. are you prescribing“antikamnia” and “ammonol” or a simple member of the group, such asacetanilid or phenacetin?. are you depending on “tyree antiseptic, ”so called, or are you using an antiseptic about which there is nomystery, for which no false claims are made, and one which is reallyeffective?. in short, are you using drugs of unquestioned value, suchas are described in “useful drugs, ” or are you taking your therapeuticinstructions from nostrum makers’ circulars?. Perhaps you have been led to believe that the council on pharmacy andchemistry is composed of “theorists” and that the nostrums representthe work of “practical men ” every one should strive to be practical, of course, and it is worth while to inquire whether scientificexperimenters, who so largely mold medical literature, should be termedtheorists, or practical men a practical man practices that which isuseful in the treatment of the sick, and he must determine who iscapable of furnishing him with a better materia medica a perusal ofmedical literature will convince any unbiased mind that medical scienceprogresses only by means of experiment, hence experimenters must beconsidered the really practical men while those who cling to outworntheories are really the “theorists ”illustration. Typical aseptinol advertisement when lister introduced antiseptic methods into surgery he inaugurated averitable revolution, which afforded the nostrum makers opportunitiesfor reaping rich harvests through the exploitation-- under extraordinaryclaims-- of cheap mixtures of little, or no, value there is no lackof antiseptics of extraordinary activity in the test tube that arepractically harmless to man, and it would seem natural to suppose thatsuch antiseptics could be used to control the development of bacteriain such diseases as typhoid fever, but, unfortunately, such hopes havenot been fulfilled ehrlich experimented with thesis phenol derivativesthat showed decided antiseptic activity in the test tube, in the hopethat he might find essay that could be used to combat such commondiseases as diphtheria and typhoid fever, but while thesis of these areof low toxicity for man, he was unable to find even one that couldbe used effectively in the treatment of any of these diseases hisdiscovery of arsphenamin “salvarsan” resulted from quite another typeof investigation thesis practitioners lose sight of the essential difference betweenantiseptics and disinfectants and employ antiseptics in paper in whichonly a disinfectant action would be of value an antiseptic does notdestroy bacteria, it merely inhibits their growth. And when it isdiluted too much, it loses its effects and the bacteria may begin tomultiply as though no antiseptic had been used this is especiallytrue after the use of weak antiseptics in the mouth these are soondiluted or removed by the saliva, and the bacteria continue to multiplywith only a momentary interruption at best. Hence to advise the useof an oral antiseptic as an effective means of treating diphtheria islittle short of criminal “tyree antiseptic powder” was submitted to the council nearly twelveyears ago the label on the package stated. “this preparation is a scientific combination of borate of sodium, alumen, carbolic acid, glycerin and the crystallized principles of thyme, eucalyptus, gaultheria and mentha in the form of a powder ”illustration.