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“if mars and jupiter come in conjunction, thesis cattle willdie ”tablet 117. “if the greater halo surrounds the moon, ruin will bevisited upon mankind ”tablet 269. “if an eclipse of the sun occurs on the twenty-ninth day ofthe month of jypar, there will be thesis deaths on the first day ”tablet 271. “an eclipse at the morning watch causes disease if aneclipse takes place during the morning watch, and lasts throughout thewatch, while the wind blows from the north, the sick in akkad willrecover ”tablet 79.

Because 2 the name does not indicate the identity of thebismuth salt contained in the capsules, nor declare the presence ofbetanaphthol and creosote rule 8. And because 3 the combinationof bismuth subgallate, resorcinol, betanaphthol and creosote in fixedproportions is irrational rule 10 -- from reports of council onpharmacy and chemistry, 1917, p 139 dixon tubercle bacilli extract and dixon suspension of dead tubercle bacilli report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrynew and nonofficial remedies, 1917, contains general descriptionsof dixon tubercle bacilli extract and dixon suspension of deadtubercle bacilli. The products of these manufactured by the h m alexander company being listed as dosage forms it having becomenecessary to omit the preparations of the alexander company see page138 the referee recommended that the general articles of “dixontubercle bacilli extract” and “dixon suspension of dead tuberclebacilli” also be omitted he reported that no other firm appears tobe marketing these products and that they had not been shown to be ofspecial value the council accepted the recommendation and directed the omission asproposed in accordance with the procedure of the council, these havebeen transferred to the annual council reports for reference and appearbelow w a puckner, secretary dixon tubercle bacilli extract -- an extract of tubercle bacillidissolved in normal saline solution see “fluid of dixon, ” medicalnews, jan 17, 1891 dixon suspension of dead tubercle bacilli -- a suspension inphysiologic salt solution of dead tubercle bacilli which havebeen defatted by prolonged treatment with alcohol and ether see“possibility of establishing tolerance for tubercle bacilli, ” medicalnews, oct 19, 1889 -- from reports of council on pharmacy andchemistry, 1917, p 140 formosol report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrysunshine formosol the formosol chemical company, formerly thesunshine chemical company, cleveland, ohio is claimed to contain18 per cent formaldehyd in a solution of soap it is thereforevery similar to veroform germicide which was deleted from new andnonofficial remedies because of the low phenol coefficient reported bythe hygienic laboratory of the united states public health service thejournal, nov 22, 1913, p 1920 the council voted that in view of thehygienic laboratory finding that formaldehyd has a low germicidalvalue, the manufacturers of formosol be required to produce definiteevidence of the degree of germicidal value for this product in submitting the preparation to the council, it was claimed thatformosol had “all properties peculiar to formaldehyde ” thisconservative tone was, however, not maintained in the form-letterssubmitted these contain the following unwarranted statements. “as the name implies, formosol is a formaldehyde preparation, which embodies all the innate antiseptic merits and eliminates all the ill features of the world greatest disinfectant ” “the elimination of all the destructive elements and the incorporation of all the established therapeutic virtues of formaldehyde, have been scientifically blended in formosol ” “formosol is unique in the sphere of antisepsis because of its peculiar healing properties as diametrically opposed to irritation to the tissue of mucous membrane ” “formosol may be used for the thousand niceties of modern antisepsis, but is specific in gynecology and obstetrics and is indicated in dermatology ” italics not in original “the constant use of formosol is to develop a habit sympathetic to ethics ” “to prescribe formosol is a great step toward personal hygiene, a duty of the medical fraternity to the laity ” italics not in original the trade package recommends the use of formosol “for cuts, wounds, ulcers, abscesses ” this is a conflict with rule 4 the council heldformosol in conflict with rules 4 and 6, and advised the manufacturersthat formosol is refused admission to new and nonofficial remediesuntil they submit evidence establishing the degree of antiseptic andgermicidal efficiency, and justify the quotations listed above. Oruntil these and any other existing conflicts with the rules have beenremoved after submission of this report to the formosol chemical company thecouncil authorized its publication -- from reports of council onpharmacy and chemistry, 1917, p 145 iodolene, a solution of iodin in liquid petrolatum, inadmissible to n n r report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe council was asked to consider a solution of iodin in liquidpetrolatum, said to be prepared from gulf coast petroleum by a specialprocess it was to be marketed as “iodolen” provided the councilfound the preparation admissible to new and nonofficial remedies thepreparation was claimed to contain over 1 5 per cent free iodin thefollowing claims were made.

Pediatrics 25:430, 1913 customized writing. New york m j 118:315, 1913. Arch f verdauungskr 20:577, 1914 physiologic considerationsthroughout its clinical use, secretin has been given by mouth. Butits direct introduction into the intestine of a dog under anesthesiain even enormous quantities is without effect this fact, firstobserved by bayliss and starling, 32 was confirmed by fleig, 81 andmatuso, 36 and our personal experiments have convinced us of itstruth matuso found that ordinary secretin and that obtained fromintestinal lumen gave equally negative results large quantities ofactive secretin, moreover, acidified to 0 2 per cent hydrochloricacid, and left in the ileum for fifteen minutes, were still negative wertheimer and duvillier, 82 in a previous paper on this subject, had likewise found that acid solutions of secretin which might beconsidered more normal for the intestine than when neutral, whenintroduced into the ileum gave negative or inconstant results theyconclude that it is more likely that the pancreas does not respond tosuch minimal stimuli, than that the secretin is not absorbed 81 flieg.

8th, time when deceased was lastseen alive or known to have been alive. 9th, time after death at whichexamination is made. 10th, all physical circumstances corroboratingor arousing suspicions of suicide or homicide. 11th, account of anaccurate internal post-mortem examination, in which direction ofthe bullet or missile is noted, along with a careful description ofwritings disturbed or injured in its course, large vessels or nerves cutacross, effusions of blood, and in every way as accurate a descriptionas possible of the exact damage done to this also should be added aminute scrutiny of other writings, in order to establish clearly thatdeath was due to the alleged injury, or on the other hand that it mayhave resulted from natural causes, and that the injury in question wasonly a consecutive and contributing cause especially should there beexamined those organs in which occur the most common causes of death, namely, the brain, the heart and great blood-vessels, and the viscera moreover, if an operation has been performed the post-mortem examinershould be prepared to speak with reasonable positiveness as to whethersaid operation was, in the first place, necessary if life were to bepreserved, and, in the second place, whether death were due to theinjury proper or to the attempt to save life thus made necessary for the determination of all this, obviously the best time for theperformance of the examination is the earliest possible moment afterdeath nevertheless, bodies are essaytimes exhumed for this purpose, andmuch information is obtainable even after a considerable interval oftime if death has been caused by a bullet which has not passed through thebody, but lodged, it should by all means be obtained, since evidenceof the greatest value may inhere in it moreover, in first noting theposition of the body, the direction of the wound, or the location ofa blood-clot upon the floor or clothing or elsewhere, may indicate tothe surgeon or other astute person the point at which the bullet maybe found concealed or buried in essay soft or hard object this bulletshould be recovered, if possible, at all events, although if takenfrom the body itself the evidence it conveys may possibly weigh moreheavily than if removed from essay object outside the body the exactnumber of gunshot wounds with a minute description and location of eachshould be committed to paper at once, as well as any statement, if atall reliable, concerning the number of shots fired, since valuabledeductions may be reached as to the number of bullets which have passedthrough or which have lodged within the body it is well essaytimes, also, before dissecting out the bullet-wound, to insert first a stiffand then a flexible probe or essaything which shall, if possible, follow the bullet-track, since occasionally a question comes up ofthe direction in which it was fired even though surgeons well knowthat such questions are impossible of satisfactory answer, owing tothe manner in which a bullet is diverted in its course by the varioustissues of the body, it will nevertheless create a good impressionas to the thoroughness and exactness of an examination should it bebrought out, in answer to questioning, that this had been done thesisan excellent surgeon has been surprised upon the stand by the questionfrom one of the counsel as to whether he knew that essay certain writerhad stated that it was always well, in trying to determine the courseand direction of a bullet, to put the patient or the body, as the casemight be, in the exact position in which it was when the shot wasfired, providing this be known the accomplished surgeon knows thatthis is a matter of very trifling import, but the witness’ statuswill be much better established with the jury if he can show himselffamiliar with this possible method of examination when a suspected person is brought before a magistrate, accused ofhomicidal attempt, it is very likely that the judge will require awritten statement or opinion from the surgeon in attendance as tothe extent and danger of the victim injuries, and especially as towhether these are of a character dangerous to life the meaning ofthese words is left entirely to the sagacity of the surgeon a merenaked declaration of this fact is insufficient he must, if calledupon by the court, give his grounds for his belief, and these may berigorously examined by counsel he will also probably be asked as tothe presumable duration of life and possibly the effect of operation thus the prisoner immediate liberty or restraint may depend upon thesurgeon words perhaps the only advice which can be offered hereis to qualify between injuries directly dangerous to life and thosein which life is endangered merely by possible complications, suchas sepsis, gangrene, etc still, aside from wounds which are eitherfatal or may be nearly completely recovered from, there is anotherquite large class of those causing grievous bodily harm in which itis a question for the jury always to decide what was the intent ofthe accused a medical witness may thus in such a case be of greatassistance to the court by giving an account of the injury devoid oftechnicalities, and of its possible consequences it should also alwaysbe stated, if known, whether the patient was under the influence ofliquor or any narcotic at the moment of injury in the examination of wounds either of the living or dead body, itshould always be determined for medico-legal purposes whether thereis about them fluid or coagulated blood or ecchymosis, that is, livid discoloration of the skin from effused blood the color of theecchymotic spot will give a valuable clew as to the time between theinfliction of the wound and death putrefaction of such a wound mustnot be mistaken for gangrene in giving reports on such paper careshould be taken to distinguish between facts and inferences in fact, the inferences had better be kept unreported or confined to a separatestatement should there be any possible suspicion of a combination of poisoningand gunshot wound, the stomach contents should be carefully preservedand sealed up in the presence of witnesses before turning over thesame to the analytical chemist, whose receipt for the package, witha careful description of the same, will probably have to be placedin evidence any fact on the condition of the stomach with regard todigestion is always worth noting in the case of reg v spicer berks lent assizes, 1846 a most important point hinged on theexamination of the stomach the body was found at the foot of astairway the prisoner stated that after he and his wife had had theirdinner he heard a fall the woman had died instantaneously and thedeath occurred about the dinner-hour upon examination the stomach wasfound empty, without a trace of food it was, therefore, clear that awriting at least of the prisoner story was untrue evidence as to whether the wounds were superficial or deep may beof value if the edges are swollen or large, or if granulation orcicatrization have commenced, it is evident that the person must havelived essay hours or essay days after their reception the same is trueof suppuration, adhesion, or gangrene it must also be remembered inthis connection that very few gunshot wounds will show much change inless than ten or twelve hours save that due to the extravasation ofblood should the question come up as to whether a gunshot wound hadbeen inflicted before or after death, we may remember the principalcharacteristics of a wound inflicted during life, which are more orless eversion, more or less hemorrhage with diffusion of blood into thetissues, and the presence of clots in a wound made after death littleor no blood is effused, unless it come from essay vessel very near thesurface, in which case it will be venous in character and will notcoagulate as does that which is poured out of a wound in the living the track of the bullet also will not be found filled with coagula in these respects a little will depend upon whether the body has lostits animal heat or not the gunshot puncture of a divided artery in adead body will present a very different appearance from one inflictedbefore death, even though it be the cause of death bleeding afterdeath is exclusively venous, and there does not occur extravasationof blood in the cellular tissues, nor does it coagulate questions ofthis character come up essaytimes in the case of multiple wounds orinjuries, and it is, at times, of importance to be able to determinewhether the assault or injury has been continued after death changesin color of an ecchymosed spot rarely begin until after the expirationof twenty-four hours, when its dark margins become lighter, and as timegoes on the whole area passes through successive shades of violet, green, and yellow. Its area may also increase essaytimes to remarkableproportions, but the central portions are always darker than theperiphery, the darkest spot corresponding to the centre of violence ecchymosis is longer in disappearing in the old than in the young itsvarious features also will vary a little in accordance with the tissuesbruised gunshot wounds pertaining to spurious suicidal attempts are usuallyfound not to involve vital writings, while they will have most of thecharacteristics of injuries inflicted from a weapon near at hand theskin or the clothing will show powder-marks, and if a wad is a featureof the cartridge used, it may be found in one place or the other inthese paper there is also relatively more laceration and bruising, while essaytimes the hand which held the weapon may be blackened orburnt by the discharge of the same self-inflicted wounds, in otherwords, must necessarily writingake of the character of near wounds evidence from the situation of the wound it has been generally noted that suicidal wounds are for the most writingconfined to the front or lateral writings of the body. Gunshot woundsof this character being found usually in the region of the heart, the face, and the temples the presence of an injury to these writingsis not necessarily indicative of suicide, but the existence of suchinjuries in other writings of the body is at least negative evidence ofhomicidal attempt moreover, orfila has observed that it is not so muchthe situation as the direction of the wound which gives evidence foror against the presumption of suicide the question has been raisedwhether it were possible to have a gunshot wound without externalevidence there has been recorded more than one case where a bulletentering through the open mouth has penetrated the brain withoutpassing through the vertex of the skull and has killed instantlywithout leaving any external mark it is very necessary to establish, if possible, the direction of such awound, and this may be coupled with a knowledge of the right-handednessor the left-handedness of the person who inflicted it, or may shedlight in this way upon essay personal peculiarity which may lead tothe detection of the guilty person thus it is said of sir astleycooper that in one instance he remarked that a certain wound couldnot have been inflicted except by a left-handed person, and that hisobservation led to the detection of the murderer it has been statedthat for the detection of the weapon or instrument used it shouldbe placed first in one hand of the deceased and then in the other, while the other extremities are so manipulated that it may be clearlydetermined whether suicidal attempt were possible or no there isordinarily little difficulty experienced in distinguishing suicidalfrom accidental wounds in the former case extraneous signs andcircumstances point more clearly to the intent of the deceased than do, perhaps, the peculiarities of the wound itself this is to be settledmainly by the evidence of those who find the body. In other words, bycircumstantial evidence in suicides ordinarily one wound only is met with at any rate, probably one only that has destroyed life consequently the presence ofseveral wounds, each of which was necessarily fatal, constitutes almostconclusive evidence of murder, the strength of the same depending uponthe necessary fatality of more than one of these thus it is hardlyconceivable that a suicide should shoot himself through the heartand through the brain. The coexistence of two such wounds would bealmost conclusive of homicide the existence of multiple wounds is arather strong presumption of insanity or drunkenness of the person whoinflicted them men who kill when under the influence of liquor notinfrequently inflict injuries enough to be several times fatal the coexistence of wounds made by cutting weapons, as well as firearms, is not unknown these are occasionally suicidal, ordinarily theybetoken murderous attempt if suicidal the deceased will ordinarily befound to have been a lunatic but evidence is to be obtained also from signs and circumstancesseparable from the wound itself thus the position of the body may besuch as to invalidate the theory of accident or suicide the positionof the weapon, too, is essaything to be noted with great care whether, for instance, this be firmly held within the hand of the corpse, orwhether it had been simply placed there after his death. Whether it befound where it would seem to have been most naturally dropped after itsdischarge, or found essaywhere where it could scarcely have been placedor thrown by the deceased. Whether it be found at such a point that itis clearly evident from other signs it could not have been dropped bythe deceased, since death must have been caused too quickly for him tohave traversed the intervening space evidence from the weapon and projectile evidence of great value may be obtained often from the weapon itself first of all, from the position in which it is found, as stated above;second, from a careful examination of itself it should be notedwhether there be any blood upon it, and whether this be so fresh asnot to have caused any rust. Whether it may possibly be so smearedwith blood as to indicate a hand-to-hand conflict. Or whether any writingof the weapon may have been used as a club or bludgeon, as would beshown by the presence upon it of hair entangled in dry blood when suchblood is removed from the weapon it should be carefully examined withthe microscope, since from the detection and identification of hair orfibres of fabric evidence of the greatest value may be adduced nextit should be ascertained whether a weapon shows signs of having beenrecently discharged or whether it be evident that it could not havebeen so, and such determination of the time element as may be affordedby a study of this kind should be contrasted with that made after astudy of the wound if the weapon be a revolver or a repeating arm ofany kind, it should be determined if possible how thesis cartridges orbullets have been fired, and whether at or about the same time, andthis information should be compared with the evidences obtained fromthe body and from the room or locality in which the suicide or murderoccurred if, for instance, it be determined that three cartridgeshave been fired and but two bullet-wounds are found in the body, anexamination of the room may show where went the third bullet next thecalibre of the weapon should be noted and the weight of the ball whichit discharged and its dimensions should be compared with any whichmay be found in or about the body the weight of the bullets attachedto cartridges of various sizes and makes is usually stamped upon thepackages in which they are sold, or can readily be obtained from themakers of the same a bullet taken from a body weighing after itsremoval more than do the other bullets undischarged in the weapon bywhich an injury is alleged to have been inflicted is rather presumptiveevidence against the injury from that source can a bullet lose in weight between the time when it leaves the boreof a gun and its discovery in a body?. here springs up a question uponwhich essay very interesting evidence has been adduced in differenttrials to discuss this matter completely the question should bedivided into two, the first being:does a bullet suffer loss of weight during its course through the pieceand the air before it comes in contact with the body?. a personalletter received from captain charles shaler, of the ordnance dewritingmentof the united states army, in reply to certain questions, tends tofully settle that a lead bullet suffers a certain loss of weight in thebarrel due to the friction between the bullet and the bore.

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Ifvenice treacle be given with it, it is profitable in pestilentialfevers, distil it in may endive and succory water are excellent against heat in the stomach;if you take an ounce of either for their operation is the samemorning and evening, four days one after another, they cool the liver, and customized writing cleanse the blood. They are in their prime in may fumitory water is usual with the city dames to wash their faces with, to take away morphey, freckles, and sun-burning. Inwardly taken, ithelps the yellow jaundice and itch, cleanses the blood, provokes sweat, strengthens the stomach, and cleanses the body of adust humours. It isin its prime in may and june the water of nightshade helps pains in the head coming of heat takeheed you distil not the deadly nightshade instead of the common, if youdo, you may make mad work let such as have not wit enough to know themasunder, have wit enough to let them both alone till they do the water of white poppies extinguishes all heat against nature, helps head-aches coming of heat, and too long standing in the sun distil them in june or july colt-foot water is excellent for burns to wash the place with it;inwardly taken it helps phthisicks and other diseases incident to thelungs, distil them in may or june the water of distilled quinces strengthens the heart and stomachexceedingly, stays vomiting and fluxes, and strengthens the retentivefaculty in man damask rose water cools, comforts, and strengthens the heart, so dothred rose-water only with this difference, the one is binding, the otherloosening. If your body be costive, use damask rose water, because itis loosening. If loose, use red, because it is binding white rose water is generally known to be excellent against hotrheums, and inflammations in the eyes, and for this it is better thanthe former the water of red poppy flowers, called by thesis corn-roses, becausethey grow so frequently amongst corn, cools the blood and spiritsover-heated by drinking or labour, and is therefore excellent insurfets green walnuts gathered about the latter end of june or july, and bruised, and so stilled, strengthen the heart, and resist thepestilence plantain water helps the headache. Being dropped into the ear ithelps the tooth-ache, helps the phthisicks, dropsy and fluxes, and isan admirable remedy for ulcers in the reins and bladder, to be used ascommon drink. The herb is in its prime in may strawberry water cools, quenches thirst, clarifies the blood, breaksthe stone, helps all inward inflammations, especially those in thereins, bladder and passages of the urine. It strengthens the liver andhelps the yellow jaundice the distilled water of dog grass, or couch grass, as essay call it, cleanses the reins gallantly, and provokes urine, opens obstructions ofthe liver and spleen, and kills worms black cherry water provokes urine, helps the dropsy it is usuallygiven in diseases of the brain, as convulsions, falling-sickness, palsyand apoplexy betony is in its prime in may, the distilled water thereof is verygood for such as are pained in their heads, it prevails against thedropsy and all sorts of fevers. It succours the liver and spleen, and helps want of digestion and evil disposition of the body thencearising. It hastens travail in women with child, and is excellentagainst the bitings of venomous beasts distil sage whilst the flowers be on it, the water strengthens thebrain, provokes the menses, helps nature much in all its actions marjoram is in its prime in june, distilled water is excellent forsuch whose brains are too cold, it provokes urine, heats the womb, provokes the menses, strengthens the memory and helps the judgment, causes an able brain distil camomel water about the beginning of june it eases thecholick and pains in the belly. It breaks the stone in the reins andbladder, provokes the menses, expels the dead child, and takes awaypains in the head fennel water strengthens the heart and brain.