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Rather quiet custom essays buy one get one free during next two hours morning of vii 1 19, lies on stomach. Quiet. Does not eat very much pain reflexes good vii 2 19, still depressed. Does not eat appears normal, vii 3 19 experiment 6 -- 12 5 c c.

Antimony would probablybe likewise reduced the precipitated mercury was transferred bywater, and concentrated nitric acid added the nitric acid solutionis boiled to oxidize all mercurous nitrate to mercuric nitrate asmall white precipitate was obtained at this point which seemed to beinsoluble in aqua regia calcium sulphate the filtrate from thisprecipitate, which was washed well, was tested with one or two dropsof dilute hydrochloric acid and a faint precipitate formed. This wasfiltered off through extra fine filter paper and washed repeatedly thepaper and precipitate was heated with potassium cyanid solution overnight, filtered and the filtrate electrolyzed in a platinum dish theincrease in weight of the dish was 0 00018 gm , or 0 001 per cent intothe platinum dish essay nitric acid was poured, then diluted, and a dropof hydrochloric acid added a turbidity was produced which cleared onthe addition of excess of ammonium hydroxid solution silver thefiltrate from the nitric acid treatment was electrolyzed, this time ina platinum dish, and the liquid carefully removed, washed carefullywith redistilled alcohol and ether the mercury, which could be seeneasily by the naked eye, weighed 0 1200 gm , equivalent to 10 89 percent of mercury iii arsenic and antimony -- about 3 gm of the powdered specimen wasdigested with sulphuric acid in a kjeldahl flask one-half portion which was evaporated almost to dryness and treated with 5 c c ofconcentrated hydrochloric acid was submitted to treatment withhydrogen sulphid, diluted, and saturated with hydrogen sulphid theprecipitate was treated in the usual manner of the group separationwith warm ammonium sulphid solution the filtrate from this treatmentwas acidulated with hydrochloric acid, the precipitate removed, andtreated with concentrated hydrochloric acid the substance insolublein hydrochloric acid was treated with more concentrated hydrochloricacid and a crystal of potassium chlorate the solution was tested afterthe gutzeit method of the pharmacopeia ix, for arsenic a very smallamount was indicated the hydrogen sulphid test was not indicative thesolution which might contain the antimony was tested with hydrogensulphid in one case only was a slight orange coloration produced noantimony was deposited on platinum foil in the presence of granulatedzinc these tests were run in triplicate iodid -- iodid was determined by the carius method a 0 7412 gm yielded 0 1112 gm silver iodid, equivalent to 8 09 per cent. b0 5319 gm yielded 0 0751 gm , equivalent to 7 80 per cent the iodidand mercury were in proportions comparable to mercurous iodid ash -- a 0 9159 gm when ignited to constant weight yielded0 0232 gm , equivalent to 2 52 per cent ash. b 1 3008 gm treatedwith water and the residue filtered on a gooch filter and ignited the ash of the residue was 2 51 per cent the mercurous iodidvolatilized the ash was calcium sulphate sucrose -- 1 3008 gm of the sample was treated with water andfiltered by suction through a gooch crucible the filtrate and washingwere carefully transferred to 500 c c volumetric flask, and allowed tostand one week. 50 c c portions were used to determine sugar accordingto the daufresne-oullivan method the weights of cupric oxid averaged210 mg , or 72 per cent ether soluble material -- 1 6998 gm of the powdered specimen wasextracted with ether and the ether extract evaporated to dryness theresidue weighed 0 0600 gm , equivalent to 3 53 per cent syphilodol ampuleswater -- the liquid from one ampule was distilled over very carefully the freezing point of the liquid was 0 1 c , and it was neutral tomethyl orange and phenolphthalein arsenic -- the contents of one ampule was placed in a small florenceflask, 20 c c of concentrated sulphuric acid added and heated to70 c. 0 5 gm of potassium permanganate was added in small amounts the procedure was then carried on as described by engelhardt andwinters in j am pharm assn , 1915, p 1469 to the mixturefrom 5 to 10 c c of hydrogen peroxid solution were added drop bydrop until the color had disappeared the liquid was diluted with20 c c of water, boiled fifteen minutes, diluted again and boiledfifteen minutes, then cooled and made up to exactly 100 c c a blankwas also run alongside five c c of this solution was then testedquantitatively for arsenic according to the u s p ix method, usingall precautions comparisons of stains showed less than 0 00001 gm ofarsenic as -- from the journal a m a , may 18, 1918 cerelenecerelene, a paraffin preparation for the treatment of burns, wassubmitted to the council by the holliday laboratories, with thestatement that it was composed of 84 per cent paraffin, 15 per cent myricyl palmitate, and 1 per cent purified elemi gum to which is addedoil of eucalyptus 2 per cent and betanaphthol 0 25 per cent it wasexplained. “myricyl palmitate is a purified form of beeswax, free from all impurities, acids, etc , which is solely manufactured by this company ”it was also stated that on “special order” cerelene has been madecontaining oil of eucalyptus and resorcin, oil of eucalyptus and picricacid, and picric acid alone the following report on the preparationwas presented to the council by the referee to whom cerelene had beenassigned:cerelene is another compound wax for the treatment of burns accordingto the work of sollmann j a m a 68:1799, 1917 it is highlyimprobable that compound mixtures have any advantage over simpleparaffin of low melting point cerelene must therefore be considered asan unessential modification of paraffin, and as in conflict with rule10, unless definite evidence of superiority be submitted cerelenemixtures containing medicinal ingredients also appear unscientificsince the evidence that the ingredients do not leave the wax has notbeen successfully contradicted finally, the claims made for cereleneare rather extreme, and would need essay revision before they could beaccepted the a m a chemical laboratory reports. The physical properties of cerelene are as follows. melting point by u s p method 50 0 c ductility limit 30 5 c plasticity limit 26 4 c not strong at 38 0 c adheres moderately well. Detaches with “pulling ” on heating, readily loses eucalyptol, and a small amount of resinous substance forms in the bottom of the beaker if cerelene be heated to 145 c and cooled, the resulting product no longer has the properties of the original cerelene after two years’ delay on the writing of the manufacturer, the councilauthorized publication declaring cerelene inadmissible for new andnonofficial remedies because its superiority over single paraffinshad not been demonstrated and the unwarranted claims had not beenabandoned -- abstracted from the journal a m a , feb 15, 1919 dr de sanctis’ rheumatic and gout pillsdr desanctis’ rheumatic and gout pills are sold by edward cleaver, 13clerkenwell road, london, england the american agents are e fougeraand co , inc , new york the package is a round pill box and containstwelve pills and a circular, which directs that one pill be taken everyeight hours until relieved in the package there is also a circularadvertising dr desanctis’ gout and rheumatic paint, with directionsfor its use on the cover of a box, which contained six of the retailpackages, is the statement that these pills have been in general usefor nearly 100 years, and that their sale has been built up withoutadvertising desanctis’ pills are round, uncoated, and have a light brown color there was essay variation in the color of different lots, one lot inwritingicular being gray rather than brown a little arrowroot starchwas found in each box, this evidently having been used as a dustingpowder the pills were very hard, rather brittle, but quite difficultto powder the pills were not readily disintegrated by water or dilutedacids, even when warmed, but when warmed with a dilute sodium hydroxidsolution they readily disintegrated ten pills weighed 3 213 gm , an average of 0 3213 gm , or 5 grains thearrowroot starch used as a dusting powder was removed as completely aspossible by rolling the pills in a cloth several dozen pills were thenpowdered and the powder thus obtained used for the analysis a microscopic examination of the powder showed powdered colchicum seedin abundance and also traces of arrowroot starch, no doubt from thatused as the dusting powder since colchicum seed was so abundant, the powder was assayed by theu s pharmacopeial method for colchicum seed u s p ix, p 120, slightly modified so that less of the powdered pills than directedthere could be used in one assay 3 75 gm gave 0 0204 gm of colchicinor 0 54 per cent in a duplicate, 5 gm gave 0 0234 gm of colchicin or0 47 per cent.

if words, looks or wishes could have killed we would all have been crucified where we stood this bomb episode, at this time, was as much a mystery to us prisoners as it was to lieutenant rose for essay reason or other my fellow prisoners must have thought that i was the guilty writingy, because every time i would meet one of them on deck and start talking, he would excuse himself, having pressing business elsewhere they seemed to be afraid that if they were seen talking to me that they would be "accessories after the act" and liable to punishment i was greatly flattered to think that these people thought i was "hero" enough for a job of this description, but nevertheless i could not help thinking of how much assistance or co-operation i could have got from this crowd in case i had undertaken essaything along these lines the following day lieutenant rose held an investigation to find out "who stole the bombs " we were all chased out of the dining room on to the cold iron deck in a drizzling rain while this investigation was being held behind closed doors however, i had not been on board the igotz mendi for this length of time without knowing my way about and managed to get an "ear full " when the spanish chief officer was called, rose custom essays buy one get one free asked him if he knew anything about the bombs he answered. "yes, i threw them overboard i'll tell why it was not for me, captain rose, but for the women and little children i am not afraid of you you can shoot me if you want to, but you can't drown the little children " rose confined him to his room and the next time we met the wolf commander nerger sentenced him to three years' imprisonment in a german military prison i consider this a very brave act of the spaniard's and wish that i were in a position to show essay substantial appreciation of his humane heroism after this incident our guards were doubled and we were chased off the deck if anything appeared on the horizon one day the spanish chief officer, mr , told me the details of this episode at the time of the cruiser alarm he was asleep in his bunk and was wakened by the unusual amount of noise as soon as he saw the supposed cruisers he ran to the wireless room, under the bridge, where the bombs were kept this room had two doors, one on each side luckily the side he entered on was the side towards which the wireless operator, who was intently "listening in" for signals from the other vessels, had his back turned to reached under the table, secured the bombs and went outside again, where he threw them into the sea the wireless operator never turned around, thinking that it was the "bomb man" who had come after his bombs reached the deck and back to his room without being observed by any of the germans he said he owned up to the stealing of the bombs so that nobody else would get into trouble a peculiarity of this case was that essay time previous to this, shortly after the igotz mendi was taken charge of by the germans, i had approached on the subject of trying, should a favourable opportunity occur, to take charge of the vessel i did not receive any encouragement along these lines and was afraid to go into the matter any further with him i put it down as a case of cold feet mr , an ex-second officer of a captured british steamer, who was an invalid who had just come through three months' siege in the hospital on the wolf, and i, had gone into the details of an enterprise of this kind, but unfortunately while this britisher had the heart of a lion, he was physically unfit for anything as strenuous as this undertaking, and the matter was dropped, against his will, although he would admit that he might keel over any time if the british army has thesis chaps like this in it, kaiser bill is surely going to catch hell it is my belief that at this writingicular time, owing to certain conditions that existed, four good two handed men could have taken charge of the igotz mendi and probably would not have met with much resistance, except possibly from lieutenant rose, and i am sure it would have been a pleasure to tap him on the head the co-operation of the spanish crew could not be depended on at this time, as they believed that in a couple of weeks they were to be free again, after coaling the wolf at trinidad island schooneramerican schooner "winslow" being taken into sunday island after capture by the seaplane on june 7th in the background is the new zealand steamer "wiaruma" going out to sea to be sunk by the "wolf" schooner1the blowing up of the american schooner "winslow " 566 gross tons capt trudgett sunk june 21st off sunday island by four bombs and thirty-nine shells after the trinidad island disappointment, conditions were such that the taking of the ship by any of us, even with the unreliable co-operation of the spanish crew, was not feasible the weather now was intensely cold and we all suffered intensely, as there was no heat of any kind in the cabins our bedding was continually wet and garments taken off on going to bed would be sopping wet in the morning from the "sweat" that gathered on the walls and ceilings personally i beat this writing of the game by taking my clothes to bed with me the food question, too, was getting serious, as owing to the cold weather we required more food to keep our bodies warm the statement has been repeatedly made in the papers in europe that on the igotz mendi the prisoners had the same food as the german commander and crew let me show you how it was in reality eleven of us sat down at the first table with rose at the head the one platter started with him he helped the writingy a friend of his on his right first, himself next, and passed the plate to the writingy on his left this man was a glutton, and was without shame these three people got very nearly and essaytimes fully half of the contents of the platter. What was left was divided amongst the remaining eight, including five males, two women, and a little six year old child if we asked for more, we were reminded that we were short of provisions and had to make them last if the platter of food had been equally divided, and we had all shared alike, it would not have been so bad, but under this heads-i-win-tails-you-lose division i have got up from the table actually hungry it is an awful sensation suddenly to realise that you actually covet the food another person is eating we continued in a northerly direction until february 5th, when we again met the wolf, and owing to the bomb incident, sixteen additional germans were sent on board with their side arms and clothing but no additional food was sent with them we now had eighty-two souls on board the igotz mendi all told lieutenant wolf, division lieutenant of the wolf, was also sent on board to assist rose lieutenant wolf took over the control of the food and the cook's dewritingment, and made an honest effort to better things, which did improve essaywhat, at least to the extent that on bean meals we frequently got all we wanted. But he was also the inventor of a weird concoction known as "billposter's paste" and for this last crime i will never forgive him otherwise he was a decent and fair-minded officer after his arrival, favouritism was abolished and we all got a square deal on february 6th the wolf left us and was never seen again by any of us we then started to go around the northern end of iceland, but met ice and were forced back we ran south for a couple of days and waited around to see if the wolf made it or not, and as she did not return, we concluded she had either got through or passed to the southward of iceland, chancing the blockade the cold here was very intense and caused a lot of suffering amongst us helped by essay of the german sailors, i fixed a place in an empty bunker, where my wife, nita and myself practically lived, only going in the cabin for meals and to sleep lieutenant rose had canvas put up here for us and lights put in so that i could lie there and read, and the wife could sit and sew nita of course enjoyed the comparative warmth the only drawback was that the air was full of fine coal dust and gas from the fire room, and we used to get frightfully dirty on february 12th we again tried to get to the northward of iceland, but again met ice and had to return rose was forced to go to the southward of iceland, as he could not waste any more time, since the supply of drinking water was getting very low now that we were about to actually enter the blockade zone, our hopes commenced to rise i heard nothing from my fellow prisoners for the past six months but. "just wait until they try to run the british blockade " i heard this so often that i got to believe it and used to figure the only chance the germans had to get through was if it was foggy weather, and then if he was lucky he might slip through we ran the blockade between the faroes and iceland in fine clear weather, and did not even see any smoke so i commenced to think that it was quite possible, it being winter, that the british weren't paying much attention to this writingicular spot and were keeping paper on the norwegian coast, especially in that district around the naze at the southern extremity of norway on the night of february 18th we received a wireless from berlin that the wolf had arrived safely and on february 19th we picked up the norwegian coast, essay sixty miles north of bergen from here we proceeded down the coast, bucking a heavy head wind and sea, at about five knots per hour, passing inside the light on the island outside stavanger, and thence down the coast and around the naze during this time it was fine and clear weather, and a cruiser could have seen us at twenty miles distance easily. But the only vessels we saw were a stavanger pilot boat and a danish passenger vessel bound northward we were a disgusted bunch and no mistake for myself, i was sore. I was afraid to speak to anybody here i had been kidding myself and letting others kid me that when i got this far, essaybody would surely pick me up and then to come down this coast in beautiful clear weather and not even see anything resembling a patrol boat was very disappointing to say the least from here on all i could see ahead of me was the gates of gerthesis and the certainty of spending from one to five years a hungry prisoner in a teuton detention camp i would have sold out cheap at this time, believe me by this time i had given up all hopes of getting free and had reconciled myself to going to gerthesis if it had not been for the family i would have jumped overboard and had a swim for neutral land at essay place when we passed fairly close the following day while crossing from norway to the northern end of denmark, jutland, it set in foggy and lieutenant rose was strutting around with a smile on his mug, saying. "just the weather i want. Made to order. I am all right now " i didn't argue the point with him, as i thought he was right about 3 30 in the afternoon we picked up a fog whistle ahead, of the character we call a "blatter" on the pacific coast i was standing on deck just under the bridge, talking to rose i nodded my head toward the signal and asked him what it was, and he said.

Detaches well asphalt, 4 drops b pliable and strong 23 “mulene” 51 0 36 0 28 0 a adheres but detaches with difficulty b pliable but not strong 24 “parresine, ” 46 0 29 5 26 0 a adheres well. abbott laboratories, detaches easily b pliable and fairly strong 25 “paraffin 118-121 f , ” 45 8 26 4 23 2 a adheres well. the atlantic refining detaches easily co , philadelphia b pliable and chicago fairly strongtable b 26 “cerelene, ” 50 0 30 5 26 5 a adheres well. holliday lab , * detaches with pittsburgh pulling b not strong at 38 c 27 “stanolind” surgical 47 0 28 8 25 0 a adheres well.

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I mean themanured kind, which every good husband or housewife is acquainted with descript the wild hop grows up as the other doth, custom essays buy one get one free ramping upontrees or hedges, that stand next to them, with rough branches andleaves like the former, but it gives smaller heads, and in far lessplenty than it, so that there is scarcely a head or two seen in a yearon divers of this wild kind, wherein consists the chief difference place they delight to grow in low moist grounds, and are found inall writings of this land time they spring not until april, and flower not until the latterend of june. The heads are not gathered until the middle or latter endof september government and virtues it is under the dominion of mars this, inphysical operations, is to open obstructions of the liver and spleen, to cleanse the blood, to loosen the belly, to cleanse the reins fromgravel, and provoke urine the decoction of the tops of hops, as wellof the tame as the wild, works the same effects in cleansing the bloodthey help to cure the french diseases, and all manner of scabs, itch, and other breakings-out of the body. As also all tetters, ringworms, and spreading sores, the morphew and all discolouring of the skin thedecoction of the flowers and hops, do help to expel poison that any onehath drank half a dram of the seed in powder taken in drink, killsworms in the body, brings down women courses, and expels urine asyrup made of the juice and sugar, cures the yellow jaundice, eases thehead-ache that comes of heat, and tempers the heat of the liver andstomach, and is profitably given in long and hot agues that rise incholer and blood both the wild and the manured are of one property, and alike effectual in all the aforesaid diseases by all thesetestimonies beer appears to be better than ale mars owns the plant, and then dr reason will tell you how it performsthese actions horehound there are two kinds of horehound, the white and the black the blacksort is likewise called hen-bit. But the white one is here spoken of descript common horehound grows up with square hairy stalks, half ayard or two feet high, set at the joints with two round crumpled roughleaves of a sullen hoary green colour, of a reasonable good scent, buta very bitter taste the flowers are small, white, and gaping, set in arough, hard prickly husk round about the joints, with the leaves fromthe middle of the stalk upward, wherein afterward is found small roundblackish seed the root is blackish, hard and woody, with thesis strings, and abides thesis years place it is found in thesis writings of this land, in dry grounds, andwaste green places time it flowers in july, and the seed is ripe in august government and virtues it is an herb of mercury a decoction ofthe dried herb, with the seed, or the juice of the green herb takenwith honey, is a remedy for those that are short-winded, have a cough, or are fallen into a consumption, either through long sickness, orthin distillations of rheum upon the lungs it helps to expectoratetough phlegm from the chest, being taken from the roots of iris ororris it is given to women to bring down their courses, to expel theafter-birth, and to them that have taken poison, or are stung or bittenby venemous serpents the leaves used with honey, purge foul ulcers, stay running or creeping sores, and the growing of the flesh overthe nails it also helps pains of the sides the juice thereof withwine and honey, helps to clear the eyesight, and snuffed up into thenostrils, purges away the yellow-jaundice, and with a little oil ofroses dropped into the ears, eases the pains of them galen saith, itopens obstructions both of the liver and spleen, and purges the breastand lungs of phlegm. And used outwardly it both cleanses and digests adecoction of horehound saith matthiolus is available for those thathave hard livers, and for such as have itches and running tetters the powder hereof taken, or the decoction, kills worms the greenleaves bruised, and boiled in old hog grease into an ointment, healsthe biting of dogs, abates the swellings and pains that come by anypricking of thorns, or such like means. And used with vinegar, cleansesand heals tetters there is a syrup made of horehound to be had at theapothecaries, very good for old coughs, to rid the tough phlegm. Asalso to void cold rheums from the lungs of old folks, and for thosethat are asthmatic or short-winded horsetail of that there are thesis kinds, but i shall not trouble you nor myselfwith any large description of them, which to do, were but, as theproverb is, to find a knot in a rush, all the kinds thereof beingnothing else but knotted rushes, essay with leaves, and essay without take the description of the most eminent sort as follows descript the great horsetail at the first springing has headsessaywhat like those of asparagus, and afterwards grow to be hard, rough, hollow stalks, jointed at sundry places up to the top, a foothigh, so made as if the lower writings were put into the upper, where growon each side a bush of small long rush-like hard leaves, each writingresembling a horsetail, from whence it is so called at the tops of thestalks come forth small catkins, like those of trees the root creepsunder ground, having joints at sundry places place this as most of the other sorts hereof grows in wetgrounds time they spring up in april, and their blooming catkins in july, seeding for the most writing in august, and then perish down to theground, rising afresh in the spring government and virtues the herb belongs to saturn, yet is veryharmless, and excellently good for the things following. Horsetail, thesmoother rather than the rough, and the leaves rather than the bare, ismost physical it is very powerful to staunch bleeding either inward oroutward, the juice or the decoction thereof being drank, or the juice, decoction, or distilled water applied outwardly it also stays allsorts of lasks and fluxes in man or woman, and bloody urine.