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please omit my name in answering l f c , m d , mexico answer -- quinin and urea hydrochlorid “has the actions of quinin when injected hypodermically it exerts an anesthetic action much moreprolonged than that of cocain” useful drugs, ed 4, 1920, p 127 it has been pointed out editorially in the journal feb 14, 1920, p 462 that quinin has been regarded for more than half a centuryby toxicologists as a protoplasmic poison capable of destroyingvarious forms of animal and vegetable cells, and hence it need not besurprising that tissue necrosis may be produced by strong solutionsof the quinin salts that this deleterious reaction actually doesoccur and has militated against the general use of quinin and ureahydrochlorid is confirmed by the report of the committee on theadvantages and disadvantages of local anesthesia in nose and throatwork the journal, july 31, 1920, p 315 to quote. The only local anesthetic that produces edema and sloughing is quinin and urea hydrochlorid so thesis statements were found in the literature that this anesthetic has been abandoned in other fields of medicine because of edema and sloughing, that writers who had presented favorable reports in nose and throat operations were communicated with by your committee one writer who had recorded 390 paper of tonsillectomies extolling this anesthetic, which he had used for four years and is still so recorded, now states that he has not used it in two years, although no publication has been made retracting his former endorsement still another writer, who stated that quinin-urea came nearest the ideal local anesthetic, now states that he has ceased using it your committee finds that as far as nose and throat operations are concerned, this drug has practically gone into “innocuous desuetude ”the anesthesia produced by this drug at the time of operation isgood and the recovery of the patient might often be enhanced by itsuse if it did not have the serious drawback the product is officialin the u s pharmacopeia, and may be obtained from any reputablepharmaceutical house -- query in the journal a m a , aug 21, 1920 ricord pills and house organ therapeuticsto the editor:-- my mail is frequently cluttered withpseudo-scientific data from various manufacturers of proprietaryremedies which contain as much real scientific information as thepolice gazette i am enclosing a sample page of such a periodical the article has been so cleverly worded in the first paragraph, as toimpress the unthinking with the idea that sodium cacodylate is superiorto arsphenamin, when we know in reality that sodium cacodylate hasbeen proved practically worthless in syphilis vide “venarsen” onecase is reported, in which twenty injections of sodium cacodylate wereadministered intravenously, from october 23 to december 14 on december18, a wassermann test proved negative, it had been strongly positive onoctober 20, but during the same interval from october 23 to december14, the patient had been taking by mouth “ricord pills” each containinghalf a grain of yellow iodid of mercury. Granted that he had takenthese pills regularly, during all that time, it might well be thatthe wassermann would be sharply influenced by them again, a negativewassermann in the midst of treatment proves little.

Lasks also, and the nocturnal involuntary flux of men the acornin powder taken in wine, provokes urine, and resists the poison ofvenomous creatures the decoction of acorns and the bark made in milkand taken, resists the force of poisonous herbs and medicines, as alsothe virulency of cantharides, when one by eating them hath his bladderexulcerated, and voids bloody urine hippocrates saith, he used thefumes of oak leaves to women that were troubled with the stranglingof the mother. And galen applied them, being bruised, to cure greenwounds the distilled water of the oaken bud, before they break outinto leaves is good to be used either inwardly or outwardly, to assuageinflammations, and to stop all manner of fluxes in man or woman thesame is singularly good in pestilential and hot burning fevers. Forit resists the force of the infection, and allays the heat. It coolsthe heat of the liver, breaking the stone in the kidneys, and stayswomen courses the decoction of the leaves works the same effects the water that is found in the hollow places of old oaks, is veryeffectual against any foul or spreading scabs the distilled water orconcoction, which is better of the leaves, is one of the best remediesthat i know of for the whites in women oats, are so well known that they need no description government and virtues oats fried with bay salt, and applied tothe sides, take away the pains of stitches and wind in the sides orthe belly a poultice made of meal of oats, and essay oil of bays putthereunto, helps the itch and the leprosy, as also the fistulas of thefundament, and dissolves hard imposthumes the meal of oats boiled withvinegar, and applied, takes away freckles and spots in the face, andother writings of the body one blade descript this small plant never bears more than one leaf, but onlywhen it rises up with his stalk, which thereon bears another, andseldom more, which are of a blueish green colour, pointed, with thesisribs or veins therein, like plantain at the top of the stalk grow thesissmall white flowers, star fashion, smelling essaywhat sweet. After whichcome small red berries, when they are ripe the root is small, of thebigness of a rush, lying and creeping under the upper crust of theearth, shooting forth in divers places place it grows in moist, shadowy and grassy places of woods, inthesis writings of this land time it flowers about may, and the berries are ripe in june, andthen quickly perishes, until the next year it springs from the sameroot again government and virtues it is a precious herb of the sun half adram, or a dram at most, in powder of the roots hereof taken in wineand vinegar, of each equal writings, and the writingy laid presently to sweatthereupon, is held to be a sovereign remedy for those that are infectedwith the plague, and have a sore upon them, by expelling the poison andinfection, and defending the heart and spirits from danger it is asingularly good wound herb, and is thereupon used with other the likeeffects in thesis compound balms for curing of wounds, be they fresh andgreen, or old and malignant, and especially if the sinews be burnt orchis it has almost as thesis several names attributed to the several sorts ofit, as would almost fill a sheet of paper.

Let poor people make much ofit for those uses. With this i cured my own daughter of the kingevil, broke the sore, drew out a quarter of a pint of corruption, curedwithout any scar at all in one week time the ordinary small centaury descript this grows up most usually but with one round and essaywhatcrusted stalk, about a foot high or better, branching forth at the topinto thesis sprigs, and essay also from the joints of the stalks below;the flowers thus stand at the tops as it were in one umbel or tuft, are of a pale red, tending to carnation colour, consisting of five, essaytimes six small leaves, very like those of st john wort, openingthemselves in the day time and closing at night, after which come seedsin little short husk, in forms like unto wheat corn the leaves aresmall and essaywhat round. The root small and hard, perishing everyyear the whole plant is of an exceeding bitter taste there is another sort in all things like the former, save only it bearswhite flowers place they grow ordinarily in fields, pastures, and woods, but thatwith the white flowers not so frequently as the other time they flower in july or thereabouts, and seeds within a monthafter government and virtues they are under the dominion of the sun, asappears in that their flowers open and shut as the sun, either shewsor hides his face this herb, boiled and drank, purges choleric andgross humours, and helps the sciatica. It opens obstructions of theliver, gall, and spleen, helps the jaundice, and eases the pains in thesides and hardness of the spleen, used outwardly, and is given withvery good effect in agues it helps those that have the dropsy, or thegreen-sickness, being much used by the italians in powder for thatpurpose it kill the worms in the belly, as is found by experience the decoction thereof, viz the tops of the stalks, with the leavesand flowers, is good against the cholic, and to bring down womencourses, helps to avoid the dead birth, and eases pains of the mother, and is very effectual in all pains of the joints, as the gout, cramps, or convulsions a dram of the powder taken in wine is a wonderful goodhelp against the biting and poison of an adder the juice of the herbwith a little honey put to it, is good to clear the eyes from dimness, mists and clouds that offend or hinder sight it is singularly goodboth for green and fresh wounds, as also for old ulcers and sores, toclose up the one and cleanse the other, and perfectly to cure themboth, although they are hollow or fistulous. The green herb especially, being bruised and laid thereto the decoction thereof dropped into theears, cleanses them from worms, cleanses the foul ulcers and spreadingscabs of the head, and takes away all freckles, spots, and marks in theskin, being washed with it. The herb is so safe you cannot fail in theusing of it, only giving it inwardly for inward diseases it is verywholeessay, but not very toothessay there is beside these, another small centaury, which bears a yellowflower. In all other respects it is like the former, save that theleaves are larger, and of a darker green, and the stalks pass throughthe midst of them, as it does in the herb thorowan they are all ofthem, as i told you, under the government of the sun. Yet this, ifyou observe it, you shall find an excellant truth. In diseases of theblood, use the red centaury. If of choler, use the yellow. But ifphlegm or water, you will find the white best the cherry-tree i suppose there are few but know this tree, for its fruit sake. Andtherefore i shall spare writing a description thereof place for the place of its growth, it is afforded room in everyorchard government and virtues it is a tree of venus cherries, as theyare of different tastes, so they are of different qualities the sweetpass through the stomach and the belly more speedily, but are of littlenourishment. The tart or sour are more pleasing to an hot stomach, procure appetite to meat, to help and cut tough phlegm, and grosshumours.

And essaytake the leaves, which serve well for the weaker stomach. The juicehereof put up, or snuffed up the nose, causes sneezing, and draws fromthe head much corruption. And the powder thereof doth the same thepowder thereof drank in wine, helps those that are troubled with thecramps and convulsions, or with the gout and sciatica, and gives easeto those that have griping pains in their body and belly, and helpsthose that have the stranguary it is given with much profit to thosethat have had long fluxes by the sharp and evil quality of humours, which it stays, having first cleansed and purged them by the dryingand binding property therein the root boiled in wine and drank, dotheffectually procure women courses, and used as a pessary, works thesame effect, but causes abortion in women with child half a dram ofthe seed beaten to powder, and taken in wine, doth speedily cause oneto make water abundantly the same taken with vinegar, dissolves thehardness and swellings of the spleen the root is very effectual in allwounds, especially of the head. As also to draw forth any splinters, thorns, or broken bones, or any other thing sticking in the flesh, without causing pains, being used with a little verdigrease and honey, and the great centaury root the same boiled in vinegar, and laid uponan eruption or swelling, doth very effectually dissolve and consumethem. Yea, even the swellings of the throat called the king evil;the juice of the leaves or roots heals the itch, and all running orspreading scabs, sores, blemishes, or scars in the skin, wheresoeverthey be golden rod descript this rises up with brownish small round stalks, two feethigh, and essaytimes more, having thereon thesis narrow and long darkgreen leaves, very seldom with any dents about the edges, or any stalksor white spots therein, yet they are essaytimes so found divided at thetops into thesis small branches, with divers small yellow flowers onevery one of them, all which are turned one way, and being ripe, doturn into down, and are carried away by the wind the root consists ofthesis small fibres, which grows not deep in the ground, but abides allthe winter therein, shooting forth new branches every year, the old onelying down to the ground place it grows in the open places of woods and copses, on bothmoist and dry grounds, in thesis places of this land time it flowers about the month of july government and virtues venus claims the herb, and therefore tobe sure it respects beauty lost arnoldus de villa nova commends itmuch against the stone in the reins and kidneys, and to provoke urinein abundance, whereby also the gravel and stone may be voided thedecoction of the herb, green or dry, or the distilled water thereof, is very effectual for inward bruises, as also to be outwardly applied, it stays bleeding in any writing of the body, and of wounds. Also thefluxes of humours, the bloody-flux, and women courses. And is noless prevalent in all ruptures or burstings, being drank inwardly, andoutwardly applied it is a sovereign wound herb, inferior to none, both for the inward and outward hurts. Green wounds, old sores andulcers, are quickly cured therewith it also is of especial use in alllotions for sores or ulcers in the mouth, throat, or privy writings of manor woman the decoction also helps to fasten the teeth that are loosein the gums gout-wort, or herb gerrard descript it is a low herb, seldom rising half a yard high, havingsundry leaves standing on brownish green stalks by three, snippedabout, and of a strong unpleasant savour. The umbels of the flowersare white, and the seed blackish, the root runs in the ground, quicklytaking a great deal of room place it grows by hedge and wall-sides, and often in the border andcorner of fields, and in gardens also time it flowers and seeds about the end of july government and virtues saturn rules it neither is it to be supposedgout-wort hath its name for nothing but upon experiment to heal thegout and sciatica. As also joint-aches, and other cold griefs the verybearing of it about one eases the pains of the gout, and defends himthat bears it from the disease gromel of this i shall briefly describe their kinds, which are principallyused in physic, the virtues whereof are alike, though essaywhatdifferent in their manner and form of growing descript the greater gromel grows up with slender hard and hairystalks, trailing and taking root in the ground, as it lies thereon, and writinged into thesis other small branches with hairy dark green leavesthereon at the joints, with the leaves, come forth very small blueflowers, and after them hard stony roundish seed the root is long andwoody, abiding the winter, and shoots forth fresh stalks in the spring the smaller wild gromel sends forth divers upright hard branchedstalks, two or three feet high full of joints, at every one of whichgrow small, long, hard, and rough leaves like the former, but less;among which leaves come forth small white flowers, and after themgreyish round seed like the former. The root is not very big, but withthesis strings thereat the garden gromel as divers upright, slender, woody, hairy stalks, blown and cressed, very little branched, with leaves like the former, and white flowers. After which, in rough brown husks, is contained awhite, hard, round seed, shining like pearls, and greater than eitherthe former. The root is like the first described, with divers branchesand sprigs thereat, which continues as the first doth all the winter place the two first grow wild in barren or untilled places, and bythe way side in thesis places of this land the last is a nursling in thegardens of the curious time they all flower from midsummer until september essaytimes, andin the mean time the seed ripens government and virtues the herb belongs to dame venus. Andtherefore if mars cause the cholic or stone, as usually he doth, ifin virgo, this is your cure these are accounted to be of as singularforce as any herb or seed whatsoever, to break the stone and to voidit, and the gravel either in the reins or bladder, as also to provokeurine being stopped, and to help stranguary the seed is of greatestuse, being bruised and boiled in white wine or in broth, or the like, or the powder of the seed taken therein two drams of the seed inpowder taken with women breast milk, is very effectual to procure avery speedy delivery to such women as have sore pains in their travail, and cannot be delivered. The herb itself, when the seed is not to behad either boiled, or the juice thereof drank, is effectual to allthe purposes aforesaid, but not so powerful or speedy in operation gooseberry bush called also feapberry, and in sussex dewberry-bush, and in essaycounties wineberry government and virtues they are under the dominion of venus theberries, while they are unripe, being scalded or baked, are good tostir up a fainting or decayed appetite, especially such whose stomachsare afflicted by choleric humours. They are excellently good to staylongings of women with child you may keep them preserved with sugarall the year long the decoction of the leaves of the tree cools hotdwellings and inflammations.

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And also stays spitting of blood the powder taken with cassia dissolved, and washed venice turpentine, cleanses the reins and strengthens them afterwards, and is veryeffectual to stay the gonorrhea it is also given for the pains andswellings in the head, for those that are troubled with melancholy, and helps the sciatica, gout, and the cramp the powder of the rhubarbtaken with a little mummia and madder roots in essay red wine, dissolvesclotted blood in the body, happening by any fall or bruise, and helpsburstings and broken writings, as well inward as outward the oil likewisewherein it hath been boiled, works the like effects being anointed it is used to heal those ulcers that happen in the eyes or eyelids, being steeped and strained. As also to assuage the swellings andinflammations. And applied with honey, boiled in wine, it takes awayall blue spots or marks that happen therein whey or white wine are thebest liquors to steep it in, and thereby it works more effectual inopening obstructions, and purging the stomach and liver thesis do use alittle indian spikenard as the best corrector thereof meadow-rue descript meadow-rue rises up with a yellow stringy root, muchspreading in the ground, shooting forth new sprouts round about, withthesis herby green stalks, two feet high, crested all the length of them, set with joints here and there, and thesis large leaves on them, aboveas well as below, being divided into smaller leaves, nicked or dentedin the fore writing of them, of a red green colour on the upper-side, andpale green underneath.