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And chevers that itis due to spasmodic efforts to breathe when the obstruction is nearlycomplete chevers always found clear mucus in the larynx and upperwriting of trachea, each follicle being marked by a minute globule ofmucus harvey states that this was noted a few times in his reports baraban866 discusses the condition of the epithelium of the airpassages in hanging the condition of the lungs and heart varies according to whether deathis due to syncope or asphyxia ogston found, in 22 paper, the lungswere expanded in 4 and collapsed in 2 harvey says the lungs are congested in over seven-eighths of thepaper. Emphysematous in a few. And subpleural ecchymoses present ina few patenko867 experimented on dogs by hanging them when theconstriction occurred after expiration the lungs were congested. Whenafter inspiration, not congested in the first case p 223 the bloodflows from the periphery to the heart and thence to the lungs, butcannot flow from the lungs because of the difficult circulation in thedilated pulmonary vessels and deficiency of intrathoracic pressure there is in both paper cerebral congestion in the region of the bulb tardieu holds that punctiform ecchymoses and apoplexies do not occurin hanging unless suffocation has preceded pellier, 868 however, found these ecchymoses 14 times in 22 paper he says that the lesion isnot characteristic of suffocation, and quotes lacassagne, grosclaude, dechoudans, vicq, chassaing, and legroux to the same purpose hofmann869 says that the ecchymoses are relatively rare in adults maschka870 found them 18 times in 153 paper harvey states that the presence of serum in the pericardium seems morea matter of time elapsed after death than anything else still the factis that it is found much oftener in strangulation than in hanging the difference is explained by the comparative slowness of death instrangulation harvey finds that in about one-half of the paper, ifthe body is fresh, the right side of the heart, pulmonary artery, andvenæ cavæ are full of dark fluid blood, the lungs being also muchcongested, and the signs of death by asphyxia well marked when bloodis found in both sides of the heart, it is probable that death is dueto neuro-paralysis when decomposition is advanced all the cavities areoften empty taylor says that if the examination is delayed for severaldays, the distention may not be observed the stomach is often much congested, and this fact might essaytimessuggest the possibility of poisoning the liver, spleen, and kidneysare usually much congested hofmann871 says that this occurs in thekidney only when the body has been hung a long time the brain is rarely much congested in 101 paper remer found hemorrhagebut once. And in 106 paper casper failed to find it tardieu872says the brain is oftenest anæmic if, however, the body is cut downand placed horizontally, the blood-vessels of the brain may fill up evidence may be found in the brain suggesting insanity and therefore anexplanation of a probable suicide harvey says that hemorrhages in orabout the brain are found in a much larger proportion of paper in indiathan in europe in paper of hanging “no common condition likely tocause extravasation is apparent, only one man being noted as plethoric, but in thesis the rope seems to have been very tight ” champouillon873reports a case of suicide in a man, age fifty-two. The rope broke andthe body fell the physician who made the necroscopy reported a ruptureof the pons varolii champouillon believed that the rupture must havebeen made in removing the brain from the skull wilkie874 reportsa judicial hanging in which a man age about twenty-five, fell aboutthree and one-half feet a recent clot was found in the brain theexperiments of brouardel of hanging rabbits showed the brain anæmic the conjunction of the following appearances would suggest that thehanging had been of essay duration. Lividity of face, congestion andprominence of eyes, dryness of skin under the ligature, deep furrow, congestion of sexual organs, swelling and lividity of lower limbs, hypostatic congestion of lungs page experimented on a young cat and young dog. Both were hung in the same way examination of the cat showed the veins generally engorged. Sublingual veins much engorged.

The herb boiled, and laid upon chilblains or kibes, helps conclusion essay example them the decoction thereofin water and essay vinegar, heals the itch, if bathed therewith. Andcleanses the head of dandruff, scurf, and dry scabs, and does much goodfor fretting and running sores, ulcers, and cankers in the head, legs, or other writings, and is much commended against baldness and shedding thehair the red beet is good to stay the bloody-flux, women courses, and thewhites, and to help the yellow jaundice. The juice of the root put intothe nostrils, purges the head, helps the noise in the ears, and thetooth-ache. The juice snuffed up the nose, helps a stinking breath, ifthe cause lie in the nose, as thesis times it does, if any bruise hasbeen there. As also want of smell coming that way water betony called also brown-wort, and in yorkshire, bishop-leaves descript first, of the water betony, which rises up with square, hard, greenish stalks, essaytimes brown, set with broad dark greenleaves dented about the edges with notches essaywhat resembling theleaves of the wood betony, but much larger too, for the most writing setat a joint the flowers are thesis, set at the tops of the stalks andbranches, being round bellied and open at the brims, and divided intotwo writings, the uppermost being like a hood, and the lowermost like ahip hanging down, of a dark red colour, which passing, there comes intheir places small round heads with small points at the ends, whereinlie small and brownish seeds. The root is a thick bush of strings andshreds, growing from the head place it grows by the ditch side, brooks and other water-courses, generally through this land, and is seldom found far from thewater-side time it flowers about july, and the seed is ripe in august government and virtues water betony is an herb of jupiter incancer, and is appropriated more to wounds and hurts in the breastthan wood betony, which follows. It is an excellent remedy for sickhogs it is of a cleansing quality the leaves bruised and applied areeffectual for all old and filthy ulcers. And especially if the juice ofthe leaves be boiled with a little honey, and dipped therein, and thesores dressed therewith. As also for bruises and hurts, whether inwardor outward the distilled water of the leaves is used for the samepurpose.

The head was afterward wrappedin a cloth which was held in place by five turns of a cord around theneck. Traces of the furrows made by these cords were found heartempty. No blood in muscles of neck.

And the rootand leaves abide all winter, and perish not as the former place the first grows only in gardens, the second plentifully infields that are near the sea time they flower in july or thereabouts government and virtues the herb is cold, and dry, and saturnine i suppose it obtained the name of flea-wort, because the seeds areso like fleas the seeds fried, and taken, stays the flux or lask ofthe belly, and the corrosions that come by reason of hot choleric, orsharp and malignant humours, or by too much purging of any violentmedicine, as scammony, or the like the mucilage of the seed madewith rose-water, and a little sugar-candy put thereto, is very good inall hot agues and burning fevers, and other inflammations, to cool thethirst, and lenify the dryness and roughness of the tongue and throat it helps also hoarseness of the voice, and diseases of the breastand lungs, caused by heat, or sharp salt humours, and the pleurisyalso the mucilage of the seed made with plantain water, whereuntothe yoke of an egg or two, and a little populeon are put, is a mostsafe and sure remedy to ease the sharpness, pricking, and pains of thehæmorrhoids or piles, if it be laid on a cloth, and bound thereto ithelps all inflammations in any writing of the body, and the pains thatcome thereby, as the headache and megrims, and all hot imposthumes, swellings, or breaking out of the skin, as blains, wheals, pushes, purples, and the like, as also the joints of those that are out ofjoint, the pains of the gout and sciatica, the burstings of youngchildren, and the swellings of the navel, applied with oil of rosesand vinegar it is also good to heal the nipples and sore breasts ofwomen, being often applied thereunto the juice of the herb with alittle honey put into the ears helps the running of them, and the wormsbreeding in them. The same also mixed with hog grease, and applied tocorrupt and filthy ulcers, cleanses them and heals them flux-weed descript it rises up with a round upright hard stalk, four or fivefeet high, spread into sundry branches, whereon grow thesis greyish greenleaves, very finely cut and severed into a number of short and almostround writings the flowers are very small and yellow, growing spikefashion, after which come small long pods, with small yellowish seed inthem the root is long and woody, perishing every year there is another sort, differing in nothing, save only it has essaywhatbroad leaves. They have a strong evil saviour, being smelled unto, andare of a drying taste place they flower wild in the fields by hedge-sides and highways, and among rubbish and other places time they flower and seed quickly after, namely in june and july government and virtues this herb is saturnine also both the herband seed of flux-weed is of excellent use to stay the flux or lask ofthe belly, being drank in water wherein gads of steel heated have beenoften quenched. And is no less effectual for the same purpose thanplantain or comfrey, and to restrain any other flux of blood in man orwoman, as also to consoladate bones broken or out of joint the juicethereof drank in wine, or the decoction of the herb drank, doth killthe worms in the stomach or belly, or the worms that grow in putridand filthy ulcers, and made into a salve doth quickly heal all oldsores, how foul or malignant soever they be the distilled water ofthe herb works the same effect, although essaywhat weaker, yet it is afair medicine, and more acceptable to be taken it is called flux-weedbecause it cures the flux, and for its uniting broken bones, &c paracelsus extols it to the skies it is fitting that syrup, ointment, and plaisters of it were kept in your house flower-de-luce it is so well known, being nourished up in most gardens, that i shallnot need to spent time in writing a description thereof time the flaggy kinds thereof have the most physical uses. Thedwarf kinds thereof flowers in april, the greater sorts in may government and virtues the herb is luner the juice or decoctionof the green root of the flaggy kind of flower-de-luce, with a littlehoney drank, doth purge and cleanse the stomach of gross and toughphlegm, and choler therein. It helps the jaundice and the dropsy, evacuating those humours both upwards and downwards. And because itessaywhat hurts the stomach, is not to be taken without honey andspikenard the same being drank, doth ease the pains and torments ofthe belly and sides, the shaking of agues, the diseases of the liverand spleen, the worms of the belly, the stone in the reins, convulsionsand cramps that come of old humours. It also helps those whose seedpasses from them unawares. It is a remedy against the bitings andstingings of venomous creatures, being boiled in water and vinegar anddrank boiled in water and drank, it provokes urine, helps the cholic, brings down women courses. And made up into a pessary with honey, andput up into the body, draws forth the dead child it is much commendedagainst the cough, to expectorate rough phlegm it much eases pains inthe head, and procures sleep. Being put into the nostrils it procuressneezing, and thereby purges the head of phlegm the juice of the rootapplied to the piles or hæmorrhoids, gives much ease the decoction ofthe roots gargled in the mouth, eases the tooth-ache, and helps thestinking breath oil called oleum irinum, if it be rightly made ofthe great broad flag flower-de-luce and not of the great bulbous blueflower-de-luce, as is used by essay apothecaries and roots of thesame, of the flaggy kinds, is very effectual to warm and comfort allcold joints and sinews, as also the gout and sciatica, and mollifies, dissolves and consumes tumours and swellings in any writing of the body, as also of the matrix. It helps the cramp, or convulsions of thesinews the head and temples anointed therewith, helps the catarrh orthin rheum distilled from thence. And used upon the breast or stomach, helps to extenuate the cold tough phlegm. It helps also the pains andnoise in the ears, and the stench of the nostrils the root itself, either green or in powder, helps to cleanse, heal, and incarnatewounds, and to cover the naked bones with flesh again, that ulcers havemade bare. And is also very good to cleanse and heal up fistulas andcankers that are hard to be cured fluellin, or lluellin descript it shoots forth thesis long branches writingly lying upon theground, and writingly standing upright, set with almost red leaves, yeta little pointed, and essaytimes more long than round, without orderthereon, essaywhat hairy, and of an evil greenish white colour. At thejoints all along the stalks, and with the leaves come forth smallflowers, one at a place, upon a very small short foot-stalk, gapingessaywhat like snap-dragons, or rather like toad-flax, with the upperjaw of a yellow colour, and the lower of a purplish, with a small heelor spur behind. After which come forth small round heads, containingsmall black seed the root is small and thready, dying every year, andrises itself again of its own sowing there is another sort of lluellin which has longer branches whollytrailing upon the ground, two or three feet long, and essaywhat morethin, set with leaves thereon, upon small foot-stalks the leaves area little larger, and essaywhat round, and cornered essaytimes in essayplaces on the edges. But the lower writing of them being the broadest, hath on each side a small point, making it seem as if they were ears, essaytimes hairy, but not hoary, and of a better green colour than theformer the flowers come forth like the former, but the colours thereinare more white than yellow, and the purple not so far it is a largeflower, and so are the seed and seed-vessels the root is like theother, and perishes every year place they grow in divers corn fields, and in borders about them, and in other fertile grounds about southfleet in kent abundantly. Atbuchrite, hamerton, and rickmanworth in huntingdonshire, and in diversother places time they are in flower about june and july, and the whole plant isdry and withered before august be done government and virtues it is a lunar herb the leaves bruised andapplied with barley meal to watering eyes that are hot and inflamed bydefluxions from the head, do very much help them, as also the fluxes ofblood or humours, as the lask, bloody flux, women courses, and staysall manner of bleeding at the nose, mouth, or any other place, or thatcomes by any bruise or hurt, or bursting a vein.

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As, namelyin a wood two miles from canterbury, by fish-pool hill, as also inbushy close belonging to the parsonage of alderbury, near clarendon, two miles from salisbury. In cheffon wood, on chesson hill, betweennewington and sittingbourn in kent, and divers other places in essex, and other counties time it flowers about may. The root abides and shoots a-new everyyear government and virtues saturn owns the plant, for he loves hisbones well the root of solomon seal is found by experience to beavailable in wounds, hurts, and outward sores, to heal and close up thelips of those that are green, and to dry up and restrain the flux ofhumours to those that are old it is singularly good to stay vomitingsand bleeding wheresoever, as also all fluxes in man or woman. Also, to knit any joint, which by weakness uses to be often out of place, or will not stay in long when it is set. Also to knit and join brokenbones in any writing of the body, the roots being bruised and applied tothe places. Yea, it hath been found by experience, and the decoctionof the root in wine, or the bruised root put into wine or otherdrink, and after a night infusion, strained forth hard and drank, hath helped both man and beast, whose bones hath been broken by anyoccasion, which is the most assured refuge of help to people of diverscounties of the land that they can have it is no less effectual tohelp ruptures and burstings, the decoction in wine, or the powder inbroth or drink, being inwardly taken, and outwardly applied to theplace the same is also available for inward or outward bruises, fallsor blows, both to dispel the congealed blood, and to take away both thepains and the black and blue marks that abide after the hurt the samealso, or the distilled water of the whole plant, used to the face, orother writings of the skin, cleanses it from morphew, freckles, spots, ormarks whatsoever, leaving the place fresh, fair, and lovely. For whichpurpose it is much used by the italian dames samphire descript rock samphire grows up with a tender green stalk abouthalf a yard, or two feet high at the most, branching forth almostfrom the very bottom, and stored with sundry thick and almost round essaywhat long leaves of a deep green colour, essaytimes two together, and essaytimes more on a stalk, and sappy, and of a pleasant, hot, andspicy taste at the top of the stalks and branches stand umbels ofwhite flowers, and after them come large seed, bigger than fennel seed, yet essaywhat like it the root is great, white, and long, continuingthesis years, and is of an hot and spicy taste likewise place it grows on the rocks that are often moistened at the least, if not overflowed with the sea water time and it flowers and seeds in the end of july and august government and virtues it is an herb of jupiter, and was in formertimes wont to be used more than now it is. The more is the pity it iswell known almost to every body, that ill digestions and obstructionsare the cause of most of the diseases which the frail nature of manis subject to. Both which might be remedied by a more frequent use ofthis herb if people would have sauce to their meat, they may take essayfor profit as well as for pleasure it is a safe herb, very pleasantboth to taste and stomach, helps digestion, and in essay sort openingobstructions of the liver and spleen. Provokes urine, and helps therebyto wash away the gravel and stone engendered in the kidneys or bladder sanicle this herb is by thesis called butter-wort descript ordinary sanicle sends forth thesis great round leaves, standing upon long brownish stalks, every one essaywhat deeply cut ordivided into five or six writings, and essay of these also cut in essaywhatlike the leaf of crow-foot, or dove-foot, and finely dented aboutthe edges, smooth, and of a dark shining colour, and essaywhat reddishabout the brims.