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Thereforeit stays women longings. The good old man cannot endure womenminds should run a gadding also a plaister made of the fruit driedbefore they are rotten, and other convenient things, and applied tothe reins of the back, stops miscarriage in women with child they arepowerful to stay any fluxes of blood or humours in men or women. Theleaves also have this quality the decoction of them is good to gargleand wash the mouth, throat and teeth, when there is any defluxions ofblood to stay it, or of humours, which causes the pains and swellings it is a good bath for women, that have their courses flow too abundant:or for the piles when they bleed too much if a poultice or plaister bemade with dried medlars, beaten and mixed with the juice of red roses, whereunto a few cloves and nutmegs may be added, and a little red coralalso, and applied to the stomach that is given to casting or loathingof meat, it effectually helps the dried leaves in powder strewed onfresh bleeding wounds restrains the blood, and heals up the woundquickly the medlar-stones made into powder, and drank in wine, whereinessay parsley-roots have lain infused all night, or a little boiled, dobreak the stone in the kidneys, helping to expel it mellilot, or king claver descript this hath thesis green stalks, two or three feet high, rising from a tough, long, white root, which dies not every year, setround about at the joints with small and essaywhat long, well-smellingleaves, set three together, unevently dented about the edges theflowers are yellow, and well-smelling also, made like other trefoil, but small, standing in long spikes one above another, for an handbreadth long or better, which afterwards turn into long crooked pods, wherein is contained flat seed, essaywhat brown place it grows plentifully in thesis places of this land, as in theedge of suffolk and in essex, as also in huntingdonshire, and in otherplaces, but most usually in corn fields, in corners of meadows time it flowers in june and july, and is ripe quickly after government and virtues melilot, boiled in wine, and applied, mollifies all hard tumours and inflammations that happen in the eyes, or other writings of the body, and essaytimes the yolk of a roasted egg, orfine flour, or poppy seed, or endive, is added unto it it helps thespreading ulcers in the head, it being washed with a lye made thereof it helps the pains of the stomach, being applied fresh, or boiledwith any of the aforenamed things. Also, the pains of the ears, beingdropped into them. And steeped in vinegar, or rose water, it mitigatesthe head-ache the flowers of mellilot or camomile are much used tobe put together in clysters to expel wind, and ease pains.

Second, because the field is new and the mode of actionof these substances not readily understood and, third-- and mostimportant-- because, by the very nature of the problems involved, fewphysicians are well informed concerning them the influenza epidemic oflast year was widespread and fatal in character it stimulated earnestresearch in methods of prevention and cure we were all in a frameof mind to grasp at any straw here and there essay worker would cry“eureka”-- only to be disappointed when his product was actually put tothe test however, there were more than enough manufacturers ready toplace any product on the market with specious claims that could notbe positively denied vaccines, serums, proteins-- all were advancedwith such glowing statements as to their properties that only thosephysicians who kept their feet firmly on solid ground could resistthe appeal now we have had another epidemic-- mild, it is true-- butthe memories of last year make the average physician ready to acceptanything which promises hope, and the manufacturers “make hay while thesun shines ” physicians have been and are being deluged with literatureon the prophylaxis and treatment of influenza so far as we know, fewpublications have contained any word of warning on these matters oneexception has just come to notice. The medico-military review, asemimonthly mimeographed publication sent to medical officers of thearmy by the surgeon general office this says. You are reminded that so far a comprehensive analysis of results obtained by the use of monovalent and polyvalent vaccines in the prevention of influenza has not demonstrated their value much carefully controlled experimental work is now being carried out on this subject both in civil institutions and in the army, and any worthwhile advances will be reported in the review from time to time if a prospective vaccine is developed, it will be prepared at the army medical school for general distribution and all medical officers will be duly notified the general use of the present commercial polyvalent protective against influenza is not considered desirable numerous telegrams and other requisitions are being received for influenza vaccine in view of the fact that no prophylactic influenza vaccine is available, such requisitions should be discontinued -- editorial from the journal a m a , feb 14, 1920 capell uroluetic test u s marine hospital, chicago to the editor:-- a member of the consultant staff of this hospital recently referred to us a “doctor” h f matthews, who was supposed to give demonstrations of a new test for syphilis-- “capell ‘uroluetic’ test ” the test was to be made of the urine of the patient the above mentioned consultant was under the impression that the said “doctor” matthews was a graduate physician “doctor” matthews came to the hospital according to the appointment made by the consultant, and proceeded to give his demonstration several of the junior officers and interns were present to witness it he was asked questions in an attempt to determine the scientific status of the test which he was demonstrating his answers were always vague and indefinite and not clothed in scientific words we became suspicious of him, and he was asked if he was a graduate physician he admitted that he was not he was further asked if he had studied chemistry and bacteriology. He stated that he had in 1888 inquiry was made as to where. He replied that it was at the university of illinois he was further asked if he was familiar with the wassermann reaction he stated that he was not this man is going around representing himself as a physician who has a new test which he claims is superior to, and more delicate than, the wassermann test. Yet he knows nothing whatever of the technic of the wassermann reaction in one case, we gave him the same specimen of urine in four different containers he read a different degree of reaction for each of them in other words, in a specimen from the same patient, his four different tests showed, respectively, a , a , a and a reaction it occurred to me that it might be well to inform you of this man methods, as he told us that he had been to a good thesis institutions, and i am sure he will soon start a plan to systematically force his pseudoscientific test on credulous physicians everywhere j o cobb, m d , senior surgeon in charge the propaganda dewritingment has in its files a business card reading:“capell laboratories, room 1510 masonic temple, chicago dr h f matthews, special representative ” capell laboratory has itsheadquarters in omaha, and is apparently conducted by dr w l capell, who, for thesis years, seems to have been more or less interested inproprietary medicines essay years ago he was connected with a concernknown as “acneine pharmacal company, ” which, apparently, was dissolvedessay time in 1910. And soon thereafter a new company was organizedknown as the leroy drug company in 1917 w l capell was connectedwith the capell, cameron co , inc , of lincoln, neb , which wasselling “capell uroluetic test”, “capell treatment for syphilis”and other remedies the “treatment for syphilis” was said to be “painless, pleasant, harmless, efficacious, and requires usually from 30 to 90 days only to eradicate the disease ”the name of the treatment is “mercarodin”-- earlier it was called“camit”-- and it is now being sold from “capell laboratory, ” omaha in addition, capell laboratory sells acneine, which apparently isthe same product that was sold in 1906 and 1907 under the name of“sambu-co” by the holtman-stringer co of omaha and later was put outby the acneine pharmacal company of omaha while capell laboratory sells proprietary remedies, it is the“uroluetic test” which the concern now seems to be featuring theclaims made for this are. “this test requires no expert knowledge, is inexpensive, and can be made in a few minutes, and is so plain that it cannot be mistaken ”the idea of being able to determine the absence or presence of syphilisby a simple color test of the urine is a fascinating one the presentreliable diagnostic tests are, as capell laboratory so plausiblyemphasizes, essaywhat involved, and call for rather delicate technic but there are no short-cuts to knowledge a physician who ordered capell uroluetic test essay weeks ago receivedwith the bill the letter that follows. It is given not so much for whatit says, as for how it says it it is copied verbatim et literatim. “your letter received, and we have mailed you as per your letter 1 doz of capell ‘uroluetic’ tests in close find statement and instructions, for same “the ‘uroluetic’ test is meeting a far greater approval from the medical profession than we had expected, while we do not claime that it is perfect, yet we have only received one unfavorable report, and we daily feel incuraged in its efficacy “you know doctor that there are two dangerous elements in this world, one is the extreme pessimist and the other is the extreme optimist the immoral lincoln said, ‘that there was nothing that was wholly good or wholly evil, ’ and we presume that this is equally true of the ‘uroluetic’ test but we want the truth no matter what it is ”“capell uroluetic test” would be “important if true ” unfortunately, its scientific value to the sufferer is negligible compared with itseconomic value to the exploiter it is not so much a test for luesin the patient as of credulity in the doctor -- from the journala m a , aug 23, 1919 another urinary test for syphilis to the editor:-- will you kindly inform me whether the test in the enclosed “literature” is what it is represented to be?. charles m thomas, m d , sunbury, pa answer -- the “literature” referred to by dr thomas dealt with the“uri-na test” sold by the standard appliance company of philadelphia there seems to be a strong family resemblance between this alleged testand that known as “capell uroluetic test, ” which was discussed inthe propaganda dewritingment of the journal, aug 23, 1919 of that thejournal said. “unfortunately, its scientific value to the sufferer isnegligible compared with its economic value to the exploiter it is notso much a test for lues in the patient as of credulity in the doctor ”the same may be said of the “uri-na test ” the facts are, there is nomethod at present known by which the absence or presence of syphilismay be determined by a simple color test of the urine -- query in thejournal a m a , nov 22, 1919 chemotherapy and tumorsn richard weil, m d , new yorkn from the cancer research service of the general memorial hospital, new york n this critical discussion of the status of chemotherapy in tumorswas prepared at the request of the council on pharmacy and chemistry ofthe american medical association within the last three years a number of reports have appeared in themedical press which bear on the treatment of malignant growths inhuman beings by chemical preparations the most persuasive and themost insistent claims have been made in connection with the colloidalsolutions of certain metalloids and metals, notably selenium, vanadiumand copper at the same time a number of drug houses, both in thiscountry and abroad, have placed on the market proprietary preparationsof these substances in various forms, for which the claim is made thatthey produce striking therapeutic effects and essaytimes even cures inmalignant neoplasms the impulse toward the use and production of this type of preparationis directly traceable to a series of scientific experiments on thetumors of animals, which date back no farther than the year 1911 inthat year wassermann and his co-workers267 published a report onthe treatment of rat tumors by means of the intravenous injection ofselenium compounds this paper received wide notoriety through itsenthusiastic diffusion by the lay press shortly afterward neuberg andhis co-workers268 published their observations upon the therapeuticeffects of certain metallic compounds the clinical application of theencouraging results obtained by these authors in animal tumors followedrapidly, and up to the present time a number of papers have appearedin which the claim is made that human tumors also may be favorablyinfluenced through the constitutional use of substances similar tothose used by wassermann or neuberg in essay paper, use has been madeof colloidal solutions of the heavy metals, such as copper. In others, selenium compounds have been used, while in a third set of observationsthe therapeutic agent represents an attempt to combine the virtues ofthese two types of therapy by employing selenium in colloidal form asan example of the first class, may be cited the cuprase of gaube dugers;269 of the second, the seleniovanadic ointment of roemer and thesulpho-selene of walker. Of the third, seleniol and electro-selenium 267 wassermann, keysser and wassermann.

I shall therefore only speak of its virtues asfollows government and virtues ’tis an herb of the moon it is good tocool any heat in the liver, blood, reins, and stomach, and in hotagues nothing better. It stays hot and choleric fluxes of the belly, women courses, the whites, and gonorrhæa, or running of the reins, the distillation from the head, and pains therein proceeding from heat, want of sleep, or the frenzy the seed is more effectual than the herb, and is of singular good use to cool the heat and sharpness of urine, venereous dreams, and the like. Insomuch that the over frequent usehereof extinguishes the heat and virtue of natural procreation theseed bruised and boiled in wine, and given to children, expels theworms the juice of the herb is held as effectual to all the purposesaforesaid.

Intherapeutics and practice, the questions must be in harmony with thetenets of the school compare contrast essay topics selected by the candidate. And the standardof acquirements therein is established by each board itself theexamination must be fundamental in character and such as can beanswered in common by all schools of practice 1, 42 application for license is made in writing to the president of eitherboard of medical examiners which the applicant may elect, withsatisfactory proof that the applicant is more than twenty-one years ofage, is of good moral character, has obtained a competent common-schooleducation, and has either received a diploma conferring the degreeof doctor of medicine from essay legally incorporated medical collegein the united states, or a diploma or license conferring the fullright to practise all the branches of medicine and surgery in essayforeign country, and has also both studied medicine three years andattended three courses of lectures in different years in essay legallyincorporated medical college or colleges prior to the granting ofthe diploma or foreign license. Two courses of medical lectures bothbegun or completed within the same calendar year do not satisfy therequirement. This condition is not applicable to students who shall bein their second year in a medical college, nor to physicians practisingat the time of the passage of the act such proof is made, if required, upon affidavit, upon making the application and proof and payment ofthe fee the president of the board, if satisfied, must direct thesecretary to issue an order for examination, and when the applicantshall have passed an examination as to proficiency satisfactory to theboard, the president must grant a license to practise medicine andsurgery 1, 43 all of the examinations are conducted so that the name, school ofgraduation, and preparatory training of the applicant shall not be madeknown to the board till his examination papers have been graded anapplicant receiving a majority of the votes of the board is consideredto have passed a satisfactory examination and is entitled to a license1, 44 the board must refuse a license to an applicant radically deficient inany essential branch in case of a failure, the candidate must havethe privilege, after the expiration of one year from his rejection, ofanother examination by the board to which his application was firstmade 1, 46 a license, or a certified copy, must be filed with the clerk of thecircuit court of the county or city in which the licensee may practise;the number of the book and page containing the recorded copy must benoted in the body of license evidence - the records have the same weight as evidence that is givento the record of conveyances of land 1, 48 exceptions - the act does not apply to commissioned surgeons of theunited states army, navy, or marine hospital service, to physiciansor surgeons in actual consultation from other states, nor to personstemporarily practising under the supervision of an actual medicalpreceptor, nor to a midwife or person who may render gratuitousservices in case of emergency 1, 49, 51 penalty - practising, or attempting to practise, without a license isa misdemeanor punishable with a fine of from $50 to $200 for eachoffence, with confinement in jail, in default of payment, till fineand costs are paid. A person so practising is debarred from recoveringcompensation 1, 50 fees - to secretary of board, before examination, $10 1, 45 to clerk of court, for registration, $1 1, 48 massachusetts in massachusetts there is no statute upon this subject michigan qualification - it is unlawful to practise medicine or surgery or anybranch except dentistry, without the prescribed qualifications andregistration in the office of the county clerk laws 1883, c 167, s 1 a person who was practising when the law took effect, and had beenpractising continuously for at least five years prior thereto in thestate, is deemed qualified to practise medicine after registration2, as amended 1887, c 268 a graduate of a legally authorized medical college in the state, orany of the united states, or any other country, is deemed qualified topractise medicine and surgery in all dewritingments after registration a student or undergraduate is not prohibited from practising withand under the immediate supervision of a person legally qualified topractise medicine and surgery ib a person qualified registers by filing with the county clerk of thecounty where he practises, or intends to practise, a sworn statementsetting forth, if actually engaged in practice, the length of timehe has been engaged in such continuous practice. If a graduate of amedical college, the name and location of the same, when he graduatedand how long he attended the same, and the school of medicine to whichhe belongs. If a student or undergraduate, how long he has been engagedin the study of medicine and where, and if he has attended a medicalcollege, its name and location and the length of his attendance, and when, and the name and residence of the physician under whoseinstruction he is practising, or intends to practise the statement isto be recorded by the clerk ib penalty - no person practising medicine, surgery, or midwifery cancollect pay for professional services unless at the time of renderingsuch services he was duly qualified and registered 4 advertising, or holding out to the public, as authorized to practisemedicine or surgery, when not authorized, is a misdemeanor punishablewith a fine of from $5 to $50 for each offence 7 fees - to county clerk, for recording statement, 50 cents 2 minnesota board of examiners - the governor appoints a board of medicalexaminers of nine members, no one of whom can be a member of a collegeor university having a medical dewritingment, and two of whom must behomœopathic physicians act 1887, c 9, s 1 qualification - persons commencing the practice of medicine and surgeryin any of its branches must apply to the board for a license, and atthe time and place designated by the board, or at a regular meeting, submit to an examination in anatomy, physiology, chemistry, histology, materia medica, therapeutics, preventive medicines, practice ofmedicine, surgery, obstetrics, diseases of women and children, of thenervous system, of the eye and ear, medical jurisprudence, and suchother branches as the board deems advisable, and present evidence ofhaving attended three courses of lectures of at least six months each;the examination must be scientific and practical, but of sufficientseverity to test the candidate fitness to practise medicine andsurgery when desired, the examination may be conducted in the presenceof the dean of any medical school or the president of any medicalsociety of this state after examination, the board must grant, withthe consent of at least seven members, a license to practise medicineand surgery, which may be refused or revoked for unprofessional, dishonorable, or immoral conduct. And in case of refusal or revocation, the applicant may appeal to the governor 3 the license must be recorded with the clerk of the district court inthe county in which the licensee resides. If he moves into anothercounty he must procure a certified copy of his license from the saidclerk and file it with the clerk of the district court in the lattercounty 4 penalty - to practise without a license is a misdemeanor, punishableby a fine of from $50 to $100, or imprisonment in county jail fromten to ninety days, or both appending “m d ” or “m b ” to name, orprescribing, directing, or recommending for use any drug or medicine orother agency for the treatment, care, or relief of any wound, fracture, or bodily injury, infirmity, or disease, is regarded as practisingmedicine exceptions - the act is not applicable to dentists 6, norto commissioned surgeons of the united states army or navy, nor tophysicians or surgeons in actual consultation from other states orterritories, nor to actual medical students practising medicine underthe direct supervision of a preceptor 5 all persons licensed under the act of 1883, c 125, are regarded aslicensed under this act 7 fees - to treasurer of board, for examination, $10 mississippi qualification - a practitioner of medicine must obtain a license fromthe state board of health code 1892, s 3, 243 application is made in writing.

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1958 june 21 1913 marshall, e k compare contrast essay topics. The therapeutic value of organic phosphorus compounds, j a m a 44. 573 feb 13 1915 291 marshall, e k. The therapeutic value of organic phosphoruscompounds, j a m a 44. 573 feb 13 1915 influenza vaccineswith the appearance of the epidemic of influenza, reports began toappear, chiefly in newspapers, as to new serums, vaccines, drugs andother methods for checking and even for curing the disease a fewsamples of such as have come to the journal appear in our tonicsand sedatives dewritingment this week in massachusetts, commissionere r kelly appointed two committees to investigate the value ofinfluenza vaccines as a preventive agent and as a treatment ofthe disease the first committee, a special board for scientificinvestigation, consisting of dr m j rosenau, chairman, and frederickp gay and george w mccoy, was appointed to consider the evidenceavailable on the prophylactic and therapeutic use of vaccines againstinfluenza this committee presented the following conclusions.