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Stitches in the side 23 diseases of the liver, injuries to the right side compare and contrast essay topics for college students of the body. Nosebleed 24 affections of the head and the eyes. Pains in the shoulder-blades.

New york m j 118:315, 1913. Arch f verdauungskr 20:577, 1914 physiologic considerationsthroughout its clinical use, secretin has been given by mouth. Butits direct introduction into the intestine of a dog under anesthesiain even enormous quantities is without effect this fact, firstobserved by bayliss and starling, 32 was confirmed by fleig, 81 andmatuso, 36 and our personal experiments have convinced us of itstruth matuso found that ordinary secretin and that obtained fromintestinal lumen gave equally negative results large quantities ofactive secretin, moreover, acidified to 0 2 per cent hydrochloricacid, and left in the ileum for fifteen minutes, were still negative wertheimer and duvillier, 82 in a previous paper on this subject, had likewise found that acid solutions of secretin which might beconsidered more normal for the intestine than when neutral, whenintroduced into the ileum gave negative or inconstant results theyconclude that it is more likely that the pancreas does not respond tosuch minimal stimuli, than that the secretin is not absorbed 81 flieg. Arch gén de méd 191:1482, 1903 82 wertheimer and duvillier. Compt rend soc de biol 68:535, 1910 the destructive action of the digestive enzymes leads us to believethat it is in inactive form that secretin is absorbed likeepinephrin, it cannot pass through the digestive tract bayliss andstarling state that it is destroyed by one hour tryptic digestion lalou62 worked with the action on secretin of pepsin, dog gastricjuice, pancreatic juice, succus entericus and erepsin, and found ineach case a destructive effect, even almost after mixing. And afterfive minutes over 75 per cent of the activity had disappeared matuso36 introduced 30 c c of active secretin into the intestine, removed it five minutes later, and found that no activity remained other methods of administration have been tried subcutaneousinjections are practically negative matuso, 36 hallion83and intrapleural injections are likewise negligible bayliss andstarling55 83 hallion. Presse méd 20:433, 1912 starling63 finds that continued intravenous injections of secretin ina healthy dog produces after a time severe symptoms of collapse, which, he believes, are due to change in the intestinal mucous membrane causedby the entry and non-neutralization of the strongly alkaline pancreaticjuice intestinal digestion seems little affected in achylia gastrica stockton, 84 ehrman and lederer, 85 bayliss and starling32 thismay be due to other secretin stimulants as fats, or to the action ofthe nervous mechanisms meltzer86 84 stockton. In osier and mccrae modern medicine 3:19, 1914 85 ehrman and lederer.

3 per cent. 4 per cent. 5 per cent and 10 per cent , respectively inoculations were made in trypsinized peptone bouillon after the addition of chlorlyptus at different intervals, namely.

This essay laugh to scorn, and those no smallfools neither. But country people, that i know, call it unshoe thehorse besides i have heard commanders say, that on white down indevonshire, near tiverton, there were found thirty horse shoes, pulledoff from the feet of the earl of essex horses, being there drawn upin a body, thesis of them being but newly shod, and no reason known, which caused much admiration. The herb described usually grows uponheaths mosses i shall not trouble the reader with a description of these, since myintent is to speak only of two kinds, as the most principal, viz ground moss and tree moss, both which are very well known place the ground moss grows in our moist woods, and at the bottomof hills, in boggy grounds, and in shadowy ditches and thesis other suchlike places the tree moss grows only on trees government and virtues all sorts of mosses are under the dominionof saturn the ground moss is held to be singularly good to break thestone, and to expel and drive it forth by urine, being boiled in wineand drank the herb being bruised and boiled in water, and applied, eases all inflammations and pains coming from an hot cause. And istherefore used to ease the pains of the gout the tree mosses are cooling and binding, and writingake of a digesting andmolifying quality withal, as galen saith but each moss writingakes of thenature of the tree from whence it is taken. Therefore that of the oakis more binding, and is of good effect to stay fluxes in man or woman;as also vomiting or bleeding, the powder thereof being taken in wine the decoction thereof in wine is very good for women to be bathed in, that are troubled with the overflowing of their courses the same beingdrank, stays the stomach that is troubled with casting, or hiccough;and, as avicena saith, it comforts the heart the powder thereoftaken in drink for essay time together, is thought available for thedropsy the oil that has had fresh moss steeped therein for a time, andafterwards boiled and applied to the temples and forehead, marvellouslyeases the head-ache coming of a hot cause. As also the distillations ofhot rheums or humours in the eyes, or other writings the ancients muchused it in their ointments and other medicines against the lassitude, and to strengthen and comfort the sinews. For which, if it was goodthen, i know no reason but it may be found so still motherwort descript this hath a hard, square, brownish, rough, strong stalk, rising three or four feet high at least, spreading into thesis branches, whereon grow leaves on each side, with long foot-stalks, two atevery joint, which are essaywhat broad and long, as if it were roughor crumpled, with thesis great veins therein of a sad green colour, anddeeply dented about the edges, and almost divided from the middle ofthe branches up to the tops of them which are long and small grow theflowers round them at distances, in sharp pointed, rough, hard husks, of a more red or purple colour than balm or horehound, but in thesame manner or form as the horehound, after which come small, round, blackish seeds in great plenty the root sends forth a number of longstrings and small fibres, taking strong hold in the ground, of a darkyellowish or brownish colour, and abides as the horehound does. Thesmell of the one not much differs from the other place it grows only in gardens with us in england government and virtues venus owns the herb, and it is under leo there is no better herb to take melancholy vapours from the heart, tostrengthen it, and make a merry, chearful, blithe soul than this herb it may be kept in a syrup or conserve. Therefore the latins calledit cardiaca besides, it makes women joyful mothers of children, andsettles their wombs as they should be, therefore we call it motherwort it is held to be of much use for the trembling of the heart, andfaintings and swoonings. From whence it took the name cardiaca thepowder thereof, to the quantity of a spoonful, drank in wine, isa wonderful help to women in their sore travail, as also for thesuffocating or risings of the mother, and for these effects, it islikely it took the name of motherwort with us it also provokes urineand women courses, cleanses the chest of cold phlegm, oppressing it, kills worms in the belly it is of good use to warm and dry up the coldhumours, to digest and disperse them that are settled in the veins, joints, and sinews of the body, and to help cramps and convulsions mouse-ear descript mouse-ear is a low herb, creeping upon the ground by smallstrings, like the strawberry plant, whereby it shoots forth smallroots, whereat grow, upon the ground, thesis small and essaywhat shortleaves, set in a round form together, and very hairy, which, beingbroken, do give a whitish milk. From among these leaves spring up twoor three small hoary stalks about a span high, with a few smallerleaves thereon. At the tops whereof stands usually but one flower, consisting of thesis pale yellow leaves, broad at the point, and a littledented in, set in three or four rows the greater uppermost very likea dandelion flower, and a little reddish underneath about the edges, especially if it grow in a dry ground. Which after they have stood longin flower do turn into down, which with the seed is carried away withthe wind place it grows on ditch banks, and essaytimes in ditches, if they bedry, and in sandy grounds time it flowers about june or july, and abides green all the winter government and virtues the moon owns this herb also. And thoughauthors cry out upon alchymists, for attempting to fix quicksilver bythis herb and moonwort, a roman would not have judged a thing by thesuccess. If it be to be fixed at all, it is by lunar influence thejuice thereof taken in wine, or the decoction thereof drank, doth helpthe jaundice, although of long continuance, to drink thereof morningand evening, and abstain from other drink two or three hours after it is a special remedy against the stone, and the tormenting painsthereof. As also other tortures and griping pains of the bowels thedecoction thereof with succory and centaury is held very effectualto help the dropsy, and them that are inclining thereunto, and thediseases of the spleen it stays the fluxes of blood, either at themouth or nose, and inward bleeding also, for it is a singular woundherb for wounds both inward and outward. It helps the bloody flux, andhelps the abundance of women courses there is a syrup made of thejuice hereof and sugar, by the apothecaries of italy, and other places, which is of much account with them, to be given to those that aretroubled with the cough or phthisic the same also is singularly goodfor ruptures or burstings the green herb bruised and presently boundto any cut or wound, doth quickly solder the lips thereof and thejuice, decoction, or powder of the dried herb is most singular to staythe malignity of spreading and fretting cankers and ulcers whatsoever, yea in the mouth and secret writings the distilled water of the plant isavailable in all the diseases aforesaid, and to wash outward wounds andsores, by applying tents of cloths wet therein mugwort descript common mugwort hath divers leaves lying upon the ground, very much divided, or cut deeply in about the brims, essaywhat likewormwood, but much larger, of a dark green colour on the upper side, and very hoary white underneath the stalks rise to be four or fivefeet high, having on it such like leaves as those below, but essaywhatsmaller, branching forth very much towards the top, whereon are setvery small, pale, yellowish flowers like buttons, which fall away, andafter them come small seeds inclosed in round heads the root is longand hard, with thesis small fibres growing from it, whereby it takesstrong hold on the ground. But both stalks and leaves do lie down everyyear, and the root shoots anew in the spring the whole plant is of areasonable scent, and is more easily propagated by the slips than theseed place it grows plentifully in thesis places of this land, by thewater-sides. As also by small water courses, and in divers other places time it flowers and seeds in the end of summer government and virtues this is an herb of venus, thereforemaintains the writings of the body she rules, remedies the diseases ofthe writings that are under her signs, taurus and libra mugwort is withgood success put among other herbs that are boiled for women to applythe hot decoction to draw down their courses, to help the delivery ofthe birth, and expel the after-birth as also for the obstructions andinflammations of the mother it breaks the stone, and opens the urinarypassages where they are stopped the juice thereof made up with myrrh, and put under as a pessary, works the same effects, and so does theroot also being made up with hog grease into an ointment, it takesaway wens and hard knots and kernels that grow about the neck andthroat, and eases the pains about the neck more effectually, if essayfield daisies be put with it the herb itself being fresh, or the juicethereof taken, is a special remedy upon the overmuch taking of opium three drams of the powder of the dried leaves taken in wine, is aspeedy and the best certain help for the sciatica a decoction thereofmade with camomile and agrimony, and the place bathed therewith whileit is warm, takes away the pains of the sinews, and the cramp the mulberry-tree this is so well known where it grows, that it needs no description time it bears fruit in the months of july and august government and virtues mercury rules the tree, therefore are itseffects variable as his are the mulberry is of different writings.

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Jour de physiol et de path gén 4:998, 1902 55 bayliss and starling. Jour physiol 29:174, 1903 56 chapman. Proc linnaean soc , new south wales 1:92, 1905 57 camus. Compt rend soc de biol 61:59, 1906 hallion andlequex. Compt rend soc de biol 61:33, 1906 58 derouaux. Arch internat de physiol 3:44, 1905 lambert andmyer. Compt rend soc de biol 54:1044, 1902 starling. Lancet, london 2:501, 1905 59 keeton and koch.