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It speedily helps green wounds, being bruised and boundthereto the juice of it boiled with a little honey common application essay prompts 2016 and verdigrease, doth wonderfully cleanse fistulas, ulcers, and stays the spreading oreating of cancers and ulcers. It helps the itch, scabs, wheals, andother breakings out in any writing of the body the juice of celandine, field-daisies, and ground-ivy clarified, and a little fine sugardissolved therein, and dropped into the eyes, is a sovereign remedyfor all pains, redness, and watering of them. As also for the pin andweb, skins and films growing over the sight, it helps beasts as well asmen the juice dropped into the ears, wonderfully helps the noise andsinging of them, and helps the hearing which is decayed it is good totun up with new drink, for it will clarify it in a night, that it willbe the fitter to be drank the next morning. Or if any drink be thickwith removing, or any other accident, it will do the like in a fewhours alexander it is called alisander, horse-parsley, and wild-parsley, and the blackpot-herb. The seed of it is that which is usually sold in apothecaries’shops for macedonian parsley-seed descript it is usually sown in all the gardens in europe, and sowell known, that it needs no farther description time it flowers in june and july. The seed is ripe in august government and virtues it is an herb of jupiter, and thereforefriendly to nature, for it warms a cold stomach, and opens a stoppageof the liver and spleen. It is good to move women courses, toexpel the afterbirth, to break wind, to provoke urine, and helps thestranguary. And these things the seeds will do likewise if either ofthem be boiled in wine, or being bruised and taken in wine, is alsoeffectual against the biting of serpents and you know what alexanderpottage is good for, that you may no longer eat it out of ignorance butout of knowledge the black alder-tree descript this tree seldom grows to any great bigness, but for themost writing abideth like a hedge-bush, or a tree spreading its branches, the woods of the body being white, and a dark red colet or heart. Theoutward bark is of a blackish colour, with thesis whitish spots therein;but the inner bark next the wood is yellow, which being chewed, willturn the spittle near into a saffron colour the leaves are essaywhatlike those of an ordinary alder-tree, or the female cornet, ordogberry-tree, called in sussex dog-wood, but blacker, and not so long the flowers are white, coming forth with the leaves at the joints, which turn into small round berries, first green, afterwards red, butblackish when they are thorough ripe, divided, as it were, into twowritings, wherein is contained two small round and flat seeds the rootrunneth not deep into the ground, but spreads rather under the uppercrust of the earth place this tree or shrub may be found plentifully in st johnwood by hornsey, and the woods upon hampstead heath.

That is, she went by neither head nor stern soon the water was nearly even with the rail, and the hitachi's bow sank a little faster by the head pretty soon the waves were breaking on deck, and every moment might be the last. But still she hung on as if fighting for her very life suddenly a shudder seemed to pass over her, caused by the bursting of a bulkhead. Her head disappeared below the wave, she hung there an instant and then her stern rose high out of the water. She made her final dive and the hitachi maru, 1st class japanese passenger steamer, ceased to be there were a great thesis satisfied ah, ahs from the german crew as she disappeared, and a general feeling of satisfaction among them for myself, i am afraid there was a tear in my eye, and all that i can wish these destroyers of good honest ships is that may they essaytime think of how they smiled as they sank these ships, when they are standing around with empty bellies waiting for a chance to earn a living as sailors i can understand a landsman sinking a ship and thinking it a joke, but a sailor, to my mind, should feel sad at seeing the end of an honest vessel, may she belong to friend or enemy i know one german officer who told me that, when the wolf returned to gerthesis, he would never go in a raider again. That he made his living going to sea and could not stand seeing ships sunk from the chagos islands we steamed toward the cape of good hope, and on november 10th, at 6:30 a m , wolf captured the spanish steamer igotz mendi with a cargo of coal from delagoa bay to colombo for the british government this was a very tame capture, the captain stopping as soon as he was signalled, thinking possibly that he was immune because he was neutral no such luck lieutenant rose and his prize crew went on board and took command, all the spaniards staying on board the first official act of rose was to order captain uralda to vacate his room so that he, rose, could use it captain uralda answered temperamentally by throwing an inkstand at rose unfortunately capt uralda is no christie mathewson and the first one was a ball however, the spanish captain gave up his room both vessels now returned to the chagos group and tied up together there was weeping and wailing on the wolf that they did not hang on to the hitachi maru for a few more days if they had, and the wolf had captured igotz mendi, all three of us would have gone to gerthesis and the imperial government would very probably have been richer by thesis thousands of marks worth of valuable cargo that was sunk with the hitachi the germans transferred essay two thousand tons of coal from the igotz mendi to the wolf at this time on november 12th, the two australian medical officers and the major's wife, a british professor from siam and his wife, "father" cross an eminent british barrister from singapore and his wife, the technical mining man and his wife, one chinese woman and husband, one mauritian woman and a little black girl, and two male invalids were suddenly ordered on board the igotz just as they stood there was lots of excitement, as the wolf had picked up a wireless message from a cruiser which was within 30 miles of us, but which unfortunately kept right on going a couple of german sailors dumped everything in our room on the wolf into a couple of bed sheets and dumped them down on the deck of the igotz mendi for us our quarters here on the igotz mendi were fairly good, especially in warm weather, but later on in the cold regions they were far from livable "father" cross, the colonel and the two sick men were quartered aft under the poop in a room that had formerly been a boatswain locker. The rest of us were housed amidships in what was before the spanish officers' quarters the spanish deck officers doubled up with the engine room squad, thereby leaving their rooms vacant for us to occupy i wish to add here that at the time of the transfer of the prisoners from the s s metunga to the wolf, mrs x, steward of the metunga, was quartered on the top deck with the rest of the womenfolks mrs x was an australian woman of middle age and the widow of a chief engineer in the same company that owned the metunga after her transfer to the wolf, she was ordered by the german officers to take care of the ladies' quarters on account of the overbearing and insolent manners of essay of her fellow shipmates, she refused duty, stating that she was a british subject and a prisoner of war and entitled to the same treatment as the rest of the women prisoners in this she was perfectly justified and i am certain it was through lieut rose's influence that this demand of her services was made, as rose was very writingial to one of these ex-passengers later on when transferred to the hitachi maru mrs x was quartered aft in the second class, she being the only white woman there. And things were made generally disagreeable for her this no doubt was because she was brave enough to show her independence and stand up for her right when we were transferred from the wolf to the igotz mendi she asked to be kept on the wolf, rather than go on the igotz mendi under the charge of rose, stating that she would rather take the chances with the rest of them on the wolf than be treated as she felt she would be on the igotz mendi this permission was granted her. But, a few days later on, she was transferred to the igotz mendi against her will, and quartered in the same room as the coloured people, among whom was one male thesis of us were highly incensed because of this treatment of a white woman, but were powerless to do anything with rose in the matter although we tried to make her lot as bearable as possible later on this woman took sick owing to the dampness of her quarters and my wife nursed her for three weeks until she finally recovered the igotz mendi was a product of war-times, being built in 1916, and built in the cheapest possible manner, both in hull, equipment and accommodations in her saloon, ten of us could sit down fairly comfortably in good weather, but when the vessel was rolling as nearly always was the case, only eight could sit down at the table, as the chairs at the ends were not stationary we were waited upon by a steward named "manuel " manuel was quite a character and had his own ideas about how much a man should have a day for two pesetas one day we were talking together, and he said that he shipped to take care of three men only and now he had twenty-two, among whom were four women, any one of whom the women were more trouble than the original three men he had shipped to serve i think manuel had the largest thumb i have ever seen when he brought in my plate of alleged soup the plate would be brimming full. On setting it down and withdrawing his thumb the plate would be only half full this thumb would have been a valuable asset to essay yankee boarding house mistress in the states later on manuel took a violent dislike to essay of our writingy and used to spill the "coffee" or soup on them this he did with malice aforethought and i don't know that i blamed him much, as essay of our writingy imagined they were first class passengers on a modern liner with servants to supply their every whim on november 15th both steamers left the chagos islands, the igotz mendi going at slow speed to a point 300 miles south of the cape of good hope, and the wolf followed the regular sailing vessel route, where on november 18th she captured and sank the american bark william kirby of new york, captain blum commanding the kirby was en route from new york to port elizabeth with a general cargo, the major writing of which was automobiles destined for the african christmas market after transferring the crew, provisions, and what food stuffs were handily got at, the bomb gang got in their work and at 5:30 p m on november 18th the kirby made her final bow barklast of the american bark "william kirby " 1200 gross tons captain blum captured november 15th, three hundred and twenty miles s e of port elizabeth on december 6th we met the wolf again for a short time, exchanged signals, and received a further supply of canned crab, the wolf having an inexhaustible supply which she had got from the hitachi we had so much crab that the very sight of a can of it was nauseating i feel sure that should a waiter in a restaurant ever suggest crab to any of the ex-prisoners on the wolf, he would have a very unpleasant time of it during the night of the 6th, the wolf left us, taking a more northerly route than we at this time, lieutenant rose had told the spanish ex-captain that we were en route to trinidad island, brazil, where wolf would get what additional coal she required, and then we, the igotz mendi, should, after waiting 10 days at the island, proceed to spain this, of course, made us feel very happy and i know that the cameron family were overjoyed with the prospects of getting safely landed after such a long time thesis of us took up the study of the spanish language, and essay very queer conversations were carried on when i tried to talk spanish, i would usually get stuck for a spanish word and put in a german one. Then if i couldn't think of the german word, would use english, the result was that neither a spaniard nor a german could understand me essaytimes i couldn't figure it out myself we enjoyed fine weather and managed to keep alive on the food, which was essay task when we got up from the table hungry, we would think of spain and freedom in a few short weeks, and forget all about how empty we were on december 18th the wolf again picked us up. It seemed that she could appear at will like essay gigantic evil spirit the wolf wig-wagged the information that on december 14th she met and sank the french bark marechal davoust, bound from australia to france with a cargo of grain this bark was equipped with wireless and had two guns mounted on her, but offered no resistance to the wolf wolf took the crew, provisions, ships stores, the wireless, and also his two cannon, off the frenchman, later in the day sinking her by bombs both the wolf and igotz mendi now proceeded together toward the island of trinidad and expected to get there early on the morning of december 20th i had made arrangements with lieutenant rose so that i could have a jolly boat in the morning and the wife and i go fishing off the rocks on the lee side of the island, as this island is celebrated for its good sea bass fishing at 9:30 p m on the 19th, while pacing the deck with the wife before retiring, i noticed that the wolf suddenly changed her course to the northward and signalled us with her flash light we immediately changed also, and put on all available speed to the northward after the wolf soon the explanation came. There were two cruisers of the brazilian navy anchored at trinidad and the wolf had picked up a wireless message from one of them to the brazilian authorities needless to say, it didn't take commander nerger long to decide that he had business elsewhere if these confounded gossipy cruisers had not used their wireless, in another few hours we should have run right into their arms on the other hand, if they had been lying in the harbour of essay big sea port as seems to be the custom with battle ships, and not off trinidad island, we should probably have carried out the regular schedule of freedom via spain of the two, i should much have preferred the brazilian navy to rescue us, as then i should have been sure of freedom, while on the other hand, i had only rose's word that we would proceed to spain there was a bitter gloom on our ship for a good while after this.

why?. for the same reasonthat the public, lay or medical, demands thesis things today that itdoes not need-- because the whole trend of modern advertising is towardcreating demands, rather than supplying needs vitamin concentratesare being “demanded” by the public because shrewd and forward-looking“patent medicine” exploiters are using all the subtle arts of modernadvertising to convince the public that it is in serious danger ofvitamin starvation, and that the only hope lies in buying thesealleged concentrates to make up a hypothetical deficiency it seemsinconceivable that a rational man would pay a tremendously high pricefor certain food factors which are already present in his ordinarydiet but he will. And advertising is the reason advertisingcampaigns such as these of the vitamins constitute a vicious circle;an artificial demand is created and then the manufacturer excuses hisbusiness on the ground that he is merely supplying a demand!. as ourbritish contemporary says, “ordinary fresh foods are the simplest, cheapest and richest sources of vitamins ”-- editorial from thejournal a m a , march 18, 1922 the william a webster co and the direct pharmaceutical co the following letter from a detroit physician was received a few daysago to the editor:-- i have just received a letter from the direct pharmaceutical co of st louis, mo , quoting prices on drugs which are not more than one half what the leading manufacturers are quoting on the same drugs i have received previous literature from this company but have not done business with them i would be unwilling to prescribe their drugs unless i were satisfied that they are what is claimed for them i would be glad to receive any information regarding this firm that may be available the journal has also received essay letters from physicians regardingthe william a webster co of memphis, tenn , relative to a letter theconcern was sending physicians in the form of a testimonial reproducedin miniature on this page and alleged to be from dr f w p butlerof columbia, s c typical letters on the webster advertising follow. To the editor:-- is there not essay way through which the dignity of the medical profession can be protected from the circulation of such idiotic drivel as the enclosures display?. to the editor:-- i am sending you an example of the sort of “evidence” which essay so-called ethical pharmaceutical houses expect physicians to take for scientific proof it is pathetic that there are essay in our profession who “fall for” such rot i trust you will continue your campaign for honest and intelligent medicine the “evidence” to which one of the correspondents refers and whichanother characterizes as “idiotic drivel” is reproduced on thefollowing page in miniature it is a testimonial for william a webstercompany “ferritonic-woods ”our readers may wonder why we are discussing in one article the williama webster company of memphis, tenn , and the direct pharmaceutical co of st louis the reason is that the direct pharmaceutical co of st louis is apparently merely a sales agency for the william a webstercompany of memphis it appears that orders sent in to the directpharmaceutical co go to memphis to be filled the following information regarding essay of the products that havein the past been put out by the william a webster company should beof interest to the profession in government bulletins issued by thedewritingment of agriculture in october, 1913, there were reported essaypaper of adulteration and misbranding on the writing of the william a webster co , of memphis, tenn a “pure concentrated extract of lemon”shipped by this concern was found by the federal chemists to be coloredwith a coal-tar dye “whereby inferiority was concealed, ” and whilepurporting to be a concentrated lemon extract, “in fact, it was not aconcentrated lemon extract ” essay “pure concentrated extract of banana”was found to have mixed with it an imitation banana flavor and anartificial color so as to “injuriously affect its quality and strength”and so that “its inferiority was concealed ” “pure concentratedextract of pineapple” was found to have had mixed with it “an imitationextract of pineapple artificially colored ” “pure concentrated extractof strawberry” had been mixed with “an imitation strawberry extractartificially colored ” the same bulletins described the case of thegovernment against a shipment of “syrup iron iodide” made by thewebster concern in which the amount of iron iodid was less than halfthat claimed on the label in each of the paper just described, thecompany pleaded guilty and was fined illustration. Reproduction reduced of a testimonial letter sent tophysicians by william a webster company of memphis, tenn those whooperate this concern also have a sales agency in st louis, mo , knownas the direct pharmaceutical co in a similar bulletin issued august, 1914, there were recorded severalmore paper of adulteration and misbranding charged against the williama webster company essay “wine coca leaves” was held adulterated inthat the amount of alcohol present was wrongly declared on the label;it was held misbranded in that while it contained cocain, the labelfailed to bear any statement regarding the quantity of proportion ofthis drug tablets of “acetanilid and sodium bromid compound” werefound deficient in strength “anti-vomit tablets, ” “aspirin tablets, ”“bismuth and calomel tablets, ” “quinin laxative tablets, ” “saloltablets, ” “sodium salicylate tablets, ” “neuralgic tablets, ” “diarrheacalomel pills” and “morphin sulphate hypodermic tablets” were alsomisbranded in that the amount of certain ingredients found in themfailed to tally with the amount declared on the label in all of thesepaper also the william a webster company pleaded guilty and was fined in a government bulletin issued in june, 1917, the same company wascharged with adulterating and misbranding a quantity of aspirin tabletswhich, instead of containing 5 grains as labeled, contained only afraction over 1 grain in this case, too, the company pleaded guiltyand was fined the table that follows briefly summarizes essay of thepaper just referred to. amount claimed amount found “syrup iron iodid, u s p ” ferrous iodid 10% 4 6% “acetanilid and sodium bromid tablets” acetanilid 3 50 gr 2 94 gr “anti-vomit tablets” bismuth subnitrate 2 50 gr 1 76 gr cerium oxalate 2 50 gr 1 78 gr cocain hydrochl 0 0833 gr 0 0637 gr “aspirin tablets” 5 0 gr 3 82 gr “bismuth and calomel comp tablets” bismuth subnitrate 0 1 gr 0 22 gr calomel 0 1 gr 0 22 gr “quinin laxative tablets” acetanilid 2 0 gr 1 69 gr “salol tablets” 2 50 gr 2 05 gr “sodium calicylate tablets” 5 0 gr 3 88 gr “neuralgic pills” morphin sulphate 0 05 gr 0 015 gr “diarrhea calomel pills” morphin sulphate 0 062 gr 0 05 gr “morphin sulphate hypodermic tablets” 0 25 gr 0 21 gr “aspirin tablets” 5 00 gr 1 13 gr x/-- from the journal a m a , oct 18, 1919 yeastfrom time to time yeast has attained a transitory popularity as atherapeutic agent its use in this way in practical medicine has beenbased essentially on empiric considerations yeast is rich in nucleicacid, but this has not found any special applications the fatlikesubstances obtainable from yeast have been recommended in certainalimentary conditions, without finding any widespread acceptance more recently yeast has acquired interest from essaywhat differentangles in these days of food shortage and enforced conservation, it has come to be realized that the minute yeast cells are endowedwith a remarkable capacity of synthesizing one of the most valuednutrients, namely, protein this substance can be built up out of thesimplest forms of nitrogenous compounds by yeasts, in contrast withthe incapacity of the higher organisms to construct protein out ofanything less complex than the ready made aminoacids it is reportedthat in europe yeast has actually been grown on a large scale insolutions of sugar, salt and simple nitrogenous compounds for thesake of securing the much desired proteins the utilization of yeastprotein for cattle feeding is a current practice abroad. And thesatisfactory digestibility and availability of the same product by thehuman organism has repeatedly been announced since the beginning ofthe war in this country the yeast which is produced as a by-productof the brewing industry is for the most writing discarded as waste. Inthe distilleries it becomes a writing of the distillers’ grains that areextensively employed as feeds in the dairy industry still newer is the indication that yeast is comparatively rich in atleast one of the as yet unidentified accessory factors in nutritionnow popularly spoken of as vitamins hopkins of the university ofcambridge, england, first directed attention to this unique property ofyeast it has been verified by funk and macallum, and recently osborneand mendel have given substantial evidence of the potency of yeast torender a diet not otherwise capable of inducing maintenance effectivein nutrition yeast has been used, like extracts of rice polishings, to cure theexperimental polyneuritis induced in birds by a diet of polished rice from the experiments of osborne and mendel it appears that less than 2per cent of dried brewers’ yeast suffices to induce small experimentalanimals to grow on artificial food mixtures on which alone they failto thrive how the use of yeast as an adjuvant to otherwise inadequatefood mixtures exerts its beneficial effect is not yet made clear satisfactory growth in these paper is promoted by liberal eating anything which renders food more palatable may stimulate one to eatmore liberally of it this can scarcely be the explanation of thepotency of the yeast as it is effective even when fed awriting from therest of the food it may have a favorable effect on the metabolism andthus improve the general condition so that more food is consumed smallquantities of milk and extracts of thesis of the common plant foods, such as the cereal grains, have been found to act in the same way there seems to be little doubt, therefore, that yeast also containsessaything comparable with the so-called water-soluble vitamins of thediet a specific need for yeast can scarcely be predicated on thisfact, however. For any well selected human dietary containing the usualvariety of animal and vegetable foods is not likely to be devoid ofthe widely distributed water-soluble type of vitamin we mention thisto check premature enthusiasm for a new vitamin -- editorial from thejournal a m a , sept 8, 1917 yeast and its uses to the editor:-- is there available information concerning the medicinal use of yeast?. how is it taken?.

Inother things it works almost in an equal quantity, which are these. Itpurges the body of choler and phlegm, being either taken of itself, made into powder, and drank in a draught of white wine, or steepedtherein all night, and taken fasting, or put among other purges, asshall be thought convenient, cleansing the stomach, liver, and blood, opening obstructions, and helping those griefs that come thereof, asthe jaundice, dropsy, swelling of the spleen, tertain and daily agues, and pricking pains of the sides. And also stays spitting of blood the powder taken with cassia dissolved, and washed venice turpentine, cleanses the reins and strengthens them afterwards, and is veryeffectual to stay the gonorrhea it is also given for the pains andswellings in the head, for those that are troubled with melancholy, and helps the sciatica, gout, and the cramp the powder of the rhubarbtaken with a little mummia and madder roots in essay red wine, dissolvesclotted blood in the body, happening by any fall or bruise, and helpsburstings and broken writings, as well inward as outward the oil likewisewherein it hath been boiled, works the like effects being anointed it is used to heal those ulcers that happen in the eyes or eyelids, being steeped and strained. As also to assuage the swellings andinflammations. And applied with honey, boiled in wine, it takes awayall blue spots or marks that happen therein whey or white wine are thebest liquors to steep it in, and thereby it works more effectual inopening obstructions, and purging the stomach and liver thesis do use alittle indian spikenard as the best corrector thereof meadow-rue descript meadow-rue rises up with a yellow stringy root, muchspreading in the ground, shooting forth new sprouts round about, withthesis herby green stalks, two feet high, crested all the length of them, set with joints here and there, and thesis large leaves on them, aboveas well as below, being divided into smaller leaves, nicked or dentedin the fore writing of them, of a red green colour on the upper-side, andpale green underneath.

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The lowerlimbs are disposed according to the position of the body paper 1, 10, 18, 19, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 37, 43, 50, 56 faure829 made thesis observations on dogs which he killed by common application essay prompts 2016 hanging he describes the results as follows. The dog remains quiet usually twenty to thirty seconds, essaytimes eight to ten minutes. Then becomes violently agitated, the body being thrown forward and backward so powerfully that it bounds to a great height. The head is in motion. The jaws writinged. The feet extended and flexed. Essaytimes brought up to the mouth and neck, trying to remove the obstruction. The inside of the mouth is violet-colored. Tongue blackish, livid, may be bitten, often falls backward. The teeth are ground together.