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Andalso good to stay all hot defluctions or sharp and salt rheums in theeyes, the juice being dropped into them, or into the ears it helpsalso other fluxes of humours in the bowels, and the immoderate coursesof women it cools and restrains all other hot inflammations, st anthony fire, scaldings and burnings, the shingles, fretting ulcers, cankers, tettors, ringworms, and the like. And much eases the painsof the gout proceeding from any hot cause the juice also takes awayworts and corns in the hands or feet, being often bathed therewith, andthe skin and leaves being laid on them afterwards it eases also thehead-ache, and distempered heat of the brain in frenzies, or throughwant of sleep, being applied to the temples and forehead the leavesbruised and laid upon the crown or seam of the head, stays bleeding atthe nose very quickly the distilled water of the herb is profitablefor all the purposes aforesaid the leaves being gently rubbed on anyplace stung with nettles or bees, doth quickly take away the pain hound tongue descript the great ordinary hound tongue has thesis long andessaywhat narrow, soft, hairy, darkish green leaves, lying on theground, essaywhat like unto bugloss leaves, from among which rises upa rough hairy stalk about two feet high, with essay smaller leavesthereon, and branched at the tops into divers writings, with a small leafat the foot of every branch, which is essaywhat long, with thesis flowersset along the same, which branch is crooked or turned inwards beforeit flowers, and opens by degrees as the flowers blow, which consistof small purplish red leaves of a dead colour, rising out of the huskswherein they stand with essay threads in the middle it has essaytimes awhite flower after the flowers are past, there comes rough flat seed, with a small pointle in the middle, easily cleaving to any garment thatit touches, and not so easily pulled off again the root is black, thick, and long, hard to break, and full of clammy juice, smellingessaywhat strong, of an evil scent, as the leaves also do place it grows in moist places of this land, in waste grounds, anduntilled places, by highway sides, lanes, and hedge-sides time it flowers about may or june, and the seed is ripe shortlyafter government and virtues it is a plant under the dominion of mercury the root is very effectually used in pills, as well as the decoction, or otherwise, to stay all sharp and thin defluxions of rheum from thehead into the eyes or nose, or upon the stomach or lungs, as alsofor coughs and shortness of breath the leaves boiled in wine saithdioscorides, but others do rather appoint it to be made with water, andadd thereto oil and salt molifies or opens the belly downwards italso helps to cure the biting of a mad dog, essay of the leaves beingalso applied to the wound. The leaves bruised, or the juice of themboiled in hog lard, and applied, helps falling away of the hair, which comes of hot and sharp humours. As also for any place that isscalded or burnt.

Meningeal vessels engorged;lungs tubercular, congested. Right heart contained a little coagulatedblood 8 ibid - sex and age not given found hanging on a tree. Usualsigns. Odontoid process fractured. Rope in a double noose without knot, a common dooree, such as is used for drawing water 9 ibid , p 32 - man, age 50 face livid, eyes red and protruding;teeth clinched. Lower jaw retracted. Tongue behind the teeth. Hands andfeet contracted. Anus covered with fæcal matter.

Heart distend college prowler no essay scholarship. possibly injection penetrated lung peritoneum 1 23 min turns red 4 rabbit pleura 1 died overnight 5 dog pleura 1 1/4 hour remains blue 20 m p m peritoneum 1 1/4 hour remains blue 20 m p m 6 dog pleura 1 3 min remains blue 45 m p m peritoneum 1 3 min remains blue 45 m p m 7 dog pleura 1 20 min remains blue 20 m p m peritoneum 1 20 min remains blue 20 m p m series b. Serous membranesin these experiments, 1 c c of chlorlyptus was injected into thepleura or peritoneum after a stated time, the animal was killed, andthe reaction of the pleural or peritoneal surface was tested with bluelitmus paper the results are shown in the table c toxicity experiments by the referee technicwhite rats were injected hypodermically with chlorlyptus or witheucalyptus oil, diluted with olive oil in the ratio of 1:4 the largerdoses were divided between two or more sites of injection detailed protocolshypodermic injections in white rats drugs diluted with 3 writings ofolive oil doses are given as cubic centimeters of pure drug perkilogram of rat a eucalyptus series experiment 1 -- 1 25 c c. Injected vii 9 19. Active. Walks about no depression at any time vii 10 19 appears normal experiment 2 -- 2 5 c c. Injected vi 30 19. Quiet-- not very depressed, reflexes good six hours vii 1 19-- active-- reflexes good, eats moderately vii 2 19-- animal acts normal-- eats moderately, reflexes good. Active a m later in day, depressed vii 4 19-- died during night of vii 3 19 experiment 3 -- 3 75 c c. Injected vi 24 19.

“a careful study of this formula which formula?. that on the label or that in the general advertising?. -- council will reveal the outstanding fact that, while there are several drugs employed, each ingredient is there for a purpose and all do splendid teamwork if your patient is constipated because the stomach is not sufficiently energetic, the quassia stimulates that organ to an increased secretion of digestive fluids and sets it to working normally if the liver be sluggish, the chionanthus and wahoo prompt it to increased activity chionanthus has no superior for producing a sustained healthy hepatic condition should the bowels be slow and uncertain, the small doses of aloin, cascarin and podophyllin stimulate to free peristaltic action, while the nux vomica sets the nervous system right we use an effective antigripe so that there is no griping ”it is absurd to suppose that a complex mixture of drugs in fixedproportions can have the actions claimed for quassia compound tablets as regards the claim that “chionanthus has no superior for producing asustained healthy hepatic condition, ” it was brought out in a reportof the council on “essay unimportant drugs” reports of council onpharmacy and chemistry, 1912, p 36 that the “claims for this remedychionanthus are not supported by experimental evidence and theclinical reports of its use fail to show indications of discriminatingcritical observation it is not noticed by most pharmacologicauthorities ”of wahoo euonymus n f the “epitome of the u s p and n f ”says. “actions and uses -- obsolete cathartic. Toxic digitaliseffects caption. The uncertain absorption of this drug makes its useinadvisable ”quassia compound tablets flint, eaton and company are inadmissibleto new and nonofficial remedies because 1 they contain drugs ofunproved value. 2 their composition is needlessly complex, and, therefore irrational. 3 unwarranted therapeutic claims are madefor them. 4 the name is misleading and not descriptive of theircomposition, and 5 the statement of their composition is indefiniteand incorrect -- from the journal a m a , july 9, 1921 toxicide report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe council has authorized the publication of the following report. W a puckner, secretary toxicide toxicide laboratories, chicago is alleged to be a remedywhich “increases systemic resistance, ” is “used for immunizing againstseptic infections” and “is indicated in any case of septic infection, capable of inducing inflammation and pus formation, regardless oflocation or kind of tissue involved ” the following statementsbearing on the composition of the preparation are furnished by themanufacturers. “toxicide contains lachesis 12x, tarantula 6x, psorinum special 15x, silicia 6x and excipient q s the excipient is sweet milk “these remedies are combined in the sweet milk and put through a process of development, which produces the curative agent which we call ‘toxicide’ “put up in tablet form, sugar coated and colored red ”no information is given as to the proportions, either relative oractual, of the ingredients neither is any information given regardingthe “process of development” to which the mixture is subjected, nor theamount of the finished mixture which is contained in toxicide tablets the toxicide laboratories present the following “theory”. “in combining these remedies and processing with milk, we develop a latent immunizing active principle, which usually controls the most virulently, active, septic infections promptly ”illustration. Photographic reproduction reduced of an advertisementof the “originator” of toxicide.

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The herb itself, when the seed is not to behad either boiled, or the juice thereof drank, is effectual to allthe purposes aforesaid, but not so powerful college prowler no essay scholarship or speedy in operation gooseberry bush called also feapberry, and in sussex dewberry-bush, and in essaycounties wineberry government and virtues they are under the dominion of venus theberries, while they are unripe, being scalded or baked, are good tostir up a fainting or decayed appetite, especially such whose stomachsare afflicted by choleric humours. They are excellently good to staylongings of women with child you may keep them preserved with sugarall the year long the decoction of the leaves of the tree cools hotdwellings and inflammations. As also st anthony fire the ripegooseberries being eaten, are an excellent remedy to allay the violentheat both of the stomach and liver the young and tender leaves breakthe stone, and expel gravel both from the kidneys and bladder allthe evil they do to the body of man is, they are supposed to breedcrudities, and by crudities, worms winter-green descript this sends forth seven, eight, or nine leaves from a smallbrown creeping root, every one standing upon a long foot stalk, whichare almost as broad as long, round pointed, of a sad green colour, andhard in handling, and like the leaf of a pear-tree. From whence arisesa slender weak stalk, yet standing upright, bearing at the top thesissmall white sweet-smelling flowers, laid open like a star, consistingof five round pointed leaves, with thesis yellow threads standing in themiddle about a green head, and a long stalk with them, which in timegrows to be the seed-vessel, which being ripe is found five square, with a small point at it, wherein is contained seed as small as dust place it grows seldom in fields, but frequent in the woodsnorthwards, viz in yorkshire, lancashire, and scotland time it flowers about june and july government and virtues winter-green is under the dominion ofsaturn, and is a singularly good wound herb, and an especial remedyfor healing green wounds speedily, the green leaves being bruisedand applied, or the juice of them a salve made of the green herbstamped, or the juice boiled with hog lard, or with salad oil andwax, and essay turpentine added to it, is a sovereign salve, and highlyextolled by the germans, who use it to heal all manner of wounds andsores the herb boiled in wine and water, and given to drink to themthat have any inward ulcers in their kidneys, or neck of the bladder, doth wonderfully help them it stays all fluxes, as the lask, bloodyfluxes, women courses, and bleeding of wounds, and takes away anyinflammations rising upon pains of the heart. It is no less helpfulfor foul ulcers hard to be cured.