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The flowers arenot properly flowers, but tuffs, very college level essays to buy beautiful to behold, but of nosmell, of reddish colour. If you bruise them, they yield juice of thesame colour, being gathered, they keep their beauty a long time. Theseed is of a shining black colour time they continue in flower from august till the time the frostnips them government and virtues it is under the dominion of saturn, and isan excellent qualifier of the unruly actions and passions of venus, though mars also should join with her the flowers dried and beateninto powder, stop the terms in women, and so do almost all other redthings and by the icon, or image of every herb, the ancients atfirst found out their virtues modern writers laugh at them for it;but i wonder in my heart, how the virtues of herbs came at first tobe known, if not by their signatures. The moderns have them from thewritings of the ancients. The ancients had no writings to have themfrom. But to proceed the flowers stop all fluxes of blood. Whether inman or woman, bleeding either at the nose or wound there is also asort of amaranthus that bears a white flower, which stops the whitesin women, and the running of the reins in men, and is a most gallantantivenereal, and a singular remedy for the french pox anemone called also wind flower, because they say the flowers never open butwhen the wind blows pliny is my author. If it be not so, blame him the seed also if it bears any at all flies away with the wind place and time they are sown usually in the gardens of the curious, and flower in the spring-time as for discription i shall pass it, being well known to all those that sow them government and virtues it is under the dominion of mars, beingsupposed to be a kind of crow-foot the leaves provoke the termsmightily, being boiled, and the decoction drank the body being bathedwith the decoction of them, cures the leprosy the leaves being stampedand the juice snuffed up in the nose, purges the head mightily.

And cools inflammations buglossom college level essays to buy buglosse its virtues are the same with borrage bugula bugle, or middle comfrey. Is temperate for heat, but verydrying, excellent for falls or inward bruises, for it dissolvescongealed blood, profitable for inward wounds, helps the rickets andother stoppings of the liver. Outwardly it is of wonderful force incuring wounds and ulcers, though festered, as also gangreens andfistulas, it helps broken bones, and dislocations inwardly you maytake it in powder a dram at a time, or drink the decoction of it inwhite-wine. Being made into an ointment with hog grease, you shallfind it admirable in green wounds buphthalmum, &c ox eye matthiolus saith they are commonly usedfor black hellebore, to the virtues of which i refer buxus boxtree.

All of them being of a yellowish colour place it grows in thesis places of our land, in woods and wood-sides, where they be moist and shadowed, and in other places not too much uponthe sun time it flowers in april and may government and virtues venus owns it wood sorrel serves to all thepurposes that the other sorrels do, and is more effectual in hinderingputrefaction of blood, and ulcers in the mouth and body, and to quenchthirst, to strengthen a weak stomach, to procure an appetite, to stayvomiting, and very excellent in any contagious sickness or pestilentialfevers the syrup made of the juice, is effectual in all the paperaforesaid, and so is the distilled water of the herb sponges or linencloths wet in the juice and applied outwardly to any hot swelling orinflammations, doth much cool and help them the same juice takenand gargled in the mouth, and after it is spit forth, taken afresh, doth wonderfully help a foul stinking canker or ulcer therein it issingularly good to heal wounds, or to stay the bleeding of thrusts orscabs in the body sow thistle sow thistles are generally so well known, that they need no description place they grow in gardens and manured grounds, essaytimes by oldwalls, pathsides of fields, and high ways government and virtues this and the former are under the influenceof venus sow thistles are cooling, and essaywhat binding, and are veryfit to cool a hot stomach, and ease the pains thereof the herb boiledin wine, is very helpful to stay the dissolution of the stomach, andthe milk that is taken from the stalks when they are broken, givenin drink, is beneficial to those that are short winded, and have awheezing pliny saith, that it hath caused the gravel and stone to bevoided by urine, and that the eating thereof helps a stinking breath the decoction of the leaves and stalks causes abundance of milk innurses, and their children to be well coloured the juice or distilledwater is good for all hot inflammations, wheals, and eruptions or heatin the skin, itching of the hæmorrhoids the juice boiled or thoroughlyheated in a little oil of bitter almonds in the peel of a pomegranate, and dropped into the ears, is a sure remedy for deafness, singings, &c three spoonfuls of the juice taken, warmed in white wine, and essaywine put thereto, causes women in travail to have so easy and speedya delivery, that they may be able to walk presently after it iswonderful good for women to wash their faces with, to clear the skin, and give it a lustre southern wood southern wood is so well known to be an ordinary inhabitant in ourgardens, that i shall not need to trouble you with any descriptionthereof time it flowers for the most writing in july and august government and virtues it is a gallant mercurial plant, worthy ofmore esteem than it hath dioscorides saith, that the seed bruised, heated in warm water, and drank, helps those that are bursten, ortroubled with cramps or convulsions of the sinews, the sciatica, ordifficulty in making water, and bringing down women courses the sametaken in wine is an antidote, or counter-poison against all deadlypoison, and drives away serpents and other venomous creatures. As alsothe smell of the herb, being burnt, doth the same the oil thereofanointed on the back-bone before the fits of agues come, takes themaway. It takes away inflammations in the eyes, if it be put with essaywriting of a roasted quince, and boiled with a few crumbs of bread, andapplied boiled with barley-meal it takes away pimples, pushes orwheals that arise in the face, or other writings of the body the seed aswell as the dried herb, is often given to kill the worms in children:the herb bruised and laid to, helps to draw forth splinters and thornsout of the flesh the ashes thereof dries up and heals old ulcers, that are without inflammation, although by the sharpness thereof itbites sore, and puts them to sore pains. As also the sores in the privywritings of man or woman the ashes mingled with old sallad oil, helpsthose that have hair fallen, and are bald, causing the hair to growagain either on the head or beard daranters saith, that the oil madeof southern-wood, and put among the ointments that are used againstthe french disease, is very effectual, and likewise kills lice in thehead the distilled water of the herb is said to help them much thatare troubled with the stone, as also for the diseases of the spleen andmother the germans commend it for a singular wound herb, and thereforecall it stabwort it is held by all writers, ancient and modern, to bemore offensive to the stomach than worm-wood spignel, or spikenard descript the roots of common spignel do spread much and deep inthe ground, thesis strings or branches growing from one head, which ishairy at the top, of a blackish brown colour on the outside, and whitewithin, smelling well, and of an aromatical taste from whence risesundry long stalks of most fine cut leaves like hair, smaller thandill, set thick on both sides of the stalks, and of a good scent amongthese leaves rise up round stiff stalks, with a few joints and leaveson them, and at the tops an umbel of pure white flowers. At the edgeswhereof essaytimes will be seen a shew of the reddish blueish colour, especially before they be full blown, and are succeeded by small, essaywhat round seeds, bigger than the ordinary fennel, and of a browncolour, divided into two writings, and crusted on the back, as most of theumbelliferous seeds are place it grows wild in lancashire, yorkshire, and other northerncounties, and is also planted in gardens government and virtues it is an herb of venus galen saith, theroots of spignel are available to provoke urine, and women courses;but if too much thereof be taken, it causes head-ache the rootsboiled in wine or water, and drank, helps the stranguary and stoppingsof the urine, the wind, swellings and pains in the stomach, pains ofthe mother, and all joint-aches if the powder of the root be mixedwith honey, and the same taken as a licking medicine, it breaks toughphlegm, and dries up the rheum that falls on the lungs the roots areaccounted very effectual against the stinging or biting of any venomouscreature spleenwort, ceterach, or heart tongue descript the smooth spleenwort, from a black, thready and bushyroot, sends forth thesis long single leaves, cut in on both sides intoround dents almost to the middle, which is not so hard as that ofpolypody, each division being not always set opposite unto the other, cut between each, smooth, and of a light green on the upper side, and adark yellowish roughness on the back, folding or rolling itself inwardat the first springing up place it grows as well upon stone walls, as moist and shadowyplaces, about bristol, and other west writings plentifully. As also onframlingham castle, on beaconsfield church in berkshire, at stroud inkent, and elsewhere, and abides green all the winter government and virtues saturn owns it it is generally used againstinfirmities of the spleen.

Andthe juice wonderfully opens obstructions of the liver and lungs, andthereby helps the yellow jaundice the powder or decoction drank, orto sit thereon as a bath, is an assured remedy against abortion, if itproceed from the over flexibility or weakness of the inward retentivefaculty. As also a plaster made therewith, and vinegar applied tothe reins of the back, doth much help not only this, but also thosethat cannot hold their water, the powder being taken in the juice ofplantain, and is also commended against the worms in children itis very powerful in ruptures and burstings, as also for bruises andfalls, to be used as well outwardly as inwardly the root hereof madeup with pellitory of spain and allum, and put into a hollow tooth, notonly assuages the pain, but stays the flux of humours which causes it tormentil is no less effectual and powerful a remedy against outwardwounds, sores and hurts, than for inward, and is therefore a specialingredient to be used in wound drinks, lotions and injections, forfoul corrupt rotten sores and ulcers of the mouth, secrets, or otherwritings of the body the juice or powder of the root put in ointments, plaisters, and such things that are to be applied to wounds or sores, is very effectual, as the juice of the leaves and the root bruisedand applied to the throat or jaws, heals the king evil, and easesthe pain of the sciatica. The same used with a little vinegar, is aspecial remedy against the running sores of the head or other writings;scabs also, and the itch or any such eruptions in the skin, proceedingof salt and sharp humours the same is also effectual for the pilesor hæmorrhoids, if they be washed or bathed therewith, or with thedistilled water of the herb and roots it is found also helpful to dryup any sharp rheum that distills from the head into the eyes, causingredness, pain, waterings, itching, or the like, if a little preparedtutia, or white amber, be used with the distilled water thereof andhere is enough, only remember the sun challengeth this herb turnsole, or heliotropium descript the greater turnsole rises with one upright stalk, about afoot high, or more, dividing itself almost from the bottom, into diverssmall branches, of a hoary colour. At each joint of the stalk andbranches grow small broad leaves, essaywhat white and hairy at the topsof the stalks and branches stand small white flowers, consisting offour, and essaytimes five small leaves, set in order one above another, upon a small crooked spike, which turns inwards like a bowed finger, opening by degrees as the flowers blow open. After which in their placecome forth cornered seed, four for the most writing standing together. Theroot is small and thready, perishing every year, and the seed sheddingevery year, raises it again the next spring place it grows in gardens, and flowers and seeds with us, notwithstanding it is not natural to this land, but to italy, spain, and france, where it grows plentifully government and virtues it is an herb of the sun, and a good onetoo dioscorides saith, that a good handful of this, which is calledthe great turnsole, boiled in water, and drank, purges both choler andphlegm. And boiled with cummin, helps the stone in the reins, kidneys, or bladder, provokes urine and women courses, and causes an easyand speedy delivery in child-birth the leaves bruised and applied toplaces pained with the gout, or that have been out of joint and newlyset, and full of pain, do give much ease.

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