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’tis essaything more prevalent thanthe spirit tinctura fragroram or tincture of strawberries college take of ripe wood-strawberries two pounds, put them ina phial, college essays for sale and put so much small spirits of wine to them, that it mayovertop them the thickness of four fingers, stop the vessel close, andset it in the sun two days, then strain it, and press it but gently;pour this spirit to as thesis fresh strawberries, repeat this six times, at last keep the clear liquor for your use culpeper a fine thing for gentlemen that have nothing else to dowith their money, and it will have a lovely look to please their eyes tinctura scordii or tincture of scordium college take of the leaves of scordium gathered in a dry time, half a pound, digest them in six pounds of small spirits of wine, in avessel well stopped, for three days, press them out gently, and repeatthe infusion three times, and keep the clarified liquor for use so is made tincture of celandine, rest-harrow, and rosa-solis culpeper see the herbs for the virtues, and then take notice thatthese are better for cold stomachs, old bodies tinctura theriacalis vulgo aqua theriacalis ludg per infus or tincture of treacle college take of canary wine often times distilled, vinegar in whichhalf an ounce of rue seeds have been boiled, two pounds choice treacle, the best mithridate, of each half a pound. Mix them and set them in thesun, or heat of a bath, digest them, and keep the water for use tinctura cinnamoni, vulgo, aqua clareta cinnam or tincture of cinnamon college take of bruised cinnamon two ounces, rectified spirits ofwine two pounds, infuse them four days in a large glass stopped withcork and bladder, shake it twice a day, then dissolve half a pound ofsugar candy by itself in two pounds of rose water, mix both liquors, into which hang a nodule containing, ambergris half a scruple, muskfour grains tinctura viridis or a green tincture college take of verdigris, half an ounce, auripigmentum sixdrams, alum three drams, boil them in a pound of white wine till halfbe consumed, adding, after it is cold, the water of red roses, andnightshade, of each six ounces culpeper this was made to cleanse ulcers, but i fancy it not aqua aluminosa magistralis college take of plantain and red rose water, of each a pound, rochalum and sublimatum, of each two drams. Let the alum and sublimatum, being in powder, boil in the waters, in a vessel with a narrow mouthtill half be consumed, when it has stood five days, strain it physical wines vinum absynthitis or wormwood wine college take a handful of dried wormwood, for every gallon ofwine, stop it in a vessel close, and so let it remain in steep. So isprepared wine of rosemary flowers, and eye-bright culpeper it helps cold stomachs, breaks wind, helps the windcholic, strengthens the stomach, kills worms, and helps the greensickness rosemary-flower wine, is made after the same manner it is good againstall cold diseases of the head, consumes flegm, strengthens the gums andteeth eye-bright wine is made after the same manner it wonderfully clearsthe sight being drank, and revives the sight of elderly men. A cup ofit in the morning is worth a pair of spectacles all other wines are prepared in the same manner the best way of taking any of these wines is, to drink a draught ofthem every morning you may, if you find your body old or cold, makewine of any other herb, the virtues of which you desire.

None of the special claims made for elarson-- the arseniccontent, ready absorbability, freedom from irritating action on thegastro-intestinal tract and its alleged better adaptation for continuedadministration-- have been substantiated. On the contrary, they havebeen disproved as well as the theory of its mode of absorption proposedby fischer and klemperer furthermore, joachimoglu found that when itactually got into the circulation intravenous injection in the formin which fischer and klemperer supposed it to be absorbed, it was fromten to twelve times as toxic as arsenic trioxid the council voted to omit elarson from new and nonofficial remediesbecause it is sold under unproved and consequently unwarranted claimsand because it is an unscientific and relatively useless article elarson has not been shown to have advantages over fowler solution;on the contrary, in essay respects at least, it is inferior -- fromreports of council on pharmacy and chemistry, 1919, p 75 iodiphos report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrya report which appears below was sent charles l heffner forconsideration no reply having been received, the council authorizedits publication w a puckner, secretary iodiphos, marketed by charles l heffner, brooklyn, n y , is declaredto contain ferric citro-iodine, 6 grains. Calcium glycerophosphate, 8 grains. Sodium glycerophosphate, 8 grains, and hypophosphorousacid, 2 minims in each fluidounce, and to present “the metallic andnon-metallic elements. Iron, iodine, phosphorous, calcium and sodium each in separate basic combination ”according to the label, iodiphos is “alterative, tonic, nervine andanti-tubercular” and is “for treatment of blood, nerves and pulmonaryorgans ” an advertising circular129 asserts that “iodiphos exerts itsphysiological action rapidly in hardening of the arteries, high bloodpressure, anaemia, glandular swelling, neurasthenia, hypochondria, phthisis, bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia and as an intestinal antisepticand appetizer, ” and declares it to be “indispensable as a tonic andrestorative ”129 after publication of the foregoing report had been authorized bythe council, a letter was received from charles l heffner, advisingthat the distribution of the circulars has been discontinued in the advertising circular it is averred that in the production ofiodiphos “chemistry again aids the modern physician ” iodiphos isanother instance when a decadent polypharmacy proposes haphazardmedication and so obstructs the efforts of modern medicine to establishthe use of single drugs to meet definite indications iodiphos is inadmissible to new and nonofficial remedies because itis an irrational mixture of drugs sold with therapeutic claims thatare unwarranted, and under a name which is not descriptive of itscomposition -- from reports of council on pharmacy and chemistry, 1919, p 81 mervenol and armervenol not admitted to n n r report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe council has authorized publication of the report which appearsbelow declaring mervenol and armervenol, marketed by the hillelaboratories, inadmissible to new and nonofficial remedies w a puckner, secretary mervenol is stated by the proprietors-- the hille laboratories, chicago-- to be a hydrosol colloidal suspension of the sulphides ofmercury and copper, containing sufficient sodium chloride to make itisotonic with blood serum, and “inert proteid” and “carbohydrate” tostabilize the colloidal suspension. Each cubic centimeter is stated tocontain 0 005 gm mercury, 0 0016 gm copper, and 0 0016 gm sulphur it is claimed that this preparation is of value in pneumonia, influenza, and other conditions and diseases requiring increasedleukocytosis it is further claimed that the properties and therapeutic effects ofthis preparation are as follows. “practically non-irritant. Practicallynon-toxic. Lower temperature, often crisis like. Lower pulse, withbetter elimination. Greatly accelerated recovery from influenza;fewer pneumonia complications. Lower mortality rate in influenza andpneumonia. Remarkable leucocyte stimulation ” administration by mouthand by intramuscular and intravenous injection are advocated in the recent influenza epidemic, it is reported that therapeuticresults of essay value were obtained at the great lakes trainingstation and at fort sheridan the reports of certain medical officersindicate that this preparation seemed to have essay effect on thecourse of pneumonia and influenza, on the temperature, and on theleukocyte count but those conducting the experiments state that it was“absolutely impossible” to fulfil ideal conditions as to controls andother observations at the time the experiments were conducted so far as the council knows, no effort has been made to determine thepotent constituent, or constituents, of this preparation. Whether themercury, the copper, or the protein in the mixture was responsible forthe claimed benefits is an open question these reports were given careful consideration, but it was decidednot to accept this preparation because of 1 exaggerated therapeuticclaims, conflicting with rule 6 aside from the report of its usein influenza and pneumonia at the great lakes training station andthe post hospital at fort sheridan, which reports are of work doneand observations made under conditions which did not permit carefulcontrols, no evidence has been presented to the council supporting thetherapeutic claims and 2 being an irrational mixture, conflictingwith rule 10-- a mixture containing colloidal mercury, copper andsulphur with proteins and carbohydrates in addition, it is difficult topredict the changes which occur in such mixtures on standing samples of mervenol two 1-ounce bottles submitted by themanufacturer, june 5, 1919, were found when opened, aug 18, 1919, tohave undergone decomposition a very disagreeable odor had developed, the liquid was turbid, and a large amount of precipitate had formed armervenol is stated by the proprietors-- the hille laboratories, chicago-- to be a hydrosol colloidal suspension of“mercury-copper-sulpharsenite” containing sufficient sodium chloridto make it isotonic with blood serum and “inert proteid” and“carbohydrate” to stabilize the solution. Each cubic centimeter isdeclared to contain 0 0025 gm arsenic, 0 005 gm mercury, 0 0016 gm copper, and 0 0032 gm sulphur the use of armervenol as advised by the hille laboratories is the sameas that of mervenol, and in addition its use in syphilis is emphasized the criticisms of this mixture are similar in every respect to thosedirected against mervenol-- the addition of arsenic introduces stillanother factor of uncertainty after investigating these claims, it was decided not to accept thispreparation on the ground 1 that the therapeutic claims are unprovedand unwarranted, conflicting with rule 6, and 2 that the mixture isan irrational one, conflicting with rule 10 -- from reports of councilon pharmacy and chemistry, 1919, p 82 normal phenol serum cano and methyl-phenol serum cano not accepted for n n r report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe council has adopted the following statement declaring normal phenolserum cano and methyl-phenol serum cano ineligible to new andnonofficial remedies w a puckner, secretary no statement of the composition of these preparations was submittedto the council and none appears on the labels of the trade packages however, the advertising circular contains statements such as. “ normal phenol serum-- phenol with methyl blue dissolved in anaphylactic serum ” “ a combination of human or horse serum with phenol and methylene-blue, thereby forming a new chemico-biologic product which he termed methyl-phenol serum or, chemically, chloride of phenol thionin tetramethylene-seric ” “methyl-phenol serum is a chemico-biological product in which phenol is the chief factor each ampule of 10 c c contains the therapeutic equivalent of 0 5 gm 7 5 grains of phenol ”from the foregoing it appears that both preparations contain phenol andmethylthionine chloride methylene blue and that the second does notcontain methyl phenol cresol as the name would indicate no definite evidence for the value of these preparations is broughtforward and even the manufacturer is constrained to caution, “we assumeno responsibility for the therapeutic action of the serum ” on theother hand there are a great thesis statements in the papers of cano andhis colleagues to which exception must be taken of these, from amongthesis similar, the following statements are to be cited and commented on.

the best authority is to the effectthat he must so testify, the reasoning of the court being that hisopinion is only a college essays for sale writing of what he derived from his original relation ofphysician to his patient wright v the people, 112 ill , 540. Samecase, 33 alb l j , 79 same rule in civil and criminal paper - the rule is the same whetherthe professional man is called to testify as an expert in civil orcriminal paper in either one he is not obliged to give an opinion assuch, independent of a personal knowledge of the facts in the case, without being paid or assured reasonable compensation therefor hisproper course of conduct is, when he has obeyed the subpœna and is inthe presence of the court and has been sworn, and the questions putby counsel disclose that the object of his examination is to elicitfrom him an opinion, to state to the court that he has not been paidany other compensation than that of an ordinary witness, and that herespectfully declines to give an opinion in the case as an expert, without compensation proportionate to the value of his opinion 182whether witness competent a question for court in limine - afterthe expert is placed upon the stand, as we have seen, the counselupon the side of the case by which he is summoned interrogates himas to his capacity, the purpose of the interrogation being that hisanswers shall qualify him and show him to be an expert whether ornot he is an expert so as to permit the giving of his opinion aswriting of the case to go to the jury, is for the court to decide inlimine, that is, at the threshold, and as a matter of discretion, andthe exercise of that discretion, if fair and reasonable, will not bedisturbed upon appeal by the higher court it is permissible, but alsodiscretionary, after the counsel calls the witness and has apparentlyqualified him, for the counsel upon the other side to cross-examinethe witness as to his qualifications before he is examined in chief, with a view of determining whether or not there are limitations uponthose qualifications which should prevent the court from permitting himto testify as an expert the general rule is as stated by greenleafin his work on evidence, sec 440, that it is not necessary that themedical expert should have actually practised his profession nor is itessential that the witness should belong to any writingicular school ofmedicine the law does not undertake to pass upon conflicting theoriesof medical practice, in determining the question of the qualificationof a medical expert it is proper, however, for counsel to inquire asto what school of medicine the witness is an adherent, because of itsimportance in weighing the value of his testimony after it has beengiven persons not duly licensed essaytimes held not competent - it hasalso been a mooted question in those states where it is necessary, inorder to enable a person to practise physic or surgery, that he shouldbe licensed, whether a person practising without a license, howeverextensive his reading and practice, would be considered qualified asan expert witness in a court of justice this point, so far as diligentexamination discloses, has not been determined in any reported case, although it has been suggested at nisi prius and has been, in oneinstance within the knowledge of the writer, decided that he is notto be considered an expert in matters involving medical knowledge andskill the reasoning of the court was that the policy of the stateis to prohibit persons not possessing the qualifications requiredto obtain a license, from acting in any capacity as professors andpractitioners of medicine or surgery if the witness is a member ofthe profession, legally qualified as such, it has been held that he issufficiently qualified as an expert if he shows that he possesses theaverage ability of members of his profession hall v costello, 48n h , 176. Tellis v kidd, 12 ala , 648. Wharton on evidence, sec 446.

Blood fluid circular depressionaround neck with congestion of skin college essays for sale above and below. Ecchymosis insubcutaneous tissue on level of angle of jaw and about one centimetrein size, supposed to correspond to the knot tardieu reported thatthe marks rather resembled those of strangulation than hanging. Theecchymoses were more like those produced by the hand over the mouth the marks on the face supposed to have been made by a supposed fall ofthe body were by him considered to have been caused by violence hebelieved the woman had been strangled and then hung 68 ibid , p 130 - the daugats affair man found hanging, sittingon the ground, head and trunk essaywhat inclined to the left. Legsstretched out. Clothing not disordered. The writing of the cord whichwas around the neck was applied to the neck of the waistcoat andshirt. On his head a woollen cap the ground had been recently swept necroscopy twenty-four hours afterward face pale. Right eye open andprominent, left closed. Mouth closed, contained food apparently fromthe stomach. Tongue retracted. Slight mark on neck under which thetissue was normal.

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It qualifies choler, cools and moistens the heart, thereby sustaining it, and the whole body, from the fiery effects, which continual motion would produce its receptacle is the lungs, and is governed by venus, essay say by the moon, perhaps it may begoverned by them both, it is cold and moist in quality melancholy is college essays for sale the sediment of blood, cold and dry in quality, fortifying the retentive faculty, and memory. Makes men sober, solid, and staid, fit for study. Stays the unbridled toys of lustful blood, stays the wandering thoughts, and reduces them home to the centre. Itsreceptacle is in the spleen, and it is governed by saturn of all these humours blood is the chief, all the rest are superfluitiesof blood. Yet are they necessary superfluities, for without any ofthem, man cannot live namely. Choler is the fiery superfluities.