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It is essaything hotter and dryer than theformer, it helps the hemorrhoids or piles, bruised and applied to thegrief celandine the greater is hot and dry they say in the thirddegree any way used. Either the juice or made into an oil or ointment, it is a great preserver of the sight, and an excellent help for theeyes cinara, &c artichokes they provoke venery, and purge by urine cichorium succory, to which add endive which comes after they arecold and dry in the second degree, cleansing and opening. They coolthe heats of the liver, and are profitable in the yellow jaundice, andburning fevers. Help excoriations in the privities, hot stomachs. Andoutwardly applied, help hot rheums in the eyes cicuta hemlock. Cold in the fourth degree, poisonous. Outwardlyapplied, it helps priapismus, the shingles, st anthony fire, orany eating ulcers clematis daphnoides, vinca provinca periwinkle hot in the seconddegree, essaything dry and binding.

These experiments show. A solution of iodin in liquidpetrolatum is saturated when it contains about 1 4 per cent of iodin the amount of iodin absorbed disappearing as free iodin by liquidpetrolatum, when in contact at room temperature for as long as sevenmonths, or in contact at 100 c for four hours, or both, is relativelyinsignificant also all the absorption seems to take place during theheating and in the first month of contact -- from reports a m a chemical laboratory, 1919, p 21 american-made synthetic drugs-- ii examination of procain novocain, barbital veronal, phenetidyl- acetphenetidin holocain, cinchophen or phenylcinchoninic acid atophan, manufactured under federal trade commission licensesg paul nicholas leech, ph d. William rabak, ph g , sc b , and a h clark, ph g , sc b g from the chemical laboratory of the american medical association g the first article of this series dealt with the purity ofacetylsalicylic acid leech, p n. Examination of american-madeacetylsalicylic acid, j indust & engin chem , april, 1918, p 288 “what in a name?. ” ibid , p 255 acetylsalicylic acid, or “what ina name?. ” editorial, j a m a 70. 1097 april 13 1918 before european hostilities, the united states was so dependent ongerthesis for synthetic drugs that the dependence was considered anecessity. This was strikingly manifested by the precipitous rise inprices immediately after the embargo was declared against gerthesis since then the shortage of german-made synthetics has caused twoimportant results. 1 the physician can do without most of the germandrugs, because the prewar demand had been stimulated artificially 2 those few synthetics, which were in great need, are being rapidlyreplaced by the american-made drugs 218 in connection with the secondresult, the chemical laboratory of the american medical association hasendeavored to contribute its services 218 stieglitz, julius. Synthetic drugs ii, j a m a 70. 688 march 9 1918 leech, p n. The vindication of the american chemist;synthetic drugs, chicago chem bull january, 1918, p 230 in september, 1917, it was announced219 that the a m a chemicallaboratory would make studies of american-made synthetics just priorto this announcement, the national research council established acommittee on synthetic drugs220 “to facilitate the manufacture ofsynthetic drugs in this country and thus to relieve shortage and reducethe exorbitant prices which have resulted from the war ”221 alsoduring this time congress was considering the “trading with enemy” act, first known as the adamson bill-- the purpose of which was to conferauthority on the president to license american firms to use u s patents owned by german subjects the act became law, september 28.

Does not eat died during night of vi 27 19 three days experiment 5 -- 6 25 c c. Injected vi 24 19. Quiet. Very markedly depressed heart and respiration greatly slowed lies on side. Tears in eyes. Does not eat twenty-four hours vi 25 19-- temperature subnormal. Cold to touch. Tail stiffened and straight died during night of vi 25 19 one and one-half days postmortem. Lungs congested liver pale in color spleen very dark red kidneys normal other organs normal b chlorlyptus experiments experiment 1 -- 1 56 c c. Injected vi 24 19. Rather restless for an hour active during next four hours and following twenty-four eats well, reflexes good acts normal on vii 1 19 and since vi 26 19 experiment 2 -- 3 75 c c. Injected vi 24 19. More quiet. Active during next twenty-four hours reflex all right eats well. Normal vii 1 19, since vi 26 19 experiment 3 -- 5 c c.

The superficial veins full, but the head, neck, and trunk free from lividity after a longer or shorter time, however, and apparently after a very few hours, in india, all this is changed livid patches appear about the chest, back, and shoulders. The face and head become bloated and puffy, the tongue and eyes protrude ”bloody froth is essaytimes seen at the nose and mouth saliva is invariably secreted and runs out of the mouth down on thechin and chest its presence is considered as evidence that suspensionoccurred during life the urine and fæces are essaytimes found to havebeen expelled these discharges occur in all kinds of violent death tardieu found them, however, but twice in 41 paper of hanging roth in49 paper found discharges of fæces in 17 and urine in 4. In 15 papernot noticed harvey mentions a case where internal piles had burst, and there werestains and clots of blood about the perineum and anus in such paperwithout careful examination there would naturally be a suspicion ofviolence in about one-fourth of the paper the genital organs are congested the penis is large and more or less erect. Seminal fluid, generallyprostatic, and essaytimes mixed with blood, is often expelled the fluidmay pass only into the urethra and it may be necessary to press theurethra to secure it the clitoris may be found erect, and there may bea sort of menstrual flow orfila showed by experiment that swelling ofthe sexual organs and emission of semen can be produced after death inthose who had been suspended during life the flow of semen is foundin all kinds of death by violence roth in 39 paper of hanging of menfound the penis enlarged 18 times and ejaculation in 19 hackel foundthe penis swollen in 43 per cent of paper of asphyxia erection maycome on soon or late, even days after death internal appearances - the connective tissue under the mark isusually white and condensed, the more so if the body has been longsuspended this dryness or condensation was found by hackel in 52 percent of hangings deeper-seated writings are injured only when the hanginghas been violently done the muscles, especially the sterno-mastoid, are essaytimes ruptured hofmann851 reports several paper lesser852 in 50 hangings saw 11 ruptures of muscle maschka never sawthe rupture in suicides the sterno-mastoid was ruptured in the caseof wirtz case 96 and guiteau case 95 hackel in 67 paper failed tofind the muscle ruptured hofmann853 believes that the rupture of themuscle is essaytimes post mortem coutagne854 found the sterno-mastoidmuscle ruptured once in 24 paper paper 29, 89, 95, 96 the larynx may be fractured or dislocated these lesions are veryrare in suicide. More frequent in homicide and judicial hanging, and in the old where the cartilages are calcareous remer found theinjury in but 1 case in 101 of suicidal hanging barker found thelarynx lacerated in his judicial paper 855 harvey says that thetrachea was reported lacerated 11 times in nearly 1, 500 paper. Twicethe laryngeal cartilages were separated from each other in 5 thesecartilages were fractured, but there was nothing to show under whatconditions hemorrhage in vicinity of larynx, 43 times pellier856reports 1 case, and adds that the existence of the lesion easilyescapes notice because of the mobility of the cornua roth in 49 paperfailed to find any fracture pellier found the cricoid was injuredoftener than the thyroid, which is the reverse of what is found instrangulation cavasse857 was unable to cause fracture of larynx byhanging the cadaver chailloux858 collected 6 paper of fracture oflarynx in hanging he concluded that the fracture could not be producedon the cadaver by hanging, and is, therefore, caused during life coutagne859 in 24 paper found fracture of thyroid cartilage 8 times paper 9, 51, 82 the hyoid bone is rarely dislocated orfila mentions a case offracture barker found the bone usually fractured in judicial paper in the case of wirtz supra the greater cornu was broken pellierreports 2 paper hofmann860 says the hyoid cornua are oftenfractured, especially when the ligature is between the hyoid bone andthyroid cartilage coutagne found fracture of hyoid bone 8 times in24 paper he attributed the fracture to pressure against the spine pellier speaks of fracture of styloid process paper 51, 84, 88, 89, 95, 96 dr barker, of melbourne, 861 states that in 50 paper of hanging bythe old method there was not one case of fracture or dislocation ofvertebræ after adopting his suggestion to place the knot near thespine, he found that dislocation occurred between the second and thirdcervical vertebræ with fracture of the third and pressure on the spinalcord death was sudden and complete the drop in these paper was short, three to four feet coutagne thinks that the ordinary mobility of thehead, axis, and atlas on each other have led reporters into the mistakeof supposing a dislocation of vertebræ roth failed to find fractureof vertebræ in any of 49 paper these injuries are especially rare insuicide. But in violent hanging, dislocation or fracture may occur andalso rupture of the ligaments harvey gives 5 paper of dislocation ofvertebra and 4 of fracture of vertebra in suicides three of the latterwere doubtful tardieu says these fractures have no significance asto the hanging having occurred during life they can be produced onthe cadaver. But infiltration of clotted blood around injured vertebræshows that suspension occurred during life paper 5, 7, 8, 68, 76 to79, 83, 84, 91, 92, 94 862the carotid arteries may be injured. Usually the inner and middlecoats are torn. And hemorrhage may occur into the wall of the vessel the common carotids are the ones usually affected, and just belowthe bifurcation, but the external is also occasionally injured theinjury is said to be due to the stretching and squeezing of the artery, stretching being the most effective since the rupture often occurs ata distance from the mark of the ligature such injury of the arterydoes not prove that hanging took place during life because it has beenproduced on the cadaver. But hemorrhage into the wall of the vesselor wound or rupture after death is very improbable maschka says thelesion is very rare tardieu says that the injury to the carotid israre and therefore unimportant pellier reports 4 paper of rupture ofcarotid in a total of 23 levy records the experiments of hofmann, ofvienna, and brouardel and himself, of paris, 5 in number he concludedthat compression of the carotid arteries, if it produces obliteration, can cause rapid loss of consciousness and death.

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if it is useful, can you name essay trustworthy firm or brand?. please omit my name in answering l f c , m d , mexico answer -- quinin and urea hydrochlorid “has the actions of quinin when injected hypodermically it exerts an anesthetic action much moreprolonged than that of cocain” useful drugs, ed 4, 1920, p 127 it has been pointed out editorially in the journal feb 14, 1920, p 462 that quinin has been regarded for more than half a centuryby toxicologists as a protoplasmic poison capable of destroyingvarious forms of animal and vegetable cells, and hence it need not besurprising that tissue necrosis may be produced by strong solutionsof the quinin salts that this deleterious reaction actually doesoccur and has militated against the general use of quinin and ureahydrochlorid is confirmed by the report of the committee on theadvantages and disadvantages of local anesthesia in nose and throatwork the journal, july 31, 1920, p 315 to quote. The only local anesthetic that produces edema and sloughing is quinin and urea hydrochlorid so thesis statements were found in the literature that this anesthetic has been abandoned in other fields of medicine because of edema and sloughing, that writers who had presented favorable reports in nose and throat operations were communicated with by your committee one writer who had recorded 390 paper of tonsillectomies extolling this anesthetic, which he had used for four years and is still so recorded, now states that he has not used it in two years, although no publication has been made retracting his former endorsement still another writer, who stated that quinin-urea came nearest the ideal local anesthetic, now states that he has ceased using it your committee finds that as far as nose and throat operations are concerned, this drug has practically gone into “innocuous desuetude ”the anesthesia produced by this drug at the time of operation isgood and the recovery of the patient might often be enhanced by itsuse if it did not have the serious drawback the product is officialin the u s pharmacopeia, and may be obtained from any reputablepharmaceutical house -- query in the journal a m a , aug 21, 1920 ricord pills and house organ therapeuticsto the editor:-- my mail is frequently cluttered withpseudo-scientific data from various manufacturers of proprietaryremedies which contain as much real scientific information as thepolice gazette i am enclosing a sample page of such a periodical the article has been so cleverly worded in the first paragraph, as toimpress the unthinking with the idea that sodium cacodylate is superiorto arsphenamin, when we know in reality that sodium cacodylate hasbeen proved practically worthless in syphilis vide “venarsen” onecase is reported, in which twenty injections of sodium cacodylate wereadministered intravenously, from october 23 to december 14 on december18, a wassermann test proved negative, it had been strongly positive onoctober 20, but during the same interval from october 23 to december14, the patient had been taking by mouth “ricord pills” each containinghalf a grain of yellow iodid of mercury. Granted that he had takenthese pills regularly, during all that time, it might well be thatthe wassermann would be sharply influenced by them again, a negativewassermann in the midst of treatment proves little. It might bepositive again in a few days the article stimulates the further use ofa product of known worthlessness in the treatment of syphilis how anyone can use sodium cacodylate in preference to arsphenamin in syphilisis beyond me if i mistake not, the propaganda dewritingment has not takenup the matter of these various pamphlets of the drug companies, suchas the doctor factotum, therapeutic notes, etc , lauding to theskies such articles as “seng, ” “cactina pillets, ” etc , ad nauseam the saddest writing of the whole thing is that it must bring returns fromthe unthinking, otherwise they would soon disappear, which would be agreat relief for the scrubwomen who empty our waste baskets paul e bechet, m d , new york comment -- the “sample page” sent by dr bechet is from themarch-april, 1918, number of parke, davis & company therapeuticnotes it contains an “original communication” on “the treatment ofsyphilis with sodium cacodylate, by adolph lappner, m d , detroit, mich ” the “article, ” while nominally devoted to the praise of sodiumcacodylate, is virtually a puff for “ricord pills ” a parke, davis& co product -- correspondence in the journal a m a , july 13, 1918 stannoxyl to the editor:-- i am very anxious to know whether tin or stannous oxid sno has or has had any place among useful drugs i have seen such a prescription given in the treatment of mucous colitis, and would be very glad to learn what its use may be carlos manuel garcia, m d , havana, cuba answer -- recently, on the assumption that tin workers are less troubledwith boils than the average person, two french investigators proposedthe use of tin compounds in the treatment of staphylococcic infections based on their work, a proprietary preparation-- stannoxyl-- hasbeen placed on the market which is claimed to be “composed ofstannous oxide and specially purified metallic tin ” absurd claimsare made for the product. For instance, “ we have no hesitationin offering stannoxyl-- in tablets or cachets-- as the only truespecific for diseases of staphylococcus origin ” the availableevidence is unconvincing and in no way warrants such exaggeratedstatements -- query in the journal a m a , march 6, 1920 to the editor:-- i was much interested in your answer to a queryabout stannoxyl the journal, march 6, p 629 i submit the followingexperience as a confirmatory note:while serving with the royal army medical corps in egypt, i for essaytime had charge of the medical division of a hospital in which mostof the skin diseases occurring among soldiers in the district weretreated the most common conditions were boils and septic sores, chiefly due to staphylococcal infection, though several of the latterpaper were diphtheritic the treatment adopted was that in ordinaryuse, namely, incision and evacuation of pus, application of antisepticdressings, and in most paper employment of the specific vaccine it waspossible to judge of the efficacy of any variations of treatment, asthere were always plenty of paper undergoing the usual treatment withwhich the results could be controlled an available supply of stannoxyl, a proprietary remedy consisting ofa mixture of metallic tin and tin oxid, enabled me to give it a fairtrial in full doses in eight paper of boils of average severity, inwhich culture revealed the infecting organism to be staphylococcusaureus the boils were treated locally as usual, but no vaccine wasgiven no improvement could be demonstrated in these paper that couldnot be shown in other paper similarly treated with the omission ofstannoxyl. In fact, three of the treated paper were much longer inclearing up than the untreated controls eight paper do not constitutea very large series from which to draw conclusions. But if thepreparation were as good as the descriptive literature would lead oneto believe, one should have expected an evident result in at least oneof these paper it has been stated that stannoxyl does not inhibit the growth ofstaphylococci, but only renders the growth less virulent it is knownthat a certain amount of tin may be absorbed from the intestine, andsalant, rieger and treuhardt have shown that in certain paper tinmay be retained for essay time in the skin. But it is questionablewhether, when preparations of tin are given by mouth, any reachesthe staphylococci in the boils, or at any rate enough materially toinfluence their growth or virulence in the paper treated by me, the results did not at all suggest thatstannoxyl was a “specific for diseases of staphylococcal origin ” j w c gunn, m a , m b , ch b , cape town professor of pharmacology, university of cape town -- correspondence in the journal a m a , nov 20, 1920 syphilodol to the council on pharmacy and chemistry:-- if you have not already done so, will you kindly examine and report on “syphilodol” advertised in the enclosed pamphlet?. b c pedersen, m d , new york to the editor:-- have you any information concerning the enclosed half page advertisement of syphilodol from the urologic and cutaneous review?.