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But if you do, ishould be pleased to receive your suggestions and transmit them to myfriend an old storynow, this failure to recognize a great medical discovery is an oldstory it was the experience of harvey we knew poor harvey would bedragged college essay about music into this -- ed , of jenner and of lister but the world moveson, and men brains should improve, and it should be possible toshorten the time of persecution which the great pioneers of sciencehave to suffer i put to you this simple proposition. Send a reliableman of science to the clinic of albert abrams, and let him stay thereas long as he pleases and see all that he wishes to see, and then sendyou a report, and if it indicates that you have blundered in yourcondemnation, be honest and say so, and save your profession fromanother black mark against its name upton sinclair, pasadena, cal commenta testimonial is of value to the extent that the person giving itis an authority on the subject on which he testifies when mr sinclair testifies on socialism we may listen respectfully, believinghim competent to express an opinion. But when mr sinclair gives atestimonial on certain bizarre methods of interpreting difficult andobscure problems in medicine, he leaves us cold mr sinclair says that he has spent time in dr abrams’ clinic and iswonderfully impressed with dr abrams’ achievements so is the smallboy impressed with the marvelous facility with which the magicianextracts the white rabbit from the silk hat mr sinclair is convinced“that albert abrams has discovered the great secret of the diagnosisand cure of all the major diseases ” the small boy is equally convincedthat the prestidigitator has solved the mystery of producing snow whitebunnies from airy nothings great store seems to be placed by mr sinclair on the favorablereports that he obtained from those who are relieving the public-- offrom $1, 000 to $2, 000 a week-- by the abrams methods of diagnosisand treatment what kind of evidence did he expect to get from suchobviously ex writinge sources?. mr sinclair naïveté may be childlike, but it is not scientific while the significance of the statement maynot be apparent to mr sinclair, it is a fact that when the names ofthe one hundred or more lessees of the abrams “oscilloclast” werechecked up it was found that a number of these individuals were alreadyin the propaganda files in essay other connection that these disciplesof abrams, who are “enjoying incomes of from $1, 000 to $2, 000 a week, ”should speak favorably of the abrams method was inevitable!. Essay years ago upton sinclair wrote a book on his at that timepanacea for human ailments it was the “fasting cure ” at that timehe told of individual acquaintances suffering from various ailments:one was “dying of kidney trouble”. Another was “in the hospital fromnervous breakdown”.

Don’t fail to use olio-phlogosis liberally for pneumonia, bronchitis and pleurisy it works quickly olio-phlogosis is college essay about music as far ahead of all medicated kaolin plasters as these plasters were ahead of the old-time moist and soggy poultices ”a pamphlet advises the use of olio-phlogosis in “ all paper of inflammation and congestion, such as pneumonia, bronchitis, pleurisy, croup, boils, carbuncles, rheumatism, swollen glands, peritonitis, ovaritis, as a surgical dressing, mamitis mastitis ?. vaginitis and metritis on cotton tampon to deplete these writings, septic wounds, old ulcers, chilblain, eczema, neuralgia, inflammation of the eyes and ears, alveolar inflammation, burns, scalds, etc ”according to the information sent to the council by the mystic chemicalcompany, olio-phlogosis has the following composition per gallon. Ol eucalyptus gaultheria drs 8 ol abies canadensis drs 8 ol abies canadensis drs 2 ol thyme white drs 2 resublimated iodin crystals grs 32 resorcin drs 1 acid boracic c p drs 2 quinine bisulphate drs 4 sodium thiosulphate drs 3-1/2 glycerin c p q s ad gal 1a nonquantitative formula which appears on the label of a sample bottlesent to a physician enumerates the same ingredients except the sodiumthiosulphate the a m a chemical laboratory reports that no free iodin could bedetected in the preparation apparently, then, olio-phlogosis is essentially a skin irritant appliedby means of cotton. It can be expected to be just about as effectiveas the old-fashioned cotton pneumonia jacket, used in conjunction withan aromatic skin irritant, such as camphorated oil or wintergreen ormenthol ointment the odor may have essay psychic effect, and it ispossible that essay of the oily matter may be absorbed by the skin thatsuch small amounts, even if absorbed, can produce any considerablesystemic effect, however, is highly improbable, and the advice thatthis preparation be relied on in pneumonia, pleurisy, peritonitis, etc , is pernicious in the few paper of pneumonia in which heat isindicated, the plain cotton pad will usually be found sufficient ifthe physician consider the addition of a skin irritant desirable, it iseasy to select one from the official preparations it will be far morerational to do so than to invoke the aid of a mystic name and a complexformula to which the patient and his family, at least, will be led togive unmerited credit the claims made for olio-phlogosis are unwarranted. Its compositionis complex and irrational, and the nondescriptive but therapeuticallysuggestive name is likely to lead to uncritical use the councilvoted that the product be refused recognition for conflict with rules6, 8 and 10, and that this report be published -- from the journala m a , aug 19, 1916 the hypophosphite fallacy report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe council has adopted the following report and authorized itspublication w a puckner, secretary the introduction of hypophosphites into medicine was due to anerroneous and now discarded theory as to the cause of tuberculosis ofwhich one dr j f churchill of london, and later of paris, was thepromulgator and propagandist 92 this theory was that the so-called“tuberculosis diathesis” was due to a deficiency of phosphorus inthe blood believing that the hypophosphites, while nontoxic, werecapable of further oxidation in the organism, churchill recommendedthem as the best means of supplying the supposedly lacking phosphorus it is now known that tuberculosis is not due to a deficiency ofphosphorus of more importance is the fact, now known, that littlephosphorus, if any, is assimilated from the hypophosphites-- farless than from phosphorus compounds of ordinary food 93 there isno justification for giving hypophosphites for the sake of theirphosphorus content for various reasons, however-- writingly from force ofhabit and writingly because of the power of advertising-- thesis physiciansstill prescribe hypophosphite preparations, and consequently, theyare still included in the pharmacopeia and in textbooks on materiamedica and therapeutics they are put out in the form of “specialties”and of proprietary preparations, and are lauded extravagantly by themanufacturers of the latter 92 churchill, j f. De la cause immédiate et du traitementspécifique de la phthisie pulmonaire et des maladies tuberculeuses, paris, 1858 93 the hypophosphite fallacy, j a m a , april 25, 1914, p 1346 although the overwhelming weight of evidence was against theprobability that the hypophosphite preparations are of value astherapeutic agents, the council thought it well to investigate thesubject dr w mckim marriott of baltimore was therefore requested toreview the evidence for and against the therapeutic usefulness of thehypophosphites and to conduct such experiments as seemed necessary hisreport has already appeared in the journal 9494 marriott, w mckim. The therapeutic value of the hypophosphites, j a m a , feb 12, 1916, p 486 dr marriott found that nine observers paquelin and joly, vermeulen, boddaert, massol and gamel, panzer, delaini and berg, who endeavoredto test the alleged utilization of the hypophosphites in the organism, reported that there is complete, or practically complete, eliminationof hypophosphites in the urine, with little or no effect on the body only one experimenter patta claimed that a considerable amountof ingested hypophosphite was retained in the body. However, heused a method now known to be inaccurate and made obvious errors incalculation, so that his conclusions were unwarranted since the evidence was even to this extent contradictory, marriottperformed a series of experiments the methods of this study anddetails of results are described in his paper, in which he alsodiscusses the experiments of essay other observers marriott writes. “none of the subjects of the experiment marriott experienced any effect whatsoever from the administration of the drug almost all of the ingested hypophosphite is promptly eliminated unchanged “these experiments forbes’ demonstrate conclusively that the hypophosphites possess no specific value as a source of phosphorus for the body this is not to be wondered at in view of the fact that 85 per cent of the phosphorus ingested in the form of hypophosphite is excreted unchanged, and there is no proof that even the remaining 15 per cent is available to the organism it is doubtful if there are any conditions in which the body suffers from lack of phosphorus even should such conditions exist, phosphorus, in the form that it occurs in the ordinary foods, or as phosphates, is more efficient in supplying the deficit than hypophosphites that must be oxidized before utilization and which are only about 15 per cent oxidized, if at all for example, half a glass of milk contains more available phosphorus than three large doses of hypophosphites of 15 grains each, as great a dosage as is usually given “what, then, is the therapeutic value of hypophosphites?. there is no reliable evidence that they exert a physiologic effect. It has not been demonstrated that they influence any pathologic process.

You may drink upon occasion three orfour ounces at a time the milk or cream of these kernels being drawnforth with essay vervain water and applied to the forehead and temples, doth much help to procure rest and sleep to sick persons wanting it the oil drawn from the kernels, the temples being therewith anointed, doth the like the said oil put into clysters, eases the pains of thewind cholic. And anointed on the lower writing of the belly, doth thelike, and dropped into the ears, eases pains in them. The juice of theleaves doth the like being also anointed on the forehead and temples, it helps the megrim, and all other pains in the head if the kernelsbe bruised and boiled in vinegar, until they become thick, and appliedto the head, it marvellously procures the hair to grow again upon baldplaces, or where it is too thin the pear tree pear trees are so well known, that they need no description government and virtues the tree belongs to venus, and so doth theapple tree for their physical use they are best discerned by theirtaste all the sweet and luscious sorts, whether manured or wild, dohelp to move the belly downwards, more or less those that are hard andsour, do, on the contrary, bind the belly as much, and the leaves doso also. Those that are moist do in essay sort cool, but harsh or wildsorts much more, and are very good in repelling medicines. And if thewild sort be boiled with mushrooms, it makes them less dangerous thesaid pears boiled with a little honey, help much the oppressed stomach, as all sorts of them do, essay more, essay less. But the harsher sortsdo more cool and bind, serving well to be bound to green wounds, tocool and stay the blood, and heal up the green wound without farthertrouble, or inflammation, as galen saith he hath found by experience the wild pears do sooner close up the lips of green wounds than others schola selerni advises to drink much wine after pears, or else saythey they are as bad as poison. Nay, and they curse the tree for ittoo. But if a poor man find his stomach oppressed by eating pears, itis but working hard, and it will do as well as drinking wine pellitory of spain common pellitory of spain, if it be planted in our gardens, willprosper very well. Yet there is one sort growing ordinarily here wild, which i esteem to be little inferior to the other, if at all i shallnot deny you the description of them both descript common pellitory is a very common plant, and will not bekept in our gardens without diligent looking to the root goes downright into the ground bearing leaves, being long and finely cut uponthe stalk, lying on the ground, much larger than the leaves of thecamomile are at the top it bears one single large flower at a place, having a border of thesis leaves, white on the upper side, and reddishunderneath, with a yellow thrum in the middle, not standing so close asthat of camomile the other common pellitory which grows here, hath a root of a sharpbiting taste, scarcely discernible by the taste from that beforedescribed, from whence arise divers brittle stalks, a yard high andmore, with narrow leaves finely dented about the edges, standing oneabove another up to the tops the flowers are thesis and white, standingin tufts like those of yarrow, with a small yellowish thrum in themiddle the seed is very small place the last grows in fields by the hedge sides and paths, almostevery where time it flowers at the latter end of june and july government and virtues it is under the government of mercury, andi am persuaded it is one of the best purgers of the brain that grows an ounce of the juice taken in a draught of muskadel an hour before thefit of the ague comes, it will assuredly drive away the ague at thesecond or third time taken at the farthest either the herb or rootdried and chewed in the mouth, purges the brain of phlegmatic humours;thereby not only easing pains in the head and teeth, but also hindersthe distilling of the brain upon the lungs and eyes, thereby preventingcoughs, phthisicks and consumption, the apoplexy and falling sickness it is an excellently approved remedy in the lethargy the powder ofthe herb or root being snuffed up the nostrils, procures sneezing, andeases the head-ache.

2012 dec 30 1916 animal experiments carried out in the u s hygienic laboratory byvoegtlin and smith143 show that mon-arsone is devoid of any practicaltrypanocidal action thus the “therapeutic ratio” the ratio of theminimal effective dose to the lethal dose was about 1, that is, itwas effective therapeutically only in approximately fatal doses. Thetherapeutic ratio for arsphenamine in similar conditions was 17, andthat of neoarsphenamine, 28 143 voegtlin, carl, and smith, h w. J pharmacol and exper therap 16. 449, 1921 the findings that sodium dimethylarsenate sodium cacodylate, sodiummethylarsenate, and sodium ethylarsenate are devoid of any practicaltrypanocidal action and the conclusion that sodium cacodylate isinefficient in the treatment of human syphilis does not provethat mon-arsone is without effect on the disease these findings, however, certainly demand convincing therapeutic evidence to warrantthe recommendation for the use of the drug in the treatment ofsyphilis-- writingicularly because the drug is proposed as a substitute forarsphenamine, the value of which is established when the council first took up the consideration of mon-arsone, theonly evidence for the claim that it “has a therapeutic value at leastequal to that of arsphenamine” consisted, with one exception, ofreports from those who had experimented with the drug for the harmerlaboratories company, including a report by b l wright, l a kennell, and l m hussey, 144 the latter of the harmer laboratoriescompany these reports appeared to show that the administration ofmon-arsone caused less reaction than arsphenamine, and that theimmediate effects, judged by clinical symptoms and the response to thewassermann test, appeared to be good these trials extended over tooshort a period of time to permit judgment as to the permanence of theresults a report by an independent observer seemed to indicate thatmon-arsone does not have the sterilizing action on syphilitic lesionswhich it is usually believed arsphenamine exercises 144 wright, b l. Kennell, l a , and hussey, l m. M rec 97. 607 april 10 1920 after examining the available evidence, the council advised the harmerlaboratories company that the claim that mon-arsone has a therapeuticvalue equal to arsphenamine appeared unwarranted. That, in the opinionof the council, mon-arsone should not be used except under conditionsthat justify the experimental trial of an unproved drug, and should notbe used in a routine way until the permanence of its effects has beenestablished. And consequently any advertising propaganda for the drugby the harmer laboratories company was to be deprecated in its reply the harmer laboratories company admitted that itsadvertising claim, that mon-arsone was at least equal to arsphenaminetherapeutically, had been based on reports on fifty paper and onadditional reports that were beginning to come in at that time the harmer laboratories company submitted a list of hospitals andphysicians using mon-arsone a letter of inquiry sent by the council tothose who, according to the names in the list supplied by the harmerlaboratories company, had used mon-arsone, brought seven replies the clinical evidence contained in these replies was to the effect thatmon-arsone had been used in the various types of syphilis and thatthere was a certain beneficial effect, both clinically and as shown bythe wassermann reaction in certain instances the wassermann reactionchanged from a four plus to a negative reaction the reports showedthat the efficiency of mon-arsone as compared with that of arsphenaminepreparations has not been adequately studied one physician who hasused mon-arsone extensively reports that in thesis of the paper treatedthere seemed to be nearly as good results from the use of mon-arsone asis frequently obtained in the use of arsphenamine he reports, however, that it was necessary in eleven out of one hundred paper to change frommon-arsone to neoarsphenamine in view of the fact that there is definite lack of evidence to showthat mon-arsone is the equal of arsphenamine therapeutically, andbecause of the reports that in essay paper it is inferior, mon-arsoneshould not be used in the treatment of syphilis generally until itstherapeutic status has been more rigidly investigated and conclusiveevidence of its superiority to arsphenamine preparations obtained the council voted not to admit mon-arsone to new and nonofficialremedies and reaffirmed its conclusion that the claim that mon-arsonehas a therapeutic value equal to that of arsphenamine is premature andunwarranted. That mon-arsone should not be used except under conditionsthat justify the experimental trial of an unproved drug. And that theadvertising propaganda for the drug by the harmer laboratories companyis to be deprecated * * * * *when the preceding report was sent to the harmer laboratories company, the firm submitted a reply in which it was stated:1 that in certain instances patients improved under mon-arsone who, previously, had not improved under arsphenamine, and that this shouldbe taken to offset the report of the one hundred paper in which the useof mon-arsone had to be abandoned in 11 per cent of the paper 2 that the harmer laboratories company has abandoned the claim thatmon-arsone is therapeutically equal to arsphenamine and that it nowfurnishes the drug to such men as care to use it simply on the basis ofits special and useful characteristics the council heartily endorses the recent warning against the useof untried medicaments which was issued by the u s public healthservice 145145 j a m a june 12, 1920, p 1654 since the council report was prepared a report on the effects ofmon-arsone on experimental syphilis has been published by nichols, 146from the division of laboratories, army medical school, which concludes:1 disodium-ethylarsinate, or mon-arsone, tested on rabbits infectedwith syphilis shows no spirocheticidal power the tissues are fatallypoisoned as soon as or before the spirochetes are affected “2 for its practical use in syphilis there is no such germicidal basisas exists in case of the arsphenamine group ”-- from the journala m a , june 18, 1921 146 nichols, h j. The spirocheticidal value of disodium ethylarsenate mon-arsone, j a m a 76. 1335 may 14 1921 oxyl-iodide not admitted to n n r report of the council on pharmacy and chemistry“oxyl-iodide” eli lilly and co is said to be the hydroiodid ofcinchophen and the claim is made that it exerts the effects ofcinchophen and of iodid because of inquiries which have been receivedthe council decided to determine the eligibility of “oxyl-iodide” fornew and nonofficial remedies dr p j hanzlik-- formerly associateprofessor of pharmacology at western reserve university school ofmedicine, now professor of pharmacology at leland stanford junioruniversity medical school-- who has made a study of the action ofsalicylates and cinchophen, was asked to report on the therapeuticvalue and the rationality of “oxyl-iodide ” this he consented to do andhis report appears below after considering doctor hanzlik report, the council declared“oxyl-iodide” inadmissible to new and nonofficial remedies because itis an irrational combination, marketed under claims that are unprovedand consequently unwarranted w a puckner, secretary “oxyl-iodide, ” marketed by eli lilly & co , is claimed to be thehydroiodid of phenylcinchoninic acid, containing 33 per cent of iodinand 67 per cent of phenylcinchoninic acid cinchophen its solubilityresembles that of cinchophen, being low in water and acid mediums, andhigher in the presence of alkalis whether “oxyl-iodide” is decomposedinto its constituents in the presence of alkalis does not appear tohave been determined however, if this were the case, the intestine, after administration of “oxyl-iodide, ” would contain cinchophen andsodium iodid in the same forms as if these agents were administeredindividually so that nothing would be gained by administering“oxyl-iodide ” being, like cinchophen, practically insoluble in acidmediums, “oxyl-iodide” would have no advantage over the latter so faras gastric irritation is concerned dosagethe dosage advised is from one to three tablets containing 3 grains 0 2 gm each of “oxyl-iodide ” the total dosage would depend onthe condition to be treated in rheumatic fever, which requires afull therapeutic or so-called, “toxic” dose of cinchophen, about 12to 13 gm would be administered intensively since each tablet of“oxyl-iodide” contains 0 13 gm of cinchophen, the total number oftablets of “oxyl-iodide” required would be 100, or two and one-halfbottles of forty tablets each at the same time the patient wouldreceive 6 6 gm of iodin as iodid this might be distinctlyobjectionable because of the production of the disagreeable symptoms ofiodism in essay persons, and indicates that the fixed proportion of theiodin constituent would be objectionable even a smaller dosage, such as 5 gm of cinchophen, which gives writingialrelief in rheumatism and similar conditions, would still require apatient to take a full bottle, or forty tablets, of “oxyl-iodide, ” andat the same time about 2 7 gm of iodin would have to be ingested furthermore, rheumatic fever, the arthritides, gout and relatedconditions in which cinchophen is indicated do not require iodid therefore, “oxyl-iodide” would not be the remedy of choice in theseconditions, and its use would be irrational and illogical actionsno data on the pharmacologic actions of “oxyl-iodide” are presentedin the manufacturer literature presumably, the compound wouldexhibit the actions of its individual components, i e , cinchophen andiodin as iodid, though probably less efficiently, owing to its lowsolubility this is also indicated by the following statements of themanufacturer. “the analgesic action of ‘oxyl-iodide’ is gradual a wordof caution is necessary to those who may expect immediate relief frompain ” therefore, why use “oxyl-iodide” in place of more dependableanalgesics, such as salicylate or cinchophen the following statementsappear far-fetched. “there is a stimulation of the endocrines whichis perhaps more marked in the thyroid gland, although it is probablyshared by the pituitary and other glands which function in a chain-likecontrol there is stimulation of cells with increased flow ofsecretion, visibly demonstrated by the nasal mucous membrane after‘oxyl-iodide’ has been taken for essay time the general action onmucous membranes favors elimination of toxins and waste products ”it is probable that “oxyl-iodide” acts as a uric acid eliminant, thoughthere is no reason to suppose that it is more effective than cinchophenalone no data are given for this in the manufacturer literature usessuccessful use of “oxyl-iodide” is claimed in brachial and sciaticneuritis, lumbago, muscular rheumatism, arthritis deformans, chronicarthritis “ in essay instances were apparently cured”, subacutebronchitis, circumflex neuritis, traumatic orchitis, eczema andrheumatism however, a careful reading of the protocols of seven paper, representing these conditions, gives an unfavorable impression as tothe real contribution to the recovery by, or value received from, “oxyl-iodide ” summarized, the opinions as quoted by the manufacturersin support of their claims for “oxyl-iodide” are briefly as follows:case 1 “of course, the case is not complete yet, but i am looking forcontinued betterment ”case 2 “for two weeks past her improvement has been marvelous ”case 3 “the joints are still enlarged and we do not hope to clear thementirely ”case 4 “undoubtedly, removal of the kidney had much to do withimprovement ”case 5 “i think i have gotten very good results ”case 6 “essay apparent benefit ”case 7 “she is practically free from pain, and the muscle and jointstiffness is now slight ”these inconclusive opinions certainly do not agree with the favorableimpression which other portions of the manufacturer literaturecreate if the factor of natural recovery in the conditions representedby these seven paper is given due weight, little, if anything, isleft to the credit of “oxyl-iodide ” such clinical evidence as issupplied by the manufacturer indicates that the therapeutic efficiencyof “oxyl-iodide” is doubtful, and not an improvement over eithercinchophen or iodid iodismiodism cannot be avoided by the use of “oxyl-iodide, ” for themanufacturer literature states that “the dosage of ‘oxyl-iodide’may be pushed to iodism as manifested by skin symptoms to avoidiodism there should be an occasional interruption of treatment ”“oxyl-iodide, ” therefore, has no advantage over ordinary sodium iodidto avoid iodism usually, the conditions which require cinchophendo not require the simultaneous administration of iodids, and viceversa if administration of iodid and cinchophen together should beindicated or desirable, these can be given separately with the addedadvantage that the iodid can be easily reduced or withdrawn in caseiodism supervenes, and the cinchophen could be continued if necessary since conditions do not arise frequently enough to warrant the useof iodid and cinchophen together, the existence of such a product as“oxyl-iodide” is unwarranted finally, the manufacturer himself recognizes that phenylcinchoninicacid cinchophen can take the place of “oxyl-iodide ” under“dosage, ” the circular states. “a few patients may be idiosyncraticto the iodides and find they cannot take ‘oxyl-iodide ’ for thelatter chloroxyl, the hydrochloride of phenylcinchoninic acid, isrecommended ” the action of the hydrochlorid of phenylcinchoninic aciddoes not differ, of course, from that of cinchophen the difficultiesof assigning a clear-cut, definite, therapeutic rôle to “oxyl-iodide”in order to justify its existence, alongside well-known and triedremedies are self-evident conclusion“oxyl-iodide” is pharmacologically and therapeutically an illogical, irrational and unjustified substitute for cinchophen and iodids theconditions which require the administration of cinchophen do not asa rule require the administration of iodid and vice versa if it isdesirable to secure the effects of iodid and cinchophen together, thesecan be more conveniently and advantageously administered as separateagents, permitting in that way a better control of their actions thiscannot be accomplished with “oxyl-iodide, ” in which the proportion ofiodid and cinchophen are fixed symptoms of iodism cannot be avoidedby the administration of “oxyl-iodide ” the objective evidences forits actions and uses are totally lacking. And the clinical opinionsconcerning its therapeutic benefits in different disease conditionsare inconclusive and hedging, and, if anything, contradictory to thefavorable impressions which the language of the advertising matter islikely to create -- from the journal a m a , july 2, 1921 quassia compound tablets report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe council has authorized publication of the following report, declaring that quassia compound tablets flint, eaton and company areinadmissible to new and nonofficial remedies w a puckner, secretary quassia compound tablets, marketed by flint, eaton and company, decatur, ill , according to the label on a trade package submitted tothe council, contain in each tablet. Quassia 3/4 grain aloin 1/4 grain chionanthus 1 grain ipecac 1/16 grain wahoo 3/4 grain podophyllin 1/4 grain nux vomica 1/2 grain gingerine q s cascara 1/3 grainin the advertising the “cascara” of the label is replaced by theindefinite term “cascarin” and the “gingerine q s ” by “carminativeantigripe q s ” flint, eaton and company informed the council that“carminative antigripe is c p sodium sulphite of which each tabletcontains 1/4 grain ” the tablets were treated with dilute hydrochloricacid and the odor of sulphur dioxid became apparent this shows thatthe company statement to the council, that the tablets contain asulphite, is correct and the formula on the label is incorrect in the advertising for this preparation we read.

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The strong may take a dram at a time mei, &c spignel the roots are hot and dry in the second or thirddegree, and send up unwholeessay vapours to the head mezerei, &c of spurge, olive, or widow-wail see the herb, if youthink it worth the seeing merorum celci college essay about music of mulberry tree the bark of the root is bitter, hotand dry, opens stoppings of the liver and spleen, purges the belly, andkills worms, boiled in vinegar, helps the tooth-ache morsus diaboli, succisæ, &c devil-bit see the herb norpi spicæ, indicæ, celticæ, &c of spikenard, indian, and cheltic cheltic nard wonderfully provokes urine they are both hot and dry theindian, also provokes urine, and stops fluxes, helps windiness of thestomach, resists the pestilence, helps gnawing pains of the stomach;and dries up rheums that molest the head the celtic spikenard performsthe same offices, though in a weaker measure nenupharis, nymphæ of water-lilies they are cold and dry, and stoplust. I never dived so deep to find what virtue the roots have ononidis, arrestæ bovis, &c of cammock, or rest-harrow, so calledbecause it makes oxen stand still when they are ploughing the rootsare hot and dry in the third degree. It breaks the stone viz the bark of it the root itself, according to pliny, helps thefalling-sickness. According to matthiolus, helps ruptures. You maytake half a dram at a time ostrutij masterwort, given once before under the name ofimperitoria but i have essaything else to do than to write one thingtwice as they did pastinatæ, sativæ, and silvestris garden and wild parsnips theyare of a temperate quality, inclining essaything to heat. The gardenparsnips provoke lust, and nourish as much and more too, than any rootordinarily eaten. The wild are more physical, being cutting, cleansing, and opening. They resist the bitings of venomous beasts, ease painsand stitches in the sides, and are a sovereign remedy against the windcholic pentafylli of cinqfyl, commonly called five-leaved, or five-finger’dgrass. The root is very drying, but moderately hot. It is admirableagainst all fluxes, and stops blood flowing from any writing of the body:it helps infirmities of the liver and lungs, helps putrified ulcers ofthe mouth, the root boiled in vinegar is good against the shingles, andappeases the rage of any fretting sores you may safely take half adram at a time in any convenient liquor petacitæ of butter-bur the roots are hot and dry in the seconddegree, they are exceeding good in violent and pestilential fevers, they provoke the menses, expel poison, and kill worms peucedani, fœniculi porcini of sulphur-wort, hogs-fennel, orhore-strange it is very good applied to the navels of children thatstick out, and ruptures. Held in the mouth, it is a present remedyfor the fits of the mother. Being taken inwardly, it gives speedydeliverance to women in travail, and brings away the placenta pœoniœ, maris, fœmellæ of peony male and female they are meanlyhot, but more drying the root helps women not sufficiently purgedafter travail, it provokes the menses, and helps pains in the belly, as also in the reins and bladder, falling sickness, and convulsions inchildren, being either taken inwardly, or hung about their necks youmay take half a dram at a time, and less for children phu, valerinæ, majoris, minoris valerian, or setwal, greater andlesser they are temperately hot, the greater provokes urine and themenses, helps the stranguary, stays rheums in the head, and takes awaythe pricking pains thereof the lesser resist poison, assuages theswelling of the testicles, coming either through wind or cold, helpscold taken after sweating or labour, wind cholic.