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Iron, iodine, phosphorous, calcium and sodium each in separate basic combination ”according to the label, iodiphos is “alterative, tonic, nervine andanti-tubercular” and is “for treatment of blood, nerves and pulmonaryorgans ” an advertising college board essay circular129 asserts that “iodiphos exerts itsphysiological action rapidly in hardening of the arteries, high bloodpressure, anaemia, glandular swelling, neurasthenia, hypochondria, phthisis, bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia and as an intestinal antisepticand appetizer, ” and declares it to be “indispensable as a tonic andrestorative ”129 after publication of the foregoing report had been authorized bythe council, a letter was received from charles l heffner, advisingthat the distribution of the circulars has been discontinued in the advertising circular it is averred that in the production ofiodiphos “chemistry again aids the modern physician ” iodiphos isanother instance when a decadent polypharmacy proposes haphazardmedication and so obstructs the efforts of modern medicine to establishthe use of single drugs to meet definite indications iodiphos is inadmissible to new and nonofficial remedies because itis an irrational mixture of drugs sold with therapeutic claims thatare unwarranted, and under a name which is not descriptive of itscomposition -- from reports of council on pharmacy and chemistry, 1919, p 81 mervenol and armervenol not admitted to n n r report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe council has authorized publication of the report which appearsbelow declaring mervenol and armervenol, marketed by the hillelaboratories, inadmissible to new and nonofficial remedies w a puckner, secretary mervenol is stated by the proprietors-- the hille laboratories, chicago-- to be a hydrosol colloidal suspension of the sulphides ofmercury and copper, containing sufficient sodium chloride to make itisotonic with blood serum, and “inert proteid” and “carbohydrate” tostabilize the colloidal suspension. Each cubic centimeter is stated tocontain 0 005 gm mercury, 0 0016 gm copper, and 0 0016 gm sulphur it is claimed that this preparation is of value in pneumonia, influenza, and other conditions and diseases requiring increasedleukocytosis it is further claimed that the properties and therapeutic effects ofthis preparation are as follows. “practically non-irritant. Practicallynon-toxic.

Aftermeat, if to expel wind diatrion santalon college take of all the sorts of sanders, red roses, of each threedrams, rhubarb, ivory, juice of liquorice, purslain seeds, of each twodrams and fifteen grains, white starch, gum arabic, tragacanth, theseeds of melons, cucumbers, citruls, gourds, endive, of each a dram andan half, camphire a scruple, make them into powder according to art culpeper it is very profitable against the heat of the stomach andliver, besides, it wonderfully helps such as have the yellow jaundice, and consumptions of the lungs you may safely take a dram of thepowder, or two drams of the electuary in the morning fasting, for mostof these powders will keep better by half in electuaries pulvis haly college take of white poppy seeds ten drams, white starch, gumarabic and tragacanth, of each three drams, the seeds of purslain, marsh-mallows, mallows, of each five drams, cucumbers, melons, gourds, citruls, quinces of each seven drams, ivory, liquorice, of each threedrams, penids the weight of them all, make them into powder accordingto art culpeper it is a gallant cool powder, fit for all hot imperfectionsof the breast and lungs, as consumptions, pleurisies, &c your best wayis to make it into a soft electuary with syrups of violets, and take itas diatragacanthum frigidum lætificans college take the flowers of clove-bazil, or the seeds thereof, saffron, zedoary, wood of aloes, cloves, citron pills, galanga, mace, nutmegs, styrax calamitis, of each two drams and an half, ivory, annisseeds, thyme, epithimum, of each one dram, bone of a stag heart, pearls, camphire, of each half a dram, leaves of gold and silver, ofeach half a scruple, make it into powder according to art culpeper it causes a merry heart, a good colour, helps digestion, and keeps back old age you may mix half a dram of it to take at onetime, or less if you please, in any cordial syrup, or cordial electuaryappropriated to the same uses pulvis saxonicus college take of the roots of both sorts of angelica, swallow-wort, garden valerian, polipodium of the oak, marsh-mallows, nettles, of eachhalf an ounce, the bark of german mezereon, two drams, twenty grains ofherb true-love, the leaves of the same, roots and all, thirty six, theroots being steeped in vinegar and dried, beat it all into powder culpeper it seems to be as great an expeller of poison, and asgreat a preservative against it, and the pestilence, as one shallusually read of rosate novelle college take of red roses, liquorice, of each one ounce, one dram, two scruples and an half, cinnamon two drams, two scruples, and twograins, cloves, indian spikenard, ginger, galanga, nutmegs, zedoary, styrax, calamitis, cardamoms, parsley seeds, of each one scruple eightgrains, beat them into powder culpeper it quenches thirst, and stays vomiting, and the authorsaith it helps hot and dry stomachs, as also heat and dryness of theheart, liver, and lungs, yet is the powder itself hot, it strengthensthe vital spirits, takes away heart-qualms, it provokes sweat, andstrengthens such as have laboured under long chronical diseases youmay take a dram of the electuary every morning, if with clarified honeyyou please to make it into such a body pulvus thuraloes college take of frankincense one dram, aloes half a dram, beat theminto powder culpeper and when you have occasion to use it, mix so much of itwith the white of an egg, beat the white of the egg well first aswill make it of the thickness of honey, then dip the wool of a hare init, and apply it to the sore or writing that bleeds, binding it on pulvis hermidactylorum compositus or powder of hermodactils compound college take of men bones burnt, scammony, hermodactils, turbith, sena, sugar, of each equal writings, beat them into powder pulvis senæ compositus major or powder of sena the greater composition college take of the seeds of annis, carraway, fennel, cummin, spikenard, cinnamon, galanga, of each half an ounce, college board essay liquorice, gromwell, of each an ounce, sena, the weight of them all, beat it intopowder culpeper that this receipt is gallantly composed none can deny, andis an excellent purge for such whose bodies as are troubled with thewind cholic, or stoppage either of guts or kidneys, two drams taken inwhite wine will work sufficiently with any ordinary body let weak menand children take less, keeping within doors, and warm pulvis senæ compositus minor or powder of sena, the lesser composition college take of sena two ounces, cremor tartar half an ounce, macetwo scruples and an half, ginger, cinnamon, of each a dram and an half, salgem one dram, beat it into powder according to art culpeper this powder purges melancholy, and cleanses the head diasenæ college take of sena, cremor tartar, of each two ounces, cloves, cinnamon, galanga, ammi, of each two drams, diacridium half an ounce, beat it into powder according to art diaturbith with rhubarb college take of turbith, hermodactils, of each an ounce, rhubarbten drams, diacrydium half an ounce, sanders red and white, violets, ginger, of each a dram and an half, mastich, annis seeds, cinnamon, saffron, of each half a dram, make it into powder culpeper this also purges flegm and choler once more let me desiresuch as are unskilful in the rules of physic, not to meddle with purgesof this nature unless prescribed by a skilful physician lest they dothemselves more mischief in half an hour, than they can remove in halfa year the lesser cordial powder fernelius college take of hart-horn, unicorn horn, pearls, ivory, of eachsix grains, beat them into fine powder if you mean to keep it, you mayencrease the quantity analogically the greater cordial powder fern college take of the roots of tormentil, dittany, clove-gilliflowers, scabious, the seed of sorrel, coriander prepared, citron, carduus benedictus, endive, rue, of each one dram, of the threesorts of sanders, white, red, and yellow, been, white and red or ifyou cannot get them, take the roots of avens and tormentil, in theirstead roman doronicum, a kind of wolf-bane cinnamon, cardamoms, saffron, the flowers of both sorts of bugloss, viz borrage andbugloss, red roses, and water-lilies, wood of aloes, mace, of each twoscruples, ivory, spodium, bone of a stag-heart, red coral, pearls, emerald, jacinth, granite of each one scruple, raw silk torrified, dried or roasted by the fire, bole-amoniac, earth of lemnos, of eachhalf a dram, camphire, ambergris, musk, of each six grains, beat theminto powder according to art, and with eight times their weight inwhite sugar, dissolved in rose-water, you may make them into lozenges, if you please culpeper both this and the former powder, are appropriated to theheart, as the title shew therefore they do strengthen that, and thevital spirit, and relieve languishing nature all these are cordialpowders, and seldom above half a dram of them given at a time a powder for such as are bruised by a fall the augustan physicians college take of terra sigillata, sanguis draconis, mummy of eachtwo drams, spermaceti one dram, beat them into powder according to art culpeper you must beat the rest into powder, and then add thespermaceti to them afterwards, for if you put the spermaceti and therest all together and go to beat them in that fashion, you may as soonbeat the mortar into powder, as the simples indeed your best wayis to beat them severally, and then mix them altogether, which beingdone, makes you a gallant medicine for the infirmities specified in thetitle, a dram of it taken in muskadel and sweating after it species electuarii dyacymini nicholaus college take of cummin seeds infused a natural day in vinegar, oneounce and one scruple, cinnamon, cloves, of each two drams and an half, galanga, savory, calaminth, of each one dram and two scruples, ginger, black pepper, of each two drams and five grains, the seeds of lovage, and ammi, bishop-weed, of each one dram and eighteen grains, longpepper one dram, spikenard, nutmegs, cardamoms, of each two scruplesand an half, beat them and keep them diligently in powder for your use culpeper it heats the stomach and bowels, expels wind exceedingly, helps the wind cholic, helps digestion hindered by cold or wind, is anadmirable remedy for wind in the bowels, and helps quartan agues thepowder is very hot, half a dram is enough to take at one time, and toomuch if the patient be feverish, you may take it in white wine it isin my opinion a fine composed powder species electuarii diagalangæ mesue college take of galanga, wood of aloes, of each six drams, cloves, mace, seeds of lovage of each two drams, ginger, long and white pepper, cinnamon, calamus aromaticus of each a dram and an half, calaminth, and mints dried, cardamoms the greater, indian spikenard, the seedsof smallage, annis, fennel, caraway, of each one dram, beat them intopowder according to art also it may be made into an electuary withwhite sugar dissolved in malaga wine, or twelve times the weight of itof clarified honey culpeper mesue quotes it only as an electuary, which he saithprevails against wind, sour belchings, and indigestion, gross humoursand cold afflictions of the stomach and liver you may take half adram of the powder at a time, or two of the electuary in the morningfasting, or an hour before meat it helps digestion exceedingly, expelswind, and heats a cold stomach species electuarii diamargariton calidi avicenna college take of pearls and pellitory of the wall, of each one dram, ginger, mastich, of each half an ounce, doronicum, zedoary, smallageseeds, both sorts of cardamoms, nutmegs, mace, of each two drams, beenof both sorts, if they cannot be procured take the roots of avens andtormentil black and long pepper of each three drams, beat them intopowder and keep them for your use culpeper this quoth avicenna is appropriated to women, and inthem to diseases incident to their matrix. But his reasons i know not it is cordial and heats the stomach lithontribon nicholaus, according to fernelius college take of spikenard, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper, cardamoms, cloves, mace, of each half a dram, costus, liquorice, cypress, tragacanth, germander, of each two scruples, the seeds ofbishop-weed, ammi, smallage, sparagus, bazil, nettles, citrons, saxifrage, burnet, caraway, carrots, fennel, bruscus, parsley ofmacedonia, burs, seseli, or hartwort, asarabacca, of each one dram, lapis spongiæ, lyncis, cancri, judaici, of each one dram and an half, goat blood prepared an ounce and half, beat them all into powderaccording to art culpeper it heats the stomach, and helps want of digestion comingthrough cold, it eases pains in the belly and loins, the illiacpassion, powerfully breaks the stone in the reins and bladder, itspeedily helps the cholic, stranguary, and disury the dose is froma dram to half a dram, take it either in white wine, or decoction ofherbs tending to the same purposes pleres arconticon nicholaus college take of cinnamon, cloves, galanga, wood of aloes, indianspikenard, nutmegs, ginger, spodium, schœnanthus, cypress, roses, violets of each one dram, indian leaf or mace, liquorice, mastich, styrax calamitis, marjoram, costmary, or water-mints, bazil, cardamoms, long and white pepper, myrtle berries, and citron pills, of each halfa dram and six grains, pearls, been white and red, or, if they bewanting, take the roots of avens and tormentil in their stead redcoral, torrified silk, of each eighteen grains, musk six grains, camphire four grains, beat them into powder according to art, and withten times their weight in sugar dissolved in bawm water, you may makethem into an electuary culpeper it is exceedingly good for sad, melancholy, lumpish, pensive, grieving, vexing, pining, sighing, sobbing, fearful, carefulspirits, it strengthens weak stomachs exceedingly, and help such asare prone to faintings and swoonings, it strengthens such as areweakened by violence of sickness, it helps bad memories, quickensall the senses, strengthens the brain and animal spirits, helps thefalling-sickness, and succours such as are troubled with asthmas, orother cold afflictions of the lungs it will keep best in an electuary, of which you may take a dram in the morning, or more, as age andstrength requires a preservative powder against the pestilence montagnam college take of all the sanders, white, red, and yellow, theseeds of bazil, of each an ounce and an half, bole amoniac, cinnamon, of each an ounce, the roots of dittany, gentian, and tormentil, of eachtwo drams and an half, the seeds of citron and sorrel, of each twodrams, pearls, saphire, bone of a stag heart, of each one dram, beatthem into powder according to art culpeper the title tells you the virtue of it, besides, it cheersthe vital spirits, and strengthens the heart you may take half a dramevery morning either by itself, or mixed with any other convenientcomposition, whether syrup or electuary diaturbith the greater, without rhubarb college take of the best turbith an ounce, diagridium, ginger, ofeach half an ounce, cinnamon, cloves, of each two drams, galanga, longpepper, mace, of each one dram, beat them into powder, and with eightounces and five drams of white sugar dissolved in succory water, it maybe made into an electuary culpeper it purges flegm, being rightly administered by a skilfulhand i fancy it not a powder for the worms college take of wormseed, four ounces, sena, one ounce, corianderseeds prepared, hart-horn, of each half a dram, rhubarb half anounce, dried rue, two drams, beat them into powder culpeper i like this powder very well, the quantity or to writemore scholastically, the dose must be regulated according to the ageof the patient, even from ten grains to a dram, and the manner oftaking it by their palate it is essaything purging electuaries antidotus analeptica college take of red roses, liquorice of each two drams and fivegrains, gum arabic and tragacanth, of each two drams and two scruples, sanders white and red, each four scruples, juice of liquorice, whitestarch, the seeds of white poppies, purslain, lettuce, and endive, ofeach three drams, the four greater cold seeds husked, of quinces, mallows, cotton, violets, pine-nuts, fistic nuts, sweet almonds, pulpof sebestens, of each two drams, cloves, spodium, cinnamon, of each onedram, saffron five grains, penids half an ounce, being beaten, makethem all into a soft electuary with three times their weight in syrupof violets culpeper it restores consumptions, and hectic fevers, loststrength, it nourishes much, and restores radical moisture, opens thepores, resists choler, takes away coughs, quenches thirst, and resistsfevers you may take an ounce in a day, by a dram at a time, if youplease confectio alkermes college take of the juice of apples, damask rose-water, of eacha pound and an half, in which infuse for twenty-four hours, raw silkfour ounces, strain it strongly, and add syrup of the berries ofcherms brought over to us, two pounds, sugar one pound, boil it to thethickness of honey. Then removing it from the fire whilst it is warm, add ambergris cut small, half an ounce, which being well mingled, put in these things following in powder, cinnamon, wood of aloes, ofeach six drams, pearls prepared, two drams, leaf-gold a dram, musk ascruple, make it up according to art culpeper questionless this is a great cordial, and a mightystrengthener of the heart, and vital spirits, a restorer of such asare in consumptions, a resister of pestilences and poison, a reliefto languishing nature, it is given with good success in fevers, butgive not too much of it at a time, lest it prove too hot for the body, and too heavy for the purse you may mix ten grains of it with otherconvenient cordials to children, twenty or thirty to men electuarium e sassaphras college take of sassafras two ounces, common water three pounds, boil it to the consumption of the third writing, adding, towards theend, cinnamon bruised half an ounce, strain it, and with two poundsof white sugar, boil it to the thickness of a syrup, putting in, inpowder, cinnamon, a dram, nutmegs, half a scruple, musk three grains, ambergris, two and thirty grains, ten leaves of gold, spirit of vitriolfour drops, and so make it into an electuary according to art culpeper it opens obstruction of the liver and spleen, helps coldrheums or defluxions from the head to the lungs, or teeth, or eyes, itis excellent in coughs, and other cold afflictions of the lungs andbreast, it helps digestion, expels wind and the gravel of the kidneys, it provokes the menses, warms and dries up the moisture of the womb, which is thesis times the cause of barrenness, and is generally a helperof all diseases coming of cold, raw thin humours, you may take half adram at a time in the morning electuarium de baccis lauri or electuary of bay-berries college take of the leaves of dried rue ten drams, the seeds ofammi, cummin, lovage, origanum, nigella, caraway, carrots, parsley, bitter almonds, pepper black and long, wild mints, calamus aromaticus, bay-berries, castorium of each two drams, sagapenum half an ounce, opopanax three drams, clarified honey a pound and an half, the thingsto be beaten. Being beaten, and the gums dissolved in wine, make itinto an electuary according to art culpeper it is exceeding good either in the cholic, or iliacpassion, or any other disease of the bowels coming of cold or wind, itgenerally eases pains in the bowels you may give a dram in the morningfasting, or half an ounce in a clyster, according as the disease is diacapparit college take of capers four ounces agrimony roots, nigella seeds, squils, asarabacca, centaury, black pepper, smallage, thyme of eachan ounce, honey three times their weight, make it into an electuaryaccording to art culpeper they say it helps infirmities of the spleen, and indeedthe name seems to promise so much, it may be good for cold bodies, ifthey have strength of nature in them diacinnamomum college take of cinnamon fifteen drams, cassia lignea, elecampaneroots, of each half an ounce, galanga, seven drams, cloves, longpepper, both sorts of cardamoms, ginger, mace, nutmegs, wood of aloes, of each three drams, saffron, one dram, sugar five drams, musk twoscruples, adding according to the prescript of the physician, and byadding three pounds eight ounces of clarified honey, boil it and makeit into an electuary according to art culpeper diacinnamomum, or in plain english, a composition ofcinnamon, heats the stomach, causes digestion, provokes the menses, strengthens the stomach and other writings that distribute the nourishmentof the body, a dram of it taken in the morning fasting, is good forancient people and cold bodies, such as are subject to dropsies anddiseases of flegm, or wind, for it comforts and strengthens naturemuch if you take it to help digestion, take it an hour before meat, doso in all things of like quality diacorallion college take of coral white and red, bole-amoniac, dragon-blood, of each one dram, pearls half a dram, wood of aloes, red roses, gumtragacanth, cinnamon, of each two scruples, sanders white and red, ofeach one scruple, with four times its weight in sugar dissolved insmall cinnamon water, make it into an electuary, according to art culpeper it comforts and strengthens the heart exceedingly, andrestores such as are in consumptions, it is cooling, therefore good inhectic fevers, very binding, and therefore stops fluxes, neither doi know a better medicine in all the dispensatory for such as have aconsumption accompanied with looseness it stops the menses and fluoralbus take but a dram at a time every morning, because of its bindingquality, except you have a looseness, for then you may take so much twoor three times a day diacorum college take of the roots of cicers, acorus, or calamus aromaticus, pine-nuts, of each a pound and a half, let the cicers roots, beingcleansed, cut, boiled, and pulped, be added to ten pounds of clarifiedhoney, and boiled, stirring it to its just thickness, then beingremoved from the fire, add the acorus roots beaten, the pine-nuts cut, and these following in powder take of black pepper an ounce, longpepper, cloves, ginger, mace, of each half an ounce, nutmegs, galanga, cardamons, of each three drams, mix them with the roots and honey intoan electuary according to art culpeper the electuary provokes lust, heats the brain, strengthensthe nerves, quickens the senses, causes an acute wit, eases pains inthe head, helps the falling-sickness and convulsions, coughs, catharrs, and all diseases proceeding from coldness of the brain half a dram isenough to take at one time, because of its heat peony is an herb of the sun, the roots of it cure thefalling-sickness diacydonium simple college take of the flesh of quinces cut and boiled in fair waterto a thickness, eight pounds, white sugar six pounds, boil it to itsjust thickness diacydonium with species college take of the juice of quinces, sugar, of each two pounds, white wine vinegar half a pound, added at the end of the decoction, itbeing gently boiled, and the scum taken away, add ginger two ounces, white pepper ten drams and two scruples, bruise them grossly, and boilit again to the thickness of honey diacydonium compound, magisterial college take of white sugar six pounds, spring water four pounds, clarify them well with the white of an egg, scumming them, then takeof ripe quinces cleansed from the rind and seeds, and cut in fourquarters, eight pounds, boil them in the foregoing syrup till they betender, then strain the syrup through a linen cloth, vocata anglice, boulter. Boil them again to a jelly, adding four ounces of white winevinegar towards the end. Remove it from the fire, and whilst it iswarm put in these following species in powder, ginger an ounce, whitepepper, cinnamon, nutmegs, of each two drams, keep it for use culpeper the virtues of all these three are, they comfort thestomach, help digestion, stays vomiting, belchings, &c stop fluxesand the menses they are all harmless, you may take the quantity of anutmeg of them at a time, before meat to help digestion and fluxes, after meat to stay vomiting, in the morning for the rest confectio de hyacintho college take of jacinth, red coral, bole-amoniac, earth of lemnos, of each half an ounce, the berries of chermes, the roots of tormentiland dittany, the seeds of citrons, sorrel, and purslain, saffron, myrrh, red roses exungulated, all the sorts of sanders, bone of astag heart, hart-horn, ivory prepared, of each four scruples, samphire, emerald, topaz, pearls, raw silk, leaves of gold and silver, of each two scruples, camphire, musk, ambergris, of each five grains, with syrup of lemons make it into a confection according to art culpeper it is a great cordial and cool, exceeding good in acutefevers and pestilences, it mightily strengthens and cherishes theheart never above half a dram is given at a time, very seldom somuch antidotum hæmagogum college take of lupines husked two drams, black pepper fivescruples and six grains, liquorice four scruples, long birthwort, mugwort, cassia lignea, macedonian parsley seed, pellitory of spain, rue seed, spikenard, myrrh, pennyroyal, of each two scruples andfourteen grains, the seeds of smallage, savin, of each two scruplesand thirteen grains, centaury the greater, cretish carrots, nigella, caraway, annis, cloves, alum, of each two scruples, bay leaves onescruple, one half scruple, and three grains, schænanth one scrupleand thirteen grains, asarabacca, calamus aromaticus, amomum, centaurythe less, the seed of orrach, peony, fennel, of each one scruple andsix grains, wood of aloes, a scruple and fourteen grains, cypress, elecampane, ginger, cappar roots, cummin, orobus, of each one scruple, all of them being beaten into very fine powder, let them be made intoan electuary according to art, with four times their weight in sugar, let it stand one month before you use it culpeper it provokes the menses, brings away both birth andafter-birth, the dead child, purges such as are not sufficiently purgedafter travail, it provokes urine, breaks the stone in the bladder, helps the stranguary, disury, iskury, &c helps indigestion, thecholic, opens any stoppings in the body, it heats the stomach, purgesthe liver and spleen, consumes wind, stays vomiting, but let it not betaken by pregnant women, nor such people as have the hemorrhoids thedose is from one dram to two drams diasatyrion college take of satyrion roots three ounces, dates, bitter almonds, indian nuts, pine nuts, festick nuts, green ginger, eringo rootspreserved, of each one ounce, ginger, cloves, galanga, pepper long andblack, of each three drams, ambergris one scruple musk two scruples, penins four ounces, cinnamon, saffron, of each half an ounce, malagawine three ounces, nutmegs, mace, grains of paradise, of each twodrams, ash-tree keys, the belly and loins of scinks, borax, benjamin, of each three drams, wood of aloes, cardamoms, of each two drams, theseeds of nettles and onions, the roots of avens, of each a dram and anhalf, with two pounds and an half of syrup of green ginger, make theminto an electuary according to art electuarium diaspermaton college take of the four greater and lesser cold seeds, the seedsof asparagus, burnet, bazil, parsley, winter cherries, of each twodrams, gromwell, juice of liquorice, of each three drams, cinnamon, mace, of each one dram, with eight times their weight in white sugardissolved in marsh-mallows water, make it into an electuary accordingto art culpeper it breaks the stone, and provokes urine men may take halfan ounce at a time, and children half so much, in water of any herb orroots, &c or decoction of them that break the stone micleta college take of the barks of all the myrobalans torrified, of eachtwo drams and an half, the seeds of water-cresses, cummin, annis, fennel, ammi, caraway, of each a dram and an half, bruise the seedsand sprinkle them with sharp white wine vinegar, then beat them intopowder, and add the mirobalans, and these things that follow, spodium, balaustines, sumach, mastich, gum arabic, of each one dram and fifteengrains, mix them together, and with ten ounces of syrup of myrtles, make them into an electuary according to art culpeper it gently eases the bowels of the wind cholic, wringingof the bowels, infirmities of the spleen, it stops fluxes, thehemorrhoids, as also the menses electuarium pectorale or a pectoral electuary college take of the juice of liquorice, sweet almonds, hazel-nuts, of each half an ounce, pine-nuts an ounce, hysop, maidenhair, orris, nettle seeds, round birthwort, of each a dram and an half, blackpepper, the seeds of water-cresses, the roots of elecampane, of eachhalf a dram, honey fourteen ounces, make them into an electuaryaccording to art culpeper it strengthens the stomach and lungs, and helps the vicesthereof take it with a liquorice stick theriaca diatessaron college take of gentain, bay-berries, myrrh, round birthwort, of each two ounces, honey two pounds, make them into an electuaryaccording to art culpeper this is a gallant electuary it wonderfully helps coldinfirmities of the brain, as convulsions, falling-sickness, deadpalsies, shaking palsies, &c as also the stomach, as pains there, wind, want of digestion, as also stoppings of the liver, dropsies, itresists the pestilence and poison, and helps the bitings of venomousbeasts the dose is from half a dram to two drams, according to the ageand strength of the patient, as also the strength of the diseases. Youmay take it either in the morning, or when urgent occasion calls for it diascordium college take of cinnamon, cassia lignea, of each half an ounce, scordium, an ounce, dittany of crete, tormentil, bistort, galbanum, gumarabic, of each half an ounce, opium one dram and an half, sorrel seedsone dram and a half, gentain half an ounce, bole-amoniac an ounce andan half, earth of lemnos half an ounce, long pepper, ginger, of eachtwo drams, clarified honey two pounds and an half, sugar of roses onepound, canary wine ten ounces, make them into an electuary according toart culpeper it is a well composed electuary, essaything appropriated tothe nature of women, for it provokes the menses, hastens labour, helpstheir usual sickness at the time of their lying in. I know nothingbetter, it stops fluxes, mightily strengthens the heart and stomach, neither is it so hot but it may safely be given to weak people, andbesides provokes sleep it may safely be given to young children tengrains at a time, ancient people may take a dram or more it is givenas an excellent cordial in such fevers as are accompanied with want ofsleep mithridate college take of myrrh, saffron, agarick, ginger, cinnamon, spikenard, frankincense, treacle, mustard seeds, of each ten drams, the seeds of hartwort, opobalsamum, or oil of nutmegs by expression, schenanth, stœchas, costus, galbanum, turpentine, long pepper, castorium, juice of hypocistis, styrax, calamitis, opopanax, indianleaf, or for want of it mace, of each an ounce, cassia lignea, poleymountain, white pepper, scordium, the seeds of carrots of crete, carpobalsamum or cubebs, troch, cypheos, bdelium, of each sevendrams, celtic spikenard, gum arabic, macedonian parsley seeds, opium, cardamoms the less, fennel seed, gentian, red rose leaves, dittanyof crete, of each five drams, annis seeds, asarabacca, orris acorus, the greater valerian, sagapen, of each three drams, meum acacia, thebellies of scinks, the tops of st john wort, of each two drams andan half, malaga wine, so much as is sufficient to dissolve the juicesand gums, clarified honey the treble weight of all, the wine excepted, make them into an electuary according to art culpeper it is good against poison and such as have done themselveswrong by taking filthy medicines, it provokes sweat, it helps continualwaterings of the stomach, ulcers in the body, consumptions, weaknessof the limbs, rids the body of cold humours, and diseases coming ofcold, it remedies cold infirmities of the brain, and stopping of thepassage of the senses, viz hearing, seeing, smelling, &c by cold, it expels wind, helps the cholic, provokes appetite to one victuals, it helps ulcers in the bladder, if galen say true, as also difficultyof urine, it casts out the dead child, and helps such women as cannotconceive by reason of cold, it is an admirable remedy for melancholy, and all diseases of the body coming through cold, it would fill awhole sheet of paper to reckon them all up writingicularly you may takea scruple or half a dram in the morning, and follow your business, twodrams will make you sweat, yea one dram if your body be weak, for thentwo drams may be dangerous because of its heat phylomum persicum college take of white pepper, the seeds of white henbane, of eachtwo drams, opium, earth of lemnos, of each ten drams, lap, hematitus, saffron, of each five drams, castorium, indian spikenard, euphorbiumprepared, pellitory of spain, pearls, amber, zedoary, elecampane, troch, ramach, of each a dram, camphire a scruple, with their trebleweight in honey of roses, make it into an electuary according to art culpeper it stops blood flowing from any writing of the body, theimmoderate flowing of the menses, the hemorrhoids in men, spitting ofblood, bloody fluxes, and is profitable for such women as are subjectto miscarry. See the next receipt phylonium romanum college take of white pepper, white henbane seeds, of each fivedrams, opium two drams and an half, cassia lignea a dram and an half, the seeds of smallage a dram, parsley of macedonia, fennel, carrots ofcrete, of each two scruples and five grains, saffron a scruple and anhalf, indian spikenard, pellitory of spain, zedoary fifteen grains, cinnamon a dram and an half, euphorbium prepared, myrrh, castorium, ofeach a dram with their treble weight in clarified honey, make it intoan electuary electuarium de ovo or electuary of eggs college take a hen egg new laid, and the white being taken outby a small hole, fill up the void place with saffron, leaving the yolkin, then the hole being stopped, roast it in ashes till the shell beginto look black, take diligent heed the saffron burn not, for then isthe whole medicine spoiled, then the matter being taken out dry, ifso that it may be beaten into powder and add to it as much powder ofwhite mustard seed as it weighs then take the roots of white dittanyand tormentil, of each two drams, myrrh, hart-horn, petasitis roots, of each one dram, the roots of angelica and burnet, juniper berries, zedoary, camphire of each half an ounce, mix them all together in amortar, then add venice treacle the weight of them all, stir them aboutwith a pestle three hours together, putting in so much syrup of lemons, as is enough to make it into an electuary according to art culpeper a dram of it given at a time, is as great a help in apestilential fever as a man shall usually read of in a galenist itprovokes sweat, and then you shall be taught how to use yourself ifyears do not permit, give not so much theriaca andromachi or venice treacle college take of troches of squils forty-eight drams, troches ofvipers, long pepper, opium of thebes, magma, hedycroi dried, of eachtwenty-four drams, red roses exungulated, orris, illirick, juice ofliquorice, the seeds of sweet navew, scordium, opobalsamum, cinnamon, agerick, of each twelve drams, myrrh, costus, or zedoary, saffron, cassia lignea, indian spikenard, schenanth, pepper white and black, olibanum, dittany of crete, rhapontic, stœchas, horehound, macedonianparsley seed, calaminth, cypress, turpentine, the roots of cinquefoyland ginger, of each six drams, poley mountain, chamepitis, celticspikenard, amomus, styrax calamitis, the roots of meum, the topsof germander, the roots of rhapontic, earth of lemnos, indian leaf, chalcitis burnt, or instead thereof roman vitriol burnt, gentianroots, gum arabic, the juice of hypositis, carpobalsamum or nutmegs, or cubebs, the seeds of annis, cardamoms, fennel, hartwort, acacia, orinstead thereof the juice of sloes made thick, the seeds of treaclemustard, and ammi, the tops of st john wort, sagapen, of each fourdrams, castorium, the roots of long birth-wort, bitumen, judaicum, carrot seed, opopanax, centaury the less, galbanum, of each two drams, canary wine enough to dissolve what is to be dissolved, honey thetreble weight of the dry species, make them into an electuary accordingto art culpeper it resists poison, and the bitings of venomous beasts, inveterate head-aches, vertigo, deafness, the falling-sickness, astonishment, apoplexies, dulness of sight, want of voice, asthmaes, old and new coughs, such as spit or vomit blood, such as can hardlyspit or breathe, coldness of the stomach, wind, the cholic, and illiacpassion, the yellow jaundice, hardness of the spleen, stone in thereins and bladder, difficulty of urine, ulcers in the bladder, fevers, dropsies, leprosies, it provokes the menses, brings forth birth andafter-birth, helps pains in the joints, it helps not only the body, but also the mind, as vain fears, melancholy, &c and is a good remedyin pestilential fevers you may take half a dram and go about yourbusiness, and it will do you good if you have occasion to go in illairs, or in pestilent times, if you shall sweat under it, as your bestway is, if your body be not in health, then take one dram, or betweenone and two, or less than one, according as age and strength is, ifyou cannot take this or any other sweating medicine by itself, mix itwith a little carduus or dragon water, or angelica water, which in myopinion is the best of the three theriacca londinensis or london treacle college take of hart-horn two ounces, the seeds of citrons, sorrel, peony, bazil, of each one ounce, scordium, coral-liana, ofeach six drams, the roots of angelica, tormentil, peony, the leavesof dittany, bay-berries, juniper-berries, of each half an ounce, the flowers of rosemary, marigolds, clove gilliflowers, the tops ofsaint john wort, nutmegs, saffron, of each three drams, the rootsof gentian, zedoary, ginger, mace, myrrh, the leaves of scabious, devil-bit, carduus, of each two drams, cloves, opium, of each a dram, malaga wine as much as is sufficient, with their treble weight inhoney, mix them according to art culpeper the receipt is a pretty cordial, resists the pestilence, and is a good antidote in pestilential times, it resists poison, strengthens cold stomachs, helps digestion, crudities of the stomach aman may safely take two drams of it in a morning, and let him fear noharm diacrocuma college take of saffron, asarabacca roots, the seeds of parsley, carrots, annis, smallage, of each half an ounce, rhubarb, the rootsof meum, indian spikenard, of each six drams, cassia lignea, costus, myrrh, schenanth, cubebs, madder roots, the juices of maudlin, andwormwood made thick, opobalsamum, or oil of nutmegs, of each two drams, cinnamon, calamus aromaticus, of each a dram and an half, scordium, cetrach, juice of liquorice, of each two drams and an half, tragacantha dram, with eight times their weight in white sugar, dissolved inendive water, and clarified, make it into an electuary according toart culpeper it is exceeding good against cold diseases of the stomach, liver, or spleen, corruption of humours and putrefaction of meat in thestomach, ill favoured colour of the body, dropsies, cold faults in thereins and bladder, provokes urine take a dram in the morning purging electuaries benedicta laxativa college take of choice turbith ten drams, diacridium, bark ofspurge roots prepared, hermodactils, red roses, of each five drams, cloves, spikenard, ginger, saffron, long pepper, amomus, or for wantof it calamus aromaticus, cardamoms the less, the seeds of smallage, parsley, fennel, asparagus, bruscus, saxifrage, gromwell, caraway, sal gem galanga, mace, of each a dram, with their treble weight ofclarified honey. Make them into an electuary according to art also youmay keep the species itself in your shops culpeper it purges flegm, chiefly from the joints, also it purgesthe reins and bladder caryocostinum college take of cloves, costus, or zedoary, ginger, cummin, ofeach two drams, hermodactils, diacridium, of each half an ounce. Withtheir double weight of honey clarified in white wine, make them into anelectuary according to art culpeper authors say it purges hot rheums, and takes awayinflammations in wounds, i assure you the electuary works violently, and may safely be given in clysters, and so you may give two or threedrams at a time, if the patient be strong for taken otherwise it wouldkill a horse cum privilegio cassia extracta pro clysteribus or cassia extracted for clysters college take of the leaves of violets, mallows, beets, mercury, pellitory of the wall, violet flowers, of each a handful, boil them ina sufficient quantity of water, the benefit of which let the cassia beextracted, and the canes washed.

The medical professionowed it to the public to combat the nostrum evil within its own ranks as the more flagrant evils of the “ethical proprietary” question weremitigated, the association has turned the light on the more widespreadand dangerous “patent medicine” evil the articles devoted to “patentmedicines” or quackery being naturally of greater interest to thegeneral public than to the medical profession, the number of inquiriesfrom laymen regarding various quacks and nostrums has steadilyincreased it has been thought best, therefore, to publish separatelyall of the matter from the journal relative to quackery and to thosenostrums exploited only or chiefly to the public, and to include in thepropaganda for reform practically none of the matter that is of directinterest primarily to laymen in one or two instances in which thesubjects were of equal interest to the profession and to the public, matter that has already appeared in “nostrums and quackery” is alsogiven here. But as a general rule the contents of the ninth editionof “the propaganda for reform” are of strictly professional interest those physicians who are desirous of obtaining in convenient form thematter dealing with “patent medicines” should order the book “nostrumsand quackery” or the various pamphlets on the same subjects that havebeen issued since “nostrums and quackery” came from the press the ninth edition of “propaganda for reform” contains a number of newarticles, greatly increasing the size of the book it also containsone novel feature which greatly enhances its value the index includesreferences not only to articles in the book, but also to matter onproprietaries not accepted by the council on pharmacy and chemistrywhich appeared in the journal of the american medical association andelsewhere this index makes of this edition of “propaganda for reform”a very full work of reference on proprietaries which are undeserving ofrecognition it should be understood, however, that not all articlesindexed are condemned. Essay are merely discussed and compared resolution endorsing the work of the council on pharmacy and chemistry presented at the san francisco session and signed by all the members of the house of delegates in attendance -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - | resolved, we, members of the house of delegates of the american | | medical association, believe that every effort must be made to | | do away with the evils which result from the exploitation of the | | sick for the sake of gain earnestly believing that the continued | | toleration of secret, semisecret, unscientific or untruthfully | | advertised proprietary medicines is an evil that is inimical to | | medical progress and to the best interest of the public, we | | declare ourselves in sympathy with, endorse and by our best | | efforts will further, the work which has been, and is being, done | | by the council on pharmacy and chemistry of the american medical | | association in the attempt to eliminate this evil | -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - table of contents writing i. Council reports page foreword 1 official rules of the council on pharmacy and chemistry 3 the council on pharmacy and chemistry, present and future 12 “accepted by the council on pharmacy and chemistry” 19 helping the council 20 delays in passing on products 20 cooperation of the pharmaceutical houses 21 budwell emulsion of cod-liver oil, nos 1 and 2 22 rheumalgine 23 gray glycerine tonic 24 tongaline and ponca compound 26 alfatone 28 uricsol 30 jubol 31 urodonal 32 formamint 33 hydragogin 41 filudine 41 lactopeptine and elixir lactopeptine 43 iodum-miller and iod-izd-oil miller 49 elixir iodo-bromide of calcium comp “without mercury” and “with mercury” 52 lecithin preparations omitted from n n r 53 proprietary names for liquid petrolatum 55 seng 55 frosst blaud capsules 56 tyree elixir of buchu and hyoscyamus compound 57 hydroleine 58 curative vaccine, bruschettini 58 stearn wine 59 protonuclein and protonuclein beta 59 hydropsin 61 digitalysatum 63 so-called secretin preparations 64 has secretin a therapeutic value?. 65 radio-rem 79 olio-phlogosis 79 the hypophosphite fallacy 80 pulvoids calcylates 85 sulfuryl monal 86 mark white goiter serum and mark white iodinized oil 87 kora-konia 92 the therapeutic value of the glycerophosphates 93 hydras 96 bromin-iodin compound 97 ammonium hypophosphite omitted from n n r 98 alphozone omitted from n n r 99 calcium glycerophosphate and sodium glycerophosphate omitted from n n r 99 gardner syrup of ammonium hypophosphite omitted from n n r 100 gluten products made by the kellogg food company 100 iodo-mangan omitted from n n r 106 liquid albolene 106 naphey medicated uterine wafers 107 nujol 108 pulvoids natrium compound 108 saloform 110 secretogen 110 iron citrate green 115 aspirin 116 pil cascara compound-robins 117 casta-flora 118 firwein 119 firolyptol plain and firolyptol with kreosote 120 biniodol 121 comparative symptoms resulting from the use of several oily suspensions of red mercuric iodid mercury biniodid 123 corpora lutea soluble extract, parke, davis & co 128 wheeler tissue phosphates 129 the claimed galactagogue effects of nutrolactis and goat rue not substantiated 131 the alleged galactagogue action of galega and nutrolactis 131 the russell emulsion and the russell prepared green bone 134 brom-i-phos 136 creosote-delson and creofos 137 triner american elixir of bitter wine 139 trimethol 140 ferrivine, intramine and collosol iodine 144 eskay neuro phosphates 146 k-y lubricating jelly 147 ziratol 148 gonosan 150 alcresta ipecac 153 iodeol and iodagol 154 capsules bismuth resorcinol compound not admitted to n n r 157 dixon tubercle bacilli extract and dixon suspension of dead tubercle bacilli 158 formosol 158 iodolene, a solution of iodin in liquid petrolatum, inadmissible to n n r 159 kalak water 160 minson soluble iodin “kelpidine” not admitted to n n r 161 nutone 162 tri-arsenole, l o compound no 1 and l o compound no 2 163 unctol 166 v-e-m schoonmaker laboratories, inc 166 hemo-therapin 168 venosal 169 secretin-beveridge and the u s patent law 170 the question of the stability of secretin 171 need for patent law revision 177 surgodine 180 medeol suppositories 181 guaiodine 183 several “mixed” vaccines not admitted to n n r 184 ophthalmol-lindemann 189 silvol ineligible for n n r 189 katharmon 191 iodinized emulsion scott and creosotonic scott 192 campetrodin and campetrodin no 2 193 carminzym 194 phillips’ phospho-muriate of quinine comp 197 b iodine and b oleum iodine 198 b iodine products 199 antithyroid preparations antithyroidin-moebius and thyreoidectin omitted from n n r 202 cephaelin and syrup cephaelin-lilly omitted from n n r and syrup emetic-lilly not accepted 203 colalin omitted from n n r 203 foral 204 granular effervescent bromide and acetanilid compound-mulford 206 holadin and bile salt mixtures 207 liquor santaiva, s & d , omitted from n n r 211 maltzyme, maltzyme with cascara sagrada, maltzyme with cod liver oil, maltzyme ferrated and maltzyme with yerba santa omitted from n n r 211 methaform omitted from n n r 212 pineal gland, red bone-marrow and thymus gland and their preparations omitted from n n r 213 piperazine and lycetol omitted from n n r 214 stanolind liquid paraffin omitted from n n r 214 westerfield digitalis tablets 215 xeroform-heyden and bismuth tribromphenate-merck omitted from n n r 216 cream of mustard refused recognition 218 “pluriglandular” mixtures 218 cerelene not admitted to n n r 219 collosol cocaine not admitted to n n r 221 cuprase not admitted to n n r 222 collosol preparations 223 pulvoids calcylates compound 226 proteogens of the wm s merrell company 227 “arsenoven s s ” and “arseno-meth-hyd” 231 hormotone and hormotone without post-pituitary 234 formaldehyde lozenges 235 lavoris 237 medinal 239 omission of cotarnin salts stypticin and styptol from n n r 240 micajah wafers and micajah suppositories 241 alkalithia 242 arhovin omitted from n n r 243 chloron, chlorax and number “3” 244 elarson omitted from n n r 248 iodiphos 249 mervenol and armervenol not admitted to n n r 249 normal phenol serum cano and methyl-phenol serum cano not accepted for n n r 251 soamin omitted from n n r 253 essay mixed vaccines not admitted to n n r 254 somnoform 255 tablets formothalates 256 triple arsenates with nuclein 256 “anti-pneumococcic oil” and the use of camphor in pneumonia 257 dial “ciba” 259 apothesine 260 eumictine 262 platt chlorides 263 anti-tuberculous lymph compound sweeny and anti-syphilitic compound sweeny 266 syrup leptinol formerly syrup balsamea 268 formitol tablets, ii 271 sukro-serum and aphlegmatol 273 supsalvs not admitted to n n r 274 hypodermic solution no 13, iron, arsenic and phosphorus compound not accepted for n n r 275 parathesin not admitted to n n r 276 chlorlyptus 277 aquazone oxygen water 290 coagulen-ciba omitted from n n r 290 ferric cacodylate omitted from new and non-official remedies 292 libradol 293 helmitol omitted from n n r 295 spirocide not admitted to n n r 296 digifolin-ciba not admitted to n n r 298 essay of loesser intravenous solutions 299 “national iodine solution” not admitted to n n r 300 mon-arsone not admitted to n n r 302 oxyl-iodide not admitted to n n r 304 quassia compound tablets 306 toxicide 307 pil mixed treatment chichester 310 atophan omitted from n n r 313 urotropin omitted from n n r 316 styptysate not admitted to n n r 318 lipoidal substances horovitz not admitted to n n r 320 yeast preparations and vitamin b concentrates 321 writing ii. Contributions from the a m a chemical laboratory the chemical laboratory of the american medical association 322 the work of the american medical association chemical laboratory 322 lead in “akoz” 328 sodium acetate in warming bottles 329 anti-syphilitic compound sweeny 330 “ambrine” and paraffin films 330 the stability of iodine ointments 337 iodolene and the solubility of iodin in liquid petrolatum 344 american-made synthetic drugs-- i 344 standardization of commercial bismuth tribromphenate 348 standardization of procain and examination of the market supply 355 deterioration of sodium hypochlorite solutions 358 syphilodol 359 cerelene 362 dr de sanctis’ rheumatic and gout pills 363 iodex and liquid iodex 365 writing iii. Contributions from the journal. Proprietary products iodin in liquid petrolatum 367 american-made synthetic drugs-- ii 369 nostrums in retrospect 379 bell-ans pa-pay-ans bell 380 anasarcin and anedemin 383 pepto-mangan 387 cactina pillets 391 ammonol and phenalgin 393 fellows’ syrup, and other preparations of the hypophosphites 395 shotgun nostrums 398 tyree antiseptic and aseptinol 401 neurosine and the original package evil 404 anasarcin advertising 407 antimeristem-schmidt 408 antiphlogistine 409 “auto-hemic serum” 409 “autolysin” advertising 413 “basic cancer research” and “cosmopolitan cancer research society” 414 seleni-bascca 416 bell-ans papayans, bell 418 campho-phenique 418 “cinchophen”. Formerly “atophan” 419 “collosols”. An uncritical english endorsement 420 cotton process ether 421 dionol 422 the eli products of eli h dunn 424 glover cancer serum 425 glyco-thymoline and poliomyelitis 427 glykeron. Cold storage testimonials 428 gray glycerine tonic. “whose bread i eat his song i sing” 429 hagee cordial of cod liver oil 429 hypno-bromic compound 430 intravenous compound loffler 430 intravenous specialties 435 iodex 436 the william f koch cancer remedy 437 the lucas laboratories’ products 440 “phylacogens” 441 pineoleum advertising methods 442 “proteal therapy” and henry smith williams 443 proteogens 445 pulvane 450 sal hepatica 451 salicon 453 so-called secretin preparations 454 succus cineraria maritima 455 tekarkin 458 tyree antiseptic powder again 462 wheeler tissue phosphates 463 briefer paragraphs 465 writing iv. Contributions from the journal. Miscellany albert abrams, a m , m d , ll d , f r m s 472 acetylsalicylic acid, not aspirin 480 the allied medical associations of america 486 “arsenicals” 491 beer and cancer cures 494 biologic therapeutics and its commercial domination 496 capell uroluetic test 497 chemotherapy and tumors 499 the direct sales company 510 discoveries and discoverers 511 “drug reform” 513 drug therapy. The fallibility of textbooks 515 thomas webster edgar 515 glycerophosphates 520 influenza vaccine 520 intravenous therapy 522 iodin fumes 523 italian physico-chemical company 524 what is liquid petrolatum?. 526 the lowenthal postgraduate course 527 medical society of the united states 531 the national formulary-- a review of the fourth edition 535 nonspecific protein therapy 536 willard ealon ogden 538 “patents” 542 pharmaceutical barnums 545 the pharmacopeia 546 physician stock in prescription products 548 pituitary gland preparations 549 proprietorship in medicine 550 philip rahtjen and his discoveries 553 sodium cacodylate in syphilis 555 tablets.

And while it is unnecessary to reproduce all of these here, a few may be given in order to suggest suitable methods of prescribingiron when it cannot be given in sufficient amounts in the food in chlorosis hunter advises that that form of iron which experience hasshown to be least disturbing to the patient stomach should be used, and he suggests separate stomachic mixtures to be used simultaneously, not mixed with the iron itself when constipation exists-- and this is avery common accompaniment of chlorosis-- he gives the following aperientiron combination. gm or c c ℞  ferrous sulphate |25 gr iv magnesium sulphate 4| ʒ i aromatic sulphuric acid |5 ♏ vii tincture of ginger |7 ♏ x compound infusion of gentian b p q s , ad 30| ℥ ithis, constituting a single dose, is to be taken twice daily-- at11 a m and 6 p m a little compound tincture of gentian andwater may be used in place of the compound infusion of the britishpharmacopeia he modifies this essaywhat as occasion demands by usingsodium sulphate and adding sodium bicarbonate which converts thesulphate of iron into ferrous carbonate and adds 10 minims of spiritof chloroform to act as a stomachic hunter also suggests the use of pills of aloes and iron in place ofthe mixture described above, and when constipation has been corrected, the aloes may be omitted and the pill of ferrous carbonate alone maybe used for the iron hunter comment regarding this pill is, “verysatisfactory ”the same form of iron is available in the compound iron mixture, formerly official, which hunter says is exceedingly good in thiscountry the compound solution of iron and ammonium acetate, bashammixture, so called, has long enjoyed a wide reputation as causing verylittle disturbance of the stomach, and the homely tincture of ferricchlorid is probably useful in a large majority of paper in which thestomach is not especially irritable we may say with assurance that one of the forms suggested herewill suffice for practically every case in which it is necessaryto reinforce the amount of iron available in the food by essaypharmaceutical preparation if these do not satisfy your requirements, consult a really competent pharmacist and enlist his aid in devisinga mixture especially suited to your individual patient -- from thejournal a m a , dec 29, 1917 article iv cactina pilletsthis preparation may be considered briefly in view of the recentdiscussion in this series of articles of the pharmacology of thedigitalis group and the principles of treatment in cardiovasculardisease the manufacturers maintain that cactina is wholly unlikedigitalis, and that is the truth, as we shall show. But since theyclaim that it is useful in certain conditions of the heart in whichdigitalis is commonly employed by well informed clinicians, it isnecessary to consider its cardiac actions-- or its lack of them!. it isdifficult to determine just what action cactina is supposed to exert onthe heart for example, one advertisement contains the following. “cactina pillets a gentle cardiac tonic that supports and sustains the heart through its capacity to improve cardiac nutrition ”just how the cardiac nutrition is to be improved without an improvedcoronary circulation is not explained it would be interesting to knowin what other way this is to be accomplished, and how an improvedcoronary circulation can be induced without acting on the heart orvessels but that is what digitalis does, and you should remember thatcactina is so very different from digitalis!. then again. “cactina pillets a remedy that steadies and strengthens the heart by imwritinging tone to the heart muscle ”that is a pretty direct statement, but digitalis imwritings tone. And wemust not forget that “cactina” is wholly unlike digitalis, and we aretold that “cactina” is. “invaluable in all functional cardiac disorders such as tachycardia, palpitation, arrhythmia, and whenever the heart action needs regulating or support ”if these are merely functional disorders of the heart, it is highlydesirable to know what are the symptoms of really serious cardiacdisease!. since the manufacturers give us no information concerningthe mode of action of “cactina” we will turn to the literature ofdisinterested observers if one attempts to discover the origin of“cactina, ” he will probably meet with disappointment, for variousbibliographies fail to mention the name of sultan, who is said to haveisolated “cactina” from cactus grandiflorus it seems that sultanworked with cactus, or essay other plant, when a student of pharmacy, and it is to be remembered that cactina pillets are manufactured by thesultan drug company it is doubtful whether sultan actually worked with genuine cactusgrandiflorus. And, in fact, there is good reason for thinking thathe did not, for all subsequent workers who have taken pains to securegenuine cactus grandiflorus have failed to detect the presence of anyactive principle, except possible traces that are of no therapeuticimportance whatever what the council foundthe council on pharmacy and chemistry examined the literature relatingto cactus and certain proprietary preparations, including cactinapillets, alleged to be made from cactus, and has reported the resultsof its investigation j a m a 54:888 march 12 1910 and wewill quote from that report “the therapeutic value of this plant has been variously estimated by different observers experimental evidence as to its action is scanty and no complete chemical examination has ever been made “reputable men have testified that essay of the plants of the cactus family contain very active principles, but so far experiments seem to prove that cactus grandiflorus has neither the action of digitalis nor that of strychnin the principal contributions, clinical and experimental, for and against the drug are set out below ”illustration.

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Was aphonic for four days. Thena severe bronchitis set in, and at the end of a week a gangrenousexpectoration the mark of the cord lasted fifteen days 14 maschka. Archiv de l’anthrop crim , paris, 1886, i , pp 351-356 - man, age about 60, found dead under a tree in the woodsnear prague no sign of violence a cord thick as a sugar-loaf aroundthe neck.