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“dear friend:-- permit me to call your attention to college application essay format the fact that dr a e erling, the eminent specialist, after thesis years of travel, practice and medical research, has given up his extensive road practice and severed his connection with the several medical institutes which have heretofore occupied considerable of his attention dr erling success in the treatment of all chronic diseases is truly remarkable nervousness, all blood diseases, rheumatism, diseases peculiar to women. Catarrh, deafness, chronic constipation appendicitis piles, stomach troubles, writingial paralysis, etc , give way as if by magic under his skilful method of treatment understand, please, that dr erling does not accept a case for treatment unless he can promise a speedy and positively permanent cure ”the journal also has in its files advertisements vintage of 1915, from essay wisconsin country newspapers. Which notify the afflicted that“drs erling and karass, the expert german specialists, ” could be seenin their offices in the “schlegel hotel, ” the “schlitz hotel, ” etc , asthe case might be whether one of these “german specialists” was dr arnold e erling, the journal does not know official medical recordsfail to show, at least, that there is any other erling in the state ofwisconsin hanson, the secretary and treasurer of the physicians drug syndicate, is said to have hailed originally from minot, n d , where he was inthe drug business his name appears in the propaganda files as themanager of the ma-oze chemical co of minneapolis, which, in october, 1919, was advertising in a daily paper of that city. “protect yourself against influenza don’t let the germs get a foothold in your system kill them with ma-oze antiseptic powder use it as a gargle it is sure death to all kinds of disease germs ”in a preliminary statement sent out by hanson in the early writing of 1919it seems that the physicians drug syndicate was conceived “primarilyto supply physicians with a product to be used in leucorrhea andpersonal cleanliness of women ” this product, apparently, was thema-oze of influenza fame in minneapolis it was to be put out, however, under the name of “thymozene, ” which, “packed in 4 ounce unlabeledcarton for dispensing, ” would “show nearly 100 per cent profit to theorganization over the profit which you make if you dispense your owndrug ” thymozene, free stock-- and everythingin october, 1919, the physicians drug syndicate was circularizingphysicians in iowa trying to get them to send in $6 for “1 dozenthymozene 4 oz ” for this $6 the doctors were to get, in additionto the marvelous thymozene, the following rights, privileges andemoluments:1 a free post-graduate course in intravenous therapy by dr charlesloffler 2 a gift of $100 worth of stock in the physicians drug syndicate 3 a copy of dr loffler lectures on blood 4 the privilege of purchasing future supplies of thymozene “atwholesale prices less discount of 33-1/3 per cent ”the letter making these offers mentioned incidentally.

As morochtus college application essay format break the stone. As lapis lyncis, lapis judaicus, lapis sponge retain the fruit in the womb. As ætitis, jasper provoke the menses ostracites stones altering by a hidden property as they call it, arebezoar, topaz, lapis colubrinus, toadstone, emerald, alectorius, calcidonius, amethist, saphyr, jasper, lapis nephriticus, lapistibernum, lapis, spongites, the stone found in the maw of a swallow, load-stone, lapis vulturis, merucius, coral, lynturius, jet, ætites, the stones of crabs, amber, crystal, &c the load-stone purges gross humours lapis armenius and lapis lazuli, purge melancholy pyrites heat and cleanse, take away dimness of sight dioscorides lapis asius binds and moderately corrodes and cleanses filthy ulcers, and fills them up with flesh. Being mixed with honey, and applied tothe place, is an admirable remedy for the gout chrystal being beaten into very fine powder, and a dram of it takenat a time helps the bloody-flux, stops the fluor albus, and increasesmilk in nurses mathiolus lapis samius is cooling and binding, it is very comfortable to thestomach, but it dulls the senses, helps fluxes of the eyes and ulcers geodetes binds and drys, being beaten into powder and mixed withwater, and applied to the place, takes away inflammations of thetesticles pumice-stone being beaten into powder and the teeth rubbed with it, cleanses them dioscorides jet, it is of a softening and discussing nature, it resists the fitsof the mother lapis arabicus being beaten into powder, and made into an ointmenthelps the hemorrhoids ostracites, a dram of it taken in powder provokes the menses. Beingtaken after that purgation, causes conception, also being made into anointment, helps inflammations of the breast myexis being borne about one takes away pains in the reins, andhinders the breeding of the stone lapis armenius purges melancholy, and also causes vomiting, i holdit not very safe for our english bodies, and therefore i will speak nomore of it explanation of certain vacuations the five opening roots smallage, sparagus, fennel, parsley, knee-holly the two opening roots fennel, parsley the five emolient herbs marsh-mallows, mallows, beets, mercury, pellitory of the wall, violetleaves the five capillary herbs maidenhair, wall rue, cetrach, hart-tongue, politricum the four cordial flowers borrage, bugloss, roses, violets the four greater hot seeds, carminative, or breaking wind annis, carraway, cummin, fennel the four lesser hot seeds bishop weed, amomus, smallage, carrots the four greater cold seeds citrul, cucumber, gourds, melon the four lesser cold seeds succory, endive, lettice, purslain five fragments of precious stones granite, jacinth, sapphire, sardine, emerald the right worshipful, the college of physicians of london in their new dispensatory give you free leave to distil these common waters that follow, but they never intend you should know what they are good for simple distilled waters of fresh roots ofbriony, onions, elecampane, orris, or flower-de-luce, turnips of flowers and buds ofsouthernwood, both sorts of wormwood, wood sorrel, lady-mantle, marsh-mallows, angelica, pimpernel with purple flowers, smallage, columbines, sparagus, mouse-ear, borrage, shepherd purse, calaminth, woodbine or honey-suckles, carduus benedictus, our lady thistles, knotgrass, succory, dragons, colt-foot, fennel, goat rue, grass, hyssop, lettice, lovage, toad-flax, hops, marjoram, mallows, horehound, featherfew, bawm, mints, horse-mints, water cresses, english tobacco, white poppies, pellatory of the wall, parsley, plantain, purslain, self-heal, pennyroyal, oak leaves, sage, scabious, figwort orthroatwort, house-leek, or sengreen, the greater and lesser mother oftime, nightshade, tansy, tormentil, valerian of flowers oforanges, if you can get them blue-bottle the greater, beans, water-lilies, lavender, nut-tree, cowslips, sloes, rosemary, roseswhite, damask, and red, satyrien, lime-tree, clove-gilliflowers, violets of fruits oforanges, black cherries, pome citrons, quinces, cucumbers, strawberries, winter cherries, lemons, rasberries, unripe walnuts, apples of writings of living creatures and their excrementslobsters, cockles, or snails, hartshorn, bullocks dung made in may, swallows, earthworms, magpies, spawn of frogs * * * * * simple waters distilled, being digested before-hand of the fresh roots of nettles of the leaves of agrimony, wild tansy, or silverweed, mugwort, bettony, marigolds, chamomel, chamepitys, celandine, pilewort, scurvy-grass, comfry the greater, dandelyon, ash-tree leaves, eyebright, fumitory, alehoof, or ground ivy, horsetail, st john wort, yarrow, moneywort, restharrow, solomon seal, res solis, rue, savin, saxifrage, hart tongue, scordium, tamarisk, mullin, vervain, paul bettony, mead-sweet, nettles of the flowers of mayweed, broom, cowslips, butter-bur, peony, elder of the berries of broom, elder culpeper then the college gives you an admonition concerning these, which being converted into your native language, is as follows we give you warning that these common waters be better prepared for time to come, either in common stills, putting good store of ashes underneath, the roots and herbs being dryer, &c or if they be full of juice, by distilling the juice in a convenient bath, that so burning may be avoided, which hitherto hath seldom been but let the other herbs, flowers, or roots, be bruised, and by adding tartar, common salt, or leven be digested, then putting spring water to them, distil them in an alembick with its refrigeratory, or worm, till the change of the taste shew the virtue to be drawn off. Then let the oil if any be separated from the water according to art into the number of these waters may be ascribed the tears of vines, the liquor of the birch-tree, may dew culpeper that my country may receive the benefit of these waters, i shall first shew the temperatures, secondly, the virtues of themost usual and most easy to come by.

Arms hanging and college application essay format stiff. Fists shut. Heelsraised. Knees half bent the text says that the knot was nearly underthe right ear, but the illustration shows a different position seefig 22, p 743 23 allison. Lancet, 1869, i , p 636 - three paper of suicide byhanging, in which there was no mark. 1st woman, hung herself with apiece of sheep-net band. Cut down before death 2d man, hung withplough-string. Cut down in about six minutes 3d a heavy man 24 tardieu. Op cit , pp 93-105 - woman, died of coma and asphyxiafrom suicidal hanging, according to report of drs costan and facieu tardieu approved their report it was at first thought a case ofhomicide with subsequent hanging, more especially because of the kindof knot used, nœud d’artificier but tardieu showed that it was alsoa nœud de batalier her feet touched a chair, and her knees werebent there was a neckcloth in front of her mouth, but it did not seemto have interfered with respiration 25 ibid , pp 67-72 - the famous case of marc-antoine calas, whocommitted suicide by hanging see voltaire, “traité sur le tolérance, ”etc , in nouv philos histor , 1772, xxxii , p 30 he hung himselfto a door no sign of violence the city hangman said it was impossiblefor a man to commit suicide in that way the father was accused andconvicted of homicide tardieu shows that the act was a suicide 26 ibid , p 72 - another famous case a woman, age 30, hung herselfto the key of her bedroom door her husband cut her down he wasaccused and convicted of the crime and condemned to prison, where hedied tardieu showed that the case was one of suicide 27 hofmann. Wien med presse, 1880, xxi , p 201 - man, age 68, suicide by hanging there was profuse hemorrhage from both ears 28 ibid. 1878, xix , pp 489-493 - woman, found dead sitting inbed she first tried to poison herself with arsenic, then hung herself 29 ibid - man, tried to poison himself with phosphorus and sulphuricacid, then hung himself there was a transverse rupture of thesterno-cleido mastoid muscle and suffusion in its sheath 30 maschka.

B, record of flow of pancreaticjuice in drops tracing a, secretin prepared according to thebeveridge method september 30 i, injection of 10 c college application essay format c october 2 ii, injection of 10 c c november 30 tracing b, secretin preparedby the bayliss-starling method september 30 iii, injection of10 c c october 2. Iv, injection of 10 c c november 30 showing nogreater stability of beveridge secretion over that of bayliss andstarling why can we hope that the addition of serum or any solution of proteinwill render secretin more stable?. in the intact man or animal undernormal conditions of digestion, secretin reaches the pancreas by wayof the blood, that is, it is in solution in blood does that factrender the secretin stable?. by no means the reader is familiar withthe fact that the response of the pancreas to a single intravenousadministration of secretin is very transitory 5-15 min thecessation of activity is due, not to fatigue of the pancreas, as asecond injection of secretin gives a prompt response of pancreaticsecretion, but to the disappearance of active secretin from the blood in fact, secretin left in the test tube or in the bottle remains activeover a much longer period of time than when introduced into the bloodstream iv beveridge secretin given by mouth to the intact animal has nospecific action on the pancreas -- active secretin prepared accordingto the method of beveridge was fed on an empty stomach to a small dog 5 kilo with permanent fistula of one of the pancreatic ducts oncontrol days we gave the dog a equal quantities of n/10 hcl, and b bread and milk the beveridge secretin was prepared with 0 3 percent hcl and the addition of 0 2 per cent serum the results may bestated by the following summary:giving beveridge secretin by mouth secretin of the number of pancreas for three material fed tests hours following the feeding 150 c c beveridge secretin 6 10 2 c c 150 c c n/10 hcl 5 22 7 c c bread soaked in milk 4 6 6 c c -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the control experiments with pure hydrochloric acid show that thesecretion of pancreatic juice following the introduction of beveridgesecretin into the stomach is due to the acid factor and the proteincontent conclusionsthe patented secretin of beveridge is rendered inactive by gastricjuice, is without effect when given by mouth, and exhibits no greaterstability or keeping qualities than the secretin prepared accordingto bayliss and starling it has no merit as a therapeutic agent it should under no conditions be administered intravenously inman, as it contains deleterious protein split products and livingbacteria -- from the journal a m a , jan 12, 1918 need for patent law revision report of the committee on patent-law revision of the council on pharmacy and chemistry of the american medical associationat the present critical time when the efficiency of this nation mustbe raised to the highest point, it is essential that the united statesgovernment should lead in the efforts tending to such increasedefficiency to bring this about the government must protect andstimulate science, art and industry and at the same time curb orprevent waste of the country resources in this field the unitedstates patent office has unlimited power for good and evil-- good, inthe issuance of patent grants for novel devices and substances whichgo to increase national efficiency. Evil, in the granting of patentprotection where such protection is not in the interest of nationalefficiency, conservation of energy and material resources for years the american medical association, in common with thenational pharmaceutical bodies, has been urging amendment of thelaw which governs the issuance of patents on medicinal preparationsand more writingicularly revision of the procedure under which suchpatents are issued at the chicago 1908 meeting of the americanmedical association a special committee of five was appointed bythe house of delegates to study the questions involved, and tocooperate with the association committee on medical legislation inpreparing and securing the enactment of a bill which would correctthe abuses connected with the enforcement of our patent laws thejournal a m a , june 13, 1908, p 2003 this committee presenteda comprehensive report at the atlantic city 1909 meeting of theamerican medical association the journal a m a , june 19, 1909, p 2063 a further report was presented at the st louis 1910meeting of the american medical association the journal a m a , june 18, p 2079 in 1911 the journal a m a , nov 25, 1911, p 1780 the council on pharmacy and chemistry of the american medicalassociation issued a report which set forth the inadequacy of ourpatent laws as they are administered in relation to medical productswritingicularly against public interestsince that time the council has continued its study of the u s patentlaw as it applies to medicine and has become convinced that in thesisinstances the patent law or its enforcement is contrary to the bestinterest of the public, both as concerns health and prosperity thecouncil feels it a duty at this time to protest against the provisionsof our patent law, or the methods of its enforcement, which permit thegranting of patents without thorough and scientific investigation ofthe claims advanced in such letters patent as one means of improvingconditions the council urges that the u s public health service, the bureau of chemistry, u s dewritingment of agriculture and otherscientific dewritingments of the united states government conversant withmedicines and related subjects be consulted before the issuance ofpatents on medicinal preparations in support of the council contention that the patent law procedurerequires revision, the following is offered.

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Founddead in bed, where a fire had been placed and slowly burnt and charredher lower limbs, belly, chest, and right hand a running noose aroundher neck injuries of college application essay format head. Face livid. Tongue between teeth. Brainnormal. Mark of cord slight. Subcutaneous tissue infiltrated withblood marks of pressure on chest.