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it is a fact that “grayglycerine tonic” was one of the “fifty falsely labeled medicines”. Itis also a fact that it is one of the products that government officialsand the federal courts have declared to be sold under claims that are“false, fraudulent and misleading ” if “gray glycerine tonic” wasfraudulently exploited-- and the government and the courts have sodeclared it-- why is it necessary for the editor of a medical journal toapologize to his subscribers for having told them so?. -- editorial fromthe journal a m a , jan 1, 1916 hagee cordial of cod liver oil“under the deceptive heading ‘making cod liver oil palatable, ’ thecharlotte medical journal in its december issue prints a boost for‘cord ext ol morrhuae comp hagee, ’ or, as it is generally knownto the drug trade, ‘hagee cordial of cod liver oil ’“the boost intimates that this is a preparation in which cod liver oilhas in essay way been rendered palatable, and then goes on to say thatthis is a cod liver oil product which has not suffered the least lossof those essential elements which make the crude oil such a high-classreconstructive “at first sight one might question whether a cod liver oil productwhich contains absolutely no cod liver oil had not suffered the lossof essential elements but a closer reading discloses a significantqualification, namely, the phrase, ‘those elements which make thecrude oil such a high-class reconstructive ’“the boost is misleading from beginning to end the manufacturers havenot succeeded in this preparation in ‘making cod liver oil palatable, ’nor does their preparation in any way possess the virtues of cod liveroil these claims have again and again been refuted, but they continueto be published-- at a price but rarely in reputable medical journals ”the above is quoted from the weekly bulletin of the dewritingmentof health of the city of new york the bulletin is issued for theenlightenment of the public -- from the journal a m a , jan 8, 1916 hypno-bromic compounda physician in vermont writes. “this is simply a word of inquiry-- and of possible warning to other practitioners-- regarding a preparation known as hypno-bromic compound manufactured by h k wampole & co this compound is dispensed by druggists without prescription and contains in each ounce. “cannabis indica 1 gr “morphin 1/4 gr “potassium bromid 48 gr “hyoscyamus 1 gr “chloral hydrate 96 gr “i have at the present time three young women who are addicts to this preparation as the result of thoughtless prescriptions from physicians this mixture evades the working of the harrison act and may be dispensed freely at the discretion of the druggist and, as a result, these three paper of mine have been able, by visiting at the various drug stores in town, to keep an ample supply on hand at all times ”“hypno-bromic compound” is more than an unscientific mixture. It isa dangerous product and should not be sold indiscriminately over thedrug counter before the harrison narcotic law went into effect, “hypno-bromic compound” contained half a grain of morphin sulphate tothe ounce instead of its present one-fourth grain physicians rememberthat section 6 of the harrison law contains a joker-- put over bythe “patent medicine” interests-- that exempts proprietary remediescontaining one-fourth grain of morphin or less to the ounce from therestrictions of that act while it is illegal for a physician to writea prescription which contains morphin, no matter how small the amount, unless he conforms in all ways to the requirements of the harrisonnarcotic law, “patent medicine” concerns can sell indiscriminatelynostrums containing morphin up to this amount and the public can buythem without let or hindrance no reputable druggist would sell alayman over 700 grains of chloral hydrate or 2 grains of morphin or 8grains of extract of cannabis indica, without a prescription, yet, thedruggist may hand over 8 ounce bottles of hypno-bromic compound whichcontain 768 grains of choral hydrate, 2 grains of morphin sulphate, 8grains of extract of cannabis indica, 8 grains of hyoscyamus and 384grains of potassium bromid!.

3 obtained a serum-- from a horse that had beeninjected with cultures of these cells and organisms-- which, wheninjected into experimental animals rendered them immune to inoculation, and 4 produced improvement or cure in paper of human cancer by theinjection of his serum the committee reported that it was unableto obtain any evidence to substantiate dr glover claims on theexperimental aspect of the question as dr glover had refused to permitrepresentatives of the committee to visit his laboratory. Had refusedthe request of the committee to be allowed to examine his cultures andexperimental material. Had not acceded to the request of the committeethat he demonstrate his ability to culture cancer cells and organismsand to produce cancer by inoculation or to immunize animals against it the committee attempted also to collect information which wouldenable it to pass on the clinical claims made by dr glover, first, as to whether he has succeeded in producing cures, either regularlyor occasionally, in paper definitely established as cancer and, second, to enable the committee to decide whether his serum in paperdefinitely established as cancer produces improvement beyond that whichoccasionally occurs spontaneously or under palliative measures on bothof these points, the committee reported that it found no evidence towarrant the hope that a specific cure for cancer has been discovered bydr glover or that the serum had produced a cure in any case definitelyestablished as cancer it should be understood, that the committee investigations andfindings were completed before the present advertising campaign of theglover serum was initiated -- from the journal a m a, feb 5, 1921 glyco-thymoline and poliomyelitisone characteristic of the “patent medicine” business is that it tradeson fear should an epidemic occur the market is flooded with newnostrums purporting to cure or prevent the disease in question, whilethe manufacturers of older “patent medicines” revamp their advertisingso as to make it appear that their preparations are all that standbetween the scourge and the public one has but to remember “peruna”exploitation of the yellow fever epidemic in new orleans essay years agoand the way in which the exploiters of “pond extract” played on thefears of the public at the time of the former meningitis epidemic innew york city at present the public is much exercised over the epidemic of infantileparalysis anticipating that the nostrum fraternity would attempt toreap a golden harvest from the public distress, the federal officialsissued a bulletin of warning on the subject naturally, the bulletinwas addressed to the lay public, the government assuming thatphysicians knew enough to avoid being misled by any such advertisingcampaigns apparently, the assumption is too broad at any rate, themanufacturers of “glyco-thymoline” are circularizing physicians, one ofwhom writes as follows. To the editor:-- i am enclosing circular letter that i received this morning which seems to me almost a crime i do not suppose that there is any way to prevent anything of this sort, but it is certainly a shame to attempt to deceive people in this way as i recollect, glyco-thymoline is almost inert, practically no more efficient than dobell solution e fletcher ingals, m d , chicago the circular letter referred to was on the stationery of kress & owencompany, manufacturers of glyco-thymoline it read. Dear doctor:-- regarding infantile paralysis, it is conceded that the source of infection is through the nose, mouth and throat taking this measure to be correct, we believe that there is no safer prophylactic measure than the use of glyco-thymoline, with three writings of water, as a mouth, tooth and nasal wash, by means of the k & o nasal douche and the toothbrush glyco-thymoline tends to promote exosmosis, and prevents the absorption of the germ or toxic matter we would be glad to send you samples of both glyco-thymoline and the douche should you so desire with best wishes, we beg to remain, yours very truly, kress & owen company glyco-thymoline has been discussed in these pages a report of thecouncil on pharmacy and chemistry pointed out that this “patentmedicine” is simply a weak antiseptic, so feeble that even in fullstrength it does not kill staphylococcus aureus in four hoursand is of little, if any, greater therapeutic value than sterilesalt solution yet, glyco-thymoline has been recommended by itsmanufacturers, either directly or inferentially, for such diseasesas diphtheria, ophthalmia neonatorum and consumption today itsmanufacturers put it forward as one of the safest prophylacticmeasures against infantile paralysis and have the effrontery to makethis suggestion, not to the uninstructed public but to the medicalprofession presumably, as a business organization, the concernbelieves it will convince a sufficient number of physicians of thetherapeutic efficacy of its product to pay for the cost of thisadvertising campaign if it appraises the situation correctly thereneed no longer be any wonder expressed that in the recent suit againstthe journal, “patent medicine” makers were able to enlist the help ofmedical men -- from the journal a m a , sept 16, 1916 glykeron. Cold storage testimonialskk glyco-herointhe law which limits the length of time that food products may be keptin cold storage could with advantage have its scope extended to include“patent medicine” testimonials physicians recently received throughthe mails-- at a time when the mails were frightfully congested withchristmas business-- a sixteen page pamphlet sent out in a plain envelopas first class matter the caption of the pamphlet reads. “cough andits treatment in pulmonary and laryngeal tuberculosis. By henry levien, m d , while medical director and physician-in-charge of the libertysanitarium, liberty, n y from the buffalo medical journal ” thepamphlet is devoted to the alleged virtues of that dangerous and widelyadvertised nostrum, “glyco-heroin smith, ” whose more recent andless descriptive name is now “glykeron ” physicians might assume, anddoubtless will assume, from the pamphlet that this reprint represents arecent pronouncement on the subject with which it deals the facts arethat the “liberty sanitarium” has, apparently, been out of existencefor at least fifteen years, while the article itself originallyappeared more than eighteen years ago-- september, 1901 one of thesisphysicians who sent in the copies received called attention to the factthat he had left the address to which the pamphlet was directed, morethan six years ago even at that, the mailing lists of the concern thatsells this heroin-containing nostrum are more than twelve years aheadof its “clinical reports ”-- editorial from the journal a m a , jan 17, 1920 gray glycerine tonic. “whose bread i eat his song i sing”last september the united states dewritingment of agriculture issueda press bulletin describing the work of the bureau of chemistry inprosecuting the venders or manufacturers of fraudulently exploited“patent medicines ” at the end of the bulletin was a tabulated list of“other preparations against which the government charge that theywere falsely or fraudulently labeled was sustained by the federalcourts ” tucked away in the list was a product often euphemisticallydescribed as an “ethical proprietary” but none the less essentiallya “patent medicine”-- “gray glycerine tonic ” the editor of theatlanta journal of medicine, apparently not having read the bulletinwith any great degree of care, published it verbatim thus it wasthat the atlanta journal-record of medicine for september, 1915, presented the interesting sight of a half-page advertisement of “grayglycerine tonic” in the same issue that contained the governmentarticle classifying “gray glycerine tonic” among the false andfraudulent products!. what happened?. in the very next issue the atlantajournal-record of medicine apologized thus editorially. “in our september issue, gray glycerine tonic comp was inadvertently included in a list that seemed to be under the ban of the government and very likely an injustice has been done the purdue frederick company which we desire to undo as far as possible ”did the editor mean by “inadvertently included, ” that he would haveomitted “gray glycerine tonic” from the government list had henoticed it in time?. if so, on what grounds?. it is a fact that “grayglycerine tonic” was one of the “fifty falsely labeled medicines”. Itis also a fact that it is one of the products that government officialsand the federal courts have declared to be sold under claims that are“false, fraudulent and misleading ” if “gray glycerine tonic” wasfraudulently exploited-- and the government and the courts have sodeclared it-- why is it necessary for the editor of a medical journal toapologize to his subscribers for having told them so?.

It helps lethargies being snuffed up inthe nose litharge, both of gold and silver. Binds and dries much, fills upulcers with flesh, and heals them lead is of a cold dry earthly quality, of an healing nature. Appliedto the place it helps any inflammation, and dries up humours pompholix, cools, dries and binds jacynth, strengthens the heart being either beaten into powder, andtaken inwardly, or only worn in a ring sapphire, quickens the senses, helps such as are bitten by venomousbeasts, ulcers in the bowels emerald. Called a chaste stone because it resists lust. Being wornin a ring, it helps, or at least mitigates the falling sickness andvertigo. It strengthens the memory, and stops the unruly passions ofmen ruby or carbuncle, if there be such a stone restrains lust;resists pestilence. Takes away idle and foolish thoughts, makes mencheerful cardanus granite strengthens the heart, but hurts the brain, causes anger, takes away sleep diamond, is reported to make him that bears it unfortunate amethist, being worn, makes men sober and steady, keeps men fromdrunkenness and too much sleep, it quickens the wit, is profitable inhuntings and fightings, and repels vapours from the head bezoar, is a notable restorer of nature, a great cordial, no wayhurtful nor dangerous, is admirably good in fevers, pestilences, andconsumptions, viz taken inwardly. For this stone is not used to beworn as a jewel. The powder of it put upon wounds made by venomousbeasts, draws out the poison topaz if epiphanius spake truth if you put it into boilingwater, it doth so cool it that you may presently put your hands intoit without harm. If so, then it cools inflammations of the body bytouching them toadstone. Being applied to the place helps the bitings of venomousbeasts, and quickly draws all the poison to it. It is known to be atrue one by this.

A, carotid christian ghostwriting services bloodpressure. B, flow of pancreatic juice in drops tracing a. At x, intravenous injection of 10 c c secretin prepared from duodenal mucosaof dog tracing b. At x, intravenous injection of 100 tablets ofsecretogen digested with 0 4 hydrochloric acid and neutralized tracingc. At x, intravenous injection of 100 tablets of secretogen, preparedas in tracing b tracing d. At x, intravenous injection of 50 c c elixir secretogen tracing e. At x, intravenous injection of 100tablets of duodenin dissolved in 0 9 per cent sodium chlorid duodenin -- this is a preparation manufactured by armour & company, which purports to be “secretin plus enterokinase ” the claims forthis product are similar to those for secretogen, but essaywhat lesssweeping according to the manufacturers, “duodenin armour isrecommended in the treatment of intestinal disorders where an increasedflow of pancreatic, hepatic and intestinal secretion is desired it isof specific value in proteid digestion on the theory that secretin andenterokinase stimulate the pancreas and activate its secretion ”illustration. Fig 3 -- tracings reduced one-half showing practicallycomplete destruction of secretin by the gastric juice dog under lightether anesthesia. Cannula in the pancreatic duct. A, carotid bloodpressure. B, record of flow of pancreatic juice in drops time, twenty-five minutes tracing a. Intravenous injection of 10 c c secretin prepared fresh from dog duodenal mucosa at x tracing b:intravenous injection at x of 10 c c of the same secretin as intracing a, after being digested in normal human gastric juice at 37 c for two hours we bought a quantity of duodenin in the open market, and carried out onthis product the same series of experiments as that used in the case ofsecretogen the results were similarly negative table 8 table 8 -- summary of typical experiments showing the absence ofsecretin in “duodenin”dogs under ether anesthesia | | secretion of pancreatic juice in drops, | | following intravenous injection exp | number -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - no |duodenin| control| duodenin in | control | tablets| 10 c c -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 10 c c | used |secretin|distilled| 0 4% | 70% | 0 9% | secretin | | | water | hcl |alcohol| nacl | -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 1 | 3 | 29 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 1 ?. | 28 1 | 6 | | | 1 ?. | | | 2 | 18 | 16 | | 6 | | | 16 3 | 5 | 14 | | 0 | 0 | 0 | 8 3 | 25 | | | 1 ?. | | | 4 | 100 | 110 | | 0 | | | 67 5 | 150 | 19 | | 0 | | 0 | 8 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- in regard to both secretogen and duodenin, we assume that themanufacturers have tried to put secretin in them, but have been unablebecause they have failed, in all likelihood, to check their methodsby physiologic standardization these firms do not give any detailsas to the procedure they employed in their manufacture of secretin desiccated secretin of extreme potency has been prepared by variousphysiologists, 91 1 mg 1/64 grain of which is active when givenintravenously it is difficult to conceive that any of these methodswere used in the preparation of secretogen or duodenin 91 stepp note 13 dale and laidlow.

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Lower pulse, withbetter elimination. Greatly accelerated recovery from influenza;fewer pneumonia complications. Lower mortality rate in influenza andpneumonia. Remarkable leucocyte stimulation ” administration by mouthand by intramuscular and intravenous injection are advocated in the recent influenza epidemic, it is reported that therapeuticresults of essay value were obtained at the great lakes trainingstation and at fort sheridan the reports of certain medical officersindicate that this preparation seemed to have essay effect on thecourse of pneumonia and influenza, on the temperature, and on theleukocyte count but those conducting the experiments state that it was“absolutely impossible” to fulfil ideal conditions as to controls andother observations at the time the experiments were conducted so far as the council knows, no effort has been made to determine thepotent constituent, or constituents, of this preparation. Whether themercury, the copper, or the protein in the mixture was responsible forthe claimed benefits is an open question these reports were given careful consideration, but it was decidednot to accept this preparation because of 1 exaggerated therapeuticclaims, conflicting with rule 6 aside from the report of its usein influenza and pneumonia at the great lakes training station andthe post hospital at fort sheridan, which reports are of work doneand observations made under conditions which did not permit carefulcontrols, no evidence has been presented to the council supporting thetherapeutic claims and 2 being an irrational mixture, conflictingwith rule 10-- a mixture containing colloidal mercury, copper andsulphur with proteins and carbohydrates in addition, it is difficult topredict the changes which occur in such mixtures on standing samples of mervenol two 1-ounce bottles submitted by themanufacturer, june 5, 1919, were found when opened, aug 18, 1919, tohave undergone decomposition a very disagreeable odor had developed, the liquid was turbid, and a large amount of precipitate had formed armervenol is stated by the proprietors-- the hille laboratories, chicago-- to be a hydrosol colloidal suspension of“mercury-copper-sulpharsenite” containing sufficient sodium chloridto make it isotonic with blood serum and “inert proteid” and“carbohydrate” to stabilize the solution. Each cubic centimeter isdeclared to contain 0 0025 gm arsenic, 0 005 gm mercury, 0 0016 gm copper, and 0 0032 gm sulphur the use of armervenol as advised by the hille laboratories is the sameas that of mervenol, and in addition its use in syphilis is emphasized the criticisms of this mixture are similar in every respect to thosedirected against mervenol-- the addition of arsenic introduces stillanother factor of uncertainty after investigating these claims, it was decided not to accept thispreparation on the ground 1 that the therapeutic claims are unprovedand unwarranted, conflicting with rule 6, and 2 that the mixture isan irrational one, conflicting with rule 10 -- from reports of councilon pharmacy and chemistry, 1919, p 82 normal phenol serum cano and methyl-phenol serum cano not accepted for n n r report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe council has adopted the following statement declaring normal phenolserum cano and methyl-phenol serum cano ineligible to new andnonofficial remedies w a puckner, secretary no statement of the composition of these preparations was submittedto the council and none appears on the labels of the trade packages however, the advertising circular contains statements such as. “ normal phenol serum-- phenol with methyl blue dissolved in anaphylactic serum ” “ a combination of human or horse serum with phenol and methylene-blue, thereby forming a new chemico-biologic product which he termed methyl-phenol serum or, chemically, chloride of phenol thionin tetramethylene-seric ” “methyl-phenol serum is a chemico-biological product in which phenol is the chief factor each ampule of 10 c c contains the therapeutic equivalent of 0 5 gm 7 5 grains of phenol ”from the foregoing it appears that both preparations contain phenol andmethylthionine chloride methylene blue and that the second does notcontain methyl phenol cresol as the name would indicate no definite evidence for the value of these preparations is broughtforward and even the manufacturer is constrained to caution, “we assumeno responsibility for the therapeutic action of the serum ” on theother hand there are a great thesis statements in the papers of cano andhis colleagues to which exception must be taken of these, from amongthesis similar, the following statements are to be cited and commented on. “accepting that the gonorrheal infection gives systemic toxemia from absorption of the toxins ”it is the general opinion that in the majority of instances there is nosystemic toxemia “the technique of intraprostatic injection, while less simple than that of the intravenous, is by no means so difficult or complicated as to place it exclusively in the category of the urologist ”this obviously is an attempt to encourage the general use of thesepreparations and to minimize the necessity for careful study andspecial skill in their employment it is most unwise for one to attemptintraprostatic injections unless he is specially trained in thetechnique of this procedure “this injection to be performed after the 5th or 6th intravenous injection of methyl-phenol serum ”intravenous injections have a place in sane therapy only when themedicament to be so administered is of known composition and whenevidence is available which gives assurance that definite results shallfollow its use in the absence of these conditions it is manifestlyunwise and even unexcusable to employ any medicament in this manner, and its repeated use is reprehensible “intravenous injection of methyl-phenol serum alternating with intravenous injections of mercury should be given every 48 hours until infection is under control ”this quotation further emphasizes that the treatment, as advised, carries with it a certain element of danger “methylene blue prevents the phenol from exerting its usual action upon the red blood corpuscles, and ensures rapid elimination through healthy kidneys it preserves the antiseptic power of the phenol and prevents the phenol from interfering with the chemico-biological function of the white and red blood cells the serum component favors chemotaxis, it strengthens bodily defense, it prevents anaphylaxis even in debilitated patients, and it replaces the resistance which has been impaired by the demands that have already been made upon it ”no evidence is submitted to substantiate these claims it seems strangethat phenol should lose its power and that this should be restored bythe methylene blue “it has a refractory chemico-biological action, and exercises no vicious effect on the red blood corpuscles in the circulation, but, on the contrary, by its inoffensive presence, it wholly preserves all of the physiological properties of the blood ”what “a refractory chemico-biologic action” is, is not clear, butthere is no evidence that this preparation has any action which mightbe defined as “refractory chemico-biological, ” that its presence isinoffensive or that it wholly preserves all the physiologic propertiesof the blood “the treatment of gonorrhea by cano theory is firmly based upon chemico-biological facts and accepted authoritative theories and bears the same relation to gonorrhea that intravenous injections of arsenicals bear to syphilis ”quite an exaggerated and unwarranted statement in the same way, objection is taken to the following quotations. “phenol administered intravenously in combination with methylene blue, to protect the red-blood globule, undergoes no change, and preserves all of its actual antiseptic effect on the gonococcus and its toxins as though employed in the test tube ” “when thus introduced into the human body its elimination is unique, effective, antiseptic, germicidal, being completely and exclusively thrown off through the kidneys in a period varying from one-half to twelve hours without local injury or disturbance to the general economy ” “combinations of phenol are unstable, but they do have the advantage of mitigating direct action on the cells and globules it is also known that ordinary phenol has a coagulant action on the albumins and an oxidizing power on the tissues, which power, if permanent, produces gangrene by virtue of this dual action it therefore acts as a modifier.