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But, a few days later on, she was transferred to the igotz mendi against her will, and quartered in the same room as the coloured people, among whom was one male thesis of us were highly incensed because of this treatment of a white woman, but were powerless to do anything with rose in the matter although we tried to make her lot as bearable as possible later on this woman took sick owing to the dampness of her quarters and my wife nursed her for three weeks until she finally recovered the igotz mendi was a product of war-times, being built in 1916, and built in the cheapest possible manner, both in hull, equipment and accommodations in her saloon, ten of us could sit down fairly comfortably in good weather, but when the vessel was rolling as nearly always was the case, only eight could sit down at the table, as the chairs at the ends were not stationary we were waited upon by a steward named "manuel " manuel was quite a character and had his own ideas about how much a man should have a day for two pesetas one day we were talking together, and he said that he shipped to take care of three men only and now he had twenty-two, among whom were four women, any one of whom the women were more trouble than the original three men he had shipped to serve i think manuel had the largest thumb i have ever seen when he brought in my plate of alleged soup the plate would be brimming full. On setting it down and withdrawing his thumb the plate would be only half full this thumb would have been a valuable asset to essay yankee boarding house mistress in the states later on manuel took a violent dislike to essay of our writingy and used to spill the "coffee" or soup on them this he did with malice aforethought and i don't know that i blamed him much, as essay of our writingy imagined they were first class passengers on a modern liner with servants to supply their every whim on november 15th both steamers left the chagos islands, the igotz mendi going at slow speed to a point 300 miles south of the cape of good hope, and the wolf followed the regular sailing vessel route, where on november 18th she captured and sank the american bark william kirby of new york, captain blum commanding the kirby was en route from new york to port elizabeth with a general cargo, the major writing of which was automobiles destined for the african christmas market after transferring the crew, provisions, and what food stuffs were handily got at, the bomb gang got in their work and at 5:30 p m on november 18th the kirby made her final bow barklast of the american bark "william kirby " 1200 gross tons captain blum captured november 15th, three hundred and twenty miles s e of port elizabeth on december 6th we met the wolf again for a short time, exchanged signals, and received a further supply of canned crab, the wolf having an inexhaustible supply which she had got from the hitachi we had so much crab that the very sight of a can of it was nauseating i feel sure that should a waiter in a restaurant ever suggest crab to any of the ex-prisoners on the wolf, he would have a very unpleasant time of it during the night of the 6th, the wolf left us, taking a more northerly route than we at this time, lieutenant rose had told the spanish ex-captain that we were en route to trinidad island, brazil, where wolf would get what additional coal she required, and then we, the igotz mendi, should, after waiting 10 days at the island, proceed to spain this, of course, made us feel very happy and i know that the cameron family were overjoyed with the prospects of getting safely landed after such a long time thesis of us took up the study of the spanish language, and essay very queer conversations were carried on when i tried to talk spanish, i would usually get stuck for a spanish word and put in a german one. Then if i couldn't think of the german word, would use english, the result was that neither a spaniard nor a german could understand me essaytimes i couldn't figure it out myself we enjoyed fine weather and managed to keep alive on the food, which was essay task when we got up from the table hungry, we would think of spain and freedom in a few short weeks, and forget all about how empty we were on december 18th the wolf again picked us up. It seemed that she could appear at will like essay gigantic evil spirit the wolf wig-wagged the information that on december 14th she met and sank the french bark marechal davoust, bound from australia to france with a cargo of grain this bark was equipped with wireless and had two guns mounted on her, but offered no resistance to the wolf wolf took the crew, provisions, ships stores, the wireless, and also his two cannon, off the frenchman, later in the day sinking her by bombs both the wolf and igotz mendi now proceeded together toward the island of trinidad and expected to get there early on the morning of december 20th i had made arrangements with lieutenant rose so that i could have a jolly boat in the morning and the wife and i go fishing off the rocks on the lee side of the island, as this island is celebrated for its good sea bass fishing at 9:30 p m on the 19th, while pacing the deck with the wife before retiring, i noticed that the wolf suddenly changed her course to the northward and signalled us with her flash light we immediately changed also, and put on all available speed to the northward after the wolf soon the explanation came. There were two cruisers of the brazilian navy anchored at trinidad and the wolf had picked up a wireless message from one of them to the brazilian authorities needless to say, it didn't take commander nerger long to decide that he had business elsewhere if these confounded gossipy cruisers had not used their wireless, in another few hours we should have run right into their arms on the other hand, if they had been lying in the harbour of essay big sea port as seems to be the custom with battle ships, and not off trinidad island, we should probably have carried out the regular schedule of freedom via spain of the two, i should much have preferred the brazilian navy to rescue us, as then i should have been sure of freedom, while on the other hand, i had only rose's word that we would proceed to spain there was a bitter gloom on our ship for a good while after this. In fact the spirits of the prisoners never regained their previous buoyancy the great question now was "what next?.

Lancet, may 1st, 1875, p 608 - woman believed tohave been intoxicated face, especially right side, can you buy essays swollen and livid;a little blood had oozed from mouth, nose, and inner angle of each eye immediately over in front of?. larynx and on each side of middle linewere marks of irregular outline such as might be caused by pressure ofthumb and fingers several dark, bruise-like discolorations on flexorsurface of each forearm hands clinched elbows flexed discharge offæces by rectum necroscopy. Brain and membranes normal hyoid bone andlaryngeal cartilages uninjured mucous membrane of larynx and tracheacongested and covered with frothy mucus lungs intensely congested several hemorrhages. Masses of tissue of each lung, chiefly towardbase, were solidified by effused blood all the heart cavities empty stomach normal, empty no congestion of abdominal viscera 2 taylor. “med jur , ” am ed , 1892, p 412 - man and woman strangled by cord, tied so tightly that there was hemorrhage from mouthand nose 3 harvey. Indian med gaz , december 1st, 1875, p 312 - hindoowoman, age 45 strangled with the right hand necroscopy. Twocontusions and abrasions on temple neck discolored from right to leftjugulars. Marks of thumb on right side and three fingers on left, extending from jugulars to windpipe eyes half protruded tonguediscolored blood-vessels full of clots brain congested ?. and showedexternal hemorrhages ?. lungs normal heart empty liver ruptured tothe extent of four inches, with adherent blood-clot spleen, stomach, and intestines normal muscles of chest, both sides, congested, discolored, and there were clots of blood over and under them firstsix ribs of left side and first three of right fractured 4 harris. Ibid , p 313 - boy, age 10 abrasions over front ofneck, especially near left ear, probably from ligature. Also abrasionon upper writing of chest, probably from forcible pressure underneaththese marks the veins were much distended trachea minutely congested;contained much frothy fluid lungs showed rupture of essay of theair-vesicles. Entire tissues distended with blood and frothy fluid dark fluid blood in both sides of heart large quantity of fluid inpericardium brain much congested eyes congested tip of tonguebetween teeth other organs normal 5 mackenzie. Ibid , february, 1889, p 44 - hindoo woman, age notgiven, strangled by another, stronger woman necroscopy. Abrasion onfront and lower writing of neck just above sternum and clavicles. Fourinches long, three broad.

By repeating this experiment the result showed essay variations the discrepancy was probably due to an imperfect suspension of the micro-organism in the oil experiment 9 -- germicidal action of carbolic acid on streptococcus suspended in olive oil -- the technic employed was the same as in experiment 5, except that carbolic acid was used instead can you buy essays of chlorlyptus result. The germicidal action of carbolic acid of streptococcus suspended in olive oil was almost at once in the proportions of 1, 5 and 10 experiment 10 -- germicidal action of chlorlyptus on staphylococcus -- the technic employed was the same as in experiment 6 except that the carbolic acid was used instead of chlorlyptus result. The germicidal action of carbolic acid on staphylococcus suspended in olive oil was almost at once, in proportions of 1, 5 and 10 per cent experiment 11 -- germicidal action of chlorlyptus on pyogenic bacteria suspended in pus -- chlorlyptus was added to sterile pus in the proportions of 1, 5 and 10 per cent , and then inoculated with staphylococcus and cultures were made in bouillon at once, after five minutes, after ten minutes, after fifteen minutes, after thirty minutes, after one hour and after two hours, respectively, and tubes incubated for forty-eight hours at 37 c result.

Two sampson can you buy essays posts on poop and four sets of cargo booms on the poop rigged from the sampson posts were two faked cargo booms whose real purpose was to disguise a six-inch gun mounted there on her boat deck she showed three life-boats, working boats from each side the vessel was painted all black and had no writingicular distinguishing marks wolf carried two six-inch ordinary guns, one mounted forward under the forecastle head and the other on top of the poop. Four 4 7 ordinaries, two forward and two aft mounted on the well deck the bulwark or rails at these guns, as at the six-inch forward gun, were fitted with hinges and spring catches, so that by one blow of a hammer they dropped down, giving the guns ample room for action under ordinary circumstances nothing of these guns could be seen above the rail she was further armed with four torpedo tubes, two forward and two aft, on the well decks the torpedoes forward were "red heads" and especially effective for short distances, while those aft were "mannlichers" and used for long distance work she also had four machine guns mounted, two on each end of the boat deck in such a manner that they could control the decks and the prisoners' quarters aft on leaving kiel wolf had a crew of three hundred and seventy-five men, including one commander and corvette captain, one lieutenant commander, three senior and six junior lieutenants, two surgeons and twelve warrant officers, including gun mechanics, torpedo mechanics, mine experts, navigating sub-lieutenants and boatswains she had a wireless crew of seven men, including one wireless expert the signal corps consisted of six signal men in charge of a code expert, who had had several years of training at a school in deciphering various codes i am led to believe from what i saw that this man was able to decipher naval and private codes used in the south pacific, but was unable to handle codes used in the north atlantic on leaving kiel wolf had on board five hundred mines, seventy-five hundred tons of westphalian coal, three thousand tons of water, and twenty-five hundred tons of food and ammunition this heavy cargo over-loaded the wolf i understand she was drawing over two feet more than her normal loaded draft when she left kiel, and on getting safely through the blockade she encountered a very heavy series of gales in the north atlantic, causing the vessel to labour heavily this labouring strained her hull and topside and she dropped a good thesis rivets as soon as she ran out of this bad weather repairs were made and all her topsides double riveted essaything like nine thousand rivets were driven, this work being done by her crew as the wolf proceeded down the atlantic among her mechanics she seemed to have representatives from almost every trade, and apparently an inexhaustible supply of materials for making repairs or new additions to her equipment wolf was equipped with a triple expansion engine and three boilers and one auxiliary donkey boiler her power plant was unique in that she could steam seven knots per hour on a consumption of eighteen tons of coal per diem, and eleven and a half knots per hour, her maximum, on twenty-eight tons of coal per diem i have heard it said that she had one of the most efficient power plants out of europe, having a fuel consumption of 1 2 per i h p wolf was further equipped with a powerful searchlight, situated abaft the bridge, on a tower that could be raised or lowered at will when not in use this light could not be seen above the top of the house wolf sailed from kiel on november 21, 1916 the commander of the wolf, corvette captain nerger, of the imperial german navy, was a man of probably thirty-five years of age, of moderate height and slim build he was immaculate in all things pertaining to his person, and was a strict disciplinarian i was in commander nerger's quarters one day i had visited him to thank him for the courtesy he had extended to my family and to myself, and found him a very agreeable man to talk to. A thorough gentleman and apparently anxious to do anything he could to make our lot bearable in talking with him i found nothing to denote the arrogant prussianism which is said to predominate in the higher branches of the german navy and yet commander nerger was a man "all alone " he kept absolutely to himself. Took no man into his confidence no man ever knew an hour ahead what his plans or the vessel's plans were he was the only one who knew when we started for home on the fifteen months' cruise of the wolf nerger was in full charge and ran his vessel as a "one man ship " he lived in comfortable quarters on the boat deck, just under the bridge, and had his meals served in his private dining room in the five months i was on the wolf i do not think i saw him on the berth deck more than a dozen times, and then only on an inspection trip of essay kind he always had the appearance of having just stepped out of a bandbox, he was so immaculate in his dress i was told by his officers that nerger never gets excited. Always remains cool under all circumstances they tell a story of his being in command of a light cruiser in the battle off the dogger banks, and throughout this engagement he calmly passed back and forth on the bridge, with a cigar in his mouth, giving his orders as calmly as if at essay gun practice or manœuvres his officers and men all respected him, which to my mind is a good enough recommendation one of the peculiarities of the wolf's cruise was that nobody, excepting the commander, knew where she was going, when she was going, and how long she was to be away the majority of the officers, thinking she would probably try to duplicate the raider moewe's operations, took only enough clothes to last them about three months, and only augmented their supply from the various vessels captured from one of the captured steamers they got several rolls or bolts of heavy dress goods, but unfortunately for them, they didn't have enough cotton thread to make them up into wearing apparel, although essay of them, in more need than the rest, sewed their new suits with ordinary sail twine, similar to that which the grocer uses to tie up his parcels the cloth was all dark goods, and it looked odd to see the coarse white string stitches against the dark background thesis of the suits were very well cut and fitted in the regular naval style the wolf's method of getting away from kiel was unique each day about eleven o'clock in the forenoon, she would up anchor and steam out of kiel harbour, manœuvring outside and having gun practice, returning each night to anchor in the harbour this procedure was kept up for over three weeks, until finally one night the wolf failed to return during these three weeks nobody was allowed ashore or to hold any communication with the shore even the german naval authorities did not know the date she was to sail, until she had gone all this goes to prove that the german naval dewritingment had considerable respect for the allied intelligence dewritingment on leaving kiel the wolf went through what is known as the "big belt, " a passage through denmark into the kattegat, from there along the danish coast across the norwegian coast, and out to the atlantic between the farrows and iceland on returning to gerthesis she merely retraced her course, the only difference being that she passed through the "little belt, " a very narrow piece of water, one-half of which is german territorial water and the other half danish from where i used to sit on deck outside my quarters i could see the other prisoners aft on the poop, at that time essay two hundred of them over half of them had no shoes, socks or overshirts, and fully one-fifth of them wore no undershirt i asked a couple of them why they did not wear a shirt in that blazing tropical sun they told me that they had only one shirt apiece and that the sweat rotted them so fast, that they were going without shirts at present and saving them till the weather got cold three times a day each squad flunkey a squad consisted of fourteen prisoners would troop up to the galley amidships and get their rations for the meal a kettle of alleged tea or coffee, black bread, and at noon a kettle of goulash, resembling a soft stew i had been on board the wolf for essay time before i finally got the chance to sneak down below aft and see what the prisoners' quarters were like and have a talk with essay of the men the prisoners' quarters on the wolf were located aft in the cargo hold, and had their only entrance under the poop, on the main deck the quarters themselves were reached by means of a narrow ladder only, and this ladder was built in such a manner that not more than two persons could pass up or down at the same time, or one person up and one down simultaneously, thereby guarding against a concerted rush in event of an escape being planned over the entrance or hole in the deck leading to these stairs was slung a heavy iron hatch or cover, in such a manner that it could be dropped into place instantaneously by one of the guards this hatch would effectually close the only exit from the quarters where there were over two hundred prisoners confined also the closing of this hatch would cut off nearly one-half the air supply. During the times when this hatch was closed, when the wolf was passing through essay danger, the suffering in the hold from lack of air was often intense even under normal conditions the air supply was inadequate it was probably 8:30 p m when i was there, and i would judge the temperature to have been between 118 and 120 degrees fahrenheit, and the reek of feet, breath and bodies was essaything awful on this writingicular night, i should judge from one-quarter to three-eighths of an inch of sweat was on the floor, and when the vessel rolled there would be a thin scum of liquid running from side to side the walls and ceiling were literally running water, which was caused by moisture drawn from the bodies of the men by the hot iron sides of the ship and the deck overhead combine stale tobacco smoke with this atmosphere, and it was a wonder to me that a human being could exist in it at this time everybody was herded into the one comwritingment captains, mates, engineers, firemen, sailors, cooks and flunkies, all together white men, niggers, turks, greeks and japanese at night everybody slept in hammocks and during the day these hammocks were "made up" and piled away in one corner, thus leaving enough room for several rough plank tables and benches to be set up there were no lockers or any comwritingments where a man could put his spare clothing or shaving gear, therefore no man's gear was safe from theft a man who didn't have a shirt would steal one from a man who had two. This made it impossible for a man to have any more clothes than just what he stood in later on thesis of the men were given empty paper or boxes and fixed them up to keep their spare gear in the sanitary arrangements at this time were very poor, there being only three toilets for all hands certain squads of men would take turns in keeping these quarters clean, the whole place being thoroughly scrubbed out three times a week i mean thoroughly in the full sense of the word everything moveable, excepting the clothing boxes, was taken on deck, then the room scrubbed with heavy brushes and sand next the tables and benches were scoured with sand and canvas, the hammocks scrubbed and the various tin dishes used for food were scoured bright after everything was dry it was put back in place and the prisoner officer made an inspection it was very seldom that he found anything to complain of, as the men seemed to welcome this house-cleaning as it gave them essaything to do to occupy their time reading material was very scarce, so the time passed very slowly there was supposed to be a regular daily routine. But owing to the thesis interruptions, such as gun practice, fire drill, boarding drill and drills with small arms, this routine was not always carried out at 5:30 a m all the prisoners were waked up and by six o'clock all the hammocks were made up and stowed away then the tables were set up in place and the table laid for breakfast at seven o'clock the squad flunkies would get their gear ready, and promptly at 7:20 breakfast would be ready immediately after breakfast the dishes were cleaned and the quarters given their regular daily clean up usually during the forenoon, after their work was done, the prisoners were allowed to go up on deck and enjoy the fresh air dinner at 12:30 noon, coffee at 3:30 p m , and supper at 6:30 very seldom was anybody allowed on deck after coffee at 8:00 p m all lights were extinguished excepting three, one over the steps at the exit and two at the back of the quarters the distribution of the fresh water was also very poor each prisoner was allowed half a gallon per day for washing, drinking and bathing purposes this amount, properly conserved, will answer the purpose, but unfortunately the method of distribution was so poor that not all got their regular allowance. And the loss of this water caused the unfortunate ones great inconvenience, especially during the time that the wolf was in the tropics thesis of the men used tea to brush their teeth in. And i have heard of paper where tea had been used for shaving purposes, but imagine these paper to be rare while there, a captain of a big british oil tank steamer that had been captured and sunk told me the following piece of history i afterwards verified this and can vouch for its truth while the wolf was lying at sunday island undergoing repairs to her boilers, the prisoners were furnished with fish hooks and line and a couple of jolly boats and allowed to row into the rocks and catch fish each boat, of course, was in charge of an armed sentry after fishing they would return to the wolf each night on the night before the wolf was to sail two men, the chief mate and first assistant engineer of the s s turitella, dropped overboard and swam for the shore before leaving the vessel these men had secreted on their persons a supply of fish hooks and lines, a small hunter's hatchet, two large sheath knives each, matches and a good supply of tobacco the matches and tobacco were securely wrapped in waterproof oilcloth just at dusk, as the prisoners were being ordered below, these two men slipped over the side, sliding down a rope into the water they then swam under the stern and climbed up on the rudder and sat there in such a manner that they could not be seen from on deck a confederate in the meantime had taken care of the line hanging over the side about nine o'clock, when it was good and dark, they again slipped into the water and swam for the shore essay half a mile distant there is a strong current setting parallel with the shore in this writingicular locality and, as the water is infested with sharks, the betting among the men was two to one that neither of them would make it later on, from essay of the officers that had been on shore at sunday island, i found out there had formerly been a family living there, but at this writingicular time they were away on a visit, probably to new zealand, as they had left their house fully furnished and with quite a supply of provisions on hand everything indicated that they intended returning at a later date a calendar hanging on the wall indicated that this family had left there between april 17th and 23d when the loss of the prisoners was finally discovered there was a great rumpus, and as a punishment all the prisoners were kept below for twenty-eight days, being allowed on deck for only one hour each day, weather permitting, for exercise the british captain said that those were the most awful days he ever experienced in his life and that each day he and the rest were getting perceptibly thinner just about this time i got the sign from the sentry that the prisoner officer was coming and i had to beat a retreat afterwards i found out that it was not the prisoner officer but the mine officer, lieutenant dedrick, who proved to be a humane officer and a champion of the prisoners dedrick came down below into the hell hole and got one good lungful of the rotten atmosphere and went immediately to the commander and reported conditions commander nerger at once called both doctors and accompanied them aft on a tour of inspection the next day everybody was chased on deck and the "hell hole" below was cleaned out and better ventilation arranged for. It was also painted. Also the captured captains and ships' officers were given quarters to themselves, while the whites and blacks were separated on the whole the conditions for these two hundred men were improved one hundred per cent the prisoner officer was confined to his room for five days for allowing such conditions to exist nerger had inspected these quarters before, but only when the men were on deck and the place freshly cleaned out personally i do not think he knew how bad conditions were along in the first writing of january i learned by wireless that of the two men who swam for shore at sunday island the first assistant engineer was drowned, while the other reached shore in an exhausted condition he and his companion while swimming ashore became separated in the dark and the mate did not know for a certainty whether his chum was taken by a shark or drowned from exhaustion he stayed on the island for essaywhat over two months, living on the provisions that were left in the house and on fruit, of which there was a great abundance he was finally taken off by a japanese cruiser whose attention was attracted by his signal fire, which he kept burning day and night the cruiser finally landed him in new zealand all this time we were steaming in a northerly and westerly direction when we arrived at the southernmost end of new guinea we stopped and lay to for a couple of days i soon learned that we were waiting for a steamer and expected her any minute during these days the wolf's hydroplane would go up to reconnoitre three times a day it would travel fifty or sixty miles on clear days, and from a height of three thousand metres it had a vision of ninety miles, so the germans claimed one of the german sailors told me that in another day or so we should have plenty of beer that they had picked up a wireless message stating that the australian steamer matunga would soon arrive in rabul with five hundred tons of coal and three hundred tons of foodstuffs, so thesis hundred paper of beer, etc , for the government sure enough, on the morning of august 4th i was awakened by my orderly with the usual supply of cotton batting for our ears shortly thereafter there was a bang from one of the cannons and the matunga stopped lieut rose and the prize crew went on board and took charge in about an hour the launch came back with the matunga's captain, donaldson, and his officers and crew, also sixteen australian soldiers who were en route to the islands both steamers then proceeded north, arriving on august 10th at a place in northern new guinea that we named pirate cove gunshowing 4 7 "ordinary" portside gun forward on "wolf "lieut rose with binoculars on the way to pirate cove commander nerger practised all kinds of naval manœuvres with the wolf and the matunga at one time he would engage her in battle and finally after a fierce encounter, by superior manœuvring he would destroy her the next time the matunga would be an enemy's merchant vessel and the wolf would sneak up to her, suddenly dropping her ports, and make the capture this manœuvre was carried out quite realistically, the boarding crew supposedly meeting resistance and finally taking charge of her after a fight on deck, in which the boarding crew's bayonet drill would come in handy at another time the matunga would be a german cruiser and nerger would direct her attack against the enemy at this time he was probably anticipating being made an admiral on his return to gerthesis and was getting what practice he could at pirate cove naked new guineans, men, women and children, came out to the wolf in thirty feet long canoes for tobacco, which was the only understandable word they could say they offered to swap parrots, pigs, cocoanuts, sugar cane, bits of coral, woven mats of garish colours and queer pattern, showing whales, birds and primitive human figures the wolf's officers got first whack at the bargains and went in strong for the fancy mattings, but when they got them aboard found them full of native vermin these souvenirs for their wives and sweethearts were promptly turned over to the antiseptic dewritingment and cleaned, for the wolf had on board a complete dis-lousing plant through which all new prisoners were put, whether they needed it or not the german sailors had second choice after their officers and went in strong for parrots and cocoanuts the prisoners, who could buy tobacco at the wolf's canteen, if they had any money, had last choice of the new guinea merchandise i had no money on the beluga, having sent mine by draft to sydney, but i had stacks of clothes, and to get a little ready "canteen" money i sold essay of them, the wolf's officers paying me $25 00 for second-hand suits and $3 00 for second-hand shoes the natives were cleaned out by the wolf among the purchases was an alleged new guinea pig, which had the legs and body of a deer and the head of a porker and it had fur, too god!. i never saw anything like it it didn't have an orthodox corkscrew tail but a compromise between a pig's and a deer's tail the pig mascot was given the freedom of the wolf and dashed if it didn't lick every dog on the ship we had seven dogs on board, taken from sunken ships dachshunds, fox terriers, all sorts and the pugnacious deer-pig cleaned them all up but the germans were too much for it after two months in german company the pig couldn't stand it any longer and, after the slaughter of the hitachi maru, of which it was an eyewitness, it committed suicide by leaping down an open hatch to its death fifty feet below the germans buried the pig at sea with military honours while we were lying in pirate cove the cargo and coal of the matunga were transferred to the wolf. Also nine of the matunga's passengers and the balance of her crew quarters were provided for these prisoners on the same deck where i was there was a colonel and a major with his wife, belonging to the australian medical corps. Three australian military captains. Three civilian planters, who were en route for the plantations on the island, and the stewardess of the matunga this addition of prisoners to the top side was a welcome change to myself and family, as it gave us essaybody else to talk to, and i was also able to get news of the war from another source than the german i was anxious to learn what steps america had taken or contemplated taking to hear those australian chaps talk you would have thought that the war was a high lark, and that just as soon as great britain got around to it she, ably assisted by the australian forces, would chase fritzy off the map the addition of these passengers to the top deck squad made it necessary for commander nerger to make certain rules and regulations to be observed regarding the distance we could go from our rooms we were allowed a seventy-foot run-way also when anything was going on, such as gun practice, boarding drill, fire and boat drill, we were chased into our rooms this caused a lot of grumbling but no doubt it was justified i may add that there was nearly always essaything doing on the wolf they drilled and practised almost continually practised sinking imaginary ships, indulged in "battle practice, " and even practised abandoning the wolf in boats and sinking their own ship while lying at pirate cove we had an exciting experience it seems that essay of the germans had a suspicion that essay of the prisoners were going to try to escape by swimming ashore they doubled the guards both below and on deck and in addition had twenty-four marines sleep on the afterdeck with their muskets alongside of them on this writingicular night the german sailors had stolen a couple of paper of whiskey from the cargo of the matunga and thesis of them were pretty badly intoxicated at 11:30 p m one of the guards down below aft imagined that he saw essayone making a sneak for the stairs leading on deck next moment he shouted "help!.

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Also to knit and join brokenbones in can you buy essays any writing of the body, the roots being bruised and applied tothe places. Yea, it hath been found by experience, and the decoctionof the root in wine, or the bruised root put into wine or otherdrink, and after a night infusion, strained forth hard and drank, hath helped both man and beast, whose bones hath been broken by anyoccasion, which is the most assured refuge of help to people of diverscounties of the land that they can have it is no less effectual tohelp ruptures and burstings, the decoction in wine, or the powder inbroth or drink, being inwardly taken, and outwardly applied to theplace the same is also available for inward or outward bruises, fallsor blows, both to dispel the congealed blood, and to take away both thepains and the black and blue marks that abide after the hurt the samealso, or the distilled water of the whole plant, used to the face, orother writings of the skin, cleanses it from morphew, freckles, spots, ormarks whatsoever, leaving the place fresh, fair, and lovely. For whichpurpose it is much used by the italian dames samphire descript rock samphire grows up with a tender green stalk abouthalf a yard, or two feet high at the most, branching forth almostfrom the very bottom, and stored with sundry thick and almost round essaywhat long leaves of a deep green colour, essaytimes two together, and essaytimes more on a stalk, and sappy, and of a pleasant, hot, andspicy taste at the top of the stalks and branches stand umbels ofwhite flowers, and after them come large seed, bigger than fennel seed, yet essaywhat like it the root is great, white, and long, continuingthesis years, and is of an hot and spicy taste likewise place it grows on the rocks that are often moistened at the least, if not overflowed with the sea water time and it flowers and seeds in the end of july and august government and virtues it is an herb of jupiter, and was in formertimes wont to be used more than now it is. The more is the pity it iswell known almost to every body, that ill digestions and obstructionsare the cause of most of the diseases which the frail nature of manis subject to. Both which might be remedied by a more frequent use ofthis herb if people would have sauce to their meat, they may take essayfor profit as well as for pleasure it is a safe herb, very pleasantboth to taste and stomach, helps digestion, and in essay sort openingobstructions of the liver and spleen. Provokes urine, and helps therebyto wash away the gravel and stone engendered in the kidneys or bladder sanicle this herb is by thesis called butter-wort descript ordinary sanicle sends forth thesis great round leaves, standing upon long brownish stalks, every one essaywhat deeply cut ordivided into five or six writings, and essay of these also cut in essaywhatlike the leaf of crow-foot, or dove-foot, and finely dented aboutthe edges, smooth, and of a dark shining colour, and essaywhat reddishabout the brims. From among which arise up small, round green stalks, without any joint or leaf thereon, saving at the top, where it branchesforth into flowers, having a leaf divided into three or four writings atthat joint with the flowers, which are small and white, starting out ofsmall round greenish yellow heads, thesis standing together in a tuft, in which afterwards are the seeds contained, which are small roundburs, essaywhat like the leaves of clevers, and stick in the same mannerupon any thing that they touch the root is composed of thesis blackishstrings or fibres, set together at a little long head, which abideswith green leaves all the winter, and perishes not place it is found in thesis shadowy woods, and other places of thisland time it flowers in june, and the seed is ripe shortly after government and virtues this is one of venus herbs, to cure thewounds or mischiefs mars inflicts upon the body of man it heals greenwounds speedily, or any ulcers, imposthumes, or bleedings inward, alsotumours in any writing of the body. For the decoction or powder in drinktaken, and the juice used outwardly, dissipates the humours. And thereis not found any herb that can give such present help either to manor beast, when the disease falleth upon the lungs or throat, and toheal up putrid malignant ulcers in the mouth, throat, and privities, by gargling or washing with the decoction of the leaves and roots madein water, and a little honey put thereto it helps to stay womencourses, and all other fluxes of blood, either by the mouth, urine, orstool, and lasks of the belly.