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It does not become cloudy can someone do my accounting homework lead treat another portion with a slight excess of ammonia water. The supernatant liquid does not exhibit a bluish tint copper another portion is not immediately affected by barium nitrate test solution sulphate heat gently a mixture of about 0 2 gm of bismuth tribromphenate with 5 c c of potassium hydroxide test solution and about 0 2 gm of aluminum wire. The vapors evolved do not turn red litmus blue nitrates shake 1 gm of bismuth tribromphenate frequently during fifteen minutes with 30 c c of alcohol 95 per cent , filter and rinse flask with two separate 10 c c portions of alcohol, allowing the washings to run through filter to the combined filtrate and washings add 20 c c of tenth-normal sodium hydroxide and a few drops of phenolphthalein solution and determine the excess of alkali with tenth-normal hydrochloric acid not more than 1 c c of tenth-normal sodium hydroxide should have been consumed by the alcoholic liquid free tribromphenol add 2 c c of nitric acid to 2 gm of bismuth tribromphenate in a porcelain crucible, carefully evaporate to dryness on a sand bath and incinerate dissolve the residue in 5 c c of concentrated hydrochloric acid and add to the solution 10 c c of a saturated solution of stannous chloride in concentrated hydrochloric acid the mixture should not darken on standing thirty minutes arsenic mix 0 5 gm of the salt with 10 c c of a mixture of equal writings of hydrochloric acid, u s p , and distilled water no effervescence should occur carbonate to about 0 5 gm of bismuth tribromphenate, accurately weighed, add 20 c c of hydrochloric acid and digest on water bath add 150 c c of distilled water and filter rinse the beaker with 30 c c of distilled water and allow the washings to run through the filter saturate the combined filtrate and washings with hydrogen sulphide, filter off the bismuth sulphide, wash and dissolve in hot dilute nitric acid add a slight excess of ammonia water followed by 2 c c of ammonium carbonate test solution allow to stand thirty minutes, filter off the precipitated bismuth hydroxide and heat to constant weight at dull red heat the residue of bismuth oxide bi₂o₃ should not be less than 45 per cent nor more than 55 per cent of the original weight of bismuth tribromphenate taken, corresponding to not less than 40 per cent nor more than 49 per cent of bismuth the heyden chemical works accepted the proposed monograph regardingthe laboratory findings, the firm stated that “the product had to bemade in this country after importations from europe became impossibleand the first lots were not fully up to the standard ” later the firmstated that it could furnish a product which it considered equal tothat which was previously imported and offered to submit “samples ofthe new material ”merck and co acknowledged the receipt of the monograph but made nostatement as to its acceptance or suggestions for its revision as thenew monograph was accepted by the heyden chemical works and as merckand co offered no objections, it was adopted for n n r , 1919, bythe council on pharmacy and chemistry in november, 1918, merck and co sent a specimen labeled “bismuthtribromphenate-merck, ” “merck and co , new york, distributors andguarantors” and wrote. “you will notice this sample conforms in nearlyall details to the tests submitted with our letter of june 4 we havebeen able to produce better goods, but just at present unsatisfactorystarting material confronts us ”examination of the specimen demonstrated that it was soluble to aconsiderable extent in alcohol the n n r , 1918, descriptionprovides that it should be only slightly soluble in alcohol and, according to the standards adopted for new and nonofficial remedies, 1919, contained 18 per cent of uncombined tribromphenol more thanfive times the permitted amount in december, 1918, merck and co submitted another specimen and said:“we believe this is a better grade than we have been able to make inthe recent past it seems to meet all the tests for n n r , 1919, with two exceptions. These are a solubility in alcohol, and b thetest for uncombined tribromphenol {”}when the two recent samples of bismuth tribromphenate-merck and twosamples of xeroform-heyden were examined according to the new monographthe results given in table 8 were obtained table 8 -- examination of tribromphenate and xeroform 1 bismuth weight of per cent weight bi₂o₃ of brand and date received taken, obtained, bismuth, gm gm gm xeroform-heyden from mfr july, 1918 0 6754 0 3565 47 2 xeroform-heyden open market july, 1918 0 8259 0 6156 66 7 bismuth tribromphenate-merck nov , 1918 0 4882 0 2512 46 1 bismuth tribromphenate-merck dec , 1918 0 8869 0 4495 45 5 2 uncombined tribromphenol no c c per cent weight of tenth- of free brand and date received taken, normal naoh tribrom- gm consumed, phenol c c xeroform-heyden from mfr july, 1918 1 7 4 24 5 xeroform-heyden open market july, 1918 1 0 7 2 3 bismuth tribromphenate-merck nov , 1918 1 5 7 18 8 bismuth tribromphenate-merck dec , 1918 1 5 16 5in view of the laboratory report the referee of the council onpharmacy and chemistry in charge of bismuth tribromphenate recommendedthat the acceptance of xeroform-heyden and bismuth tribromphenate-merckbe withdrawn, but that this should be without prejudice to theirreinstatement when satisfactory products are again offered for sale the council adopted the recommendation of the referee and accordinglyxeroform-heyden and bismuth tribromphenate-merck are omitted from newand nonofficial remedies, 1919 when the laboratory findings with regard to xeroform-heyden and theaction of the council deleting the article from new and nonofficialremedies was reported to the heyden chemical works, the firm expressedregret that efforts to produce a product equal to that formerlyobtained from gerthesis had so far not been successful and announcedthat it had decided to withdraw xeroform-heyden from the market forthe present when merck and co was advised in regard to the reportof the laboratory and council action, this firm questioned thefeasibility of producing a product meeting the council standards andsuggested that the test for free tribromphenol be revised to permitas much as 15 per cent of this constituent when merck and co wasreminded that its product submitted in 1915 essentially complied withthe adopted standards an old sample of xeroform-heyden was also foundto comply and that the estimate of the therapeutic value of bismuthtribromphenate is based on a product essentially devoid of freetribromphenol, the firm replied:“as stated in our letter of the 12th inst , we do not wish to marketthe chemical unless it meets all legitimate requirements of thephysicians that use it if, therefore, your standard proves to be goodand it is commercially possible to make supplies conforming to it, weshall do so we shall discontinue the article unless it is of suitablequality ”-- from reports a m a chemical laboratory, 1918, p 93 the standardization of procain and examination of the market supplyprocain, which chemically is the mono-hydrochlorid ofpara-amino-benzoyldiethyl-amino-ethanol, is the nonproprietary nameselected by the federal trade commission as the official designationfor the drug previously known under the proprietary name “novocaine ”before the war procain was obtainable in this country only throughthe farbwerke hoechst co , the american representative of the germanestablishment, farbwerke, vorm, meister, lucius and bruening, underthe name “novocaine ” this monopoly on “novocaine” was exercised byvirtue of united states patent no 812554, which was issued to alfredeinhorn, munich, gerthesis, assignor to farbwerke, vorm, meister, luciusand bruening, hoechst a m , in 1906 with the outbreak of hostilities, congress passed the trading with the enemy act, and under this, thefederal trade commission took charge of the novocain patent with aview of securing the production of this product in the united states to ensure an adequate supply of the drug, the federal trade commissionon recommendation of the committee on synthetic drugs of the nationalresearch council, in addition to issuing a license to the farbwerkehoechst company which license was later transferred to the h a metzlaboratories granted authority to the abbott laboratories and therector chemical company to manufacture it under the u s patent afterspecimens submitted by these firms had been found satisfactory in theassociation laboratory and at the cornell pharmacologic laboratory when the first specimen of american made procain was sent to theamerican medical association chemical laboratory it was necessary towork out adequate standards the standards were formulated on the basisof the novocain monograph in the german pharmacopeia, 1910, ed 5, p 363, remedia “hoechst, ” p 242, and new and nonofficial remedies, 1918, p 32, and the work carried out in this laboratory the following description has been adopted for new and nonofficialremedies, 1919, and all specimens of procain were subjected to thesetests:procain occurs in small colorless and odorless crystals, or acrystalline powder which if placed on the tongue produces a transientsense of numbness it melts at 153-155 c 212212 u s patent number 812, 554-- the novocain patent-- declaresthat the salt melts at 156 c evidently based on this, the germanpharmacopoeia remedia “hoechst” and past editions of new andnonofficial remedies give this melting point two specimens of germanmade novocain obtained from our files, stated to be manufactured byfarbwerke-hoechst vorm meister, lucius and bruening, hoechst a m were found to melt, respectively, between 154 and 155 c and between153 5 and 154 5 c when the melting point was determined according tothe directions of the u s pharmacopoeia, 9th revision the variousspecimens examined at that time melted between 153 and 155 c and itwas decided to permit this range one gm of procain is soluble in 0 7 c c of water and in 20 c c ofalcohol u s p 95 per cent at 20 c from the aqueous solution, which is neutral, alkali hydroxids and carbonates precipitate thefree base in the form of a colorless oil, which soon congeals to acrystalline mass, but solutions of sodium bicarbonate are miscible withsolutions of procain without producing precipitations or turbidity dissolve 1 gm of procain in water separate portions of the solutionyield a white precipitate with potassium mercuric iodid solution, a white precipitate with mercuric chlorid test solution, a brownprecipitate with iodin test solution and a yellow precipitate withpicric acid test solution acidify a portion with dilute nitric acid a white curdy precipitate is thrown down on the addition of silvernitrate test solution dissolve about 0 1 gm of procain in 5 c c of water, add 2 drops ofdilute hydrochloric acid and 2 drops of sodium nitrite solution 10 percent and mix with a solution of 0 2 gm of betanaphthol in 10 c c ofsodium hydroxid solution 10 per cent a scarlet red precipitate isthrown down to a solution of about 0 1 gm of procain in 5 c c of water add 3drops of dilute sulphuric acid and mix with 5 drops of potassiumpermanganate test solution the violet color of the latter disappearsimmediately distinction from cocain dissolve about 0 1 gm procain in 1 c c sulphuric acid u s p thesolution is colorless organic impurities dissolve 0 1 gm of the salt in 10 c c of water and saturate withhydrogen sulphid no coloration or precipitation occurs salts of theheavy metals incinerate about 0 5 gm of procain accurately weighed not more than0 1 per cent of residue remains to obtain specimens representing the market supply, orders for thethree brands of procain were placed with pharmaceutical firms in newyork, baltimore and san francisco the baltimore and san franciscofirms supplied specimens of procain-novocain brand and procain-rectorbrand but reported that the abbott brand was not procurable thenew york correspondent was able to supply procain-rector only asthe entire output of the abbott laboratories was stated to go tothe government, specimens of this product were obtained through thesurgeon-general of the army from the general purchasing office, medicaldept , u s army the following specimens were obtained and examined:1 procain-abbott, 6 specimens. The first specimen bore no serialnumber but the five later specimens were designated respectively, no 89999, no 89998, no 89997, no 89996, and no 810995, representingbatches from which shipments are to be made on contracts placed by thegeneral purchasing office, medical dewritingment, u s army, with theabbott laboratories of chicago 2 procain-novocain brand, 4 specimens. These were designatedrespectively, a56, a57, a63, and a67 the first two specimens werelabeled “manufactured by the farbwerke-hoechst co at the h a metz laboratories ” the third specimen not in original containerwas labeled “h a metz laboratories” and the fourth was marked“manufactured by the h a metz laboratories ”3 procain-rector, 3 specimens.

But it is quiteprobable that the priesthood, intent upon curing, were encouraged intheir medico-literary attempts only by the silent hope of creatingan abundant supply of patients by such miraculous reports the abovetablet, no 6 which probably dates from the third century, b c - tellsus that a blind man by the name of hermon, a native of thasos, hadrecovered his sight by sleeping in the epidaurean temple of æsculapius however, it appears that this man hermon had been a miserable wretch, for he disappeared without having expressed his thanks in hard cash naturally such ingratitude provoked the god, and summarily he blindedthe thankless individual again it required a second temple sleepbefore the god condescended to become helpful once more but our tabletdoes not mention anything about the amount of the remuneration paid byour friend hermon who had been twice cured of blindness. Neither isthis at all necessary the miraculous tablet, even without stating theprice, doubtless made sufficient impression upon the minds even of themost parsimonious of future patients altho, therefore, the more enlightened among the greeks recognized, as early as in the sixth century, b c , the futility of temple sleepas a means of healing, the ancient world never relinquished itentirely we encounter it again in the later periods of antiquity thus, for instance, suetonius and other ancient authors tell us thattwo patients, one blind, the other lame, one day approached theemperor vespasian, who happened to be in alexandria, asking him tospit into the eyes of the one and to stroke the paralyzed limbs ofthe other. For they had been notified in temple sleep that they wouldbe restored to health if only the emperor would deign to perform theabove-mentioned manipulations but vespasian was an enlightened rulerwho, in spite of his imperial dignity, did not have much confidence inthe medical qualities of his saliva and of his hands, and accordinglyunceremoniously dismissed both supplicants this caused great terroramong the priests of serapis and among the courtiers, for obviouslythey had interpreted this affair solely as intended in majoremvespasiani gloriam the emperor was importuned, therefore, kindly toaid the unfortunate, but he persisted in his refusal probably he wasright in fearing the loss of his prestige should the imperial medicalpowers prove unequal to the task of curing disease not until thepriests solemnly vouched for the truthfulness of the dream-sending godserapis, and declared a failure of the imperial cure to be impossible, did vespasian stubbornness relent now he spat, and rubbed theparalyzed limbs, and the blind saw, and the paralytic arose and walked §6 church sleep - when, subsequently, the ancient religions died out, and had left the world as an heritage to christianity, temple sleep hadby no means died out also on the contrary, after the lapse of threecenturies, it again came into favor with the christian priests and theuse of it now was scarcely less in favor than it had been a thousandyears previous in the world of the ancient greeks let us mention a fewexamples the first four stories are taken from the works of gregory oftours mummolus, who came to the court of justinian 527 to 565 as theambassador of king theudebert, suffered greatly from calculi of theurinary bladder, and during this journey he became subject to an attackof renal colic things went badly with poor mummolus, and he was ina great hurry to make his will whereupon he was advised to pass onenight sleeping in st andrew church, at pateras, for st andrew hadperformed thesis miraculous cures in this place no sooner said thandone mummolus, greatly tormented by pain and fever, and despairingof life, had himself placed upon the stone flags of the sanctuary, and waited there for the things that were to happen suddenly, towardmidnight, the patient awoke with a violent desire to urinate, anddischarged in a natural manner a calculus which, as st gregory assuresus, was so enormous that it fell with a loud clatter into the vessel from that hour mummolus was hale and hearty, and joyfully started onhis journey homeward in brioude, the capital of the present dewritingment haute-loire, therewas a woman named fedamia, who had been paralyzed for years inaddition to this, she was penniless, and her relatives, therefore, brought her to the church of st julian, who enjoyed a great reputationin brioude, in order that, even if she did not become cured, she mightat least make essay money by begging at the church door for eighteenyears she had lived thus when, one sunday night, while she slept inthe colonnade adjoining the church, a man appeared who took her by thehand and led her toward the grave of st julian on arriving there sheuttered a fervent prayer, and in a moment felt as if a load of actualchains fell from her limbs all this, it is true, happened in a dream, but when the patient awoke she was hale and hearty, and was able, tothe amazement of the assembled multitude, to walk, with loud prayers, to the grave of the saint a certain man, deaf, dumb, and blind, known by the name of amagildus, also tried the sleep in the church of st julian, at brioude but itappears that this saint was not always quite accessible to the wishesof the sick it is true, amagildus was not obliged, like fedamia ofthe previous narrative, to pass eighteen years in the basilica, but, nevertheless, he had to sleep for a full year in the colonnade of thechurch before the curative power of the holy martyr delivered him fromhis ailment veranus, the slave of one of the clergy under gregory, was so violentlyattacked by gout that he was absolutely unable to move for an entireyear thereupon his master pledged himself to advance the afflictedslave to the priesthood if st martin would be willing to cure him toaccomplish this cure the slave was carried to the church, and thereplaced at the feet of the saint the poor wretch had to remain therefor five long days, and it seemed as tho st martin had forgotten allabout him finally, on the sixth day, the patient was visited by a manwho seized his foot and drew it out straight the slave rose to hisfeet in terror, and perceived that he was cured for thesis years heserved st martin as a priest but the most wonderful cure was that of the german emperor henry ii , called “the saint” 1002 to 1024 this emperor, who was of bavarianstock, suffered greatly from the stone, and had retired to the italiancloister monte cassino, inasmuch as this cloister during that periodjustly enjoyed an extraordinary medical reputation but whether themonks of monte cassino, altho well versed in medical art, did not havesufficient confidence in their ability to treat an emperor, or whetherthey were induced by essay other reason, is not known. However, insteadof submitting the imperial patient to the operations of terrestrialmedicine, they surrendered him to the providence of heaven, andmore writingicularly to the sympathy of st benedict this saint fullyjustified the confidence that was placed in him, for, during an acuteperiod in the patient sufferings, he appeared in his own holy person, and with his own holy hands he performed the necessary operation, and, after having pressed the stone that he had removed from the bladderinto the hand of the sleeping emperor, he retired heavenward but hetook care from his heavenly residence to attend to the prompt healingof the operation wound, and this was surely very good of st benedict in fact, his entire behavior during this case was extremely proper andlaudable. For is it not much more fitting that the imperial bladdershould be delivered from its disagreeable visitor, the stone, at thehands of a saint than by those of mortal beings, even if those mortalbeings were the pious and medically skilled monks of monte cassino?. 3the form in which we encounter the christian temple sleep in the abovestories is as like as two peas to that practised in the hellenictemples they are distinguished merely by the fact that the greek godsgenerally hastened to the assistance of the patients after the latterhad spent one night in the temple, whereas the christian saints oftenallowed years to pass before the patient, who was crying for aid, secured relief 3 compare leibnitz, script brunsvic, vol i , page 525 sprengel, vol ii , page 91 christianity has, however, created one variation of the temple sleep, and this is the sleep which is taken, altho outside of the church, atany place whatever, but with invocation of the saints this sleep wassaid to be exactly as efficacious as that taken in the church itself, provided the patient had fervently prayed before falling asleep, andhad writingicularly remembered the saint whose assistance he required the two following narratives, which are also taken from the works ofgregory of tours, may serve as significant examples of this variety oftemple sleep alpinus, count of tours, was so tormented for years by a pain in hisfoot that life had no further joys for him, so that, sleepless andwithout appetite, he took to his bed again and again had he, insecret prayer, appealed to st martin for relief so one day the countsuddenly falls into a deep sleep, during which st martin appears tohim, making the sign of the cross over the diseased foot thereupon thepain suddenly left him, and alpinus was able to leave his couch, fullycured in this case the saint showed himself extremely consideratetoward the sick count, in that he was attired in a smart uniform whenpaying his visit it was his intention, obviously, in choosing thiscostume to gratify the martial tastes of the nobleman.

Alypin, holocain 10 beta eucain 12 5 cocain 15 apothesine 20 tropacocain 20-25 stovain 25-30 nirvanin 30-35 procain 40-45132 a further contribution to the pharmacology of the localanesthetics by eggleston and hatcher, from the dewritingment ofpharmacology, cornell university medical college, new york city, j pharmacol & exper therap 13:433 aug 1919 the absolute toxicity of apothesine is, therefore, only a littlelower than that of cocain, and is twice as great as that of procain the clinical dangers cannot be predicted by either method, sinceclinical accidents depend, in most instances, on idiosyncrasies, or thetechnic of application -- from the journal a m a , jan 24, 1920 eumictine report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe council has adopted and authorized publication of the report whichappears below this report declares “eumictine” ineligible for new andnonofficial remedies because 1 it conflicts with rule 10 in that itis unscientific, 2 it conflicts with rule 6 in that it is sold underunwarranted therapeutic claims, 3 it conflicts with rule 4 againstindirect advertising to the public in that the name “eumictine” isblown in the bottle for the obvious purpose of bringing the productto the attention of the public when it is prescribed in the originalpackage, and 4 because the name is therapeutically suggestive and notin any way descriptive of its composition w a puckner, secretary eumictine is a preparation from the laboratory of maurice le prince, paris, france, and is marketed in this country by george j wallau, inc , new york it is claimed that the product is “a balsamo-antisepticpreparation composed of santalol, salol, and hexamethylene-tetramine, in the form of gluten-coated capsules ” nowhere in the advertisingare the amounts of the ingredients given according to theamerican agent, however, “each capsule is supposed to contain 20centigrams of santalol, 5 centigrams of salol, 5 centigrams ofhexamethylene-tetramine ”eumictine is advised “in treating genito-urinary diseases urethritis, cystitis, prostatitis, pyelitis, etc ” it is claimed to be “both anantiphlogistic modifying agent, a well-tolerated diuretic” which “maybe administered for long periods without ill effects ”the council declares eumictine ineligible for new and nonofficialremedies because it is exploited in conflict with the following rules:it is unscientific rule 10 eumictine is composed ofhexamethylenamin, salol and sanalol in fixed proportions hexamethylenamin may serve a useful purpose in essay forms of infectionof the urinary tract, but neither it nor salol is of any considerablevalue in gonorrhea it is now known that the balsamic preparations, formerly so widely used, do not have the curative effects in gonorrheaand associated conditions that used to be ascribed to them to combinethree substances, none of which has any distinct therapeutic value inthe conditions for which eumictine is proposed, does not enhance theirvalue there is nothing original in the combination used in eumictine, or in the manner of dispensing it it is sold under unwarranted therapeutic claims rule 6 theseclaims are made not only for the components of eumictine but for thecombination itself though santalol has certain advantages over theessaywhat variable oil of santal and other balsamic resins, it is nottrue that santalol “does not cause congestion of the renal epithelium”or that it does not “produce exanthema as do copaiba, cubebs, andthe ordinary santal oil ” it is not true that salol is “devoid oftoxicity ” neither is it correct to say that salol “asepticizes anddisinfects the bladder, the prostate and the urethra ” the claim thathexamethylenamin “is of value when any acute symptoms or tendency toinflammation subsist” is not justified the claim that hexamethylenamin“renders soluble the uric acid and urates” is also without foundation the following paragraph is characteristic of the claims made foreumictine. “anti-gonorrhoic by its santalol, diuretic, urolytic and analgetic by its hexamethylenetetramin urotropin antiseptic and antipyretic by its salol, eumictine represents a real therapeutic advance in the scientific treatment of diseases of the urinary passages ”instead of being “a real therapeutic advance” in the treatment ofdiseases of the urinary passages, eumictine presents one of thecomplex combinations that have long retarded the scientific treatmentof these diseases eumictine also conflicts with rules 4 and 8 of thecouncil -- from the journal a m a feb 21, 1920 platt chlorides report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe council has authorized publication of the following report on“platt chlorides ” it also declares the preparation inadmissibleto new and nonofficial remedies because its composition is uncertainand indefinite and because the claims made for it are exaggerated andmisleading w a puckner, secretary“platt chlorides, ” marketed by henry b platt, new york, is soldas a disinfectant and germicide only incomplete and contradictorystatements have been made in regard to its composition thesis yearsago about 1899 the composition of platt chlorides was given as“the chlorids of zn 40 per cent , pb 20, ca 15, al 15, mg 5, k 5 ” thestatement that the preparation contained 20 per cent of lead chloridis interesting, in view of the fact that lead chlorid is soluble inwater at ordinary temperatures to the extent of less than 1 per cent in a booklet, also issued a number of years ago, the following “formulaof platt chlorides” was given. “a saturated solution of metallic chlorids combined in the following proportions. “sol zinc chlorid 40 per cent “sol aluminum chlorid 15 per cent “sol lead chlorid 20 per cent “sol calcium chlorid 15 per cent “sol magnesium chlorid 5 per cent “sol potassium chlorid 5 per cent ”the label on a bottle purchased in 1911, describes platt chlorides as. “a highly concentrated solution of the chlorids of aluminum, calcium, lead, zinc, etc ”the label of a bottle purchased in 1919 reads.

Pituitary standardization, bull 109, hyg lab , u can someone do my accounting homework s p h s , 1917 305 roth, g b. Bull 100, hyg lab , u s p h s the subject of pituitary standardization, or perhaps it may be saidthe application of the present method is, however, in need of furtherstudy thus the statement has recently been made306 that commercialpreparations are on the market which have from three to five timesthe activity of the pharmacopeia standard. This was not the case, however, with the preparations examined by roth it is probable thatessay have used for comparison a weaker standard than that proposedby the pharmacopeia. This, of course, would lead to the conclusionthat the commercial preparations were stronger than the pharmacopeiastandard roth suggests that the employment of standards of unequalactivity by the various supply houses could easily be eliminated byhaving a central laboratory distribute material for use as a standard it will be recalled that before the united states public health serviceestablished and began the distribution of standards for diphtheria andtetanus antitoxins, the commercial preparations of these varied evenmore in activity than do those of the pituitary extracts at present 306 pittenger, p s , and vanderkleed, c e. Jour am pharm assn 6:131, 1917 it is unnecessary to emphasize the importance of this subject. This issufficiently evident to those who have followed the recent clinicalliterature on the use of pituitary extracts in obstetrics thesepreparations are used in times of emergency.

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And applied can someone do my accounting homework to the temples, stays inflammations ofthe eyes. It helps burnings, being used with oil, and with a littlealum put to it, is good for st anthony fire it is good for allwheals, pushes, blisters, and blains in the skin. The herb boiled, and laid upon chilblains or kibes, helps them the decoction thereofin water and essay vinegar, heals the itch, if bathed therewith. Andcleanses the head of dandruff, scurf, and dry scabs, and does much goodfor fretting and running sores, ulcers, and cankers in the head, legs, or other writings, and is much commended against baldness and shedding thehair the red beet is good to stay the bloody-flux, women courses, and thewhites, and to help the yellow jaundice. The juice of the root put intothe nostrils, purges the head, helps the noise in the ears, and thetooth-ache. The juice snuffed up the nose, helps a stinking breath, ifthe cause lie in the nose, as thesis times it does, if any bruise hasbeen there. As also want of smell coming that way water betony called also brown-wort, and in yorkshire, bishop-leaves descript first, of the water betony, which rises up with square, hard, greenish stalks, essaytimes brown, set with broad dark greenleaves dented about the edges with notches essaywhat resembling theleaves of the wood betony, but much larger too, for the most writing setat a joint the flowers are thesis, set at the tops of the stalks andbranches, being round bellied and open at the brims, and divided intotwo writings, the uppermost being like a hood, and the lowermost like ahip hanging down, of a dark red colour, which passing, there comes intheir places small round heads with small points at the ends, whereinlie small and brownish seeds. The root is a thick bush of strings andshreds, growing from the head place it grows by the ditch side, brooks and other water-courses, generally through this land, and is seldom found far from thewater-side time it flowers about july, and the seed is ripe in august government and virtues water betony is an herb of jupiter incancer, and is appropriated more to wounds and hurts in the breastthan wood betony, which follows. It is an excellent remedy for sickhogs it is of a cleansing quality the leaves bruised and applied areeffectual for all old and filthy ulcers. And especially if the juice ofthe leaves be boiled with a little honey, and dipped therein, and thesores dressed therewith. As also for bruises and hurts, whether inwardor outward the distilled water of the leaves is used for the samepurpose. As also to bathe the face and hands spotted or blemished, ordiscoloured by sun burning i confess i do not much fancy distilled waters, i mean such waters asare distilled cold.