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“give our students a firsthand acquaintancewith disease, and buying college papers online give them a thorough practical knowledge of thegreat drugs, and we will send out independent, clear-headed, cautiouspractitioners who will do their own thinking and be no longer atthe mercy of the meretricious literature, which has sapped ourindependence ” excellent!. but must humanity wait a generation?. why notstop this evil at once?. the american medical association has providedthe means whereby this can be done, if physicians will only make useof it-- the council on pharmacy and chemistry -- editorial from thejournal a m a , july 12, 1919 an alleged endorsement of proteogens repudiatedto the editor:-- i note in the issue of the journal for july 12, astatement regarding the so-called “proteogens” manufactured by the wm s merrell company of cincinnati my attention has been called to the fact that salesmen of this companyhave been exhibiting a letter purporting to show that this dewritingmenthas endorsed their products in the treatment of venereal diseases the letter in question was written by a physician employed in one ofthe clinics conducted jointly by this dewritingment and the u s publichealth service, and the stationery of the dewritingment was used withoutauthority the physician in question has made numerous efforts torecall the letter, but the merrell people profess an inability tocontrol its use i need not add that this dewritingment has not endorsed and will notendorse these products, and has no evidence that they are of any valuewhatsoever allen w freeman, m d , commissioner of health, state of ohio, state dewritingment of health -- correspondence in the journal a m a , july 26, 1919 the manufacturer protest and a replyto the editor:-- allow us to direct your attention to severalmisstatements which appear in the letter signed, “allen w freeman, m d , commissioner of health, state of ohio, ” published in the journalof the american medical association for july 26 1 salesmen of this company have not been exhibiting a “letterpurporting to show that this dewritingment has endorsed their products inthe treatment of venereal diseases, ” as stated by dr freeman 2 the author of the letter has not “made numerous efforts to recallthe letter, but the merrell people profess an inability to control itsuse, ” as stated by dr freeman a physician employed in one of the clinics used our proteogens nos 10and 11 extensively and is still using them to a large extent in hisprivate practice he is a man of standing in the community in whichhe practices and is also a professor in one of the leading medicalcolleges in the state the letter in question cites the case of a man who had been undertreatment for three years with 606, 914 and most of the othertreatments in general use, and on august 31, a year ago, still gavea wassermann test plus 4 he was given proteogen no 10, and bythe middle of december the wassermann was negative and the man wasdischarged as cured while this letter was written on the stationery of the bureau ofvenereal diseases of the dewritingment of health, state of ohio, it waswritten in the first person, and made no pretension in any way to beingofficial nor was any such pretense made or authorized by the merrellcompany the author of the letter has not made “numerous efforts to recall theletter, ” nor has the merrell company “professed an inability to controlits use ”the physician did ask that the letter be returned to him, and hisrequest was complied with promptly then follows the full text of the letter in question as its contentshave no bearing on the question under discussion, it is omitted -- ed in over ninety-one years of honorable service as manufacturers ofmedicinal preparations, the wm s merrell company has never endeavoredto advance its interests through misrepresentation the wm s merrell company, chas g merrell, pres the letter above was submitted to dr allen w freeman, commissionerof health of the state of ohio dr freeman comments appearbelow -- ed to the editor:-- the plain issue of veracity raised in thecommunication of the merrell company must be settled on the evidence, which is unfortunately too voluminous to be published in full in thejournal copies of the correspondence in the case have been furnishedthe editor, and the originals are on file in the office of the statedewritingment of health in columbus 1 whether or not the photographic reproduction of a letter written onthe letter head of this dewritingment, and the distribution of copies tosalesmen for display to physicians, was a conscious effort on the writingof the firm in question to create the impression that the letter wasan official one is perhaps a matter of inference that it did createsuch an impression is evidenced by the letters of inquiry received fromphysicians who saw it 2 the statement that the merrell company refused to return theletter is perhaps erroneous they did apparently return the originalletter but not the photographic copies which had been distributed totheir salesmen on may 22 the firm wrote as follows. “a number of physicians who are in cooperation with both state and national bureaus of venereal diseases have been using our proteogens with marked success and there are doubtless thesis letters carried by our salesmen-- reports from essay of these physicians ”this was interpreted to mean that the firm had no method of knowingwhat letters were carried by their salesmen and was not responsible forthem whether or not this interpretation is correct is again, perhaps, a matter of opinion the purpose of the original communication was to make plain to thoseof the profession who have already seen or might subsequently see theletter referred to that the communication was the expression of anindividual and not of the dewritingment a w freeman, commissioner -- correspondence in the journal a m a , sept 6, 1919 details of the alleged endorsement of proteogensour readers will remember the recent correspondence published in thejournal of july 26 and september 6, by dr a w freeman, commissionerof health of the state of ohio and the wm s merrell co the lettersdealt with the use that had been made by the wm s merrell co of aletter, written on the official stationery of the bureau of venerealdiseases of the state dewritingment of health of ohio, puffing one of thecompany proprietary remedies-- proteogen no 10 dr freeman wrote to the journal calling the attention of theprofession to the use of this letter and explaining that the letterwas merely the expression of opinion of an individual, and not anexpression from the state dewritingment of health the wm s merrell co took exception to certain inferences made in dr freeman letter andin the course of a letter to the journal regarding this, incorporatedthe contents of the testimonial letter the journal, in publishingthe merrell letter, omitted this testimonial on the ground thatthe contents of the letter had no bearing on the question underdiscussion we have now received a letter from the company protesting against thisomission the journal, therefore, takes this opportunity of brieflyrestating such facts as it has been able to get regarding the entirematter and publishing the letter the facts are as follows:1 in february of this year a cincinnati physician, dr c j broeman, wrote to dr a s horovitz relative to alleged results with proteogenno 10 the letter was written-- without authority-- on the officialstationery of the bureau of venereal diseases of the state dewritingmentof health of ohio 2 the wm s merrell co had linen mounted photographs made of dr broeman letter and distributed them to their proteogen detail men accompanying these photographic copies was a communication to thesedetail men describing the photographed letter as one written by. “ a cincinnati physician who is now acting assistant surgeon, u s public health service, cooperating with the bureau of venereal diseases of the dewritingment of health of the state of ohio ”3 the right hand top corner of the official stationery, as can beseen by the reproduction, bore the name of “james d bauman, deputycommissioner ” dr broeman signature was rather illegible and couldeasily be mistaken, by those not knowing the handwriting of eitherman, for the signature of deputy commissioner bauman in at least oneinstance it was so mistaken, and the physician who was misled wrote tothe director of the bureau asking whether the testimonial for proteogenno 10 which had been shown him by the merrell detail man was really anofficial communication 4 on may 15, 1919, commissioner of health freeman wrote to themerrell co stating that he had been informed that one of the merrellrepresentatives was using as an advertisement a letter bearing theletterhead of the bureau of venereal diseases of the state dewritingmentof health and what purported to be a report signed by “mr bauman, deputy commissioner ”5 on may 19, the wm s merrell co wrote dr freeman that he wascertainly mistaken in regard to the use of any “report signed bymr bauman ” dr freeman then sent to the company the letter he hadreceived from the physician who had mistaken broeman letter for anofficial letter by bauman although it would seem that this letterand commissioner freeman protest should have made plain to the wm s merrell co , the fact that the letter, incorrectly referred toas mr bauman, was in reality dr broeman, the company remainedsilent regarding its use of the broeman letter and, on may 22, merelyreiterated that there had been “no letter circulated by this companycontaining a testimonial of your mr bauman ” on may 28 six dayslater the merrell company sent to its proteogen detail men anothergeneral letter, “for personal use of agents, ” in which it again calledtheir attention to the “photographic copy mounted on linen” of dr broeman letter this communication to the detail men also declaredthat it “has been suggested that the further use of dr broemanletter might antagonize the state dewritingment of health” and, thereforethe detail men were told to “discontinue using the photographic copy inquestion” and to return the photographs to the head office illustration.

Survived 1 3 c c buying college papers online per kg they quote from browning that the following doses, c c per kilogram, are not fatal. Frogs, 0 5. Rabbits, 1 to 5. Guinea-pigs, 1 irritationrivas experiment 14 shows that chlorlyptus gives very definiteirritation, apparently similar to that produced in experiment 16 byeucalyptus oil in one-fourth the dose incidentally, the referee may add from personal experience that the“chlorlyptus oil, 5 per cent cl” is markedly irritating in thenostrils, although marked “non-irritating” on the label ii appendix. Special reports a comparison of chlorlyptus with chlorinated eucalyptol from the chemical laboratory of the american medical associationaccording to the label, “chlorlyptus” is a “synthatized chlorinatedoil of eucalyptos, with acid reaction, containing approximately 30per cent chlorine and possesses excellent germicidal properties, when made under our special process ” it is manufactured by the weekschemical company, philadelphia, pa this product was submitted to thecouncil on pharmacy and chemistry by the manufacturers, and in turnthe laboratory was asked to examine it with the idea of comparing itwith the nonproprietary brands of “chlorinated eucalyptol” used as asolvent for dichloramine-t.

Council reports page foreword 1 official rules of the council on pharmacy and chemistry 3 the council on pharmacy and chemistry, present and future 12 “accepted by the council on pharmacy and chemistry” 19 helping the council 20 delays in passing on products 20 cooperation of the pharmaceutical houses 21 budwell emulsion of cod-liver oil, nos 1 and 2 22 rheumalgine 23 gray glycerine tonic 24 tongaline and ponca compound 26 alfatone 28 uricsol 30 jubol 31 urodonal 32 formamint 33 hydragogin 41 filudine 41 lactopeptine and elixir lactopeptine 43 iodum-miller and iod-izd-oil miller 49 elixir iodo-bromide of calcium comp “without mercury” and “with mercury” 52 lecithin preparations omitted from n n r 53 proprietary names for liquid petrolatum 55 seng 55 frosst blaud capsules 56 tyree elixir of buchu and hyoscyamus compound 57 hydroleine 58 curative vaccine, bruschettini 58 stearn wine 59 protonuclein and protonuclein beta 59 hydropsin 61 digitalysatum 63 so-called secretin preparations 64 has secretin a therapeutic value?. 65 radio-rem 79 olio-phlogosis 79 the hypophosphite fallacy 80 pulvoids calcylates 85 sulfuryl monal 86 mark white goiter serum and mark white iodinized oil 87 kora-konia 92 the therapeutic value of the glycerophosphates 93 hydras 96 bromin-iodin compound 97 ammonium hypophosphite omitted from n n r 98 alphozone omitted from n n r 99 calcium glycerophosphate and sodium glycerophosphate omitted from n n r 99 gardner syrup of ammonium hypophosphite omitted from n n r 100 gluten products made by the kellogg food company 100 iodo-mangan omitted from n n r 106 liquid albolene 106 naphey medicated uterine wafers 107 nujol 108 pulvoids natrium compound 108 saloform 110 secretogen 110 iron citrate green 115 aspirin 116 pil cascara compound-robins 117 casta-flora 118 firwein 119 firolyptol plain and firolyptol with kreosote 120 biniodol 121 comparative symptoms resulting from the use of several oily suspensions of red mercuric iodid mercury biniodid 123 corpora lutea soluble extract, parke, davis & co 128 wheeler tissue phosphates 129 the claimed galactagogue effects of nutrolactis and goat rue not substantiated 131 the alleged galactagogue action of galega and nutrolactis 131 the russell emulsion and the russell prepared green bone 134 brom-i-phos 136 creosote-delson and creofos 137 triner american elixir of bitter wine 139 trimethol 140 ferrivine, intramine and collosol iodine 144 eskay neuro phosphates 146 k-y lubricating jelly 147 ziratol 148 gonosan 150 alcresta ipecac 153 iodeol and iodagol 154 capsules bismuth resorcinol compound not admitted to n n r 157 dixon tubercle bacilli extract and dixon suspension of dead tubercle bacilli 158 formosol 158 iodolene, a solution of iodin in liquid petrolatum, inadmissible to n n r 159 kalak water 160 minson soluble iodin “kelpidine” not admitted to n n r 161 nutone 162 tri-arsenole, l o compound no 1 and l o compound no 2 163 unctol 166 v-e-m schoonmaker laboratories, inc 166 hemo-therapin 168 venosal 169 secretin-beveridge and the u s patent law 170 the question of the stability of secretin 171 need for patent law revision 177 surgodine 180 medeol suppositories 181 guaiodine 183 several “mixed” vaccines not admitted to n n r 184 ophthalmol-lindemann 189 silvol ineligible for n n r 189 katharmon 191 iodinized emulsion scott and creosotonic scott 192 campetrodin and campetrodin no 2 193 carminzym 194 phillips’ phospho-muriate of quinine comp 197 b iodine and b oleum iodine 198 b iodine products 199 antithyroid preparations antithyroidin-moebius and thyreoidectin omitted from n n r 202 cephaelin and syrup cephaelin-lilly omitted from n n r and syrup emetic-lilly not accepted 203 colalin omitted from n n r 203 foral 204 granular effervescent bromide and acetanilid compound-mulford 206 holadin and bile salt mixtures 207 liquor santaiva, s & d , omitted from n n r 211 maltzyme, maltzyme with cascara sagrada, maltzyme with cod liver oil, maltzyme ferrated and maltzyme with yerba santa omitted from n n r 211 methaform omitted from n n r 212 pineal gland, red bone-marrow and thymus gland and their preparations omitted from n n r 213 piperazine and lycetol omitted from n n r 214 stanolind liquid paraffin omitted from n n r 214 westerfield digitalis tablets 215 xeroform-heyden and bismuth tribromphenate-merck omitted from n n r 216 cream of mustard refused recognition 218 “pluriglandular” mixtures 218 cerelene not admitted to n n r 219 collosol cocaine not admitted to n n r 221 cuprase not admitted to n n r 222 collosol preparations 223 pulvoids calcylates compound 226 proteogens of the wm s merrell company 227 “arsenoven s s ” and “arseno-meth-hyd” 231 hormotone and hormotone without post-pituitary 234 formaldehyde lozenges 235 lavoris 237 medinal 239 omission of cotarnin salts stypticin and styptol from n n r 240 micajah wafers and micajah suppositories 241 alkalithia 242 arhovin omitted from n n r 243 chloron, chlorax and number “3” 244 elarson omitted from n n r 248 iodiphos 249 mervenol and armervenol not admitted to n n r 249 normal phenol serum cano and methyl-phenol serum cano not accepted for n n r 251 soamin omitted from n n r 253 essay mixed vaccines not admitted to n n r 254 somnoform 255 tablets formothalates 256 triple arsenates with nuclein 256 “anti-pneumococcic oil” and the use of camphor in pneumonia 257 dial “ciba” 259 apothesine 260 eumictine 262 platt chlorides 263 anti-tuberculous lymph compound sweeny and anti-syphilitic compound sweeny 266 syrup leptinol formerly syrup balsamea 268 formitol tablets, ii 271 sukro-serum and aphlegmatol 273 supsalvs not admitted to n n r 274 hypodermic solution no 13, iron, arsenic and phosphorus compound not accepted for n n r 275 parathesin not admitted to n n r 276 chlorlyptus 277 aquazone oxygen water 290 coagulen-ciba omitted from n n r 290 ferric cacodylate omitted from new and non-official remedies 292 libradol 293 helmitol omitted from n n r 295 spirocide not admitted to n n r 296 digifolin-ciba not admitted to n n r 298 essay of loesser intravenous solutions 299 “national iodine solution” not admitted to n n r 300 mon-arsone not admitted to n n r 302 oxyl-iodide not admitted to n n r 304 quassia compound tablets 306 toxicide 307 pil mixed treatment chichester 310 atophan omitted from n n r 313 urotropin omitted from n n r 316 styptysate not admitted to n n r 318 lipoidal substances horovitz not admitted to n n r 320 yeast preparations and vitamin b concentrates 321 writing ii. Contributions from the a m a chemical laboratory the chemical laboratory of the american medical association 322 the work of the american medical association chemical laboratory 322 lead in “akoz” 328 sodium acetate in warming bottles 329 anti-syphilitic compound sweeny 330 “ambrine” and paraffin films 330 the stability of iodine ointments 337 iodolene and the solubility of iodin in liquid petrolatum 344 american-made synthetic drugs-- i 344 standardization of commercial bismuth tribromphenate 348 standardization of procain and examination of the market supply 355 deterioration of sodium hypochlorite solutions 358 syphilodol 359 cerelene 362 dr de sanctis’ rheumatic and gout pills 363 iodex and liquid iodex 365 writing iii. Contributions from the journal.

While it is an aid, i consider the quoted statement to be very buying college papers online erroneous ”dr f , d c , wrote. “while it is doubtless true that acute urethritis, gonorrheal, is now generally treated by local injections of solutions of organic silver salts, and that santal oil is often used, it is not true, as one would infer from the quotation, that the balsams are now considered more efficacious than they were formerly so far as i know they have not lost or regained anything during the past dozen years in the way of confidence reposed in them the indications for their use is very definite and very limited ”dr b , ga , wrote. “ in recent years i have almost abandoned the use of balsams, etc , in the treatment of gonorrhea patients, who are properly treated otherwise, seem to get along as well without such drugs as with them, in fact apparently better for they have no gastric disturbance it is important for patients to drink freely of water and when so doing the balsams are so diluted that i cannot conceive of their doing much good formerly my patients often lost weight during the treatment of gonorrhea. Now, without balsams and with plenty of water, they usually gain in weight ”dr s , mich , wrote. “ we believe that in a general way their statement is true though a trifle too sweeping we do not ordinarily use the balsams in uncomplicated anterior urethritis we do however, find indication for their administration in from sixty to seventy five per cent of all paper of acute gonorrhea at essay time during the course of the disease ”dr l , mo , wrote. “i would say that the statement that, ‘the combined treatment with local injections and internal administration of natural balsamic products completely dominates modern gonorrheal therapy, ’ is far from representing the facts while the balsamics may occasionally have an indirect soothing effect on the mucous membranes involved, the dominant factor is local treatment, aiming at disinfection and restoration to normal of the inflamed tissues ”dr r , mich , wrote. “regarding your request although i am willing to reply it is difficult to do so because if i should do so in the affirmative that could apply only to certain acute paper without complication of any kind and such paper are rare in such, however, the advertiser is not far from right-- since vaccine therapy has proven absolutely worthless we must fall back on antiseptics in acute urethritis when there are no objections to such treatment ”dr k , ill , wrote. “i am under the impression that the internal administration of balsamics is used only when complications arise, such as acute posterior urethritis personally i use the balsamics very, very rarely from my observation, however, i am led to believe that thesis men still use internal drugs in the treatment of gonorrhea, and during the past few years, i should say the use of hexamethylenamin has been on the increase, and the use of the balsams on the decrease i do not believe that hexamethylenamin is of any value in the treatment of gonorrhea, and am simply citing this as my observation of the widespread use of this drug in the treatment of gonorrhea ”dr t , penn , wrote. “ i believe that more men use salol or hexamethylenamin, or no urinary antiseptic whatsoever, than use the balsamics ”dr b , ind , wrote.

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That death was due to asphyxia was shown by the furrow onthe neck, the dark liquid blood, and the congested lungs there was noinfiltration below the furrow buying college papers online in the neck, and no lesion of larynx theman had shown signs of melancholy 15 friedberg. Virchow archiv, 1878, lxxiv , p 401 - suicidalhanging examination twenty-eight weeks after death the front ofthe neck showed a groove above the larynx, firm and of gray color;ecchymosis in subcutaneous tissue 16 bollinger. Friedreich blätt f ger med , 1889, xl , p 7 - man, age 48. Found dead had made a ligature out of a night-gownand tied it around his neck, the other end around top of a lowbed-post. His neck hung by the ligature placed below the larynx illustrated 17 med times and gaz , london, 1860, ii , p 39 - woman. Hadcollected accounts of celebrated persons who had been hanged. Finallyhanged herself 18 e hoffman. Mitt d wien med doct colleg , 1878, iv , pp 97-112 - 1st woman, age about 25. Found dead sitting in bed, ahandkerchief around her neck fastened to the bed-curtain the policethought she had been killed and then hung, but the physician concludedthat she had committed suicide an examination of the stomach showedthat she had previously tried to poison herself with arsenic 19 2d woman, age 51.