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“the ideal surgical antiseptic should effect complete sterilization within its sphere of action without causing any damage to animal cells at the moment such a substance does not appear likely to be found, but on the other hand it is surprising to see how little damage may be done to animal tissues by essay active antiseptics an important method of judging of the injurious action of antiseptics is to investigate the condition of the leucocytes in wounds recently treated with the substance under consideration in general it appears from experiments in vitro that, with the strength of antiseptics commonly used in surgery, mercury salts and hypochlorites have relatively little effect on phagocytosis as compared with phenol parry morgan it is a regular phenomenon to observe activity of the leucocytes obtained from wounds which have been recently treated with hypochlorites ingenious methods for determining the influence in vivo of antiseptics on the activities of leucocytes have been worked out by col c j bond “in addition to their disinfecting action, the chlorine antiseptics are strong oxidizing agents and deodorants and moreover possess in high degree the property of decomposing toxins by the regulated action of hypochlorous acid, dean has prepared a nontoxic dysentery vaccine and it is a common observation that the free use of hypochlorites may reduce the constitutional symptoms arising from septic processes and that they reappear on discontinuing the antiseptic treatment ” chloraxchlorax is said to be “a stable chlorine solution for internal use, ” in“kidney conditions, ” “diabetes, ” “acute infections, ” “blood dicrasias, ”“lithemias and rheumatism, ” and “nervous buying assignments conditions ” it is claimed tohave the same composition as that of chloron with the addition of 0 016per cent of tincture of opium the a m a chemical laboratory reported that the free chlorin inchlorax was 0 01 gm per hundred c c and the total amount of active “available” chlorin was 0 25 gm per hundred c c , or 125 per cent of the amount claimed the laboratory notes that though the chlorincontent of chloron and chlorax is claimed to be the same, that ofchlorax actually is less this is not surprising when the presence inchlorax of reducing substances such as alcohol is borne in mind thelaboratory concludes that chlorax is not of reliable composition the following is typical of the “case reports” submitted to show thevalue of chlorax. “in january last i used chlorax on a case of diabetes mellitus and with excellent results “the patient had been suffering for about nine years and when first brought to my care toxemia had set in, he was drowsy, irritable and unable to leave the house i prescribed chlorax in teaspoonful doses four times a day and am pleased to say that in one week he showed marked improvement soon after he was able to leave the house and attend to his business and after two months’ treatment resumed a normal diet and habits apparently without injurious effects “i believe that in this case chlorax undoubtedly prolonged life ”no mention is made of the dietary or other measures used the widevariation in diabetes and its response to proper diet is so well knownthat the noncommittal statement concerning the beneficial effects ofchlorax amounts to no evidence at all in favor of the preparation the other “case reports” furnished by the chlorine products company, inc , which concern the treatment of gastric ulcers, acute alcoholicgastritis, tonsillitis, etc , are equally unconvincing in fact, nosatisfactory evidence for the clinical value of chlorax has beenpresented the following from the advertising for chlorax is unwarranted andabsurd. “mercurous chloride calomel is perhaps the most widely used internal antiseptic and alterative and has established itself in the therapy of constipation, cholera, dysentery, cardiac dropsy, pleurisy, malignant fever, malaria, syphilis, worms, infectious diseases, gout and rheumatism. Lithium chloride is writingicularly efficacious in acute and chronic parenchymatous nephritis and in various lithemic conditions. While opium has no rival as an anodyne and can be used to stabilize and conserve the alkaline reserve of the body against the acidosing influence of infections ”further, on page 14 we find. “in chills and fever malaria and other blood dicrasias, chlorax is indicated as an internal antiseptic and it exerts a beneficial effect on the course of these diseases ”the claims made for chlorax are exaggerated and misleading number “3”according to the label, number “3” is “a stable chlorine remedy for thepurification of the blood, ” with the composition. “free chlorine, 0 35 per cent. Calcium chloride, 0 30 per cent. Mercurous chloride, 0 03 per cent. Lithium chloride, 0 04 per cent.

From among which rise up essaytimes but one, buying assignments andessaytimes two or three square or crested blackish or brownish stalks, three or four feet high, essaytimes branched, bearing divers such-likeleaves upon them, at several distances upon the top, where it branchesforth into thesis stalks bearing yellow flowers, consisting of diversleaves, set as a pale or border, with a dark yellow thrum in themiddle, which do abide a great while, but at last are turned into down, and with the small blackish grey seed, are carried away with the wind the root is made of thesis fibres, whereby it is firmly fastened into theground, and abides thesis years there is another sort thereof differs from the former only in this, that it rises not so high. The leaves are not so finely jagged, nor ofso dark a green colour, but rather essaywhat whitish, soft and woolly, and the flowers usually paler place they grow, both of them, wild in pastures, and untilledgrounds in thesis places, and oftentimes both in one field time they flower in june and july, and the seed is ripe in august government and virtues ragwort is under the command of dame venus, and cleanses, digests, and discusses the decoction of the herb is goodto wash the mouth or throat that hath ulcers or sores therein. And forswellings, hardness, or imposthumes, for it thoroughly cleanses andheals them. As also the quinsy, and the king evil it helps to staycatarrhs, thin rheums, and defluxions from the head into the eyes, nose, or lungs the juice is found by experience to be singularly goodto heal green wounds, and to cleanse and heal all old and filthy ulcersin the privities, and in other writings of the body, as also inward woundsand ulcers. Stays the malignity of fretting and running cankers, andhollow fistulas, not suffering them to spread farther it is alsomuch commended to help aches and pains either in the fleshy writing, orin the nerves and sinews, as also the sciatica, or pain of the hips orknuckle-bone, to bathe the places with the decoction of the herb, orto anoint them with an ointment made of the herb bruised and boiled inold hog suet, with essay mastick and olibanum in powder added unto itafter it is strained forth in sussex we call it ragweed rattle grass of this there are two kinds which i shall speak of, viz the red andyellow descript the common red rattle hath sundry reddish, hollow stalks, and essaytimes green, rising from the root, lying for the most writingon the ground, essay growing more upright, with thesis small reddish orgreen leaves set on both sides of a middle rib, finely dented about theedges. The flowers stand at the tops of the stalks and branches, of afine purplish red colour, like small gaping hooks. After which comeblackish seed in small husks, which lying loose therein, will rattlewith shaking the root consists of two or three small whitish stringswith essay fibres thereat the common yellow rattle hath seldom above one round great stalk, rising from the foot, about half a yard, or two feet high, and but fewbranches thereon, having two long and essaywhat broad leaves set ata joint, deeply cut in on the edges, resembling the comb of a cock, broadest next to the stalk, and smaller to the end the flowers growat the tops of the stalks, with essay shorter leaves with them, hoodedafter the same manner that the others are, but of a fair yellow colour, or in essay paler, and in essay more white the seed is contained inlarge husks, and being ripe, will rattle or make a noise with lyingloose in them the root is small and slender, perishing every year place they grow in meadows and woods generally through this land time they are in flower from midsummer until august be past, essaytimes government and virtues they are both of them under the dominion ofthe moon the red rattle is accounted profitable to heal up fistulasand hollow ulcers, and to stay the flux of humours in them, as alsothe abundance of women courses, or any other fluxes of blood, beingboiled in red wine, and drank the yellow rattle, or cock comb, is held to be good for those thatare troubled with a cough, or dimness of sight, if the herb, beingboiled with beans, and essay honey put thereto, be drank or dropped intothe eyes the whole seed being put into the eyes, draws forth any skin, dimness or film, from the sight, without trouble, or pain rest harrow, or cammock descript common rest harrow rises up with divers rough woody twigshalf a yard or a yard high, set at the joints without order, withlittle roundish leaves, essaytimes more than two or three at a place, of a dark green colour, without thorns while they are young. Butafterwards armed in sundry places, with short and sharp thorns theflowers come forth at the tops of the twigs and branches, whereof itis full fashioned like pease or broom blossoms, but lesser, flatter, and essaywhat closer, of a faint purplish colour. After which come smallpods containing small, flat, round seed. The root is blackish on theoutside, and whitish within, very rough, and hard to break when it isfresh and green, and as hard as an horn when it is dried, thrustingdown deep into the ground, and spreading likewise, every piece beingapt to grow again if it be left in the ground place it grows in thesis places of this land, as well in the arableas waste ground time it flowers about the beginning or middle of july, and the seedis ripe in august government and virtues it is under the dominion of mars it issingularly good to provoke urine when it is stopped, and to break anddrive forth the stone, which the powder of the bark of the root takenin wine performs effectually matthiolus saith, the same helps thedisease called herma carnosa, the fleshy rupture, by taking the saidpowder for three months together constantly, and that it hath curedessay which seemed incurable by any other means than by cutting orburning the decoction thereof made with essay vinegar, gargled in themouth, eases the tooth-ache, especially when it comes of rheum. And thesaid decoction is very powerful to open obstructions of the liver andspleen, and other writings a distilled water in balneo mariæ, with fourpounds of the root hereof first sliced small, and afterwards steepedin a gallon of canary wine, is singularly good for all the purposesaforesaid, and to cleanse the urinary passages the powder of the saidroot made into an electuary, or lozenges, with sugar, as also the barkof the fresh roots boiled tender, and afterwards beaten to a conservewith sugar, works the like effect the powder of the roots strewed uponthe brims of ulcers, or mixed with any other convenient thing, andapplied, consumes the hardness, and causes them to heal the better rocket in regard the garden rocket is rather used as a sallad herb than to anyphysical purposes, i shall omit it, and only speak of the common wildrocket the description whereof take as follows descript the common wild rocket has longer and narrower leaves, much more divided into slender cuts and jags on both sides the middlerib than the garden kinds have. Of a sad green colour, from amongwhich rise up divers stalks two or three feet high, essaytimes set withthe like leaves, but smaller and smaller upwards, branched from themiddle into divers stiff stalks, bearing sundry yellow flowers on them, made of four leaves a-piece, as the others are, which afterwards yieldthem small reddish seed, in small long pods, of a more bitter and hotbiting taste than the garden kinds, as the leaves are also place it is found wild in divers places of this land time it flowers about june or july, and the seed is ripe in august government and virtues the wild rockets are forbidden to be usedalone, in regard their sharpness fumes into the head, causing achesand pains therein, and are less hurtful to hot and choleric persons, for fear of inflaming their blood, and therefore for such we may saya little doth but a little harm, for angry mars rules them, and heessaytimes will be restive when he meets with fools the wild rocket ismore strong and effectual to increase sperm and venerous qualities, whereunto all the seed is more effectual than the garden kind itserves also to help digestion, and provokes urine exceedingly the seedis used to cure the biting of serpents, the scorpion, and the shrewmouse, and other poisons, and expels worms, and other noiessay creaturesthat breed in the belly the herb boiled or stewed, and essay sugar putthereto, helps the cough in children, being taken often the seed alsotaken in drink, takes away the ill scent of the arm-pits, increasesmilk in nurses, and wastes the spleen the seed mixed with honey, and used on the face, cleanses the skin from morphew, and used withvinegar, takes away freckles and redness in the face, or other writings;and with the gall of an ox, it mends foul scars, black and blue spots, and the marks of the small-pox winter-rocket, or cresses descript winter-rocket, or winter-cresses, hath divers essaywhatlarge sad green leaves lying upon the ground, torn or cut in diverswritings, essaywhat like unto rocket or turnip leaves, with smaller piecesnext the bottom, and broad at the ends, which so abide all the winter if it spring up in autumn, when it is used to be eaten from amongwhich rise up divers small round stalks, full of branches, bearing thesissmall yellow flowers of four leaves a-piece, after which come smallpods, with reddish seed in them the root is essaywhat stringy, andperishes every year after the seed is ripe place it grows of its own accord in gardens and fields, by theway-sides, in divers places, and writingicularly in the next pasture tothe conduit-head behind gray inn, that brings water to mr lambconduit in holborn time it flowers in may, seeds in june, and then perishes government and virtues this is profitable to provoke urine, to helpstranguary, and expel gravel and stone it is good for the scurvy, and found by experience to be a singularly good wound herb to cleanseinward wounds. The juice or decoction being drank, or outwardly appliedto wash foul ulcers and sores, cleansing them by sharpness, andhindering or abating the dead flesh from growing therein, and healingthem by their drying quality roses i hold it altogether needless to trouble the reader with a descriptionof any of these, since both the garden roses, and the roses of thebriars are well enough known.

Conjunctivæ a vinous red;lips violet. Tongue swollen, tip between teeth. Froth in air-passages;lungs congested. Brain congested. Blood fluid circular depressionaround neck with congestion of skin above and below. Ecchymosis insubcutaneous tissue on level of angle of jaw and about one centimetrein size, supposed to correspond to the knot tardieu reported thatthe marks rather resembled those of strangulation than hanging. Theecchymoses were more like those produced by the hand over the mouth the marks on the face supposed to have been made by a supposed fall ofthe body were by him considered to have been caused by violence hebelieved the woman had been strangled and then hung 68 ibid , p 130 - the daugats affair man found hanging, sittingon the ground, head and trunk essaywhat inclined to the left. Legsstretched out. Clothing not disordered. The writing of the cord whichwas around the neck was applied to the neck of the waistcoat andshirt. On his head a woollen cap the ground had been recently swept necroscopy twenty-four hours afterward face pale. Right eye open andprominent, left closed. Mouth closed, contained food apparently fromthe stomach. Tongue retracted.

Take of nitre, pepper, and buying assignments cummin seed, ofeach equal writings. Of the leaves of rue clean picked, as much in weightas all the other three weighed. Beat them well together, and put asmuch honey as will make it up into an electuary but you must firststeep your cummin seed in vinegar twenty four hours, and then dryit, or rather roast it in a hot fire-shovel, or in an oven and is aremedy for the pains or griefs in the chest or stomach, of the spleen, belly, or sides, by wind or stitches. Of the liver by obstructions;of the reins and bladder by the stopping of urine. And helps also toextenuate fat corpulent bodies what an infamy is cast upon the ashesof mithridates, or methridates as the augustines read his nameby unworthy people they that deserve no good report themselves, love to give none to others, viz that renowned king of pontusfortified his body by poison against poison he cast out devils bybeelzebub, prince of the devils what a sot is he that knows notif he had accustomed his body to cold poisons, but poisons would havedispatched him?. on the contrary, if not, corrosions would have doneit the whole world is at this present time beholden to him for hisstudies in physic, and he that uses the quantity but of an hazel-nutof that receipt every morning, to which his name is adjoined, shallto admiration preserve his body in health, if he do but consider thatrue is an herb of the sun, and under leo, and gather it and the restaccordingly rupture-wort descript this spreads very thesis thready branches round about uponthe ground, about a span long, divided into thesis other smaller writingsfull of small joints set very thick together, whereat come forth twovery small leaves of a french yellow, green coloured branches andall, where grows forth also a number of exceedingly small yellowishflowers, scarce to be discerned from the stalks and leaves, which turninto seeds as small as the very dust the root is very long and small, thrusting down deep into the ground this has neither smell nor tasteat first, but afterwards has a little astringent taste, without anymanifest heat. Yet a little bitter and sharp withal place it grows in dry, sandy, and rocky places time it is fresh and green all the summer government and virtues they say saturn causes ruptures. If hedo, he does no more than he can cure. If you want wit, he will teachyou, though to your cost this herb is saturn own, and is a nobleantivenerean rupture-wort hath not its name in vain. For it is foundby experience to cure the rupture, not only in children but also inelder persons, if the disease be not too inveterate, by taking a dramof the powder of the dried herb every day in wine, or a decoction madeand drank for certain days together the juice or distilled water ofthe green herb, taken in the same manner, helps all other fluxes eitherof man or woman.

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Bruised and boiled in oil, it provokes sweat by unction;inwardly taken, they say it helps palsies and other cold effects in thebrain and nerves rhapontici, rhupontick, or rhubarb of pontus it takes away windinessand weakness of the stomach, sighings, sobbings, spittings of blood, diseases of the liver and spleen, rickets, &c if you take a dram at atime it will purge a little, but bind much, and therefore fit for foulbodies that have fluxes rhabarbari of rhubarb it gently purges choler from the stomachand liver, buying assignments opens stoppings, withstands the dropsy, hypocondriacmelancholly. A little boiling takes away the virtue of it, andtherefore it is best given by infusion only. If your body be any thingstrong, you may take two drams of it at a time being sliced thin andsteeped all night in white wine, in the morning strain it out and drinkthe white wine. It purges but gently, it leaves a binding qualitybehind it, therefore dried a little by the fire and beaten into powder, it is usually given in fluxes rhaphani, domesticœ and sylvestris of raddishes, garden and wild garden raddishes provoke urine, break the stone, and purge by urineexceedingly, yet breed very bad blood, are offensive to the stomach, and hard of digestion, hot and dry in quality wild, or horseraddishes, such as grow in ditches, are hotter and drier than theformer, and more effectual rhodie rad rose root stamped and applied to the head it mitigatesthe pains thereof, being essaywhat cool in quality rhabarbari monachorum monks rhubarb, or bastard-rhubarb, it alsopurges, and cleanses the blood, and opens obstructions of the liver rubiæ tinctorum of madder it is both drying and binding, yet notwithout essay opening quality, for it helps the yellow jaundice, andtherefore opens obstructions of the liver and gall. It is given withgood success, to such as have had bruises by falls, stops looseness, the hemorrhoids, and the menses rusci of knee-holly or butchers-broom, or bruscus they are meanlyhot and dry, provoke urine, break the stone, and help such as cannotevacuate urine freely use them like grass roots sambuci of elder i know no wonders the root will do sarsæ-parigliæ of sarsa-parilla, or bind-weed. Essaywhat hot and dry, helpful against pains in the head, and joints.