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Argyrol, 1 147 at 20 c , andis not very viscid viscosity, 1 25 a 1:1, 000 solution of silvol isclear and about 50 per cent deeper in color than a solution of argyrolof the same strength silvol differs from argyrol mainly in that its solutions yield a fineprecipitate with egg albumin under suitable conditions, while argyrolis nonprecipitant. And in that silvol solutions are not so effectivelydecolorized by lloyd reagent the manufacturers did not reply to an inquiry with regard to thebasis for the claims made for silvol see appendix the referee wastherefore obliged to deduce these claims from the firm advertisingmatter about the same claims are made for the local use of silvol asare generally made for argyrol these may be accepted without detailedevidence in view of the similarity of the two preparations its usefulness, as suggested in the advertising, when given by mouth“in the treatment of acute or chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, orgastro-enteritis, ” or the efficacy of very dilute solutions 0 2 percent against dysentery, etc , is doubtful and requires substantiationby evidence the claims that silvol is astringent, though nonirritantand noncoagulant, that it is a “powerful germicide” or even that itis a “powerful antiseptic, ” and that it may be used with advantagewherever “a silver salt is indicated, ” need substantiation there is noproof of the assertions that silvol is “the most efficacious of silversalts”. “the most efficient antiseptic, ” and “the most remarkableorganic silver compound ”as the manufacturers have not presented any evidence for their highlyimprobable claims, and as they have not signified any intention ofmaking their claims agree with substantiated facts, it is recommendedthat silvol be declared inadmissible to new and nonofficial remedies the council adopted the report of its referee and authorized itspublication appendixthe following letter from the secretary of the council was sent toparke, davis & company, march 20, 1917 no reply to it has beenreceived.

3 that the method is humane so far as inflicting physicalpain or suffering, and from all sides considered infinitely preferableto the death by hanging. And that so long as capital punishment formurder exists in new york, we need not desire to change the method ofpunishment ” these claims would seem to be thus far substantiated the value of this method of execution is now beyond doubt whenproperly performed it is rapid, painless, and not repulsive thecriminal has probably no physical sensation of pain or discomfort dueto the mode of death from the moment the first shock occurs since therapidity of the transmission of the electric current through the bodyis in these paper much greater than the rapidity of the transmissionof sensation, it seems just to conclude that no sensation from theelectricity reaches the consciousness the only distress sufferedby the criminal is the unavoidable mental suffering natural to hisposition the mechanical means employed in electrocution are practically thesame at sing sing, clinton, and auburn prisons a special room isprovided for the purpose, which should be, if possible, in thebasement with a concrete floor. This room must be of sufficient sizeto admit readily the criminal with the attendant officers, the wardenand other officials in charge or on duty at the execution, and thewitnesses for whom seats are usually provided at a little distancefrom the criminal chair, and also to allow of plenty of room for themanagement of the electrical apparatus, and a good space around thechair in which the criminal is placed the electrical plant consists ofan alternating-current dynamo and its accessories, placed wherever maybe convenient, according to the arrangements of the buildings of theinstitution, but connected by means of wires with the switch-board inthe execution-room in the execution-room also should be the voltmeter, the ammeter, and such other instruments of measurement or precision asmay be required in charge of these and of the switch-board during theexecution is the electrical expert, an official paid by the state ofnew york means of communication by electric bells or otherwise are, ofcourse, arranged between the execution-room and the engineer in chargeof the dynamo, so that the current can be produced as desired the chair in which the criminal is placed is made of stout beams of oakand is securely fastened to the floor and insulated it is perfectlyplain, with broad arms and an upright back, which latter can be tiltedbackward a little by means of a special arrangement and firmly fixed inthe desired position this is accomplished by means of a bar of woodwhich is firmly attached at one end to the lower portion of the backand runs forward thence parallel to the seat of the chair and alongsideof it. To the anterior end of this is fastened a perpendicular barrunning downward, which can be raised or lowered at will, and securelyfastened at any height as this is raised or lowered, it raises orlowers the anterior end of the horizontal beam and correspondinglylowers or raises the opposite end to which the back of the chairis attached, thus moving the latter when the anterior end of thehorizontal bar is raised the posterior end is lowered and the back ofthe chair is straightened attached to the upper portion of the back ofthe chair is a head-rest, which can be raised or lowered as desired.

And put up into thenostrils, purges the head. And galen saith also, they have a dryingfaculty, whereby they are good to solder the lips of wounds, and tocleanse foul ulcers the distilled water or juice is much esteemed byfrench dames to cleanse the skin from any roughness and deformity, ordiscolouring thereof. Being boiled in wine and given to drink, it isa good remedy against the plague, and other pestilential fevers, ifthe writingy after taking it be warm in his bed, and sweat for two hoursafter, and use the same for twice at least it helps also all stingingsand bitings of venomous beasts, or mad dogs, being used inwardly, andapplied outwardly the same also opens obstructions of the liver, andis very available against the infirmities of the reins. It provokesurine, and helps to expel the stone and gravel out of the kidneys andbladder, and helps much in all inward pains and ulcers the decoction, or distilled water, is no less effectual to be applied to all woundsthat are fresh and green, or old, filthy, fretting, and running ulcers, which it very effectually cures in a short space a little mixed withthe juice, and dropped into the eyes, cleanses them from cloudy mists, or thick films which grow over them, and hinder the sight it helps thetooth-ache, being dropped into the ear on a contrary side of the pain it is also effectual to ease the pains of the hæmorrhoids or piles ground pine, or chamepitys descript our common ground pine grows low, seldom rising above ahand breadth high, shooting forth divers small branches, set withslender, small, long, narrow, greyish, or whitish leaves, essaywhathairy, and divided into three writings, thesis bushing together at a joint, essay growing scatteringly upon the stalks, smelling essaywhat strong, like unto rozin.

For it expels the venom to the exterior writings ofthe body. The juice of it being tempered with barley meal, baked, andso eaten for ordinary bread, is an excellent cure for the dropsy. Anointment made of the root, and hog grease, is excellently good forscald heads, unites the sinews when they are cut, and cleanses ulcers the root boiled in any convenient decoction, gives speedy delivery towomen in travail, and expels the afterbirth the root roasted, andmixed with a little hog grease, makes a gallant poultice to ripen andbreak plague-sores the ointment is excellently good for swellings inthe privities, and will cure burnings and scaldings without a scar, andtrimly deck a blank place with hair liquorice descript our english liquorice rises up with divers woody stalks, whereon are set at several distances thesis narrow, long, green leaves, set together on both sides of the stalk, and an odd one at the end, very well resembling a young ash tree sprung up from the seed thisby thesis years continuance in a place without removing, and not else, will bring forth flowers, thesis standing together spike fashion, oneabove another upon the stalk, of the form of pease blossoms, but of avery pale blue colour, which turn into long, essaywhat flat and smoothcods, wherein is contained a small, round, hard seed. The roots rundown exceeding deep into the ground, with divers other small roots andfibres growing with them, and shoot out suckers from the main rootsall about, whereby it is much increased, of a brownish colour on theoutside, and yellow within place it is planted in fields and gardens, in divers places of thisland, and thereof good profit is made government and virtues it is under the dominion of mercury liquorice boiled in fair water, with essay maiden-hair and figs, makes agood drink for those that have a dry cough or hoarseness, wheezing orshortness of breath, and for all the griefs of the breast and lungs, phthisic or consumptions caused by the distillation of salt humourson them it is also good in all pains of the reins, the stranguary, and heat of urine. The fine powder of liquorice blown through aquill into the eyes that have a pin and web as they call it orrheumatic distillations in them, doth cleanse and help them the juiceof liquorice is as effectual in all the diseases of the breast andlungs, the reins and bladder, as the decoction the juice distilled inrose-water, with essay gum tragacanth, is a fine licking medicine forhoarseness, wheezing, &c liverwort there are, according to essay botanists, upwards of three hundreddifferent kinds of liverwort descript common liverwort grows close, and spreads much upon theground in moist and shady places, with thesis small green leaves, orrather as it were sticking flat to one another, very unevenly cutin on the edges, and crumpled. From among which arise small slenderstalks, an inch or two high at most, bearing small star-like flowers atthe top. The roots are very fine and small government and virtues it is under the dominion of jupiter, andunder the sign cancer it is a singularly good herb for all thediseases of the liver, both to cool and cleanse it, and helps theinflammations in any writing, and the yellow jaundice likewise beingbruised and boiled in small beer, and drank, it cools the heat of theliver and kidneys, and helps the running of the reins in men, and thewhites in women. It is a singular remedy to stay the spreading oftetters, ringworms, and other fretting and running sores and scabs, andis an excellent remedy for such whose livers are corrupted by surfeits, which cause their bodies to break out, for it fortifies the liverexceedingly, and makes it impregnable loosestrife or willow-herb descript common yellow loosestrife grows to be four or five feethigh, or more, with great round stalks, a little crested, diverslybranched from the middle of them to the tops into great and longbranches, on all which, at the joints, there grow long and narrowleaves, but broader below, and usually two at a joint, yet essaytimesthree or four, essaywhat like willow leaves, smooth on the edges, andof a fair green colour from the upper joints of the branches, and atthe tops of them also stand thesis yellow flowers of five leaves a-piece, with divers yellow threads in the middle, which turn into small roundheads, containing small cornered seeds. The root creeps under ground, almost like coughgrass, but greater, and shoots up every springbrownish heads which afterwards grow up into stalks it has no scent ortaste, and is only astringent place it grows in thesis places of the land in moist meadows, and bywater sides time it flowers from june to august government and virtues this herb is good for all manner of bleedingat the mouth, nose, or wounds, and all fluxes of the belly, and thebloody-flux, given either to drink or taken by clysters. It stays alsothe abundance of women courses. It is a singular good wound-herb forgreen wounds, to stay the bleeding, and quickly close together the lipsof the wound, if the herb be bruised, and the juice only applied it isoften used in gargles for sore mouths, as also for the secret writings the smoak hereof being bruised, drives away flies and gnats, which inthe night time molest people inhabiting near marshes, and in the fennycountries loosestrife, with spiked heads of flowers it is likewise called grass-polly descript this grows with thesis woody square stalks, full of joints, about three feet high at least.

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Cholecystitis and buy research papers writing service gallstones. Nephritis, neurasthenia, cachexia and cancer. Epilepsy and high blood pressure testimonials arepresented as to results in most of these conditions 90 secretogen, report of the council on pharmacy and chemistry, j a m a , may 1, p 1518, 1915 a quantity of “secretogen” and “elixir secretogen” was bought inthe open market, and the preparations were tested on suitablyprepared dogs the tablets were ground, thoroughly macerated with thesolvent used water, normal salt solution, alcohol, or 0 4 per cent hydrochloric acid, and filtered if hydrochloric acid was used, thepulverized tablets were boiled with it, in the manner that secretin ismade from duodenal mucosa, and the preparations neutralized previousto injection the injections were made in from 15 to 20 c c of thesolvent all the operations were carried on immediately before theexperiment, and as rapidly as possible, so as to avoid oxidation theelixir secretogen was injected directly, without dilution table 7 -- summary of typical experiments showing the absence ofsecretin in “secretogen” and “elixir secretogen” except in occasionaltests when administered in enormous dosesdogs under ether anesthesia | | secretion of pancreatic juice in drops, | quantity of | following intravenous injection exp | secretogen -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - no | and elixir | | secretogen in | | | secretogen |control -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- |control | used* |10 c c |distilled|0 4%| 70% |0 9%|elixir|10 c c | |secretin| water |hcl |alcohol|nacl| |secretin -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - 1 |secretogen, | | | | | | | | 1 tablet. | 109 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 59 | elixir, | | | | | | | | 15 c c | | | | | | | 1 |secretogen, | | | | | | | | 6 tablets | | | 0 | | | | 2 |secretogen, | | | | | | | | 3 tablets. | 16 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 1 ?. | 16 | elixir, | | | | | | | | 15 c c | | | | | | | 3 |secretogen, | | | | | | | | 5 tablets | | |1 ?. | | | | 4 |secretogen, | | | | | | | | 25 tablets | 14 | |1 ?. | | | | 8 5 |secretogen, | | | | | | | | 100 tablets | 110 | | | | 21 | | 67 6 |secretogen, | | | | | | | | 100 tablets;| 19 | | 5 | | 1 | 2 ?. | 8 | elixir, | | | | | | | | 125 c c | | | | | | | 7 |elixir, | | | | | | | | 50 c c | | | | | | 1 ?. | -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -* one to three tablets is according to the label the therapeutic doseof secretogen. 4 to 12 c c the dose of elixir secretogen results -- in only one case was a slight response obtained, the othersgave none small and large doses were equally inert table 7, figs 2, 3 the preparations, though inert, always produced a depressionin blood pressure, essaytimes even greater than that caused by activesecretin among our thesis tests, one bottle was found, however, to be alittle different from the rest experiment 4 its entire content, 100tablets, had been ground and boiled in 0 9 per cent sodium chlorid the extract on injection was found to have a small but unmistakablesecretin reaction, equivalent to about 2 c c of the control secretinused but repeated experiments were unable to duplicate this result the “secretogen” and “elixir secretogen” were all supposedly freshpreparations, the retail drug store informing us that a fresh supplywas obtained from the wholesale house each week secretogen, then, contains practically no secretin, and even if it didcontain secretin, it can have no effect on the pancreas when taken bymouth the indications for secretogen, therefore, are based on falsepremises, and the testimonials are worthless illustration.