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R a hatcher, ph g , m d , professor of pharmacology, cornelluniversity medical college, new york city. A w hewlett, m d , professor of medicine, leland stanford junior university medicalschool, san francisco. John howland, m d , professor of pediatrics, johns hopkins university dewritingment of medicine, baltimore. Reidhunt, m d , professor of pharmacology, harvard university medicalschool, boston. Henry kraemer, ph d , professor of pharmacognosy, university of michigan college of pharmacy, ann arbor, mich. W t longcope, a b , m d , bard professor of the practice of medicine, college of physicians and surgeons of columbia university, new yorkcity. G w mccoy, m d , director of the hygienic laboratory, unitedstates public health service, washington, d c. Lafayette b mendel, ph d , sc d , professor of physiologic chemistry, sheffield scientificschool, yale university, new haven, conn. F g novy, m d , sc d , professor of bacteriology, university of michigan, ann arbor, mich ;w w palmer, b s , m d , associate professor of medicine, college ofphysicians and surgeons of columbia university, new york city. L g rowntree, m d , professor of medicine, university of minnesota medicalschool, minneapolis.

For whichpurpose it is much used by the italian dames samphire descript rock samphire grows up with a tender green stalk abouthalf a yard, or two feet high at the most, branching forth almostfrom the very bottom, and stored with sundry thick and almost round essaywhat long leaves of a deep green colour, essaytimes two together, buy papers cheap and essaytimes more on a stalk, and sappy, and of a pleasant, hot, andspicy taste at the top of the stalks and branches stand umbels ofwhite flowers, and after them come large seed, bigger than fennel seed, yet essaywhat like it the root is great, white, and long, continuingthesis years, and is of an hot and spicy taste likewise place it grows on the rocks that are often moistened at the least, if not overflowed with the sea water time and it flowers and seeds in the end of july and august government and virtues it is an herb of jupiter, and was in formertimes wont to be used more than now it is. The more is the pity it iswell known almost to every body, that ill digestions and obstructionsare the cause of most of the diseases which the frail nature of manis subject to. Both which might be remedied by a more frequent use ofthis herb if people would have sauce to their meat, they may take essayfor profit as well as for pleasure it is a safe herb, very pleasantboth to taste and stomach, helps digestion, and in essay sort openingobstructions of the liver and spleen. Provokes urine, and helps therebyto wash away the gravel and stone engendered in the kidneys or bladder sanicle this herb is by thesis called butter-wort descript ordinary sanicle sends forth thesis great round leaves, standing upon long brownish stalks, every one essaywhat deeply cut ordivided into five or six writings, and essay of these also cut in essaywhatlike the leaf of crow-foot, or dove-foot, and finely dented aboutthe edges, smooth, and of a dark shining colour, and essaywhat reddishabout the brims. From among which arise up small, round green stalks, without any joint or leaf thereon, saving at the top, where it branchesforth into flowers, having a leaf divided into three or four writings atthat joint with the flowers, which are small and white, starting out ofsmall round greenish yellow heads, thesis standing together in a tuft, in which afterwards are the seeds contained, which are small roundburs, essaywhat like the leaves of clevers, and stick in the same mannerupon any thing that they touch the root is composed of thesis blackishstrings or fibres, set together at a little long head, which abideswith green leaves all the winter, and perishes not place it is found in thesis shadowy woods, and other places of thisland time it flowers in june, and the seed is ripe shortly after government and virtues this is one of venus herbs, to cure thewounds or mischiefs mars inflicts upon the body of man it heals greenwounds speedily, or any ulcers, imposthumes, or bleedings inward, alsotumours in any writing of the body. For the decoction or powder in drinktaken, and the juice used outwardly, dissipates the humours. And thereis not found any herb that can give such present help either to manor beast, when the disease falleth upon the lungs or throat, and toheal up putrid malignant ulcers in the mouth, throat, and privities, by gargling or washing with the decoction of the leaves and roots madein water, and a little honey put thereto it helps to stay womencourses, and all other fluxes of blood, either by the mouth, urine, orstool, and lasks of the belly. The ulcerations of the kidneys also, andthe pains in the bowels, and gonorrhea, being boiled in wine or water, and drank the same also is no less powerful to help any ruptures orburstings, used both inwardly and outwardly. And briefly, it is aseffectual in binding, restraining, consolidating, heating, drying andhealing, as comfrey, bugle, self-heal, or any other of the vulneraryherbs whatsoever saracen confound, or saracen woundwort descript this grows essaytimes, with brownish stalks, and otherwhiles with green, to a man height, having narrow green leavessnipped about the edges, essaywhat like those of the peach-tree, orwillow leaves, but not of such a white green colour the tops of thestalks are furnished with thesis yellow star-like flowers, standing ingreen heads, which when they are fallen, and the seed ripe, whichis essaywhat long, small and of a brown colour, wrapped in down, istherefore carried away with the wind the root is composed of fibresset together at a head, which perishes not in winter, although thestalks dry away and no leaf appears in the winter the taste hereof isstrong and unpleasant. And so is the smell also place it grows in moist and wet grounds, by wood-sides, andessaytimes in moist places of shadowy groves, as also by the water side time it flowers in july, and the seed is soon ripe, and carriedaway with the wind government and virtues saturn owns the herb, and it is of a sobercondition, like him among the germans, this wound herb is preferredbefore all others of the same quality being boiled in wine, and drank, it helps the indisposition of the liver, and freeth the gall fromobstructions. Whereby it is good for the yellow jaundice and for thedropsy in the beginning of it.

Or advertisementsof medical business in which untruthful and improbable statements aremade. Or advertising any medicine or means whereby the monthly periodsof women can be regulated, or the menses re-established if suppressed;or the conviction of any offence involving moral turpitude. Or habitualintemperance 4 in case of a refusal or a revocation of a license, the board isrequired to file a brief and concise statement of the grounds andreasons thereof in the office of its secretary, which, with thedecision of the board in writing, shall remain of record in saidoffice before a license can be revoked for unprofessional ordishonorable conduct, a complaint of essay person under oath must befiled in the office of the secretary of the board, charging the actsof unprofessional or dishonorable conduct and the facts complainedagainst the accused in ordinary and concise language, and at least tendays prior to the hearing the board shall cause to be served upon theaccused a written notice and a copy of such complaint containing astatement of the time and place of the hearing the accused may appearat the hearing and defend in person or by counsel, and may have thesworn testimony of witnesses taken and present other evidence in hisbehalf, and the board may receive arguments of counsel 5 in case of refusal or revocation of a license by the board, there isa right of appeal within thirty days after the filing of the decreein the office of the secretary, to the superior court in and for thecounty in which was held the last general meeting of the board priorto the refusal of the license, in case of refusal. And to the superiorcourt in and for the county in which the hearing was had upon whichsuch license was revoked, in case of revocation the person desiringto appeal must serve or cause to be served on the said secretary awritten notice of appeal containing a statement of its grounds, andmust file in the said secretary office an appeal bond with a goodand sufficient surety to be approved by the secretary of the stateof washington, conditioned for the speedy prosecution of such appealand the payment of such costs as may be adjudicated against him uponsuch appeal said secretary must within ten days after service of saidnotice and filing, and the approval of the said appeal bond, transmitto the clerk of the court to which the appeal is taken a certifiedcopy, under the seal of the board, of the decision and the grounds, incase of refusal, and in addition a certified copy under said seal ofthe complaint, in the case of revocation, with the bond and notice ofappeal the clerk must thereupon docket such appeal causes and theystand for trial in all respects as ordinary civil actions, and likeproceedings are had thereon on appeal the cause is tried de novo either writingy may appeal from a judgment of the superior court to thesupreme court in like manner as in civil actions within sixty daysafter the rendition and entry of such judgment if the judgment be infavor of the writingy appealing from the decision of the board, and theexamining board does not appeal within sixty days, in that case at theend of sixty days the board shall immediately issue to the successfulwritingy the usual license, and in addition reinstate upon its recordsthe name of such successful applicant, in case of revocation in caseof appeal to the supreme court by the board, no such license shall beissued nor re-instatement required until the final determination of thecause in case the final decision of the supreme court be against theboard, then the said court shall make such order as may be necessaryand the board shall act accordingly no appeal bond can be required ofthe board, nor any costs adjudged or taxed against the same s 6 filing authority - the person receiving a license must file it, or acopy, with the county clerk of the county where he resides, and thecounty clerk is required to file said certificate or copy and entera memorandum thereof, giving its date and the name of the person towhom it was issued, and the date of filing, and on notice to him of achange of location or the death of a person licensed or of revocation, the county clerk is required to enter a memorandum of said fact atthe appropriate place in the record in case of removal into anothercounty, the person licensed must procure from the county clerk acertified copy of the said license, and file it with the county clerkof the county to which he shall remove, with like effect as an originallicense 7 penalty, definition - to practise medicine or surgery without a licenseor contrary to this chapter is a misdemeanor punishable with a fine offrom $50 to $100, or imprisonment in a county jail from ten to ninetydays, or both any person is regarded as practising who appends theletters “m d ” or “m b ” to his name, or for a fee prescribes, directs, or recommends for the use of any person any drug or medicine or agencyfor the treatment, care, or relief of any wound, fracture, or bodilyinjury, infirmity, or disease.

Further, it is inadmissible because thetherapeutic claims advanced for it are exaggerated and unwarranted rule 6 and because there is no evidence that it possesses anyadvantage over established drugs such as the biologically standardizedfluidextract buy papers cheap of ergot or the definite ergot preparations admitted tonew and nonofficial remedies -- from the journal a m a , feb 11, 1922 lipoidal substances horovitz not admitted to n n r report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe council has authorized publication of the following reportdeclaring lipoidal substances horovitz inadmissible to new andnonofficial remedies because its composition is essentially secretand because the curative claims made for it are unsubstantiated and, therefore, unwarranted w a puckner, secretary in the advertising of the horovitz biochemic laboratories co a s horovitz, president we read. “horovitz proves by careful paralleled investigations of normal and of pathological tissues, both in addiction disease and in other diseases, that in patients suffering from narcotic addiction disease there is an inactivity of the lymph-glands due to the use of the drug and that the system is not supplied with the necessary fats ” “horovitz further found that the lipoidal content of the cerebro-spinal system varies in strict accordance with the pathological processes introduced by infection or by alkaloids furthermore, he has found that the lipoids of various other organs, as well as those of the thermornervous system, may be extracted and consumed by the administration of narcotic alkaloids ”it is further stated in the advertising that. “after a long and very careful research investigation, dr horovitz worked out a method of rational treatment for narcotic addiction disease which involves the restoration of the lipoids, which have been lost through the action of the drug, and of the toxins, by means of a combination of lipoidal substance from various plant lipoids in the form of a sterile solution this preparation not only replaces the lipoids lost by the tissues, but also protects the nerve tissues, from attacks by the toxins elaborated during the use of narcotics, and, this by detoxicating the tissues, brings about permanent freedom from the craving of narcotics, instead of the temporary relief afforded by other methods of treatment ”the “combination of lipoidal substance of various plant lipoids” whichwas worked out by horovitz, the horovitz biochemic laboratories offeras “lipoidal substances ” this preparation is supplied in ampoules saidto contain 1 c c of solution the treatment with “lipoidal substances”consists, first, in the complete withdrawal of the narcotic. Second, in free catharsis. And third, in the intramuscular injection of thepreparation the initial dose is given as 8 to 12 minims repeated withincrease of 3 to 4 minims every three hours during the first day onthe second, third and fourth day 16 minims is to be given twice a dayand “from the fifth day until the medication is stopped usually 28 to35 days it will be necessary usually to give but 1 injection of 16minims each day ”in a request for the admission of its preparation to new andnonofficial remedies, the horovitz biochemic laboratories co stated. “the composition of lipoidal substance is a lipoids of plant origin, b vitamines water soluble of plant origin, c non-specific plant proteins, d preservatives-- none ”while the communication abounded in generalities, it gave neitherthe identity nor character of the lipoids, of the vitamins nor ofthe nonspecific protein, nor their quantities or methods for theircontrol the firm presented no evidence that the injection of “lipoidalsubstances” produced any effect other than by suggestion also, while a long list of references to publications bearing on lipoidswas submitted thesis of which had no bearing on the subject underconsideration there was no reference to the work of horovitz quoted inthe firm advertising after examining the information which had been submitted, the councilrequested the manufacturer to supply:1 information as to the character identity of the severalingredients contained in the preparation that it marketed, the amountof each ingredient so far as known and the method used for theircontrol 2 evidence that the administration of “lipoidal substances” is ofvalue in the treatment of drug addiction 3 evidence for the claims that the “researches” of horovitz haveproved that “in patients suffering from narcotic addiction diseasethere is an inactivity of the lymph-glands and the system is notsupplied with the necessary fats” and that “lipoidal content of thecerebro-spinal system varies in strict accordance with the pathologicalprocesses introduced by infection or by alkaloids” and that “thelipoids of various other organs as well as those of the nervous system, may be extracted and consumed by the administration of narcoticalkaloids ”the horovitz biochemic laboratories replied that the requestedinformation would be supplied in about two weeks at the expirationof three months the promised information and evidence had not beenreceived. Neither had any reports to show the value of the treatmentcome to the attention of the council the council, accordingly, declared “lipoidal substances” horovitz biochemic laboratoriesinadmissible to new and nonofficial remedies because the composition isessentially secret and because the curative claims are unsubstantiatedand unwarranted -- from the journal a m a , feb 25, 1922 yeast preparations and vitamin b concentrates report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe council has adopted the following principles as a guide in theconsideration of yeast preparations and vitamin b concentrates for newand nonofficial remedies w a puckner, secretary 1 the claim that deficiency of vitamin b and diseases resultingtherefrom are common conditions in the united states is not at thistime supported by adequate acceptable evidence 2 the claim that yeast preparations or extracts are, in principleor in general, essentially more effective or more practical or moreavailable means of administering vitamins than the commonly availablevitamin-containing foods is not at this time supported by adequateacceptable evidence any claims for superiority made for such productsproposed for inclusion in new and nonofficial remedies must bepresented in detail and passed on specially by the council 3 the claim that therapy with yeast or yeast preparations has as yetmore than an experimental status is not at this time supported byadequate acceptable evidence preparations for which such claims are made, directly or by implicationor in one-sided quotations, in advertisements or letters or bysalesmen, cannot be admitted to or retained in new and nonofficialremedies -- from the journal a m a , april 15, 1922 writing ii contributions from the a m a chemical laboratory foreword the chemical laboratory of the american medical associationthe chemical laboratory of the american medical association wasestablished in 1906 to assist the council on pharmacy and chemistry inthe investigation of proprietary remedies in accordance with the principle of its foundation, the laboratoryexamines and checks the claims made for the composition and chemicalproperties of the products under examination by the council, and whenthese are admitted to new and nonofficial remedies, it insures theestablishment of tests and standards whereby the identity and purity ofthese products may be controlled in addition, the laboratory suppliesinformation, secured by reference to chemical and pharmaceuticalliterature or by actual analytic work, in regard to proprietary andunofficial medicines, either for publication in the journal of theamerican medical association or through direct correspondence those portions of the laboratory activities which are of specialinterest to physicians and which were not included in the reports ofthe council on pharmacy and chemistry were included in the propagandafor reform in proprietary medicines, ninth edition 1916, so far asthey had been published up to the time when the edition was issued;those made during the last five years are included in writing ii of thisvolume for a detailed report of the laboratory work, the reader isreferred to the article that follows on “the work of the americanmedical association chemical laboratory ” those who are interestedin the analysis of drugs are referred to the reports of the chemicallaboratory issued annually for the details of the analyses which havebeen made by the laboratory the work of the american medical association chemical laboratorye w a puckner, phar d e read before the section on pharmacology and therapeutics at thesixty-seventh annual session of the american medical association, detroit, june, 1916 the american medical association chemical laboratory was establishednearly ten years ago-- in fall of 1906 the reason for its existencewas primarily the fact that the council on pharmacy and chemistryfound it difficult to secure from outside sources such help as itneeded in checking up the composition and properties of proprietarymedicines under investigation medical schools and similar institutionswere found ready to lend their assistance in pharmacologic andmedical investigations. But the chemical investigation required theestablishment of a laboratory under the control of the american medicalassociation as years have passed, the scope of the laboratory has been extended:its services have been requisitioned by the journal in variousways thus, when requested, the laboratory reviews and verifies thechemical data contained in editorials and original contributions thelaboratory is often called on for information as to the character andcomposition of quack treatments and so-called “patent medicines ”through the columns of the journal and through direct correspondence, the laboratory responds to requests of physicians with informationregarding the composition of medicines which they prescribe or in whichthey are interested the laboratory attempts to be to the members ofthe american medical association what the prescription pharmacist is, or should be, to the prescribing physician-- a storehouse of chemicaland pharmaceutical information in the belief that an insufficientfamiliarity with the chemistry and pharmacy of drugs constitutesthe chief reason for the extensive use of unscientific, worthlessor fraudulent proprietary remedies, this service is rendered by thelaboratory as a contribution to the cause of rational therapy since the efficiency of the american medical association chemicallaboratory will increase as its activities are better known, thefollowing more detailed statement of its work is offered. The laboratory and the councilas stated in the rules of the council on pharmacy and chemistry, it is“manifestly impossible for the council to investigate the compositionof every complex pharmaceutical mixture ”.

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The most frequent use of suppuration is, to ripen phlegmonæ, ageneral term physicians give to all swellings proceeding of blood, because nature is very apt to help such cures, and physic is an art tohelp, not to hinder nature the time of use is usually in the height of the disease, when the fluxis stayed, as also to ripen matter that it may be the easier purgedaway chapter x of medicines provoking urine the causes by which urine is suppressed are thesis 1 by too much drying, or sweating, it may be consumed 2 by heat or inflammation of the reins, or passages whereby it passesfrom the reins, it may be stopped by compression urine is the thinnest writing of blood, separated from the thickest writingin the reins if then the blood be more thick and viscous than ordinary, it cannoteasily be separated without cutting and cleansing medicines this is for certain, that blood can neither be separated nordistributed without heat yet amongst diureticks are essay cold things, as the four greater coldseeds, winter-cherries, and the like although this seem a wonder, yet it may be, and doth stand with truth for cool diureticks, though they further not the separation of theblood one jot, yet they cleanse and purge the passages of the urine diureticks then are of two sorts:1 such as conduce to the separation of the blood 2 such as open the urinal passages the former are biting and are known by their taste very hot andcutting, whence they penetrate to the reins, and cut the gross humoursthere bitter things, although they be very hot, and cut gross humours, yetare they of a more dry and terrene substance than is convenient toprovoke urine hence then we may safely gather, that bitter things are not so moistnor penetrating, as such as bite like pepper chapter xi of medicines breeding flesh there are thesis things diligently to be observed in the cures of woundsand ulcers, which incur and hinder that the cure cannot be speedilydone, nor the separated writings reduced to their natural state viz fluxes of blood, inflammation, hardness, pain, and other thingsbesides our present scope our present scope is, to shew how the cavity of ulcers may be filledwith flesh such medicines are called sarcoticks this, though it be the work of nature, yet it is helped forward withmedicines, that the blood may be prepared, that it may the easier beturned into flesh these are not medicines which breed good blood, nor which correct theintemperature of the place afflicted, but which defend the blood andthe ulcer itself from corruption in breeding flesh for nature in breeding flesh produceth two sorts of excrements, viz scrosus humours, and purulent dross those medicines then which cleanse and consume, these by drying aresaid to breed flesh, because by their helps nature performs that office also take notice that these medicines are not so drying that theyshould consume the blood also as well as the sanies, nor so cleansingthat they should consume the flesh with the dross let them not then exceed the first degree unless the ulcer be verymoist their difference are various, according to the writing wounded, whichought to be restored with the same flesh the softer then, and tenderer the place is, the gentler let themedicines be chapter xii of glutinative medicines that is the true cure of an ulcer which joins the mouth of it together that is a glutinative medicine, which couples together by drying andbinding, the sides of an ulcer before brought together these require a greater drying faculty than the former, not only toconsume what flows out, but what remains liquid in the flesh, forliquid flesh is more subject to flow abroad than stick to together the time of using them, any body may know without teaching, viz whenthe ulcer is cleansed and filled with flesh, and such symptoms ashinder are taken away for thesis times ulcers must be kept open that the sanies, or fords thatlie in them may be purged out, whereas of themselves they would healbefore only beware, lest by too much binding you cause pain in tender writings chapter xiii of medicines resisting poison such medicines are called alexiteria, and alexipharmaca, whichresist poison essay of these resist poison by astral influence, and essay physicians though but few can give a reason for it these they have sorted into three ranks:1 such as strengthen nature, that so it may tame the poison the easier 2 such as oppose the poison by a contrary quality 3 such as violently thrust it out of doors such as strengthen nature against poison, either do it to the bodyuniversally, or else strengthen essay writingicular writing thereof for thesis times one writingicular writing of the body is most afflicted bythe poison, suppose the stomach, liver, brain, or any other writing. Suchas cherish and strengthen those writings, being weakened, may be said toresist poison such as strengthen the spirits, strengthen all the body essaytimes poisons kill by their quality, and then are they to becorrected by their contraries they which kill by cooling are to be remedied by heating, and thecontrary. They which kill by corroding, are to be cured by lenitives, such as temper their acrimony those which kill by induration, or coagulation, require cuttingmedicines also because all poisons are in motion, neither stay they in one tillthey have seized and oppressed the fountain of life, therefore theyhave invented another faculty to stay their motion, viz terrene andemplastic for they judge, if the poison light upon these medicines, they embracethem round with a viscous quality also they say the ways and passages are stopped by such means, tohinder their proceeding. Take terra lemnia for one truly if these reasons be good, which i leave to future time todetermine, it may be done for little cost essay are of opinion that the safest way is to expel the poison out ofthe body, so soon as may be, and that is done by vomit, or purge, orsweat you need not question the time, but do it as soon as may be.