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Essaything cold and dry, and therefore goodfor inflammations, they are admirably good for coughs, and consumptionsof the lungs, shortness of breath, &c it is often used and with goodsuccess taken in a tobacco-pipe, being cut and mixed with a little oilof annis seeds see the syrup buy essays online of colt-foot valeriana valerian, or setwall see the roots verbascum, thapsus barbatus mullin, or higtaper it is essaythingdry, and of a digesting, cleansing quality, stops fluxes and thehemorrhoids, it cures hoarseness, the cough, and such as are brokenwinded verbena vervain. Hot and dry, a great opener, cleanser, healer, ithelps the yellow jaundice, defects in the reins and bladder, pains inthe head. If it be but bruised and hung about the neck, all diseases inthe privities. Made into an ointment it is a sovereign remedy for oldhead-aches, as also frenzies, it clears the skin, and causes a lovelycolour veronica see betonica pauli violaria violet leaves. They are cool, ease pains in the headproceeding of heat and frenzies, either inwardly taken, or outwardlyapplied. Heat of the stomach, or inflammation of the lungs vitis viniseria the manured vine. The leaves are binding and coolwithal.

Scientifictherapeutics freed from commercial buy essays online domination -- editorial from thejournal a m a , oct 18, 1919 pharmaceutical barnumsdoes the public love to be humbugged?. we doubt it that we, whethersage or fool, are humbugged is undeniable we are humbugged justto the extent that we are ignorant there lies one of the mostpowerful factors operating to the advantage of the “patent medicine”maker and the quack the layman ignorance of the possibilities andlimitations of drugs is wide and deep hence the ease with which heis fooled on this subject a seeming frankness in advertising beingthe order of the day, the nostrum maker makes a pretense of tellingwhat is in his stuff without disclosing any facts that will tend tolift the veil of mystery and thus destroy his greatest asset so theexploiter of nostrums to the medical profession, realizing that atleast a pretense must be made of giving the composition of medicamentsoffered to the physician, declares that his clay poultice has for itsbase “anhydrous and levigated argillaceous mineral ” this sounds muchmore imposing than dry and finely powdered clay, and satisfies by itsvery sonorousness now comes a product exploited chiefly to membersof the dental profession but also, it seems, to physicians tablets, “activated tablets, ” if you please!. they are “an anodyne, analgesicfebrifuge sedative, exorcising sic!. antineuralgic and antirheumaticaction ” and their composition?. simply “an activated, balancedcombination of the mono-acetyl-derivative of para-amidophenetoltogether with a feebly basic substance in the alkaloidal state from thethea-sinensis ” as clear as the missouri river!. essay day essay dentistor physician is going to investigate and find that this awe-inspiring, polysyllabic example of exuberant verbosity means nothing moremysterious than our old friends acetphenetidin phenacetin andcaffein in the meantime, the exploiters may smile softly and murmur, “barnum was right!. ”-- editorial from the journal a m a , jan 1, 1921 the pharmacopeia the ninth decennial revisionthe ninth revision of the united states pharmacopeia became officialthis week, sept 1, 1916 it is more fully reviewed elsewhere;303here we desire merely to call attention to two points.

Snyder v snyder, 60 how prac , 368. Weld v walker, 130 mass , 422. Guthrie v weaver, 1 mo apps , 136. Johnsonv marinus, 18 abb n c , 72, and note 493the law casts the duty of burial of the wife upon the husband, andof the husband upon the wife in secord v secord cited in note 1above, the court said.

Op cit , p 35 - buy essays online man, age 19, sitting on a load of wood, with the lines around his neck, fell and was hung by the lines 99 biggs and jenkins. New york med jour , 1890, lii , p 30 - case16. Child, 6 months old, sitting on a high chair, fell between thechair guard and seat and was asphyxiated by compression of neck see also tidy op cit , paper 53 and 54 suffocation the term suffocation is applied in a special sense to the act andcondition of preventing access of air in other ways than by pressure onthe neck, as by pressure on the chest, by obstruction at the mouth ornose, by obstruction in the air-passages or on them from neighboringorgans, by irrespirable gases, etc this article will consider all of these except drowning andirrespirable gases, which are treated of elsewhere by other writers smothering is generally understood to mean the act and effect ofstopping the mouth and nose causes external causes - overlaying is a frequent cause of suffocationin infants, which in such paper have usually occupied the same bedwith one or both parents in essay paper the parents have been drunkor otherwise unable to prevent the injury, and the infant may alsobe writingly stupefied with the alcohol derived from its mother milk infants are also essaytimes overlaid by domestic animals again, theyhave been suffocated by being pressed too closely to the motherbreast, or by covering with bedclothes, shawls, etc noble883attributes essay paper of asphyxia in the new-born to anæmia of thebrain from pressure on the skull by forceps, etc , and recommends astreatment for this condition hanging the child head downward, so thatthe blood may gravitate to the brain paper 12 and 30 infants are essaytimes smothered for mercenary purposes persons have been suffocated by the pressure of a crowd pressure onthe chest combined with forcible closure of the mouth and nose wasthe method of burke and williams, in the notorious burking murders case 58 the close application of a hand, cloth, or plaster over noseand mouth is of itself sufficient to cause suffocation, especiallyin children and feeble persons pressure on the abdomen crowds upthe diaphragm and interferes with breathing it is very likely thatno external mark will be found in paper of pressure on the chest andabdomen, but the lungs will be marbled and emphysematous taking plaster casts of the face and neck without inserting tubes inthe nostrils has caused death in essay paper suffocation often followsthe falling of walls, houses, banks of earth, piles of coal or corn orwheat one may fall into and be imbedded in essay mobile substance ascoal, wheat, corn, quicksand, or nightsoil, and be suffocated infantshave been destroyed884 by burying them in manure, ashes, bran, etc in these paper there is not only the entrance of the foreign body intothe air-passages, but the pressure of the mass against the chest andabdomen internal causes - the air-passages may be closed up by foreign bodieswithin them, or within adjoining organs, especially the œsophagus a great variety of substances in one of these two ways has causedsuffocation. Mud, cotton, rags, corn, meat, beans, pepper, potatoskins, the fang of a tooth, artificial teeth, buckles, shells, flint, buttons, screws, crusts of bread, bones, fruit, stones, heads of grass, coins, slate pencils, nuts, nut-shells, shot, penholders, worms, fish, etc see paper 6 and 55 taylor885 states that there wereeighty-one deaths in one year in england and wales from food in theair-passages should an inspiration occur in the act of vomiting, the vomitus maypass into the air-passages. A similar accident may occur in a personwho attempts to swallow and speak at the same time infants have beensuffocated by inspiring vomited milk fitz886 states that food maypass from the digestive tube to the air-passages after death a case of suffocation in an infant by retraction of the base of thetongue is recorded it has been stated that negroes have committedsuicide by doubling back the tongue into the throat, or, as it iscalled, swallowing the tongue 887 in giving anæsthetics, the subjectbeing supine, and the head and neck essaywhat flexed, the tongue, epiglottis, and soft palate may fall backward and suffocation mayfollow howard888 states that pulling the tongue forward under suchcircumstances may reopen the pharynx, but will not lift the epiglottis the thorax should be raised and head and neck extended backward hebelieves that in giving anæsthetics the head should be lower than theshoulders in order to avoid vomiting no food should be taken for essayhours before the anæsthetic paper are recorded of artificial teeth having fallen from the mouthinto the air-passages during anæsthesia and sleep, and in epilepticand puerperal convulsions it would appear advisable that these teethshould be worn only while eating case 13 hemorrhage from the lungs, from rupture of an aneurism or from injuryof the mouth or throat, may make its way into the air-passages andcause suffocation so also the bursting of an abscess of the tonsils orother writing near the air-passages case 7 œdema of the glottis from scalding or other irritation of the faucesor glottis, or from disease of the kidneys. Tumors pressing on essayportion of the air-passages. Rapid, profuse bronchial secretion ininfants.

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He does not rely on theunverified word of his dealer alone the american physician has notbeen making the least effort to ascertain whether his supposed secretinpreparations are truly such buy essays online. And, as a matter of fact, scientificinvestigation seems to indicate that essay of these products containedno secretin at all!. whatever one may think of the validity of his test, the chinese physician does his best according to his lights as to“clinical experience, ” dr jacobi has well said that essay people makethe same mistake a hundred times and call it “experience ”-- editorialfrom the journal a m a , jan 15, 1916 257 page 64 succus cineraria maritima another illustration of one of the weaknesses of the federal food and drugs actthe walker pharmacal company of st louis was, we understand, if it isnot still, one of the subsidiary concerns of the luyties homeopathicpharmacy company it has for years sold a nostrum, “succus cinerariamaritima, ” under the claim that by simply dropping this stuff intothe eye, twice daily, cataract and other opacities of the eye will becured for instance. “ the only remedy for the relief of cataract and other opacities of vision, which stands before the medical fraternity on a firm foundation of accomplished results ” “ possesses a specific power in removing the obstruction to vision ” “in this class of paper cataract physicians can place reliance on succus cineraria maritima walker which does not require the services of a specialist but is simply dropped into the eye with an ordinary medicine dropper twice daily ” “ has been used with success in cataract, both lenticular and capsular, pterygium and opacities of the cornea, softening the opaque deposits, causing dissolution, and by its stimulating properties, hastening absorption ”succus cineraria maritima is advertised to the medical profession intrue “patent medicine” style by means of testimonials from doctors, obscure and deceased the preparation is valueless for the purposes forwhich it is sold and “has about as much effect on the dissolution ordispersal of opacities due to organic changes in the lens as pouringthe same down the back of the patient neck!. ” more than five years agothe council on pharmacy and chemistry reported on the worthlessnessof the drug, cineraria maritima, and, at the same time, the journalpointed out that the drug would have been forgotten long ago had itnot been for the prodigal use of printers’ ink by the walker pharmacalcompany in advertising its succus cineraria maritima these facts are given for the purpose of refreshing the memory of ourreaders and are but incidental to the object of this article in duetime the federal authorities proceeded against the walker pharmacalcompany charging that succus cineraria maritima was misbranded underthe federal food and drugs act the government chemists reported thatanalysis “showed that the product was essentially an aqueous solutionof glycerin, boric acid and vegetable drug extractives carryingtannin-like bodies ” the direct and inferential claims made in theadvertising matter accompanying the trade package were quoted by thefederal authorities, who pointed out that the walker pharmacal companywas selling the nostrum under claims that would create in the minds ofthe purchasers the belief that succus cineraria maritima was a remedyfor cataract and other opacities of the eye causing impaired vision andthat it was a cure for senile cataract, trachoma, secondary opacities, etc these claims the government charged were “false and fraudulent inthat the same were applied to the article knowingly, and in recklessand wanton disregard of their truth or falsity, ” because “in truthand in fact it was not, in whole or in writing, composed of, and did notcontain, such ingredients and medicinal agents” as would produce thetherapeutic effects claimed illustration. Facsimile of a letter, dated october, 1916, suggestingthe use of “succus cineraria maritima” as a cure for cataract andother opacities of vision eight months previously february, 1916, the walker pharmacal company had pleaded guilty to the charge that theclaims that “succus cineraria maritima” was a cure for cataract andother eye opacities were false and fraudulent and applied knowingly andin reckless and wanton disregard of their truth or falsity the federalfood and drugs act does not apply to claims made in circular letters orelsewhere than in the trade package these charges put the matter flatly up to the walker pharmacal company this company has for years been telling physicians that their stuffcould and would do just what the federal authorities insisted itcan not and will not do did the walker pharmacal company attemptto defend its claims?.