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When you intend touse it, pour it into a porringer, and if any oil come out with it, youmay easily scum it off with a spoon, and put the juice you use not intothe glass again, it will quickly sink under the oil this is the firstway 2 the second way is a little more difficult, and the juice of fruitsis usually preserved this way when you buy essays for module 2 english 102 have clarified it, boil it overthe fire, till being cold it be of the thickness of honey. This ismost commonly used for diseases of the mouth, and is called roba andsaba and thus much for the first section, the second follows section ii the way of making and keeping all necessary compounds chapter v of distilled waters hitherto we have spoken of medicines which consist in their own nature, which authors vulgarly call simples, though essaytimes improperly. Forin truth, nothing is simple but pure elements. All things else arecompounded of them we come now to treat of the artificial medicines, in the form of which because we must begin essaywhere we shall placedistilled waters in which consider, 1 waters are distilled of herbs, flowers, fruits, and roots 2 we treat not of strong waters, but of cold, as being to act galenwriting, and not paracelsus 3 the herbs ought to be distilled when they are in the greatestvigour, and so ought the flowers also 4 the vulgar way of distillations which people use, because they knowno better, is in a pewter still. And although distilled waters are theweakest of artificial medicines, and good for little but mixtures ofother medicines, yet they are weaker by thesis degrees, than they wouldbe were they distilled in sand if i thought it not impossible, toteach you the way of distilling in sand, i would attempt it 5 when you have distilled your water, put it into a glass, coveredover with a paper pricked full of holes, so that the excrementitiousand fiery vapours may exhale, which cause that settling in distilledwaters called the mother, which corrupt them, then cover it close, andkeep it for your use 6 stopping distilled waters with a cork, makes them musty, and sodoes paper, if it but touch the water. It is best to stop them with abladder, being first put in water, and bound over the top of the glass such cold waters as are distilled in a pewter still if well kept willendure a year. Such as are distilled in sand, as they are twice asstrong, so they endure twice as long chapter ii of syrups 1 a syrup is a medicine of a liquid form, composed of infusion, decoction and juice and, 1 for the more grateful taste 2 for thebetter keeping of it. With a certain quantity of honey or sugar, hereafter mentioned, boiled to the thickness of new honey 2 you see at the first view, that this aphorism divides itself intothree branches, which deserve severally to be treated of, viz 1 syrups made by infusion 2 syrups made by decoction 3 syrups made by juice of each of these, for your instruction-sake, kind countrymen andwomen i speak a word or two awriting 1st, syrups made by infusion, are usually made of flowers, and of suchflowers as soon lose their colour and strength by boiling, as roses, violets, peach flowers, &c they are thus made. Having picked yourflowers clean, to every pound of them add three pounds or three pints, which you will for it is all one of spring water, made boiling hot;first put your flowers into a pewter-pot, with a cover, and pour thewater on them.

Cut down buy essays for module 2 english 102 before death 2d man, hung withplough-string. Cut down in about six minutes 3d a heavy man 24 tardieu. Op cit , pp 93-105 - woman, died of coma and asphyxiafrom suicidal hanging, according to report of drs costan and facieu tardieu approved their report it was at first thought a case ofhomicide with subsequent hanging, more especially because of the kindof knot used, nœud d’artificier but tardieu showed that it was alsoa nœud de batalier her feet touched a chair, and her knees werebent there was a neckcloth in front of her mouth, but it did not seemto have interfered with respiration 25 ibid , pp 67-72 - the famous case of marc-antoine calas, whocommitted suicide by hanging see voltaire, “traité sur le tolérance, ”etc , in nouv philos histor , 1772, xxxii , p 30 he hung himselfto a door no sign of violence the city hangman said it was impossiblefor a man to commit suicide in that way the father was accused andconvicted of homicide tardieu shows that the act was a suicide 26 ibid , p 72 - another famous case a woman, age 30, hung herselfto the key of her bedroom door her husband cut her down he wasaccused and convicted of the crime and condemned to prison, where hedied tardieu showed that the case was one of suicide 27 hofmann. Wien med presse, 1880, xxi , p 201 - man, age 68, suicide by hanging there was profuse hemorrhage from both ears 28 ibid. 1878, xix , pp 489-493 - woman, found dead sitting inbed she first tried to poison herself with arsenic, then hung herself 29 ibid - man, tried to poison himself with phosphorus and sulphuricacid, then hung himself there was a transverse rupture of thesterno-cleido mastoid muscle and suffusion in its sheath 30 maschka. Wien med woch , 1880, xxx , pp 714, 747, 1075 - man, age 63 it was at first a question of suicide by hanging or homicide bystrangling he concluded that it was the former 31 ibid - also man, age 58 similar case same opinion 32 ibid 1883, xxxiii , pp 1118-1120 - woman age 23 questionwhether she committed suicide by hanging or was strangled and thenhung opinion, that it was a case of suicide 33 hofmann. Allg wien med zeit , 1870, xv , pp 192-214 - man, age 60 suicide by hanging or homicide. Opinion, that it was the former 34 van haumeder. Wien med woch , 1882, xxxii , pp 531-533 - suicide by hanging or homicide there were thesis wounds inthe head. These occurred during the delirium of typhus 35 maschka. “sammlung gericht gutacht , ” etc prag, leipzig, 1873, p 137 - boy, age 9. Found dead in sitting position injuries on neckand elsewhere question, had he hung himself or been choked?. were theinjuries inflicted before or after death?. opinion, suicide 36 ibid , p 144 - boy, age 13 found hanging in sitting position question whether murder, suicide, or accident opinion, suicide 37 ibid , p 149 - woman, age 60.

4 wherever there is local inflammation thenerves are short circuited, due to a breaking down of the insulationresistance of the nerve sheath. 5 this results in “an escapeof neuro-electricity;” 6 dionol coats the nerve sheaths with anonconducting layer and this restores the insulation and “stops theleak ”whether this ingenious theory was invented to lend an air ofverisimilitude to an otherwise bald and unconvincing tale and give a“reason for being” for dionol or whether dionol was first inventedand it became necessary to evolve a theory that would give essayplausibility to the claims made for this etheralized petrolatum, we areunable to say in any case the theory and the product are exploitedtogether among the material sent in by a correspondent are essay “dionol casereports ” neither the names nor the addresses of the physicians makingthese reports are given, but the company states that they may be had“on request ” one special “report” is featured under the heading“infected wound striking results after united states and frenchgovernment army surgeons failed” is signed “dr w ” it is dated july19, 1919 a few months ago the dionol company was sending out this sametestimonial with the full name and address of the “doctor” giving it investigation showed that the “doctor” in question was an osteopathwhose specialties, according to his advertisement in his localnewspaper, are “catarrhal deafness and hay fever, acute and chronicdiseases”!. in this connection it is worth noting that investigation ofessay of the earlier testimonials sent out by the dionol concern andalleged to have been given by “doctors” showed that the gentlemen inquestion were “drugless healers ”as a “true indication of the value which the medical profession isplacing on dionol” the dionol company has published the names of essayphysicians who, it is alleged, have used the preparation -- from thejournal a m a , feb 7, 1920 the eli products of eli h dunnphysicians are receiving essay miscellaneous advertising matter from aconcern that seems to operate under various names such as “e h dunn &co , ” “eli h dunn, ” “eli laboratory, ” etc the concern is located at3820 main st , kansas city, mo one journal reader, who is evidentlynot greatly impressed by this material, forwards the stuff to us withthe laconic request. “will you please give me your opinion on thisjunk?. ”the “junk” referred to comprised, in writing, an advertising leaflet on“eli 606 capsules, ” another leaflet on “eli vaginal capsules, ” stillanother on “eli ‘vim’ restorative;” then there was reference to theinevitable nostrum for intravenous use. “ampoules eli venhydrarsen ” afour-page leaflet, headed in large and very black letters “confidentialguide to live wire physicians only, ” expressed its key-note in theopening paragraph.

1 the physician can do without most of the germandrugs, because the prewar demand had been stimulated artificially 2 those buy essays for module 2 english 102 few synthetics, which were in great need, are being rapidlyreplaced by the american-made drugs 218 in connection with the secondresult, the chemical laboratory of the american medical association hasendeavored to contribute its services 218 stieglitz, julius. Synthetic drugs ii, j a m a 70. 688 march 9 1918 leech, p n. The vindication of the american chemist;synthetic drugs, chicago chem bull january, 1918, p 230 in september, 1917, it was announced219 that the a m a chemicallaboratory would make studies of american-made synthetics just priorto this announcement, the national research council established acommittee on synthetic drugs220 “to facilitate the manufacture ofsynthetic drugs in this country and thus to relieve shortage and reducethe exorbitant prices which have resulted from the war ”221 alsoduring this time congress was considering the “trading with enemy” act, first known as the adamson bill-- the purpose of which was to conferauthority on the president to license american firms to use u s patents owned by german subjects the act became law, september 28. Thefederal trade commission was designated by the president to carry outthe provisions of the law as it referred to enemy-owned patents as aresult of a conference, oct 30, 1917, 222 with various agencies, thefederal trade commission decided to consider licenses for manufacturersof synthetic drugs, after recommendations had been made by thecommittee on synthetic drugs of the national research council. Thiscommittee in turn invoked the aid of the a m a chemical laboratoryin testing the manufacturer products the essence of the laboratorywork up to july 1, 1919, is reported in this paper 219 the quality of american-made synthetics, j a m a 69. 1018 sept 22 1917 220 this committee is composed of julius stieglitz, chairman, professor of chemistry, university of chicago. W a puckner, secretaryof the council on pharmacy and chemistry, american medical association, and moses gomberg, professor of chemistry, university of michigan 221 stieglitz, julius. Shortage of synthetic remedies, j a m a 69. 400 aug 4 1917 222 foreign patents to be open to american manufacturers, j a m a 69. 1550 nov 3 1917 the naming of licensed drugs“writingly in order to help insure to licensees a market for theirproducts after the war, in larger writing inspired by the idea ofencouraging the establishment of a permanent american industry in theseimportant articles, the federal trade commission wisely decided thatamerican houses should be put on the same footing as competing foreignhouses for after-the-war competition, by imposing on all licenseesthe obligation to use new official names for the articles, nameswhich after the war will be open to all competitors, domestic andforeign ”223223 for an interesting discussion, see stieglitz, julius. Syntheticdrugs, j a m a 70. 536 feb 23. 688 march 9. 923 march 301918 bracken, l l. Federal trade commission requests use of officialnames, ibid 70. 558 feb 23 1918 the new american names are:arsphenamin224 contracted from the scientific name arsenphenolaminfor salvarsan, arsenobenzol, diarsanol, arsaminol 224 the testing and standardizing of arsphenamin is being done by thehygienic laboratory, u s public health service for chemical testssee reprint 472, public health reports for a review of the patentliterature see article by h f lewis, j indust engin chem , feb 1, 1919, p 141 barbital contracted from the scientific name diethyl-barbituric acidfor veronal barbital-sodium the sodium salt of barbital for “veronal-sodium” and“medinal ”cinchophen for atophan or phenylcinchoninic acid the u s p ix name procain for novocain hydrochlorid from “pro” and “ cocaine” procain nitrate for novocain nitrate examination of synthetic drugsin testing chemically the products which had been submitted to thefederal trade commission, the aims were that the product should conformto a high degree of purity. At the same time the candidate for licenseshould not be inflicted with undue hardships in making the product, such as an unnecessarily high degree of purity it was insisted thatthe purity of the drugs should be equal to, if not greater than, thatof the respective former german-made products, in order to uphold thename and reputation of the american manufacturers in the after-the-warcompetition consequently, in the chemical work the american productwas always examined parallel with the german-made product, authenticsamples of the latter of which the laboratory had in its possession whenever possible, the tests described in books of standards werecarried out barbital veronalbarbital was introduced into medicine under the proprietary name“veronal, ” and was manufactured in gerthesis by friedr bayer &co , leverkusen, and e merck & co , darmstadt, gerthesis barbitalis described in new and nonofficial remedies, 1919, 225 asdiethylbarbituric acid diethylmalonyl urea having the formula. nh co c₂h₅ / \ / oc c \ / \ nh co c₂h₅225 new and nonofficial remedies, 1919, published by the council onpharmacy and chemistry of the american medical association, p 82 it is official in the british pharmacopeia under the name“barbitone, ” and in the german pharmacopeia as “acidumdiethylbarbituricum ” barbital “may be prepared by the interactionof esters of diethylmalonic acid with urea in the presence ofmetallic alcoholates it is also obtained by condensation ofdiethylcyanacetic ester with urea by means of sodium alcoholate ”barbital is used in medicine chiefly as a hypnotic the different brands of barbital which were submitted to the laboratorywere subjected to the tests given in the books referred to above 226the products were:226 the pharmaceutic monograph on barbital has been omitted it waspublished in the 1918 edition of the annual reports of the chemicallaboratory of the american medical association 1 barbital abbott sample a, to federal trade commission 2 barbital abbott sample b, to federal trade commission 3 barbital abbott sample c, to red cross 4 barbital antoine chiris, to federal trade commission 5 barbital v halter, to federal trade commission 6 barbital rector chemical company to federal trade commission 7 diethylbarbituric acid merck, to council 8 “veronal, ” manufactured by farb vorm fried bayer & co , gerthesis all responded satisfactorily to the tests in table 1 are given therespective melting points and percentages of ash found the meltingpoint of a mixture of the sample with the original “veronal” was alwaystaken table 1 -- melting point ash ash 1 188 5-189 0 0 01 5 188 0-188 5 0 01 2 188 5-189 0 0 01 6 188 0-188 5 0 01 3 188 0-188 5 0 01 7 188 0-188 5 0 01 4 188 0-188 5 0 04 8 188 0-188 5 0 02barbital does not seem to form an insoluble salt with chlorplatinicacid.

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And that physician who minds them not, is like a dooroff from the hooks, more like to do a man mischief, than to securehim then all the diseases saturn causes, this helps by sympathy, andstrengthens buy essays for module 2 english 102 all the writings of the body he rules. Such as be caused bysol, it helps by antipathy what those diseases are, see my judgmentof diseases by astrology. And if you be pleased to look at the herbwormwood, you shall find a rational way for it dog-grass, or cough grass descript it is well known, that the grass creeps far about underground, with long white joined roots, and small fibres almost at everyjoint, very sweet in taste, as the rest of the herb is, and interlacingone another, from whence shoot forth thesis fair grassy leaves, small atthe ends, and cutting or sharp on the edges the stalks are jointedlike corn, with the like leaves on them, and a large spiked head, witha long husk in them, and hard rough seed in them if you know it notby this description, watch the dogs when they are sick, and they willquickly lead you to it place it grows commonly through this land in divers ploughedgrounds to the no small trouble of the husbandmen, as also of thegardeners, in gardens, to weed it out, if they can.