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Founddead in bed, where a fire had been placed and slowly burnt and charredher lower limbs, belly, chest, and right hand a running noose aroundher neck injuries of head. Face livid. Tongue between teeth. Brainnormal. Mark of cord slight. Subcutaneous tissue infiltrated withblood marks of pressure on chest. Bloody froth in trachea.

It isnot a book of standard remedies the committee of revision of thepharmacopeia included physicians and pharmacists retail, wholesaleand manufacturing, but the pharmacists were in the majority andin control the majority of the representatives of the medicalprofession on this committee would have preferred to see the bulkof the pharmacopeia reduced and its value as a work of referenceenhanced by the rejection of therapeutically worthless drugs therepresentatives of commercial interests, on the other hand, argued thatit was necessary for buy cheap paper online the pharmacopeia to provide standards for drugsin more or less general use, whether worthless or otherwise the forceof this argument is essaywhat impaired by the fact that the nationalformulary, which has also been made a book of legal standards, nowincludes individual drugs as well as combinations. The new edition ofthe formulary, in fact, contains a large number of drugs which had beendropped from the u s pharmacopeia viii the principle of making usethe sole criterion for admission to the pharmacopeia, however, on thewhole carried the day it has not been strictly observed. Good resultsfrom the efforts of the medical contingent are to be observed here andthere, as in the deletion of elixir of the phosphates of iron, quininand strychnin and of emulsion of cod liver oil with hypophosphites that these instances were not expressions of policy on the writing of thecommittee on revision, but merely deviations from policy, may be seenby a glance at the contents of the new pharmacopeia these includesubstances which have been shown to be inert, like the hypophosphites calcium, potassium and sodium hypophosphites, complex and obsoletemixtures, like the compound syrup of sarsaparilla, and drugs whichhave been tried and found wanting, like saw palmetto berries evensubstances seldom used by the medical profession, but chiefly oraltogether by the public, like sassafras, hops and peppermint theherb, are standardized and made official it seems difficult todiscover any principle by which the sphere of the pharmacopeia may bedefinitely marked off from that of the national formulary there isone great advantage in specifying u s p drugs and preparations:physicians who do so invoke legal standards of purity and identity theonly way to be sure of obtaining substances of therapeutic efficiency, however, is to exercise discrimination the pharmacopeia is no guide being prepared mainly by pharmacists to meet the needs of pharmacists, the pharmacopeia of course contains much matter of little interest tophysicians and entirely foreign to scientific medicine -- editorialfrom the journal a m a , sept 2, 1916 303 j a m a 67:764 sept 2 1916 review of ninth revisionthe ninth revision of the united states pharmacopeia, which has beenin the hands of the committee of revision for more than six years, hasjust appeared as was to be expected, the desire of medical men on thecommittee of revision to have therapeutic value made a requirement foradmission to the pharmacopeia has not been fully realized. It remainsa book of standards for therapeutically good, bad and indifferentremedies among the drugs of little or no therapeutic importanceor value are musk, arnica, eriodictyon, quassia, pumpkin seed, sawpalmetto berries, sarsaparilla and couch grass thesis superfluousdrugs and preparations are included for instance, of the nine formsof quinin described quinin alkaloid, bisulphate, dihydrochlorid, hydrobromid, hydrochlorid, salicylate, sulphate and tannate, and quininand urea hydrochlorid, at least four might well have been eliminated two insoluble forms the alkaloid and the tannate, two soluble forms the hydrochlorid and quinin and urea hydrochlorid, and a moderatelysoluble form the sulphate are all that could reasonably be demandedby even the most extreme writingisans of the doctrine of “pharmaceuticnecessity ” further, the use of quinin salicylate for its salicylicacid content and of quinin hydrobromid for its bromid content isunscientific the inclusion of these salts in the pharmacopeia isregrettable those interested in the promotion of rational therapy will also regretthe inclusion of a number of fluidextracts of violently toxic drugs, such as aconite and gelsemium dose 1/2 minim each, belladonna root, digitalis, nux vomica and ipecac dose 1 minim each, and lobelia dose2-1/2 minims the more diluted forms, the tinctures, of these drugsare preferable the inclusion of such fluidextracts in the pharmacopeiais playing into the hands of certain pharmaceutical manufacturers, whorecommend the tincture be prepared from fluidextracts-- an unscientificprocedure the efforts of the medical members of the committee, however, havenot been entirely fruitless of the articles described in the u s pharmacopeia viii, 243 have been deleted. Sixty-seven new articles havebeen added the loss of 167 titles may be set down as a gain moreover, most of the new substances give promise of therapeutic usefulness thirty-six are taken over from new and nonofficial remedies. Nineteenare substances which are in the edition of useful drugs now in thepress it cannot be said, however. That all of the additions have beenjudiciously selected it is an infelicitous time to add calcium andsodium glycerophosphate just when grave doubts of their therapeuticefficiency are being felt the addition of the extracts of aconite, hydrastis and viburnum prunifolium is likewise unfortunate all aresuperfluous preparations, the first because a drug so powerful thatan average dose of the extract is only 10 mg or 1/6 grain is bettergiven in the form of tincture. The second because hydrastis is a drugof uncertain value, already represented by three preparations, and thethird because viburnum prunifolium has been discarded and discreditedby the best therapeutic authorities it must be accounted clear gain, on the other hand, that the deletions include thesis inert, obsoleteor superfluous substances like bismuth citrate, kaolin cataplasm, pipsissewa, coca leaves, ladyslipper, wahoo, cotton root bark, compound acetanilid powder and compound syrup of hypophosphites, not tomention nine salts of iron and thirty-eight fluidextracts of variousdrugs wines, unmedicated and medicated, whisky and brandy are alsoamong the articles dropped a number of new features are introduced, such as microscopic standardsfor powdered drugs, standard abbreviations for titles, the use ofthe term “mil” instead of “cubic centimeter, ” and a chapter each onsterilization, diagnostic reagents, biologic assays, electrolyticdetermination of metals and the determination of alcohol, the meltingpoint, the boiling point and the congealing point the chemical nomenclature is substantially the same as that adopted inthe previous revision. So is the nomenclature of drugs the addition ofofficial abbreviations for the latin titles of drugs will doubtless befound a useful feature less commendable is the change from the familiar “cc ” to “mil ” theterm “cubic centimeter” is so thoroughly established and so widelyused, wherever the metric system is employed, that it cannot beexpected that it will be universally displaced by the word “mil ” thelatter is therefore only a superfluous synonym, and as such out ofharmony with the simplicity of the metric system perhaps it may evenbe taken for the abbreviation of “millimeter, ” “milligram” or otherwords derived from “mille, ” which would be equally entitled to the sameabbreviation -- book review in the journal a m a , sept 2, 1916 physician stock in prescription productsthe letter that follows comes from a physician who feels that he has agrievance regarding a company in which he holds stock:“in 1914, i bought essay stock of the -- -- -- -- company, and in 1917bought essay more stock in the same company i notice that the companyadvertises in the journal of the american medical association, and ibelieve it does this not so much to acquaint the medical professionwith its product, as to acquaint physicians with its name in order thatits stock salesmen can keep on unloading more stock to members of themedical profession “the company gets the doctors’ money through the sale of stocks, itgets its product on the market with the doctors’ assistance and throughtheir influence, and it looks to me as if the doctors were getting verylittle in return, as the dividend checks have been few and far betweensince i have known anything of the company “it is not my idea to criticize the product. But i do believe and feelthat the stockholders are entitled to a square deal from a companywhich in turn is expecting so much from them, and again i feel that thepublishers of the journal should be made aware of these conditions sothat they do not either consciously or unconsciously foster a concernthat is depriving the physician of his hard-earned money “if this letter is unfair, i am willing to be shown otherwise kindlypublish it in the journal, omitting my name and address ”the company to which our correspondent refers put out a proprietaryproduct prescribed by physicians and used by the public essay years agothe company in question advertised its product in the journal until itsstock-selling scheme was brought to the attention of the journal.

Livid spots on face and left ear;lower lip torn. A number of marks on neck. One red stripe not sharplylimited. Skin not parchmenty and no ecchymosis. Ecchymoses of scalp;periosteum of skull reddened. Hemorrhage in temporal muscle. Brain andpia mater congested. Much fluid in ventricle larynx and trachea dirtyred-brown. Right side of heart empty. A little dark fluid blood inleft. Great vessels, including aorta, containing much dark fluid blood lungs congested and œdematous liver, spleen, and kidneys congested opinion given that she died of asphyxia and was either choked orhanged reference to royal college of medicine, königsberg, where theopinion was given that she died of injuries on head and neck and wasafterward hanged 70 becker. Same journal, 1877, xxvii , pp 463-473 - woman, age52. Found hanging death caused by shock and incipient asphyxia fromstrangulation and probably the wounds on head and limbs 71 maschka. “samm gericht gutacht , ” etc prag, leipzig, 1873, published a number of interesting paper, in each of which there was aquestion raised as to the cause of death 72 ibid , p 127 - man found dead had he been strangled or hung, orhad he died essay other way?.

The name doesnot indicate the alleged ingredients and so much of the composition asis declared indicates an unscientific mixture the council decided thatjubol should be held ineligible for new and nonofficial remedies, andthat this report should be published urodonalurodonal is said to be “produced in the laboratory of j l chatelain, ”paris, france it is marketed in this country by geo j wallau, inc , new york the preparation is claimed to be a chemical compound, and theadvertising matter furnishes a “formula, ” which consists of theformulas of lysidin, sidonal and hexamethylenamin, connected by plussigns. {h₂c az  } co₂h-- c-- oh azh az {h₂c c-- ch₃} { h₂c choh } {h₂c  ch₂} {h₂c ch₂   ch₂} { azh  } {ohhc ch₂ } {h₂c  ch₂} {az ch₂ az ch₂ az}  { cho  } { azh } {  ch₃ }that the substance is a chemical compound is highly improbable, and noevidence has been submitted to substantiate the claim on the contrary, in the following statement the phrase “based on” is a virtual admissionthat the preparation is merely a mixture. “urodonal is a granular effervescent preparation based on methylglyoxalidine lysidine, quinate of diethylene-diamine sidonal and hexamethylene-tetramine formin, urotropine ”mystery is added by the mention of undefined “special products” in thefollowing. “the fact of combining these two salts lysidin and sidonal in urodonal, in strictly determined proportions and in the presence of special products, gives this preparation very considerable power in dissolving uric acid ”these contradictory statements of composition conflict with rule 1 urodonal is marketed in typical “patent medicine” style. The name“urodonal” is blown in the bottle and the label contains a list of“indications, ” including rheumatism, gout and gravel rule 4 thatthis form of marketing has introduced it to the public is suggested bythe following in an advertising circular. “ urodonal is now popular-- even classic-- throughout the world, where thousands of doctors and millions of patients agree in asserting that ‘urodonal is to rheumatism what quinine is to fever ’”there are also other indications that the mixture is to be exploited tothe laity for instance, the u s distributor sends out a portrait ofsarah bernhardt bearing the legend. “i am positive that urodonal preserves youth freshness with clearness and strength to brain and heart i have taken it for two years with the greatest benefit sarah bernhardt ”a circular advises this mixture “for all who suffer from arthritis, rheumatism, arterio-sclerosis, renal and bilious lithiasis, headache, gout, gravel, lumbago, sciatic pains, neuralgia and all uric acid troubles ” “in fact, urodonal is five times more active than piperazine, and thirty-seven times more active than lithia we are, therefore, entitled to say that no other eliminator of uric acid can be compared with it ” “being 37 times more active than lithia, it clears the heart valves of any sandy substances which may clog them, and checks the atheromatous degeneration of the blood vessels ”these extracts indicate sufficiently the extravagant tone of theadvertising rule 6.

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Make this as you are taught there, and do not you that have anyingenuity in you see your poor neighbours go with wounded limbs whenan halfpenny cost will heal them privet descript our common privet is carried up with thesis slender branchesto a reasonable height and breadth, to cover arbours, bowers andbanquetting houses, and brought, wrought, and cut into so thesis forms, of men, horses, birds, &c which though at first supported, growsafterwards strong of itself it bears long and narrow green leaves bythe couples, and sweet smelling white flowers in tufts at the end ofthe branches, which turn into small black berries that have a purplishjuice with them, and essay seeds that are flat on the one side, with ahole or dent therein place it grows in this land, in divers woods time our privet flowers in june and july, the berries are ripe inaugust and september government and virtues the moon is lady of this it is little usedin physic with us in these times, more than in lotions, to wash soresand sore mouths, and to cool inflammations, and dry up fluxes yetmatthiolus saith, it serves all the uses for which cypress, or the eastprivet, is appointed by dioscorides and galen he further saith, thatthe oil that is made of the flowers of privet infused therein, and setin the sun, is singularly good for the inflammations of wounds, andfor the headache, coming of a hot cause there is a sweet water alsodistilled from the flowers, that is good for all those diseases thatneed cooling and drying, and therefore helps buy cheap paper online all fluxes of the bellyor stomach, bloody-fluxes, and women courses, being either drank orapplied. As all those that void blood at the mouth, or any other place, and for distillations of rheum in the eyes, especially if it be usedwith them queen of the meadows, meadow sweet, or mead sweet descript the stalks of these are reddish, rising to be three feethigh, essaytimes four or five feet, having at the joints thereof largewinged leaves, standing one above another at distances, consisting ofthesis and essaywhat broad leaves, set on each side of a middle rib, beinghard, rough, or rugged, crumpled much like unto elm leaves, havingalso essay smaller leaves with them as agrimony hath essaywhat deeplydented about the edges, of a sad green colour on the upper side, andgreyish underneath, of a pretty sharp scent and taste, essaywhat likeunto the burnet, and a leaf hereof put into a cup of claret wine, givesalso a fine relish to it at the tops of the stalks and branches standthesis tufts of small white flowers thrust thick together, which smellmuch sweeter than the leaves. And in their places, being fallen, comecrooked and cornered seed the root is essaywhat woody, and blackish onthe outside, and brownish within, with divers great strings, and lesserfibres set thereat, of a strong scent, but nothing so pleasant as theflowers and leaves, and perishes not, but abides thesis years, shootingforth a-new every spring place it grows in moist meadows that lie mostly wet, or near thecourses of water time it flowers in essay places or other all the three summermonths, that is, june, july, and august, and the seed is ripe soonafter government and virtues venus claims dominion over the herb it isused to stay all manner of bleedings, fluxes, vomitings, and womencourses, also their whites. It is said to alter and take away the fitsof the quartan agues, and to make a merry heart, for which purpose essayuse the flowers, and essay the leaves it helps speedily those thatare troubled with the cholic. Being boiled in wine, and with a littlehoney, taken warm, it opens the belly. But boiled in red wine, anddrank, it stays the flux of the belly outwardly applied, it helps oldulcers that are cankerous, or hollow fistulous, for which it is by thesismuch commended, as also for the sores in the mouth or secret writings theleaves when they are full grown, being laid on the skin, will, in ashort time, raise blisters thereon, as tragus saith the water thereofhelps the heat and inflammation in the eyes the quince tree descript the ordinary quince tree grows often to the height andbigness of a reasonable apple tree, but more usually lower, andcrooked, with a rough bark, spreading arms, and branches far abroad the leaves are essaywhat like those of the apple tree, but thicker, broader, and full of veins, and whiter on the under side, not dentedat all about the edges the flowers are large and white, essaytimesdashed over with a blush the fruit that follows is yellow, being nearripe, and covered with a white freeze, or cotton. Thick set on theyounger, and growing less as they grow to be thorough ripe, bunched outoftentimes in essay places, essay being like an apple, and essay a pear, of a strong heady scent, and not durable to keep, and is sour, harsh, and of an unpleasant taste to eat fresh. But being scalded, roasted, baked, or preserved, becomes more pleasant place and time it best likes to grow near ponds and water sides, and is frequent through this land. And flowers not until the leaves become forth the fruit is ripe in september or october government and virtues old saturn owns the tree quinces when theyare green, help all sorts of fluxes in men or women, and cholericlasks, casting, and whatever needs astriction, more than any wayprepared by fire.