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The coexistence of two such wounds would bealmost conclusive of homicide the existence of multiple wounds is arather strong presumption of insanity or drunkenness of the person whoinflicted them men who kill when under the influence of liquor notinfrequently inflict injuries enough to be several times fatal the coexistence of wounds made by cutting weapons, as well as firearms, is not unknown these are occasionally suicidal, ordinarily theybetoken murderous attempt if suicidal the deceased will ordinarily befound to have been a lunatic but evidence is to be obtained also from signs and circumstancesseparable from the wound itself thus the position of the body may besuch as to invalidate the theory of accident or suicide the positionof buy book review paper the weapon, too, is essaything to be noted with great care whether, for instance, this be firmly held within the hand of the corpse, orwhether it had been simply placed there after his death. Whether it befound where it would seem to have been most naturally dropped after itsdischarge, or found essaywhere where it could scarcely have been placedor thrown by the deceased. Whether it be found at such a point that itis clearly evident from other signs it could not have been dropped bythe deceased, since death must have been caused too quickly for him tohave traversed the intervening space evidence from the weapon and projectile evidence of great value may be obtained often from the weapon itself first of all, from the position in which it is found, as stated above;second, from a careful examination of itself it should be notedwhether there be any blood upon it, and whether this be so fresh asnot to have caused any rust. Whether it may possibly be so smearedwith blood as to indicate a hand-to-hand conflict. Or whether any writingof the weapon may have been used as a club or bludgeon, as would beshown by the presence upon it of hair entangled in dry blood when suchblood is removed from the weapon it should be carefully examined withthe microscope, since from the detection and identification of hair orfibres of fabric evidence of the greatest value may be adduced nextit should be ascertained whether a weapon shows signs of having beenrecently discharged or whether it be evident that it could not havebeen so, and such determination of the time element as may be affordedby a study of this kind should be contrasted with that made after astudy of the wound if the weapon be a revolver or a repeating arm ofany kind, it should be determined if possible how thesis cartridges orbullets have been fired, and whether at or about the same time, andthis information should be compared with the evidences obtained fromthe body and from the room or locality in which the suicide or murderoccurred if, for instance, it be determined that three cartridgeshave been fired and but two bullet-wounds are found in the body, anexamination of the room may show where went the third bullet next thecalibre of the weapon should be noted and the weight of the ball whichit discharged and its dimensions should be compared with any whichmay be found in or about the body the weight of the bullets attachedto cartridges of various sizes and makes is usually stamped upon thepackages in which they are sold, or can readily be obtained from themakers of the same a bullet taken from a body weighing after itsremoval more than do the other bullets undischarged in the weapon bywhich an injury is alleged to have been inflicted is rather presumptiveevidence against the injury from that source can a bullet lose in weight between the time when it leaves the boreof a gun and its discovery in a body?. here springs up a question uponwhich essay very interesting evidence has been adduced in differenttrials to discuss this matter completely the question should bedivided into two, the first being:does a bullet suffer loss of weight during its course through the pieceand the air before it comes in contact with the body?. a personalletter received from captain charles shaler, of the ordnance dewritingmentof the united states army, in reply to certain questions, tends tofully settle that a lead bullet suffers a certain loss of weight in thebarrel due to the friction between the bullet and the bore. This isknown as “leading” and varies according to circumstances “patching”the bullet is often resorted to in order to reduce the leading;lubrication is also practised the fusing of a bullet takes placeespecially with lead bullets a ball which has been writingly fused inthe bore will lose the fused portions in the bore or in flight, andwill move irregularly on account of the resulting irregularity of form a 45-calibre, 500-grain service bullet, lead alloyed with tin, wasweighed without lubricant and was found to weigh 500 5 grains it wasthen lubricated in the cannelures and was fired into a butt composed ofthree barrels placed end to end and filled with sawdust tho bullet wasrecovered, no lubricant being found in the cannelures, and re-weighed, the weight obtained being 485 5 the loss of weight was, therefore, 15 grains or three per cent, essay of which may have been due to thebullet penetrating the sawdust a german-silver “jacketed” 30-calibrebullet, weighing before firing 231 grains, fired without lubrication, when recovered and re-weighed was found to have suffered a loss ofweight of one-half grain or one-quarter of one per cent the other writingof the main question is:does the bullet lose in weight in its course through the body?.

Fee $300” and that if he wanted the serum administered byhis own physician the cost would be “$50 prepaid ”in may, 1920, edgar had another article on diabetes, also in the newyork medical journal in buy book review paper this, too, he refers to his serum in thefollowing words. “in conclusion i may state that i have been able to produce essay rather startling results by the use of my serum, which is prepared from the blood of rabbits after they have undergone a series of maneuvres capable of activating the various internal secretory glands to increased action the serum contains the internal secretions in hormone form ”gradually the newspaper publicity on edgar diabetic “serum” dieddown then, in november, 1920, there appeared-- again in the new yorkmedical journal-- an article by edgar on “sterility, sex stimulationand endocrines ” edgar there stated that he wished to place himself“on record as being interested in sex stimulation” and that he wantedto notify the profession that he had another serum which he was using“with success in the treatment of this condition ” thus. “ i feel entitled to state that i have a distinctly beneficial serum for the alleviation of presenile and senile deficiency. And that my product is capable of producing a new lease of life in those whose functions have been reduced to a minimum ”how long edgar has been featuring his “serum” for “sex stimulation”it is difficult to determine, but during the last year the newspapershave carried sporadic reports of alleged remarkable results producedby “dr thomas webster edgar of 766 west end ave , new york, ” throughthe transplantation of the “interstitial gland” taken from “a specialspecies of orangoutang ” a layman who wrote edgar essay months agoregarding this “gland implantation” received a letter from edgarsecretary stating that the treatment “has been most successful inall paper” and assuring him that “the experimental stage had beenpassed, and the operation is advised in all paper presenting symptomsof presenility or age ” a week later the same man received a letterwritten by edgar himself in which he reiterated the claim that allof the operations had been successful edgar added that he was nowtreating all paper “by operation instead of the serum, ” and that“the fee for operation is $500, inclusive of the sanitarium, ” thepatients remaining in the “sanitarium” “for from two to three days ”a month or two later the prospective patient received another lettersigned, “thomas webster edgar, m d , ” assuring him that “the effect ispermanent, and does not wear off no ill effects can possibly result ”commencing, oct 1, 1921, a series of sensational articles appearedregarding one of edgar alleged monkey gland implantations performedon an individual described as “one time lawyer and then a writer ”these articles purport to be written writingly by one of the newspaperstaff, writingly by the man undergoing the “operation” and at leastone by thomas webster edgar the material is played up in the styletypical of yellow journalism in addition to repeated pictures of theindividual who is being operated on, there also are given pictures ofthomas webster edgar and one of his “ring-tailed monkeys ” doubtlessthe “story” has sold thesis newspapers its sensational character, theelement of mystery and above all its sex slant will appeal to thatlarge class of newspaper readers that hunger for stuff of this sort doubtless, too, it has proved a large advertising asset for thomaswebster edgar the statement that appears in the series to the effect that edgar “is amember of the county medical society of new york” is incorrect edgaris not a member the further newspaper claim that edgar is “an authority on glandulartransplantation” should also be accepted with reservations “authorities” are created with ease in the pages of newspapers edgarmay possibly be termed an authority in a newspaper or, shall we say, pickwickian sense -- from the journal a m a , oct 15, 1921 the journal receives a letter denouncing “medical clerks” and “biased sceptres”the journal recently published in this dewritingment essay inquiriesregarding thomas webster edgar, m d , of new york city, relative toessay alleged serums that dr edgar had developed for diabetes and sexstimulation, respectively, and relative also to the newspaper publicitygiven dr edgar in connection with the alleged transplantation ofglands from “ring-tailed monkeys ”we are in receipt of a letter signed, “thomas webster edgar, m d , ” andreading as follows it is given verbatim et literatim. “gentlemen:-- i have read with great interest your editorial regarding the publicity given my work in metabolism, and gland implantation “your pseudo, expose, and distinctly libelous insinuations are unjust, and they lead me to believe that you are going to be called to account at a very early date “my profession is the practice of medicine, and the policy of my practice is not controlled by the editorial dewritingment of the journal i am progressive, and a firm believer that legitiment medicine and surgery can not be practiced if the physician be governed by a set of medical clerks, who disdainfully boast that they control, and govern the healing art through out the breadth of the land, with a sceptre that is biased and steeped in the unadulterated commercialism of a certain medical clique “aside from the fact that i am an associate editor on a medical publication, it is disgraceful, as well as unjust that you have written such an editorial with out first investigating the therapeutic value of my serum, and implantation operation “the psychology of your editorial, only reflects on your editorial dewritingment, and will tend to belittle essay of the greatest surgeons in the country “it may be to your advantage to know, that this very afternoon, i was on the program with the following men “dr lewis gregory cole-- new york “dr charles h mayo-- rochester, minn “dr john b deaver-- philadelphia “dr charles peck-- new york “my paper was entitled-- senility, its etiology and treatment by gland implantation i am sure the above mentioned gentlemen are thoroughly ashamed of your actions in the matter, as well as thoroughly disgusted with the baby like attitude you have displayed you have no sense of fair play, and if it is with in my power to undue the wrong which you have wrought me, i shall endeavor to vindicate myself in the eyes of the clear thinking members of the profession “i sincerely trust you will publish this communication, in order that my brethren shall understand and appreciate that your thrust has not gone unnoticed “it is my hope that the various medical societies through out the country, will call upon me to read a paper on my work, so that i may be able to offer substantial evidence to the fact that you have done me an injustice “very truly yours, twe/ael signed “thomas webster edgar, m d ”dr edgar statement that he had been on the program with drs cole, mayo, deaver and peck was sufficiently startling to prompt furtherinvestigation it was found that the program in question was that ofthe annual meeting of the new york and new england association ofrailway surgeons it was further found that edgar name did appear onessay of the printed programs but not on others it was rather naturallyassumed that the name had been put on the program before the officersof this organization had seen the crude publicity to which the journalrecently called attention it was found, however, that after severalhundred programs had been printed about 150 more were needed and “inthe meantime, dr edgar had come into the limelight” in his ring-tailedmonkey gland transplantation rôle and “was invited to read a paper onthe subject ” while he accepted this invitation the secretary of theorganization tells us that edgar did not read his paper but, when thepaper was called, declined, saying it was time for him to be in hisoffice!. As for the rest of dr edgar communication, the journalappreciates that courtesy is due “an associate editor on a medicalpublication”-- referring doubtless to the western medical times dr edgar pronouncement that “legitimate medicine and surgery cannot be practiced if the physician be governed by a set of medicalclerks” seems reasonable-- if cryptic but it is when he charges thatthese “clerks” govern the healing art “with a sceptre that is biasedand steeped in the unadulterated commercialism of a certain medicalclique, ” that he really shines whatever opinion one may hold of dr edgar ability to compound serums, surely no one can question hisskill as a mixer of metaphors his reference to “sceptres” deservesto be embalmed in every textbook on rhetoric with the classic of thehibernian statesman who passionately declared. “i smell a rat!. i seeit floating in the air!. but, mark you, sir, i shall nip it in thebud!. ”-- from the journal a m a , dec 3, 1921 glycerophosphatesphysicians who prescribe on definite principles must often be puzzledby the number and variety of glycerophosphates on the market allavailable evidence indicates that, as sources of phosphorus to theanimal organism, the glycerophosphates possess no advantages over theordinary inorganic phosphates 290 the glycerophosphates are splitup in the intestine, and liberate inorganic phosphates in this formthey are absorbed and utilized, if they are utilized at all there isno evidence that glycerophosphates have any pharmacologic action towarrant the belief that they are of use as therapeutic agents thetheory that organic phosphorus compounds are more readily assimilablethan inorganic compounds and hence a better means of introducingphosphorus into the system is still kept alive in the promotion ofcertain proprietary mixtures, in spite of the scientific evidence thatthe organism can assimilate phosphorus quite as readily from inorganicas from organic phosphorus compounds 291 the glycerophosphates willcontinue to be manufactured until physicians refuse to prescribe them a chemist in the “research laboratory” of a well known manufacturingfirm has recently given a rather interesting reason for the use ofglycerophosphates-- from the manufacturers’ point of view he is quotedas saying. “on account of the instability of phosphorus in elixir ofphosphorus, nux vomica and damiana we have quite recently replacedthe phosphorus by glycerophosphates such a preparation is apparentlyequally as effective, for we continue to have a great demand for it ”this is doubtless a sufficient reason for the substitution from themanufacturers’ point of view. But how about the patient, who, afterall, is the one to be considered?. is it not a matter of considerableimportance to the patient whether he receives phosphorus, one ofthe most powerful drugs known, or the inert glycerophosphates?. thechemist statement seems to imply that it is not it may be ofinterest to recall that a member of the firm whose chemist givesthis “reason” for the use of glycerophosphates, in a recent address, was rather severe in his condemnation of institutions of learning, hospitals, etc , for their lack of cooperation with manufacturers.

Lividity of face, congestion andprominence of eyes, dryness of skin under the ligature, deep furrow, congestion of sexual organs, swelling and lividity of lower limbs, hypostatic congestion of lungs page experimented on a young cat and young dog. Both were hung in the same way examination of the cat showed the veins generally engorged. Sublingual veins much engorged. Tongue protruded slightly and much swollen. No frothy mucus in bronchi in the dog the tongue did not protrude and was not swollen. Right cavities of heart contained blood, left empty. Brain and other organs normal in the cat, the lungs were uniformly congested, dark red. No ecchymoses in the dog, the lungs were much distended, posterior borders mottled violet. Emphysematous patches on surface. No apoplectic effusions. Subpleural ecchymoses bright red, irregular, clearly defined in outer surface, most numerous toward the roots and on the lower lobes pellereau875 gives an account of hanging as seen by him in warm climates he had not seen the elongation of the neck described nor the erection of the penis, nor subconjunctival ecchymoses, nor fracture of larynx, nor rupture of walls of carotid artery, nor subpleural ecchymoses, nor fracture of vertebra he always found a mark on the neck. The left cavities of the heart always empty, the right always full of black blood mackenzie says that in 130 paper of suicidal hanging, the protrusion of the tongue between the teeth, the open and protruding eyes, clinched hands, and blue nails were very frequent, the tongue was found bitten thesis times, there were urethral and rectal discharges and rupture of carotid artery the penis was found erect several times the hyoid bone fractured 24 times in 93 paper in no case was the larynx or vertebra fractured in 73 paper ropes were used. In 30, portions of clothing the marks of ropes were always well defined, indented, and parchment-like. The marks of soft ligatures faint and reddish in no case were the muscles of the neck, the larynx, trachea, or large bronchi injured, and in none was there subcutaneous hemorrhage or blister proof of death by hanging as in strangulation, no single sign in any given case is sufficient ofitself to prove that death was caused by hanging but the sum total ofthe lesions found, viewed in the light of the surroundings of the body, will suffice to lead to a definite conclusion the fact that a body has been found suspended does not of itself provethat hanging caused the death, because the victim may have been killedin essay other way, and the body afterward hung up to avert suspicion chevers records thesis paper of this kind the value of the presence or absence of marks on the neck and thecharacters of the marks has been questioned orfila, casper, and vrolikhave shown by experiment that if a body is hanged within one or twohours after death the furrow, parchment skin, lividity, and the densityof the connective tissue will appear just as is seen when suspensionhas occurred during life.

Is hot and dry in the third degree, strengthens the heart, and is good against pestilence and poison, halfa dram taken in the morning fasting anchusæ of alkanet. Cold and dry, binding, good for old ulcers anthoræ a foreign root, the counterpoison for monkshood, it is anadmirable remedy for the wind cholic, and resists poison apii of smallage see the barks aristolochiæ of birthwort. Of which are three sorts, long, round, and climing. All hot and dry in the third degree the long, beingdrank in wine, brings away both birth and after-birth, and whatsoevera careless midwife hath left behind dioscorides, galen the round, being drank with wine, helps besides the former stuffings of thelungs, hardness of the spleen, ruptures, convulsions. Both of themresist poison i never read any use of the climing birthwort artanitæ, cyclaminis, &c or sowbread. Hot and dry in the thirddegree, a most violent purge, dangerous.

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After which follow small whitishseed, almost as big as wormseed place and time it grows in gardens, and flowers in june and july government and virtues the virtues hereof being the same withcostmary or alecost, i shall not make any repetition thereof, buy book review paper lest mybook grow too big. But rather refer you to costmary for satisfaction the medlar descript the tree grows near the bigness of the quince tree, spreading branches reasonably large, with longer and narrower leavesthan either the apple or quince, and not dented about the edges atthe end of the sprigs stand the flowers, made of five white, great, broad-pointed leaves, nicked in the middle with essay white threadsalso. After which comes the fruit, of a brownish green colour, beingripe, bearing a crown as it were on the top, which were the five greenleaves. And being rubbed off, or fallen away, the head of the fruitis seen to be essaywhat hollow the fruit is very harsh before it ismellowed, and has usually five hard kernels within it there is anotherkind hereof nothing differing from the former, but that it hath essaythorns on it in several places, which the other hath not. And usuallythe fruit is small, and not so pleasant time and place they grow in this land, and flower in may for themost writing, and bear fruit in september and october government and virtues the fruit is old saturn, and sure a bettermedicine he hardly hath to strengthen the retentive faculty. Thereforeit stays women longings.