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The animal makes vigorous and violent efforts toovercome the obstacle this stage may continue for three to fourminutes third unconsciousness supervenes with irregular and spasmodicmovements. Efforts at respiration continue fourth efforts at respiration cease, but the heart still beats thisstage may last from two to four minutes hofmann733 says that it maylast a half-hour in new-born infants, asphyxiated, it may be quitelong the post-mortem appearances in such an animal were as follows. The lungs were pale, reddish, not much distended. There were a few dilated air-cells toward the anterior border. Hemorrhages irregularly dispersed over the surface of the lung, varying in number and size the right cavities of the heart contained dark fluid blood, the left were empty the pulmonary artery and systemic veins, even the smallest branches, were gorged with dark blood page adds that when the great vessels of the neck are interfered with death may occur “by coma, syncope, and even asthenia ” colin734 made twenty-five experiments on horses, and records three of them as follows. They were all strangled with a hempen cord at the middle of the neck the first was quiet till the second or third minute, then there were violent movements and strong efforts to dilate the chest. At four minutes, spasms. Four and one-half minutes, quiet. Six minutes, pupils dilated, tongue hanging out, limbs flaccid.

“liquid ‘iodex’ liq iodi m & j a nonirritant preparation of iodine 2-1/2% this productcontains free iodine ”the sample of liquid iodex purchased on the open market was found to bea reddish liquid with an odor like oleic acid it dissolved completelyin chloroform free iodin -- a weight of 6 2936 gm was dissolved in chloroform andthe solution shaken with 25 c c of a solution of potassium iodid the iodin which passed into the potassium iodid solution was titratedwith tenth-normal sodium thiosulphate, 0 81 c c being required thisindicates 0 01022 gm of iodin, or 0 16 per cent total iodin -- total iodin was determined by method 1 as given aboveunder iodex a weight of 4 466 gm required 32 93 c c of tenth-normalsodium thiosulphate, equivalent to 0 06964 gm of iodin, or 1 55per cent in a duplicate, 5 gm of material required 33 3 c c oftenth-normal sodium thiosulphate, equivalent to 0 7043 gm of iodin, or1 41 per cent. Average, 1 48 per cent of iodin liquid iodex, then, contains but little 0 16 per cent free iodin andonly about three fifths of the total iodin claimed i g o i g o is an iodin ointment it is said to be made by dr h s lambdin, peru, kansas in a circular distributed by the manufacturer, it is stated that “i g o is a saturated solution of iodine gas inpetrolatum at 130 degrees with oil of eucalyptus the heat of the bodyliberates the iodine and it is absorbed as free iodine ”a sample of i g o , received from a physician, was examined it wasfound to be a black ointment, green in thin layers, with a slight odorlike crude petroleum by the methods used for the examination of iodex, i g o was found to contain 0 59 per cent of free iodin -- fromreports a m a chemical laboratory, 1919, p 104 iodin in liquid petrolatum a h clark, ph g , sc b of all the things used in medicine nothing seems to have attractedthe attention of all classes of users as has iodin perhaps moreromantic schemes for the cure of all the ills which afflict mankindhave centered in iodin therapy than in any other one drug iodin isbeing used in every conceivable way from crystals to colloid. In vapor;combined as iodid, iodate and the like. Organic, inorganic, simple andcomplex. Internal, external and by injection, and yet there seems to beno end to the ingenious schemes for its exploitation one of these schemes, and one so simple that it seems at first sightto be hardly worth serious consideration, is that of a solution ofiodin in liquid petrolatum solutions of this kind have frequently beenoffered to physicians and the laity the thing of writingicular interestis the claim made as to the percentage of free iodin five per cent is frequently claimed examination of essay of these products in thechemical laboratory of the a m a 216 revealed the fact that theydid not contain the claimed amount of free iodin these questions atonce arose. Was the low free iodin content due to intentional fraud, the result of carelessness, or of ignorance?. was it impossible toprepare a solution containing 5 per cent , or did the iodin slowlycombine with the oil and disappear?. 216 reports a m a chemical laboratory, 1915, p 106.

Line everywhere equal, deep, and three to four mm wide buy a research paper cheap. The skin excoriated and covered with thick crust below this wereseveral superficial excoriations there were thesis contusions on otherwritings of the body tardieu concluded that the mark on the neck wasfrom attempt to strangle. The wounds elsewhere to prevent resistance she had at the time pulmonary consumption she died of this diseaseaggravated by the assault 67 ibid , p 106 - the duroulle affair woman found hanging presumption of homicide. Arrest of husband. Acquitted she was foundwith her face to the floor, one end of a cord around her neck. Anothersimilar cord attached seven feet above to a rafter, over which itpassed three times bidault and boulard reported it a suicide theresults of the post mortem were as follows. Skin of a red-violet color;face swollen. Eyes prominent and congested. Conjunctivæ a vinous red;lips violet. Tongue swollen, tip between teeth. Froth in air-passages;lungs congested. Brain congested. Blood fluid circular depressionaround neck with congestion of skin above and below. Ecchymosis insubcutaneous tissue on level of angle of jaw and about one centimetrein size, supposed to correspond to the knot tardieu reported thatthe marks rather resembled those of strangulation than hanging. Theecchymoses were more like those produced by the hand over the mouth the marks on the face supposed to have been made by a supposed fall ofthe body were by him considered to have been caused by violence hebelieved the woman had been strangled and then hung 68 ibid , p 130 - the daugats affair man found hanging, sittingon the ground, head and trunk essaywhat inclined to the left.

If these buy a research paper cheap data are furnished by himself and not a typographical error-- though i find the same data in the american medical directory for 1916-- then it is high time that essay board of censors should make a careful examination of his credentials “anybody, like myself, who is acquainted with medical matters in gerthesis knows that it is preposterous to assume that anybody could obtain the degree of m d in any german university at the age of 18 years m d , leipzig ”eighteen is rather young to receive an m d degree from heidelberg!. By again going over the various sources of information available thefollowing data were collected. In polk medical directory for 1886 dr abrams’ name appears as a graduate of the university of heidelberg, 1882, and of cooper medical college in 1883 the records we havefrom these two institutions confirm these dates the year of dr abrams’ birth seems less clear in the early writing of 1902 the americanmedical association sent dr abrams a blank for him to fill out for apermanent record this was returned in due course and, according toit, dr abrams was born in san francisco dec 8, 1863 this same dateappears in various editions of “who who in america ” a blank sent bythe a m a directory dewritingment to dr abrams in 1908 asking for apersonal biographical report was returned aug 20, 1908. It gave dr abrams’ date of birth as dec 8, 1864 a similar blank sent in theearlier writing of 1909 was returned giving the same birth date we learn, however, that an affidavit executed in 1917 states that albert abramswas born in san francisco dec 8, 1862 just how long dr abrams attended heidelberg university before he wasgranted the m d degree, we do not know apparently, at that time thestandards for admission to that institution were not especially severeand the length of time one would have to attend before being admittedto an examination seems to have depended on the educational credentialsthat the matriculant offered what credentials dr abrams submitted, we do not know assuming that the earliest date 1862 represents dr abrams’ date of birth, he could have been but twenty years old whenhe received his m d from heidelberg this indicates a precocity thatmight have forecast dr abrams’ later achievements throughout the records of dr abrams’ educational credentials thereappears the statement that he also graduated from the “universityof portland” in 1892, receiving the degree of a m from referencesavailable we have been unable to find any record of a “university ofportland ”-- from the journal a m a , april 8, 1922 a defense by upton sinclaira essaywhat voluminous letter has been received from mr upton sinclair, which is a defense of dr albert abrams of san francisco we publishmr sinclair letter because we believe it is written in honesty andsincerity-- and because the journal readers will enjoy it!. it is worthmentioning in this connection that mr sinclair in his latest bookdevotes a few pages to a eulogy of dr abrams and his methods thismaterial has not only been reproduced by dr abrams in his “houseorgan” physico-clinical medicine but is reprinted in leaflet form andis being distributed by essay of the individuals who are exploiting theabrams methods such reprints have been sent to this office by bothlaymen and physicians mr sinclair’ letterto the editor -- a few weeks ago you published an article dealingwith the discoveries or claims of dr albert abrams of san francisco i happen to be attending dr abrams’ clinic at the time and havediscussed this article with him at essay length dr abrams follows thepolicy of ignoring attacks on his work, taking the view that in thelong run, the man who cures disease makes his way in the world in spiteof all opposition however, it is easy to see that he has been deeplyhurt by this attack on his reputation, and as one of his friends andmost ardent admirers i am taking the liberty of addressing a letter toyou i do not know if the rules of your publication permit interventionin medical affairs by a mere layman permit me to introduce myselfas a layman who for essay twenty years tried faithfully to be curedof various diseases by thesis doctors of the best reputation in thesiswritings of the world, and failed. And who, therefore, was compelled, asa matter of self-protection, to look into the question of health forhimself i have read so thesis different kinds of books on health andmade so thesis experiments of my own that nowadays when i meet with agroup of physicians i find that before long they come to accept me asone of themselves you may not go that far, but at least you may be sogenerous as to allow me to tell you a little of what i have seen duringthe time i have spent in the clinic of dr albert abrams i observe that in the course of your two page article dealing with thissubject, you nowhere have anything to charge against dr abrams, nordo you show that you have investigated his work you consider that allyou have to do is to quote dr abrams’ own words as to what he can do, and that these words refute themselves italics our -- ed also youquote dr abrams’ schedules of prices, and imply that his motives aremercenary i will take up these two questions one at a time what dr abrams can dofirst, as to what dr abrams can do. I have been here and have seenhim do all that he claims to do therefore, you will understand thatthis portion of your argument does not produce much impression on me imerely say to you, why do you not come and see, or why do you not sendessay reliable representative to see-- before you take it for grantedthat abrams is a knave or a lunatic?. this man is not merely a colleagueof yours. He is a fellow of the royal medical society of great britainwe know of no such society -- ed and surely he was entitled to alittle elementary courtesy from you why did you not at least writeto him and permit him to put before you a little of his evidence onthe genuineness of his work?. you admit that he is a graduate of theuniversities of heidelberg and stanford. Dr abrams is not a graduateof “stanford ”-- ed you admit that he was graduated from heidelberg atthe age of twenty it happens that this was the youngest and remainsthe youngest age at which any man has taken a doctor degree at thatuniversity in a hundred years if you had inquired further you mighthave learned that ten years ago abrams was one of the most respectedphysicians in san francisco what has he done since to forfeit thehonors of a lifetime?. all that he has done is to shut himself up in hislaboratory and make the most revolutionary discoveries of this or anyother age.

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Others by catching cold, catch a lamenessin their limbs, to both which i commend this sovereign oil to bathetheir grieved members with oleum hirundinum, or, oil of swallows college take of whole swallows sixteen, chamomel, rue, plantain thegreater and lesser, bay leaves, pennyroyal, dill, hyssop, rosemary, sage, saint john wort, costmary, of each one handful, common oil fourpounds, spanish wine one pound, make it up according to art culpeper both this and the former are appropriated to old bruisesand pains thereof coming, as also to sprains oleum hyperici compositum or, oil of st john wort compound college take of the tops of st john wort four ounces, steep themthree whole days in a pound of old sallad oil, in the heat either ofa bath, or of the sun, then press them out, repeat the infusion thesecond or third time, then boil them till the wine be almost consumed, press them out, and by adding three ounces of turpentine, and onescruple of saffron, boil it a little and keep it culpeper see the simple oil of st john wort, than which this isstronger oleum hyperici magis compositum or, oil of st john wort more compound college take of white wine three pounds, tops of st john wortripe and gently bruised, four handfuls, steep them two days in a glass, close stopped, boil them in a bath, and strain them strongly, repeatthe infusion three times, having strained it the third time, add toevery pound of decoction, old oil four pounds, turpentine six ounces, oil of wormwood three ounces, dittany, gentian, carduus, tormentil, carline, or cordus maria, calamus aromaticus, all of them bruised, ofeach two drams, earth-worms often washed in white wine two ounces, setit in the sun five or six weeks, then keep it close stopped culpeper besides the virtue of the simple oil of st john wort, which this performs more effectually, it is an excellent remedy for oldbruises, aches, and sprains oleum irinum, or, oil of orris college take of the roots of orris florentine, three pounds fourounces, the flowers of purple orris fifteen ounces, cypress roots sixounces, of elecampane three ounces, of alkanet two ounces, cinnamon, spikenard, benjamin, of each one ounce. Let all of them, being bruisedas they ought to be, be steeped in the sun, or other hot place, infifteen pounds of old oil, and four pounds and an half of clear water, after the fourth day, boil them in balneo mariæ, the water beingconsumed, when it is cold, strain it and keep it culpeper the effects are the same with the simple, only ’tisstronger oleum marjoranæ or, oil of marjoram college take of marjoram four handfuls, mother of thyme twohandfuls, the leaves and berries of myrtles one handful, southernwood, water mints, of each half an handful, being cut, bruised, and put ina glass, three pounds of oil omphacine being put to it, let it standeight days in the sun, or in a bath, close stopped, then strain it out, in the oil put in fresh simples, do so the third time, the oil may beperfected according to art culpeper it helps weariness and diseases of the brain and nerves, coming of cold. It helps the dead palsy, the back viz the regionalong the back bone being anointed with it. Being snuffed up in thenose, it helps spasmus cynicus, which is a wrying the mouth aside;it helps noise in the ears being dropped into them, it provokesthe menses, and helps the biting of venomous beasts. It is a mostgallant oil to strengthen the body, the back being anointed with it;strengthens the muscles, they being chafed with it. Helps head-ache, the forehead being rubbed with it moschelæum, or, oil of musk college take two nutmegs, musk one dram, indian leaf or mace, spikenard, costus, mastich, of each six drams, styrax calamitis, cassialignea, myrrh, saffron, cinnamon, cloves, carpobalsamum or cubebs, bdellium, of each two drams, pure oil three pounds, wine three ounces, bruise them as you ought to do, mix them, and let them boil easily, till the wine be consumed, the musk being mixed according to art afterit is strained culpeper it is exceeding good against all diseases of cold, especially those of the stomach, it helps diseases of the sides, theybeing anointed with it, the stranguary, cholic, and vices of thenerves, and afflictions of the reins oleum nardinum or, oil of nard college take of spikenard three ounces, marjoram two ounces, woodof aloes, calamus aromaticus, elecampane, cypress, bay leaves, indianleaf or mace, squinanth, cardamoms, of each one ounce and a half, bruise them all grossly, and steep them in water and wine, of eachfourteen ounces, oil of sesamin, or oil of olives, four pounds andan half, for one day. Then perfect the oil by boiling it gently in adouble vessel oleum populeum nicholaus college take of fresh poplar buds three pounds, wine four pounds, common oil seven pounds two ounces, beat the poplar buds very well, then steep them seven days in the oil and wine, then boil them in adouble vessel till the wine be consumed, if you infuse fresh buds onceor twice before you boil it, the medicine will be the stronger, thenpress out the oil and keep it culpeper it is a fine cool oil, but the ointment called by thatname which follows hereafter is far better ointments more simple unguentum album, or, white ointment college take of oil of roses nine ounces, ceruss washed inrose-water and diligently sifted, three ounces, white wax two ounces, after the wax is melted in the oil, put in the ceruss, and make itinto an ointment according to art, add two drams of camphire, madeinto powder with a few drops of oil of sweet almonds, so will it becamphorated culpeper it is a fine cooling, drying ointment, eases pains, anditching in wounds and ulcers, and is an hundred times better withcamphire than without it unguentum egyptiacum college take of verdigris finely powdered, five writings, honeyfourteen writings, sharp vinegar seven writings, boil them to a justthickness, and a reddish colour culpeper it cleanses filthy ulcers and fistulas forcibly, and notwithout pain, it takes away dead and proud flesh, and dries unguentum anodynum or, an ointment to ease pain college take of oil of white lilies, six ounces, oil of dill, andchamomel, of each two ounces, oil of sweet almonds one ounce, duckgrease, and hen grease, of each two ounces, white wax three ounces, mix them according to art culpeper its use is to assuage pains in any writing of the body, especially such as come by inflammations, whether in wounds or tumours, and for that it is admirable unguentum ex apio or, ointment of smallage college take of the juice of smallage one pound, honey nine ounces, wheat flower three ounces, boil them to a just thickness culpeper it is a very fine, and very gentle cleanser of wounds andulcers liniment of gum elemi college take of gum elemi, turpentine of the fir-tree, of each oneounce and an half, old sheep suet cleansed two ounces, old hoggrease cleansed one ounce. Mix them, and make them into an ointmentaccording to art culpeper it gently cleanses and fills up an ulcer with flesh, itbeing of a mild nature, and friendly to the body unguentum aureum college take of yellow wax half a pound, common oil two pounds, turpentine two ounces, pine rozin, colophonia, of each one ounce and anhalf, frankincense, mastich, of each one ounce, saffron one dram, firstmelt the wax in the oil, then the turpentine being added, let them boiltogether. Having done boiling, put in the rest in fine powder, letthe saffron be the last and by diligent stirring, make them into anointment according to art basilicon, the greater college take of white wax, pine rozin, heifer suet, greek pitch, turpentine, olibanum, myrrh, of each one ounce, oil five ounces, powder the olibanum and myrrh, and the rest being melted, make it intoan ointment according to art basilicon, the less college take of yellow wax, fat rozin, greek pitch, of each half apound, oil nine ounces.