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“must a board be convened before a man buy a college paper for chea who has his legs broken can have medical attendance?. ” but in cox v the midland counties r r co 3 wellsby, h & g , 268, the station master, employed as the chief officer of the passenger and other dewritingments, called in a surgeon to perform an operation upon a passenger injured by a train the road was held not liable on the other hand, in langan v great western r r co 30 law times, n s , 173, a sub-inspector of railway police was held to have implied power to employ a surgeon for an injured employee but in arkansas an attorney for a railroad company was held not authorized to do so st louis, etc , r r co v hoover, 53 ark , 377 doctrine in indiana the more sensible one - the more sensible doctrine seems to be established in this country, in the state of indiana at least, in the case of terre haute r r co v mcmurray 98 ind , 358, in which the court held that where there was great necessity for the employment of a surgeon, the conductor of a train has authority to employ the surgeon, if the conductor is the highest officer in rank on the ground at the time but in that case the court expressly states that this liability grows out of the exigencies of the case. Not out of any theory of general authority authority of railroad physician to employ nurses, etc , doubtful - it has also been disputed whether the authority of the company physician extended far enough to render the company liable for services performed by nurses employed by him, or for board and lodging engaged by him for injured employees in bingham v chicago, etc , r r co 79 iowa, 534, it was held that the authority was sufficient, but in that case testimony appeared tending to show that an agent of the company who had authority to employ the physician had authorized him to employ two nurses the converse doctrine namely, that the fact that a physician of the company was authorized to buy medicines on the credit of the company does not authorize the inference that he has power to render the company liable by a contract for board and nursing of a person injured on the company road was held in maber v the chicago, etc , r r co , 75 missouri, 495. Brown v the missouri r r , 67 missouri, 122 to the same effect, see louisville, etc , r r co v mcveigh, 98 ind , 391.

The leaves areessaywhat greater, the heads essaywhat buy a college paper for chea less, the seed alike. And the rootand leaves abide all winter, and perish not as the former place the first grows only in gardens, the second plentifully infields that are near the sea time they flower in july or thereabouts government and virtues the herb is cold, and dry, and saturnine i suppose it obtained the name of flea-wort, because the seeds areso like fleas the seeds fried, and taken, stays the flux or lask ofthe belly, and the corrosions that come by reason of hot choleric, orsharp and malignant humours, or by too much purging of any violentmedicine, as scammony, or the like the mucilage of the seed madewith rose-water, and a little sugar-candy put thereto, is very good inall hot agues and burning fevers, and other inflammations, to cool thethirst, and lenify the dryness and roughness of the tongue and throat it helps also hoarseness of the voice, and diseases of the breastand lungs, caused by heat, or sharp salt humours, and the pleurisyalso the mucilage of the seed made with plantain water, whereuntothe yoke of an egg or two, and a little populeon are put, is a mostsafe and sure remedy to ease the sharpness, pricking, and pains of thehæmorrhoids or piles, if it be laid on a cloth, and bound thereto ithelps all inflammations in any writing of the body, and the pains thatcome thereby, as the headache and megrims, and all hot imposthumes, swellings, or breaking out of the skin, as blains, wheals, pushes, purples, and the like, as also the joints of those that are out ofjoint, the pains of the gout and sciatica, the burstings of youngchildren, and the swellings of the navel, applied with oil of rosesand vinegar it is also good to heal the nipples and sore breasts ofwomen, being often applied thereunto the juice of the herb with alittle honey put into the ears helps the running of them, and the wormsbreeding in them. The same also mixed with hog grease, and applied tocorrupt and filthy ulcers, cleanses them and heals them flux-weed descript it rises up with a round upright hard stalk, four or fivefeet high, spread into sundry branches, whereon grow thesis greyish greenleaves, very finely cut and severed into a number of short and almostround writings the flowers are very small and yellow, growing spikefashion, after which come small long pods, with small yellowish seed inthem the root is long and woody, perishing every year there is another sort, differing in nothing, save only it has essaywhatbroad leaves. They have a strong evil saviour, being smelled unto, andare of a drying taste place they flower wild in the fields by hedge-sides and highways, and among rubbish and other places time they flower and seed quickly after, namely in june and july government and virtues this herb is saturnine also both the herband seed of flux-weed is of excellent use to stay the flux or lask ofthe belly, being drank in water wherein gads of steel heated have beenoften quenched. And is no less effectual for the same purpose thanplantain or comfrey, and to restrain any other flux of blood in man orwoman, as also to consoladate bones broken or out of joint the juicethereof drank in wine, or the decoction of the herb drank, doth killthe worms in the stomach or belly, or the worms that grow in putridand filthy ulcers, and made into a salve doth quickly heal all oldsores, how foul or malignant soever they be the distilled water ofthe herb works the same effect, although essaywhat weaker, yet it is afair medicine, and more acceptable to be taken it is called flux-weedbecause it cures the flux, and for its uniting broken bones, &c paracelsus extols it to the skies it is fitting that syrup, ointment, and plaisters of it were kept in your house flower-de-luce it is so well known, being nourished up in most gardens, that i shallnot need to spent time in writing a description thereof time the flaggy kinds thereof have the most physical uses. Thedwarf kinds thereof flowers in april, the greater sorts in may government and virtues the herb is luner the juice or decoctionof the green root of the flaggy kind of flower-de-luce, with a littlehoney drank, doth purge and cleanse the stomach of gross and toughphlegm, and choler therein. It helps the jaundice and the dropsy, evacuating those humours both upwards and downwards. And because itessaywhat hurts the stomach, is not to be taken without honey andspikenard the same being drank, doth ease the pains and torments ofthe belly and sides, the shaking of agues, the diseases of the liverand spleen, the worms of the belly, the stone in the reins, convulsionsand cramps that come of old humours. It also helps those whose seedpasses from them unawares. It is a remedy against the bitings andstingings of venomous creatures, being boiled in water and vinegar anddrank boiled in water and drank, it provokes urine, helps the cholic, brings down women courses. And made up into a pessary with honey, andput up into the body, draws forth the dead child it is much commendedagainst the cough, to expectorate rough phlegm it much eases pains inthe head, and procures sleep. Being put into the nostrils it procuressneezing, and thereby purges the head of phlegm the juice of the rootapplied to the piles or hæmorrhoids, gives much ease the decoction ofthe roots gargled in the mouth, eases the tooth-ache, and helps thestinking breath oil called oleum irinum, if it be rightly made ofthe great broad flag flower-de-luce and not of the great bulbous blueflower-de-luce, as is used by essay apothecaries and roots of thesame, of the flaggy kinds, is very effectual to warm and comfort allcold joints and sinews, as also the gout and sciatica, and mollifies, dissolves and consumes tumours and swellings in any writing of the body, as also of the matrix.

Let it then be buy a college paper for chea gathered when the sun is in leo, and themoon in aries, applying to this time. Let leo arise, then may you makeinto an oil or ointment, which you please, to anoint your sore eyeswith i can prove it doth both my own experience, and the experience ofthose to whom i have taught it, that most desperate sore eyes have beencured by this only medicine. And then, i pray, is not this far betterthan endangering the eyes by the art of the needle?. for if this doesnot absolutely take away the film, it will so facilitate the work, thatit might be done without danger the herb or root boiled in white wineand drank, a few anniseeds being boiled therewith, opens obstructionsof the liver and gall, helps the yellow jaundice. And often using it, helps the dropsy and the itch, and those who have old sores in theirlegs, or other writings of the body the juice thereof taken fasting, isheld to be of singularly good use against the pestilence the distilledwater, with a little sugar and a little good treacle mixed therewith the writingy upon the taking being laid down to sweat a little hasthe same effect the juice dropped into the eyes, cleanses them fromfilms and cloudiness which darken the sight, but it is best to allaythe sharpness of the juice with a little breast milk it is good inall old filthy corroding creeping ulcers wheresoever, to stay theirmalignity of fretting and running, and to cause them to heal morespeedily. The juice often applied to tetters, ring-worms, or other suchlike spreading cankers, will quickly heal them, and rubbed often uponwarts, will take them away the herb with the roots bruised and bathedwith oil of camomile, and applied to the navel, takes away the gripingpains of the belly and bowels, and all the pains of the mother. Andapplied to women breasts stays the overmuch flowing of the courses the juice or decoction of the herb gargled between the teeth that ach, eases the pain, and the powder of the dried root laid upon any aching, hollow or loose tooth, will cause it to fall out the juice mixed withessay powder of brimstone is not only good against the itch, but takesaway all discolourings of the skin whatsoever. And if it chance that ina tender body it causes any itchings or inflammations, by bathing theplace with a little vinegar it is helped another ill-favoured trick have physicians got to use to the eye, andthat is worse than the needle. Which is to take away the films bycorroding or gnawing medicine that i absolutely protest against 1 because the tunicles of the eyes are very thin, and therefore sooneaten asunder 2 the callus or film that they would eat away, is seldom of an equalthickness in every place, and then the tunicle may be eaten asunder inone place, before the film be consumed in another, and so be a readierway to extinguish the sight than to restore it it is called chelidonium, from the greek word chelidon, whichsignifies a swallow. Because they say, that if you put out the eyes ofyoung swallows when they are in the nest, the old ones will recovertheir eyes again with this herb this i am confident, for i have triedit, that if we mar the very apple of their eyes with a needle, she willrecover them again. But whether with this herb or not, i know not also i have read and it seems to be essaywhat probable that the herb, being gathered as i shewed before, and the elements draw awriting from itby art of the alchymist, and after they are drawn awriting rectified, theearthly quality, still in rectifying them, added to the terra damnata as alchymists call it or terra sacratisima as essay philosopherscall it the elements so rectified are sufficient for the cure of alldiseases, the humours offending being known and the contrary elementgiven. It is an experiment worth the trying, and can do no harm the lesser celandine, usually known by the name of pilewort and fogwort i wonder what ailed the ancients to give this the name celandine, which resembles it neather in nature nor form. It acquired the name ofpilewort from its virtues, and it being no great matter where i set itdown, so i set it down at all, i humoured dr tradition so much, as toset him down here descript this celandine or pilewort which you please doth spreadthesis round pale green leaves, set on weak and trailing branches whichlie upon the ground, and are flat, smooth, and essaywhat shining, and inessay places though seldom marked with black spots, each standing on along foot-stalk, among which rise small yellow flowers, consisting ofnine or ten small narrow leaves, upon slender foot-stalks, very likeunto crowsfoot, whereunto the seed also is not unlike being thesis smallkernels like a grain of corn essaytimes twice as long as others, of awhitish colour, with fibres at the end of them place it grows for the most writing in moist corners of fields andplaces that are near water sides, yet will abide in drier ground ifthey be a little shady time it flowers betimes, about march or april, is quite gone bymay. So it cannot be found till it spring again government and virtues it is under the dominion of mars, and beholdhere another verification of the learning of the ancients, viz thatthe virtue of an herb may be known by its signature, as plainly appearsin this.

Filing or attempting to filethe diploma or certificate of another, or false or forged evidence, isa felony punishable the same as forgery 3, 558 system of medicine - certificates are issued without prejudice, writingiality, or discrimination as to schools or systems of practice ormedicine, including the electropathic school 3, 561 fees - to treasurer of board by graduates and practitioners of tenyears’ standing, $5 by candidates for examination, $10 s 3, 552 to county clerk, for recording certificate, $1 3, 554 connecticut qualification, exceptions - after october 1st, 1893, no personshall for compensation, gain, or reward, received or expected, treat, operate, or prescribe for any injury, deformity, ailment, or disease, actual or imaginary, of another person, nor practisesurgery or midwifery unless or until he has obtained a certificate ofregistration, and then only in the kind or branch of practice statedin the certificate, but the act does not apply to dentists practisingdentistry only, nor to any person in the employ of the united statesgovernment while acting in the scope of his employment, nor to medicalor surgical assistance in paper of sudden emergency, nor to anyperson residing out of the state who shall be employed to come intothe state to assist or consult with any physician or surgeon who hasbeen registered in conformity with the act, nor to any physician orsurgeon then actually residing out of the state who shall be employedto come into the state to treat, operate, or prescribe for any injury, deformity, ailment, or disease from which any person is suffering atthe time when such non-resident physician or surgeon is so employed, nor to any actual resident of this state recommending by advertisementor otherwise the use of proper remedies sold under trade-marks issuedby the united states government, nor to any chiropodist or clairvoyantnot using in his practice any drugs, medicines, or poisons, nor to anyperson practising the massage method or swedish movement cure, suncure, mind cure, magnetic healing, or christian science, nor to anyother person who does not use or prescribe in his treatment of mankinddrugs, poisons, medicine, chemicals, or nostrums act 1893, c 148, s 1 any resident of the state who, at the time of the passage of theact, was or previously had been actually engaged in the state in thepractice of medicine, surgery, midwifery, or any alleged practice ofhealing, may, before october 1st, 1893, file with the state board ofhealth duplicate statements subscribed and sworn to by him upon blanksfurnished by said board, giving his name, age, and place of birth andpresent residence, stating whether he is a graduate of any medicalcollege or not, and of what college, and the date of graduation, andif practising under a license from any of the medical societies of thestate, which society and the date of such license and the length oftime he has been engaged in practice in the state, and also elsewhere, and whether in general practice or in a special branch of medicine orsurgery, and what branch on receipt of such statements, the boardshall issue a certificate of registration which shall state the kind orbranch of practice in which he is engaged 2 any person who shall, subsequent to october 1st, 1893, file with saidboard such duplicated statements, showing that he is a graduate ofa medical college recognized as reputable by any chartered medicalsociety of the state, shall receive a certificate of registration whichshall state the kind or branch of practice in which the person namedtherein is engaged or is to be engaged 3 any person residing in any town in another state which town adjoinsthe boundary line of connecticut, who was actually engaged in suchtown, at the time of the passage of the act, in the practice ofmedicine, surgery, or midwifery, or any branch of practice, may beforeoctober 1st, 1893, obtain from the said board a like certificate onfiling such duplicated statements also showing that he is entitled tosuch certificate under this section 4 except as above provided, no person shall after october 1st, 1893, obtain a certificate of registration until he has passed a satisfactoryexamination before a committee appointed by said board, nor until hehas filed with the said board duplicate certificates as aforesaid, signed by a majority of one of said examining commissioners, statingthat they have found him qualified to practise either medicine, surgery, or midwifery, and any person filing said certificates shallreceive from said board a certificate of registration 5 the state board of health, in january, 1894, is to appoint threeexamining commissions, each of five physicians nominated respectivelyby the connecticut medical society, the connecticut homœopathicmedical society, and the connecticut eclectic medical association, andrecommended by the said societies respectively as persons competent toserve upon the said examining commissions appointments are to be madethereafter from time to time by similar nominations 6 and 7 the state board of health shall designate when and where thecommissions shall hold examinations, but shall call a meeting of acommission within thirty days after the receipt of an application forexamination applicants shall be examined in anatomy, physiology, medical chemistry, obstetrics, hygiene, surgery, pathology, diagnosis, and therapeutics, including practice and materia medica eachcommission shall frame its own questions and conduct its examinationsin writing, and both questions and answers shall be placed on file withthe board each applicant may choose by which of the commissions hewill be examined after rejection by any examining commission, the applicant shall notbe eligible to examination by another commission until after theexpiration of twelve months 8 on the receipt of duplicate statements, the board shall transmit oneof them with a duplicate certificate of registration to the town clerkof the town where the person filing the statement resides, and if hedoes not reside in the state to the town clerk of the town in the statenearest to his place of residence, and said clerk shall record the sameand return them to the person who filed them with the board s 9 the secretary of each medical society shall file with the secretary ofthe state board of health a list of medical colleges or institutionsrecognized as legal and reputable by his society or all of suchsecretaries may agree upon a single list, and such list may becorrected from time to time 10 penalty - the violation of sec 10 shall be a misdemeanor, punishablewith a fine of from $100 to $300 for the first offence, and for eachsubsequent offence by a fine of from $200 to $500 or imprisonment inthe county jail for from thirty to ninety days, or both 11;swearing falsely to a statement is perjury 12 fees - to the state board of health, on filing statements orcertificates, $2 2, 3, 4, 5 to examining commission, before examination, their expenses notexceeding $10 8 to the town clerk, by state board of health out of the amount paid toit, for recording, 25 cents 9 delaware qualification - it is unlawful to practise medicine or surgery withouta license laws 1887, vol 18, c 35, s 1, as amended by laws 1889, vol 18, c 518 the medical board of examiners for the state must grant a licenseto any person applying therefor who shall produce a diploma froma respectable medical college, or shall, upon full and imwritingialexamination, be found qualified for such practice rev stats , c 47, s 3 the board consists of as thesis fellows of the medical society ofdelaware as the society deems proper 3 the clerk of the peace of a county, on presentation of a licenseissued by the board of examiners of the homœopathic medical societyof delaware state and peninsula, under its corporate seal, signed byits president and countersigned by its secretary, or of the licenseprovided by sec 3, c 47, of the revised statutes, or on the affidavitof a person that he or she has practised medicine or surgery for eightyears continuously in the state, and upon such person registering hisname, the date of his graduation and college if a graduate, and hisplace of intended residence, must issue a license 2 a person opening a transient office or assigning a transient officeby printed or written advertisement, must comply with the foregoingprovisions and pay special license fee for a license good only for oneyear laws 1887, vol 18, c 35, s 5 penalty - the violation of this law is a misdemeanor punishable by afine of from $100 to $300 7 exceptions - the present law exempts those who complied with the act ofapril 19th, 1883, and also regular practitioners of another state inconsultation with a lawful practitioner of medicine and surgery of thisstate 4, 6 fees - to clerk of the peace, for issuing license to practise, $10 50 laws 1887, vol 18, c 35, s 4 for issuing annual license forrevenue of the state, $10 50 laws, vol 13, c 117, as amended, vol 14, c 16 to secretary of board, for license, $10 rev stats , c 47, s 5 a license fee to practise medicine, for the revenue of the state, isalso required 8. Vol 13, c 117, as amended, vol 14, laws, c 16 district of columbia registration - it is the duty of every physician, accoucheur, andmidwife practising medicine, or doing business, to register at theoffice of the board of health, giving full name, residence, and placeof business, and in case of removal from one place to another in thedistrict to make a change in the register regulation of board ofhealth, august 28th, 1874, s 8, legalized by resolution of congress, no 25, s 2, april 24th, 1880 violation - the violation of the foregoing provision is punishable by afine of from $25 to $200 for every offence 9 qualification - all physicians required to register must do so upon alicense from essay chartered medical society or upon a diploma from essaymedical school or institution 11 first florida boards of examiners - the governor appoints a board of medicalexaminers for each judicial circuit, and a board of homœopathicexaminers for the state rev stats , 1892, s 801 the circuit board is composed of three practising physicians of knownability, graduates in good standing of a medical college, recognizedby the american medical association, residents of the circuit;the homœopathic board is composed of three practising homœopathicphysicians of known ability, graduates in good standing of a medicalcollege recognized by the american institute of homœopathy s 802 qualification - it is the duty of the board of examiners to examinethoroughly every applicant, upon the production of a medical diplomafrom a recognized college, upon anatomy, physiology, surgery, gynæcology, therapeutics, obstetrics, and chemistry, but no preferenceis given to any school of medicine. And it is the duty of the board ofhomœopathic medical examiners to examine thoroughly every applicant, upon the production of his diploma from a college recognized by theamerican institute of homœopathy, on anatomy, physiology, surgery, gynæcology, materia medica, therapeutics, obstetrics, and chemistry, but no preference is given to any school of medicine rev stats , 1892, s 806 when the board is satisfied as to the qualifications of the applicant, they grant a certificate which entitles him to practise medicine in anycounty, when recorded 807 any two members of the boardmay grant a certificate any member may grant a temporary certificate, upon examination, until the next regular meeting, at which time thetemporary certificate ceases to be of effect 808 before heshall be entitled to practise, the certificate must be recorded in theoffice of the clerk of the circuit court of the county in which he mayreside or sojourn. And the clerk must certify thereon, under officialseal, the fact and date of the record, and return the certificate809 a practitioner engaged in the practice of medicine in any dewritingmentprior to may 31st, 1889, upon the production of a diploma from amedical college recognized by the american medical association, isgranted a certificate, without further examination and without charge811 exceptions - this act is not applicable to persons who have compliedwith prior laws, nor to females practising midwifery, strictly as such no other person shall practise medicine in any of its branches ordewritingments, without having obtained and recorded a certificate s 812 penalty - practising as a physician without a certificate is punishableby imprisonment not exceeding six months, or a fine not exceeding $2002, 669 fees - to clerk, legal fee for recording 809 to board, $10 from each applicant whether certificate granted or not810 georgia the code of 1882, s 1, 409 a as amended by chap 413, laws 1882-83, provides that qualification - no person is to practise medicine, unless he wastheretofore legally authorized, or is hereafter authorized by a diplomafrom an incorporated medical college, medical school or university, orhas after attending one or more full terms at a regularly charteredmedical college, been in active practice of medicine since the year1866, or was by law authorized to practise medicine in 1866, and bycompliance with the statute definition - to “practise medicine” means to suggest, recommend, prescribe, or direct, for the use of any person, any drug, medicine, appliance, apparatus, or other agency, whether material or notmaterial, for the cure, relief, or palliation of any ailment or diseaseof mind or body, or for the cure or relief of any wound, fracture, orother bodily injury, or any deformity, after having received or withthe intent of receiving therefor, either directly or indirectly, anybonus, gift, or compensation 1, 409 b registration - every person now lawfully engaged in practice mustregister on or before december 1st, 1881. Every person hereafter dulyqualified shall, before commencing to practise, register in the officeof the clerk of the superior court of the county wherein he resides andis practising, or intends to practise, his name, residence, and placeof birth, together with his authority. He shall subscribe or verify, by oath or affirmation, before a person duly qualified to administeroaths under the laws of this state, an affidavit containing such facts, and whether such authority is by diploma or license, and the date ofthe same, and by whom granted, which shall be exhibited to the countyclerk, before the applicant is allowed to register, and which, ifwilfully false, is punishable as false swearing 1, 409 c removal - a registered physician changing his residence from countyto county must register in the clerk office of the county to whichhe removes and wherein he intends to reside and to practise medicine1, 409 d penalty - the violation of this law or practising, or offering topractise, without lawful authority, or under cover of a diploma orlicense illegally obtained, is a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine offrom $100 to $500, or imprisonment from thirty to ninety days, or both1, 409 e exceptions - commissioned medical officers of the united states army ornavy, or united states marine hospital service, and women practisingonly midwifery, are not affected 1, 409 f medical boards - all medical boards are abolished, and only thequalifications of practitioners of medicine set forth above arerequired 1, 409 g fees - to county clerk, fifty cents for each registration s 1, 409 c tax - on practitioners of physic, $5 per annum 809 idaho qualification - no person can lawfully practise medicine or surgery whohas not received a medical education, and a diploma from a regularlychartered medical school, having a bona fide existence when thediploma was granted rev stats , 1887, s 1, 298 a physician or surgeon must file for record with the county recorderof the county in which he is about to practise, or where he practises, a copy of his diploma, at the same time exhibiting the original, ora certificate from the dean of a medical school certifying to hisgraduation 1, 298 a when filing the copy required, he must be identified as the personnamed in the papers, by the affidavit of two citizens of the county, orby his affidavit taken before a notary public or commissioner of deedsfor this state. And the affidavit is filed in the office of the countyrecorder 1, 298 b penalty - practising without complying with the act is a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of from $50 to $500, or imprisonment in a countyjail from thirty days to six months, or both fine and imprisonment foreach offence filing or attempting to file as his own the diploma or certificate ofgraduation of another, or a forged affidavit of identification, is afelony. Subject to fine and imprisonment 1, 298 c. S 6, 312 exceptions - the act is not applicable to a person in an emergencyprescribing or giving advice in medicine or surgery, in a townshipwhere no physician resides within convenient distance, nor to thosewho have practised medicine or surgery in this state for ten yearspreceding the passage of this act, nor to persons prescribing in theirown families, nor to midwifery in places where no physician resideswithin convenient distance 1, 298 e. As amended by act offebruary 7th, 1889 fees - no special fees are enumerated in the statute the countyrecorder fees for services are prescribed in rev stats , 1887, s 2, 128 illinois qualification - no person can lawfully practise medicine in any ofits dewritingments unless he possesses the qualifications required if agraduate in medicine, he must present his diploma to the state boardof health for verification as to its genuineness if the diploma isfound genuine, and from a legally chartered medical institution in goodstanding, and if the person named therein be the person claiming andpresenting the same, the board must issue a certificate conclusive asto his right to practise medicine if not a graduate, the person mustpresent himself before the said board and submit to examination, andif the examination is satisfactory the board must issue certificate laws 1887, p 225, s 1 the verification of a diploma consists in the affidavit of the holderand applicant that he is the person therein named the affidavit may betaken before any person authorized to administer oaths, and attestedunder the hand and official seal of such officer if he have a seal swearing falsely is perjury graduates may present their diplomas andaffidavits by letter or proxy 3 all examinations of persons not graduates or licentiates are made bythe board. And certificates authorize their possessor to practisemedicine and, surgery 4 the certificate must be recorded in the office of the clerk of thecounty in which the holder resides within three months from its date, and the date of recording indorsed until recorded, the holder cannotlawfully exercise the rights and privileges conferred a personremoving to another county to practise must record his certificate inthe county to which he removes 5 examinations may be wholly or writingly in writing and shall be ofelementary and practical character, but sufficiently strict to test thequalifications of the candidate as a practitioner 8 the board may refuse to issue a certificate to a person guilty ofunprofessional or dishonorable conduct, and may revoke for like causes the applicant in case of a refusal or revocation may appeal to thegovernor and his decision will be final 9 definition - “practising medicine” is defined as treating, operatingon, or prescribing for any physical ailment of another the actdoes not prohibit services in case of emergency, nor the domesticadministration of family remedies, and does not apply to commissionedsurgeons of the united states army, navy, or marine hospital service inthe discharge of official duty 10 itinerant vender - an itinerant vender of drug, nostrum, ointment, orappliance intended for treatment of disease or injury, or professingby writing, printing, or other method to cure or treat disease ordeformity by drug, nostrum, manipulation, or other expedient, must paya license fee of $100 per month into the treasury of the board theboard may issue such license selling without a license is punishableby fine of from $100 to $200 for each offence the board may for causerefuse a license 11 penalty - practising medicine or surgery without a certificate ispunishable by a forfeiture of $100 for the first offence, and $200 foreach subsequent offence. Filing or attempting to file as his own thecertificate of another, or a forged affidavit of identification, is afelony, punishable as forgery exceptions - the act saves for six months after its passage the rightof persons who have practised continuously for ten years in the stateprior to its passage, to receive a certificate under former act butall persons holding a certificate on account of ten years’ practice aresubject to all requirements and discipline of this act in regard totheir future conduct. All persons not having applied for or receivedcertificates within said six months, and all persons whose applicationshave for the causes named been rejected, or their certificates revoked, shall, if they practise medicine, be deemed guilty of practising inviolation of law 12 penalty - on conviction of the offence mentioned in the act, the courtmust, as a writing of the judgment, order the defendant to be committed tothe county jail until the fine and costs are paid 13 fees - to the secretary of the board, for each certificate to agraduate or licentiate, $5 2 for graduates or licentiates in midwifery, $2 2 to county clerk, usual fees for making record to treasury of board, for examination of non-graduates. $20, inmedicine and surgery. $10, in midwifery only if the applicant fails to pass, the fees are returned if he passes, acertificate issues without further charge 7 indiana qualification - it is unlawful to practise medicine, surgery, orobstetrics without a license act april 11th, 1885, s 1 the license is procured from the clerk of the circuit court of thecounty where the person resides or desires to locate to practise.

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As also for them that havetheir necks drawn awry, and cannot turn them without turning theirwhole body eyebright descript common eyebright is a small low herb, rising up usuallybut with one blackish green stalk a span high, or not much more, spread from the bottom into sundry branches, whereon are small andalmost round yet pointed dark green leaves, finely snipped about theedges, two always set together, and very thick. At the joints with theleaves, from the middle upward, come forth small white flowers, markedwith purple and yellow spots, or stripes. After which follow smallround heads, with very small seed therein the root is long, small andthready at the end place it grows in meadows, and grassy land government and virtues it is under the sign of the lion, and solclaims dominion over it if the herb was but as much used as it isneglected, it would half spoil the spectacle maker trade. And a manwould think, that reason should teach people to prefer the preservationof their natural before artificial spectacles. Which that they may beinstructed how to do, take the virtues of eyebright as follows the juice or distilled water of eyebright, taken inwardly in white wineor broth, or dropped into the eyes for divers days together, helps allinfirmities of the eyes that cause dimness of sight essay make conserveof the flowers to the same effect being used any of the ways, it alsohelps a weak brain, or memory this tunned up with strong beer, thatit may work together, and drank, or the powder of the dried herb mixedwith sugar, a little mace, and fennel seed, and drank, or eaten inbroth. Or the said powder made into an electuary with sugar, and taken, has the same powerful effect to help and restore the sight, decayedthrough age.