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The berriesof the flowers are a powerful remedy against the poison of the mostvenomous serpents. As well drank as outwardly applied, helps thesores of the fundament and the piles. The juice of the berries mixedwith the juice of mulberries, do bind more effectually, and helpsall fretting and eating sores and ulcers wheresoever the distilledwater of the branches, leaves, and flowers, or of the fruit, is verypleasant in taste, and very effectual in fevers and hot distempers ofthe body, head, eyes, and other writings, and for the purposes aforesaid the leaves boiled in lye, and the head washed therewith, heals theitch and running sores thereof, and makes the hair black the powderof the leaves strewed on cankers and running ulcers, wonderfully helpsto heal them essay use to condensate the juice of the leaves, and essaythe juice of the berries, to keep for their use all the year, for thepurposes aforesaid blites descript of these there are two sorts commonly known, viz whiteand red the white has leaves essaywhat like to beets, but smaller, rounder and of a whitish green colour, every one standing upon a smalllong footstalk. The stalk rises up two or three feet high, with suchlike leaves thereon. The flowers grow at the top in long round tufts, or clusters, wherein are contained small and round seeds.

Mark in front of neck dislocationof occipital bone from atlas brain and membranes much congested lungscollapsed and anæmic half ounce serum in business statistics homework help pericardium heart normal;dark fluid blood in both ventricles. Liver normal 79 cayley. Ibid , p 122 - man, age 35. Executed by hanging scarcely any convulsive movements after drop fell necroscopy two hoursafterward no congestion or protrusion or swelling of the tongue. Nomuscular rigidity or contractions about half-way around the neck wasindentation of cord, obliquely directed. Hardly perceptible in front;its surface appeared rubbed and compressed. No discoloration. Noecchymosis under skin cord lay across upper writing of thyroid cartilage larynx and trachea not injured fracture and dislocation of uppercervical vertebræ lungs collapsed, not congested pericardium empty;heart distended, left side with red blood just beginning to clot;right side with fluid black blood liver and other abdominal organsmuch congested no discharge of fæces or semen 80 garden.

” and this “open mind, ” that of aman who was practicing in a business statistics homework help small town in arkansas and needed “severalthousand copies” of the sinclair article to distribute to his patients!. After his “fasting cure” experience, mr sinclair had the “raw food”fad-- also abandoned in due time in one of his recent books “the brasscheck” he refers to his outgrown fads in the following words. “i was willing to try anything in the hope of solving the health problem, which i have since realized is insolvable-- there being no diet orsystem of any sort which will permit a man to overwork with impunity ”he states further in this same connection:“i look back in retrospect and have not a little fun over my ‘monkeydiet’ days ”who shall say that ten years hence mr sinclair may not be able tolook back, good humoredly, in retrospect, to another time when he was“monkeying” with a subject that was beyond his ken?. -- from the journala m a , april 29, 1922 acetylsalicylic acid, not aspirinthe council on pharmacy and chemistry publishes a report in thisissue giving its reasons for deleting “aspirin-bayer” from new andnonofficial remedies in order that a standard may be provided, thedrug acetylsalicylic is retained259 in n n r under its scientificname, acetylsalicylic acid, aspirin appearing as a synonym theattempt on the writing of the bayer company to perpetuate the monopoly ithas had for seventeen years in the united states was briefly discussededitorially in the journal, aug 12, 1916 we quoted from printers’ink, a magazine devoted to advertising, in writing as follows:259 see index for additional article “the manufacturers of aspirin are about to launch an extensive advertising campaign to clinch the market as far as possible before the expiration of their patent rights next year the purpose of the campaign is to identify the product with the trademark of the bayer company and to this extent hamper competition after the expiration of the patent ”it is worth while reminding physicians of the privileges the bayercompany has enjoyed for so thesis years, owing largely to our inequitableand crude patent laws, or to their construction first, it should beremembered that practically no other country in the world, not eventhe original home of the preparation, would grant a patent on eitheracetylsalicylic acid, the product, or on the process for making thatproduct the united states granted both!. as a result, for seventeenyears it has been impossible in this country for anybody except thebayer company to manufacture or sell acetylsalicylic acid, either underits chemical name or under any other name neither was it possible forindividuals, hospitals or any other institutions to import it, legally, for their own use needless to say, the american people have been made to pay exorbitantlyfor the monopoly our patent office granted this firm three orfour years ago the journal, through the american consuls, obtainedinformation regarding the price at which acetylsalicylic acid was soldin foreign countries at that time, acetylsalicylic acid, as “aspirin, ”was costing american druggists-- and of course the american public hadto pay still more for it-- 43 cents an ounce just across the borderin canada it sold for one-third the price asked here in essay of theforeign countries, acetylsalicylic acid under its scientific name couldbe purchased by the druggists of those countries at from one-sixth toless than one-tenth the price that it cost american druggists here areessay of the figures. Austria-hungary 4 cents an ounce holland 4 cents an ounce british isles 6 cents an ounce norway 4 cents an ounce denmark 4 cents an ounce sweden 4 cents an ounce france 4 cents an ounce united states 43 cents an ounce gerthesis 4 cents an ouncenot content with the iron-bound monopoly which it had been grantedthrough our patent laws, the company attempted further to clinch itsexclusive rights by giving the preparation a fancy name, “aspirin, ” andgetting a trademark on this name the patent on acetylsalicylic acidexpires next month february, 1917 after its expiration the product, and its method of manufacture, become common property americanmanufacturers will now be able to do what manufacturers in othercountries, other than the patentees, have long been doing-- make andsell acetylsalicylic acid 260260 the bayer people may try to convey the impression that“aspirin” is pure and reliable whereas other brands are not sinceacetylsalicylic acid is a definite chemical compound, there isno more likelihood of this being sophisticated than there is ofquinin being adulterated furthermore, the council in acceptingacetylsalicylic acid for new and nonofficial remedies has providedstandards of purity which will insure a uniform product the brand ofone firm-- powers-weightman-rosengarten co , of philadelphia-- has beenaccepted by the council on pharmacy and chemistry for inclusion in newand nonofficial remedies, 1917 unfortunately, it is extremely improbable that any americanmanufacturer will market acetylsalicylic acid under the name aspirin, although we believe they would have a legal right to do so the courtshave held in related instances that when a patented article has beenknown during the life of the patent under a trademarked name, withthe expiration of the patent the name as well as the product becomescommon property the classical “singer sewing machine” decision andthe lanolin case are in point the bayer company, through a widespreadnewspaper advertising campaign, seems to be attempting to perpetuateits seventeen-year monopoly by leading the public to believe thatthere can be only one brand of genuine acetylsalicylic acid on themarket-- that made by the bayer company the firm will, of course, continue to manufacture and advertise theproduct under the name “aspirin-bayer, ” and will probably charge highprices for it, as was the case with phenacetin acetphenetidin inany event, physicians hereafter should do what for a long time we havebeen advising should be done, namely, prescribe the compound underits scientific name, acetylsalicylic acid they should do this if forno other reason than that they would be using the name which carrieswith it a reminder of the composition of the preparation of course, for those who have been writing “aspirin” it will be rather difficultto write “acetylsalicylic acid, ” just as a quarter of a century agoit was difficult for the physician of that day who had been usingthe copyright name “antifebrin” to write “acet-anilid, ” a name whichnowadays is easy, even for laymen -- editorial from the journala m a , jan 20, 1917 “what in a name?. ”under the caption “what in a name?. ” the current april issueof the journal of industrial and engineering chemistry has aneditorial dealing with the nomenclatures-- common and proprietary-- ofacetylsalicylic acid the editorial was prompted by an article by dr leech printed in the same issue replying to its own question.

It fortifies the virtueexpulsive, makes the body slippery, fit business statistics homework help for ejection. It fortifies thebrain by its consimilitude with it. Yet it spoils apprehension by itsantipathy to it. It qualifies choler, cools and moistens the heart, thereby sustaining it, and the whole body, from the fiery effects, which continual motion would produce its receptacle is the lungs, and is governed by venus, essay say by the moon, perhaps it may begoverned by them both, it is cold and moist in quality melancholy is the sediment of blood, cold and dry in quality, fortifying the retentive faculty, and memory.

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‘it is, perhaps, impertinent for laboratory men to comment on these clinical results ’it is his point was well taken and it is a profound pity thatprofessor carlson did not observe his own ruling “in the words of a correspondent of the journal of the american medicalassociation, in discussing professor carlson criticism of dr crile‘kinetic drive, ’ ‘it behooves the laboratory man to be circumspect inhis criticism of clinical theories, since going beyond the bounds ofwell-established things weakens his position, not merely with referenceto the writingicular subject under discussion, but with reference toclinical phenomena in general ’ clinical results have definitelyestablished the value of secretogen as the matter now stands thisstatement is beyond criticism “when secretogen was first introduced we assumed that it depended onsecretin for results produced in this assumption we were in goodcompany, as witnessed by the testimony of moore, edie and abram when, in the course of their investigations as to the value in diabetesof a secretin-bearing extract given by mouth, 106 they said. ‘inthe majority of these paper there has been no appreciable fallin the output of sugar in essay of these negative paper there hasbeen noted, however, improvement in the digestion and, in certainpaper, the patient weight has increased ’ they also state thatthe secretin-bearing product ‘appears to stimulate the functionalactivity of the duodenum ’106 they give a most significantreport 107 we quote from the paper as follows:106 all italics are ours g w carnrick company 107 bio-chem jour 1:28, 1906 “‘the patient had been under observation for six months beforetreatment and the sugar was not reducible by diet almost at once thedyspepsia from which he was suffering was relieved and his generalnutrition improved to such an extent that he regained over eighteenpounds in weight, which he had previously lost, and this improvementwas accompanied by complete recovery of his physical and mentalenergies ’106“inasmuch as this improvement could not have been due to the containedsecretin it must have been due to essay other principle containedin the extract our experience and that of the physicians who haveused secretogen establish the fact that moore, edie and abram madeno mistake when they came to the conclusion that what they termed asecretin-bearing extract stimulates the functional activity of theduodenum and improves the digestion “when professor carlson was investigating secretogen he must haverealized that he was dealing essentially with an extract of theduodenal mucosa it is, therefore, all the more surprising, consideringhis extensive researches into the literature, that he should haveignored the testimony of essay of his own authorities, writingicularlyhallion, as to the value of extracts of the duodenal mucosa in duodenalinsufficiencies the meticulous carefulness with which this evidencewas avoided is hardly worthy of the best traditions of physiology, ascience which has truth for its first and last aim “hallion in his ‘la pratique de l’opothérapie’ says that the ‘aims ofduodenal opotherapy are. 1, to supply deficient duodenal juice 2, above all to stimulate and to relieve this organ-- notably to aid theproduction of secretin4-- and so profit by the stimulating actionwhich duodenal extract exercises on the duodenal mucosa which actionwe, enriquez and myself, believe and have experimentally proved, conforms to the general principles of opotherapy 3, by means of theproduction of secretin, to reinforce the biliary, pancreatic andintestinal secretions 4, to stimulate intestinal peristalsis “‘principal indications. Intestinal dyspepsias, intestinalautointoxications, certain forms of constipation and duodenalinsufficiency ’“at the international congress of medicine, madrid, 1903, hallionsaid that he felt justified in stating that duodenal opotherapycorrectly carried out must be classed under the very best methods oftreating dyspepsia 106 the results had been satisfactory and, inthesis paper, remarkable it had been nil in a few paper but it hadnever been harmful in any degree he pointed out that marfan was thefirst to employ this substance clinically marfan had had writingicularlyexcellent results in children of 15 months to 4 years suffering withmarked malnutrition, anorexia and constipation marfan prescribedthe duodenal extract given in milk 106 hallion further remarks that, as he is not a practitioner, he had had only one opportunity to testduodenal opotherapy clinically the case was that of a man of 26 yearswith obstinate intestinal dyspepsia and severe constipation which hadpersisted from childhood this patient had been treated by enemas, laxatives, diet, etc treatment with duodenal extract resulted ina complete cure 106 hallion points out that the most satisfactoryaspect of duodenal opotherapy is the permanent effect produced, 106which bears out his statement that these extracts have the power to aidin the restoration of function and structure of an organ “this has been so well established that the principle is now embodiedin a law which is frequently referred to as ‘hallion law’. ‘extractsof an organ exert on the same organ an exciting influence which lastsfor a longer or shorter time when the organ is insufficient it isconceivable that this influence augments its action and, when it isinjured, that it favors its restoration ’“in ‘la pratique de l’opothérapie’ hallion points out that ‘theopotherapeutic product which corresponds to the affected organrepresents in essay way the stimulating and elective food for thatorgan, and if we supply the organ with a food which is more completethan it necessarily needs, the affected organ can exercise its electiveaction and take up only those substances of which it is in need ’“hallion observations on this point are beautifully borne out bythe classic work of j w draper, as reported in the journal of theamerican medical association, sept 26, 1914 this report gives resultsin both laboratory and clinical experiments “in order to show that fed jejunal and ileac epithelium exerciseessay special detoxicating power, not yet understood but definitelyrecognizable, draper fed a control series of dogs with intestinalobstruction, experimentally produced, on emulsified cells of liver, spleen, pancreas and muscle tissue these animals lived a few hourslonger than not-fed controls, but draper says that it is evidentthat these cells had either no detoxicating action, or a very feebleone compared with intestinal epithelium he used jejunal and ileacepithelium clinically in two instances. 1st, in a female dog which hadhad ‘chronic stomach trouble’ for six months when draper saw her shehad had complete intestinal obstruction for five days, with symptoms oftachycardia, extreme nervousness and great weakness in the hind legs draper removed a pebble from her intestine but her condition was stillgrave “she was immediately put on small-intestine epithelium derived fromtwo dogs of different breed draper says that from a long experiencewith duodenally obstructed dogs, he should not have expected her torecover, but the symptoms gradually subsided and she lived the secondinstance in which he used the epithelium therapeutically was in thecase of a man who suffered from an annular cancer of the intestine withdefinite symptoms of obstruction after the operation, and realizingthat the patient was in a desperate condition, he fed him an emulsionof intestinal epithelium from a dog the pulse improved and the patientlived “essay of draper conclusions are as follows:“‘autotoxemia in intestinal obstruction undoubtedly arises from aninterference with cellular reactions of the intestinal epithelium when small-intestine epithelial cells of healthy animals are placedin the stomach106 of duodenally obstructed animals, such animals havelived nearly twice as long as not-fed controlled animals this evidenceis strongly opposed to the bacterial theory of origin of toxins ’“the point to be emphasized is this. If this emulsion of intestinalepithelium had been fed to a normal dog and a normal man, what wouldhave happened?. absolutely nothing on the other hand, given as it wasto a dog and a man in desperate need it exercised a potent effect “abundant clinical testimony can be cited in support of the opinionsof moore, edie and abram, hallion, marfan and draper as to the valueof extracts of the intestinal mucosa given by mouth in pathologicalconditions we have previously cited the published favorable opinionsof such gastroenterologists as anthony bassler, lewis brinton, g r lockwood, and r c kemp, so there is no need to recapitulate theirexperiences with what they honestly believed to be secretin-bearingextracts, but which were essentially extracts of the duodenal mucosa “supplementing the evidence of these men as to the value of theseextracts we submit an excerpt from a letter from one of the best knownphysicians of edinburgh:“‘i can speak in very high praise of secretogen, which i have used inboth tablet form and as the elixir there is no doubt about its valuein a certain class of intractable indigestion which refuses to bebenefited by any other remedy on several occasions i have been muchgratified by the definite relief obtained in this class of paper ithits the mark also in essay types of obstinate constipation-- i thinkthose paper where the trouble is wrapped up in impaired enervationof the intestine, and where stasis occurs at certain segments of thecanal ’“hallion very pertinently points out108 that it is now accepted thatopotherapy is not substitutive, but homostimulative and he remarksfurther that it is well to bear in mind that the so-called activesubstances which make the extract efficacious need not necessarily bethe hormones ‘it may be the elements of tissue structure which maycome to the aid of the injured organ the hormone should not thereforebe looked on as the only active agent of opotherapy and, while itsaction is important, it need not necessarily be preponderant thechemical isolation of the hormones is, of course, of interest but maynot be as vital to organotherapy as we have thought ’ ”108 presse médicale, 1912, p 433 comment by the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe g w carnrick company, which formerly claimed that secretogen wasefficacious because it contained secretin, now admits this claim to beunfounded notwithstanding, the manufacturers still call their productsecretogen and make for it practically the same therapeutic claims asbefore they now base these claims on vague “principles of opotherapy”and on so-called “clinical testimony ” the burden of proof rests onthem to show that these old claims, already discredited but put forthagain on new grounds, are justified have they done so?. The “clinical te stimony” is not convincing so much of it as isdefinite enough to permit of criticism has already been dealt with theremainder consists of mere assertions. It is not through reliance onsuch evidence that the council can discharge its trust on this side ofthe question there is nothing new to be said-- reassertion of a refutedargument does not constitute fresh proof nor is the case better on the experimental side the statements ofhallion, enriquez, zuelzer and others109 as to the existence of a“peristaltic hormone” not only have failed of confirmation, but alsohave been positively discredited with regard to draper work, whichdealt with acute intestinal obstruction, it is difficult to see what isits relevance to the present issue, writingicularly since draper resultswere obtained with a product derived from the mucosa of the jejunumand ileum and not with an extract of the duodenum such as secretogenpurports to be 109 cf interal schagindweit, e. Experimentelle versuche mithormonal, arch internat de pharmacod , 1913, p 77 the innuendo that the council discriminates in favor of certainmanufacturers, is itself a confession of weakness in publishing this correspondence the council sole object is to putthe medical profession in possession of the exact facts of the case these may fairly be summed up as follows:1 secretogen was originally marketed as a preparation containingsecretin none was found in it 2 notwithstanding proof of this fact, the g w carnrick companyretain the original name of the product, knowing that, by itsassociation with their former erroneous assertions concerningsecretogen, this name must inevitably convey to a physician usingthe product the impression that he is administering secretin in theadvertising literature no hint is given that this original statementwas erroneous 3 the product called “secretogen” has not been shown, eitherexperimentally and by sound clinical evidence, to possess usefultherapeutic properties under these circumstances the council reaffirms its decision -- fromreports of council on pharmacy and chemistry, 1916, p 72 iron citrate green report of the council on pharmacy and chemistryh k mulford company and e r squibb and sons submitted to thecouncil ampules containing solutions of iron citrate green it thusbecame necessary to consider the eligibility of iron citrate greenitself for admission to new and nonofficial remedies as the rules ofthe council provide that nonessential modifications of official ornonproprietary preparations will not be recognized, the above namedfirms were asked to state what advantages, if any, the so-called ironcitrate green had over the official iron and ammonium citrate in replythe h k mulford company wrote that it had come to the conclusion thatiron citrate green and ampules thereof would undoubtedly be consideredby the council as a nonessential modification of an official product, adding.