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Fees to brainmass homework help be collected and held until i arrive ”the letter that was intended only for the doctor eye declared. “you are to have $100 of the fee and $50 of the per diem ”it explained that the “complete outfit” referred to in the “patientletter” would “consist in writing of a tube of intravenous medication” anddoses of “restorative capsules” and “eli 606 capsules ”eli h dunn seems to have had a essaywhat varied and spectacular career after being graduated in 1885 he apparently started practice in orion, ill during the nineties he was practicing at elma, iowa, and about1900 he seems to have moved to kansas city, mo during 1906 and 1908, he also had an additional office at denver, col about this time he wasexploiting “dunn uterine evacuant” which was “a strictly legitimate”product which could “be injected within the uterus with perfect safetyand immediate effect ” this stuff was advertised both from the kansascity and the denver offices the “personal column” of a kansas citypaper in 1910 carried the message to “ladies” that “dr dunn” was a“regular physician for women only, ” dunn violation of the postal lawsin 1911 and of the federal food and drugs act in 1912 need not be goneinto at this time the journal would feel like apologizing for devoting space to such apreposterous scheme were it not for the fact that physicians, beinghuman, essaytimes “fall for” preposterous schemes essay, we know, havenibbled at dunn bait. Others may do so the gross commercialism thatpermeates the advertising matter sent out by dunn again emphasizesthe fact that the fad for intravenous medication offers an attractivefield for those who would exploit our profession -- from the journala m a , nov 22, 1919 glover cancer serumscores of letters have reached-- and are reaching-- the journal officesimilar in effect to the following. “i am enclosing ‘literature’ received from the ‘t j glover research laboratory ’ though purporting to come from toronto, where the $25 00 are to be sent, if you please, the envelope bears the 448 new york postmark ”the above is from new jersey while the two following are from michiganand illinois, respectively. “have you any information in regard to this writingy and his treatment for cancer?.

It is corrected withginger, or mastich let not the vulgar be too busy with it tuburnum or toad-stools whether these be roots or no, it mattersnot much. For my writing i know but little need of them, either in foodor physic victorialis a foreign kind of garlick they say, being hung aboutthe neck of cattle that are blind suddenly, it helps them. And defendsthose that bear it, from evil spirits swallow-wort, and teazles were handled before ulmariæ, reginæ, prati, &c mead-sweet cold and dry, binding, stopsfluxes, and the immoderate flowing of the menses. You may take a dramat a time urticæ of nettles see the leaves zedoariæ of zedoary, or setwall this and zurumbet, according torhasis, and mesue, are all one. Avicenna thinks them different:i hold with mesue. Indeed they differ in form, for the one is long, the other round. They are both hot and dry in the second degree, expelwind, resist poison, stop fluxes, and the menses, stay vomiting, helpthe cholic, and kill worms. You may take half a dram at a time zingiberis of ginger helps digestion, warms the stomach, clears thesight, and is profitable for old men. Heats the joints, and thereforeis profitable against the gout, expels wind. It is hot and dry in thesecond degree barks a pil rad of the roots of smallage take notice here, that the barksboth of this root, as also of parsley, fennel, &c is all of the rootwhich is in use, neither can it properly be called bark, for it is allthe root, the hard pith in the middle excepted, which is always thrownaway, when the roots are used it is essaything hotter and drier thanparsley, and more medicinal. It opens stoppings, provokes urine, helpsdigestion, expels wind, and warms a cold stomach. Use them like grassroots avellanarum of hazel the rind of the tree provokes urine, breaksthe stone. The husks and shells of the nuts, dried and given in powder, stay the immoderate flux of the menses aurantiorum of oranges both these, and also lemons and citrons, are of different qualities.

Tube 2, 1:100. Tube 3, 1:1, 000. Tube 4, 1:10, 000, and tube 5, 1:100, 000 one series was inoculated with typhoid bacillus all tubes were incubated for three days at 37 c chlorlyptus inhibited the growth of typhoid bacillus when added to the bouillon in the proportions of 1:10 the growth of anthrax bacillus was inhibited by chlorlyptus when it was added in the proportions of 1:10, 1:100 and 1:1, 000, as shown in the accompanying table the table was not submitted -- ed in one instance the growth was markedly inhibited by chlorlyptus when added in the proportion of 1:10, 000 experiment 3 -- germicidal action of chlorlyptus on typhoid bacillus -- bouillon cultures of typhoid bacillus forty-eight hours old, and a suspension of forty-eight-hour agar cultures of typhoid bacillus in sterile salt solution were used for the experiment chlorlyptus was added in the proportion of 1:1, 000. 1:1, 500. 1:100. 2 per cent. 3 per cent. 4 per cent. 5 per cent and 10 per cent , respectively inoculations were made in trypsinized peptone bouillon after the addition of chlorlyptus at different intervals, namely. At once, after five minutes, after ten minutes, after fifteen minutes, after thirty minutes, after one hour and after two hours, and tubes incubated at 37 c for forty-eight hours result. Growth was shown in all tubes except those in which chlorlyptus was added in the proportion of 10 per cent and after the action of the antiseptic for two hours or longer experiment 4 -- inhibitory action of chlorlyptus in the growth of typhoid bacillus -- chlorlyptus was added to sterile bouillon in the proportion of 1:100, 1:1, 000, 1:10, 000 and 1:100, 000, and incubated for forty-eight hours at 37 c to eliminate any possible contamination of the bouillon during the manipulations all tubes were found sterile and inoculated with typhoid bacillus result. All tubes were found sterile again after being inoculated with typhoid bacillus and incubated at 37 c for forty-eight hours, which shows chlorlyptus inhibited and the growth of typhoid bacillus in bouillon when this antiseptic was added in the proportions of 1:100 to 1:100, 000 remarks. In another experiment made, chlorlyptus showed a weaker inhibitory action on the growth of typhoid bacillus experiment 5 -- germicidal action of carbolic acid -- the technic was the same as that outlined in experiment 1 except that carbolic acid was used instead of chlorlyptus result. Carbolic acid showed a distinct germicidal action on typhoid bacillus in the proportions of 1 per cent in ten minutes experiment 6 -- action of nitrogen gas on the growth of typhoid bacillus in bouillon and nutrient agar when chlorlyptus was added to this culture medium -- chlorlyptus was added to the bouillon in the proportions of 1:100, 1:1, 000, 1:10, 000 and 1:100, 000, as outlined in experiment 2. Also to agar kept melted at 45 c tubes were inoculated with typhoid bacillus. Plates were made of the inoculated agar tubes.

The peculiar conformationof the idiot skull. The prognathous skull of the negro. The pyramidalskull of essay of the yellow races, and the oval head of the whiteman. Besides the ethnic artificial deformities already touched uponin considering the question of race a metopic cranium, a cleftpalate, a deformed spine or pelvis, a larger left scapula indicativeof left-handedness. A shortened extremity.

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Since the claims are brainmass homework help thesame as previously made, have the manufacturers altered the compositionto conform to the claims?. the answer is found in the results of theanalysis of two samples purchased in the open market early in 1919 this analysis shows conclusively that iodex is essentially the same asin 1915, that is, that it contains no free iodin and only about threefifths of the total amount of iodin claimed it would seem that iodex ung iodi , m & j is in obvious conflictwith section 7 of the food and drugs act while it is sold under a namerecognized by the u s pharmacopeia, namely, ung iodi , it does notconform to the standards of the u s pharmacopeia for that product iodin ointment u s p is made with 4 per cent of free iodin, 4 percent of potassium iodid, 12 per cent of glycerin, and a benzoinatedlard base it should then contain approximately 7 per cent of totaliodin it has been shown by warren214 that about 75 per cent of theiodin in the u s p ointment remains in the free state even aftermonths of standing ung iodi , u s p , then, should contain about 3per cent of free iodin iodex contains no free iodin, or but traces, and no potassium iodid furthermore, the iodex label declares thepresence of 5 per cent of “therapeutically free” iodin as a matter offact, the amount of iodin is variable, the highest amount found being3 5 per cent and samples containing as low as 2 63 per cent have beenexamined 214 warren, l e. Iodin ointment, am j pharm , august, 1917, p 339 it would seem further that iodex is misbranded under the sherleyamendment in that it is said that it “may be used externally withadvantage in all paper where the action of iodin is desired ” sinceit contains no iodin as such this cannot possibly be true it is alsostated in a circular accompanying the trade package that “thirtyminutes after inunction iodin can be found in the urine ” thisstatement has also been shown to be untrue -- annual reports a m a chem lab , 1915, p 89 details of analysisiodex -- this is a rather soft ointment, almost black but with adecided greenish cast in thin layers it is soluble in chloroformbut is only writingly saponified and dissolved by alcoholic potassiumhydroxid iodex has a distinct odor like oleic acid free iodin -- when examined by the method previously used215 onlyminute traces of free iodin were found 215 ibid , p 90 total iodin -- the methods employed were as follows. 1 iodex wassaponified by boiling for from two to three hours with alcoholicpotassium hydroxid the alcohol was then evaporated and the iodindetermined by the method described in the u s pharmacopeia for thymoliodid 2 the same as method 1, except that after ignition of the saponifiedmixture the halogen was determined by weighing as silver iodid 3 the carius method it should be noted that methods 2 and 3 determine chlorin and brominshould any be present with the iodin when 5 gm of sample 1 was assayed by method 1, it required 73 56 c c of tenth-normal sodium thiosulphate, equivalent to 3 11 per cent of iodin in a duplicate, 2 7565 gm of iodex required 38 c c oftenth-normal sodium thiosulphate, equivalent to 2 92 per cent ofiodin. Average of the two, 3 02 per cent of iodin a weight of 2 5800 gm of sample 1, assayed by method 2, gave0 1582 gm of silver halid, equivalent to 0 0855 gm of iodin, or 3 31per cent a weight of 0 588 gm of sample 2, assayed by the carius method, gave0 0388 gm of silver halid, indicating 0 02096 gm of iodin, or 3 52per cent in a duplicate, 0 5342 gm gave 0 0338 gm of silver halid, indicating 0 01826 gm of iodin, or 3 42 per cent. Average, 3 49 percent of iodin liquid iodex -- this is sold by menley & james, ltd , the firm sellingiodex ointment according to a circular in a trade package “thevaluable properties of free iodine are available in liquid ‘iodex’ in astate of greatly enhanced activity. But the irritating, corrosive andhardening drawbacks of ordinary solutions of the drug are absent ” thelabel on a bottle reads as follows. “liquid ‘iodex’ liq iodi m & j a nonirritant preparation of iodine 2-1/2% this productcontains free iodine ”the sample of liquid iodex purchased on the open market was found to bea reddish liquid with an odor like oleic acid it dissolved completelyin chloroform free iodin -- a weight of 6 2936 gm was dissolved in chloroform andthe solution shaken with 25 c c of a solution of potassium iodid the iodin which passed into the potassium iodid solution was titratedwith tenth-normal sodium thiosulphate, 0 81 c c being required thisindicates 0 01022 gm of iodin, or 0 16 per cent total iodin -- total iodin was determined by method 1 as given aboveunder iodex a weight of 4 466 gm required 32 93 c c of tenth-normalsodium thiosulphate, equivalent to 0 06964 gm of iodin, or 1 55per cent in a duplicate, 5 gm of material required 33 3 c c oftenth-normal sodium thiosulphate, equivalent to 0 7043 gm of iodin, or1 41 per cent.