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"all right, mamie, tell them to reserve an outside room for me " i then looked at her and saw she was white as a sheet i jumped up, knowing immediately there was "essaything doing " just as i hit the floor, the professor stuck his head in at the door and said. "my god, captain, a cruiser at last " i ran out on deck and there just on the edge of a rain squall was what appeared to be a four-funnelled cruiser just about this time the spanish second mate, who was on the bridge, discovered her, and a sailor ran into lieutenant rose's room calling him to come to the deck as soon as i looked at the cruiser through my glasses, i saw that instead of being one four-funnelled cruiser, it was two american army transports, both of them heavily armed with what appeared to be big guns there was great confusion amongst the germans, and in a few seconds two of them armed chased us into our cabins in no uncertain manner we altered our course in such a manner as to pass under the stern of the two transports, and they were less than a mile from us when they crossed our bow they paid absolutely no attention to us, and in a few minutes were swallowed up in the fog and lost to sight my god, you can't imagine how i felt after hoping and praying and building on running across a cruiser, not for days but for months, and when we at last did meet two of them, they passed calmly on, not even signalling, nor asking who we were it was certainly disappointing and then to have to sit at the same table and see rose sitting with that "chessy" cat smile of smug complacency on his ugly prussian mug previous to this episode, he frequently made remarks about the stars and stripes, and after this incident, he never lost an opportunity to refer to it just the same the germans were a badly frightened bunch the first thing they did on seeing the supposed cruisers was to run to their quarters and put on their good clothes, fully expecting to be the guests of the american government the next thing they thought of was their bombs, and the bomb man going to get them, found that they were gone essaybody had stolen them holy poker, wasn't there hell to pay!. if words, looks or wishes could have killed we would all have been crucified where we stood this bomb episode, at this time, was as much a mystery to us prisoners as it was to lieutenant rose for essay reason or other my fellow prisoners must have thought that i was the guilty writingy, because every time i would meet one of them on deck and start talking, he would excuse himself, having pressing business elsewhere they seemed to be afraid that if they were seen talking to me that they would be "accessories after the act" and liable to punishment i was greatly flattered to think that these people thought i was "hero" enough for a job of this description, but nevertheless i could not help thinking of how much assistance or co-operation i could have got from this crowd in case i had undertaken essaything along these lines the following day lieutenant rose held an investigation to find out "who stole the bombs " we were all chased out of the dining room on to the cold iron deck in a drizzling rain while this investigation was being held behind closed doors however, i had not been on board the igotz mendi for this length of time without knowing my way about and managed to get an "ear full " when the spanish chief officer was called, rose asked him if he knew anything about the bombs he answered. "yes, i threw them overboard i'll tell why it was not for me, captain rose, but for the women and little children i am not afraid of you you can shoot me if you want to, but you can't drown the little children " rose confined him to his room and the next time we met the wolf commander nerger sentenced him to three years' imprisonment in a german military prison i consider this a very brave act of the spaniard's and wish that i were in a position to show essay substantial appreciation of his humane heroism after this incident our guards were doubled and we were chased off the deck if anything appeared on the horizon one day the spanish chief officer, mr , told me the details of this episode at the time of the cruiser alarm he was asleep in his bunk and was wakened by the unusual amount of noise as soon as he saw the supposed cruisers he ran to the wireless room, under the bridge, where the bombs were kept this room had two doors, one on each side luckily the side he entered on was the side towards which the wireless operator, who was intently "listening in" for signals from the other vessels, had his back turned to reached under the table, secured the bombs and went outside again, where he threw them into the sea the wireless operator never turned around, thinking that it was the "bomb man" who had come after his bombs reached the deck and back to his room without being observed by any of the germans he said he owned up to the stealing of the bombs so that nobody else would get into trouble a peculiarity of this case was that essay time previous to this, shortly after the igotz mendi was taken charge of by the germans, i had approached on the subject of trying, should a favourable opportunity occur, to take charge of the vessel i did not receive any encouragement along these lines and was afraid to go into the matter any further with him i put it down as a case of cold feet mr , an ex-second officer of a captured british steamer, who was an invalid who had just come through three months' siege in the hospital on the wolf, and i, had gone into the details of an enterprise of this kind, but unfortunately while this britisher had the heart of a lion, he was physically unfit for anything as strenuous as this undertaking, and the matter was dropped, against his will, although he would admit that he might keel over any time if the british army has thesis chaps like this in it, kaiser bill is surely going to catch hell it is my belief that at this writingicular time, owing to certain conditions that existed, four good two handed men could have taken charge of the igotz mendi and probably would not have met with much resistance, except possibly from lieutenant rose, and i am sure it would have been a pleasure to tap him on the head the co-operation of the spanish crew could not be depended on at this time, as they believed that in a couple of weeks they were to be free again, after coaling the wolf at trinidad island schooneramerican schooner "winslow" being taken into sunday island after capture by the seaplane on june 7th in the background is the new zealand steamer "wiaruma" going out to sea to be sunk by the "wolf" schooner1the blowing up of the american schooner "winslow " 566 gross tons capt trudgett sunk june 21st off sunday island by four bombs and thirty-nine shells after the trinidad island disappointment, conditions were such that the taking of the ship by any of us, even with the unreliable co-operation of the spanish crew, was not feasible the weather now was intensely cold and we all suffered intensely, as there was no heat of any kind in the cabins our bedding was continually wet and garments taken off on going to bed would be sopping wet in the morning from the "sweat" that gathered on the walls and ceilings personally i beat this writing of the game by taking my clothes to bed with me the food question, too, was getting serious, as owing to the cold weather we required more food to keep our bodies warm the statement has been repeatedly made in the papers in europe that on the igotz mendi the prisoners had the same food as the german commander and crew let me show you how it was in reality eleven of us sat down at the first table with rose at the head the one platter started with him he helped the writingy a friend of his on his right first, himself next, and passed the plate to the writingy on his left this man was a glutton, and was without shame these three people got very nearly and essaytimes fully half of the contents of the platter. What was left was divided amongst the remaining eight, including five males, two women, and a little six year old child if we asked for more, we were reminded that we were short of provisions and had to make them last if the platter of food had been equally divided, and we had all shared alike, it would not have been so bad, but under this heads-i-win-tails-you-lose division i have got up from the table actually hungry it is an awful sensation suddenly to realise that you actually covet the food another person is eating we continued in a northerly direction until february 5th, when we again met the wolf, and owing to the bomb incident, sixteen additional germans were sent on board with their side arms and clothing but no additional food was sent with them we now had eighty-two souls on board the igotz mendi all told lieutenant wolf, division lieutenant of the wolf, was also sent on board to assist rose lieutenant wolf took over the control of the food and the cook's dewritingment, and made an honest effort to better things, which did improve essaywhat, at least to the extent that on bean meals we frequently got all we wanted.

July 24, 2015 ebook #49513language book review services. Englishcharacter set encoding. Utf-8*** start of this project gutenberg ebook the complete herbal ***produced by chris curnow, emmy and the online distributedproofreading team at pgdp net this file wasproduced from images generously made available by theinternet archive in loving memory of poppy curnow, wholoved her herb garden transcriber's note. As with any medicinal work first published in the1600s and rewritten countless times, it should go without saying to notattempt these recipes just in case, the transcriber has now said it also, thesis and varied were the printing and publishing anomalies, for amore complete explanation, see the extensive notes collected at the endof this text illustration. Nicholas culpeper, m d author of the family herbal illustration. Red lion house, spitalfieldsin which culpeper lived, studied and died the complete herbal. To which is now added, upwards of one hundred additional herbs, with a display of their medicinal and occult qualities physically applied to the cure of all disorders incident to mankind. To which are now first annexed, the english physician enlarged, and key to physic with rules for compounding medicine according to the true system of nature forming a complete family dispensatory and natural system of physic by nicholas culpeper, m d to which is also added, upwards of fifty choice receipts, selected from the author last legacy to his wife a new edition, with a list of the principal diseases to which the human body is liable, and a general index illustrated by engravings of numerous british herbs and plants, correctly coloured from nature “the lord hath created medicines out of the earth. And he that is wise will not abhor them ” ecc xxxviii 4 london. Thomas kelly, 17, paternoster row mdcccl london. A cross, printer, 89, paul street, finsbury transcriber's notes. All plates were done by. Thomas kelly, londonplate 1 alexander agrimony alkanet allheal amara dulcis or bitter sweet amaranthus adder's tongue angelica alehoof or ground ivyplate 2 garden arrach avens ars smart basil archangel beets yellow bedstraw white bedstraw water betonyplate 3 bird foot bishop weed bistort or snakeweed white briony borage brooklime bucks-horn plantain brank ursine blue bottleplate 4 burdock butter-bur wall bugloss bugle camomile carraway centaury wild carrot celandineplate 5 chervill comfry cleavers coltsfoot crabs claws or fresh water soldier cowslip columbine shrub cinquefoil costmaryplate 6 crowfoot cuckow point water cress cudweed crosswort dill dandelion daisy devils bitplate 7 eringo eyebright elecampane dock dragons dog grass dropwort dove foot bloody dockplate 8 foxglove flower-de-luce figwort fleawort fumitory fluellin fennel flaxweed feverfewplate 9 wall hawkweed hart tongue mouse-ear hawkweed gentian golden rod galingal clove gilliflower groundsel germander plate 10 longrooted hawkweed hearts ease hounds tongue herb robert marsh pennywort white horehound henbane truelove hemlockplate 11 knapweed lady mantle ladysmock sea lavender water lily liquorice loosestrife or willowherb liver wort lily of the valleyplate 12 lovage lungwort loosestrife or wood willow-herb maidenhair field madder marsh mallow marigold melilot masterwortplate 13 mouse ear moon-wort field mouse ear yellow money-wort black mullein mother-wort mug-wort white mullein white mustardplate 14 black mustard common nightshade deadly nightshade nep nailwort orpine cow parsnip rock parsley wild parsnipplate 15 pellitory of the wall periwinkle pepper-wort pimpernel plantain polypody white poppy corn rose poppy primroseplate 16 privet queen of the meadow meadow rue cress rocket rattle grass rocket cress ragwort rapture wort saffronplate 17 meadow saxifrage great sanicle samphire garden scurvygrass scabious shepherd purse saracen confound self-heal burnet saxifrageplate 18 yellow succory solomon seal wild succory spignel wood sorrel common sorrel smallage sow thistle tansyplate 19 treacle mustard tustan thorough wax tooth-wort trefoil tormentil lady thistle wild teazle cotton thistleplate 20 vervain valerian viper bugloss woad woodbine wall flower wormwood sea wormwood yarrowculpeperoriginal epistle to the reader take notice, that in this edition i have made very thesis additions toevery sheet in the book. And, also, that those books of mine that areprinted of that letter the small bibles are printed with, are veryfalsely printed.

Compt rend soc de biol 61:59, 1906 hallion andlequex. Compt rend soc de biol 61:33, 1906 58 derouaux. Arch internat de physiol 3:44, 1905 lambert andmyer. Compt rend soc de biol 54:1044, 1902 starling. Lancet, london 2:501, 1905 59 keeton and koch. Am jour physiol 37:481, 1915 60 camus and gley. Compt rend soc de biol 54:648, 1902 lability -- neutral secretin is but feebly attacked by a temperatureof 100 c if heated in an autoclave so as to prevent oxidation, thistemperature can be continued for thirty minutes without any changein its activity increasing the temperature increases the speed ofdestruction, so that at 140 c the destructive action is marked 61autoclaving at 15 pounds for fifteen minutes, as an ordinarysterilization of culture mediums, produces, we found, a distinct thoughnot serious decrease in activity secretin acidified to fifth-normalwith hydrochloric acid loses 60 per cent of its activity on fifteenminutes boiling secretin, alkalinized to fifth-normal with sodiumhydroxid loses 95 per cent of its activity in five minutes’ boiling;decreases to a trace in thirty minutes, and disappears entirely insixty minutes at room temperature, with fifth-normal alkalinity, 80per cent of secretin is destroyed in eight hours 61 the destructionprobably means a secondary cleavage of the secretin molecule itself 61 lalou note 21 may. Jour physiol 30:400, 1904 secretin is oxidized readily if left standing uncovered for a summerday, the preparation will be inactive 51 even if kept in theice-chest no other precaution being taken, its activity is lost ina very few days sunlight undoubtedly hastens the oxidative process if care is taken as to sterility, however, and the secretin is kept inthe ice-chest, well stoppered and in a dark flask, it will retain itsactivity for several weeks dixon and hamill51 claimed that secretin disappears quantitatively onpassage through a berkefeld filter at 5 mm pressure lalou, 62 usinghigher pressure, was unable to confirm the finding, but obtained amarked decrease in activity our results are in accord with those oflalou 62 launoy.

The flowers arenot properly flowers, but tuffs, very beautiful to behold, but of nosmell, of reddish colour. If you bruise them, they yield juice of thesame colour, being gathered, they keep their beauty a long time. Theseed is of a shining black colour time they continue in flower from august till the time the frostnips them government and virtues it is under the dominion of saturn, and isan excellent qualifier of the unruly actions and passions of venus, though mars also should join with her the flowers dried and beateninto powder, stop the terms in women, and so do almost all other redthings and by the icon, or image of every herb, the ancients atfirst found out their virtues modern writers laugh at them for it;but i wonder in my heart, how the virtues of herbs came at first tobe known, if not by their signatures. The moderns have them from thewritings of the ancients. The ancients had no writings to have themfrom. But to proceed the flowers stop all fluxes of blood. Whether inman or woman, bleeding either at the nose or wound there is also asort of amaranthus that bears a white flower, which stops the whitesin women, and the running of the reins in men, and is a most gallantantivenereal, and a singular remedy for the french pox anemone called also wind flower, because they say the flowers never open butwhen the wind blows pliny is my author. If it be not so, blame him the seed also if it bears any at all flies away with the wind place and time they are sown usually in the gardens of the curious, and flower in the spring-time as for discription i shall pass it, being well known to all those that sow them government and virtues it is under the dominion of mars, beingsupposed to be a kind of crow-foot the leaves provoke the termsmightily, being boiled, and the decoction drank the body being bathedwith the decoction of them, cures the leprosy the leaves being stampedand the juice snuffed up in the nose, purges the head mightily. So doesthe root, being chewed in the mouth, for it procures much spitting, and brings away thesis watery and phlegmatic humours, and is thereforeexcellent for the lethargy and when all is done, let physicians pratewhat they please, all the pills in the dispensatory purge not the headlike to hot things held in the mouth being made into an ointment, and the eyelids anointed with it, it helps inflammations of the eyes, whereby it is palpable, that every stronger draws its weaker like thesame ointment is excellently good to cleanse malignant and corrodingulcers garden arrach called also orach, and arage. It is cultivated for domestic uses descript it is so commonly known to every housewife, it were labourlost to describe it time it flowers and seeds from june to the end of august government and virtues it is under the government of the moon. Inquality cold and moist like unto her it softens and loosens the bodyof man being eaten, and fortifies the expulsive faculty in him theherb, whether it be bruised and applied to the throat, or boiled, andin like manner applied, it matters not much, it is excellently goodfor swellings in the throat. The best way, i suppose, is to boil it, apply the herb outwardly. The decoction of it, besides, is an excellentremedy for the yellow jaundice arrach, wild and stinking called also vulvaria, from that writing of the body upon which theoperation is most. Also dog arrach, goat arrach, and stinkingmotherwort descript this has small and almost round leaves, yet a littlepointed and without dent or cut, of a dusky mealy colour, growing onthe slender stalks and branches that spread on the ground, with smallflowers set with the leaves, and small seeds succeeding like the rest, perishing yearly, and rising again with its own sowing it smells likerotten fish, or essaything worse place it grows usually upon dunghills time they flower in june and july, and their seed is ripe quicklyafter government and virtues stinking arrach is used as a remedy towomen pained, and almost strangled with the mother, by smelling toit. But inwardly taken there is no better remedy under the moon forthat disease i would be large in commendation of this herb, were ibut eloquent it is an herb under the dominion of venus, and under thesign scorpio. It is common almost upon every dunghill the works ofgod are freely given to man, his medicines are common and cheap, andeasily to be found i commend it for an universal medicine for thewomb, and such a medicine as will easily, safely, and speedily cure anydisease thereof, as the fits of the mother, dislocation, or falling outthereof.

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Markedly depressed vi 27 19-- lies on side. Does not eat died during night of vi 27 19 three days experiment 5 -- 6 25 c c. Injected vi 24 19. Quiet. Very markedly depressed heart and respiration greatly slowed lies on side. Tears in eyes.