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Butexcluding hanging it will facilitate the study of the subject if we use the word ligatureas a general term to cover the thesis forms of cords, ropes, etc , usedin strangulation and hanging the word garroting is often used to indicate the forcible compressionof the neck by the hands of thieves the assault is usually best assignment writing service made frombehind, and the victim is robbed while the throttling proceeds thebrevity of the process explains why death is not more frequent theword garroting comes from the spanish. Criminal execution in spain anditaly is usually by means of the garrote, a steel collar which istightened on the neck of the condemned by a screw the notorious thugsof the east indies used essaytimes a soft loin-cloth, at others a lassoor long thong with a running noose in turkey and essay other easterncountries the bowstring is a common mode of execution an examination of the reported paper of strangulation and hangingshows a great variety of forms of ligature. Cords, ropes, thread, thongs, lassos, flexible twigs, bamboos, leather straps, girdles, turbans, fishing-nets, collars, cravats and other forms of neckwear, bonnet strings, handkerchiefs, sheets, etc women have even strangledthemselves with their own hair case 34 stones, sticks, coal, andother hard substances have essaytimes been inserted in the ligature toincrease the pressure paper 36, 38, 42, 43, 44 drunken and otherwisehelpless persons have been strangled by falling forward with the neckagainst a firm substance strangulation symptoms and treatment the symptoms and post-mortem appearances in strangulation will vary, according as the deprivation of air is sudden or gradual, writingialor complete. And whether there is coincident pressure on the greatarteries, veins, and nerves of the neck the deprivation of air disposes to asphyxia. Pressure on the greatarteries by cutting off the supply of arterial blood to the braindisposes to anæmia of the brain and syncope. Pressure on the greatveins, by preventing the return of blood to the heart, to congestion ofthe brain and coma. Pressure on the great nerves, the pneumogastrics, to syncope statistics of hanging show that in about seventy per centof paper death is by a mixture of asphyxia and coma while it isprobable that the proportion is less in strangulation, yet it is alsoprobable that a mixed result frequently occurs asphyxia is from α priv and σφίξις, pulse absence of pulse apnœa from α priv and πνέω, i breathe absence of breathing syncope, συνκοπή, a faint. Suspended animation from sudden failure ofheart coma, κῶμα, deep sleep richardson729 makes the followingdistinction between asphyxia and apnœa. Asphyxia is difficulty oftaking in breath.

The smallest vessel of her class to beat through the straits of magellan since then, captain cameron has retired from sea until his last trip as master of the beluga in setting down captain cameron's story much as it came from his own lips, i have treated it as a simple record of human experience, avoiding any chance of spoiling this bully sea yarn by attempting to give it a literary finish cyril brown illustrationscaptain cameron and his daughter nitathe german auxiliary cruiser wolfshowing "mannlicher" type torpedo tubefinal dive of japanese steamer hitachi marushowing 4 7 "ordinary" portside gunburial of a johnson, second officer on american bark belugalast of the american bark william kirbyamerican schooner winslowthe blowing up of american schooner winslowigotz mendi ashore on the danish coastlife-boat leaving beach for the stranded igotz menditen months in a german raiderwriting onecaptured by pirateslittle did i dream when i sailed away from san francisco in the little bark beluga that i should finish my voyage, not in australia after a two months' trip, but in denmark, on the other side of the world, after a ten months' experience that has never before been equalled in the annals of sea-going history my story could well be called "an escape from the jaws of hell" for a prisoner's life in gerthesis under the present conditions is surely a hell on earth during my six weeks' stay in denmark i have interviewed best assignment writing service neutral sailors who have been sent out of gerthesis, and old men who have been passported out on account of extreme old age. Also prisoners who have escaped over the border into denmark via the coal-train route, and these men one and all paint a picture of a prisoner's life in gerthesis as being a veritable hell on earth we sailed from san francisco on the 15th day of may, 1917, with a cargo of 15, 000 paper of benzine, for sydney, australia after letting go the tug boat and getting sail on the ship, we all settled down for a quiet and uneventful passage seldom have i gone to sea under more favourable circumstances a tight little vessel, a good deep water crew of scandinavian sailor men, plenty of good wholeessay provisions and a cook who knew his business both the first and second mates were officers of the old school, with years of experience, so it seemed that i was fortunate in getting so evenly balanced a crew, as owing to the frenzied state of shipping along the pacific coast at that time the master was indeed fortunate who found on getting to sea that half of this crew could box the compass, much less hand, reef and steer even under these favourable circumstances there was a "fly in the ointment " on counting noses i made the discovery that the entire ship's company amounted to thirteen an unlucky number, as every "salt" will testify a ship's crew of eleven, counting myself, and two passengers, my wife and little daughter when i called this fact to my wife's attention she laughed at me, saying that was "old sailor's tommyrot" and that we were living in the twentieth century and should have outgrown such silly superstitions nevertheless, owing to a strain of scotch blood in my veins, the superstition remained in my mind for thesis days until, owing to the humdrum uneventfulness of our progress, this thought died a natural death i crossed the equator well to the westward, passing the fiji islands and hoping that when i ran out of the southeast trade winds i would get a favourable wind and cut close by the southern ends of new caledonia i had a hunch, and if i had been lucky and had two days' favourable wind this story would never have happened but unfortunately, unfavourable winds were encountered, forcing me to the southward and into the regular sailing vessel route my wife, an australian girl by birth, had not been home to see her family since she left them essaything over ten years ago, and naturally was very anxious to get home and see her thesis brothers and sisters who had grown up and married since she left in fact, she had talked of nothing else for the past several years each year i promised that we would make the visit "next year, " but essaything or other would show up and spoil my plans i had given up the sea about six years ago for a "shore job, " and was so well pleased with the change that i did not care to go back to the sea again, fearing that i would not be able to change from the sea to the shore life again, as there is essaything about the sea that gets into the blood and makes it difficult to stay away from it it was only then an unusual chain of circumstances that left me foot loose at this writingicular time to take charge of the beluga on this trip the fact is, it was what my wife called the "scotch jew" in me that finally decided me to take this means of making money out of visiting the mother-in-law each day at noon when i placed the vessel's position on the chart, my wife was a very interested spectator and used to measure the distances that remained for us to go then she would figure out just how long it would take, under various weather conditions, before she would be able to see her beloved australia again essay days when we had a favourable wind and had made a good day's run in the right direction, she would be as happy as could be and singing all the time, but other days when we had made but little progress she would be away down in the dumps, and it would be extremely difficult to get a smile on july 9th i was having essay work done aloft on one of the masts, when about two o'clock in the afternoon fritz, a norwegian sailor working aloft, shouted down, "smoke, oh, on the port beam " i had a look through my binoculars, and, sure enough, on the horizon to the southwest i could make out the smoke of a steamer the weather at this time was fine and clear, with a light breeze from the south and we were making only about four knots per hour in a short time it became evident that the steamer was coming in our direction, as she was gradually getting larger and more plainly seen i shouted down the cabin skylight to my wife to come on deck and see the steamer, as she was the only vessel of any description we had seen since leaving san francisco, almost two months before she and juanita, my six-year-old daughter, scampered on deck and were very much interested in watching her it soon became evident that the steamer was going to pass close to us, and thinking it just possible that she would speak us, my wife and nita went below to change their frocks the steamer was getting closer by this time and her hull was plainly visible the old superstition regarding the unlucky number "thirteen" flashed through my mind but was instantly dismissed to all appearances she was the ordinary black-painted, dingy-looking ocean tramp i studied her intently through the glass, trying to discover essay detail that would show her nationality, and had just about concluded that she must be a jap when mr buckert, my chief officer, came along to where i was standing and asked if i could make her out i told him she appeared to be either a british or jap tramp, and handed him the binoculars so that he could have a look after studying her for a while he said, "by god, captain, i don't know her nationality, but she carries the largest crew i have ever seen " i snatched the glasses out of his hand and had a look sure enough, by this time the rails both forward and aft were black with men in the regulation man-of-war jumpers even at this time i did not think she was a german, but possibly a british armed merchantman, or a british converted auxiliary cruiser, sent from australia to essay of the south sea islands for patrol duties however, she soon showed her true colours suddenly she changed her course, heading to pass directly under my stern at this moment she broke out the german imperial navy ensign at her jackstaff aft and at her signal yard amidships she showed the letters g t e , which interpreted from the international signal code means "heave to and i will send a boat on board " after giving me time to read this signal, possibly two minutes, the steamer dropped her bulwarks forward, uncovering her guns, and fired a shot across the beluga's bow this dispelled any lingering doubt i had in my mind as to what was wanted, and it didn't take us long to clew up our light sails and throw the main yard about it was only then that i actually realised that my little vessel had been stopped by a german raider in the south pacific ocean almost fifteen thousand miles from the war zone i stepped to the forward end of the quarterdeck and looked down at the crew on the main deck to see how they seemed to be taking it these scandinavian sailor men were standing on the waist, smoking their pipes and discussing the appearance of the steamer, just as if to be captured by an enemy's raider were an every-day occurrence for myself, i knew that this day marked a crisis in the lives of any of us that were american or british born, and as for my wife and child god, the thought was like a stab in the heart and seemed to leave me numb and cold in a moment there flashed through my mind all the accounts i had read in the papers of the german atrocities towards women and children in belgium and barbarisms practised along the russian front, and the thought of my wife and child being at the mercy of these people nearly drove me crazy on walking aft i saw my wife leaning up against the wheelhouse, her face absolutely bloodless and a look of horror in her eyes that fairly chilled my blood god!. for months after i could see this expression in her eyes every time i closed my eyes even now, when i think of it, it makes me feel cold all over when she saw me she came over and took my hand in hers, looking all the time into my eyes and not saying a word we stood there for what seemed a century presently i called juanita to us and the three of us went down below to the cabin we sat on the settee, never saying a word, and poor little nita started to sob, feeling essaything sinister in the air, which she did not understand in a minute the mate came to the cabin skylight and sang out that the launch would be alongside in a minute i answered "all right " my wife got up and walked over to the bed and took one of my revolvers i had two from under the mattress and handed it to me suddenly she threw both her arms around my neck and drew my head into such a position that she could look into my eyes, and said, "stanley, i want you to promise me that they will never get juanita " i threw both my arms round her, hugging her tight to myself, and said, "mamie, i promise. But you must leave it to me " and with a sob i left her and started on deck when passing through the wheelhouse, i stopped for a moment to pull myself together on going on deck i saw a small motor launch just arriving alongside, crowded with german bluejackets, armed to the teeth a moment more, and a young lieutenant sprang onto the deck and came aft to the quarterdeck where i was standing coming to a stand in front of me he saluted and asked in excellent english, with an american accent, "are you the captain of this vessel?. " i answered, "yes " "where are you from?. " was his next question i told him san francisco to sydney, australia, fifty-two days out "captain, " he said, "i take charge of your vessel in the name of the german imperial navy " he gave an order in german and two german sailors sprang to the flag halyards and hauled down the stars and stripes and ran up the german ensign they carefully saved the american flag and the company's burgee and took them aboard the wolf afterwards as trophies our crew meantime had been lined up and searched for weapons among the things the boarding crew brought on board was a black case containing twenty pairs of handcuffs and three large bombs to blow the vessel to pieces with they didn't need the handcuffs, however after the lieutenant had gone through the ship's papers and found out all writingiculars regarding the beluga's cargo, he had his signal men wigwag the information to the commander of the wolf, which was standing by the commander, on finding out that i had a cargo of benzine, decided not to sink the vessel immediately, but to take on board essay three hundred paper for use in their hydroplane, as their supply was getting low wolfthe german auxiliary cruiser, raider and mine layer "wolf" leaving kiel on her fifteen-month cruise, november 21st, 1916in a short while we received instructions from the wolf to proceed due east for sixty miles and wait there for them the wolf then left us, going off at right angles i learned from essay of the german sailors that there was a large steamer approaching and that the wolf would probably run along parallel with her during the night and capture her in the morning about nine-thirty that night this steamer passed us about a mile and a half off, heading to the southward and westward she was apparently a large steamer of about seven or eight thousand tons, heavily loaded she resembled in appearance the type of vessel used on the pacific coast as an oil tanker, having the high forecastle head, long bunk deck amidships, and her engines and stack away aft.

Exact color controls all tests were suitably controlled the responses for pepsin were weakeven when compared with those of old pepsin preparations in the table above, the interrogation points in parentheses ?. referto results that were obtained after treatment for from twelve totwenty-four hours and indicates that the change was slight at best andof no practical import -- from the journal a m a , oct 23, 1915, with additions iodum-miller and iod-izd-oil miller report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe council adopted the following report and authorized its publication w a puckner, secretary a referee has submitted to the council the following report of thechemical laboratory of the american medical association on iodum-millerand iod-izd-oil miller iodum-miller co , kansas city, mo :the unsatisfactory statements made in regard to the composition ofiodum-miller and the far-reaching therapeutic recommendations forit induced the laboratory to make a chemical examination of thepreparation it claimed more or less directly that the preparation isentirely new and possesses novel characteristics it is asserted that “iodum-miller is made from soot iodine, which is our own product this soot iodine is soluble in water before being combined with its base c p glycerine ”no information regarding “soot iodine” is offered and an inquiry sentto the proprietors by a physician brought only the noncommittal replythat “soot iodine” “is made from resublime resublimed?. iodine by a chemical process which renders it soluble in water before being combined with its base ”iodum-miller is said to contain “active free iodine 2 2 grams per 100 c c , 10 grains per fluid ounce, 1 7% by weight ” “in addition to the active free iodine iodum-miller carries a still greater per cent of iodine in its basic combination ”according to the label, the preparation is “an iodine for external and internal use 45 drops equals 1 dr by weight each drop equals the per cent of iodine in 1 gr potas iodide ”iodum-miller is a heavy, dark liquid having an odor characteristicof ether ethyl oxid qualitative tests revealed the presence ofglycerin, free iodin, iodid and potassium the specific gravity at 25degrees was 1 284 direct titration with sodium thiosulphate solutionindicated the presence of 1 68 per cent of free iodin a determinationof the total iodin content by the hunter method indicated 3 06 percent subtraction of the amount of free iodin found from the totalamount of iodin present, gives 1 38 per cent combined iodin assumingthis to be present as potassium iodid, as appears probable from thequalitative examination and from the quantitative determination ofpotassium, 1 80 per cent potassium iodid is indicated from thisexamination it is concluded that iodum-miller is, essentially, a solution of iodin and potassium iodid in glycerin, containing1 68 per cent free iodin and 1 80 per cent potassium iodid theexamination contradicts the assumption that iodum-miller is eithernovel in principle or new moreover, accepting the firm statementthat 45 drops weigh 1 dram 60 grains the examination shows that onedrop equals not “the per cent of iodine in 1 gr potas iodide” butinstead, the per cent of iodin in only 1/20 grain potassium iodid asthe statement that “each drop equals the per cent of iodine in 1 gr potas iodide” appears on the label of the trade package, iodum-millerwould seem to be misbranded under the federal food and drugs act the recommended internal dosage of iodum-miller from 1/2 to 20 dropsis equivalent to from 1/40 to 1 grain of potassium iodid its externalefficacy in comparison with that of other iodin preparations may beestimated by comparing the respective free iodin contents, since thegermicidal power of combined iodid is negligible while iodum-millercontains 2 15 gm free iodin in 100 c c , tincture of iodin contains7 gm per 100 c c and compound solution of iodin lugol solutioncontains 5 gm free iodin in 100 gm among the advertising literature is a circular which purports to bea “certificate from kansas city testing laboratory, by roy cross, secretary ” the “certificate” attempts to prove that iodum-miller isvastly superior to the official tincture of iodin as a germicide, asserting that “in the process of dissolving tincture of iodin inwater, a very large amount of the iodin is lost by precipitation ”this is not true of the tincture of iodin which is now official, though it is true of the tincture official in former editions of thepharmacopeia the report ignores completely the widely used aqueoussolution of iodin iod-izd-oil miller is said to be an “iodine combination” made“from the same soluble soot iodine as is iodum-miller ” it is saidto “liberate free soluble iodine” when applied to the skin, mucoussurfaces, etc it is further defined as “soluble iodine combinedwith water-white hydrocarbon oil” and is said to liberate “solubleiodine 2 per cent ” while these statements suggest that iod-izd-oil miller contains the iodin-potassium iodid combination contained iniodum-miller, analysis indicated the oil to be a simple solution ofiodin in liquid petrolatum quantitative determinations indicated, not2 per cent of iodin, as claimed, but only 0 42 per cent and all ofthis was present as free iodin referee reportthe following therapeutic claims appear on the label of a bottle ofiodum-miller:“external indications “tuberculosis, pneumonia, pleurisy, cough, sore throat, pyorrhea, tonsilitis, rheumatism, spinal irritation, boils, felons or any pain periostitis, carbuncles, fistula in ano, goiter, blood poison, diseases of uterus and appendages apply full strength on cotton wrapped applicator, gonorrhea, acute or chronic in both sexes, orchitis, bubo, prostatitis, swellings, enlarged glands, etc ”“internal indications “pneumonia, tuberculosis, pleurisy, typhoid fever, syphilis, catarrh of mucous surface of alimentary canal, autotoxemia, vomiting of pregnancy, rheumatism, chronic glandular and organic affections ”the “certificate” from the kansas city testing laboratory, mentionedabove, states that iodum-miller was found to have a germicidal valuenineteen times greater than carbolic acid-- a essaywhat remarkablefinding in view of the fact that iodin dissolved by means of potassiumiodid in alcohol or water, when tried on the typhoid bacillus hasrecently been found to possess only four times the germicidal valueof carbolic acid in a solution of the same strength maben and white:chem and drug , jan 30, 1915, p 144 the “certificate” furtherstates that the test “shows available iodine as found in iodum-millerto have the greatest bactericidal power of any substance that we haveever tested that can be used medicinally ” there is no reason tobelieve that the desire to please its patrons has led the “testinglaboratory” astray from the literal truth the laboratory experiencemay be limited and the statement therefore entirely correct as faras it goes no mention, however, is made of any tests comparing thegerm-destroying power of iodum-miller with that of tincture of iodin, which contains 7 per cent free iodin, unless the casual statement that“iodum-miller sterilized the skin more quickly” than tincture ofiodin, be taken to imply such tests it is not clear, however, by whatmeans the laboratory was able to determine that there were no bacterialeft alive in the skin after application of tincture of iodin andiodum-miller. No details are given of the methods used in arriving atthis conclusion a circular says that iodum-miller “ gives the greatest bactericidal and therapeutic action, whether used internally, externally, hypodermically or intravenously ”in the light of the preceding report of the chemical laboratory of theassociation, these claims require little comment the laboratory hasshown that the free iodin content and consequently the germicidalefficiency of iodum-miller is less than half that of lugol solution, and less than a third of that of the official tincture of iodin asfor the advice to use iodum-miller internally in diseases rangingfrom pneumonia to syphilis and from typhoid to tuberculosis, in orderto be convinced of its dangerous character, it is necessary only torecall that this treatment is equivalent to the administration ofsmall doses of iodid-- from 1/40 to 1 grain of potassium iodid themystery being removed from the composition of iodum-miller, the absurdextravagance of the claims made for it becomes manifest the criticismsof the council on the recommendations for burnham soluble iodine the journal a m a , may 15, 1915, p 1673 apply in almost everywritingicular to iodum-miller unwarranted therapeutic claims are made for iodum-miller. Incorrectstatements are made with regard to its composition and that ofiod-izd-oil miller. And the application of a trade name to bothof these products is unjustifiable, since neither is original it istherefore recommended that iodum-miller and iod-izd-oil miller beheld ineligible for new and nonofficial remedies-- abstracted in thejournal a m a , oct 2, 1915 elixir iodo-bromide of calcium comp “without mercury” and “with mercury” report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe tilden company, new lebanon, n y , and st louis, mo , sells“elixir iodo-bromide of calcium comp without mercury” and “elixiriodo-bromide of calcium comp with mercury ” the latter is said tocontain, in addition to the ingredients of the former, 1/100 grainmercuric chlorid in each fluidram according to the label the formulaof the elixir “without mercury” is. “formula-- salts of iodine, bromine, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium with stillingia, sarsaparilla, rumex, dulcamara, lappa, taraxacum, menispermum ”a recent circular declares that the elixir contains. “ a number of the most powerful alteratives of the pharmacopeia such as chemically pure iodin, magnesium, potassium with sarsaparilla, stillingia, prickly ash, burdock, taraxacum, etc each fluidounce contains seventy-two grains of the combined salts ”the same circular also alleges that each dram of the preparationcontains. “ the equivalent of one and one-half grains of the combined iodids, potassium and calcium ”it will be observed that, 1 the two statements quoted from thecircular make no reference to bromids. 2 the statement that eachdram contains “the equivalent” of 1-1/2 grains of the combined iodids, potassium and calcium, accounts for but 12 of the 72 grains of “thecombined salts” per fluidounce declared in the preceding quotation. 3 the circular mentions the presence of a drug-- prickly ash-- notdeclared on the label and, finally 4 none of the “formulas” gives thequantities of all of the several constituents it is evident from these “formulas” that the tilden company continuesits policy of concealment and mystification as exemplified in the paperof hydrocyanate of iron, tilden discussed in the journal, june 19, 1909, p 2008, febrisol the journal, june 29, 1912, p 2043 andrespirazone the journal, june 14, 1913, p 1899 in the circular just quoted “the conquest of syphilis”, all hope forthe syphilitic is declared to rest in mercury and iodin, and it isimplied that only through elixir iodo-bromide of calcium comp is itpossible to obtain the greatest good from these drugs “were the cleansing influences of these two drugs mercury and iodin unavailable to the luetic patient, he, truly, would be as pitiable an object as the leper “modern pharmacy has devised no better means of utilizing these anti-syphilitics than elixir iodo-bromide of calcium comp tilden with or without mercury the elixir, in proper dosage, acts in specific fashion and is adapted for use in all stages of the disease “in the early months elixir iodo-bromide of calcium comp tilden with mercury is a trustworthy weapon and the physician need have no fear but that it will subjugate the disease “when the virulent stage is passed elixir iodo-bromide of calcium comp tilden without mercury may be given the patient with every assurance that medicine most aggressive measures are being resorted to from time to time, up to the very end of the time honored three years’ period of treatment, it is well to put the patient back on the bichloride, using for this purpose the form of the elixir administered in the first stages of the disease “this regime will indubitably antidote the virus of syphilis and eradicate from the organism its every vestige ”while it seems incredible that any physician would jeopardize thehealth-- even the life-- of a patient by accepting this boastfulmagniloquence as sound therapeutic advice, still the fact that certainmedical journals lend their advertising pages to advertisements fortilden elixir with the caption “the conquest of syphilis” makes itincumbent on the council to record its condemnation of the employmentof this unscientific, semisecret mixture it is recommended that elixir iodo-bromide of calcium comp “withoutmercury” and “with mercury” be held in conflict with rule 1 secrecyof composition, rule 6 unwarranted therapeutic claims and rule 10 unscientific composition -- from the journal a m a , nov 6, 1915 lecithin preparations omitted from n n r report of the council on pharmacy and chemistrythe following report was sent to the manufacturers of the variouslecithin preparations mentioned therein as the replies of themanufacturers were obviously written from the commercial point ofview and did not affect the council conclusion that lecithin, whenindicated, would be given more advantageously in the form of yolk ofegg than in the less pure manufactured product, the council directedthat the report be published, together with extracts from the repliesof the manufacturers w a puckner, secretary commercial lecithin preparations are at best very impure substances;all are more or less altered from the original composition evenwith great care, the methods of extraction and drying always produceconsiderable decomposition. And in essay paper the phosphorus andnitrogen contents bear but little relation to the theoretical values long, j h. Jour am chem soc , xxx, 881 mclean, hugh. Chem abstracts, may 20, 1915 there is not the slightest reliable evidencethat commercial lecithin has any advantage over the lecithin containedin natural foods. The weight of probability is on the other side the doses recommended, moreover, are absurdly small. And the amountthus administered is without practical value why administer a fewmilligrams of a more or less decomposed lecithin when it is possible togive a far larger weight of a purer substance in the form of yolk ofegg?. In view of these considerations the council voted that the followingproprietary products be omitted from the next edition of n n r.

And this shall callme father, it being that i know of never done in the world before i have now but two things to write, and then i have done 1 what the profit and benefit of this best assignment writing service work is 2 instructions in the use of it 1 the profit and benefit arising from it, or that may occur to a wiseman from it are thesis. So thesis that should i sum up all the writingiculars, my epistle would be as big as my book. I shall quote essay few generalheads first the admirable harmony of the creation is herein seen, in theinfluence of stars upon herbs and the body of man, how one writing of thecreation is subservient to another, and all for the use of man, wherebythe infinite power and wisdom of god in the creation appear. And if ido not admire at the simplicity of the ranters, never trust me. Who butviewing the creation can hold such a sottish opinion, as that it wasfrom eternity, when the mysteries of it are so clear to every eye?.

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If you cannot get goat milk, you must make a shift with suchas you can get the roots are very effectual against all melancholydiseases, especially such as are of long standing, as quartan agues andmadness. It helps the falling sickness, the leprosy, both the yellowand black jaundice, the gout, sciatica, and convulsions. And this wasfound out by experience, that the root of that which grows wild in ourcountry, works not so churlishly as those do which are brought frombeyond sea, as being maintained by a more temperate air the root usedas a pessary, provokes the terms exceedingly. Also being beaten intopowder, and strewed upon foul ulcers, it consumes the dead flesh, andinstantly heals them. Nay, it will help gangrenes in the beginning twenty grains taken inwardly is a sufficient dose for one time, andlet that be corrected with half so much cinnamon. Country people usedto rowel their cattle with it if a beast be troubled with a cough, or have taken any poison, they bore a hole through the ear, and puta piece of the root in it, this will help him in 24 hours time thesisother uses farriers put it to which i shall forbear herb robert the herb robert is held in great estimation by farmers, who use it indiseases of their cattle descript it rises up with a reddish stalk two feet high, havingdivers leaves thereon, upon very long and reddish foot-stalks, dividedat the ends into three or five divisions, each of them cut in onthe edges, which essaytimes turn reddish at the tops of the stalkscome forth divers flowers made of five leaves, much larger than thedove-foot, and of a more reddish colour. After which come blackheads, as in others the root is small and thready, and smells, as thewhole plant, very strong, almost stinking place this grows frequently every where by the way-sides, uponditch banks and waste grounds wheresoever one goes time it flowers in june and july chiefly, and the seed is ripeshortly after government and virtues it is under the dominion of venus herbrobert is commended not only against the stone, but to stay blood, where or howsoever flowing, it speedily heals all green wounds, andis effectual in old ulcers in the privy writings, or elsewhere you maypersuade yourself this is true, and also conceive a good reason for it, do but consider it is an herb of venus, for all it hath a man name herb true-love, or one-berry descript ordinary herb true-love has a small creeping root runningunder the uppermost crust of the ground, essaywhat like couch grassroot, but not so white, shooting forth stalks with leaves, essay whereofcarry no berries, the others do. Every stalk smooth without joints, and blackish green, rising about half a foot high, if it bear berries, otherwise seldom so high, bearing at the top four leaves set directlyone against another, in manner of a cross or ribband tied as it iscalled in a true-loves knot, which are each of them awriting essaywhatlike unto a night-shade leaf, but essaywhat broader, having essaytimesthree leaves, essaytimes five, essaytimes six, and those essaytimesgreater than in others, in the middle of the four leaves rise up onesmall slender stalk, about an inch high, bearing at the tops thereofone flower spread open like a star, consisting of four small and longnarrow pointed leaves of a yellowish green colour, and four otherslying between them lesser than they.