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And such women ashave large breasts, causing them to grow best 10 custom writing websites less and hard, being bothdrank and outwardly applied. The distilled water drank for 20 daystogether helps conception, and to retain the birth. If the women doessaytimes also sit in a bath made of the decoction of the herb it isone of the most singular wound herbs that is, and therefore highlyprized and praised by the germans, who use it in all wounds inward andoutward, to drink a decoction thereof, and wash the wounds therewith, or dip tents therein, and put them into the wounds, which wonderfullydries up all humidity of the sores, and abates inflammations therein it quickly heals all green wounds, not suffering any corruption toremain behind, and cures all old sores, though fistulous and hollow lavender being an inhabitant almost in every garden, it is so well known, thatit needs no description time it flowers about the end of june, and beginning of july government and virtues mercury owns the herb. And it carries hiseffects very potently lavender is of a special good use for all thegriefs and pains of the head and brain that proceed of a cold cause, as the apoplexy, falling-sickness, the dropsy, or sluggish malady, cramps, convulsions, palsies, and often faintings it strengthens thestomach, and frees the liver and spleen from obstructions, provokeswomen courses, and expels the dead child and after-birth theflowers of lavender steeped in wine, helps them to make water thatare stopped, or are troubled with the wind or cholic, if the placebe bathed therewith a decoction made with the flowers of lavender, hore-hound, fennel and asparagus root, and a little cinnamon, is veryprofitably used to help the falling-sickness, and the giddiness orturning of the brain. To gargle the mouth with the decoction thereof isgood against the tooth-ache two spoonfuls of the distilled water ofthe flowers taken, helps them that have lost their voice, as also thetremblings and passions of the heart, and faintings and swooning, notonly being drank, but applied to the temples, or nostrils to be smelledunto. But it is not safe to use it where the body is replete with bloodand humours, because of the hot and subtile spirits wherewith it ispossessed the chymical oil drawn from lavender, usually called oil ofspike, is of so fierce and piercing a quality, that it is cautiouslyto be used, essay few drops being sufficient, to be given with otherthings, either for inward or outward griefs lavender-cotton it being a common garden herb, i shall forbear the description, onlytake notice, that it flowers in june and july government and virtues it is under the dominion of mercury itresists poison, putrefaction, and heals the biting of venomous beasts:a dram of the powder of the dried leaves taken every morning fasting, stops the running of the reins in men, and whites in women the seedbeaten into powder, and taken as worm-seed, kills the worms, not onlyin children, but also in people of riper years. The like doth the herbitself, being steeped in milk, and the milk drank. The body bathed withthe decoction of it, helps scabs and itch ladies-smock, or cuckow-flower this is a very pretty ornament to the sides of most meadows descript the root is composed of thesis small white threads fromwhence spring up divers long stalks of winged leaves, consisting ofround, tender, dark, green leaves, set one against another upon amiddle rib, the greatest being at the end, amongst which arise updivers tender, weak, round, green stalks, essaywhat streaked, withlonger and smaller leaves upon them.

Further studies on theinfluence of the ductless glands on the pancreas, arch int med , may, 1910, p 466 digestive disturbances -- secretin for digestive disturbance was firstused in the “acid duodenal medication” of enriquez 75 this consistedin the giving of tartaric acid in thick keratin capsules, the acid notbeing liberated until the duodenum was reached, where it provoked theformation of secretin “the secretin mechanism, ” he says, “is probablycapable of pathologic disturbance as would result, for example, withdiminished acidity of chyme, disturbance of the normal motility ofthe stomach or pylorus, or diminished prosecretin in the mucosa sucha condition would produce disturbance of the pancreatic, biliary andintestinal secretions, and interfere with intestinal movements, witha clinical syndrome of intestinal dyspepsia as a result, among thechief and most constant symptoms of which would be constipation ”“the acid duodenal medication” was submitted to wide clinical use, and very favorable results in certain obstinate paper of constipationwere reported in regard to “diminished prosecretin in the mucosa, ”wentworth76 has claimed that in infantile atrophy such is thecondition, but sweet and pemberton77 have found that the difficultyof preparing secretin from human duodenums is such as to renderwentworth findings inconclusive 75 enriquez. Bull du lab de biol appliq 2, no 2-no 8, 1904 76 wentworth, a h. The cause of infantile atrophy, j a m a , july 20, 1907, p 204 77 sweet, j e , and pemberton, ralph. Experimental observations onsecretin, arch int med , february, 1908, p 231 beveridge78 suggests the use of secretin in a pyloric stenosis, b pancreatic insufficiency, c hepatic stimulation and cirrhosisof the liver d to stimulate peristalsis in colonic stasis, e ingastro-enterostomy and short-circuiting of the intestines he claimsto have used it in over a hundred paper with “brilliant results, ”and cites four typical histories the g w carnrick company, whichmanufactures “secretogen, ” an alleged secretin preparation, cites anumber of authorities79 as also recommending secretin for digestivedisorders harrower, who is or was connected with the carnrick company, in clinical journals80 has ardently advocated the use of secretin fora large number of maladies 78 beveridge. Am med 20:255, 1914 79 lockwood, g r.

And the branches leaninga little down to the ground, take root at the joints thereof, best 10 custom writing websites wherebyit is easily increased there is another sort of ladies bedstraw growing frequently in england, which bears white flowers as the other doth yellow. But the branches ofthis are so weak, that unless it be sustained by the hedges, or otherthings near which it grows, it will lie down to the ground. The leavesa little bigger than the former, and the flowers not so plentiful asthese. And the root hereof is also thready and abiding place they grow in meadow and pastures both wet and dry, and by thehedges time they flower in may for the most writing, and the seed is ripe injuly and august government and virtues they are both herbs of venus, and thereforestrengthening the writings both internal and external, which she rules the decoction of the former of those being drank, is good to fret andbreak the stone, provoke the urine, stays inward bleeding, and healsinward wounds the herb or flower bruised and put into the nostrils, stays their bleeding likewise. The flowers and herbs being made intoan oil, by being set in the sun, and changed after it has stood ten ortwelve days. Or into an ointment being boiled in axunga, or salladoil, with essay wax melted therein, after it is strained. Either theoil made thereof, or the ointment, do help burnings with fire, orscalding with water the same also, or the decoction of the herb andflower, is good to bathe the feet of travellers and lacquies, whoselong running causes weariness and stiffness in the sinews and joints if the decoction be used warm, and the joints afterwards anointed withointment, it helps the dry scab, and the itch in children. And the herbwith the white flower is also very good for the sinews, arteries, andjoints, to comfort and strengthen them after travel, cold, and pains beets of beets there are two sorts, which are best known generally, andwhereof i shall principally treat at this time, viz the white andred beets and their virtues descript the common white beet has thesis great leaves next theground, essaywhat large and of a whitish green colour the stalk isgreat, strong, and ribbed, bearing great store of leaves upon it, almost to the very top of it.

?. ?. {sic}bell-ans, for years advertised only in medical journals under the name“pa-pay-ans bell, ” is now advertised in newspapers as a remedy that“absolutely removes indigestion ” as it is still being advertised tophysicians, we propose to analyze the claims made for it with as muchcare as would be exercised in the discussion of the newest discovery inmedicine, because we believe that it is desirable to show the trend ofexploitation of a certain type of preparation in the medical press in the new york medical journal the following advertisement recentlyappeared on the front cover:illustration. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - | acute indigestion | | | | yesterday a great soldier and today the head of a big trust | | succumbed to an attack of acute indigestion, and every day | | we hear from essay physician of essay case he has saved with | | bell-ans by giving six 6 tablets dissolved in a glass of | | hot water and repeating if necessary can any doctor who | | reads this fail to provide himself with the free supply of | | bell-ans which we will gladly send for his emergency case?. | | | | bell & co inc mfg chemists orangeburg new york u s a | -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -typical of bell-ans advertisements as appearing in medical journals a recently purchased package of bell-ans contained a circular in whichit was stated that bell-ans removes flatulence, vertigo, weakness andother symptoms of indigestion quickly and pleasantly. That it aidsthe digestion of food and tends to restore the digestive tract to anormal condition. That it relieves vomiting in pregnancy, alcoholism, seasickness and cholera morbus, besides being pleasant, harmless andeffective for colic, sour stomach, feverishness, and wakefulness ofinfants and children the circular contained paragraphs purportingto be taken from various medical journals, including the new yorkmedical journal, wisconsin medical recorder, the lancet clinic, international journal of surgery, and massachusetts medicaljournal no exact references were given to permit verification or todetermine whether or not the quotations were from “reading notices” advertisements or from the scientific writing of the journals inquestion to quote one of the statements given. “the results from the use of bell-ans pa-pay-ans bell in the treatment of indigestion are so prompt and so generally good-- and the evidence of this fact is accumulating so rapidly and from such reliable sources-- that we venture to suggest to our readers who have not tried this remedy that they prescribe one original sealed package of bell-ans pa-pay-ans bell and that they carefully note the results from its use “we suggest an original sealed package because the preparation is widely and badly imitated, and unless such a package is specified an imitation of little value may be substituted and the experiment be thus rendered useless ”it is possible that bell-ans has been imitated, but it is not truethat it is widely imitated, for no such imitation has ever been calledto our attention, and we strongly suspect that the main reason fordesiring that an original package be dispensed is that the patient maysee for himself the name bell-ans plainly blown in the glass the circular in question states that there is no derangement of thedigestive organs on which the proper dose of bell-ans will not actquickly and pleasantly!. these are samples of the claims made forbell-ans let us inquire into the nature of the conditions for whichthe preparation is recommended and the treatment advised by well knownclinicians the subject of indigestion is discussed by robert hutchison and robertsaundby under the general title of dyspepsia in the “index of treatmentby various writers, ” edition 6, 1912, pp 260-265 hutchison says:“in the first place it must be remembered that in thesis patients whocomplain of ‘indigestion’ the seat of the trouble is not in the stomachat all ”illustration. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - | a philadelphia doctor writes. | | | | “your bell-ans for ingestion do just what you claim and more | | too i, personally, had a bad case of intestinal indigestion | | with gastric vertigo i had taken almost everything and got no | | relief, until i commenced to take bell-ans-- four to six tablets | | in a large glassful of hot water after each meal you have my | | permission to use this statement, with my name and address if | | you wish i prescribe bell-ans constantly” | | | | bell-ans | | for indigestion | | 25c package at every drug store in the u s | -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -newspaper advertisement of bell-ans, capitalizing the statements ofphysicians the general principles to be observed in the treatment of functionaldyspepsia, as given by hutchison, are. 1 to remove the cause. 2 toadapt the diet to the impaired functional power of the stomach. 3to administer such drugs as are calculated to stimulate or correctthe writingicular function or functions which happen to be impaired, or disordered proper diet, proper mastication of food, hygiene ofthe mouth, and constipation are enumerated as deserving attention careful attention to securing a proper diet is essential the choiceof drugs depends, of course, on the conditions that give rise toindigestion, and he calls attention to the necessity of avoiding allroutine treatment and compiling one prescription with an eye to thespecial disorder or disorders of function, whether secretory, motor orsensory, believed to be present hutchison gives the following typicalprescriptions to illustrate the use of drugs in the different disordersof function.

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It is hot anddry in quality, quick, active, always working best 10 custom writing websites. It receives vapoursfrom the heart, and coins them into thoughts. It never sleeps, butalways is working, both when the man is sleeping and waking. Only whenjudgment is awake it regulates the imagination, which runs at randomwhen judgment is asleep, and forms any thought according to the natureof the vapour sent up to it mercury is out of question the disposerof it a man may easily perceive his judgment asleep before himself thesistimes, and then he shall perceive his thoughts run at random judgment always sleeps when men do, imagination never sleeps. Memoryessaytimes sleeps when men sleep, and essaytimes it doth not. So thenwhen memory is awake, and the man asleep, then memory remembers whatapprehension coins, and that is a dream. The thoughts would have beenthe same, if memory had not been awake to remember it these thoughts are commonly i mean in sleep, when they are purelynatural, framed according to the nature of the humour, calledcomplexion, which is predominate in the body. And if the humour bepeccant it is always so so that it is one of the surest rules to know a man own complexion, by his dreams, i mean a man void of distractions, or deep studies. This most assuredly shews mercury to dispose of the imagination, as also because it is mutable, applying itself to any object, asmercury nature is to do.