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“med jur , ” am ed , 1892, p 418 - boy. Found dead withhandle of pitchfork under necktie. Marks of strangulation on larynx;eyes and tongue protruded. Tongue livid and marked by teeth.

Wilcox v smith, 26barb , 341 but the contract of an infant for medicine and medicalattendance is deemed a contract for necessaries, and will be heldvalid and enforced against his estate if there is no person standingin loco parentis who can be held liable 3 barn & cress , 484. 2kent com , 236 in paper when the parent of the infant or the husbandof the married woman is liable, this liability obtains because theservices rendered are deemed necessary, and fall within the common-lawobligation of such persons to provide and pay for necessaries for thosewhom they are bound to support and maintain burden upon physicians treating minors to show servicesnecessary - but even in such paper the burden is upon the personperforming the services, to show that they were necessary, and it ishis duty to know, or learn, the true legal status of the patient, andthe true legal relations of the patient to the person other than thepatient from whom payment is to be claimed as said in the case ofcrain v baudouin 55 n y , 256-261, “in the case of minor childreneven, the law imposes this duty upon those who would furnish them withnecessaries, relying upon the credit of their fathers, and seekingto charge them hunt v thompson, 3 scam , 179. Van valkinburghv watson, 13 j r , 480 ” “a fortiori, it is so in the case ofan adult married daughter living with her husband ” and as to theliability of the husband of a married woman in the absence of statutegiving her legal capacity to contract and charge her separate estate consult moody v osgood, 50 barb , 628. Potter v virgil, 67 barb , 578. Crain v baudouin, 55 n y , 256-261 mother of infant probably liable after father death - it has beena much disputed question whether after the father death the motherbecomes responsible for necessaries furnished for her minor children the theory of law upon which a father is made liable proceeds upon theground that he is bound to support the child and has a right to thechild services during its minority 168 it has been held that themother after the death of the father is entitled to those services campbell v campbell, 3 stock n j , 265. Cain v dewitt, 8iowa, 116. Furman v van size, 56 n y , 435-439, disapprovingbentley v richtmeyer 4 comstock, 38, and approving in re ryder, 11 paige, 185 if she is entitled to the services of her child, shemust be bound to support and care for it. And so it was held in furmanv van size cited above estates of insane persons liable in a proper case - persons ofunsound mind are liable for necessaries furnished for their benefit, and can be made to pay therefor at reasonable and proper rates, butthey cannot make contracts for a specific rate it is always a questionof fact as to what sum should be charged against their estates, if theyhave any master not liable for services rendered servant without specialcontract - in the case of master and servant, while at common law asbetween a master and servant the master was bound to provide medicineand food for the servant when the servant was an inmate of the masterhouse, this is an obligation which a third person could not enforce, and the master can only be held liable for services rendered to theservant, upon proof of a specific contract with him to pay for them case of crain v baudouin considered - the case of crain v baudouin, supra, affords an interesting discussion before the highest court of new york state, as to the question as to how far a father calling a physician for an adult child for whom he is not bound to provide, although lying sick at the father house, can be held liable for the services rendered upon such call in that case the plaintiff attended as a physician upon the daughter of the defendant, who was sick at his house the daughter was of full age, married and living with her husband, but was brought from that of her husband to that of her father in order that she might be under the care of her mother defendant was present when plaintiff made his calls, gave the latter a history of the patient illness, and received directions as to her treatment he told others of the frequency and length of the plaintiff visits, and of his opinion of the case, without any disclaimer of liability the court held, however, that these facts were insufficient to imply a promise on the father writing to pay for the services, and that the additional facts that the defendant consented to the calling in of a consulting physician, and that a bill was sent in by the plaintiff, unless acknowledged and acquiesced in by defendant, or that he had before this employed other physicians, were also insufficient to raise an implication of law of such a promise to pay the plaintiff relied in his argument upon the fact that the patient was a daughter of the defendant, but the court held that any presumption which might arise from this had the daughter been under age, was overcome by the fact that she was past a majority, and was married and lived with her husband and children the plaintiff also relied to support his cause of action upon the interest exhibited by the defendant in the course of treatment pursued, and the other facts as to the presence of the defendant when the plaintiff made his professional calls alone and in consultation. His receiving directions as to treatment. His recognition to others of the fact that the plaintiff was in attendance. His reciting to others a knowledge of the frequency and length of the visits of plaintiff without any disclaimer on the writing of the defendant of liability the court said as to these facts. “it is true that writingicular acts will essaytimes give rise to writingicular obligations, duties and liabilities but the writingy whose acts are thus to affect him must be in such predicament as that those acts have, of legal necessity, a significance attached to them, at the time, which he may not afterward repel it has been held that a special request by a father to a physician to attend upon his son, then of full age but lying sick at the father house, raised no implied promise on the writing of the father to pay for the services rendered ” see boyd v sappington, 4 watts pa , 247.

Dry and binding, stanches blood, boiled inoil, the oil is good to anoint a weary traveller. Inwardly it provokesvenery gentiana see the root genista brooms. Hot and dry in the second degree, cleanse and openthe stomach, break the stone in the reins and bladder, help the greensickness let such as are troubled with heart-qualms or faintings, forbear it, for it weakens the heart and spirit vital see the flowers geranium cranebill, the divers sorts of it, one of which is thatwhich is called muscata.

Being steeped inwine and drank, it helps those continual agues that come assignment writing custom by the plentyof stubborn humours. An oil made thereof by setting in the sun, withessay laudanum added to it, provokes sweating the ridge of the backbeing anointed therewith, and thereby drives away the shaking fits ofthe ague it will not abide any long boiling, for it loseth its chiefstrength thereby. Nor much beating, for the finer powder provokesvomits and urine, and the coarser purgeth downwards the common use hereof is, to take the juice of five or seven leaves ina little drink to cause vomiting. The roots have also the same virtue, though they do not operate so forcibly. They are very effectual againstthe biting of serpents, and therefore are put as an ingredient bothinto mithridite and venice treacle the leaves and roots being boiledin lye, and the head often washed therewith while it is warm, comfortsthe head and brain that is ill affected by taking cold, and helps thememory i shall desire ignorant people to forbear the use of the leaves. Theroots purge more gently, and may prove beneficial to such as havecancers, or old putrified ulcers, or fistulas upon their bodies, totake a dram of them in powder in a quarter of a pint of white winein the morning the truth is, i fancy purging and vomiting medicinesas little as any man breathing doth, for they weaken nature, norshall ever advise them to be used, unless upon urgent necessity ifa physician be nature servant, it is his duty to strengthen hismistress as much as he can, and weaken her as little as may be asparagus, sparagus, or sperage descript it rises up at first with divers white and green scalyheads, very brittle or easy to break while they are young, whichafterwards rise up in very long and slender green stalks of the bignessof an ordinary riding wand, at the bottom of most, or bigger, orlesser, as the roots are of growth. On which are set divers branches ofgreen leaves shorter and smaller than fennel to the top. At the jointswhereof come forth small yellowish flowers, which turn into roundberries, green at first and of an excellent red colour when they areripe, shewing like bead or coral, wherein are contained exceeding hardblack seeds. The roots are dispersed from a spongeous head into thesislong, thick, and round strings, wherein is sucked much nourishment outof the ground, and increaseth plentifully thereby prickly asparagus, or sperage descript this grows usually in gardens, and essay of it growswild in appleton meadows in gloucestershire, where the poor peoplegather the buds of young shoots, and sell them cheaper that our gardenasparagus is sold in london time for the most writing they flower, and bear their berries late inthe year, or not at all, although they are housed in winter government and virtues they are both under the dominion of jupiter the young buds or branches boiled in ordinary broth, make the bellysoluble and open, and boiled in white wine, provoke urine, beingstopped, and is good against the stranguary or difficulty of makingwater.

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A disease assignment writing custom which melancholy persons are subjectunto. It is also good against melancholy dreams the distilled wateror syrup made of the flowers, works the same effects that the rootand seed do, although more weakly the female is often used for thepurpose aforesaid, by reason the male is so scarce a plant, that it ispossessed by few, and those great lovers of rarities in this kind pepperwort, or dittander descript our common pepperwort sends forth essaywhat long and broadleaves, of a light blueish green colour, finely dented about the edges, and pointed at the ends, standing upon round hard stalks, three orfour feet high, spreading thesis branches on all sides, and having thesissmall white flowers at the tops of them, after which follow small seedsin small heads the root is slender, running much under ground, andshooting up again in thesis places, and both leaves and roots are veryhot and sharp of taste, like pepper, for which cause it took the name place it grows naturally in thesis places of this land, as at clarein essex. Also near unto exeter in devonshire. Upon rochester commonin kent. In lancashire, and divers other places. But usually kept ingardens time it flowers in the end of june, and in july government and virtues here is another martial herb for you, makemuch of it pliny and paulus ægineta say, that pepperwort is verysuccessful for the sciatica, or any other gout or pain in the joints, or any other inveterate grief. The leaves hereof to be bruised, andmixed with old hog grease, and applied to the place, and to continuethereon four hours in men, and two hours in women, the place beingafterwards bathed with wine and oil mixed together, and then wrapped upwith wool or skins, after they have sweat a little it also amends thedeformities or discolourings of the skin, and helps to take away marks, scars, and scabs, or the foul marks of burning with fire or iron thejuice hereof is by essay used to be given in ale to drink, to women withchild, to procure them a speedy delivery in travail periwinkle descript the common sort hereof hath thesis branches trailing orrunning upon the ground, shooting out small fibres at the joints as itruns, taking thereby hold in the ground, and rooteth in divers places at the joints of these branches stand two small, dark-green, shiningleaves, essaywhat like bay leaves, but smaller, and with them come forthalso the flowers one at a joint standing upon a tender foot-stalk, being essaywhat long and hollow, writinged at the brims, essaytimes intofour, essaytimes into five leaves. The most ordinary sorts are of a paleblue colour. Essay are pure white, essay of a dark reddish purple colour the root is little bigger than a rush, bushing in the ground, andcreeping with his branches far about, whereby it quickly possesses agreat compass, and is therefore most usually planted under hedges whereit may have room to run place those with the pale blue, and those with the white flowers, grow in woods and orchards, by the hedge-sides, in divers places ofthis land. But those with the purple flowers, in gardens only time they flower in march and april government and virtues venus owns this herb, and saith, that theleaves eaten by man and wife together, cause love between them theperiwinkle is a great binder, stays bleeding both at mouth and nose, if essay of the leaves be chewed the french used it to stay womencourses dioscorides, galen, and ægineta, commend it against the lasksand fluxes of the belly to be drank in wine st peter wort if superstition had not been the father of tradition, as well asignorance the mother of devotion, this herb, as well as st johnwort hath found essay other name to be known by. But we may say of ourforefathers, as st paul of the athenians, i perceive in thesis thingsyou are too superstitious yet seeing it is come to pass, that customhaving got in possession, pleads prescription for the name, i shall letit pass, and come to the description of the herb, which take as follows descript it rises up with square upright stalks for the most writing, essay greater and higher than st john wort and good reason too, st peter being the greater apostle, ask the pope else. For though godwould have the saints equal, the pope is of another opinion, but brownin the same manner, having two leaves at every joint, essaywhat like, but larger, than st john wort, and a little rounder pointed, withfew or no holes to be seen thereon, and having essaytimes essay smallerleaves rising from the bosom of the greater, and essaytimes a littlehairy also at the tops of two stalks stand thesis star-like flowers, with yellow threads in the middle, very like those of st johnwort, insomuch that this is hardly discerned from it, but only by thelargeness and height, the seed being alike also in both the rootabides long, sending forth new shoots every year place it grows in thesis groves, and small low woods, in diversplaces of this land, as in kent, huntingdon, cambridge, andnorthamptonshire.