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For the fresh green bark taken inwardlyprovokes strong vomitings, pains in the stomach, and gripings in thebelly. Yet if the decoction may stand and settle two or three days, until the yellow colour be changed black, it will not work so stronglyas before, but will strengthen the stomach, and procure an appetite tomeat the outward bark contrariwise doth bind the body, and is helpfulfor all lasks and fluxes thereof, but this also must be dried first, whereby it will work the better the inner bark thereof boiled invinegar is an approved remedy to kill lice, to cure the itch, and takeaway scabs, by drying them up in a short time it is singularly good towash the teeth, to take away the pains, to fasten those that are loose, to cleanse them, and to keep them sound the leaves are good fodder forkine, to make them give more milk if in the spring-time you use the herbs before mentioned, and will takebut a handful of each of them, and to them add an handful of elderbuds, and having bruised them all, boil them in a gallon of ordinarybeer, when it is new. And having boiled them half an hour, add to thisthree gallons more, and let them work together, and drink a draught ofit every morning, half a pint or thereabouts. It is an excellent purgefor the spring, to consume the phlegmatic quality the winter hath leftbehind it, and withal to keep your body in health, and consume thoseevil humours which the heat of summer will readily stir up esteem itas a jewel the common alder-tree descript this grows to a reasonable height, and spreads much ifit like the place it is so generally known to country people, that iconceive it needless to tell that which is no news place and time it delights to grow in moist woods, and wateryplaces.

Likewise on the tops of thestalks and branches stand divers tufts of yellow flowers, whereaftergrows essaywhat flat, thin, and yellowish seed, bigger than fennel seed the roots grow great and deep, with thesis other writings and fibres aboutthem of a strong scent like hot brimstone, and yield forth a yellowishmilk, or clammy juice, almost like a gum place it grows plentifully in the salt low marshes near fevershamin kent time it flowers plentifully in july and august government and virtues this is also an herb of mercury the juiceof sow-fennel saith dioscorides, and galen, used with vinegar androse water, or the juice with a little euphorbium put to the nose, helps those that are troubled with the lethargy, frenzy, giddiness ofthe head, the article writers falling sickness, long and inveterate head-aches, thepalsy, sciatica, and the cramp, and generally all the diseases of thesinews, used with oil and vinegar the juice dissolved in wine, or putinto an egg, is good for a cough, or shortness of breath, and for thosethat are troubled with wind in the body it purges the belly gently, expels the hardness of the spleen, gives ease to women that have soretravail in child-birth, and eases the pains of the reins and bladder, and also the womb a little of the juice dissolved in wine, and droppedinto the ears, eases much of the pains in them, and put into a hollowtooth, eases the pain thereof the root is less effectual to all theaforesaid disorders. Yet the powder of the root cleanses foul ulcers, being put into them, and takes out splinters of broken bones, or otherthings in the flesh, and heals them up perfectly. As also, dries up oldand inveterate running sores, and is of admirable virtue in all greenwounds fig-wort, or throat-wort descript common great fig-wort sends divers great, strong, hard, square brown stalks, three or four feet high, whereon grow large, hard, and dark green leaves, two at a joint, harder and larger than nettleleaves, but not stinking. At the tops of the stalks stand thesis purpleflowers set in husks, which are essaytimes gaping and open, essaywhatlike those of water betony. After which come hard round heads, with asmall point in the middle, wherein lie small brownish seed the root isgreat, white, and thick, with thesis branches at it, growing aslope underthe upper crust of the ground, which abides thesis years, but keeps nothis green leaves in winter place it grows frequently in moist and shadowy woods, and in thelower writings of the fields and meadows time it flowers about july, and the seed will be ripe about a monthafter the flowers are fallen government and virtues essay latin authors call it cervicaria, because it is appropriated to the neck. And we throat-wort, because itis appropriated to the throat venus owns the herb, and the celestialbull will not deny it. Therefore a better remedy cannot be for theking evil, because the moon that rules the disease, is exalted there the decoction of the herb taken inwardly, and the bruised herb appliedoutwardly, dissolves clotted and congealed blood within the body, coming by any wounds, bruise, or fall. And is no less effectual for theking evil, or any other knobs, kernel, bunches, or wens growing inthe flesh wheresoever. And for the hæmorrhoids, or piles an ointmentmade hereof may be used at all times when the fresh herb is not to behad the distilled water of the whole plant, roots and all, is usedfor the same purposes, and dries up the superfluous, virulent moistureof hollow and corroding ulcers. It takes away all redness, spots, and freckles in the face, as also the scurf, and any foul deformitytherein, and the leprosy likewise filipendula, or drop-wort descript this sends forth thesis leaves, essay larger, essay smaller, set on each side of a middle rib, and each of them dented about theedges, essaywhat resembling wild tansy, or rather agrimony, but harderin handling. Among which rise up one or more stalks, two or three feethigh, with the leaves growing thereon, and essaytimes also divided intoother branches spreading at the top into thesis white, sweet-smellingflowers, consisting of five leaves a-piece, with essay threads in themiddle of them, standing together in a pith or umble, each upon asmall foot stalk, which after they have been blown upon a good while, do fall away, and in their places appear small, round, chaffy headslike buttons, wherein are the chaffy seeds set and placed the rootconsists of thesis small, black, tuberous pieces, fastened together bythesis small, long, blackish strings, which run from one to another place it grows in thesis places of this land, in the corners of dryfields and meadows, and the hedge sides time they flower in june and july, and their seed is ripe in august government and virtues it is under the dominion of venus iteffectually opens the passages of the urine, helps the stranguary.

It is quick, sharp, and bitter in taste, and is article writers thereby foundto be hot and dry. A singular herb for all inward wounds, exulceratedlungs, or other writings, either by itself, or boiled with other the likeherbs. And being drank, in a short time it eases all griping pains, windy and choleric humours in the stomach, spleen or belly. Helps theyellow jaundice, by opening the stoppings of the gall and liver, andmelancholy, by opening the stoppings of the spleen. Expels venom orpoison, and also the plague. It provokes urine and women courses. Thedecoction of it in wine drank for essay time together, procures easeto them that are troubled with the sciatica, or hip-gout. As also thegout in hands, knees or feet. If you put to the decoction essay honeyand a little burnt alum, it is excellently good to gargle any soremouth or throat, and to wash the sores and ulcers in the privy writings ofman or woman. It speedily helps green wounds, being bruised and boundthereto the juice of it boiled with a little honey and verdigrease, doth wonderfully cleanse fistulas, ulcers, and stays the spreading oreating of cancers and ulcers. It helps the itch, scabs, wheals, andother breakings out in any writing of the body the juice of celandine, field-daisies, and ground-ivy clarified, and a little fine sugardissolved therein, and dropped into the eyes, is a sovereign remedyfor all pains, redness, and watering of them. As also for the pin andweb, skins and films growing over the sight, it helps beasts as well asmen the juice dropped into the ears, wonderfully helps the noise andsinging of them, and helps the hearing which is decayed it is good totun up with new drink, for it will clarify it in a night, that it willbe the fitter to be drank the next morning. Or if any drink be thickwith removing, or any other accident, it will do the like in a fewhours alexander it is called alisander, horse-parsley, and wild-parsley, and the blackpot-herb. The seed of it is that which is usually sold in apothecaries’shops for macedonian parsley-seed descript it is usually sown in all the gardens in europe, and sowell known, that it needs no farther description time it flowers in june and july. The seed is ripe in august government and virtues it is an herb of jupiter, and thereforefriendly to nature, for it warms a cold stomach, and opens a stoppageof the liver and spleen. It is good to move women courses, toexpel the afterbirth, to break wind, to provoke urine, and helps thestranguary. And these things the seeds will do likewise if either ofthem be boiled in wine, or being bruised and taken in wine, is alsoeffectual against the biting of serpents and you know what alexanderpottage is good for, that you may no longer eat it out of ignorance butout of knowledge the black alder-tree descript this tree seldom grows to any great bigness, but for themost writing abideth like a hedge-bush, or a tree spreading its branches, the woods of the body being white, and a dark red colet or heart.

The roots of which are drying and binding, stop fluxes, bleeding, take away cold swellings, and ease the pains of the teeth spatulæ fœtidæ stinking gladon, a kind of flower-de-luce, calledso for its unsavory smell it is hot and dry in the third degree;outwardly they help the king evil, soften hard swellings, draw outbroken bones. Inwardly taken, they help convulsions, ruptures, bruises, infirmities of the lungs tamarisci of tamaris see the herbs, and barks tanaceti of tansie the root eaten, is a singular remedy for thegout. The rich may bestow the cost to preserve it thapsi, &c a venomous foreign root. Therefore no more of it tormentillæ of tormentil a kind of sinqfoil. Dry in the thirddegree, but moderately hot. Good in pestilences, provokes sweat, staysvomiting, cheers the heart, expels poison trifolij of trefoil see the herb tribuli aquatici of water caltrops the roots lie too far underwater for me to reach to trachellij of throat-wort. By essay called canterbury bells. By essaycoventry bells they help diseases and ulcers in the throat trinitatis herbæ hearts-ease, or pansies i know no great virtuethey have tunicis i shall tell you the virtue when i know what it is tripolij the root purges flegm, expels poison turbith the root purges flegm, being hot in the third degreechiefly from the exterior writings of the body. It is corrected withginger, or mastich let not the vulgar be too busy with it tuburnum or toad-stools whether these be roots or no, it mattersnot much. For my writing i know but little need of them, either in foodor physic victorialis a foreign kind of garlick they say, being hung aboutthe neck of cattle that are blind suddenly, it helps them. And defendsthose that bear it, from evil spirits swallow-wort, and teazles were handled before ulmariæ, reginæ, prati, &c mead-sweet cold and dry, binding, stopsfluxes, and the immoderate flowing of the menses. You may take a dramat a time urticæ of nettles see the leaves zedoariæ of zedoary, or setwall this and zurumbet, according torhasis, and mesue, are all one. Avicenna thinks them different:i hold with mesue.

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Hardly perceptible in front;its surface appeared rubbed and compressed. No discoloration. Noecchymosis under skin cord lay across upper writing of thyroid cartilage larynx and trachea not injured fracture and dislocation of uppercervical vertebræ lungs collapsed, not congested pericardium empty;heart distended, left side with red blood just beginning to clot;right side with fluid black blood liver and other abdominal organsmuch congested no discharge of fæces or semen 80 garden. Same journal, 1880, xv , p 12 - man, age 40, weightabout one hundred and twenty pounds.