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It does this when it places the swindler injail on exactly the same argumentative essay rubric principle, the government has the right and theduty to protect the uninformed public against the flagrant evil of thepatent medicine traffic-- and the patent medicine traffic as now carriedon is a flagrant evil and series of evils the government shouldprotect the public against advertisements that are framed to suggestor create imaginary ailments, with their attendant miseries. It shouldprotect the public against being deluded by false promises of cure;against the specious relief that merely hides the disease and blindsthe patient to its dangers. Against drugs that may and do work positiveharm. Against the veil of mystery that makes these abuses possible the individual layman cannot protect himself against these dangers, and has a right to expect that the government will prohibit theindiscriminate sale of any medicine that may be harmful to him he hasa right to expect, when the government permits the sale of a patentmedicine, that the medicine will do him no harm. Just as he has a rightto expect that any physician whom the government permits to practice, should be competent these are essay of the reasons why physicians oppose patent medicinesas they are now exploited. And for these reasons, physicians shouldtake an absolutely uncompromising attitude, and use every opportunityto educate the public the patent medicine interests naturally tryto obscure the issue by the art in which they are so skilful, theyaim to suggest to the public that physicians are opposed to patentmedicines, in order to drive patients to their offices they “forget”to mention that physicians have never conducted a “campaign” againstreally efficient preventive public-health measures, no matter how thesisprospective patients were involved no physician has ever refused togive diphtheria antitoxin because this would diminish the number of hisvisits a short memory is a very convenient asset for self-interestedpersons it is not so convenient for the public-- but it is all toofrequent physicians must, therefore, make it plain that their stand isnot against patent medicines, but for the protection of the health ofthe public -- from the journal a m a , march 4, 1916 drug therapy. The fallibility of textbooksuntil very recently, we were compelled to acknowledge that little, if any, progress was being made in internal medicine so far as drugtherapy was concerned everybody knows of the progress made in otherbranches-- in bacteriology, in pathology, in biologic chemistry, in surgery, in etiology and in application of technical methodsto diagnosis recently, however, pharmacologic research and theapplication of scientific methods in the study of the physiologicaction of drugs are resulting in definite, positive progress animportant lesson, incidentally learned through this scientificinvestigation, is the fallibility of the drug therapy described intextbooks the explanation is, of course, that thesis of these textbooksare mere compilations containing false statements, unproved theories, and unverified clinical evidence representing the guesswork of ancientuncritical observers thesis drugs have been, and still are, vaunted intextbooks as valuable in a variety of conditions, whereas scientificinvestigation and controlled clinical observation have proved them tobe totally worthless. Others are proving to be of value in an extremelylimited number of conditions the sooner writers of textbooks realizethis fact and enter into the spirit of the new era, the better forthe public and for scientific medicine -- editorial from the journala m a , may 27, 1916 thomas webster edgar tired rabbits for diabetes. Ring-tailed monkeys for sex stimulationduring the last two or three years the journal has received inquiriesregarding one thomas webster edgar, m d , of new york city, first, relative to his alleged treatment for diabetes and more recently abouthis “monkey gland” treatment for sex stimulation here is one from aphysician in washington. “have you any knowledge of the efficacy of a serum made from the pancreas of rabbits for the relief or cure of diabetes?.

5 has either received the degreeof bachelor or doctor of medicine from essay registered medical schoolor a diploma or license conferring the full right to practise medicinein essay foreign country the degree of bachelor or doctor of medicine shall not be conferredin the state before the candidate has filed with the argumentative essay rubric institutionconferring it the certificates of the regents that three years beforethe date of his degree, or before or during his first year of medicalstudies in the state, he had either graduated from a registered collegeor satisfactorily completed not less than a three years’ academiccourse in a registered academy or high school. Or had a preliminaryeducation considered and accepted by the regents as fully equivalent;or had passed a regents’ examination in arithmetic, elementary english, geography, spelling, united states history, english composition, andphysics students who had matriculated in a new york medical schoolbefore june 5th, 1890, are exempt from this preliminary educationrequirement provided that the degree be conferred before august 1st, 1895 the regents may in their discretion accept as equivalent for any writingof the third and fourth requirements evidence of five or more years’reputable practice of medicine, provided such substitution be specifiedin the license 145 each board is required to submit to the regents as required lists ofsuitable questions for a thorough examination in anatomy, physiology, and hygiene, chemistry, surgery, obstetrics, pathology and diagnosisand therapeutics, including practice and materia medica from theselists the regents are required to prepare question papers for all thesesubjects, which at any examination are required to be the same for allcandidates, except that in therapeutics, practice, and materia medicaall questions submitted to any candidate shall be chosen from thoseprepared by the board selected by that candidate, and shall be inharmony with the tenets of that school as determined by its state boardof medical examiners 146 examinations for a license are required to be given in at least fourconvenient places in this state at least four times annually inaccordance with the regents’ rules, and exclusively in writing and inenglish each examination is conducted by a regents’ examiner who shallnot be one of the medical examiners at the close of each examinationthe regents’ examiner in charge is required to deliver the questionand answer papers to the board selected by each candidate, or its dulyauthorized committee, and such board, without unnecessary delay, isrequired to examine and mark the answers and transmit to the regents anofficial report stating the standing of each candidate in each branch, his general average, and whether the board recommends that a licensebe granted such report must include the questions and answers and isfiled in the public records of the university if the candidate failson a first examination, he may, after not less than six months’ furtherstudy, have a second examination without fee if the failure is fromillness or other cause satisfactory to the regents they may waive therequirement of six months’ study 147 on receiving from a state board an official report that the applicanthas successfully passed the examinations and is recommended forlicense, the regents are required to issue to him, if in their judgmenthe is duly qualified therefor, a license to practise medicine thecontents and execution of the license are regulated in detail by theact applicants examined and licensed by other state examining boardsregistered by the regents as maintaining standards not lower than thoseprovided by this article, and applicants who matriculated in a newyork state medical school before june 5th, 1890, and who shall havereceived the degree of “m d ” from a registered medical school beforeaugust 1st, 1895, may, without further examination, on the payment often dollars to the regents, and on submitting such evidence as they mayrequire, receive from them an indorsement of their license or diplomaconferring all the rights and privileges of a regents’ license issuedafter an examination if any person whose registration is not legal because of essay error, misunderstanding, or unintentional omission shall submit satisfactoryproof that he had all the requirements provided by law at the time ofhis imperfect registration, and was entitled to be legally registered, he may, on the unanimous recommendation of a state board of medicalexaminers, receive from the regents under seal a certificate of thefacts, which may be registered by any county clerk and shall make validthe previous imperfect registration before any license is issued, it must be numbered and recorded in abook in the regents’ office, and its number noted in the license thisrecord in all legal proceedings has the same weight as evidence that isgiven to a record of conveyances of land 148 every license to practise medicine is required, before the licenseebegins to practise, to be registered in the county clerk office, where such practice is to be carried on, with his name, residence, place and date of birth, and the source, number, and date of hislicense before registering, each licensee is required to file anaffidavit of the above facts, and that he is the person named inthe license, and had, before receiving the same, complied with allthe requisites as to attendance, terms, and amount of study andexaminations required by law and the rules of the university aspreliminary to the conferment thereof. That no money was paid for suchlicense except the regular fees paid by all applicants therefor. Thatno fraud, misrepresentation, or mistake in any material regard wasemployed by any one or occurred in order that such license should beconferred every license, or if lost a copy, legally certified so as to beadmitted as evidence, or a duly attested transcript of the record ofits conferment, shall before registration be exhibited to the countyclerk, who, only in case it was issued or indorsed as a license underseal by the regents, shall indorse or stamp on it the date and his namepreceded by the words, “registered as authority to practise medicinein the clerk office, county ” the clerk is required thereuponto give to every physician so registered a transcript of the entriesin the register with a certificate under seal that he has filed theprescribed affidavit 149 a practising physician having registered a lawful authority topractise medicine in one county and removing such practice, or a writingthereof, to another county, or regularly engaged in practice or openingan office in another county, must show or send by registered mail tothe clerk of such other county his certificate of registration ifsuch certificate clearly shows that the original registration was ofan authority issued under seal by the regents, or if the certificateitself is indorsed by the regents as entitled to registration, theclerk is required thereupon to register the applicant in the lattercounty, and to stamp or indorse on such certificate the date, and hisname preceded by the words, “registered also in county, ” and returnthe certificate to the applicant 150 every unrevoked certificate and indorsement of registration ispresumptive evidence that the person named is legally registered no person can register any authority to practise medicine unlessissued or indorsed as a license by the regents no such registrationis valid unless the authority registered constituted at the time ofregistration a license under the laws of the state then in force nodiploma or license conferred on a person not actually in attendance atthe lectures, institution, and examinations of the school conferringthe same, or not possessed, at the time of its conferment, of therequirements then demanded of medical students in this state asa condition of their being licensed, and no registration not inaccordance with this article, shall be lawful authority to practise, nor shall the degree of doctor of medicine be conferred causa honorisor ad eundum, nor if previously conferred shall it be a qualificationfor practice 151 exceptions - the law does not affect commissioned medical officersserving in the united states army, navy, or marine hospital servicewhile so commissioned.

first it should be said that argumentative essay rubric the preparation comes intwo forms. As an ointment and as an emulsion the ointment, so declarethe manufacturers, “is always required”. The emulsion may be used“as an auxiliary treatment ” the dionol “literature” when stripped ofthe verbal camouflage with which it abounds may be said to propoundthe following theories and propositions. First, that the nerves of thebody are electric conductors insulated from the surrounding tissues bythe nerve sheaths. Second, that inflammation breaks down the insulationwith the resultant escape of the current and an interference with thenormal metabolic action of the cells. Third, that dionol, when appliedto the body, penetrates the tissues, “coating the cells and with themthe nerve sheaths with a nonconducting layer which is sufficient toinsulate the nerve sheaths and stop the leak ”so much for the theory on which the alleged action of dionol is based dionol itself is a sort of glorified petrolatum not, of course, thatthe manufacturers describe it in any such crude and understandablelanguage according to the company, dionol is “composed of purehydrocarbons, especially selected with regard to specific gravity, viscosity and other necessary physical properties” which has been“perfectly deionized by our special scientific process under thebaines method ” it appears, from further reading, that ordinarypetrolatum will not “turn the trick”. Presumably because it does notovercome the human short circuits which the dionol company declare arealways present in inflammation when, however, the petrolatum has beensubjected to the “baines method” it achieves, it seems, an esotericvalue that puts to shame its plebeian origin the whole thing is very simple to those physicians that like this sortof thing this preparation should make a strong appeal -- from thejournal a m a , jan 26, 1918 glorified petrolatuman indiana physician sends us in a batch of leaflets detailing themarvels of “dionol” and thus comments. “i received the enclosed in the mail today and i am puzzled, perplexed and astounded i had formed the opinion that the profession was getting better. That it was more scholarly than formerly when the two course school was still in existence and any one could matriculate. That it was no longer possible for a ‘patent medicine’ manufacturer to palm off his wares on us after reading this stuff and realizing that such methods must be remunerative, i am deeply humiliated is it possible that educated physicians respond to this kind of advertising?.

Four arenominated and appointed by the governor in council, and five by the newbrunswick medical society 3, 5 the secretary of the council is the registrar 7 register, evidence - the registrar is required before may 1st annuallyto print and publish in the royal gazette of the province, and suchother manner as the council shall appoint, a correct register of thenames and residences and medical titles, diplomas, and qualificationsconferred by any college or body, with the dates thereof, of allpersons appearing on the register on the 1st of january the registeris called the medical register. A copy for the time being purporting tobe so printed and published, or a certificate signed by the presidentof the council, and attested by the registrar with the corporate sealof the council, is prima facie evidence that the persons thereinspecified are registered and qualified. The absence of a name from suchcopy or the want of such certificate is prima facie evidence thatsuch person is not registered if a name does not appear on the copy, acertified copy, under the hand of the registrar of the council, of theentry of a name on the register is evidence of registration s 8 entrance upon study - a person beginning or entering on the studyof physic, surgery, or midwifery, for the purpose of qualifying topractise in the province, must have obtained from the council acertificate that he has satisfactorily passed a matriculation orpreliminary examination in the subjects enumerated in the act, unlesshe has passed a matriculation examination for the medical course inarts and science at essay college in great britain, ireland, canada, theunited states of america, or the continent of europe 10 the act prescribes formalities for admission to such preliminaryexamination 10 qualification - subject to the exceptions hereinafter, no personcan lawfully practise physic, surgery, or midwifery unless he beregistered, or unless he shall have received from the council a licenseto practise 11 no person is entitled to registration or license unless he shallsatisfy the council that he has passed a matriculation or preliminaryexamination. That after passing such examination he has followed hisstudies for not less than four years, one of which may be under thedirection of one or more general practitioners duly licensed. Thatduring such four years he has attended at essay university, college, or incorporated school of medicine in good standing, courses oflectures amounting together to not less than twelve months on generalanatomy, on practical anatomy, on surgery, on practice of medicine, on midwifery, on chemistry, on materia medica and pharmacy, and onthe institutes of medicine or physic, and one three-months’ courseof medical jurisprudence. That he has attended the general practiceof an hospital in which are not less than fifty beds under the chargeof not less than two physicians or surgeons, for not less than oneyear or two periods of not less than six months each. That he hasalso attended two three-months’ courses or one six-months’ course ofclinical medicine, the same of clinical surgery. That he has, after anexamination in the subjects of the course, obtained a degree or diplomafrom such university, college, or incorporated medical school if suchinstitution require a four-years’ course for its diploma, or for thewant of such degree or diploma that he has satisfactorily passed anexamination in the various branches hereinbefore specified before theexaminers appointed by the council.

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“this preparation is a scientific combination of borate of sodium, alumen, carbolic acid, glycerin and the crystallized principles of thyme, eucalyptus, gaultheria argumentative essay rubric and mentha in the form of a powder ”illustration. One of the older newspaper advertisements of tyreeantiseptic powder a leaflet issued several years ago by the aseptinol manufacturingcompany states that “pulv aseptinol comp ” combines in an elegant formboric acid, the salts of aluminum, crystallized phenol, and the activecrystalline principles of thymus, mentha and gaultheria a comparison of these formulas would justify the designation of thetwo preparations as twins, but even one twin may have a wart wherethe other lacks it the formula of pulv aseptinol comp given in theleaflet also includes hydrastis canadensis, but we believe that awart should be quite as much of an addition to the anatomy of man asthe hydrastis is to this already preposterous formula similar as theformulas of these two nostrums were said to be, the general methods ofexploiting them were even more similar a writingial list of the diseasesfor which each has been recommended by its exploiters shows thesimilarity of methods pursued. Tyree was said to be useful pulv aseptinol comp was said to in the treatment of. be useful in the treatment of. Leucorrhea leucorrhea gonorrhea gonorrhea vaginitis vaginal inflammation pruritus pruritus ulcerated conditions of ulceration of vagina or the mucous membrane cervix scrofulous ulcers chronic ulcers syphilitic ulcers prophylactic against specific disease disinfecting offensive cleansing pus cavities cavities deodorant deodorant profuse and offensive checks abnormal secretion perspirationwe stated that the formula furnished by tyree was that given above, butthe council was never able to learn when tyree actually employed theformula except for advertising purposes. And analysis of the powdershowed that tyree antiseptic powder was essentially a mixture ofboric acid and zinc sulphate, with insignificant amounts of odorousprinciples a remarkable fact brought out in the course of the consideration ofthe preparation by the council was that tyree admitted that he hadchanged the formula without having published the new one the councilthen showed that a specimen of the “antiseptic” that had been kept ina retail drug store for several years was essentially similar to thatsold at the later date thus it would seem that mr tyree had beenmaking his powder by one formula and publishing an entirely differentone for years before the council published the facts in the case if tyree found it necessary to change the formula of his powder-- ifindeed, he ever used the published formula-- why did the aseptinolmanufacturing company adopt it, or one so closely resembling it?.